Has Washington State given Norman Ballhorn the right to be there when you change your tampon?

September 17, 2012

Norman Ballhorn

Vancouver Washington resident Norman Ballhorn claims he has the right to be present where women change their tampons and perform other private restroom functions. The basis of his claim is his assertion that his sexual fetish: impersonating females and a lifetime of autogynephillic crossdressing – gives him the grounds to claim the legal status of “female” to bypass the rights of women in areas segregated by sex to protect them from just the sort of prurient objectification that is the basis of his claim.

This week Norman filed a complaint with the Washington State Human Rights Commission against the tavern “Legend’s Food and Fun” for respecting the rights of female customers who protested his presence in the women’s restroom.

From a weekend article in the Vancouver WA Columbian:

“Vancouver resident Norma Ballhorn has worked hard to become a woman. She takes a concoction of hormones, changed her name from “Norman” to “Norma,” updated her driver’s license to reflect her female identity and wears clothing with feminine embellishments, such as butterfly sleeves. But Ballhorn, 56, still isn’t allowed to use the ladies room at three Clark County bars, she said.

“They’re using their right to refuse service to discriminate against me,” Ballhorn said.

She filed a complaint Monday against Legends Food & Fun with the State Human Rights Commission. She said she is considering filing complaints against Icehouse Bar & Grill and 3 Monkeys Pub on the same grounds.”

All three establishments have banned him from the women’s restroom after receiving multiple complaints from women customers. In at least one case he was removed by police officers after refusing to leave.

 “3 Monkey manager Joel Sweeten said he also asked Ballhorn not to use the ladies room because women customers told him it made them uncomfortable.

“My policy is, when ladies tell me they don’t want him in there, I don’t let him in,” Sweeten said. “My concern for the women’s safety is more important.””

Bar owners have requested that Norman continue to use the same restroom he has always used while patronizing their establishments: the one designated for males. They have stated that Norman is welcome to drink in their bars the way he always has: while using the restroom designated for male-bodied persons.

Does Washington State have the right to force women bar patrons to change their tampons in the presence of Norman Ballhorn?

Ballhorn, 56, a retired ironworker, claims to have changed his name from Norman to Norma after his wife of 32 years divorced him. He still signs his name as Norman Ballhorn on internet crossdressing sites though, as recently as a few weeks ago. He claims to have had the legal marker on his driver’s license legally changed to “female”. He claims to be taking estrogen pills prescribed by the Veterans Administration since last November. I say “he claims” because in the article he also claims to be a Vietnam Veteran although in the comments thread that follows he is forced to admit that he has never been to Vietnam. Which seems to call his honesty in general into question.

Still Norman, according to Norman

The “Makeovers By Epifany” Facebook site which does crossdresser “make-overs”  and whose tag-line is “Re-inventing Feminism From the Outside In”  featured Ballhorn’s make-over for a “Mizz Gay Pride” contest- and stated that Ballhorn has also been banned from both male and female public restrooms at the trailer park in which he resides. No explanation is given.

Norman is a participant in a group for sexual crossdressing fetishists called Rose City T-Girls (and the organizer of the Vancouver T-Girls). The group clearly identifies itself as a sexual fetishists group, not a “gender  identity” group: “Though we understand the T-Girl world is sexual in nature, we want to keep our postings tactful…” This group is for men who become sexually aroused by impersonating females. One of the activities Norman’s group does is take pictures of each other sitting on toilets in public restrooms and publishes them in youtube videos online for the enjoyment of other male sexual crossdressing and bathroom fetishists: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STYjYGNrDGs&feature=channel&list=UL

Women DO NOT WANT the state to FORCE US to perform private bodily functions in the presence of male sexual fetishists like Howard Ballhorn. Women want to have the BASIC HUMAN RIGHT to PRIVACY FROM men like Norman Ballhorn. Women have a RIGHT to be free from male leers and objectification by creepy dudes when we pull down our pants to pee in a public restroom. That is why there are LAWS against men placing hidden cameras in our restrooms and men trespassing into our restrooms for IMPROPER PURPOSE. The fact that men like Norman are willing to wear a dress BECAUSE DOING SO SEXUALLY AROUSES THEM should not cause the state to OVERRIDE sex-based legal protections for females designed to help PROTECT US from MEN LIKE NORMAN.


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  1. Oh, great. Another monster being enabled by the-bend-over-backwards idiots in Washington government.

    The laws in Washington state have become as anti-female as any in the U.S., perhaps worse.

    If I worked with this ass-hat, I’d be required by law to call him “she” and “her” and to pretend that that I think he’s female — or risk losing my job.

    Yeah, over my dead body.

    Thanks for the tip, G.M. I’m going to send thank-you letters to each of these fine establishments. Obvious the owners get it. Too bad the state does not.

  2. ehungerford Says:


    YOU ARE PERRRRFECT!! (Where’s that video now?)

  3. Grackle Says:

    Ugh, don’t make the mistake of reading the comments on the Columbian article.

    • anon Says:

      It’s amazing how knowing four not-even-actual-facts about trans makes one a really smart person. It’s better than getting a 1600 on your SATs (ok, that might be dating me, I have no idea how scores work now). Knowing those four “facts” makes you so smart, so university eductated — but not in an ivory tower, cracker, rich person way, no not THAT, never that — that you can absolutely look down on anyone who doesn’t know or agree with those talking points.

      And if you know that shit, you can say absolutely *horrific* things about trans people and you’ll never get hounded out of your career in the arts, glitterbombed, or stabbed in a parking lot, because you’re one of good people. “Sarah Palin looks like a tranny, is ugly, and should die in a fire, watch my show Californication!”

      It’s amazing how people don’t see the larger picture of these new identity politics where it’s not what you think or do that matters, but who you pose as while doing it. This is absolutely the way of our society, everywhere, right now, and it’s completely infested everything.

      It’s not just trans stuff. It’s so much, much bigger than that. But the absolute stupidity of the post-modern genderist material makes it about 50x more obvious than everything else.

      For example, one professional pro-feminist dude, drawing on the past 20 years of autogynophile “research” (dumb people misunderstanding Judith Butler), wrote an article stating that it doesn’t matter how many children Obama blows up with drone attacks, he’s still a good person because he has a “non-hegemonic masculinity.” His identity is total insulation against being evil.

      Similarly, the identity of the Norman Fans on that article is innoculation against being dumb or even just average in intelligence. How could they NOT be smarter than the idiot, redneck rubes who think the guy is a creep?

      • anon wrote: “but not in an ivory tower, cracker, rich person way, no not THAT, never that ”

        You, ma’am, are talking to a cracker. I’m surprised, again and again, at the casual, off-topic racism on so many feminist sites. This isn’t sustainable.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Racism against honkeys?

        ETA- this comment was made in a light-hearted joking manner and not intended to further upset you!

      • anon male Says:

        I’m guessing it wasn’t clear (and I’m male; I’ll make that clear in my name from now on), but:

        I was talking about how a group of kids, who either go to NYU or wish they did, call Andrea Dworkin an ivory tower academic (and thus part of the white establishment) with zero sense of irony.

        Trans as a movement gets to play it both ways: it’s totally a blue collar thing, for everyone, the only intersectional politic that “gets” race, ever, and it’s for even people like Teena Brandon who don’t even know to call themselves trans. But anyone who isn’t part of the team (and thus isn’t allowed to conflate sex and gender at will), will be called out as an ignorant high school drop-out if they get any of the details everyone is “supposed” to know incorrect.

        Like sex vs. gender.

        But if you’re one of the cool kids, they’re completely interchangeable since sex is like a sliding scale too, everyone is intersex in some way, and it’s not sex vs. gender but sex + gender + favored gender performance, anyway.

        But everyone else MUST be dressed down if they fuck up sex vs. gender. And anyone dumb enough to make that mistake is probably also a racist!

      • Adrian Says:

        @GallusMag – It’s more like claiming an exemption from privilege (such as honkey privilege) because you’re also trans* (or “understanding” and thereby white-knighting trans*) and that trumps everything else.

        Granted I just came off of that F2T tumblr binge I was speaking about yesterday, but there are hordes of people out there going ON and ON about how terrible these evil white cis feminists are in their horrible vanilla whiteness whiteness and you notice, well, wut, the poster of all this is white herself (and in the case of the blogs I was reading yesterday, very often a biological female wanting to date biological males), is she going to acknowledge that? well heck no, because she’s not white, no, she’s trans* (or better yet, “queer”), which doesn’t even make sense as a pair, but there you have it.

        So the college education is “ivory tower” if you’re just any random feminist out there, but if you’re trans*, oh wait, it’s different.

        Which is why a good 80%+ of those blogs all have an introduction sidebar explaining in elaborate detail just what the poster’s personal identity is, pronouns, feelings, possible animal alter-egos, you name it, because you can’t take any of the opinions just on face value, you have to weigh against the identity if you want to play by the rules of this game.

        The magic of identity is, of course, that you only need to claim it – and heaven forbid anyone wade in there trying to explain that the sort of categories (say, female, or black) that get you actual oppression in daily life are always snap judgements made by OTHER PEOPLE, because that observation violates the rules of the game entirely and will get you piled on. Never mind that this truth is what the entire importance of “passing” relies on, that will only get you in more trouble.

      • Adrian Says:

        @anon male – Sex vs. gender, indeed. It used to be that the accepted “proper” sensitive distinction if you wanted to be trans*-friendly was to say that sex is chromosomes/genitalia (“is there a wang?”) and “gender” was all about the identity, the feelings (which no one is ever able to define, but hey, whatever). This was revolutionary in defining a possible split between them, and so “a woman, but biologically a male” or “a man born in a woman’s body” sort of things were okay to say.

        But lately it’s all changed up, at least on the internet. If you use that language you’ll be mocked because “this isn’t 101 anymore” and you’re ignorant, because now it’s all about the “female penis,” sex and gender are once again the same thing without distinction only now it’s ALL about the identity and the feelings.

        So if you “feel like” a woman (again, no one ever explains just what that is supposed to mean) then you’re now biologically a woman too! Because you’re “woman” and you own your genitalia and so your penis is a woman’s penis therefore a female penis and hey look! You’re a person with female genitalia too because your brain is female!

        Meanwhile heaven forbid you refer to genitalia (yours or anyone else’s) with proper names because it makes some people feel dysphoric.

        I suppose we might as well revert to the old standby “down there.”

      • magicpoppy Says:

        The other thing about Tumblr is that the majority of the hated radfems are actually women of color, and most of the MTFs who demonize radfems are white and middle class. The Tumblr MTFs pay lip service to POC, but will turn viciously on a woman of color who dares to disagree with them. I’ve seen these white SJ bloggers call radfems of color white identified, coconuts, race traitors, you name it. And the rest of the “social justice” twits let them get away with it.

        You can be as misogynist as you want to be on Tumblr, as long as you hide behind antiracism. They attack feminism by proxy by going after white females, but let white males (including MTFs) off the hook entirely.

  4. michelle Says:

    If I read the article right, the state agency admits the law is silent on the issue of an establishment having to cater to the whims of a drunken pervert. But, they also admit that the absence of a law won’t stop them from making shit up in the name of being politically correct. That is just WRONG!

    And for him to claim he is considering filing against two other bars says this is all about an attempt to money-grub in a settlement, not unlike the guy in California (not a trans* issue) who kept filing suit against businesses claiming ADA violations. They turn it into a cottage industry…

    I have to say…I learned something through the article…who knew that it was the butterfly embellishment that made the woman? I guess we’ve been doing female wrong all these years…

    I daresay that problems like this would not exist if we didn’t have judges who were so willing to allow someone to change the letter on their license or birth certificate just because the applicant claimed their outie should have been an innie. After all, it seems that the vast majority of the attention-whoring bathroom articles involve people who still have the original equipment relatively intact…

  5. […] like to make a few suggestions. Male born, self-identified “women”  Koselik, Battista, and Norman Ballhorn each provide a distinct example of what might qualify as adopting a “female persona” for […]

  6. karmarad Says:

    This conflation of a person with gender identity disorder with a heterosexual cross-dresser is exactly why many of us have taken the position that “male-to-female transgender” people cannot insist on entry to female-only gatherings and places: the trans movement does not have boundaries. Anyone, including men like this, who want to involve women against their wills in their perversions, can jump on the transgender bandwagon and demand their “rights”, because there is no strict definition of a transgender person. To call us “transphobic” for not allowing trans “women” into our protected spaces, when the trans movement includes a number of predatory males who are willing to dress in ruffles to gain access to women in vulnerable conditions, is to exhibit denial of fact and contempt for women. If transactivists want to have any credence at all they are going to have to define exactly who they are in a way that excludes people like this man. I think they’ll have a hard time doing it. Next will be the voyeurs, who will put on ruffled blouses and announce they have a right to watch women in bathrooms. It is just as predatory to employ the male gaze to jack off as it is to use physical force on women.

    • Kathrin Says:

      > Anyone, including men like this, who want to involve women against their wills in their perversions, can jump on the transgender bandwagon and demand their “rights”, because there is no strict definition of a transgender person.

      That’s a lot of the issue with “gender identity” protection in the first place. Unlike sex (which is close enough to binary to be a fairly useful classification for certain things), “identity” can be changed at a whim, has no objective measurement, and can easily be (ab)used by those who wish to intimidate, leer, or predate (almost always against women). As a general rule, the members of the trans community who aren’t into fetishized parodies of the opposite sex don’t seem to understand how much their case is hurt by those who have turned “sexual liberation” into “anything goes, even at the expense of others”.

      Tightening the restrictions through requiring a certain degree of commitment (such as irreversible changes, or sexual sterility) makes some of the abuses more difficult, but then the government is in the business of arbitrarily redefining sex, and quite likely putting sex-based stereotypes into law. The legislators need to understand that wearing dresses 24/7 and getting breast implants doesn’t make someone a woman, nor does a mastectomy convey manhood.

      I’d like to see a good way to handle sex-segregated spaces. Even limiting people to “sex assigned at birth” has it’s issues – many of the female-to-male trans people would provide women with the same reasons to be concerned in female-only spaces as most men would.

      Could the police be trusted to enforce a “disturbing the peace” style ordinance without turning it into yet another way for men to target women?

      • Kathrin Says:

        I’m not trying to imply that female-to-male trans people present the same risk that men in general do, just recognizing that identifying predators can be difficult.

      • sellmaeth Says:

        I suppose those FtT who pass as male could use men’s restrooms? They’d be in no more danger than males.

  7. Ave Says:

    excellent article. but you should do some entries on transes that are “passable” (like the one with that whole canadian beauty contest thing) too

    • doublevez Says:

      That male in the “Canadian beauty contest thing” was not passable but grotesque. On a more positive note: I guess Estradiol really really makes you a woman cause both Norman and the pageant contestant dude got that childish pigeon toed stance. Dayum. The miracle of modern science.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Right? Pigeon toed stance= female! According to our 88% male government overlords, cloyingly submissive body language is one of the LEGAL DEFINITIONS of “female”. Disgusting offensive sexist stereotypes codified into law courtesy of the Transgender Political Movement.

        As for passing: these guys should never be photographed standing next to actual females. As seen here in this pic from the Baltimore Femme Conference.

        *Bonus points: see any familiar faces from this summers attacks on lesbians at Dyke Marches?

      • doublevez Says:

        Bonus points. Yes. I can play! Well.. could it be…wait….Miss oh Miss could you remove your top so I can see your breasts…the ones you kept swinging in Ms Brennan’s face for upwards of 20 mins. But not in an aggressive way?

      • doublevez Says:

        And someone’s put on a LOT of weight. Does his ass look fat in that!

      • Ave Says:

        Lol yeah i hear you, and I can point out every trans in that photo too. My point though was, if a trans was passable/has srs does that make them ok/female? Because personally I don’t think it would make them any different than the ones that you’re posting pictures of, it just means they took up a really feminine fashion but nonetheless they are still male (just young etc..)

      • sellmaeth Says:

        Ooohhh, a guessing game!

        On first glance, all people on this photo look female to me. On second glance, the three tallest, including the one on the far left who tries to appear shorter, could be male. (I’m terrible with faces.)

  8. Ave Says:

    i wonder, would these transes feel the need to try to barge into female spaces if there was a space in society for feminine males? because society treats people as only two things: masculine men and feminine females and nothing else…

    • Adrian Says:

      I think that’s where “let’s get rid of gender” is going, and I think it would be a better plan. Absolutely, let people wear what they want, do what they want, have what jobs they want, if a man wants to wear a dress then fine, go for it. It should be fine to say, I’m a man, and I’m wearing this dress, without a need to be treated as a woman.

      Plus what all is involved in this idea of being treated as a woman?

      Thing is though gender as it stands now isn’t a binary, it’s a hierarchy, and so there needs to be discussion of what is involved when someone from the powerful group tries to “pass” or “pretend as” a member of the non-powerful group. How do you voluntarily join an oppressed group, and what would that mean?

      Personally I’m on the “let’s get rid of gender” thing, but it has to also come with “let’s get rid of the hierarchy that privileges males over females.”

      • Ave Says:

        Thanks for the elucidation. That’s true about hierarchy, i see that all around despite most of my friends who are female saying it doesn’t exist etc…
        “Plus what all is involved in this idea of being treated as a woman?”
        It’s basically a desire not to be treated with the expectations of what a stereotypical man should be, but it’s thought the only way to escape that is to go to the “womans role”.
        I personally do not want to be “treated like a man” (although I also don’t entertain idea of being female like transes do). What is meant by that is, if one is feminine or androgynous why should they be expected to be a tough person and do things against their will just to fullfill what society mandates a male should be/do? So the desire to be “treated as a woman” is a desire to escape male role….but many take it too far to mean trying to be a female (with the expected stereotypes associated with female) because transsexuality operates on both physical and social dysphoria and the waters become murky so to say.
        Also, not everyone in society examines this social stuff alot, that’s why a majority of them go towards the easiest routes of profane understanding.

      • Ave Says:

        Also, let me give you an example. Formal Events. At formal events there is no room for being different with gender, you HAVE to wear your gender uniform. for men it’s the suit and tie , for women it’s dresses (although women can also wear pants sometimes too). but for males there is literally no room to do anything else. same with jobs, if you have long hair or wear a bit of eyeliner you will be denied a ton of jobs , hell even in their job requirements most jobs require males to have short hair.
        society plays a big role into pushing people into transsexuality

      • Adrian Says:

        @Ave – I do think the expectations of what a stereotypical man should be are one of the ways in which the patriarchy hurts men (and through that, women again).

        Getting rid of that, and basically anything tied to “oh, there’s a wang? Okay you need to do X Y and Z” or “oh, no wang? Then you can’t do X Y and Z.”

        It needs to go away.

        I absolutely agree that society pushes a lot of people into pursuing trans*. So I do often wonder, if those pressures weren’t there, how would things be different?

        Where the trans* thing starts to cause a problem for me is when people start talking about how there’s a “female brain” and whatever, in their efforts to prove that they should be “allowed” to perform femininity (and possibly get SRS). Supposedly they have a “female brain” even while being born 100% functional males (to the point of fathering kids – you can’t be too “intersex” if you’ve fathered a kid!).

        Which is all fine, for them, but then I have people telling ME that I have to have a “brain” with various certain characteristics because I’m a woman – because I lack a wang. And if I reject that, say my brain isn’t like that, then they might say, well, perhaps you’re trans*!

        But I’m not, I’m fine with my body, just not with the roles people want to push onto it. I do get “misgendered” all the time and it doesn’t really bother me because I’m okay with saying, no, I’m a woman, just a strange one. But I can’t deny that part of why I’m okay with that is because gender is a hierarchy, so in a sense when that happens I’m “playing at being a higher status.” Which is different from “playing at being a lower status.” In one sense I’m worse off (starting at a real lower status) but on the other hand, my “playacting” is seen as understandable and in some sense justified, while the reverse isn’t (although men start at a higher status).

        I do wish more people thought about it.

    • TheInvisibleGirl Says:

      Attitudes and comments like this are why I’ve been stealth for the past 16 years. Everyone here is so effing judgemental. Guess what I’m intersexed. 50/50 chromo mix. Never went through puberty as a ‘male’ and was roundly rejected from male society growing up. But at some point a doctor stamped “male” on my birth certificate so I guess that means I don’t get to use a bathroom now?

      For all the talk about “male privledge” there sure is an awful lot of “female privledge” going on here.

      None of you would even know. Not even if you saw me naked. But for every one of me there are a thousand girls that will never “pass”. You are creating a world that requires “passing” an essentially sexist and racist concept by the way… just like it was “ok” to be black in the 60s provided you looked and acted as white as possible.

      Look… I’m irritated and rather disappointed with this site. Join the rest of the modern world I’ve never met a feminist under 25 that bought into this nonsense. This system of hierarchies (deciding what is “appropriately feminine” is a hierarchy too) is BAD FOR EVERYONE. I’m livid so rather than try and explain why transphobia is wrong let me explain several basic things:

      1- The guy posted about in this article is a man. Sisters like me know it in a heartbeat, no matter how young they are or what they look like. Guess what? I’ve seen bad bull dykes act like men too. *Shrug* There are weird people in this world. What can you do?

      2- We all get lumped together under one umbrella. But the ones that are vocal, visible and flamboyant are almost always going to be like the person pictured here. The rest of us are invisible.. and no.. you will never know. (Oh dear god I occassionally hear a woman pee… *eye roll*.. I must be violating an ovary only space!!! It’s a bathroom who cares??)

      3- We do not choose this life any more than a little person chooses theirs. Or someone with down’s syndrome. It’s a disability of a sorts in many ways.. and if you think it’s not then you didn’t have my childhood and you didn’t have to FIGHT just to survive they way I did. Did you have to live on the street because you were a woman? Oh no you didn’t did you?? Did you have to pay in blood just to afford surgeries that give you simple peace of mind (forget happiness.. just peace and normality)? Are you rejected from every health insurance plan because of your gender? No you’re not? Then shut the hell up.

      4- What’s the big deal about being a woman anyway? It’s about as important as what color your effing hair is! I am what I am because this is how God made me. But in the end does it really matter how someone expresses themselves??? Are you so hung up on the concept of female that you can’t brook someone with a medical disorder? Gender is an expression, nothing more. Is a woman like Ellen ugly because she has short hair and wears pants? Is she less feminine? So some dudes wear dresses. Who cares (so long as they’re not taking pictures of me peeing of course)?

      5- I hate you. I will never be judged by people like you because you will never know. You haven’t for 16 years and you never will. But I have very close and dear friends who are not so lucky. I’ve lost FOUR friends just this past year. Three to suicide and one was beaten to death. And guess what people like you say about suicide? They roll their eyes and say “See I knew they were all crazy”. Oh Lord do I hate you .. so … very much.

      So that is what makes a woman then? Being able to look pretty for a picture? Not having the wrong brow bones? Maybe being skinny enough (I loved how the person above made fun of someone’s weight.. because that’s a GREAT measure of how genuine a person is about their identity).

      You argue about “women’s spaces” while still buying into the BS that TV, media and magazines have created for us that say women need to look, act and dress a certain way.

      For those of you out there who are honest, compassionate human beings please forgive my anger. I just find it sad and revolting that so called “feminist” communities are actually the LAST places that accept expressions of femininity.
      You talk.. and talk.. and talk. But when it comes to having an impact on actual people’s lives what do you do? You spew elitist rhetoric.

      And then you talk some more.. like you know what it means to be a woman because you were born that way. Women are made. And those of us who have had to fight for that have ten times the feminine spirit of any “average” woman. Because we’ve had to pay.. and pay and pay. We’ve had to sacrifice to get this life. And there are no payoffs. No advantages. No acceptance and no pot of gold and the end of the rainbow. We do this because we are women. And the spirit that overcomes 6 billion people telling us that we are wrong, we are diseased, we are freaks… the spirit that overcomes years of conditiong from society, years of hormonal abuse…. that spirit is more powerful than most of you will ever… ever know.

      • michelle Says:

        You miss the most basic of points…most here want an environment that is free of males. And having judges sign off on orders that create penis’ed ‘women’ has the legal effect of creating unsafe space since it is no longer female-only.

        You try and use butch females as an equivalent to the Normans of the world, but again, you miss the fundamental difference- they are born female. They are not clamoring for access to the men’s room nor do they generally seek to invade designated male spaces.

        It is the trans- community that decided that they needed one big giant umbrella that also encompassed the Normans and the Kosileks of the world (or any number of the other attention-seeking individuals) and then decided that they needed to force themselves upon the GLB community in the name of coattail politics. It is the trans- community that is seeking to erase female identities…

        One is born female. One does not become female just because a judge signed a piece of paper (which is how Norman came to believe he gets to invade female-only space). And one does not become a woman simply because they decide that they need laws permitting men to wear dresses to work (the whole ‘gender identity’ issue being crammed down the throats of various legislative bodies).

        It wasn’t lesbians or any other female that brought Norman to the party. Nor should we have to tolerate his presence in our space. And the sooner the trans- figure that out, the better…

      • Adrian Says:

        What makes a woman?

        Being TOLD by OTHER PEOPLE that you’re a “woman,” that you’re lesser, that you surely must think this way and that way, that you must be “sensitive” and unable to handle hardship (hahaha, as if), that you must be “emotional” only and unable to think logically, that because you have a certain kind of genitalia that you can’t have any of your career ambitions and that furthermore, in all those interesting dystopian adventure science fiction stories that you like to read, if you were in that world, well, you’d be raped and chattel (because of course you’re biologically weaker!) and that’s the end of it, for you.

        That’s what.

        Well, sorry, but fuck that noise.

        I’m woman on the outside but human on the inside. A human born in a woman’s body.

        Not to put too fine a point on it but come on, if you’re actually intersexed you MUST know that you’re a minority of a minority, and so not really speaking for the vast majority of the M2T population anyway?

        AND, if you’re judged male at birth and actually getting the privileges of that, that MEANS something, and yeah, you have to own that.

        Completely aside from all that (and the post I responded to) though, currently I’m intrigued by some certain individual who has long said they were intersex and then chose to live as woman, who it then came out in their writing they have biological sons. As in, they fathered kids. Now, I have to wonder, how intersex can you be, if you’re able to biologically create a kid? Which ever half you contributed surely that says what your actual biological sex is even if the outer parts are indeterminate?

        Given that the person in question is also famously “transabled,” I’ll admit I’m predisposed to wonder just WTF, but yeah.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Invisible “Girl”, if you’re really intersexed (a lot of trans people say they are, but they’re just twisting and diluting the meaning of the word), then you’re not who we’re talking about anyway.

        But, based on what you’ve written here, I hate your guts right back. I really do. You obviously hate women, that much is clear. I mean, “female privilege”?!! FFS, really?!! Any other MRA talking points you’d like to add? (And yeah, that’s how the word “privilege” is spelled, you stupid fuckwit. If you’re going to throw the word around, the least you could do is learn how to spell it correctly.)

        You have no clue what we’re talking about here. Go fuck off to your dumbass funfem sites and let them stroke your dick and your huge fucking ego, because we don’t have to here. Nor do we want to. I think that’s what’s really pissing you off – born women coming together to draw a line and set up a boundary. To you, that’s “elitist.” To us, that’s protection. That’s because as someone raised male, you just. don’t. get. the safety parameters we have to set up, and why. And it seems you never will.

        I have to love, LOVE how you totally dismiss the asshole in this article, his actions, and why we’re upset about it. How easy and convenient for you. Know who does that the most to women? Men. For someone who claims to be female you demonstrate an appalling lack of empathy.

        The next thing you do is martyr yourself out, as in “paying in blood for our surgeries.” ::eye roll:: Cry me a fucking river. You don’t need that surgery. No, you DON’T. Know who needs surgery? My friend with endometriosis. She can’t get it though, because her job doesn’t offer insurance. She can’t purchase insurance on her own because NO INSURANCE COMPANY WILL COVER HER. In other words, they won’t cover her because she’s female and has a female problem. Know who else does? Me. I’ve had breast cancer, and now no insurance company will enroll me. You stupid, stupid, arrogant, clueless, shit-for-brains, narcissistic piece of shit, you are HARDLY the only person out there suffering. Yet you have the unmitigated gall to come here and “inform” us about how hard it is out in the mean nasty world. This is truly mansplaining gold.

        Born women have to overcome vicious sexism, violence, and humiliation, much of which is codified right into law, FFS. And yet our spirit continues. You can’t even begin to touch our strength.

        Poor you…because you’re an insufferable asshole. Now go do your pathetic keening someplace else.

  9. doublevez Says:

    “Individuals should be recognized as the gender they live in, and be given access to washrooms and change facilities on this basis, unless they specifically ask for other accommodation (such as for safety or privacy reasons).”

    The Onion couldn’t have done it better.


  10. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you, Gallus!!! I look forward to these extremely creepy repulsive men/trannie stories because each one further proves what some of us have been saying for over forty years. Men can never be women!!! Their attempts are more grotesque as time passes.

  11. doublevez Says:

    II read every link, watched the Tube. There should be mega drugs for this. A little dispenser on the top of the post. But you sure do swing it out Gallus. Love your style. Some hard.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thanks doublevez- here’s a link to KGW News Portland coverage today including video. They spelled his name wrong though.

      • GallusMag Says:

        It’s interesting. They say he hikes up his skirt and pees standing up with the stall door open to force the women to watch him.
        Also, they say he comes in both as “a man” and “a man wearing stereotypical clothing coded woman” on different days depending on his mood. As we saw in my post, he still calls himself Norman.
        Should be a VERY interesting case.

      • GallusMag Says:

        From the article:

        “What they’re doing, by me not being able to use the ladies room, is discriminating against me,” said Ballhorn.
        At Legends, server Sabrina Brenneise said they have no problem with Ballhorn’s transgender identity.
        “It’s the fact that she’s still a boy and she wants to go in the woman’s restroom and use the woman’s room with the stall opened, with her skirt hiked up and standing up, like a guy would, and that makes it kind of an issue,” Brenneise said.”

      • Adrian Says:

        Some women can pee standing up also (just takes some practice, apparently – you can find info on some camping sites). Somehow I suspect that if a woman were insisting on peeing standing up with the stall door open in full view of others, other women would still be complaining, because it’s Just Not Done.

        Yeah, this case should be interesting…

      • GallusMag Says:

        Eeeeeew to Norman spraying his pee all over the ladies loo and forcing women to watch him do it.
        His legal defense? He’s afraid another male might think he’s a fag. Jesus. Sexist, predatory and homophobic too. Go figure. Yay heterosexual male members of the “LGBT”!

      • doublevez Says:

        Hahaha. I read that as he’s hoping he’s going to get banged in there. Ooooh and then they were just overcome by my hotness.

      • doublevez Says:

        Again, the concern about having to pee where there are men, justified for Norman and other cross-dresser/males of various descriptions, but not for female at birth women *who are in real* in massive numbers world over perved-on in numerous ways, sexually assaulted, beaten, raped, impregnated and murdered–by MEN. But are supposed to just put that aside to accommodate someone who is a male, and can pee anywhere. Most males pee all over the place, a washroom probably being the least used by them.

      • Adrian Says:

        @doublevez – Absolutely all of the “but I can’t use the men’s room while wearing a dress!!!” (legitimate) complaints do point out the obvious, namely that the problem lies with men’s gender boundary policing. Complaints need to be taken up with THEM, rather than the endless complaining about how women are terrible for not letting feminine-performing men use the women’s room.

        It should not be taken as a “given” that men will beat up feminine men in the bathroom. Accepting that as a premise is already part of the problem.

        But surely due to age-old stereotypes it’s seen as well, we can get the women to bend and change their behavior on this (to let the feminine men in) because they’re weaker and oh so caring about everyone before themselves. It’s a problem.

      • sellmaeth Says:

        Adrian, are you talking about “hover over the toilet seat” standing up (which I suppose almost every woman can do) or actually just standing there and managing not to pee on your feet? Because the latter would be impressive … but I still wouldn’t want to watch it.

        (I am so glad I am not a man, because I really wouldn’t want to see other guys with their dicks in hand. But I don’t think that’s why the trans want to use women’s restrooms)

  12. Regardless of the gender thing, don’t most bars and restaurants have signs saying, we reserve the right to refuse service…and no shoes, no service? I’m not a lawyer, but obviously, a business is allowed to discriminate against anyone for any disruptive behavior. So the way to get around the bathroom thing, and also to get the lawsuits thrown out, is for the bars to stop playing these games around which bathroom this guy should use, and ban him entirely, because patrons have complained about his behavior. Businesses have to realize that however much money they can make from selling someone alcohol, they’ll lose a lot more money from the lawsuit and lost business from better behaved customers.

  13. doublevez Says:

    “stated that Ballhorn has also been banned from both male and female public restrooms at the trailer park in which he resides. No explanation is given.”

    Not finding this. Link just takes us to pix. Where, please?

    • GallusMag Says:

      It’s in the caption on the photo of him standing outside the bathroom.

      • doublevez Says:

        Norman posts on the news site: ” I am not a organizer for the Rose City t girls,and the gendertrender has a bunch of lies in it.The Makeovers by Epifany was done first time not for the Mizz Gay pride.It was done for me to help myself and the owner of makeovers to help her establish her makeover you should read the testimonal I did for her. The Mizz Gay Pride that I am is a trangendered title.The restroom /showers where I live has not said I could not use the mens room they won’t let me use the womens.The u tube video you post about I was not part of that group and was not in that. I do belong to the NWGA that goes to public places and teaches people and organizations on transender issues.I do have a group that Iam the owner of the yahoosite called Vancouver USA T Girls witch is for every one even straight people and is meant to bring awarness of Glbt issues here in s/w Washington.I also have a facebook group called Pacific Northwest Transgendered Veterans witch is used by us Veterans that are transgendered for resources and our health care issues.Also they should post some of my better photosof me.When I was married I had 2 kids and was a Girls softball coach for my daughter and a scout leader for my son. I was also a precient committee person fr the democratic party here in Clark County and ran 2 presidental precient cacuss.How bad does this make look .people need to look at more before making judgements on a person.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        Ha! The comments on that site are great.

        Norman seems to be saying that while he is a member of the Rose City T-Girls (which he refers to in various places as “My group the Rose City T-Girls”), he is an organizer only of the Vancouver WA branch, not the Portland branch. That’s fine. I am willing to make a correction of that fine point in my article. I don’t see how it changes the conclusions of the facts as laid out but if it is an important distinction for him I will make that clear in the article. The truth is I don’t care enough to research and verify this distinction so I will take his word for it.

        As for the rest of his complaints:

        I never stated which of his make-overs was “the first”. Nor do I care one whit.

        I never implied that Mizz Gay Pride was for gays. Obviously Mr. Ballhorn is a heterosexual man.

        I reported a statement made as a caption on Norman’s make-over pics which stated that he had been banned from both male and female restrooms. If Norman has a problem with the source of that statement he should take that up with them. He did comment just underneath that statement without correcting it. So presumably he is able to post a comment correcting that statement if he so chooses.

        As to Norman’s claim that he was not part of the Rose City T-Girls group: he is a liar. I’ll take the time to post a screencap proving it, but really I’m not going to waste a lot of time responding to Norman’s bullshit.

        The fact that he was a softball coach or whatever else has no bearing on the facts here. And the fact is: Norman feels he has the right to not only disregard the women who have expressed an experience of danger and intrusion and lack of safety caused by his actions, but he claims it is his “human right” as a man enacting his sexual fetish to override the rights of all those women. That tells me everything I need to know about Norman Ballhorn.

      • doublevez Says:

        Norman’s comments on that site have disappeared. Oh well, the news site will have a complete record.

      • doublevez Says:

        It’s ok now for me too. Thanks.

      • Jennifer Says:

        For further reading about the Rose City T-Girls, check out their leader’s profile here: http://www.ifriends.net/membrg/ShowClub_v2_custom.dll?pClub=CASSANDRA4FUN&pStyle=Home This is the sicko who runs the whole debacle. Anybody who claims that this isn’t a fetish group is clearly confused.

  14. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Why, no, upon viewing Norman’s visage I do NOT “throw up in my mouth a little,” to use an overworked internet trope. Instead, I pull a Brian Griffin full-on 30 second hurl. He’s just that gross.

    Look at the pictures Norman posted of him in various outfits, including (*urp*) a two-piece bathing suit, and tell me he’s not a fetishist. Tell me he’s not just a dirty old perverted man. G’wan, try and convince me. He no more belongs in a women’s restroom than does Karl Rove.

    • No argument from me.

      I think he looks a lot like a cross between Charles Bronson and Keith Richards with a few serious facial beatings thrown in over the years — either bar fights or face-first dives onto the pavement while toasted, I’ll venture.

      It’s going to take more than a tacky yellow dress to make him look even remotely female. Yikes.

  15. weirdward Says:

    The comments on the news article are interesting. A lot of female responders seem to have the knee-jerk liberal reaction of OMG the poor oppressed tranz and condemn the women bar patrons who complained as being ill-informed bigots.

    A lot of the male commenters point out the obvious – that this guy is still male bodied, and that he sounds like a perv who could have less-than-wholesome motives in trying to access women in vulnerable spaces.

    In this matter, I’d listen to the guys. They know how other guys think, they know the lengths that they themselves and other men will go to in order to gain access to women. They can recognise predatory behaviour in other men, since they probably have their own predatory behaviours that they practice.

    Women are taught to look away, look away, look away and never see the truth about men.

    But men know perfectly well what is going on.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      BINGO. I also have to wonder how many of those knee-jerk liberal women are lesbians who have MtT people calling them every name under the sun, and wishing (and threatening) violence upon them, for not wanting to sleep with them (the MtT). Let’s see how sympathetic those women are when their choices of sexual partners, which should be a private matter, are met with the screeching tantrums and invasive and abusive behavior that we’re dealing with. Oh yeah, I have a feeling that the “I’m the BEST FEMINIST and NICEST PERSON EVAH!!!” warm fuzzies would disappear real quick.

      • weirdward Says:

        Yes, they also might get it faster if Norman started frequenting the toilets at their local bar and flashing his dick around and making them watch him pee.

        It reminds me a bit of the scenario when a woman meets a guy and thinks he’s a creep, and then all her friends tell her she’s being too harsh and to be ‘nice’ and then – big surprise – turns out he IS a creep who harms or attempts to harm the woman in question. And then the woman usually gets blamed for not being vigilant enough :/

        So what will happen when these men claiming trans identity start attacking women in restrooms? (I know Gallus has done some reporting on this already) Will the victim be blamed for not being able to tell a ‘real’ trans from a ‘fake’ trans posing with the intent to do harm?

  16. Norma Bee Ballhorn Says:

    WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS OF ME STANDING IN THE WOMENS ROOM. ALSO YOU ALL SHOULD GET OFF ALL YOUR FEMMINE ONLY IDEA.Take time to look at all the good photos of me . I have female groups that have accepted me into their group.1 The Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxilary post 2158.And October Iam invited to a sisters party where I have to donate a new bra with price tag left on it the party is for women that have breast cancer and women of domestic abuse. I have also had my first mammogram a couple months ago. some of the stuff in the storyis lies. where are the women that claim to have seen me standing and going pee.Maybe you should ask some of the women at Clark College if they have seen me standing in the womans restroom in the last year.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Ohhhhh, I see now, looking at the comments on the news article that you mean to say (and said repeatedly in that thread) that since the women in the bars have no photographs of you forcing them to look at your dick their complaints should be dismissed. Yeah, sorry dude. It doesn’t work that way. You don’t get to commit any acts you want “as long as there are no photos” of you doing it. It’s called witness testimony.

      The women that claim to have seen you standing and going pee were quoted in the news article. If you have a problem with that article feel free to address it with them. I did not even quote that news report in my article, rather it was discussed here in the comments. I suppose I may as well ad that information to the my article as an update though.

    • Kathrin Says:

      Proper spelling and formatting go a long way towards sounding like an intelligent individual.

      You spend a lot of time, effort, and energy on appearance. Perhaps if you spent more time trying to understand women, and less time trying to look like a fetishized version of what men think women should look like, you’d understand why what you’re saying doesn’t really mean anything.

      A mammogram doesn’t make one female. The fact that some women aren’t willing to kick you out of their groups (possibly out of pity or intimidation, rather than acceptance) doesn’t make you female. Even if your appearance came off as naturally feminine (not even close), it’s irrelevant, as looks don’t make one female, and your behavior is so masculine it’s painful.

      The burden of proof doesn’t lie with the victims to prove you have harmed them. Getting banned from as many places as you have is clear evidence that the problem is with you, not them. Here’s a hint: women generally don’t want to take pictures of people in bathrooms. That’s something men do.

    • Ave Says:

      ” The fact that some women aren’t willing to kick you out of their groups (possibly out of pity or intimidation, rather than acceptance) doesn’t make you female. Even if your appearance came off as naturally feminine (not even close), it’s irrelevant, as looks don’t make one female, and your behavior is so masculine it’s painful.”
      that is soo true especially at the end part!

  17. GallusMag Says:

    Does Norman really think the newspaper photos more flattering? From the Columbian article:

    • Nila Says:

      It looks like the ugliest man trying to be the Ugliest woman in the world. It could not pass as a Woman even if it tried to. It’s a failed man who’s trying to make it as a woman. Also faking to be a Vietnam Veteran amounts to violating the Stolen Valor act and I believe that’s a federal crime. So this Norman creep needs to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Don’t call people “it” on my blog or you will be banned. That term is dehumanizing. Thank you. Also, there is no law against being ugly- I should know, I’ve yet to be arrested 😉
        Seriously though, let’s keep things civil, as infuriating as Norman’s actions may be.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Gallus, I gotta say, you are a far, far kinder person than I.

      • sellmaeth Says:

        ” Also faking to be a Vietnam Veteran amounts to violating the Stolen Valor act and I believe that’s a federal crime.”

        That’s a crime?
        Then pretending to be a survivor of men’s war against women (i.e. having lived as a woman since birth) should also be a crime.
        Although I have to admit he did participate in THAT war … on the side of the agressor.

  18. doublevez Says:

    Yeh, men know what he’s doing. Doesn’t make it any easier to be a woman needing to pee every 40 mins.

  19. Bev Jo Says:

    Am I the only one to notice these things:

    Ave (female or male?) says:

    “Also, let me give you an example. Formal Events. At formal events there is no room for being different with gender, you HAVE to wear your gender uniform. for men it’s the suit and tie , for women it’s dresses (although women can also wear pants sometimes too). but for males there is literally no room to do anything else. same with jobs, if you have long hair or wear a bit of eyeliner you will be denied a ton of jobs , hell even in their job requirements most jobs require males to have short hair.”

    And that is a clever way to say that females have more options and males have less. I don’t think so. Check shoe wear for women throughout the media, and the reality singing contests where males can look like absolutely filthy slobs and it’s accepted as typical man or boy dress. MALES ARE ALLOWED TO BE COMFORTABLE. FEMALES ARE NOT. Females are expected to be exposed, humiliated, always uncentered and uncomfortable. Not to mention being expected to buy more expensive shoddily-made clothes, on a MUCH lower income. Poor men. Oh, they can’t make quite as much with long hair or eyeliner. Wahhhh….

    And then Ave says:

    “i wonder, would these transes feel the need to try to barge into female spaces if there was a space in society for feminine males? because society treats people as only two things: masculine men and feminine females and nothing else…”

    Are you fucking kidding us??? Oh poor men, poor trannies. There is PLENTY of space for trannies where I live. They are fucking worshipped. Lesbian friends stopped going to a regular Lesbian dance because when a trannie showed up, all the music stopped, he was circled and applauded, and his favorite music put on. Ads for Lesbian dances regularly include “transwomen.”

    There are so many genderqueer, LGBT, and even het events who worship men appropriating our identity. But no, they want to go where we are desperately trying to have women only space. We have NOTHING left.

    Including our dead:

    anon male Says:

    “it’s for even people like Teena Brandon who don’t even know to call themselves trans”

    Fucking leave her alone and stop appropriating that raped and murdered Butch who was not stupid for not identifying as a male or trannie. She was a LESBIAN. Even her friends and mother tried refuting the trannie lies appropriating her, just as they are doing historical re-writes by giving famous Lesbians from the past male pronouns.

    Have you no shame? I guess not, since you have to be one more male appropriating rare female space.

    • Thank you, Bev Jo for fighting the good fight against blurry reasoning and against trans appropriation of all things Lesbian and Butch.

      I remember tons of “baby butch” Lesbians being around when I was in my 20’s. It seems to me now that most of them are being pressured to either “fit in” with society’s expectations of proper feminine attire (foot-destroying high-heel shoes! $150/month at the salon for cut and color and facials and mani-pedi and who knows what! chemical make-up of every variety! yuck!) or else they’re being tremendously pressured to “transition” because anyone who doesn’t want to wear all that feminine crap MUST be a transman. Yich.

      It’s appalling that here we are, thirty years later, and it is HARDER to be a butch lesbian now than it was then.

      Young Lesbian’s choices are…what? Lipstick Lesbian or transman? WTF?!? How did we get here? What can we do about it?

      • Adrian Says:

        Heck, I’m heterosexual (married, even, despite people telling me that would surely never happen) and yet just rejected the whole self-crippling fashion thing. I didn’t want to do it, people were Very Alarmed and screaming that I’d never amount to anything if I didn’t conform, I just… didn’t bother, resigned myself to being an “ugly” nerd, and yet managed to find place in the world of other nerds, have a career where it’s okay to be a nerd.

        Interesting thing is now in 2012, indeed the “trans*” narrative is getting a lot of airplay, and so I do find myself reading endless stories of girls who seem a lot like me, and they’re being pressured into saying they’re “really boys.” Supposedly it’s a done deal, once they don’t buy into the standard girlie shoe-obsessed fashion interests, oh, well, they want to be adventurous and skateboard and wear hoodies? They like to play logic games and want to be programmers? They must be boys then, really, inside!

        …WHY? You can be a woman (just look in your pants!) and have that life and interests.

        I’m fine with my body. I like my genitalia well enough. But I’ve never worn heels or makeup in my life and feel an aversion toward it because of what it means. Yet, I’m not trans*. I’m not a “man inside.” I wasn’t “born in the wrong body.” I was “born in a messed up society.”

        100% agreed with you that this “certain gendered interests” and “genitalia have to match that, even if that means surgery” thing is just messed up. How did we get here, indeed?

      • It’s really a major step backwards.But I’m so happy to see people fighting against this terrible fad. In my opinion there is still hope but it will take some time.

  20. […] them to hold gatherings there on Friday nights. The reason? These hetero male fetishists, the “Rose City T-Girls” insisted on using the women’s restroom, reportedly leaving the seats up and pissing all over […]

  21. […] by Trans Theory and those who support it. Under new “Gender Identity” laws our right to sex-segregated space (i.e. to not have penises in our bathrooms, or in our prisons, etc) will disappear. Our language, […]

  22. […] he filed another complaint alleging “discrimination” against Legend Food and Fun in Hazel Dell, Washington, because he was not allowed to use the […]

  23. bill foster Says:

    he dose not sound like a crossdress or trans . for some reason he is mocking them to degrade them crossdressers are almost always 90% of them straight i dont live in the US. so we hear in Canada we treat people as equal and so are there rights no matter if they are trans , gay .by, or what ever it is not the case in the US. i find that to be vary sad that people can be fired because they are gay in some of your stats and it will hert your economics because when people are discrimanated because they gay or trans the leave taking there tax dollars with them. CANADA ,parts of the UK.,and AUSTRALIA are good places to live ware every one gets the same rights not just straight people .I like the USA.it is a grate place and so are the people but there is a long way to go for equal rights

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Of course. The old “b-b-but he’s not really trans!” defense. We’ve seen that used countless times before. And good to know that one man thinks that another man has the right to whatever his dick wants, under the guise of “equal rights.” Go away, Bill. You’re boring. And clueless.

      • sellmaeth Says:

        I wonder how we are to determine who is really trans and who isn’t. It looks the same, after all.

        (Or we could just determine who really has a female brain by telling them to go use the men’s restroom. The ones who just do what they are told are the only ones who can claim, with any justification, to have had female socialisation.)

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