Cheryl’s Voice: Stop Robert Kosilek from getting sex change in prison

September 9, 2012

The family of Cheryl Kosilek has started a campaign to prevent the man who strangled her to death with a wire (to the point of near decapitation) before dumping her body in a mall parking lot from receiving a taxpayer funded surgical “sex change” procedure in order to transfer to a women’s facility.

You can read about the case in detail here:

The victim’s family members and loved ones have started a facebook page called “Cheryl’s Voice” for those who wish to support activism against Robert Kosilek’s attempt to be legally re-assigned as “female” to escape the male prison where he is currently confined for life without possibility of parole.

You may support them by clicking this link:

You may also support them by signing this petition:

Or this one, which was started by Cheryl’s family members:

There is also a petition to revoke Judge Mark Wolf’s assignment to the federal bench:

All three of these petitions contain extensive comments and support from Cheryl’s family members. Heartbreaking.

Please leave all comments relating to this case on the article linked at the top of this post, where the discussion is ongoing. Thank you.

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  1. […] Wife-killer Robert Kosilek has nothing better to do to pass the time of his life sentence mounting endless lawsuits. The latest is to obtain a free “gender reassignment surgery” from the State. His next move after that will be to get transferred to a women’s prison. […]

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