September 18, 2012

IMPROPER PURPOSE- the reason the state should not be providing cosmetic surgery to strangulation murderer Robert Kosilek and the reason Norman should not be allowed to inflict himself on women in public restrooms. REGARDLESS of their internal ideas of themselves or their psychiatric diagnosis.

Sex matters.

The language of “gender identity” legislation is fraught with confusion. The complexity of issues swirling around reproductive sex and its connection (or lack thereof) to gender requires extreme attention to terminology and a delicate balancing of interests. Feminist legal critique demands that women’s need for sex-segregated boundaries be both recognized and weighed against the violent enforcement of normative masculinity in men’s spaces that threatens the safety of gender non-conforming males.

A recent federal district court decision granting a Masschusetts prisoner’s demand for “sex-change” surgery has highlighted the need for a multi-layered approach to “gender identity” protections. This prisoner, Robert Koselik, is a woman killer. He has been sentenced to life without parole for the cold-blooded murder of his wife—the woman he claimed to have loved more than any other in the world. And now, he insists that he actually is a woman. The precedent set by this case builds on…

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  1. Get a life Says:

    God is the only one who is allowed to judge people. I know Norma and she is a very caring person. Did you ask Norma if you could post these pictures of her?? You have violated someones privatcy. How Norma chooses to live her life is none of your business. Does
    anyone tell you how to live yours? Grow up and…. While your at it get your cunt licked by a lesbian. Maybe then you will feel better about yourself and keep you nose outta other peoples business

    • GallusMag Says:

      This commenter is responding to this post:

      Norma did not ask God to judge him. He asked the Washington State Human Rights Commission to judge whether he has the right to use the women’s restroom over the objections of the female patrons at Legends. He also went to the media to put himself into the public domain so that the public could “judge” the veracity of his complaint. He started contacting media outlets a month before filing his complaint, after his Rose City T-Girls group got kicked out of a Portland bar they frequented.

      I have not violated Norman’s privacy. I have a right to “fair use” of PUBLIC photos to illustrate a news story. These photos were made public by Norman on at least two PUBLIC sites- probably more but I’m not interested enough to keep looking. They are not private photos. They are not from a private social-networking site. They are not from a private forum. They were published repeatedly BY NORMAN for the GENERAL PUBLIC for reasons of his own.

      How Norman chooses to live his life becomes the business of the public when Norman files a complaint to the Human Rights Commission and goes to the media to publicize that complaint. At least the portion of his life RELEVANT TO THAT COMPLAINT becomes “the business” of the public and of newsmedia.

      The real reason you are angry, and have chosen to post disgusting homophobic and offensive misogynist language and comments on a lesbian site is because this site does NOT AGREE with your heterosexual male “friend’s” right to override the rights of the women involved. If this had been a post in support of Norman’s contention I suspect you’d have nary a problem with it.

      I am publishing your IP so that other victims of your homophobic misogynist abuse can track your activities in case they need to report you to any agency for harassment and abuse.


    • Kathrin Says:

      Why do you feel it necessary to bring up the sexual orientation of the author of the site, much less specific sexual actions?

      Do you not realize that you’re engaging in the exact sort of behavior you’re attempting to decry? How Gallus chooses to live her life is none of your business.

      Norma is the one barging into female restrooms, hiking up a dress and urinating standing up (with the door open!), and going back at will. Norma is the one who has chose to make an issue of this, and attempt to force others to accomodate absurd behavior under color of law. When you go to the media and the human rights commission, you lose any “reasonable expectation of privacy”.

      You’re not going to change anyone’s mind here – if anything, you’re reinforcing them by engaging in the same kind of personal attacks that are a hallmark of trans activists. It doesn’t make any sense when they do it either, and on this site you don’t even get the “intimidation factor” that you would in real life. You just come off as sad.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Based upon his actions and his internet postings, Norman sure doesn’t seem to mind folks looking at him or pictures of him, does he? In fact, I think he thrives on it. He’s a trans cliche, really.

      Get a life, there’s so much wrong with your post I don’t know where to begin. Thankfully, Gallus and Kathrin have already well elucidated everything I was thinking, so I’ll not repeat it. Which brings me to another point – their responses to your choice words is far, far more polite (and articulate) than anything you’d ever receive at any transjacktivist’s site. Your words, and apparent corresponding low level of intellect, are par for the course from transjacktivists – this we have learned. So go on and play dress-up with your little friends, and keep your nasty old dicks out of our restrooms.

      When, when will people learn that the internet is not private? When?

  2. Hey, y’all, let’s make sure that the Washington State Commission on Human Rights know that females have rights, too, including the right to not be subjected to male sexual predators and creepy male sexual fetishists when we’re trying to change our clothes, deal with our menstruation, urinate etc. in historically safe and private women’s facilities.

  3. Bev Jo Says:

    I love that answer, Gallus! Another classic female-hating, Lesbian-hating man, who believes in the god made by men for men, no less!


  4. anon male Says:

    “But she disguises her sexual identity to protect that position, and she, too, works as a prostitute at night at a bar.

    “In the beginning it was out of necessity because I was still getting my teacher’s license,” she said. “But now, it’s also because it’s the only place that I can really be a woman.”


    96+ people “like” this.

    96+ people must hate women if that’s what being a woman means.

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