FTM Fight

August 31, 2012

33 Responses to “FTM Fight”

  1. The medical and psychological professionals that are supposed to be helping these kids are failing them. Miserably.

    • Yes, it took 8 months of brainwashing before the FTM in the second vid finally caved in and decided to find a doctor and go on T.
      Imagine if those 8 months had been spent chatting with someone who had a clue about the oppressive social dynamics at play here!

      • It’s appalling that doctors are giving these young women testosterone at all. The long-term health effects are well documented. Why aren’t they losing their licenses? I don’t understand it.

  2. anon Says:

    1. It’s amazing how persuasive both are in saying completely reasonable things between completely offensive things.

    2. This is the first disclaimer I’ve ever seen for a fucking hat.

    3. Arbitrary shit is arbitrary; complaining about fake FTMs is kind of like when they voted The Sisters of Mercy off of Goth Island.

    4. If you can’t sleep because some random person misgendered you during the day (and it’s your duty to hate them and yourself), you really don’t need internet drama on top of that cross to bear.

    I don’t think Dick Cheney has trouble sleeping.

    It sucks that the people who can least afford to disconnect socially are also those can least afford to stay socially connected.

    • Lydia Says:

      People “misgender” me every god-damn day. So. What. Seriously, that’s what they cry about? Seriously? Talk to people with real problems, honey. I don’t know which is worse–the wallowing in conformity, or the aggressive fragility, or the mental-illness level narcissism. Surgery and hormones are not going to cure any of it.

      • I was “misgendered” a few times in my twenties and it did freak me out until I understood the dynamic was rooted firmly in sexism. That is, each time it happened, it was because the person had a very rigid idea of how “a girl” was supposed to PRESENT herself and I wasn’t meeting their expectations. It had nothing to do with my body or face not being obviously female (breasts, hips, waist…I’m not even slightly “boyish” in my figure), and everything to do with secondary things, like not wearing make-up, standing up straight with my shoulders back, making full eye-contact, presenting with strength and confidence, etc.

        In once case, despite the fact that I had hair to my mid-back, a female face and figure, etc. the clerk in a store was thrown off by the fact that I was wearing lavender overalls. She just saw “overalls” and thought “Farmer John”. She immediately corrected herself after calling me “Sir” and proceeded to ball me out for “fooling” her (I was perhaps 25 and she was at least 65 at the time.)

        I discussed the other (few) incidents with friends and we concluded that my martial arts training was playing havoc with people’s perception of me, especially in the South. In one case, I was wearing a pink organza (somewhat sheer) blouse, earrings and lipstick, and you’ll have to take my word for it: I have a very female face and figure. However, the fact that I carried myself (at that time) like a trained martial artist (perfectly erect and physically poised — like a confident athlete) just blew (some, traditional) people’s circuits. They couldn’t “grok” a woman who was so…well, lethal — for lack of a better word. The clerk in that case looked me dead in the eye and said, “May I help you, sir?” Then after I started speaking, she blushed bright scarlet but never let on that she’d made — and realized — her mistake.

        The world has caught up with me over the years — I don’t really stand out as an athletic, self-confident woman any more — and I haven’t been “misgendered” in decades. I think if someone were to “misgender” me today I might take it as a back-handed complement, because what they’re really saying is that “the energy you project is too confident, assertive and strong to fit my stereotypes of what a woman should be”.

  3. GallusMag Says:

    I find it really striking that the scared girl (the conformity enforcement officer in the enormous hat) actually threatens to track the other girl down in real life and “get” her for suing the clinic for giving her testosterone. What an incredible shitstorm of abuse detransitioners are subjected to in the best of circumstances. Even if they tow the party line of “I’m still trans, I still believe in trans, I just dot dot dot”. Imagine the threats and abuse directed at those who actually do renounce gender, or even those who pursue legal remedy for misdiagnosis (and there have been a few, like the woman who was authorized for transgender “treatment” because she wanted to “become Jesus Christ”). There is really going to have to be groups of women suing these clinics, not individuals who will be threatened and stalked in real life as hat-girl threatens to do.

    Now, it turns out the whole “suing the clinic” thing is a rumor. Which I also find interesting because it means these trans-trending girls must have a sense on some level that things are terribly wrong. Things are terribly wrong with the whole wave of trans-trending and with these clinics pushing the whole thing. And they have the sense that the whole thing could come crashing down at any minute.

  4. anon Says:

    “And they have the sense that the whole thing could come crashing down at any minute.”

    Especially if these services are currently free. I mean, what’s up with that? If I threaten to harm myself or someone else (like Major Hat just did; “Captain Hat” is already taken) can I get free Tylenol PM and free liver function tests to make sure I’m not abusing it? Why isn’t anyone advocated free meds for 3rd shift people? It’s our LIVES, dammit! Do these kids even get tested periodically, or do they just get a crate full of meds and are sent on their way?

    I don’t know anything about testosterone, but why are needles always involved? I know they sell pills and cremes to males (and now they advertise them on TV, now that it’s not considered “cheating” anymore; maybe we have trans to “thank” for that?), are injections the only route for females? Or is it just a badass cred thing that makes it attractive? Or masochism? (St. Sebastian, patron saint of gay art history majors!)

    • Ave Says:

      The injectable method is probably considered the strongest form of delivery of T that’s probably why the focus on it. Plus the whole tough guy thing may be part of it. But mtfs do the same stuff with needles too

    • Is it FREE?!
      That’s the workings of power pushing this trans cult right there! WHen so many people in the U.S are on medicare or whatever it is, which excludes them and their children from all sorts of treatment. Then something completely unecessary like this is free!?
      Who is funding it? Drugs companies? THe government?

      • sugarycactus Says:

        This is crazy. I have lupus – a common, debilitating disease that primarily affects women (9 to 1 female to male ratio) – and I pay heaps of money for my prescriptions every month. Yet a trans person can get their prescriptions for free? My condition is life-threatening, yet I have to pay? Talk about poor priorities. I guess because lupus primarily effects women (women of color, at that), who cares, right? Lupus finally had a new drug come out last year – the first in FIFTY years – and it was a massive failure in terms of effectiveness, so women with lupus are stuck with expensive, ineffective treatments, lack of research and resources, while trans people get free hormones, a huge political lobby, and lots of research money and resources. Great! I can’t help but to be a bit bitter.

      • Yes, the entire set up is a disgusting state of affairs

      • taciturning Says:

        No Testosterone isn’t free. It’s delivered with needle because it is the easiest way to control the amount of testosterone and to change it. Takers are periodically checked on the amount of testosterone in their blood for the first couple years then after that twice a year. You tend to have to pay out of pocket. No insurance that I know of covers it.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        It differs state by state. In Oregon and California, for instance, all insurers are now required to cover any care deemed medically necessary, as long as it would be provided to a non-trans person. So mastectomy? Check. Hormone therapy? Fake boobs? Check, check. Faux penis? I would imagine so, as that would be medically necessary for someone who somehow lost his home grown one.

        Considering the crap insurance coverage my family has (my husband, a diabetic, treks to Walmart to get a med they offer as a loss leader– one that our insurance refuses to cover because despite being the most effective one, it’s not in their formulary), I find this offensive.

  5. Ave Says:

    It seems to me a big part of why FtMs transition is because of how the word girl/women has a connotation of a certain lifestyle/femininity in society. So they seek escape from that by trying (in vain) to change body. Of course, that’s not all that is at work with it, but, as said, the connotations of the pronouns and sex terms i think is what drives alot of people to do the transsexual stuff.

  6. Ave Says:

    the most crazy ftm on youtube is “kinggutterface”

  7. Bev Jo Says:

    The medical and psychiatric industry doesn’t want to help them. They are making money and careers off them.

    ??? I don’t identify as a “lady” either. It’s a pretentious classist term that is not good for women. It’s steeped in male-defined “femininity” and is about policing girls and women to restrain ourselves (they kept telling us how they would make “young ladies” of us at my high school so we’d be saleable to men.)

    Easier to stop calling yourself and other women “ladies” than taking hormones and getting surgery.

    Do they never think about what is going on in the world, what is happening to girls, women and Lesbians? Is it always just about them? I guess so….

  8. Ave Says:

    Also, here’s how to tell even transes themselves don’t believe in the idea of physical transition:
    Go onto any trans group on a social network site (especially hilarious if you join one with ghetto mtfs that act like drag queens) and post as a trans. Post gender critical stuff or do anything to piss them off. Once you do, they will call you by birth pronouns and say you’re a man/woman etc….

  9. SheilaG Says:

    What is it with trans and weird hats?

    • It’s a mystery. Must be a *performer* thing that goes with their desire/obsession to perform the sex role stereotypes of the opposite sex.

      Maybe if they had some skill or talent whereby they could get positive attention, they wouldn’t be so obsessed with attracting negative attention? Surely Anorexic Barbie on GM’s 7/17/2011 post is screaming for it.


      It’s hard for me to analyze because I can only watch the videos for a few seconds or minutes before I have to turn them off. It’s like walking in on someone’s therapy session and all I want to do is run out again.

    • Ave Says:

      the FTMS who wear them are doing it to try to imitate certain bands from the 80s who did, same with the “dykey” MTFS

  10. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Miss da hat…well, at first that one almost ‘passed’ and fooled me…cuz at first I thought it was a young dude AGAINST FTM’s…cuz I didn’t hear the usual hormone induced scratchy voice. I guess the hormones and surgeries are getting more convincing, or maybe only because they are occurring at younger and younger ages….but the more da hat talked, the more the same it seemed, with all the FTM’s I’ve either witnessed, or seen in countless, endless youtuber videos….trying to do da gangster act, and act slouchy with a teenage boy appearance and clothes, and the big baseball hat no true baseball fan would wear(and yes my partner and I are baseball fans and go to games). we don’t see da hats like that at the games, but we see ’em on countless hip hoppers or gang bangers, the ‘look good’, so they’re trying to rip off rap culture.

    Anyhow, after all the whatevers, I only made it 7 minutes thru the video before I couldn’t handle watching anymore nonsense.

    If someone wants to detransition, that’s their choice, and YES the pressure on these young women is ENORMOUS. I’ve heard that those under 30, so many of ’em are either genderqueering, wearing binders to strap their breasts down, or on their way to the hormones and breast surgery route, cuz all their pals are doing it….

    And we gotta figure a way to get the message out there before they do! I mean what a price to join the ‘queer’ community! And there’s always the put down of Lesbians!


  11. FeistyAmazon Says:

    The “lesbian transman” does NOT pass as male…very obviously female. With the usual hormone induced voice…these kids are so conflicted, with no strong Feminist and Female Centered Butch community to mentor them so they don’t feel they pressured to transition….doesn’t want to talk about “taking ‘t’ to pass…”

  12. feist Says:

    Both these kids, sheesh, are really lost…..and the second one says she’s mentally ill anxiety and other disorders, adding to her indecision around surgeries/hormones….almost like the first one identifies as ‘straight'(into women), the machismo first guy, and the other is ‘gay’ in energy, effeminate, female or maybe really regretful, maybe truly lesbian but afraid to really claim it, but I’m not clear whether she’s into women or men. Both have alot of self obssession by putting up video after video….

    I thought that was one thing they had to be clear about BEFORE they went onto hormones and/or surgeries….mental health screenings and such. Too much money to be made by the medical industry! And well, there is some hope, since the second one shows such regret….this is probably much more true to many, but they give in to the peer pressure.

    • Exactly.

      The media hype the “trans” folk want us to accept is something along the lines of, “I knew I was a (boy/girl/whatever) from the moment I could form conscious thoughts; all I need to be 100% well, happy and fulfilled is complete transition.”

      The reality is that there are PLENTY of these folks who are super conflicted, super confused, going on and off of “T” or “E”, wanting only partial surgery or no surgery at all regardless of funds available, openly suffering from multiple mental conditions that are interacting with or exacerbating their feelings of gender dysphoria, experiencing homophobia to various degrees which MUST be taken into consideration when trying to evaluate what “trans-ness” really is, and even long-term transitioners who claim to be 100% “trans-whatever” do de-transition and speak of on-going doubts and regrets — something they tried to hide from everyone else, including their doctors, during their “I’m Happy To Be Trans” phase.

      Where is the honest dialog about all this? Silenced as far as possible by the radical whacktivists and their cultists at every turn.

      They want the picture we have of “trans” to be very simple and straightforward: “I was born into the wrong body; let’s fix this thing — no different than fixing a broken leg or cutting out a tumor.”

      The reality is anything BUT simple or straightforward. It’s a great big mess.

      • Adrian Says:

        Indeed, so many of the “gatekeepers” want to hear exactly that narrative – “I knew I was a (boy/girl/whatever) from the moment I could form conscious thoughts; all I need to be 100% well, happy and fulfilled is complete transition.” – and the transitioners know that the gatekeepers want that, so they say what the gatekeepers want to hear, and are granted access.

        You can hear talk of that in many of the detransitioning stories, people saying that they were conflicted, felt BADLY about being conflicted, and yet thought they “should” transition so they say what they know the doctor wants to hear.

        How anyone can think that in this age of the internet and endless videos and blogs in the trans* orbit that people can’t just easily game the system is beyond me. But of course when it’s convenient, those people “wanting” to transition will use the presence of the gatekeepers to somehow show that they were vetted and so are “legitimately” able to transition (unlike whomever else they’re railing against at the time).

        In some ways I’ve started thinking about this as another form of extreme body art, and just as in some of those situations I can’t help but wondering what those people are going to be thinking in 20 years.

        Particularly with the F2T people, it seems for many of them the goal is to look like an androgynous teenage boy. So no one will try to shove them into the box that’s “femininity” and limiting and lesser and reserved for women, but they also don’t want the physical realities of male pattern baldness and unhealthy men’s fat distribution in middle age. So they flirt with T, how much to take, all that.

  13. Their voices are so similar! If you close your eyes and just listen it’s not easy to distinguish one voice from another. Will their voices change? Or will they sound like pubescence boys their entire lives?

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