Call Out to the NYC Dyke March 2013

October 5, 2012

Anti-Lesbian Marchers with banner suggesting Lesbians try some Dick at 2012 NYC Dyke March

[This post was written in response to the issues of Lesbian Exclusion, Lesbian Invisibility, Lesbians being pushed to the side by “the GBT”, Sexism and objectification of Lesbians by non-lesbians, and male mobs surrounding and terrorizing Lesbians at this year’s event. For those who haven’t been following this story the NYC Dyke March 2012 incidents can be read about by following the links and threads in THIS PREVIOUS POST. –GM]

Guest Post by NYC Dyke

If I accept Danny as a woman, which the Dyke March committee does, that means that a straight woman has been welcomed with open arms by the NYC Dyke March committee as a participant and now, as a leader. Because lesbians NEED straight women to lead us and tell us what to do?

If I don’t see Hammer as a woman, as a lot of regular Jane participants in the community don’t, that means that yet another man has been chosen by women to be in a position of leadership at an event that was started to highlight *lesbian invisibility* at Pride ™ events and in the world in general. The fact that he’s a gay man who has hormone treatments and pigtails doesn’t change that either. What about the men?!

Which means that the current organizing committee is failing dykes and the mission statement of the march. (In addition to the Coral Short group who took DMs original chant of “we’re here, we’re queer, we’re fabulous, don’t fuck with us,” and drowned it out this year with their porno version inviting men to “come fuck with us” because we’re just holes after all).

Hol-y Army, because Dykes are not Lesbians but “Holes”. “Holes of all shapes and colors and sizes on whatever gendered or genderless body they may inhabit”. WTF.

The last few years I’ve seen Danny boy go from volunteer from leader. We also saw more and more men walking in the march – cross dressers as well as gay men having a good time with their straight female friends screaming at marshals who asked them to stand on the side. This year there were more c/d marshals than in the past. Thankfully there *was* unhappiness about people with male pattern baldness in dresses marshaling and participating a march that is supposed to be the FEW HOURS one day a year where LESBIAN WOMEN demand to be heard.

Hopefully, after all this, after members of the organizing committee and the lesbian community in NY chip in to pay Danny’s deductible (while not talking about how many DYKES don’t even have health care), Danny’ll move on to something else. He’s thoroughly trampled over so many lesbian and women’s actions and activities in NY. He’s helped make NY Dyke March an unsafe space for LESBIAN WOMEN who don’t conform. Maybe he’ll find greener pastures somewhere else.

And maybe the young lesbian leadership of NYC Dyke March will wake up to what a lot of the volunteers have started noticing and take this march back and make it not about what fabulous queer man loving holes we are but strong fierce women loving women who demand to be seen and heard in the noise of house music and consumerism of (l)GBTQIAAWTFLOLSMH Inc.

One of the men attacking Lesbians at 2012 NYC Dyke March

44 Responses to “Call Out to the NYC Dyke March 2013”

  1. michelle Says:

    Not being in or from New York, it is difficult for me to say whether the problems seen with the organizing efforts stem from what I’ve seen over the past mumble-something years down here (Texas)…and that is the younger generation having been raised with the whole alphabet soup nonsense so they just accept it as status quo never really having known anything different.

    Today’s 20-somethings seem willing to just run with the whole trans-whatever stuff instead of recognizing it for the farce (not to mention legitimate danger) it presents to the lesbian community. And the older women tend to age out of the volunteering precisely because of becoming entrenched in their/our respective lives and careers or occasionally just burning out on what can be a tiresome and thankless effort.

    I hate to put everything on an age-based dichotomy, but we are nearing 20 years since I first recall seeing the real efforts to force trans upon gay and lesbian efforts (and the beginnings of the alphabet soup now seemingly commonplace). And that gives a generation now that came of age with having seen that as the new ‘normal’ in the sense of all things gay or lesbian. Is the genie out of the bottle permanently or is there a viable way to educate today’s younger lesbians about the erasure and creation of a wave of lesbian invisibility that they have contributed to by doing everything possible to eliminate female-only space?

  2. Nila Says:

    I think Dykes and lesbians should boycott the march and send a message that they will not tolerate Trans invasion in the dyke march. Even hurt the organizers and their supporters in the pocket by withdrawing all support and funding to programs and organizations that support men in dresses invading in women’s only spaces

  3. Ali Says:

    I was sickened by the ‘hole-y army’ thing and wrote this song which I thought you might be interested in.

    • GallusMag Says:


    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Aliiiiiiii! That was freakin’ awesome!

  4. hearthrising Says:

    Why not just cancel the thing if it’s become a travesty and a farce? Let the kewl people have a “Queer March.” I’ve heard that’s what they were calling it anyway. Why should lesbians participate in an event that oppresses lesbians?

  5. Barbara Di Bari Visconti Says:

    I agree with Nila, dykes and lesbians should boycott the march. When trans show up, just pick up our toys and go home. Leave the “hole-y army” there to “fuck with” themselves.

    • GallusMag Says:

      So, you agree with the man. Barbara what do you think your strategy would accomplish exactly? You are a regular reader of this blog. You see the struggles documented to provide – TO DEMAND- space for Lesbian representation against an onslaught of anti-Lesbian male-supremacists and COLONIZERS who are actively trying to REMOVE and DESTROY female and Lesbian Spaces and our ability to gather and organize. What the fuck is the point of your strategy: Giving up?
      Why not Leave Michfest to them? Why not leave Creating Change to them? Why not leave Dyke March to them? Why not leave THIS FUCKING BLOG to them?
      This comment makes me SO angry I am literally going to bite my tongue here until I can respond with a cooler head. I am not going to say and do what I am burning to do in response to your comment. Perhaps I am misunderstanding you.
      PLEASE EXPLAIN and CLARIFY your comment that Lesbians should roll over and give up all Lesbian spaces to anti-lesbian and male forces. PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY WE SHOULD DO THAT. Thanks.
      Also, are you Lesbian??

      • doublevez Says:

        B is a lesbian, a separatist and a long time worker. I think sometimes we just get exasperated, and hurl. My comment here, is, geezus Bev Jo was right: Soy is harmful. Eat meat.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Gallus, breathe, fer chrissakes. Barbara is not your enemy. I think what she was aiming for was more of a refusal-to-participate-with-the-interlopers kind of thing, rather than a quitting-thing, if that makes sense. (I don’t mean to speak for you, Barbara, but that’s just how I interpreted it. Please correct me if I’m wrong.) But Gallus you’re right that the end result is the same – lesbians being driven out of their own space, which is…unacceptable, to be polite about it.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You’re right. I was a jerk. Barbara I apologize.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Too much soy in my diet.

      • Barbara Di Bari Visconti Says:

        Yes, I’m a lesbian, pretty much of a separatist too and I have been since as long as Bev Jo has. I didn’t know Nila was a man. Yes, you are misunderstanding me. You don’t have to assume that I’m coming from wherever it is he’s coming from, I don’t know him from atem. You don’t know me. I thought he was a female with some different ideas about how to handle the trans invasion. Anyway, leaving is not “my strategy”, but I wouldn’t recommend leaving anything to them, just leaving THEM! Maybe I’m off base with that suggestion, I really don’t know what to do and I’m frustrated with “demanding” and engaging with that crew, because I think it’s giving them what they want, our time and attention, even if it is negative attention. But you’re right, I don’t think we should just go “home” as I said, at least not permanently. Just regroup somewhere else, without them, and that new place would be where it’s at. And it would be so funny if the “hole-y army” just ended up all alone “fucking with” nobody but each other. Anyway it wasn’t all that serious a suggestion, just a way to give those self important men the slip for a while. I’m sorry you took it so seriously. The last thing I need now is you busting your guts over something I said as I am very tired, have lost my job, have no income and may be losing my house soon.

      • Barbara Di Bari Visconti Says:

        Oh, I posted before reading the other responses! Thank you, doublevez and Ashland Avenue! Yes, I was pretty much aiming for what Ashland said, a refusal to participate, not quitting, but yes, it is totally wrong for us lesbians to be driven out of our own spaces!
        Thank you, Mag, I forgive you. 🙂 I certainly never want to upset you like that. You do our community a great service with this blog, it gives us great hope and sustenance, and I know it’s not an easy thing for you to do with all the horrible comments you have to read from anti lesbian and male people which we readers of your blog never set eyes on.
        Also, I am very sorry for your recent loss, may she rest in peace.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Sorry Barbara. I wish I had money to give you for your house. Hang in there Sister and I will do the same.

  6. doublevez Says:

    I would like to cater the NEW NEW YORK DYKE MARCH: a fucking huge fucking pig roast. Sides of Beef Tartare, and dozens of Turduckens (a turkey stuffed with a duck which was itself stuffed with a chicken, stuffed with stuffing stuff.

    Hugggggs Gallus. Kisses too if you will.

  7. Sheela Says:

    We should organise a proper dyke march. (If any of us are in the position to do this). Like the UK ‘Campaign for Real Ale’ we so need a campaign for Real Dykes! The organisers of NY Dyke March seem terrified of being ‘exclusionary’ so look what they got. We need to Take Back the Exclusion, so to speak, while also reaching out to the majority of ordinary non pomo non queer non wtf lesbians, somehow. Try to get the over 40s on board. It’s hard to organise, but it’s not impossible. (I’m older and newer to the internet, so old fashioned Doing Stuff seems more doable I guess). Better a fantastic Real Dyke March with 50 women than a bullshit march of 1000 holes! Not saying it’s easy. But we’ve had two brilliant radfem conferences this year, with other events in the pipeline, so maybe the time is right to start organising…..

  8. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you, Gallus, for this post and for letting us know about the man here telling Lesbians what to do, yet again. OF COURSE they want us to give up our Dykes Marches!!! What will that do? Nothing good. Lesbians, don’t leave our rare spaces. Get more to come and take it all back! We need Take Back The Lesbians marches! Take over the old one and start a new one by Separatists with NO males allowed.

    Don’t hurt yourself, Sweetie. Zillions of us love you and agree with you!

    I don’t believe this is about age. I have Lesbian friends in their twenties who are vehemently for Lesbian only space. In San Francisco, it seems to be the older Lesbians who welcome the men taking everything over. The problem is cross-generational male-worshipping/trannie worshipping and Lesbians just too embarrassed to complain and too afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings, after hearing the men lie about their sad childhoods of wanting to wear pink dresses (in between torturing and killing animals and sexually assaulting girls).

    I’m so glad, Ali, that you posted your great song here! Some of us in Radical Feminist fb groups have been lucky to see it already, but this is also the place for it!!!

    Seriously about the soy though. Even a tiny bit (and thanks to Monsanto, it is in almost everything processed — read labels) acts like high-powered synthetic estrogen, which causes cancer and throws your entire hormone balance out of wack, shutting down your thyroid, and also causing depression and mental illness symptoms. For the best mental/physical strength and stamina and balance, eat as much organic saturated fat as possible, as well as some meat, and as few carbs as possible, and no processed food. (Quite easy, once you get used to it.)
    (We could march forever on doublevez’s catering!)

  9. GallusMag Says:

    Anyone with camp-able property, with electricity and running water within an hour or so of Manhattan please drop me a “not for publication” comment. Thanks.

  10. KittyBarber Says:

    The Boston “Dyke March” has never been for dykes, or even about dykes. Here is their statement:

    The Dyke March is for everyone: Dykes, Lesbians, Queers, Bi-Folks,
    Transwomen, Transmen, Genderqueers, and Allies.
    The Dyke March needs artists, writers, organizers, political activists, fun
    social people, quiet detail-oriented people, techies, photographers,
    handi-queers, inexperienced people who want to learn exciting new stuff,
    experienced people who like the freedom of grassroots organizing,
    fundraisers, shy people who like working in groups, rowdy people that make
    everyone laugh, single people just looking for new hotties, partnered people
    who love socializing, business types, academics, jack-of-all-trades. The
    Dyke March needs YOU!

    WHY is it called a “Dyke” March at all? There are transpeople on the planning committee. A look at the photographs tells you that there are many, many men involved. Why? What, exactly, is the point? (See their FACEBOOK page.)
    And while they state that it’s for ‘everyone,’ clearly it is not for anyone who believes that men are not dykes.

    What can we do? Do we need another march to protest the lack of lesbian presence at the Dyke March?

    What is happening in other parts of the country? Other countries?

  11. Bev Jo Says:

    It’s as bad or worse in SF. The Oakland Dyke March was small, but very different and organized by Lesbians of Color — Sistahs Steppin.’ It’s gone now though since 2011.

    I know that Aotearoa/New Zealand had Lesbian-only space when the US never did, but don’t know about now….

    I mention soy because I know so many women who have seriously damaged their health by believing the doctors and others who push it. The effects are serious. Monsanto is the biggest producer.

  12. Ashland Avenue Says:

    The Dyke March in Chicago has had to accomodate the males as well. There’s nothing dyke about it.

  13. lesley213 Says:

    Maybe we should target one or two dyke marches and reclaim those – show it can be done. I know lots of lesbians who would travel to a march if there were lesbians publically saying, let’s reclaim this march and make it truly a dyke march. We could make banners and wear t shirts with slogans like – dyke marches for dykes.

  14. Bev Jo Says:

    I have our huge Lesbians for Lesbians banner (named after the first chapter of our book), which we marched with 30 years ago. We just need a few of us to do it.

  15. FeistyAmazon Says:

    So great, imagine, the Dyke March FOR DYKES..and I remember the year(but not exactly when) they announced from the stage at SF Dyke March, that “this march is for past, present and future females”, which could mean anything from hardcore bio female Dykes like ourselves, to those who USED to be female, but now are wearing facial and body hair by choice, removed or binding their breasts, insisting on being called by male pronouns, and with the squeaky hormone induced voice, TO anyone who considers themselves a ‘future female’ retaining their ‘ladysticks'(penises), guys dressing in drag, to full blown MTF transition and EVERYTHING in between. I’ve seen women walking around with pins that say ‘trannylover’ ect. WHEN THEY HAVE THEIR OWN TRANS MARCH THE NIGHT BEFORE IN THE EXACT SAME SPACE AS DYKE MARCH!

    I’ve heard male rap music playing on stage inbetween sets, and poorly done acts with drag kings, an entire turnoff for me, and less and less organic LESBIAN music. The one year I was REALLY into it, they had both Phranc a true blue Dyke, AND Alixx Dobkin, but that was the ONLY time I saw major Lesbian singers that were truly through and through Dyke their entire careers, and NEVER compromised themselves. I have tremendous respect for both women. I was ecstatic, and bought Alixx’s book and had her sign it for me..I’ve been to many an Alixx Dobkin concert, but until that moment, I never had the opportunity to see Phranc, live! Nowadays they’d probably consider her ‘genderqueer’ or a wannabe ‘transman’ because she’s so Butch, but she’s no such thing, she’s a Butch DYKE and proud!

    These last two times, I’ve done contingent monitoring for the Disabled Dyke Cable Car, and had much more fun with that, than seeing all of those attempting to coopt the March, and at least every woman within that cable car was a Dyke, including the driver(a handsome Butch who drives also for Muni)…….but it’s the leadership at the top that will have to be confronted, before the March EVER takes place. Imagine 20-30 really pissed off Dykes show up to the Dyke March meetings and stage protests on how they have gotten so far away from Lesbian issues, and allow bisexual women to march with their boyfriends, and gay men to march as well…..

    WE NEED to defend our territory, and not give an inch, or have a powerful strong contingent, and do like the MIchfest womyn did: get tshirts printed up saying ‘Dyke March for Dykes!!!” something like that, like MIchfest did this year to defend the wbw space, all the womyn in support wore red, and this year, bought red t shirts saying “Big Up the Female” ! so the interlopers saw a sea of red, of womyn in support of the wbw policy. We need to do the same for Dyke March, in total solidarity of “Dyke March for WBW Dykes!!”

    -In DykeAmazon Sisterhood, who has been to at least 20 Dyke Marches and volunteered in at least the last 4 of them,

  16. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Thank goodness at least, that SF didn’t have the ‘holes’ thing….yet….UGH!
    Like that’s what men think of women anyway! I’m for the policy: “No penis between us friends.”-Alix Dobkin’s famous line!

  17. doublevez Says:

    Not much to choose this new feministm: Slut and Hole. I note major proponents of this all-about-the-men crap have paid column jobs while the best reporting and writing is right here I might add, working for free, a time-honoured female vocation.

  18. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Heheh….funds for Dykes, yep we should support OUR OWN first and foremost! And yes, Gallus, you are a GREAT investigative reporter; rare this day and age!

  19. […] I should have written something when trans women organisers of the NYC Dyke March took part in harassing and threatening Cathy Brennan, and when part of the march was the ‘Hole-y Army’, trans and ‘queer’ women ‘celebrating’ women as &#…. […]

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