September 3, 2012


Start quoting- In 2000 Kruijver published a study into BTSc neurons in 7 transsexuals and 1 gender dysphoric man. The study does not provide any evidence of a male or female brain in transsexuals. It is clear that the changes in BTSc neurons in the brain,  measured in the study, were as a direct result of transgender hormone treatment and in the case of the gender dysphoric man, likely, a statistical anomaly. There have been non transsexual individuals who have a number of BTSc neurons in their brains consistent with members of the opposite biological sex . End of quote

In 2000, Kruijver et al. published a study in which they looked at the number of neurons in the BSTc, part of the brain. They examined tissue from the same six MtF transsexuals studied by Zhou et al; one female-to-male (FtM) transsexual and from an 84-yr-old man who “had very strong cross-gender identity feelings but was never . . …

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  1. Mark Says:

    And I’m surppose to give a shit why

  2. Ave Says:

    Watch out, zoe brain and the brain gender people might be all after you now

  3. Yep. The “science” that is usually quoted by F2T’s is of two kinds:

    1) Crap science that in no way supports their delusions; and
    2) Good science that is about something totally unrelated to their delusions.

    Happens every damn time I follow one of their links and read one of the studies that supposedly proves their point of view.

  4. KT Says:

    Some ground rules need to be established to point ‘experts’ in the right way, IMO.

    -Biology doesn’t care about culture.
    -Sex is about reproduction, which is all biology cares about.
    -Brain structure differences have been found to relate to size of brain not sex; the on-average larger male brain creates a misleading statistical skew.
    -Sex hormones have a continuous dynamic impact on the brain, not a static fixed one.
    -Gender identity and sexual orientation as separate entities is a myth that reinforces stereotypes and justifies cultural fixations biology doesn’t care about.
    -Sexual identity (better term IMO) influences people to defer to the role models/peers of their birth sex instinctively. This is how gender roles take root from day one.
    -Most people who don’t conform to this in childhood happen to be homosexual (proof that the two things really aren’t separate; biology finds simple solutions, not complicated social ones).
    -Homosexual people are the real transsexuals, if such a thing is taken to exist. And by and large, they don’t need no hormones and surgery to be beautiful, genuine diversity – in all species.
    -The famous John/Joan case is an example of this; a heterosexual male with a normal sexual identity failing the reassignment hurdle, nowthstanding the raft of conflicted input he was exposed to from a tiny infant.
    -Intersex people only example this in the sense that their genetic sex per se tends to dominate, or, be ambiguous in some way.
    -Bisexual people only example this in the sense that a lot of them are somewhat ‘gender queer’, i.e. less distinct in what ‘gender role’ they graviatate to (this applies to me too in many ways), in other words it shows that the ambiguity is linked to a single mechanism. (The elegance of biology.)
    -The so-called ‘transsexual rats’ specifically exhibited cross-sexual behaviours, i.e. females trying to mount other females, etc.
    -ALL cross-sex behaviour in other species is directly linked with SEXUAL matters per se (this obv includes child-rearing instincts). Only humans need to create a separate, imaginary ‘identity’ to account for their made-up baggage that biology does not, will not, CAN NOT recognise.
    -Confusing biology with culture is a crime against knowledge, research and social evolution – and so-called scientists are colluding with this rank anti-intellectualism. ENOUGH!!

    Trans folks: get some real courage and stop supporting patriarchy’s BS. You FELL FOR IT – we all understand that, everyone is but human, after all – but it’s never too late. It IS a fight. There IS a revolution in the wings. It’s pretty simple really.

  5. KT Says:

    (Sorry for rambling. I bulleted that for my own personal reference!)

    • Not at all — you raised some excellent points, especially: “…Confusing biology with culture is a crime…” ;0)

      I point this out all the time: In the U.S., girls are supposed to be bad a math; in Japan, math is women’s work. Hello?


    is pretty great in explaining just how fucked some of the ‘facts’ are

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