Anti-Gay activist Ida Hammer wins cosmetic “Sex Change” from MVP Health Care

October 3, 2012

Ida Hammer in action: attacking Dykes at NYC Dyke March

From the NYPOST:

NY man wins right to sex change paid for by insurance

From the New York Daily News:

Queens woman trapped in man’s body wins battle with insurance company that balked at paying for her sex change operation 

“Ida Hammer, born a man, has lived as a female her entire life”

Yeah…. Not really. Ida is a man trapped in a man’s body and is renowned in the Lesbian community for his outrageous anti-gay campaign against Lesbians at the 2012 NYC Dyke March.

First of all Ida, better known as animal rights activist Daniel Hammer, managed to squirrel his way onto the organizing committee of the NYC Dyke March, even though he is:

1.) a male.

2.) partnered with a male.

For the record, Dykes are NEITHER male, NOR partnered with males.

Second, he got a group of other guys together and – in his position of “authority” as Dyke March organizer- stalked and hunted down lesbians who are publicly known for their feminist and gay activism and proceeded to surround and terrorize them, claiming that Dyke March is NOT A SAFE WELCOMING SPACE FOR LESBIAN FEMINIST PARTICIPANTS.

See him in action here:

and here:

and here:

For the record, NY Daily News, “living as female” does not entail men running campaigns against women and lesbians at Dyke Marches. And Daniel did not start his female impersonation until four years ago.

From the article:

“I never really was a boy,” [Hammer] said Wednesday. “From the earliest age I always knew I was a girl, unfortunately that’s not how other people saw me.”

Hammer, who was raised a Mormon in conservative Utah and moved to New York four years ago, said her parents have been very supportive — as is her longtime partner, a man.

“He already sees me as a woman,” she said. “That’s not going to be too big of an adjustment.”

Hammer’s legal battle with MVP began in July 2011, when she sought authorization from MVP for “genital reassignment surgery.”

“My insurance company denied my claim on the grounds that it was ‘cosmetic’ surgery,” said Hammer, a writer and activist.

“I have been undergoing treatment for gender dysphoria for the five years, my doctors determined that the surgery was necessary, and the insurance company was second-guessing my doctors,” said Hammer.

After MVP denied both her appeals, Hammer turned to the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, which threatened to sue.”

Read more:

Not only did Hammer have the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund backing his claim, but the TLDEF press release states “In addition to TLDEF, the legal team representing Ms. Hammer included Robert Goodman, Brandon Burkart, Katherine Kriegman, Ariel Meyerstein and Susan Reagan of Debevoise & Plimpton LLP.”

Like in the recent Kosilek case, Hammer contends that his desire for cosmetic surgery represents a profound form of mental illness for which there is no treatment. The recent strangulation-killer Kosilek’s ruling, currently under appeal, was cited by Hammer’s legal team as precedent for the “medical necessity” of cosmetic “gender” surgery [PDF].

Er, the male lesbians partnered with other males…
Ida Hammer attacking lesbians at the 2012 NYC Dyke March

24 Responses to “Anti-Gay activist Ida Hammer wins cosmetic “Sex Change” from MVP Health Care”

  1. GallusMag Says:

    It strikes me as almost stranger than fiction that the transgender movement, which is essentially a political movement against women, has as the foundation of its current legal goals some of the most monstrously hideous predators against women that have ever existed.


    The transgender political goals: elimination of females as a political class, elimination of the rights of females to enact some measure of segregation protections against male predation, the legal codification of reproductively based social roles and characteristics- of the exact kind that women are supposed to be protected FROM under Title 7 (see Price Waterhouse v Hopkins)- are being openly, transparently based at this point on the literal soldiers against female well-being and safety. It is astounding.

    First the serial rapist and torturer of female children David E Megarry (now known as Sandy Jo Batissta)

    whose case set the precedent for strangulation killer Robert Koselik, who now sets the precedent for more commonplace anti-female and anti-gay activists like Ida/Daniel Hammer. It blows my mind. The transparency of the anti-female agenda.

    And as a male movement, the total unselfconscious arrogance of that transparency.
    Baby rapers and wife killers: the foundational heroes of the anti-female transgender political movement. Holy shit.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      Yes. Holy shit.

      But try explaining this over coffee with your friends. It’s almost impossible to know where or how to start spreading the word. (Which is why I love and respect you and your blog, GM!!!)

      They’ve managed to convince even fairly level-headed people that they are soooo oppressed and sooooo victimized that to even suggest that there might be something going on here that is INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS to women gets you the same look you’d get if you suggested that kittens are dangerous.

      You’ve got to give it to them: their P.R. (and their histrionics) are winning against rational womankind.

      Of course, it doesn’t help that gay men are (for the most part) siding with them against us or that people have already been softened up towards cross-dressing males by harmless drag queens and movies like “La Cage aux Folles” and “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”.

      Most people don’t realize that there are slavering wolves in drag among the “cute” female impersonators, nor do they have the feminist analysis to appreciate the slippery slope leading from a gay male playing dress up (vamping) in a club to a convicted child abuser or woman strangler trying to use cross-dressing as a path to accessing more victims.

  2. la redactora Says:

    Yes, it is very telling.

  3. anon male Says:

    what is this insurance thing you speak of?

    Is it the activist/writer thing that pays for that? Really?

    Either way, #whitepeopleproblems*

    also, I thought it was the job of news media to choose the least “flattering” of all available images for people, rather than a personal favorite supplied by the subject of the story. Or, I guess that’s just what happens to cis-people, especially females.

    *watch out for them “prominent, elite White feminists” though:

  4. Ashland Avenue Says:

    So my friend’s son, who desperately needs a kidney transplant, had to be taken off his parents’ insurance and instead put on fucking welfare because their insurance won’t cover a transplant. And he was lucky THAT was able to happen for him! Meantime, this flaming POS Daniel Hammer gets his totally unnecessary fetish surgery covered. Got it.

    Hammer is a perfect representation of the arrogant, selfish, abusive, completely narcissistic and absolutely delusional folk that make up the majority of the trans movement. He encompasses it ALL. A dick, in every sense of the word.

    I’d like to meet the geniuses who allowed someone who is partnered with a male, FFS, to be in charge of a Dyke March. Truly, what. the. fuck.

    • Adrian Says:

      Fighting with insurance myself too, thankfully not for anything as desperate as a transplant, but still less pain would be nice. Unlike the female brain, my abnormalities/broken parts actually show up on film!

      I’m curious though about how Hammer was denied SRS – is the company saying it’s always voluntary elective cosmetic surgery, or are they saying that while for some people it’s necessary they don’t think Hammar is really transsexual, or what? I mean, I see the relented with “this (Hammer’s? only?) surgery is medically necessary” but I just wonder how they thought of it for other people before.

      Just idle morbid curiosity at this point I guess…

      Meanwhile back to insurance, I can see Hammer being upset at being denied I guess but certainly insurance denies people all kinds of necessary procedures constantly, almost as a reflex action trying to save a buck. Hopefully people don’t take it as some sort of terrible attack on trans* only or anything.

    • Nila Says:

      Hammer is a perfect representation of the Arrogant, Selfish, abusive and narcissistic that comes from the Transgender community. He is essentially a representation of a Dick. Which is why Trans people like Hammer are nothing but a POS who are all about them, them, and them.

  5. Feuerwerferin Says:

    I’m very sorry that your sister has died. Condolences.

  6. Barbara Di Bari Visconti Says:

    You can tell by the ridiculous expressions on Hammer’s face that even *he* knows he’s just giving Cathy Brennan a load of bullshit.

  7. SheilaG Says:

    So this man was put on the Dyke March committee in NYC? Who did that? Why is it that Dykes can’t even keep Dyke committees — well with Dykes on it… partnered with a man, man with a penis on the committee, have we gone absolutely insane sisters?
    Don’t answer that.

    • GallusMag Says:

      He is a man that “identifies as” a woman.
      He partners with men but “identifies as” a “Dyke” – or as he calls himself on his blog header “A proud dyke- identified trans woman”
      He- along with “mansfeminism” handmaiden Claire Cramer- was a presenter at the Baltimore Femme Conference where he referred to himself as “a proud dyke-identified trans woman and a femme-loving femme.”

      • magicpoppy Says:

        Uh, does this mean Ida Hammer is a political lesbian? The transbians go crazy when women discuss political lesbianism. I guess it’s okay when MTFs do it.

  8. It will be funny when he gets his dick chopped of and no longer have an orgasm. Funny as in HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

  9. Sugarpuss Says:

    I’ve been told that getting all of my rotten, bleeding teeth yanked out & receiving a cheap pair of dentures to chew food with doesn’t qualify as a “medically necessary” procedure. Meanwhile, this freakjob scores a designer penis reshaping surgery (Let’s be honest, that’s all it is. One cannot truly change their biological sex).

    And since we’re doing hashtags… #fauxpussymoreimportantthantheabilitytochewonesfoodbeforeswallowing

  10. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    What a prick.

    This cross-dressing dude who is parterned with another dude (hint to the confused: we call them gay males), who came to DYKE MARCH to harass and bullyrag lesbian feminist women, is getting sympathetic write-ups in the news for his (start the violins) valiant efforts to get his penis turned inside out — at the expense of his insurance company? Because…reasons?

    It sounds like something from a really distasteful, bizarre and frankly unbelievably farcical play. Unfortunately, this farce is our reality today.


    When I hear about people like this, I’m literally happy to realize that I’m closer to the end of my life than I am to the beginning. I don’t think I could bear this cultural insanity if I were 19 or 20.

    • Barbara Di Bari Visconti Says:

      When I hear about people like this, I’m literally happy to realize that I’m closer to the end of my life than I am to the beginning.

      We’ve really got to overcome, overpower and PREVAIL against these guys, as they literally make women rather be dead.

  11. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you SO much for this brilliant post and analysis. You continue to show the extent of how much these men pretending to be Lesbians hate Lesbian, how much power they have in our movement and community, how much privilege they get in our community as well as mainstream patriarchy, and how disgusting they are on every level. All I can hope is that each time you post, you will be reaching more and more Lesbians and other women until these lying men can no longer keep conning. The injustice is overwhelming.

    Thank you for continuing to provide the truth!


  12. […] story the NYC Dyke March 2012 incidents can be read about by following the links and threads in THIS PREVIOUS POST. […]

  13. doublevez Says:

    Cosmetic genital change. Because it is SO not about the genitals.

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