Olympia WA School Officials: State Gender Identity provision overrides Title IX Equality for Girls Swim Teams

October 7, 2012

Two Washington State high-school Girls Swim Teams were stripped of their Federal Title IX rights by Olympia Washington School officials after the teens and their parents refused to allow the girls to shower with a middle-aged retired military man calling himself Colleen. The man was discovered in the women’s sauna by a high-school teen girls swim team. Parents refused to let their minor girls undress in front of him. As a result, local school officials have forced the girls into a small ancillary locker room space and given use of the women’s locker room to the male.

From KIRO 7 Eyewitness News:

OLYMPIA, Wash. — A transgender woman said she was discriminated against after using the women’s locker room at Evergreen State College. Colleen Francis was using the sauna in a women’s locker room inside the recreation center at the school late in September. The same facility is used by two high school girls swim teams from Olympia, who also practice in the pool. KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Deborah Horne spoke with Francis about the incident in which a woman told her to leave.

[Click to watch Video HERE ]

“I looked at her and said, ‘Excuse me?’ And she said, ‘You have to leave, I’ll be right back,’” said Francis. “She wouldn’t identify herself. All she said was that there were a couple of girls that came upstairs to the pool, and said that there was a man in the sauna.”

Francis, who acknowledges she was born a man, said she lived as a woman since 2009. Someone still called campus police, and local parents heard about the incident.

 “They’re uncomfortable with him being in there, her, being in there and are shocked by it,” said parent Kristi Holterman. Holterman’s daughter was one of the swimmers and complained to Evergreen.

 Officials at the school told KIRO 7 that they have been working with the Olympia School District, which leases space at the pool. According to state law, it requires equal access to state facilities regardless of gender identity.

 Local school officials said they came up with a temporary solution.

 “There’s a smaller locker room next to the main locker room at the pool, and they (the swim teams) have been using that,” said Ryan Betz, a spokesman for the Olympia School District.”

So they stripped the girls of their Title IX right as females to equal facilities and forced them into a small private ancillary facility to the main sports complex. A second-class facility.

Francis, a white heterosexual male, compares his right to undress among juvenile girls to the Black Civil Rights Movement:

 “This is not 1959 Alabama. We don’t call police for drinking from the wrong water fountain,” said Francis.”

On WHAT PLANET do parents want their little girls to shower and sauna with middle-aged men?!? On WHAT PLANET are the penile freedoms of middle-aged men INFRINGED UPON by children?

“A parent told KIRO 7 that she is more concerned that her daughter and teammates have a safe and comfortable place to swim.”

Before Title IX, female sports teams were shuttered off into small unequal locker rooms and sports facilities. Olympic WA school officials have reinstituted this illegal policy by punishing teenage girls and their families for keeping their children safe. Applying contact with this man, who merely two years ago described himself as a male fetishistic cross-dresser, as a condition of equal rights under Federal Title IX is discriminatory and illegal.

Colleen Francis 2010

Colleen Francis is a 45 year old man who retired from the US Army after 20 years as a supply sergeant. Married three times, he has three adult children and two daughters aged 7 and 5. His cross-sex hormones are provided by VA Medical, as well as a cocktail of psychiatric meds, lithium and antabuse prescribed for a troubling history that he details at length on a blog at the “Transgender Lesbian Space”of the puddygirl dating site for women. He says he is known as “Fae Raven” (not to be confused with the UK fetish model of the same name) in the “BDSM Community” and describes himself as:

“I am polyamorous, bisexual (I very much favor women though, and my therapist calls me a lesbian…makes me smile) and kinky.”

“Colleen Brenna” means “Raven Girl” in Irish Gaelic. A former rodeo rider, he is an avid hunter and competitive handgun shooter.

He started wearing a low-dose estrogen patch two years ago and has written that he has no intention of ever getting “sex reassignment” surgery, stating  “Yes, I still have those parts too, although they aren’t disgusting for me. I’ve never hated then. I saw LONG ago, in childhood that those were what I was given, and beung the very, very sexual creature that I was/am, I used them. Enthusiastically. I decided not to be robbed of the blessing of sexuality simply because I came wrapped in the wrong package.” [sic]

He describes his VA funded estrogen treatments as making him “tired and very horny”

The VA also funds his education at Olympia WA Evergreen State College. Francis performed in the university presentation of Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues”, an experience he describes on his wordpress blog thusly: I suddenly find myself in a community of Cunts.”

 He lists his life interests as: “drawing, cooking, transgender issues,polyamory, witchcraft, nature, fishing, art, poetry, ocean, women, sex, sexuality, emotions, magic, magick, goddess, reading, erotica, pornography, nudity, crafting, leatherwork, firearms, knives, swords, paganism, wicca, LGBT issues, beauty, gender issues, kink, spirituality, guns, makeup, shoes, boots, corsets, selkies” [sic]

 and describes himself asat once a teen girl and a woman wise beyond her years.”

He says the first thing people notice about him is “I obviously stand out as the one who is not a genetic female.”

Colleen’s “fae_raven.livejournal” bdsm account has been purged.

Colleen Francis 2012

Olympia WA school officials claim that Title IX protections – which force schools to provide equal access to sports facilities to females  [“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”] is overridden by Washington State’s Gender Identity protections. The Washington state law is being used to attach a condition to Title IX equality for females, and that condition is that equal access to facilities for teenage girls is predicated upon their willingness to undress and shower in front of a self-described “kinky” “horny” middle-aged heterosexual man who refers to himself as “a teen girl”. Colleen Francis’ right to express a self-concept of his penis’s “Gender Identity”, and his right to be free from discrimination for his psychiatric “Gender Identity Disorder” diagnosis should NOT override Federal Title IX protections for females. Girls should NOT be shuttled off to inferior sports facilities in deference to one male’s feelings about himself- OR FOR ANY OTHER REASON.

This Washington State Gender Identity law, passed in 2006, is proving to be deeply discriminatory against the rights of females in its practical application. The rights of females under Title IX should not be overridden by Washington State statute, or attached with a condition of teen-aged girls showering with “kinky” middle-aged men.

Who is looking out for the legal title IX rights of these juvenile female athletes?

It is super important for us Lesbian and Female – and gay male- members of the “LGBT” to make the general public  (like these girl’s parents, and the media) aware that we do NOT support the infringement on equal rights for girls by men like Colleen Francis, and that we do NOT support Gender Identity Laws which override equality laws designed to protect women and girls. We do NOT want to teach girls to ignore their own sense of safety and we do NOT want to penalize girls who simply want a safe and comfortable and equal place to swim.








161 Responses to “Olympia WA School Officials: State Gender Identity provision overrides Title IX Equality for Girls Swim Teams”

  1. anon male Says:

    I’m sure the one comment in the news post by a “captain of the swim team” in favor of sharing the locker room is probably 99% bullshit and that’s a conservative estimate.

    But even so, it was so extra gross to see her get patted on the head for being so bright and understanding and liberated and urbane and mature.

    It’s grooming 101. And these fuckers are so confident in their own power that they’re not scared to conduct their praise/shaming in public; they’ve made the praise/shaming is part of their “politics.” And everyone just buys into it like it’s legit.

    For all the talk about shaming that’s in vogue these days, the idea of praise being the flip side is all but ignored.

  2. Reblogged this on Privilege Denying Tranny and commented:
    This is a true Privilege Denying Tranny. Putting girls in danger because of his fetishes take persistence over their civil rights.

    • Equal Rights Please Says:

      Fetishes? The right to be treated like an equal human being is a fetish now? The woman in question is a woman, not a man, so please stop trying to misgender people. Both have a right to be there, the girls didn’t feel comfortable so they were given another room. Nobody was stripped of *ANY* civil rights.

      • GallusMag Says:

        No one is misgendering this man. He has the right to any gender he wants. What we are discussing is whether female juveniles should be forced by Washington State statute to undress, bathe, and sauna in the presence of naked adult male strangers. What girl, and what parent would be “comfortable” with that? You suggest that federal title IX rights for juvenile female athletes should come attached with the CONDITION of exposure to a retired military man’s adult heterosexual “kinky” penis. That condition is NOT enshrined in laws governing Title IX equal rights. Applying Francis’ penis as a CONDITION of title IX rights is INDEED removing the rights of female athletes to title IX protections. OBVIOUSLY. They are forced into a second-class accommodation! How much MORE CLEAR could it be???!

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Oh please, “Equal Rights.” You’re not fooling anyone. Nice attempt at gaslighting us, though. This has nothing whatsoever to do with being “treated like an equal human being,” and you fucking well know it. You DO realize that an adult intentionally exposing their genitals to a minor, particularly one of the opposite sex, is considered a form of sexual abuse, don’t you? No? Look it up, asshole. It is, and for good reason. Many men get off on this; it’s an age-old game that born women are more than familiar with, unfortunately. Your pathetic claims of innocence are right up there with those of Jerry Sandusky. Here at this site we will call you out, every time – your delusions will not be coddled. You’re completely full of bullshit, and you’re perverting a legitimate, honest civil rights movement to satisfy your own depraved needs. For that reason, you disgust me.

        If you think that this man belongs in a locker room with girls or women, then you are a despicable human being. You are a sexual abuser. You are the lowest of the low. Now go fuck off back to your little hovel and wank off to whatever wretched porn it is that gets your dick hard – I’m sure that’s how you spend most of your time anyway. Buh-bye!

      • michelle Says:

        What part of given a lesser room are you not grasping here? The females in question are entitled to the protections of Title IX and because a male has forced them to a lesser facility, the whims of Francis have denied the female athletes the equal facilities. Males do not belong in female-segregated space and there is nothing female about ‘Colleen.’

        In case you have missed it, Title IX states in pertinent part that:
        “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance…”

        In this precise case, the discrimination against females exists precisely because a male insists on conducting themselves in a manner that forced the females to a lesser facility. Remember, Title IX does not say ‘gender’ or ‘gender identity’ or ‘speshul snowflake status.’ Rather, it expressly says SEX, which is NOT the same thing as gender or gender identity or speshul snowflake.

        ‘Colleen’ already had equal access to a facility for his designated sex. Federal law does not allow him to bring his fetish background (read his own web postings) into female space yet the State officials have caved to a demographic that seeks to erase female status. Shit like this is expressly why it is screwed up when legislative bodies conflate sex and gender and allow the trans-whatevers to change letters on their ID while they are very clearly (in this case) still male.

      • anon male Says:


        “Keelin Godsey came up short in his attempt to represent the United States in the women’s hammer throw.”

        OMG, he misgendered himself!

        /doubts EQP will understand how that story is relevant to their “a woman is a woman is a woman” assertion.

      • clock Says:

        Did you even read the article??? This MAN is a pervert. He likes to dress like a woman and perform BDSM sex acts. He’s most sexually attracted to women, so why wouldn’t he say he is a woman so he could go into the women’s locker room and get a hard on penis so he could masturbate to the women he just saw naked? You’ve got to be a fool to not get this!!!!

    • Sassy Says:

      Who’s rights are more important at this stage a confused transexual or the childrens for Christ sake!

  3. doublevez Says:

    This is more erasure of female, more punishment for daring to demand our humanity.

    (Is it possible to delete that ‘like’ up there where we have to look into that idiot male’s crotch and have his mockery of our fear and outrage in our faces?

    (I wonder how long it will be before predatory fetishists like the subject of the story and the man in the gravatar force themselves into four and six bed 25 by 40 foot nursing home ward rooms for elderly dying women, already in danger of sexual assault and rape from male carers.)

    Who are the assholes who legally back this? Name them.

  4. Ashland Avenue Says:

    This shit is priceless. If only his actions weren’t so damaging.

    He also believes himself to be a “selkie,” a mythical creature that is a seal in the ocean but human on land. (“Just a lil’ selkie girl on a rant.” Realize, he’s 45 years old.) When he’s moody, he’s “just a girl mooncycling.” Riiiiiiight. I notice that he also, like Stephen Sandeen, has to make use of hats and scarves to cover his male pattern baldness.

    Right now, I gotta go leave some comments in the comments section trying desperately to differentiate this perverted freak from regular LGB folks who do NOT support this fucking bullshit. There’s NO reason that the girls should be forced to use inferior facilities or lay eyes upon this man’s dick in the locker room or sauna. This is just un-fuckingbelievable.

    • Marm Says:

      Damaging? What f***ing damage? What actual harm was done to them? Did she touch them? Did she speak to them? Leer at them? Should it be the LGBT’s who get shunted into a closet to change? Ban lesbians because they make you uncomfortable? Ban the malformed? Ugly people? How comfortable do you need to be? Please tell us, How much discomfort must be inflicted on others for your benefit? What is the appropriate amount of suffering that is appropriate for everyone else to feel so you can pretend they don’t exist? Grow the f*** up ald realise that your problems are not the only f***ing problems for Christ’s sake.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You really think little girls cause men to “suffer” by refusing to look at their dicks?


      • anon male Says:

        Marm has a salient point. I mean, what’s an unwanted peep show by a predator compared to the fact that other children throughout the world are getting blown up in wars? A little perspective please!

        Oh wait, Mr. Faiwy Pwincess spent twenty years causing EXACTLY that kind of suffering and now he wants to do this shit on top of that? When is enough harm sufficient, Marm?

        ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS using the “have some perspective” rhetoric on behalf of dudes who think the world is over if they don’t get to fucking wear a lacy frock? Get over it, some people have real problems.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        To Marm: once again, as I said to “Equal” above, nice attempt at gaslighting us. However, at this site, we see right through your attempts to appropriate and twist born women’s civil rights and right to privacy for your own miserable ends. Wow, it must really suck for you when real women stand up for themselves! Boo-fucking-hoo!

        If you can’t understand why, IN THIS CULTURE, IN THIS TIME, WITH OUR HISTORY, having a nude man in a locker room with girls or women isn’t threatening or damaging to them, then…aw, you know what? I actually don’t have the time, nor desire, to explain what growing up and living as a woman in a rape culture is like to you. If you don’t get that, then there’s really nothing I can do to help you. You’ve obviously lived your life filled to the brim with privilege and/or under a rock. Seriously. Explaining all that to you would take WAY too much time out of my life, and you’re simply not worth it.

        And oh? Regarding your comment about “banning lesbians because they make (me) uncomfortable?” I AM A LESBIAN, you stupid, stupid arrogant, shit-for-brains idiot. One hundred percent lesbian – always have been, always will be. Stop presuming that everyone on the LGB spectrum is automatically on your side. We’re not. And the more insensitive, selfish, dumbass stunts like Francis’ that you pull, the more of us whose empathy you lose. So keep up the good work!

        Your post is chock full of what are known as false dichotomies. Using those is a time-worn element of the above-mentioned gaslighting. I think YOU need to grow the fuck up and realize that your “needs” (gag) are not the only ones out there; in fact, your “need” to flash your dick (or have your friends flash their dicks) to girls and women is instead a deeply disturbing fetish that you should get help for.

        So, to recap: you’re full of bullshit. You’re an abuser in every sense of the word. Take your foul, sickening need to harass and harm real women and go straight to hell. Be sure to rot there for all eternity. Buh-bye!

      • Harry Landlears Says:

        This human has a penis.This human should use the same locker room as the other humans who have penises. If this guy wants to cut off his fucking dick, then maybe he has an argument. Fucking liberal states. Jesus.

  5. KittyBarber Says:

    It took more than 30 years to finally get to a place where girls and women had equal access and equal opportunity. Men fought us all the way, and now, they’ve figured out how to spoil it all, which is just fine with them: put on a skirt and tell them “I’m a woman!”

    And the State of Washington has lost its freaking mind.

  6. yttik Says:

    Good grief, I vacate the girl’s locker room when a bunch of high school girls are coming in. It’s simply the decent thing to do, to give them their space. They don’t really want to get changed around older people, moms, teachers, strangers….and certainly not men!

    Wa is a mess. We’re really confused about civil rights. The sleezier you are, the more concerned we are about protecting you. Everybody, ESPECIALLY perverts, criminals, rapists, are entitled to full civil rights. (Civil rights go way beyond your right to a fair trial and include things like your right to be male in the girls sauna.) Women and girls of course, don’t even count. They’re expected to roll over for the greater good. Sometimes they’re actually viewed as oppressors. They oppress perverts, I guess.

    Seriously, a few years ago I called the cops because this mentally ill homeless guy was standing near a bus stop showing everybody his penis, including some young girls. I had to get into a debate with the dispatcher about his free speech rights, his right to be on public property, our obligation to accommodate he mentally ill, the city’s loose nudity laws, and how exactly was he bothering anybody, anyway? By the time she was finished I felt like a prude, an oppressor, and somebody who hates the US Constitution. I had to keep telling myself, girls have the right to wait for the bus without being harassed and exposed to a man’s penis.

  7. ehungerford Says:

    First of all, I LOVE swimming and I like these swimming pics very much. But this situation makes me very upset! I can’t think of a way to incorporate Francis into an “improper purpose” exclusion unless he has a criminal conviction for sexually-related misconduct. 😦

    Secondly, here are some legal sources on the state of Washington’s gender identity laws.


    (25) “Sex” means gender.

    (26) “Sexual orientation” means heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and gender expression or identity. As used in this definition, “gender expression or identity” means having or being perceived as having a gender identity, self-image, appearance, behavior, or expression, whether or not that gender identity, self-image, appearance, behavior, or expression is different from that traditionally associated with the sex assigned to that person at birth.


    This is obviously just a BIG OLD MESS of a definition. If sex means gender, and gender means gender, then sex means NOTHING. And further, gender and sexual orientation are legally the same thing. Wait, whaaaa?

    Reproductive and/or physical genito-urinary differences between the sexes are, apparently, presumed to be inconsequential? and, therefore?, unrecognized in the State of Washington.

    Here is how these definitions are applied to “public accommodations”:

    RCW 49.60.215
    Unfair practices of places of public resort, accommodation, assemblage, amusement — trained dog guides and service animals.

    (1) It shall be an unfair practice for any person or the person’s agent or employee to commit an act which directly or indirectly results in any distinction, restriction, or discrimination, or the requiring of any person to pay a larger sum than the uniform rates charged other persons, or the refusing or withholding from any person the admission, patronage, custom, presence, frequenting, dwelling, staying, or lodging in any place of public resort, accommodation, assemblage, or amusement, except for conditions and limitations established by law and applicable to all persons, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, sex, honorably discharged veteran or military status, status as a mother breastfeeding her child, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability: PROVIDED, That this section shall not be construed to require structural changes, modifications, or additions to make any place accessible to a person with a disability except as otherwise required by law: PROVIDED, That behavior or actions constituting a risk to property or other persons can be grounds for refusal and shall not constitute an unfair practice.

    Repeat: “…behavior or actions constituting a risk to property or other persons can be grounds for refusal and shall not constitute an unfair practice.”

    ^^That is a potential argument, right there. A lawyer would have to substantiate that Francis (personally and specifically) constituted a “risk” to the “other persons” in the female locker room. I’m not getting paid to make arguments, but you might cite a female “right to privacy.” You could compile testimony from protesting swimmers regarding the specific situation, then cite statutory precedent from other states’ that actually protect sex-segregated spaces from certain kinds of discrimination claims. For example, in Hawaii:

    The provision of separate facilities or schedules for female and for male patrons does not constitute a discriminatory practice when such separate facilities or schedules for female and for male patrons are bona fide requirements to protect personal rights of privacy.

    HRS § 489-4 See: http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/hrscurrent/Vol11_Ch0476-0490/HRS0489/HRS_0489-0004.htm
    There are several other examples of such language.

    And finally, what I really don’t understand is why the smaller facility isn’t offered to Francis??!

    • ehungerford Says:

      I would like to amend my previous suggestion about Francis not fitting into a HYPOTHETICAL “improper purpose” exclusion. He might. I mean, I’d consider arguing it. The way he represents himself online is really upsetting and lascivious. Using the language of the actual WA state statute:
      “risk to other persons” can be “grounds for refusal.”
      He is very sexually intimidating. These girls are UNDER 18. It’s a risk. Not an inevitability, but a *risk.* And it would be perfectly reasonable for any girl to PERCEIVE, or to be in *imminent apprehension* of, potentially offensive or lewd contact when encountering Francis. Further, we should consider that merely PEEPING or looking (sexually) IS a crime under certain circumstances– such as in a locker room! Because people are naked. And Francis seems quite interested in sharing his sexuality with the Internet, so why not the swim team too? Voyeurism and/or exhibitionism. And thats all just to say that there are a few more angles to argue here than I first realized. 🙂


      • AHodges Says:

        These comments sicken and sadden me. Are the blog commenters always this hateful about trannsexual people? Or is it because this woman (she identifies as a woman, and the government recognizes her as such) opened up about her sexual desires on a dating site (just like tons of other people who give a little tmi on those sorts of profiles)….I have a feeling this wouldn’t even be an issue if it was a biological woman speaking up and being straightforward about what she likes. In fact, a lot of feminists would be saying, “You go girl!” and praising her for empowering herself that way…….but a trannsexual freaks you narrow people out?

        Also, I think it’s weird as shit that any and all nudity in this country is seen as sexual and dirty and shameful. You guys are the ones who are turning locker room activity into something sexual. And in my opinion, that makes you all the pervs, not Colleen. If this woman had been caught doing something pervy and/or illegal, I might see this differently…..but that’s not the case. Frankly,She’s just going along trying to enjoy life and find companionship in a lonely wor!d. And to that I say, good for her!

      • michelle Says:

        AHodges, are you fucking kidding me? You try to justify the actions of the fetishistic freak by commenting that “If this woman had been caught doing something pervy and/or illegal, I might see this differently…..but that’s not the case. Frankly,She’s just going along trying to enjoy life and find companionship in a lonely wor!d. And to that I say, good for her!”

        This isn’t about what they are looking for in their dating life. This is entirely about their unwanted intrusion as a male into female-segregated space previously occupied by female athletes who are in high school. As such, there are several significant factors you seem to miss here…

        1) “She” isn’t a she. HE is a male. Period. End of story.
        2) HE makes a big deal online about ‘enjoying his cock’
        3) These are high school female athletes being forced to move to lesser facilities…let me repeat, high school females…you know, females under the age of 18.
        4) Given that Francis seems to enjoy his manhood so much, that creates the scenario by which most indecency with a child by exposure statutes are satisfied- you know, HE exposes himself to minors for the purposes of self-gratification. That makes HIM a sexual predator.
        5) Females should be free from having to be in an environment where males are able to freely roam simply because they claim speshul snowflake status.
        6) The decision by a male that females lack such freedom and that to believe otherwise is ‘transphobia’ and that the students just ‘need to be educated about people like’ Francis is yet another example of male privilege run amuck. It is also a prime example of conduct analogous to the grooming of minor victims that pedophiles engage in…
        7) You make an issue of him just trying to “find companionship in a lonely world.’ Being in the women’s locker room is NOT the manner for HIM to go about doing so.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        AHodges: see my other comments re: gaslighting. Because that is EXACTLY what you and yours are attempting here. Nice try, fuckface. Trigger warning: You’re a lying, manipulative shitstain!

        Women draw a boundary, and men go ballistic. They accuse us of “being hateful.” It’s been happening since time immemorial. You’re not anything new.

        And no one, NO ONE, here is saying that “any and all nudity is sexual and dirty and shameful.” Nope. Because we don’t think that. That comes from you, and only you, trying to make us feel guilty for wanting some bodily privacy. (See: gaslighting.)

        Know what else? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting bodily privacy, either. It’s not overly puritanical, or conservative, or prudish. You sound like yet another one of those people (usually very young people) who blindly idolizes some European country because they have topless beaches! and no one cares! ’cause they’re all open-minded and shit! and why are we soooooo puritaaaaaanical in America? (Whine that last part, and you’ll have it.) Having been born and raised female in this world, I perfectly understand why so many of us desire privacy with our bodies. I’m so sorry that you are too senseless and dimwitted to get why that is.

        Lastly: why, yes, it IS illegal for a male to expose his genitals to an unwilling girl or woman. Men get arrested for this all the fucking time. Just another of the wonderful aspects of being female in our world.

        FUCK. I can’t believe I have to explain this shit.

      • KittyBarber Says:

        Could his history of sexual activity–as gleaned from his Facebook etc profiling of himself– been seen as the evidence that shows he is a threat of risk?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Here’s a similar case that occurred at another university in WA this year, with a slightly different outcome:


        “EVERETT, Wash. – A man wearing a bra and wig was arrested Friday after he was spotted in a women’s bathroom at Everett Community College, police said.
        Officers responded to the scene at about 1:30 p.m. after a college staff member said she saw the man go into the women’s rest room and alerted security personnel.
        An investigation found that the suspect had gone into the rest room while two women were inside, according to a police report. The women were later interviewed and said they had no idea that the man was there.
        When police interviewed the man, he claimed that he had gone into the bathroom to use the facilities.
        But the investigating officer noted that the man was wearing a wig and bra. A search also turned up a pair of woman’s panties in his front pocket, according to the police report.
        The man, later identified as Taylor J. Buehler, 18, of Lake Stevens, was placed under arrest.
        He admitted to officers that he was the suspect in an earlier voyeurism incident at Everett Community College on Monday, police said.
        In the earlier incident, he said he took a shower in the girls’ locker room for sexual gratification, acccording to the police report.”

      • doublevez Says:

        “NO ONE, here is saying that “any and all nudity is sexual and dirty and shameful.”

        He’s saying it, projecting it.

        It’s these “transing” cross dressing fetishistic males that think sex is dirty and shameful. And that’s what gets their rocks off. If it was honest and loving, and sharing and between equals and about respect and nurturing, it would be a big turn off to them. It’s the SHAAAAME they’re after. The perversion. The dirty. So hot oh my.

      • ehungerford Says:

        Kitty Barber!!! YES! This is PRECISELY the argument that needs to be made! ::::::::

        October 9, 2012 at 9:30 pm
        Could his history of sexual activity–as gleaned from his Facebook etc profiling of himself– been seen as the evidence that shows he is a threat of risk?

        I am so, so happy that at least ONE PERSON is picking up what I’m putting down!!! Thank you. Thank you very much!!

        Francis is, at the very least, a sexual *exhibitionist.* He should not be EXHIBITING in female-only spaces. It is a risk to female privacy and freedom from sexual assault, or the reasonable imminent apprehension thereof. We need the best, most thorough and authoritative documentation to substantiate his online exhibitionism. I’m sure some of it has been pulled already.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I have copies of everything quoted here. And MORE. 😉
        Just let me know what you need.

  8. doublevez Says:

    In case you had any doubts about who would support such a loss of women’s rights: it’s primarily the men of the left.


  9. Tammie Huber Says:

    As full time and “out” pre-op transsexual, I am offended by this, I do not believe Colleen should be using public women’s showers unless she has had surgery. Pushing the boundaries is one thing, common decency and courtesy is another.

    Sometimes, instead of doing something because we can, we should think about others and the ramifications of our actions.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      You shouldn’t be allowed to do this at all. And what are you doing about this? Are you talking about this with any trans friends, and expressing your disapproval? Leaving any comments on any trans sites that approve of this, and expressing your disapproval?

      • doublevez Says:

        No just hanging uninvited around our places, so they can get points for “living as a (whatever they are appropriating).” I really don’t care what you think. Did you not get that from the majority of the women here? We don’t care. You’re not being ‘new’, your being same old same old.

        “Pre-op transsexual”. FFS.

      • GallusMag Says:

        fwiw Tammie did comment on the news site.

      • doublevez Says:

        Exactly: “for what it’s worth”….

        I also think we’re losing the plot. This infraction isn’t just because it’s MINORS. It’s not any better when they become 18, or 38, and have to deal with this idiocy. Males do not have any right to be in Female segregated spaces. Period.

  10. karmarad Says:

    Thanks for the excellent and thorough reporting. There are no boundaries to the transgender movement; no boundaries preventing its being controlled by men who are criminal sexual predators, men who are seriously mentally ill, men who simply enjoy frightening and distressing women and girls.

    A well-drawn legal definition of the class meant to be protected by the state law probably can’t be set forth because of the boundary problem. Therefore the state law regarding G.I.D. is probably too vague to enforce. Also, federal law outweighs state law in general (Title IX is of course federal). There is legal recourse here and the affected girls and their parents will I hope decide to litigate. The swim club could join in and ask for declaratory relief.

  11. Noanodyne Says:

    I can hear the pendulum creaking finally to its pinnacle-too far and beginning it’s giant arc back the other direction. Thank you, Colleen, you supreme asshole who made even those utter degenerate delusionals who paved the way before you look like rank amateurs. Thankfully, the pendulum at its highest point has the greatest energy, so that powerful swing should also take out a bunch of them on the way down.

  12. background spinner Says:

    The logical thing would be to put him into the smaller locker room, but that would be…logical. And logic is transphobic.

    Are there plans to contest this? Or is this going to be another shruggable moment?

    • doublevez Says:

      How many bake sales can a swim team hold aka where is the ACLU when it’s female rights that are being trampled?

      • KittyBarber Says:

        The ACLU? Oh, they’re busy doing what they’ve always done–fighting for Big Porn. Right now it’s a fight to get porn into prisons.
        I’m afraid the “L” in “ACLU” doesn’t stand for YOUR liberty at all. Never has, and never will.
        Unless you’re a neo Nazi, or a member of the Klan, and you want to march on a Jewish cemetery or something.

  13. …………but boys could also find themselves sharing a locker room with an FTM and be shocked by the idea of changing in the same room as someone who was born female.

    • ehungerford Says:

      ……………..but the cross-sex power dynamics are *totally different*!! Males do not have comparable, justifiable reason to fear female intrusion to private, male-segregated space. When females constitute at least 50% of the world’s sexual predators and rapists AND females control at least 50% of the world’s economic and political power for at least one hundred consecutive years, let’s revisit your suggestion that it’s essentially the same scenario.

    • Bilbo Says:

      They wouldn’t be shocked. Their parents would be, but the boys would furiously masturbate to it after school or in the stall.

  14. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Let’s all watch the resounding silence on this from the major fun-fem sites. They’re too busy sucking patriarchal cock to have the guts to confront what they have wrought.

  15. doublevez Says:

    Just for a laugh (i’m perverse) I checked the major Canadian lefty media founded by a lefty feminist (the government approved model.). There is no feminist columnist, but there is a male in a dress writing about males rights to female everything. Every major media has a male transing or rarely, a woman transing, writing a column on “women’s rights”. The boys are in dick-lock.

  16. Nila Says:

    I think what you have here is the State of Washington and the Transgender Community misusing the Title IX law. I wonder how fast the women’s Swim team can sue the State and the School district for misusing the federal Title XI law. I think that Title IX makes no mention of Gender Identity, which is why Trans people are misusing the law to push for their own agenda.

  17. Bev Jo Says:

    It’s nice that other men claiming to be “transsexuals” are offended by this man, but transexuality is a myth, con, and cult. Please do not feed it. This man is a particularly repulsive one, but they are all men and should never be given the pronouns of real females.

    Great work again, Gallus! At what point will their female followers realize what dangerous and disgusting men they are supporting against girls, Lesbians, and all women? I can’t believe any woman who reads you can continue believing the trans cult lies.

  18. Becky Green Says:

    Jesus fucking Christ! There’s not a goddamn safe place for women in the whole fucking world. This is pure insanity.

  19. J. Metaneira Says:

    Vlech. This makes me sick.

  20. Fuck off and diaf Says:

    Fuck all you bigoted cunts on this hate speech infested shithole of a site.

  21. Aurora Novus Says:

    Voyeurism SCARS the psyches of young women. I wish someone would hand deliver this article to the people who wrote that ridiculous policy and demand that they consult with actual experts on this issue: http://www.npr.org/2012/08/29/160256476/peeping-toms-voyeurism-scars-victims-psyches

  22. GallusMag Says:

    Kelly Bussey at PlanetTransgender agrees that Colleen’s dick – however much it “identifies as” a woman- should not be exposed to high school girls:


  23. Bilbo Says:

    This is so fucked up.

    “Some girls have rapesticks- get over it!”

  24. luckynkl Says:

    I’ve heard gov’t officials and FBI profilers repeatedly state that transgenderism is fantasy-driven for purposes of male sexual arousal and masturbation. Apparently in Washington state tho, men would like their pornographic fantasies to take precedent over women and children’s realities and civil rights? Nice try, no cigar. Title IX is federal law. Federal law takes precedent over state law. The feds do not recognize men in skirts as female. No one of sound mind and body does. In fact, when signing in laws which protect gay folks and lesbians, congress has repeatedly refused to sign laws which include trans. They know damn well SCAMs are a farce and nothing more than sexually deviant males wanting to regulate into law their porn fantasies. It’s all part of men’s war on women. The boys long for the good ol’ days when women had no rights and men could do whatever they pleased.

    Men are the disease, celibacy and lesbianism are the cure.

  25. GallusMag Says:

    A thread discussing this post was just deleted from Reddit’s Feminism category by a male transgender moderator who did not want women to be permitted to discuss the issues raised. (BTW thank you to the woman who started the discussion! Sorry the boys silenced all you women!)

    Which is interesting because this post has been linked by many, many transgender sites in the last 24 hours, who obviously think this is an important discussion to have. As posted above, PlanetTransgender, which bills itself as a radical trans rights blog, has not only linked to my post but agrees with it.

    I thought this part of the censored discussion had an especially interesting exchange, with the end comment making some excellent points, so I am going to print it here since it was censored by the men in charge:


    Title IX and Gender Identity (gendertrender.wordpress.com)
    submitted 3 hours ago by smashesthep

    [–]intersectionalism 3 points 40 minutes ago
    This is transphobic as hell. Why was this linked here?
    [–]glowing731 1 point 17 minutes ago
    MRAs and other non-feminists are allowed to post here in the way that they do because r/feminism is supposedly an open space.
    The same rules that allow MRAs and non-feminists with as much freedom as they have should also apply to feminists who have less mainstream approaches to feminism, and that includes trans critical feminists.
    r/feminism is not an open space if it is selective about the types of feminism it permits discussion of.
    [–]Miss_Sophia 0 points 2 hours ago
    I wonder if they would have a problem if she also a teenager or if it’s just because she was born a man
    [–]glowing731 1 point 1 minute ago
    If Francis was a teenager, the reaction might have been different. If Francis had breast implants, genital reconstructive surgery, etc, the reaction might have been different.
    However, this is a fully grown, middle-aged person, who has a male body, a penis, and no breasts. Most parents would react significantly to a middle-aged male-bodied person walking around naked in the locker room that typically houses teenage female-bodied people.

    Which raises the question of why and on what conditions people are segregated in locker rooms. If people are segregated on the basis of sex, and uncovered penises and vaginas shouldn’t be in the same room at the same time, then Francis should be in the male locker room.

    If, on the other hand, segregation is on the basis of gender, then the matter becomes more complicated. If the segregation based on gender is based on visible gender, then people who are socially identified by others as men or women should go into the respective locker rooms, regardless of their physical anatomy and regardless of what they actually identify as, such that masculine-appearing women may be directed to the men’s room and guys with long hair may be sent to the women’s room if the Grand Decider isn’t paying attention.

    If segregation is based on a person’s internal gender identity, then the situation becomes complicated even further. There are people who identify as men or women, there are people who identify as neither gender, there are people who identify as a mix of the two, there are people who identify as man-like on some days and woman-like on others, there are people who write “male” or “female” on forms but don’t really give any thought to what their gender is beyond that, there are people who see gender as a social category that others put them in, and they themselves don’t think gender is an internal identity (e.g. feminists). What then? Do men and women go into the men and women’s locker rooms? Do gender-fluid people go into whatever room they “feel” like that day? Do agender people change clothes in the woods? Do androgynes get undressed in one locker room and dressed in the other?

  26. Belinda Adams Says:

    1. If any of you would like the ENTIRE contents of your public networking sites to be fodder for BIGOTTED IDIOTS let me know- I’ll blast you in my own way.

    2. HOW DARE YOU decide how people can and cannot identify?? Are you God? Are you the be all end all of LGBT politics? Should we bow before your infinite bigoted wisdom?

    3. Colleen is the most caring, wonderful woman on the entire planet. She wasn’t fully nude in front of those girls- those girls decided to access the sauna (where people get to be nude) and Colleen was using it.

    4. THE COLLEGE IS NOT THE HIGH SCHOOLS SPECIAL PLACE. Those girls get to deal with the Evergreen community, their coaches can deal. This has been blown WAY out of proportion by one stupid swim team mom.

    5. You are a bigoted asshole.

    • GallusMag Says:

      The entire contents of ALL PUBLIC social networking sites already ARE fodder for bigoted idiots. Many, if not all of the women here can attest to that. An obvious fact of daily life for all women. But that isn’t what you mean is it? What you have just done is make a threat. A threat against women who want to discuss a news item that the individual involved personally approached the media to cover. Did you threaten the men who work for the news station who covered this story? Of course you didn’t.

      And by the way, as you stated, all information published here is PUBLIC and made so by Mr. Francis himself. For example, the contents of “FetLife” , etc. accounts (should they exist) have not been published. Are you suggesting I’ve not been thorough enough? Are you suggesting that when we contact the media and ask the public to evaluate our claims that our public statements should not be included? I doubt it. I think what you are doing is making a threat to “blast” women who want to discuss the issue Mr. Francis has publicly raised.

      Do you threaten news stations every time they cover a controversial tweet or public facebook post? Do you threaten the individuals that write those stories? Of course not. You only threaten lesbians and concerned mothers.

      You state “HOW DARE YOU decide how people can and cannot identify??”

      No one can control the thoughts we think about ourselves in our own heads. This article is about public policy issues affecting the legal status of women and girls relative to the Washington State Gender Identity statute. And the infringement on Title IX rights due to the application of such. Self-described “radical” transgender rights blog PlanetTransgender AGREES with this post. Did you go scream at them?

      You state “She wasn’t fully nude in front of those girls- those girls decided to access the sauna (where people get to be nude) and Colleen was using it.”

      Haha Waiiiiit just a minute. I see what you did there. You claim that the girls by choosing to use the sauna CHOSE to have a middle-aged hetero man’s penis and balls inflicted upon them. The girls have a right to use sports facilities -EQUAL to males- WITHOUT having a condition of witnessing Colleen Francis’ dick and balls attached. These girls did NOT choose to look at his dick. They had a reasonable expectation that a naked man with his dick and balls would not be in the girl’s sauna.
      I’ll also add that several comments from the mothers of the girls (even those quite sympathetic to transgender rights) left on the facebook page of the news station- and other places, including transgender blogs- have stated that Colleen walks around the locker room with his dick flapping around. Dude is into it apparently. So, you are really gross to claim the girls were “asking for it” by attempting to use the facilities they are contracted to use. Really, really gross disgusting assertion made by you. Incredibly offensive.

      Your comment, as a whole, is incredibly abusive. To me, to my commenters, to the girls, and to the mothers. Your comment does not sound like what one might expect from a friend of “a caring, wonderful” person. To the contrary.

      Oh, by the way, one of the concerned mothers stated in the comments on the news channel’s facebook page that the same facility is contracted by elementary schools who conduct swimming lessons there, and that six year old girls use the same facility. Perhaps I ought to archive that entire thread here.

      • doublevez Says:

        How very male, when women don’t do what you want: threaten them with some kind of violence. Oh but wait, that never happens to women, according to trans.

        All courage to that mother who in the light of these violent males has stood her ground and said NO!

    • Female is NOT AN IDENTITY! Just because you say you are female doesn’t make you female! End of story. Just because such things are possible in trans fantasy land doesn’t make it possible in the real world.

    • Becky Green Says:

      “Colleen is the most caring, wonderful woman on the entire planet.”


      So, a disrespectful dude living out his “teenage girl, locker room fantasy” is your idea of the most wonderful woman on the planet?

      You’re right, no biological woman can compete with his high moral standards, nor with his hairy man balls. He wins!

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Hey, “Belinda”? You’re a sexual abuser. Yes. News flash: a grown man intentionally exposing his genitals to girls or women against their will is a form of SEXUAL ABUSE. Yup, it’s true! And your creative spinning of this abuse into a (pseudo) civil rights issue is appalling. It’s revolting. You know what else it is? It’s a well-worn technique of abusers as they’re coercing their victims during sexual abuse. It’s part and parcel of convincing the victims that the abuser’s actions are A-OK.

      Ergo: you are an abusive, twisted, evil asshole.

      Your flippant dismissal of womens’ concerns over Francis’ actions is also a common technique of men as they’re gaslighting women into thinking that our fear or discomfort are unwarranted, when they are really completely justifiable. Like I said to your fellow (heh!) perverts upthread, the women here at this site are WAY too smart to fall for your lies.

      Lastly: THE INTERNET IS NOT PRIVATE, YOU STUPID FUCKING MORON. If you want to let your freak flag fly online, you better be ready to have it read by even those you’d rather not know about your aberrant little kinks. The only exception I can think of would be email. But posting shit on boards, or social networking sites? Are ya fucking kidding me?!

      Your selfishness and cluelessness is beyond belief. Truly.

    • born free & female Says:

      So, hang on, there are people LESS caring and wonderful than a dude waving his cock around at kids in the ladies’ dressing room? I hope they’re all in prison.

  27. GallusMag Says:

    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News Friday Colleen Francis, who was born male but identifies as a woman, has been told to leave a facility that she says she has a right to use: http://kiro.tv/UJB2iZ Francis was asked to not use the women’s locker room at The Evergreen State College pool. The locker room is also used by high school swim teams. Join us now on KIRO 7 Eyewitness News for more and share your thoughts below. e · Comment · Share Barbara Dalton, Jerri Nicelady, Sunnie Maracle and 13 others like this. Jesse Schweizer Here come the trolls… Friday at 6:09pm · 6 Denise Walling well i am sorry but if he/she has male parts i do not want too see that in womens restrooms.just not fair too me. Friday at 6:10pm · 16 Tammie Mozelle Hancock lol Friday at 6:11pm Mike Gilleran lol Jesse, I think that’s what the college said. Friday at 6:12pm Bonnie Stewart You go Colleen! Friday at 6:13pm · 3 Damien L. Blood Still a man. Want to be in the locker room of women? Be a woman. Not be a man but say you a woman! Friday at 6:13pm · 7 Ray Everton Lee this person gender identity really bothers some people using the public facilities Friday at 6:13pm · 3 Cynthia Carol Repsher I think Frank/Francis needs to figure out how some people will not accept this at all.She/he needs to change in men’s room until he/she has her sex change otherwise people will treat her/him differently,always. Friday at 6:15pm · 9 Bev Fortenberry- Desautel Hmmm, so if I wanna go in the guys locker room, all I have to do is pretend to be a dude?? No way. HE can use the guy’s locker room… Friday at 6:16pm · 16 Bonnie Stewart I’ve used many unisex facilities. We are all human beings! Get over HE/SHE has to be the law! Friday at 6:17pm · 6 Sara Ireland Still a dude, still has a penis!! No way would I like to see that on a daily basis. Sorry. Friday at 6:17pm · 9 Jacki Cote He has male parts, use the male locker room, simple! Friday at 6:18pm · 9 Matt McCauley No one with a male organ and testes has a “right” to hang around nude female high school swimmers. At least not yet…. Friday at 6:18pm · 16 Beverly Walker Eventually, as we accept transgenders more.. we will need additional bathrooms to accomodate those who have not had a sex change but still see themselvess as the other sex. Friday at 6:19pm · 5 Jesse Schweizer Everyone appears concerned with this person’s genitalia but not sexual orientation. I can imagine we have been in locker rooms with gays but you don’t go throwing them out do you. Friday at 6:20pm · 7 Ginger Whetstine Not until after the surgery, we cannot let in anyone just because they ‘say’ they identify, people say a lot of stuff, doesn’t make it true, but until you ARE a woman stay out of my bathroom. There is an implied safety to a bathroom, and I would sue if I found out they were allowing men in because they said they identified as women. An empathetic person can identify with lots of kinds of people, that makes them one of them, this is a slippery slope, stop relaxing perfectly good rules for the oddballs, HE can have the surgery and be welcome then. Friday at 6:21pm · 6 Kris Shackleford Until post-operation, then this person must use the male locker room. What is to stop some perv from donning a wig, make up, women’s clothes and trying to do the same thing, then assaulting the women. I am not biased against this person, but as a mom to two daughters, I would be furious if I heard of this happening at my daughter’s high school Friday at 6:21pm · 12 Bryant Norton Keep it away from the children, chick wit dicks…..not cool. Friday at 6:21pm · 6 Denise Modra abomination Friday at 6:21pm · 5 Mandy Gagnon I identify myself as a thin tall model but the truth is…I’m not.. Friday at 6:21pm · 13 Jesse Schweizer As for the solution of a private locker room, give it to her, NOT the swim teams. Friday at 6:23pm · 1 Dustin Rader Good. Keep him out. Friday at 6:24pm · 3 Tera Matheson Change w the man, until after the sex change…. if no sex change operation is in the future… Get used to identifying as a woman, with a penis… yet still a man and change with them… I wouldn’t want my child in the ladies locked room with me… Seeing that!!! Friday at 6:24pm · 1 John Burton Nice to see the mentally ill come out to deny the rights of this woman. Thanks guys. We can always count on you. Don’t forget to not attack the orderlies. They might not be nice to you the next time. Friday at 6:24pm · 5 Joe Hancock What a fraud,most people in that circumstance need serious counseling; it’s understandable because there are those in our society who try to promote the idea that there is no right,no wrong no male,no female just whatever you want to be.For some of those folks who are not well put together,that sort of confused message in society can confuse to the point where they act out personally. It is up to us to help the confused among us. Friday at 6:24pm · 3 Brandie Kay Santos Womens restrooms are private but womens locker rooms are not. I don’t think i would like a man who thinks he’s a woman to be in the locker room with me. Why not let all men in then? IT doesnt make any sense im sorry but he shouldnt be in the womens locker room until he has a vagina im just saying.. even though he feels as such he is not. Not phsyically so no he shouldnt be aloud . Get surgery then be my guest . To me u are a man dressing as a woman it doesnt make u as such until u go under the knife even if u feel that way. U still have a penis so no u shouldn’t be aloud to be around naked women Friday at 6:28pm · Edited · 1 Jesse Schweizer I support the rights of women, this one included. Friday at 6:26pm · 4 Chandra Farnsworth I love the assumption that anyone with a thingee in a room full of ladies is dangerous. Guys, do you really like being characterized that way? Is it really up to society to lock you away and restrain you because you’re so outta control? C’mon. We’re not talking about a sex offender here – we’re talking about a transgendered adult (note:GENDER, not sexuality), who as far as we know has no prior record of sex or violent crimes. I guess I can’t imagine what threat she’s posing to these ladies. And I’m pretty surprised Evergreen would take this position too – what happened to being pro-diversity and LBGT-friendly, TESC? Friday at 6:27pm · 8 Kathy Peck Sorry…this person was born a man…don’t care what he ‘identifies’ himself as or what he has had done to change the outward status. Friday at 6:28pm · 5 Chris Johnson If it has a weiner, it belongs in a mens locker room. Sorry, but thats just hard fact. My name is Chris… Can I put on a wig, and say my name is Christine, and join the ladies in the shower? If so, I might just have to give it a shot! Friday at 6:28pm · 11 Roger Ansteth I guess I am a thin, young, lesbian; trapped in a fat, old, mans body? Friday at 6:29pm · 5 Jesse Schweizer Well Chris(tine) Johnson, the difference will probably be your erection. Friday at 6:29pm · 6 Brandie Kay Santos no one said he or she was dangerous its just disturbing thats all i mean do u like women dressed up as dudes in your bathrooms while your changing.? Friday at 6:30pm · 3 Christine M. Sapuder Until “he” is “fully” a “she” …he needs to use the mens locker room. I have no problem with her using the womens room, but only after she is “all” woman. No hating, just saying… Friday at 6:30pm · 4 Jan Fogel If its packing dude parts, NO WAY!! Friday at 6:31pm · 5 Scotty Maloney It’s time for the sexually confused sector of the population to build their own facilities….as far away as possible. Friday at 6:33pm · 5 Patty Bray-Plumley John Burton…you said “this woman”. She may be transgender? But until she is a complete woman? Don’t infringe on my right to privacy when I use a public restroom. Has nothing to do with who she’s sexually attracted to and everything to do with imposing her beliefs on others. Friday at 6:33pm · 6 Brandie Kay Santos i just think if your going dress like a woman at least look like one then there wouldnt be a Problem. Friday at 6:34pm · 2 Jesse Schweizer There will be a day when all people are considered equal. Today is apparently not that day. Friday at 6:34pm · 3 Robert Goode I can really understand why she would NOT want o use the men’s lockers. Men are much more likely to ridicule and attack a transvestite than women. I wish places like that could put in a special locker room for people with different parts or extra parts Friday at 6:34pm · 2 Matt McCauley Plus, if your read the actual KIRO news story, he was hanging out in the women’s sauna and freaking out high school girls, who complained to the school and their parents. Friday at 6:34pm · 2 Donna Dotson Mitchell Until he loses the 3rd leg, he is STILL a man regardless of what he believes he is! Friday at 6:36pm · 4 Chandra Farnsworth Clearly there are those that think that simply putting on a wig is all there is to being transgendered, and any attempts at getting them to consider that it *might* just *might* be somehow a genetic thing is just.. well, whatever. I’m sure if you spoke to this woman she’d deny this was a ploy to get hetero action – she’d probably tell you she’s always felt like a woman inside. It’s more complex that most can understand and I’m sure it’s just more fun to generalize them because hell, it sure takes less time than actually getting to know one. Friday at 6:36pm · 4 John Burton So Patty, you get to impose your beliefs on this woman? How ignorant of you. Friday at 6:37pm · 2 Benjamin Heald people are weird. make everybody all uncomfortable and then get offended and make a huge deal about it when somebody says something. the way i see it, if you were born a man and got a complete change, downstairs and all, YOU ARE STILL A MAN! now you cant use either shower. go home and swim in your bath tub. Friday at 6:37pm · 5 Brandie Kay Santos why would he/she be at a pool anyways? With highschool kids . Idk any transgenders that do that and im sorry but colLeen looks like a colin and thats what happens when u try to hang around kids who dont fully understand transgender ppl its like she was looking to get picked on. Friday at 6:38pm · 3 KIRO 7 Eyewitness News Thanks for mentioning the story, Matt McCauley. Here is a link: http://kiro.tv/UJB2iZ -Amy Transgender woman told to leave women’s locker room http://www.kirotv.com A transgender woman said she was discriminated against after using the women’s locker room at Evergreen State College. Friday at 6:39pm · 1 Jesse Schweizer Brandie, it was at Evergreen State College, not your local high school pool. Friday at 6:39pm · 1 Jesse Schweizer And hi Amy!! LoL Friday at 6:39pm Karla Sewell How about teaching some tolerance. She has a right to use the same facilities. She is very clearly a woman and unless she was hanging out uncovered, it’s sexual discrimination. I get asking her to leave or cover up but only if she was uncovered. Sounds like she was minding her own business. Friday at 6:40pm · 5 Brandie Kay Santos minding her own bussiness in the wrong bathroom. She needs to use the mens and exposing herself.. Well isnt that what u do in the locker room? U change your clothes lol Friday at 6:45pm · 5 Jesse Schweizer Exercise? A hot soak for an achy back? To swim for the hell of it. A sauna detox. That’s why people use the sauna, pool, hot tub. Friday at 6:45pm · 2 Robert Buehler Brandie, are you suggesting that she just hangs out in the pool locker room to try and peep on High schoolers naked? She was using the Sauna. Not just sitting in the Locker room for hours. Friday at 6:46pm · 1 Jesse Schweizer What the story doesn’t appear to say is whether the HS girls were using the sauna, if the TG woman’s genitals were covered in the sauna (should be regardless of gender, IMO), how the HS girls identified this person as a male, and if the TG woman even spoke to the girls. Friday at 6:47pm · 1 Brandie Kay Santos she was in the girls locker room Friday at 6:48pm · 2 Mary Smith You still have a penis and think that it is ok to expose your penis to young girls…give me a break. Get your operation and then no one has to look at your penis and THEN you get to change in the women’s locker room, other wise change your clothes at home or in the mans room and stop being a whiney ridiculous “everyone feel bad for me, I’m not accepted” jerk. You give the transgenders going through legit discrimination issues a bad name. Friday at 6:49pm · Edited · 6 Wade T Roses Its a dude with lipstick.. He ain’t no chick!!! Come on people. Friday at 6:50pm · 3 Jesse Schweizer Mary Smith, no proof of sexual exposure here or I imagine an arrest would have been made. Friday at 6:50pm · 1 Brandie Kay Santos and how can u not identify this person as a female? It clearly looks male. sorry to say.. And no im not suggesting that she was peeping just why choose the womens locker room when clearly tons of teens were there? Idk its strange enough said Friday at 6:51pm · Edited · 3 Benjamin Heald if he can do it so can i! Friday at 6:52pm · 2 Jesse Schweizer I’ve seen some very feminine men and masculine women. “Looks male” doesn’t cut it. I don’t care if there is a bunch of HS swimmers in the locker room, I’m using it! Friday at 6:53pm · 1 Joe Bartlett If it still has male parts than it should not be in the womans locker room. Friday at 6:53pm · 3 Shawn McAllister If she still has a penis then she needs to be in the male locker room Friday at 6:53pm · 1 Chris Johnson Well… I put on a wig, went to the gym… Told the gals at the counter I was Christine… Went to the ladies showers… Got undressed…. And was violently attacked…. I actually enjoyed it. Girls jumping all over me naked!! Yes, I am now in favor of this.. 🙂 Friday at 6:54pm · 1 Chandra Farnsworth Well, I guess we should just group ourselves by gender when it comes to locker rooms for safety’s sake… because God knows when you have 2 people of the same sex in a locker room it must be totally safe… unless you’re Jerry Sandusky. Friday at 6:54pm · 3 Brandie Kay Santos lol wow Friday at 6:55pm · 1 Terri Fleischman I believe if she still has male genitals that unfortunately she should have to use the male dressing room. High school girls (nor me for that matter and I’m 49) should be exposed to male genitals in a female dressing room. Friday at 6:57pm · 2 Jesse Schweizer Doesn’t say if she exposed herself. Friday at 6:58pm Bill Word This should not even be an issue. Unless he or it has has not had the surgery. Friday at 6:59pm Jesse Schweizer I wish the English language had a third gender. I don’t know if people are meaning to call her “it” out of honest ignorance or in an attempt to make this person “lesser” in the conversation. Friday at 7:01pm Sandie Shepard I agree with Terri. No male genitals in the womens locker room or around my grand girls please! Friday at 7:01pm · 4 Norma Ballhorn I am pre op transgendered male to female and I think she should be able to use the womens restroom but not a locker room unless they have a curtian for her to change in and when she showers she should keep something on. then change where there is a curtain or something until she gets her bottom surgery.I can see her wanting to use the womans locker room if she is on hormones as she probably has real breast growth witch takes 6 months for them to start growing. Friday at 7:02pm · 5 Joshua Lee First of all people stop referring to this person as a she because there is still a penis. Bottom line if my niece were in that locker room i would be f’n pissed. It is still a man. I don’t care what anyone says “oh he has always felt like a woman”. Bs this person was born a man. I don’t care if HE was getting off or not it is not right and it is not sexual discrimination. Friday at 7:02pm · 4 Jesse Schweizer Joshua Lee, would you rather she–yes, SHE–frequented the men’s locker room? Friday at 7:04pm · 1 Karen Pearson @Chandra: Hate to break it to you, but considering most public restrooms are clearly labeled MEN and WOMEN, we are already grouping ourselves by gender. I don’t even feel comfortable getting undressed in front of other women, I certainly wouldn’t in front of a man who was not my husband. And the teenage girls who complained had NO WAY of knowing whether this person was a legit transsexual or just some sick perverted man pretending to be a woman so he could look at naked young girls. Friday at 7:05pm · 3 Gerald Pearson Whats to stop a voyeur/sex offender from impersonating a transgender person? Friday at 7:05pm · Edited · 5 Jesse Schweizer Gerald Pearson, what’s to stop a gay voyeur then from simply using a male locker room? Friday at 7:06pm · 1 Thomas Sampson If he/she has undergone hormonal and surgical reconstruction then she is a female-if she just “identifies” with female but still has all the male parts- then tough sh*&, use the men’s room OR change at home–no male wobbly bits in the women’s locker rooms–period! Friday at 7:06pm · 6 Mark Marion Transgender operations should be outlawed he is born male he should be forced to be that way. When You are born male then you should except it that way God made you Friday at 7:07pm · 3 Jesse Schweizer Mark Marion, what solution do you have then for those born with both genitalia? Doctors shouldn’t cut, from your statement, BC God made the person that way. Friday at 7:09pm · 1 Gerald Pearson Simple Jesse: Any gay male voyeur stands a good chance of having his ass beat if caught. An unsuspecting woman would not be able to fend off a suprise attacker in a place where she should feel comfortable and safe. So your underhanded attempt to make me out to be homophobic is flawed. Friday at 7:15pm · 5 Bettie Merrill Simmons give me a break, she/he should use the male locker room, lets get real. Friday at 7:17pm · 2 Clifford Andrew Ansteth I think that someone who is “confused” about the parts god gave them should not be given special treatment or rights. A man is a man and a woman is a woman regardless of how they feel. What is this world coming to? It is sad that we have to explain to our kids that this kind of stuff even exsists. Friday at 7:17pm · 11 Sherry Nichols doesnt matter if you want to be a woman it only matters if you have only women parts and im not judging im saying if its ok to dress up like a female to go into locker rooms then why seperate females from males to begin with if men can so can women Friday at 7:18pm · 1 Bonnie Stewart I CANNOT BELIEVE THE HATE FILLED COMMENTS! GROW UP PEOPLE! Friday at 7:19pm · 4 Annelie Scheire-Cabello if there’s a penis attached no matter what you look like then nobody has business in the female locker room. Friday at 7:23pm · 3 Angela Osbourne Okay, first off I am a genetic female. I have family members that are transgendered. And it bugs the crap out of me that people can be so cruel and close minded. Her name is not Frank, it’s Colleen Francis you have a twit. Secondly, “these people” are not as rare as you might think. Trans men an women have been around for years get over it. Third, sexuality is different from gender. So when talking about someone’s genitalia we are talking about their gender, not what whom they prefer to have sex with in the sack. If she were to use the men’s room she could get hurt from some red neck ass hole, that grew up in some small town that isn’t open minded. Most transgendered people use their identifying genders restroom, it’s just safer. I think that children and those parents of those children need to except the face that the world isn’t perfect and some people were born in the wrong body. It’s not a perversion. I have seen first hand the depression and other issues that come from keeping these feelings locked up. It’s not right for anyone to have to go through that much pain. Lets not hurt them more by calling them “it” that’s like calling someone a fag! Keep your hateful remarks to your self. And stop being a troll. Not all transgendered people have “straight sexuality either, so don’t assume you know.” It’s not all black and white. Friday at 7:23pm · 5 Angela Osbourne You go girl! I got your back. Friday at 7:23pm Martin Mikelsen Wow, lots if ignorant and uneducated responses here. Friday at 7:23pm · 3 Brittany Dickey Well, what keeps a random pervert from dressing as a woman and saying he’s sexually confused so he can check the young girls out in the locker room? Friday at 7:28pm · 8 Barn N Brenda Gaston Dispicable! Friday at 7:29pm · 2 Holly Joyner Still A Guy, Needs To Use The Mens Locker Room. Friday at 7:32pm · 3 Cory Simonson if I were man or woman I wouldnt want that thing anywhere near me in any locker room, let alone the street Friday at 7:32pm · 3 Gerald Pearson Most of the comments are not ignorant.. They are CONCERNS. Sorry as the father of 2 daughters, I choose to stay “ignorant and uneducated” (in the real world TRADITIONAL) Friday at 7:33pm · 9 Norma Ballhorn need to call her heror she as she is atransgendered womannot a it . The story has not said if she is on hormones or if she has done a legal name change .Once you have a legal name change and a letter from a therpist then you can get a legal Washington drivers Liscense with the gender marker of f I know I just got mine this week.It said it was at a college most colleges have a strict rule on being non discrimanation. Friday at 7:34pm Xay Steelers’one look like a rapist…n a killer Friday at 7:35pm · 4 Bruce Estus Use the men’s room creep! Friday at 7:39pm · 6 Roger Ansteth Yeah, she works out! She’s sexy and she knows it. But, wait, what’s that? Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah. Friday at 7:43pm · 4 Ryan Bray lmao that looks like my sisters husband Friday at 7:43pm · 3 James Williams In all fairness, lets require all public places to have separate facilities for men, women, transgendered men, transgendered women, gay, lesbian, bi….etc. Maybe that will make everyone happy. This is a non story. Friday at 7:44pm · 2 Hayley Crow Smith I agree. I have girls and I would NOT be comfortable with a transgender who still had “her” penis. Sorry. Would you feel the same if YOUR DAUGHTER was changing next to a penis? I think not. I don’t care what her name is, or who she identifies with. That is not my business. However if I or my kids have to undress next to genitals of the opposite sex, THAT IS A REAL PROBLEM! Not that she is dangerous, she may be, she may not be. I don’t know. But I do not need my 2 yr old daughter asking me why the girl over there has a boys pee pee! They want us to accept them, so accept us. They want respect? Be respectful back. I have no qualms with them changing in my locker room after the surgey, but until then, be respectful that many people, and many parents would take issue with this. Find a private bathroom to change in until you’re completely a woman, or completely a man. Otherwise, it’s just plain disrespectful. I and my kids have a right to privacy in the bathroom. I should not have to worry now that the woman next to me is going to drop her drawers and a penis will be hanging there. It’s uncomfortable. Sorry. I have the right to my own opinion, just as they have a right to their own. Have the surgery and I wouldn’t see a problem. Friday at 7:52pm · 8 Clifford Andrew Ansteth This wasn’t a problem when everyone still had their torches and pitchforks….just saying Friday at 7:53pm · 4 Mike Gilleran Just wear some adult nappies, Problem solved. Friday at 7:59pm Samuel Mcdermott Hey, does that mean I can use the woman’s locker room too? I have identity issues also, Friday at 8:01pm Brian Manil I am 100% secure with my sexuality…. I’m 100% lesbian! Friday at 8:06pm · 2 Rachel Cargil If he calls himself a female he can only enter a womens locker room with a vagina….. Friday at 8:06pm · 4 Mark Proudlock What a pervert! Of course he shouldn’t be allowed to use it. I’d be pissed and sue if my kid was subjected to this sexual deviant. Friday at 8:15pm · 2 Dianne Stanley Call me shallow, but why would an average looking man want to be a homely woman? Life is hard enough if you are a woman. Friday at 8:15pm · 3 David Massey I dont know if I would want him in my locker room I mean him or is it her or was it a her oh right its a him I,m so confused Friday at 8:19pm · 1 Anaquita Rose Don’t most pools have a family changing room, for parents with kids of the opposite gender? Sure they may have to wait in line for a turn, but couldn’t transgender people use those until they’ve finished going through the surgery? Or even a private stall, so that they can get changed without flashing anyone? I’ve a friend who’s going through a transgender change. And once far enough a long it’s not safe, or appropriate for a male to female to go through the men’s, or a female to male to go through the woman’s. But they aren’t far enough yet for the surgery. However I can see how many people would be uncomfortable being around someone in the open, who’s in the same locker room they identify with, but haven’t gone through the whole process yet. Friday at 8:21pm · 2 Nina Bratcher Omgosh! Clifford, is right on point!!!!!!!!! Agree! Agree! Agree!!!!! Friday at 8:31pm · 1 Ron Brown Easy Fix!! ..Change the door signs to read: “Anatomically Male Locker Room” and “Anatomically Female Locker Room”!!!! Friday at 8:33pm Erin Lance Oh and BTW, the concerns being voiced here could hardly be compared to 1959 Alabama. You so called progressives are self anointed as such, and the concerned folks here are anything but ignorant. I don’t think willingly accepting Francis’s lifestyle choices is open minded, progressive or anything of the kind. If anything it is a giant leap backwards in the “evolutionary” processes. Friday at 8:36pm · 4 Crystal Rose Sampson wow wonder if he is going to d gender swap surgery Friday at 8:39pm · 1 LeAnn Murphy First, Colleen is legally a woman. According to Washington State, she has the right to use the women’s locker room and sauna. She was NOT asked by anyone in authority to leave. The VISITING Swim team people are the ones that did not accept and follow the TESC policies by their actions. If the schools do not want to accept the laws of WA State about non-discrimination, then they need to find a different facility to use. Period. For the parents that want their kiddies “comfortable”, the world is not a comfortable place. Their precious babies need to grow up and deal. When they go to college–wherever they go to college, if they do–they will still have to share space with transgendered people. And yes. Then they will have no choice but to share…BECAUSE IT IS THE LAW. SO, since the high schools are the ones using TESCs facilities and are the ones actually invading the space of the TESC community/students like Colleen, they can STFU or GTFO. Friday at 8:58pm · 3 Michael Crane lmao, if he was born a “HE” and still has all of his “HE PARTS” Then HE should use the MEN’S Locker room, he might end up with a black eye or two for dressing like that around all the “he men” but its better than a sexual harassment or voyeur charge Friday at 8:59pm · 2 Jesse Schweizer …assault and battery is better than sexual harassment… said no one ever. Friday at 9:03pm · 1 LeAnn Murphy For the Record…THE LAW IS ON COLLEEN’s SIDE. Friday at 9:04pm · 2 Tim Halsey gross Friday at 9:06pm · 3 Norma Ballhorn I go to Clark College here in Vancoouver Washington and in over the last year I have had no issues in using the womens restrooms. The only place I hace issues with are bars .Washington State laws RCW 49.60 says when you are presenting yourself as a female you can use the facility that you are presenting as.The same thing would go for a woman that is presenting as a male would be able to use the mens facility. Friday at 9:10pm · 2 Kimberly Koenig Fend LeAnn, how bout the tranny “grow up and deal”…..why make younger “kiddies” deal?? Friday at 9:11pm · 9 Kayo Haggard how come we dont have a separate internet for all the closed minded bigots that cant seam to except people are different? Im female i identify as and was BORN female but i LOOK male because of how i choose to dress my gym regularly gets called in for the “man” in the dressing room it has gotten to the point where they walk in and introduce the new person or older women to me by name and say that i have every right to be there. but because i have a mohawk some tattoos and wear cargo pants instead of dresses BECAUSE I LOOK DIFFERENT people feel they have a right to throw me out of public facilities. i have had small children tell me i was in the wrong rest room in stores i looked their parent in the eye and told them that maybe they should educate their child that the world is bigger and far different than disney makes it look. the laws of discrimination are on HER side and every one here calling HER him or he you are the reason teens are killing them selves for being different because your children and the children around you feel that its ok to do the same to the kids that are kinda different at school at school. Colleen did nothing wrong! you how ever well every time you say you make disparaging comments about trans people you do everything wrong. Friday at 9:13pm · 6 LeAnn Murphy @Kimberly: Tranny is a derogatory term in the same realm as the N-word. Expect to be reported for Hate Speech. And secondly, the “kiddies” are going to TESC. THEY are the ones that do not belong in the facility. If they are going to use the TESC facilities, they have to abide by the laws and rules for universities. The kiddies even asking to kick Colleen out is a violation of her rights. Friday at 9:14pm · 4 Kimberly Koenig Fend The Laws obviously need to make transgender locker rooms! Friday at 9:14pm · 5 LeAnn Murphy @Kimberly: You can contact your state representative about that, then. And then the national ones, too, because federal law is also pretty consistent on this. AND while you are at it, try to come up with the government funding for all those “separate” facilities that will be required. AND THEN fight that “separate is not equal” legal battle all over again. That was ruled to be discrimination as of 1950s. Friday at 9:17pm · 2 Constance Hartloff Wow wtf is wrong with people 😦 how sad this world my children are growing up in has become Friday at 9:18pm · 3 Danica M. Bazata So… Whats the problem? If said person identifies as a woman, than they are a woman… Right- whats their ID say? Male- use the mens room Female use the womans room… Im only assuming here (as if it were me) but if I were to identify as a man then I would be interested in WOMEN. Lesbians and Gays use their gender specified room, Right? Does THAT gender get uneasy when there is say a lesbian in the womans locker room? I just dont see how this is an issue, really. Anyone ever watch Mrs. Doubtfire…. Friday at 9:22pm · 6 Erin Lance Seems to me that not that long ago we worried about where our next meals would come from. Some folks still do. They don’t have time to worry about what gender they “identify” with. For Pete’s sake folks. Get a real problem, “lady”. Friday at 9:32pm · 3 LeAnn Murphy @Tina: Yeah. I’m such a “freak” because I actually UNDERSTAND and SUPPORT The LAW. Because I’m Anti-Discrimination. Because I do NOT call people “freaks” and instead, defend the rights of others. That is *your* definition of “freak”. But I’ll wear that name proudly for those reasons! Friday at 9:41pm · Edited · 2 Chris Llufrio i dont care what it think it is …. stay out of the womens locker room dude Friday at 9:48pm · 3 Jesse Schweizer <– Freak. Friday at 9:48pm · 1 Kimberly Koenig Fend Freaks can be loved too….it is what it is. Friday at 9:51pm · 1 Lucy Smith GO COLLEEN! I live in a town that hosts a huge drag and transgendered convention every year. I am also an Anthropology/ sociology major in college. I also attend this college with a few transgendered people. I have so much respect for the dignity that these individuals carry themselves with in these situations. Ignorant people suck! In the anthropology world most educators acknowledge at least three different genders. One male, one female, and one trans (esprit) gender. Some cultures (obviously not ours) acknowlege more like 4-5 different "genders." Get over yourselves people… if Colleen is excluded, others will be also… would others that don't look "normal" ie. A person with a third nipple or someone else that doesn't fit physical norms, just because you're afraid of offending a few teenage girls… that could probably on some level benefit from meeting someone BRAVE like colleen because they might learn a thing or two about their own body image issues (yes, they're teenage girls, they have body image issues…trust me) . Friday at 9:55pm · 3 Erin Lance It isn't a third nipple. It's a penis….. Friday at 9:58pm · 1 Kayo Haggard SHE IS A PERSON i'm not sure half of you are! Friday at 9:58pm · 1 Sunnie Maracle Geez the world sure has changed however i try to stay unbiased in the extreme.This to me is extreme expectation.If you are a woman use the Ladies Room.If you are a guy use the Mens Room.WTF is discrimiatory about that???!!!Why should ppl have to embrace every single type of sexuality or…were called HATERS?No wonder our teens are suicidal depressed and have social identity issues. Friday at 10:01pm · 8 LeAnn Murphy @Sunnie: Washington State Law says Colleen is a woman and should use the Ladies Room. The ones trying to violate the law are the ones trying to kick her out of it. Friday at 10:03pm · 5 Sunnie Maracle *discriminatory Friday at 10:05pm Dave Schmitt Its a HE, He needs to use the mens room, because its a man!!!!! Friday at 10:06pm · 3 Tamara Gentle Richter Here are a few more facts to realize. The girls did see this person with nothing on. That is how they came to know it was a male. The Olympia School District does pay to use the pool as there is no pools at the high schools here. There are 2 unisex bathrooms that this person could use but they refuse. So this now made it it to where over 30 girls are having to change in these two bathrooms and this takes a lot more time as they change a couple at a time. Their personal stuff also gets all wet as there is no place to put it. Another issue is there is the Evergreen Swim Club that has swim lessons there and this involves little girls. These girls are 6 years old and up and they are being exposed to this person too. I think as parents it should be up to us as to when and how we want to teach our children about transgender, gay or cross dressers. These girls know about it BUT does that mean they need to see his male genitalia? I as a parent am uncomfortable with my girls being exposed to this. If this person wasn't exposing themselves in the sauna or dressing room that would be one thing but they are and THAT is what crosses the line. Friday at 10:10pm · 7 LeAnn Murphy @Tamera: Then the Olympia School District and Evergreen Swim Club should look elsewhere to rent pool time. The Law is the Law. Asking Colleen–or any other woman recognized as such by the State of Washington–to go elsewhere is a violation of the Law. Either cope, or remove your children. P.S.: The ONLY places that you *might* get restrictions against Transgender individuals would be *private*, *very expensive* club owned pools. ANY public facility is required to allow HER equal access under the law., Friday at 10:20pm · Edited · 2 Angie Thibault Gender identity is protected in this state. She is a woman. Please take a moment to understand before you post transphobic comments. Friday at 10:17pm · 5 Kayo Haggard she pays to use the locker room too! and children shouldn't be in an adult locker room unattended anyway! also you all do realize if you want grandchildren your daughters will encounter male parts at some point right? Friday at 10:20pm Sunnie Maracle When my kids were little i dressed my girls like GIRLS and my boys like BOYS!I am in the nursing profession and several of my colleagues think homosexuality bisexuality lesbianism now transgender transformation is a genetic predisposition.And NO HATER SUNNIE doesnt agree.Its a CHOICE.I went to an all girls Catholic High School and ALL us teen chicks talked about guys had bf dated guys married guys and NONE of us knew ANYONE that commited suicide or wanted to come out of the closet the LINEN closet or ANY closet. Friday at 10:22pm · 1 Katurah LaFountaine What if this person is some kind of weird pervert dressing like a woman trying to get into the locker room to gawk at other women?? Yea, not cool….if I was in that locker room and saw that I would not be happy. Friday at 10:22pm · 3 Lucy Smith @Tamara, as a young girl I was "exposed" and forced to use the same swim lockeroom with women who were aging, had sagging breasts to their knees, were baggy, and did not look good at all. I didn't see anyone kicking them out of the lockeroom because they might possibly make me uncomfortable (which I obviously was because I still remember it nearly 30years later). If the Washington law says Colleen is female, she is legally female. People shouldn't have to go out of their way just to make you more comfortable. Friday at 10:27pm · 6 Jeff Finley In my opinion this guy is really sick, and needs to be treated so. This thing needs a coming to Jesus, born a female your female born a male your a male! Friday at 10:29pm · 3 Clifford Andrew Ansteth Your birth certificate determines your gender. You people are idiots. If some genetically confused MAN exposed his genitals in front of my daughter and stole her innocence I would be forced to take matters into my own hands. I don't care if HE wants to be a woman. HE will always be the man that HE was born. Even if he had his dick surgically turned inside out…it's still a dick. Friday at 10:39pm · 4 Lucy Smith Wow Clifford, just WOW! I'm so going to remember that birth certificate line at my next meeting with my Anthro advisor … that's one for the record books, and should be good for a load of laughs. I know I'm laughing my ass off at it. I can't stop… total facepalm! Friday at 10:45pm · 3 Clifford Andrew Ansteth God doesn't think it's funny Friday at 10:47pm · 1 Christina Parish If your body parts are male use the male bathroom! Friday at 10:49pm · 2 Sunnie Maracle Oh well to solve the issue have a bunch of bathrooms just for the transgenders.One type for guys wanting to be chicks chicks wanting to be guys. Friday at 10:56pm Sunnie Maracle Guess thats not good enough.But when i was in college SOCIAL ISSUES AND SOCIAL REFORM AND ENFORCING RACIAL EQUALITY were what mattered.Not the right for a guy to pull his penis out in a girls br Friday at 11:02pm · 3 Angie Thibault My kids know that gender is not based on genitalia. I am so sorry to know all these children of the adults making these comments are being raised with transphobic values. I wish there was something I could say to help some of you understand what it's like. So much of this makes me sad. I am now even more glad there are laws in place to protect this woman and the trans children going though the same struggle she is experiencing. Friday at 11:10pm · 5 Clifford Andrew Ansteth What trans children need is a psychologist. Not laws to protect what is unnatural. Friday at 11:22pm · 3 Cindy Scott Murray He is looking for attention. Sad. Anyone that has never shared a bathroom with one of these people needs to shut up. It's not comfortable at all. Even after their complete change it's still weird. Friday at 11:23pm · 4 Cindy Scott Murray Angie, this is not a woman, it's a MAN. Get over it. Friday at 11:25pm · 3 Sunnie Maracle If gender isnt based on genitalia then what IS it based on pray tell?When a woman gives birth is it not natural for the Doc/and/or nurses to say its a boy or congrats its a girl?Are we now supposed to as a medical community supposed to have in utero testing to see what gender BESIDES the genaltalia to determine what sex(es)the baby will be once they reach the Age of Reason which in many faiths is as young as twelve.Are there NO boundaries?Sorry if anyone thinks im a hater but in THIS respect WE are the ones confusing them AKA SOCIAL IDENTITY CRISIS Friday at 11:35pm · 5 Anthony T Williams He/she can Identify with a tree for all I care. Boy parts boys room, girl parts girls room. confused/really SHY? private BR or change at home. This person sounds like wanting attention. Ive been to Europe and this seems to be a non issue over there (from my limited experience i do admit) but not an issue. Friday at 11:43pm · 6 Vicki Muchow Finley Really? How about I tell them they have to provide a special, separate restroom for me because I'm an alien and I pee from my nose? If you have male bits use the male room, if you have female bits, use the female one. Problem solved. There are good reasons for the separation, we didn't just dream it up to tick off weirdos or provide an opportunity for a hissy fit. This is not Caligula, we do not have orgys in the baths. Friday at 11:50pm · 4 Kai Glitterpants Try educating yourselves. Trans people are who they say they are, not who YOU say they are. Your comfort is your problem, and ONLY your problem. Friday at 11:58pm · 8 Lucy Smith Sunnie gender and sex are two very different terms. When you're born a doctor, nurse, midwife lifts your leg and decides what you are. Of course this can also be determined by an ultrasound technition. Gender is how you identify yourself as a being… As far as God not thinking it funny (Clifford), who knows, I'm not God… and I'm sure happy you aren't. Just fyi though Most cultures, and religions consider their Gods to either be genderless, "Whole-gendered", hermaphroditic, neuter, or androgynous. This includes Shiva (hermaphrodite), kuon yin (whole-gendered), Dionysus (androgynous), and even God(as in Christianity) is almost always considered to either be whole-gendered or genderless. Saturday at 12:09am · 2 Lucy Smith Which makes me wonder which lockeroom you'd expect God to use? Saturday at 12:20am · 1 Meg Cowie You know what? If you have a problem then you should leave, not make a woman leave who has every right to be there. If I read this story right, she was there first. Get over yourselves. Saturday at 12:28am · 6 Jen Miller These comments are sad and disrespectful. Saturday at 12:34am · 1 Kristina Carmichael Gross Saturday at 12:35am · 2 Matthew Lyons So men who commit voyeurism no longer have to hide cameras or peer through a window into a women's restroom/shower? They can just dress as a woman & actually be in there WITH the women? naked? and now their crime is within the law? Our country has gone crazy with political correctness. What about pedophiles? Rapists? They can use the same tactic to "scope out" their victims first? How would anyone identify them? Because they have a perfect disguise on in the first place? It's amazing that half of our country would think that this is a sane idea, mostly out of their political pride. Saturday at 1:48am · Edited · 7 Matthew Lyons "I've lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing Proofs I see of this Truth — That God governs in the Affairs of Men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his Notice, is it probable that an Empire can rise without his Aid? We have been assured, Sir, in the Sacred Writings, that except the Lord build the House they labor in vain who build it. I firmly believe this, — and I also believe that without his concurring Aid, we shall succeed in this political Building no better than the Builders of Babel: We shall be divided by our little partial local interests; our Projects will be confounded, and we ourselves shall become a Reproach and Bye word down to future Ages." Benjamin Franklin Speech to the Constitutional Convention" (28 June 1787) Saturday at 1:13am · Edited · 1 Jen L. Nance Has she had a sex change or does she still have a penis—A person can "identify" themselves as being the opposite sex, but if you haven't taken hormones and had the operation, it's going to scare the heck out of everyone in the locker room. If she's had the sex change operation and it's complete, I don't think everyone should be wigging out. I'll have to read the whole article when it's not 1 AM in the morning, though, like it is right now. LOL…. Saturday at 1:15am · 1 Jeremy Woessner No if he wasn't trying too be a bitch then he could. Saturday at 7:40am · 1 LeAnn Murphy I find it very sad and ironic that tomorrow is the 14th Anniversary of Matthew Shepard's murderous attack. That crime brought about the very hate crime legislation on a Federal level that guarantees protections for Colleen and others. Still… Still…The vast majority of the posts on this thread are not far from those attitudes expressed by Matthew Shepard's murderers. Not very far at all, IF at all different in any way. Some of you are clearly on the murderers' side, calling for violence against an innocent, law abiding person. Are you proud of yourself for standing for HATRED? Saturday at 7:43am · 2 Clifford Andrew Ansteth Just merely trying to prove that we are all equal. As we are born. Making up certain traits about ourselves and expecting everyone to be accepting of it is ridiculous. A penis does not belong in a womans locker room, and all you idiots that think that Colleen deserves to flash it in there with pride should be ashamed of yourselves. As for you Lucy Smith, my god is a he. And I think most people worship him. Saturday at 8:11am · 4 Ethan Mc Crary I would not be comfortable with an anatomically male person (no matter what he considers himself to be) changing in the same locker room as my 15 year old daughter. If that makes me a "homophobe" so be it. Saturday at 8:17am · 7 Nicki Cowie No Ethan, it makes you transphobic. Saturday at 8:26am · 3 Denise Walling I think someone said this already but if a person with mental problems dresses like a women or a man can go in said restrooms dressed as the opposite sex and get away with god knows what,I think this is flawed and those that believe this man(he is a man)can just get up and walk into a women's locker room and think it is ok are off your rockers,I am not against someones right to be gay,I really don't care but do not judge me and call me hateful because I am not,I am just realistic and see problems with allowing this. Saturday at 8:43am · 4 Clifford Andrew Ansteth And it's not the fact that he is just changing in there. He is sitting there nude exposing himself to young girls. If Colleen really wants to be a woman than why is he just letting his penis hang out in a sauna instead of covering it up. The parents had every right to be upset. Saturday at 8:53am · 3 Norma Ballhorn There sure a lot here that are transphobic.If some of you would look into transgendered you would learn a lot,Most are sons,fathers,grandpas,that have felt this way since a very early age . The talk about srs or surgery most would do it but most insurance companies won't cover the surgery as they consider it cosmitic.Most transgendered are more safer to be around than a lot of the other haters here.Instead of fighting about this go after the Insurance companies that deny us the proper care we deserve.Also the bussiness and people that discriminate against us. Saturday at 9:01am Brent Finnigan And why am I not shocked that is gong on at Evergreen??????? Saturday at 9:12am · 2 Clifford Andrew Ansteth Getting your gender changed is cosmetic. No one is going to fight to make insurance companies raise premiums for REAL medical problems. Cmon Saturday at 9:17am Nicki Cowie Most trans women I know, would have surgery in a heartbeat if their medical insurance would cover it. However the standards of care mandate at least a year of living 'in role' and Counselling and therapy before they can be referred for surgery. These procedures are not designed to treat trans'ness as an illness, but to ensure the there are NOT any mental problems or other issues. There are many cases now of companies and government agencies that have trans inclusive healthcare (e.g. City of Portland) and do you know what the increase of premiums have been found to be? Almost neglible, mere pennies. Saturday at 9:54am · 4 Angie Cecotti Im a gay woman who wears guys clothes but that dont mean I want or should be allowed inside a mans locker/bathroom….so until your sex is completly changed neither should you! Saturday at 10:20am · 5 Nicki Cowie So are we advocating 'pantie checks' at the door of every locker/ bathroom? Saturday at 10:31am · 2 Sunnie Maracle Uhmn no pantie cks.but if it looks suspicious it probably is.If ya have a dick dont BE a dick!use the guys br.This shit is too over the top.When i took my children to public restrooms i was up their ass outside the door for my sons and in the br with the girls. Saturday at 10:43am Nicki Cowie I've seen one or two trans women in restrooms. They stand in line like the rest of us, they use the cubicle, check their hair on the way out and leave. I don't see the problem with restrooms. Saturday at 10:47am · 1 Nicki Cowie I also have some very butch looking lesbian friends who get no end of hassle in bath/locker rooms. Saturday at 10:57am · 1 Chandra Farnsworth Sooooo many ignorant comments on here. Nicki nailed it though – it's not an illness no matter how many close-minded bigots want it to be. As for the high schooler issue – maybe keep their sessions closed off from the ENTIRE general public so they can get their swim in, then open it back up to EVERYONE and let Colleen use the ladies room like she should. Or cut some athletic funding from all the schools, redirect it toward diversity tolerance and LGBT studies, and watch their emotional intelligence increase, not just their physical skill. Saturday at 11:29am · 3 Erin Lance Puhlease….take good funding away and waste it on tolerance and lgbt issues? That's not intelligence lady…. Saturday at 12:46pm · 1 Erin Lance Not my money! Saturday at 12:46pm · 1 Sunnie Maracle I think its atrocious what happened to Matthew Sheppard but there is a perfect example of haters and hate crimes.ppl certainly shouldnt be slaughtered over sexual preference.But transgender opinion poll?i certainly agree we have a right to disagree how much we think very young children and young teens have to visually view @their ages Saturday at 2:26pm · 2 LeAnn Murphy @Sunnie: "But transgender opinion poll?i certainly agree we have a right to disagree how much we think very young children and young teens have to visually view @their ages" You don't get that your opinion or what you think kids should or should not see *does not matter*. This is a LEGAL RIGHT. You do NOT get to vote on others' rights. That's why they are called RIGHTS. And you certainly do not get to try to devalue other people because they are different than *you think* they should be. The law is clear, both federal and state. You don't like it, then you can go live in another country. You can have a private club and restrict membership–and then deal with justifying your hatred and bigotry when someone sues you for it. You CANNOT dictate what someone else does because it makes you uncomfortable. The parents in Olympia have a choice. Shut up OR move their kids to a private, restricted access facility. How they pay to fund their bigotry and discriminatory practices is not the responsibility of the State. It is ILLEGAL for the State to fund them. One thing that is NOT an option is violating the rights of other law abiding citizens in the process. And Colleen is an innocent law abiding citizen that has been discriminated against by hateful, bigoted and petty people, both from the Olympia teams and in the subsequent discussions. Saturday at 2:39pm · 1 Mark Blaker A man is a man is a man is a man…………..! Saturday at 3:02pm · 3 Matthew Lyons Nobody has addressed this prior post?: "So men who commit voyeurism no longer have to hide cameras or peer through a window into a women's restroom/shower? They can just dress as a woman & actually be in there WITH the women? naked? and now their crime is within the law? Our country has gone crazy with political correctness. What about pedophiles? Rapists? They can use the same tactic to "scope out" their victims first? How would anyone identify them? Because they have a perfect disguise on in the first place?" These "pro man naked in women's showers" commentators are applying "Mob rules" tactics to bully You & I, the media, lawmakers and political leaders into submission. It is similar to OWS tactics. It is pure violence. They simply ignore our concerns & common sense alerts to the abuse of our system of laws. After ignoring you, they then accuse people of hate. Slander is a crime. An accusation of hate or maligning someones character, could get a lawsuit filed against you. So be careful what you write on facebook accusing someone of hate. We are a nation of laws and individual rights… Yes, you have a right to choose your lifestyle.. within the law. You can not "impose" your version of what you think is "fair" & stick it in our face. That is impeding on OUR right to freedom and our ability to use a public facility! You see.. Individual rights works BOTH ways! I have them too! I am absolutely devastated if our lawmakers have allowed this mob to "bully" them and subvert our very laws. Our Country is in real trouble. You can not let men dress up as women, and get naked in women's Showers and bathrooms! Where is the line of voyeurism?? If a man, is inside he will be watching women naked in a Bath or shower! Is that not voyeurism? What are they going to do walk around naked with their eyes shut? and grope about? This is ridiculous… Please, people of public office.. Put a stop to the mob. It is violence and they are imposing on my liberty. I for one, have had enough. Saturday at 7:43pm · Edited · 3 Sunnie Maracle Thank you Matthew Lyons!Now I and other moms HAVE NO RIGHT to protect our small children/grandchildren from ppl who want to go to opposite restrooms???REALLY???SO IF SAID TRANS IS REALLY A CHILD MURDERER/RAPIST/MOLESTER IN THE GUISE OF A SWEET LOVEABLE TRAN JUST PROVING A POINT BECAUSE THEY CAN PARENTS HAVE NOTHING TO SAY?geez Leann Murphy who is trying to threaten intimidate and promote hate?EXCUSE ME? Saturday at 3:44pm · 2 LeAnn Murphy @Sunnie: I would say YOU are. I said that you cannot deny other people their rights. You are the one claiming you have the "right" to do so. And FYI: Colleen was NOT in "the opposite restroom". She was in the one appropriate for her ACCORDING TO THE LAW. YOU are the one demanding the violation of laws. Saturday at 4:12pm · 3 LeAnn Murphy And you still have the option of going somewhere else with your children/grandchildren. She does NOT have to figuratively "move to the back of the bus." Your repeated unfounded and false accusations of "child murderer/rapist/molester" against transgender people IS an example of Slander/Libel and hate speech. Saturday at 4:15pm · 1 Deanna Reid Unless he/she has had a sex change, I would agree with the college. Period. Saturday at 5:01pm · 1 Nicki Cowie You know I don't think (or at least I hope) that it is not bigotry or hatred. Rather I think it is lack of knowledge. For a non trans (cis) person who has never met or interacted with a trans person, it does seem totally 'way out there' that ANYONE would want to do what trans people feel driven to do. And for them it WOULD be weird or strange, because they are not trans and are therefore at ease in their bodies and gender assignment. However I've come to see that we are NOT all the same. I've met and interacted with quite a few trans men and women and what they go through is all to achieve the same comfort and ease with themselves that the rest of us take for granted. Now I take people as I find them. I certainly don't expect people who are different from me to automatically be child molesters or perverts. Saturday at 5:15pm · 1 Sunnie Maracle But this true issue is not being addressed.Many rapists murderers look for ways to infiltrate themselves into childrens lives.I SAID IN THE GUIZE OF A TRANS.I have my opinion on these issues and you have youres.end of discussion with you Saturday at 5:18pm · 1 Nicki Cowie Ok Sunnie. How can we tell a murderer or a rapist just by looking at them? Saturday at 5:25pm · 1 Tony Collette Sounds like a lawsuit Saturday at 5:28pm Ryan Blackhawke Totally against the law. She should contact the Human Rights commission at once. Saturday at 5:34pm · Edited · 1 Ryan Blackhawke Sunnie, that is a flat out lie and you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. Saturday at 5:35pm · 2 Sunnie Maracle I would say by suspicious behavior instinct (which ive had several times over the years raising my kids)You too are missing the point.Perhaps this tran individual IS just an individual wanting to exert his/her rights by using a womens br.Fine.But it DOES lay wide open an array of individuals who are NOT altruistic and their TRUE motive is to PASS as a law abiding person when in fact they have a clear path into these br because somebody said it is their RIGHT.I personally have seen it in my own family where a so called loving uncle paved his way around little boys and @least four were sexually molested.I know oe another guy who murdered a six yr old little boy the family said they swore he was trustworthy.im sure you still dont get it but im sure some will Saturday at 5:46pm Nicki Cowie Having children of my own, I DO get it Sunnie. But as you said in your post, this kind of thing can come from anywhere at anytime. Even from those close to the family. All we as parents can do is be vigilant and try to protect our children. That said however I am sure that ANYONE caught and convicted of that sort of crime would be punished regardless of their gender. Saturday at 5:53pm · 2 LeAnn Murphy To so falsely claim that pedophilia, molestation, rape, or murder is in anyway linked to transgender status or sexual orientation is nothing more than Hate Speech. Every example given has been about heterosexual non-transgendered individuals. In all the horror stories of crimes against children and women over the years, I have NEVER heard one single example of someone transgendered who committed those crimes. The homosexual perpetrator is so rare as to be nearly non-existent. The ones you need to be afraid of are the "Good Christian Married Straight Guys" like Jerry Sandusky! Saturday at 6:03pm · 4 Nicki Cowie Not no mention the Catholic Church's somewhat less than perfect record in this area. Saturday at 6:06pm · 2 Clifford Andrew Ansteth Pretty sure Nicki and LeAnn have dicks. Get over it, we the normal people of this country have our opinions. We like things to remain natural and want our kids to know how things should be. You people are feeding into a sickness that these "trans genders" have instead of them seeking the therapy they need! Saturday at 7:52pm · 1 Nicki Cowie Lol, Clifford, just goes to show how little you know. I think the words you are maybe looking for are tolerance, empathy and understanding. These I freely admit to having. Saturday at 8:40pm · 2 Clifford Andrew Ansteth Some things should not have to be tolerated. Like grown men named Colleen letting his dick hang out freely in front of a bunch of little girls. Help me understand why this should be tolerated. Saturday at 9:18pm · 2 LeAnn Murphy 1. Because Colleen is LEGALLY a woman and not a man. 2. Because it is both Federal and State law that the discrimination you are advocating is ILLEGAL. 3. Because Human Rights are not subject to popular vote, personal opinion, or mob rule. 4. Because everything above means that Colleen LEGALLY is supposed to use the WOMENS facilities at TESC–the college SHE attends and paid tuition to. She does this according to TESC policies, rules, and state laws. 5. Because the underage children are the ones intruding into a college campus and, therefore, have to follow those same rules or leave the facilities. 6. Because your–or anyone's–personal opinions do not grant them the right to abuse, discriminate against, harass, or otherwise threaten violence on innocent law abiding citizens like Colleen. And yet so many people on this thread are doing just that. Saturday at 9:26pm · 3 Nicki Cowie Clifford, if you really interested in learning, then these are links that someone gave to me and helped me understand things better. http://skepchick.org/2012/01/13-myths-and-misconceptions-about-trans-women-part-one/ 13 Myths and Misconceptions About Trans Women: Part One – Skepchick skepchick.org This one is impressively persistent, and unbelievably common. It was even pulled…See More Saturday at 9:40pm Nicki Cowie http://queereka.com/2012/01/02/13-myths-and-misconceptions-about-trans-women-part-two/ 13 Myths and Misconceptions About Trans Women: Part Two – Queereka queereka.com Appropriation is about co-opting someone else’s identity. We’re not doing that. …See More Saturday at 9:41pm Ryan Blackhawke I'm not sure he knows how to read. Saturday at 9:43pm September Meadows Yakima Valley Community College never gave me any grief about using the locker room there. Although I know there were a few students and several college staff who took exception to my presence on the campus, none were ever ignorant enough to be confrontational about it. I was there for eight continuous quarters. Saturday at 10:16pm Clifford Andrew Ansteth Just because something is legal doesn't make it morally right. You ppl are deranged. Saturday at 10:37pm · 1 LeAnn Murphy Well, that is just too bad for you, then, @Clifford. Because The Constitution of the United States of America essentially says that your personal morality cannot dictate the human rights of others. That whole separation of church and state thing. Saturday at 10:45pm · 1 September Meadows Hey all you trolls and bigots! Read it and weep. http://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=49.60 Chapter 49.60 RCW: Discrimination — human rights commission apps.leg.wa.gov Malicious harassment because of a person's race, color, religion, ancestry, or n…See More Saturday at 10:48pm · 3 Kristina Carmichael Sick Yesterday at 1:44am · 2 Judy Huff If he's got a penis, he's not a she. I don't care what's between his ears. Once he's completed the transgender surgery, he has every right to use the women's locker room as a woman. But until then, he is a HE. Yesterday at 8:04am · 3 Judy Huff Not only should he not be discriminated against, he should not be provided preferential treatment. There is no way he's a woman. Yet. Yesterday at 8:08am · 1 Ryan Blackhawke Actually, she is a woman when she says it is and it is patently against state and federal law to discriminate against her. Try again, sweetheart. Yesterday at 10:42am · 1 Ryan Blackhawke Or is it just that you only want to follow the law when it benefits you and ignore it the rest of the time? Yesterday at 10:44am · 2 Ryan Blackhawke https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=476712875684751&set=a.123290884360287.13113.113544412001601&type=1&theater Wall Photos By: We survived Bush. You will survive Obama. Yesterday at 11:38am · 2 Sherri Townsend Alexander All this crap is sick and so easily solved, Dick stay out of the ladies room Yesterday at 3:20pm · 3

  28. […] “Fuck off and diaf Says: October 8, 2012 at 11:58 pm […]

  29. rhombus Says:

    just so you know, you’re a disgusting bigoted fuck and i hope you get a flesh eating disease. ❤

  30. matt f Says:

    It seems like in this case it is inappropriate for Colleen to use the same facilities as young girls. Although Colleen identifies as female, she has no intention to get rid of her penis and obviously has a sexual attraction to women. I can see how it would be uncomfortable for young girls. Although I support equal rights, feeling like you don’t belong in your own skin doesn’t give you carte blanche to just choose your own gender. That would be like me saying I’m not really a human, I’m a wolf but in a human’s body, and then demand people refer to me as a wolf, even though it doesn’t make me one.

  31. Ashland Avenue Says:

    What I can’t get over is how similar the language the trannies are using to justify Francis’ actions is to the language sexual abusers use to coerce their victims, to gaslight their victims. I know I’m repeating myself in this thread with that, but holy crap. To me, it’s right up there with “but the little girl was acting all seductive towards me, what was I supposed to do?” It’s that much of a lie to me. It’s that revolting to me. The only bright spot in this is that they’re revealing themselves as the abusive creeps that they are. I only wish they weren’t dragging along lesbians and gays with them in the public’s view.

  32. doublevez Says:

    Not to miss: On the Kiro 7 news site linked above:

    NorthWesternwoman says: “In my opinion, the following statement is so utterly offensive that I’m almost too enraged to type this post. The right of a middle aged male to parade his penis around in front of teenage girls is more important than the safety of girls and women. If he still has his penis, he DOES NOT belong in a women’s locker room. The citizens of Washington State have more plain old fashioned common sense, integrity, and intelligence than to let this travesty continue.

    “I can understand that some females are uncomfortable around someone with a penis. If they are just uncomfortable seeing a penis, Colleen’s right to use the facilities seems more important.”

    To me, this statement is offensive to all women and girls. It demonstrates a level of contempt toward women and girls that is frankly frightening. When one in five women have been raped or sexually assaulted, seeing a strange man with his exposed penis in a women’s locker room is bound to make most women uncomfortable. Historically, women have been victims of sexual abuse and rape. Does this individual imply that five or six year old female children should be exposed to strange men parading around naked? This is how trans activists really think of women and girls. Women need to read this and understand what this means for themselves and their girls.

    The fact that a man wears a dress and calls himself Sheila, Sherrie, Sue, Betty, or whatever doesn’t mean that he can’t pose a risk to girls and women. For example, Paul aka Paula Witherspoon used women’s restrooms even though he is a registered sex offender. Simply google Paul Witherspoon. Paul (Paula) is the one in the dress and makeup. Some middle aged men take great delight in looking at naked little girls. We usually call these people pedophiles, peeping toms, or just plain perverts. I’m not saying that all transgender are pedophiles, but allowing fully intact men (penis and testicles) into women’s locker rooms and restrooms does, indeed, pose a threat to girls and women. The fact that they might wear a dress or skirt doesn’t negate the potential threat.


    Most women are familiar with the stories of secret peeping holes and cameras in women’s locker rooms and restrooms whereby some voyouer sits back and gets his jollies. A voyouer (almost always male) is a person who derives sexual gratification from observing the naked bodies or sexual acts of others. Now, voyouers don’t need to hide those tiny cameras or peep through little holes. Simply put on a dress and some makeup and it’s now all live and within touching distance.

    IT’S TIME TO STOP THE MADNESS. IT’S TIME TO CHANGE THE LAW. THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON STATE DON’T HAVE TO TOLERATE THIS. WRITE TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVE. That is, unless people don’t mind their teenage daughters using restrooms and locker rooms with fully intact (penis and testes) males in skirts.”

  33. M Says:

    I’m an elephant

  34. Bev Jo Says:

    This is reaching all kinds of fb groups, so you did great, Gallus! It is SO clear what is happening. Prurient, disgusting, repulsive prick pretending to be a woman to get access to girls, and yes, the girls are traumatized for life. No female should ever have to see disgusting male body parts. It is all a form of rape as well as threat of rape. Yet again, females are forced against their will for male gratification and power, with the reminder that in patriarchy, you never know what men will do or when you will have to see them and think about how rape is always on their minds. There is no escape from males and no guarantee of protection for even the youngest of girls.

    I wish the girls going through this could know about the support here and see the comments.

  35. Jill Says:

    This is so wrong. I go to evergreen and I hadn’t even heard of this happening.

  36. Pamoya Says:

    It seems as if many of you assume that being transgender is a kind of scam where a person deliberately seeks significant medical treatment and identifies themselves with a group that is at the highest risk for sexual or non-sexual violence, for the sole purpose of changing in a locker room with girls. Is it possible that such a person exists? Yes; I do not deny the existence of child predators. But here, with the only evidence that Colleen enjoys sex (many people do), hasn’t had gender reassignment surgery (surgery is not necessarily the correct treatment for everyone with gender identity disorder), and is using a facility she is entitled to use as a student, some of you are willing to *assume* that she is evil, disgusting, nasty, and a sexual predator whose identity as a woman is a scam or fake. Please check your privilege. A lot of the language directed at Colleen in these comments is hateful and bigoted. As a cis-gendered woman, I have the privilege that everyone automatically assumes I am the gender I appear to be. The world is a lot more complicated than that for a trans-gendered woman.

    Having said that, I 100% agree that *no one* should be forced change in a locker room where they don’t feel comfortable or safe, simply to participate in a high school sport. The girls on this swim team should absolutely be able to use a different locker room. But I don’t think Colleen is the right person to blame for this situation. Their school district apparently decided that the best situation for their girls’ swim team was to lease space from a college where the girls would have to share a locker room with adults. Now, after unsurprisingly finding out that this is a problem, the school district is requiring the girls to use an inferior facility. The district should have to comply with *both* Title VII (which according to the most recent EEOC guidance forbids discrimination against people who are transgender) *and* Title IX and pay for/figure out a different solution that gives the swim team facilities that are just as good as the facilities for the schools’ other sports teams.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Check my privilege”? You say you are concerned that the transgender perspective is being disrespected in this post, and then you proceed to completely ignore and invalidate the voices of transgender people here. Yanno, the ones stating that this situation is HORRIBLE. A poll on the PlanetTransgender website shows that the majority of trans respondents believe persons with penises should NEVER shower and sauna in women’s locker rooms. EVER. Others voted that it was okay if they HID THEIR PENIS FROM VIEW. Only ONE PERSON voted that this situation was okay. So who are YOU to ignore the voices of transgender people? Why don’t you GO OVER THERE and tell THEM to “check their privilege”????? Go harass THEM. Go tell them where they are wrong.
      Here are some more posts from trans people who are AGHAST at the WA State law’s impact on women and girls, and Title IX:



      Go tell THEM how they are wrong.

      You state: “Their school district apparently decided that the best situation for their girls’ swim team was to lease space from a college where the girls would have to share a locker room with adults. Now, after unsurprisingly finding out that this is a problem…”

      The PROBLEM here is that Colleen is MALE. With dick and balls. You are actually suggesting that a condition be attached to Title IX rights of female juveniles – one where they must use children-only facilities with no adult supervision and where their mother or guardian is banned? ARE YOU INSANE? There is no sports facility in the entire country where children are unsupervised. It would be the height of irresponsibility, not to mention INSANITY for such a facility to operate with the policy YOU propose.

      What incredible ASTOUNDING and BIZARRE mental gymnastics you are applying IN ORDER TO PROTECT ONE MAN’S RIGHT TO DISPLAY HIS PENIS.

      You should really reflect on that.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Ah, the word “privilege.” Pamoya, this is just for precious people like you:
      (In case you don’t “get” it – and I don’t think you will – it’s all done quite tongue-in-cheek.)

      Now go read the awesome statement Doublevez quoted above from a woman regarding women and girls with a history of sexual abuse, which is a staggering amount of us. I don’t like to describe any woman as “naive,” as I’ve found it’s a common way for men to dismiss women’s feelings and ideas, but holy mackerel, Pamoya, you’re there. (That is, if you really are a woman, which we have no way of knowing for sure. You could just as easily be a MtT trying to convince us that even our sister born women think we’re wrong. News flash: they don’t.) If you’re comfortable showering or changing with any guy off the street, there are places in most cities that can
      accomodate your needs. And don’t forget Craigslist!

      Your “solution” to the locker room issue is financially and practically completely unworkable, to the point of being laughable.

  37. Colleen has the right, both legally and morally, to use the same facilities as any other woman. Your hate and bigotry can never erase that simple fact.

    • GallusMag Says:

      It’s always hilarious* when heterosexual men tell Lesbians how “man-hating” we are for acknowledging the simple fact that penises are not female.
      (*hilarious = old and tedious)

    • michelle Says:

      A male claiming to be a woman and/or to have always ‘felt they were a woman’ would reasonably be expected to understand the potentially harmful effect of their penile presence in a female space. True to form, however, Francis and his supporters are just all about Francis, not giving one iota of a damn about the minor children (you know, the female high school athletes pushed aside to cater to Francis’ whims) impacted by the selfishness of Francis.

      If one has a penis, it is neither a female body nor on a person who holds legitimate claim to the title of woman nor should it be in sex-segregated space. No amount of delusion will change that simple fact…

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      …said the man with a rhinestone-covered stiletto boot as an avatar. You guys are priceless, I’m tellin’ ya.

      Moritz, I’m left wondering if you’ve read any of the very valid reasons listed here that born women don’t want men in their lockerrooms. Apparently not. Or if you did, you simply ignored them, as is your wont. ‘Cause it’s all about you, baby, it’s all about you, amirite? Now go fuck off and stroke your dick while moaning about how oppressed you are. The women are talking here.

    • Nah he has not ’cause he is a man. Your bigotry and delusion can never erase that simple fact.

    • ethicalequinox Says:

      “Colleen” is not a woman. Laws can (and,if we have anything to say about it, will) change regarding this mockery of human “rights” legislation. Morally? Well, I reject your “morals” and substitute my own. Hate? Hmm, let’s see, I *do* hate it when people try to break down women’s boundaries. Ya got me there. Bigotry? THAT’S what YOU have against women who don’t kowtow to whatever the cool kid crowd du jour asks of us.

      Your ilk is so obsessed with us that you can’t leave us the fuck alone for one goddamn day. We’ll survive without your constant attention, I promise.

    • yttik Says:

      A “moral right?!” Only a man would talk about his “moral rights.”

    • kpopfanswagg Says:

      As a gay man, I don’t get this to be honest. Transgender or not a penis on someone’s body makes them “male” (XY or XXY or even XX- and I mean a *real* penis, not some Frankenstein creation made of arm/leg flesh). She may have that right legally, but what entitles someone to a *moral* right to use facilities that are specifically for women when they are biologically a man? I don’t really care if someone’s on hormones or someone has been “evaluated” by a therapist, a penis just doesn’t belong in the women’s bathroom/ women’s locker. If you don’t see the blatant safety concerns then I don’t know what to tell you…

      • doublevez Says:

        What we all know, and trans do too but conveniently fail to remind each other, is that the therapist calls them a “woman” because they threaten suicide and self-harm if not, and it’s the newly accepted (by di$hone$t medical profe$$ional$) treatment for the mental illness called “transgender/transsexual”. That is an about face on the long accepted treatment for delusional disorders, which has been up to now, not to pander to a delusion. What next? Ok, that can work. As one of our sister rad fems has said “I’m Napolean Bonaparte. Now give me France”.

      • kpopfanswagg Says:

        *sigh* I don’t know, part of me wants to just shrug and go “if it makes them happy to cut their dicks/tits off and ingest liver-killing chemicals for the rest of their lives…”, but then that’s not exactly fair for them, and it’s not fair for others since we all have to “play along”.

        And it hurts those younger than them when I see kids who would’ve just grown up gay/lesbian having to take puberty blockers and having to indulge them in their fantasies. It’s not just annoying, it creates another layer of gender role straight jacket.

        I wonder if in 50 years from now feminine gay or straight men/corresponding butch lesbian or straight women will be “oddities” and having little trans ones running around needing liver transplants asking us why we didn’t take the plunge, and how it’s “too late” for us now.

        And I’ve personally seen a few feminine gay teens/early twenty somethings transition just because they ARE feminine, and an even sillier reason, for the attention of “masculine straight men” , which my community does nothing but put on a pedestal and worship “the god that is masculinity”. And these kids know NOTHING about what lies for them on that other side, about how f*cking dangerous and degrading straight male attention can be, since they’re misogynist to boot! And if I hear another “eww lesbians” from a fellow gay dude who doesn’t realize how fucking ridiculous that sounds I might even start labelling myself queer! (lmfao, no.)

        Is it any wonder these kids DO transition? When they hear comments from their “elders” in the community criticize them for their femininity? With comments such as “Get the sex change operation already”.

        It’s annoying, but it’s fucking depressing as well, I feel like we failed the youth and all to sell out to some fucking hetero society “acceptance”. Let’s see if it was worth it…

  38. FeistyAmazon Says:

    I was on my high school swim team. I definitely WOULD NOT feel comfortable with ANY MTF in a locker room with me, much less one who still retains his penis! So how can he claim ‘womanhood’ except through the most twisted and distorted logic? Sounds like the MALE HETERO MILITARY thinking in action. Just like the one in his 50’s who decides to live in a women’s dorm, and they’re all 18-21! I’m sure both are ‘getting off’ on the whole thing!

    Keep our young women safe! There is NO REASON they should be put in a lesser facility, he should be! What these basically hetero men do to ‘get off’ in invading female space…what a bunch of sickos…and potential molestors! Arrogant son of a bitches, so filled still with their assumptions of MALE privilege, and NO DUDE, you don’t ‘pass’ as female in ANYONE”S estimation,no way, no how! Delusional!

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      Of course he’s getting off on it. We’d have to be utter idiots — or members of the Washington State Human Rights Commission — not to recognize this fact.

      This f’er put out a Hello Stupid* profile extolling his sexual attraction to “girls” and set the lower limit of his dating interests at eighteen years of age. And let’s not forget for a second that he is a 45-year-old retired military man and father of five.

      OF COURSE he’s getting steamy over sitting naked in the sauna waiting for the buff high school swim team girls to wander in. It’s Perv 101.

      (* cudos to Cathy Brennen for teaching me this hilarious nick-name for Hello Cupid. LMAO!)

  39. Gallus I don’t know if you saw my comment with the Roseanne twitter screenshots but I’ve found one more:


  40. brentmckaskell Says:

    This beautiful female has every right to shower with others of her gender, including YOU “Feisty Amazon”. Not only the right, but she has the right as a woman to the sanctity of her body – including her penis in all its glory. She has a right to soap and lather than part of her, and if it should become erect (as a result) neither you nor anyone else has any right to demand she leave the locker rooms or the showers. She has a right to her God-given erections, and if others see that erection, then don’t look! Finally, I hope and trust that a MAJOR lawsuit is coming together here – if not criminal culpability for a vicious anti-gay hate crime as well. The LGBT community is 100% behind you Colleen Francis! Together we will make certain that you and other women (who are male-genital enabled) will be able to freely shower with other females, no matter if they are 60 – or 6!

    • GallusMag Says:


      Comment of the day award winner!

      • Branjor Says:

        LOL! Perfect choice of an award, GM. That guy is really big mouthed about his beloved pedophilia against those young high school girls.

    • You’re a radfem right, brentmackaskell? Good one! That’s an excellent parody of a lunatic.

      Especially this:

      if it should become erect (as a result) neither you nor anyone else has any right to demand she leave the locker rooms or the showers. ”

      LMAO. You’re right! Nope, there’s absolutely nothing wrong, or out of place, with a bloke displaying an erect penis in the women’s changing room! ROFLMAO.

    • Colleen is a man. He’s not gay. He’s not a lesbian. He’s a straight guy with a fetish for women’s cloths and a huge sense of entitlement. I’m wondering if Brent is an mra. His comment is just too lulzy to take seriously.

  41. Tired Says:

    Wow, a lot of you are really rude here. And missing the point. The point is: Whether or not she identifies as a woman, she still has a penis, and should use the men’s locker room, or at the very least use a towel. Her dating profile has nothing to do with it. Stick to the bare bones here: She has a penis. She was in a women’s locker room with underage girls. Not okay. The end.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      Actually, women have a ancient tradition of warning each other about perverts and predators.

      Whether the predator is a crocodile down by the watering hole in a wilderness area — or a creepy penis-flasher in the women’s locker room in more modern facilities — women have always done our best to warn others to beware.

      We’re just naturally wired that way. It’s how we’ve survived thus far.


      We’d be remiss to not spread the word.

      As far as I’m concerned, all the “scat” this predatory male has left scattered around the Interwebs is part of the big picture folks have a right to review when assessing his threat-level.

  42. I have no problem with how people chose to live their lives, but I am disgusted with Colleen Francis on how “she” conducted herself. If “she” feels that out of place changing in front of those with the same genitalia as “her” self, then “she” should have took the same courtesy for the other girls regardless of their age. Colleen Francis’ actions on this matter have been completely selfish, claiming to being discriminated against by not having the option to change somewhere away from men and uses it to justify taking the same right away from others, in this case children. There is nothing wrong with wanting to protect your own rights, but doing so should not give anyone the right to take it away from others! All she had to do to prevent this from happening in the first place was show a little respect for others and some common decency (like an adult) and covered “her” male anatomy as to avoid such an uncomfortable and potentially harmful (mentally) experience to the young girls around “her”. Colleen Francis only took into consideration “her” own feelings. Women are suppose to be more understanding and considerate and yet “she” doesn’t show any of this. Colleen Francis is more like a selfish small child rather than the woman “she” claims to be.

    • Choco Says:

      I swear the people on that website are some of the most lesbophobic commenters I have ever seen. Really, there’s no difference between a transwoman with a penis and a lesbian? Oh right, lesbians are really men, and transwomen are the only real women.

  43. everyday person Says:

    I’ve been enjoying all the comments on this story. My two cents, fwtw; it will take a SCOTUS decision to sort out who’s equality is really most equal. For the fun of it, I’d like to toss in the pool a mosque’s worth of Muslimahs. Then we’ll see who floats to the top of the grand pecking order of equality. Mwahahaha

  44. Eric. Says:

    If the women who used the locker room felt uncomfortable with Colleen because she doesn’t match their understanding of gender then a conversation has to be had about how to have both parties feel comfortable. Obviously, Colleen who is a woman does not feel comfortable around cis-men (I don’t blame her) and cis-women don’t feel comfortable either then we find ourselves with a double bind that faces so many trans and gender non-conforming people in our society. They are made to feel like they don’t belong and feel ashamed because of their bodies.

    The way in which Colleen has been attacked and the rather insensitive way this article continuously uses male pronouns when referring to her reinforces the idea that gender identity is something that has to be proved, instead of having ones preferred pronouns be respected. One’s appearance does not dictates ones gender identity. We in the queer feminist community really need to work harder when it comes to trans acceptance because up to this point we are doing an awful job.

    I feel like this incident brings up an interesting idea when looking at gender, gender identity and feminism as separate frames of reference. Minorities should be able to protect their space without approval of the majority, but what happens when that space is divided along gendered lines and one who is clearly rejected by both parties identifies with the minority? I think this is an important question to think about.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Women and girls have a legal right to be free from guys flashing their dicks at us, from guys forcing us to look at their dicks, and from being forced to undress and perform private functions under the gaze of men. It doesn’t matter to women what thoughts a dick-waving man has about himself. Private thoughts are private. You “queer feminists” whatever the hell that is- suggest that the thoughts a man has about himself overrides the rights of females to be free from, and to seek legal recourse from, guys who want to inflict their dicks on us. Your “feminism” PRIORITIZES the rights of male dicks, and male thoughts, to override the most basic protections women and girls have against male sexual predation in rape culture. ACTUAL feminists- yanno those concerned with the well-being of FEMALES object to your ridiculous assertions. Not only do we OBJECT, but we intend to CHALLENGE your agenda of “dicks” and “the thoughts males have about themselves” OVERRIDING our most BASIC social protections.

      “Insensitive” does not begin to describe your comment. “Hateful” “male-supremacist” “offensive” “female-hating” and “sexist” are more apt descriptors. How incredibly abusive of you to assert that women and girls should “suck it up” and ALLOW males to expose themselves to us and to lose our equal rights to sports facilities under condition of enduring indecent exposure and peeping toms, depending on what a male says he thinks about himself. No, No, and NO.

      It is not a responsibility of females to parse an offending males internal self-concept when he is shoving his dick in our face. How absurd for you to claim otherwise. Sir.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “If the women who used the locker room felt uncomfortable with Colleen because she doesn’t match their understanding of gender ..”

      No one gives a shit about this guys “gender”. Your implication that women “don’t understand” sex-roles is OFFENSIVE considering those roles are designed to oppress us based on our reproductive status. Sex is not gender. He is male- hence the dick and fathering five children. He can have all the “gender” and perform sex-based stereotypes that he thinks apply to females all he wants. What he CAN’T do is force women to look at his dick and undress in front of him.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      I think the key issue here is the one that “trans” people and their enablers seem almost incapable of comprehending: billions of people do not buy in to the fundamental idea of “trans”.

      We categorically disagree with the logically flimsy “trans” edifice as a matter of science and of principle.

      We disagree that human beings should just get to pick their own pronouns and demand that everyone else comply with their wishes.

      We disagree that human beings get to tell everyone else what their “preferred gender” is and then self-righteously demand that the rest of us meekly, uncritically put our eyes, ears and brains into park and just…go along with it.

      We disagree that someone can “change” their sex at all, much less render themselves members of the opposite sex by adopting superficial gender-stereotyped clothing and behaviors. We disagree that growing your hair out, taking hormones, putting on lipstick or mascara, talking in a faux-female, whispery voice and wearing women’s clothing magically changes a career military male and 45-year-old father of five into a female.

      We DISAGREE.

      Based on logic, reason, science, medicine and feminist analysis, we disagree. I have studied the literature, the so-called science, and will go to my grave disagreeing. It’s horrifying to me that so many adults (?) are being hoodwinked into this cult-think out of some horribly misguided desire to “be nice to the oppressed people”.

      What’s “nice” about enabling a tiny minority of delusional males to play at being female and, in the process, endanger women and children from coast to coast by throwing open ALL former safe-spaces to any dude with an unwholesome, obsessive sexual fetish who claims “trans”?!?

      That’s not being “nice”. That’s being evil.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Obviously there is ZERO concern about being “nice” to those humans who are raped, assaulted, exploited, attacked violently, murdered and abused. Those humans are female. And the perpetrators are overwhelmingly male. I see no “niceness” extended to victims of male violence here. I see only men like Eric telling women we should “KEEP SWEET” towards our abusers.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Transgender female-impersonator Calpernia Adams mocks FLDS Warren Jeffs’ “Keep Sweet” female sexual abuse victims for laughs:

        Would Calpernia make light of male transgender rapes and murders? Probably not. But sexual violence against females is HILARIOUS to male transgenders like Calpernia. And of no importance whatsoever to “queers” like Eric. Suck it up laydees!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Can you imagine women dressing up as, and mincing about doing lip-sync portraying transgender victims of sexual slavery, rape, sexual exploitation and violence? Perhaps a “drag” version of the Transsexual Day of Remembrance played for laughs? Would that be “insensitive”? LOL. It’s all good when the victims and targets are women. Then men like Eric and Calpernia find it HILARIOUS!

    • anon male Says:

      “Obviously, Colleen who is a woman does not feel comfortable around cis-men (I don’t blame her)”

      I blame you for saying that any male who doesn’t transition is somehow a worse person (and is inherently more dangerous) than one who does transition

      I’m male and males scare the hell out of me. I can’t stand the lot of them (of us, of myself, too!). Where’s my special snowflake room?

      I hate using locker rooms. The high school one was horrible, not because anyone was ever naked there — no one, not once! — but because there was zero adult supervision so anything could happen. I hated the university one because it was filled with dudes from Colleen’s generation who just had to flaunt shit they didn’t have, just because it’s the one place they could get away with it. There’s no reason for someone to walk laps around the locker room naked for hours. Besides insanity. (You know what medical condition is a form of insanity? It has the word dysphoria in it!)

      The worst was when the state championships for the high school swim teams were held and hundreds of white boys shaved their legs on the middle of benches, not giving a shit who would have to clean up after them (not-so white women, often). So there’s even a macho dudebro way of shaving your legs. I’m sure Colleen is familiar with it.

      Males hurt everyone. But I’m not going to let anyone imply that I’m *more* of a threat than any other given male, and I’m especially not going to let a male calling himself a woman say that about me, or for someone like you to do it on Colleen’s behalf. I’m not a threat to Colleen. I don’t require Colleen to trust me on that account. But I’m not required to trust Colleen either so WHY THE FUCK SHOULD FEMALES?

      If you’re such a nice fellow Eric, why aren’t you opening up your [our] locker room to Colleen and serving as a body guard and enlightening other males that people can dress however the hell they want and get their pronouns honored, all while retaining a rigid view of sexuality for their own benefit (Colleen won’t date other male women! Cotton Ceiling!)?

      Why isn’t education the answer? Well, besides educating *teenage girls*: you’d be first in line for that job!

      Trans are more likely to be criminals than the average male on the street. Trans are, by every account, more likely to have messed up fetishes (or at least the profound inability to keep them to themselves) than the average male on the street. Trans are more likely to have severe and potentially dangerous, if untreated (or sometimes IF treated given the fact they get to write their own Rx), mental illnesses than the average male on the street. But I’m STILL for protecting transwomen in the male locker room and would campaign for any legislation to that effect.

      Even though trans are harmed by an undocumented minority of “cis-men” (and usually while the transwoman was acting out a horrifying stereotype of a “female role” WITH a man-sized level of entitlement and ego) that doesn’t mean one group of males is more dangerous or less dangerous than another. It doesn’t mean anything, really. Males are males, even and especially the Colleen’s of the world.

      • Adrian Says:

        Heh. Unrelated to the topic of this post, I can’t help but be reminded of a male coworker and friend of mine who would complain about going to the gym and seeing our local well-aged congresscritter (also male) flaunting it constantly there, all over the place. It seems a certain segment of men a certain age just get the urge, or something. Endless laps around the locker room indeed! Made my coworker quite uncomfortable, anyway.

        But yeah. It’s the elephant in the room, that the ones with the power to end harassment of cross-dressing males in male facilities are… men, and yet somehow the onus is always put on women for being haters for not letting the crossdressing men take refuge in the women’s room.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “(Colleen won’t date other male women! Cotton Ceiling!)”

        LMAO. Male trans blogger Natalie Reed spewed on and on about the Cotton Ceiling and how Lesbians “discriminated” against and “oppressed” MALES by being homosexual and rejecting the peen; Eventually he admitted that he likes male partners and rejects “FTM” partners because they are not male. Hahaha! But that was DIFFERENT because…. Reasons. TRANS (magikal unicorn speshul) REASONS. Jesus these guys are so used to abusing women they don’t even bother trying to explain. Why bother? No explanation is necessary. Just shut the fuck up Bitchez and obey the dick.

        “you’re such a nice fellow Eric, why aren’t you opening up your [our] locker room to Colleen and serving as a body guard..”

        THIS THIS THIS. Trans is the movement of NO CHANGE. Trans is the movement of NOT FIGHTING. Trans is the movement of NOT fighting for the right to access to facilities and public accommodations one is entitled to. Trans is about attacking women and female spaces. Both M2T and F2T lay claim to women’s spaces. The Trans Politic advocates AGAINST sex-role non-conformity, AGAINST “cross-dressing”, AGAINST any change in sex-roles whatsoever. Trans Bilerico blogger Drew Cordes says eliminating sex-role stereotypes is feminist FACISM. Trans is AGAINST challenging male supremacy. Trans is about CELEBRATING female oppression.

        I read an adorable comment on an article somewhere recently from a male trans who said: “I am biologically male, I wear skirts, dresses, high-heels, carry a purse, when I use a restroom, I use the Men’s room, I snicker watching the men run for the exit door, please don’t blame me because they didn’t wash their hands.”

        Now THAT is a person fighting for change. THAT is a person challenging the status quo. THAT is a person that is an ally to women, lesbians, gays, and feminists. THAT is a “Gender” warrior. THAT person KICKS ASS. THAT person is creating change. THAT is the person Gallus will have over for tea.

      • anon male Says:

        I’d also like to add that people really aren’t thinking about architecture when it comes to this story. For instance, the locker-room is being treated akin to a public restroom. It’s not, even though it likely contains toilets, it has a specific purpose:

        Swimming, more than any other sport, requires access to a locker room. That’s why in big sports complexes, the locker room is attached to the pool, not squash courts, not basketball gymnasiums, and not the ticket sales office. Saunas are also attached to the locker room for expediency.

        If I were a school administrator there, I’d get rid of the sauna.

        *There are ZERO proven health benefits
        *There are MANY demonstrable health risks
        *They attract perverts
        *They’re like a bug zapper for perverts since the demographic seems to be at heightened risk for stroking out in them (accidental entendre, I swear); who wants that liability as a bureaucrat?

        Without the sauna there, I’d bet Colleen would be hard pressed to find a reasonable purpose when it comes to using the locker room. The pool is spoken for during that time period. I’m sure competitive sports clash with the whole fairy princess identity (plus, those types think their kinky sex actually burns calories, so why exercise?).

        So what would Colleen be left with?

        “I drove 20 miles to the university just because I wanted to change my underwear where women could see me. How is that not reasonable?”

        I know ditching the sauna wouldn’t solve the main issue. But I just wanted to reinforce this isn’t a public accommodation like a bathroom or a water fountain, it’s constructed with a specific purpose, and culturally speaking, most people go out of their way to NOT make full use of locker room facilities.

        I didn’t shower or remove my underwear after high school sport’s practices and competitions; I waited until I got home. So did everyone else. Who can’t wait a few minutes? Even in co-ed sports like Cross Country, a whole bus of girls and boys was more than happy to ride home covered in mud. In college sports, while we had a private locker room with zero old dudes mincing about, we mostly just used it as a place to tie our shoes or sleep before practice. It would take an exceptional situation to make someone violate those norms.

        I guess some people are just exceptional.

    • Adrian Says:

      Yes, it is very much an important question to think about – the question being, how does one VOLUNTARILY try to join an oppressed group and just what does that mean?

      What does it mean to “identify with” a minority to which you do not actually belong (meaning, no one on the outside is going to force you to be grouped with that minority, so you do not actually suffer oppression for being a member)? No one is ever able to answer the question, what exactly does it mean to “identify as” a woman when no one outside of your head would ever assign you to that group? What exactly IS this “but I feel like a woman inside” business all about? How on earth would you even have the ability to know, because no one in a million years is assigning you to that group?

      People read about hormone influences on the brain in utero and tie so much significance to it, but I think there’s much similarity to be had in discussing, what would it mean if I were to say “but I feel like a black person, inside” and go around trying to infiltrate groups on that basis? I suspect I’d get a good drubbing (and rightfully so!) but somehow ONE of these things is accepted as “okay” on the internet even by the same people who are up in arms and manning the battle stations against the idea that some horrible, horrible oppressor might deign to claim to be “transracial.” Or we can visit my favorite topic, “transablism…”

      From where I sit, they have more in common than not.

      For better or for worse I’m assigned to the group “woman” from day one due to my physical reality. People make elaborate prejudicial claims about my supposed abilities and tastes on that basis constantly (and they are wrong, wrong, wrong). Yet, I have no idea what it supposedly means to “have a woman’s brain” or whatever else nonsense. I don’t angst over getting short haircuts at the barbershop (openly, as a woman!) or wearing “men’s” clothing either, though I don’t claim to be a man or “identify” as anything in particular other than myself.

      As for this blog, the convention is to use biological birth pronouns. I’m sometimes charitable elsewhere and certainly in person and I’ll call someone what they want to be called (while keeping whatever side-eye to myself – I’ve been socialized to do so, as a woman after all), but on this blog, the style is what the style is. Doesn’t change the reality of the matter however.

      The penis that started this entire incident would have been much less of an issue if only its owner had had the foresight to read the air and realize that hey, guess what, probably people in the women’s changing room aren’t expecting to find freely waving wangs hanging out, so perhaps a towel and some (again, expected of women usually) deference in the form of a discreetly placed towel would be in order. People might still think “woah I bet it’s a penis under there!~!!” but if it’s not out at least the courtesy would be respected.

      • Adrian Says:

        …and I’ll add too, according to the usual narrative, I’d expect the owner of the penis to be feeling some dysphoria about it and be already personally wanting to cover it up, if anything. Plenty of people talk about how they can’t bear to look at their own “wrong sex” body parts, never mind have someone else see them. Yet somehow in a certain type of case, they don’t. Interesting the contrast there.

      • GallusMag Says:

        White people who are trans-racial and people without physical challenges who are trans-abled are NO comparison to trans-gender! Transphobia! Because.. Bitchez! Bitchez that should keep their fucking mouths shut if they know what’s good for them! Who cares what Bitchez think?!? Bitchez will get a slap!

  45. GallusMag Says:

    This is the level of female-hatred we are dealing with here. That rape is HILARIOUS according to male transgenders AS LONG AS IT HAPPENS TO WOMEN. And entire fucking audiences of trans people applauding. So, men like Eric who comment on female blogs telling women to shut up and calling himself a “queer feminist”? Not so surprising. He probably would sit and applaud the mockery of female rape victims along with the rest of the men in Calpernia’s audience. The important thing is that females KEEP SWEET and prioritize the feelings of males OVER OUR OWN SAFETY. Child rape is FUNNY! A man has a RIGHT to inflict his dick on you! What on EARTH are you bitchez COMPLAINING ABOUT? KEEP SWEET BITCHEZ!

  46. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    GM, my heart, it’s ironic (!!!) isn’t it that the hyper-genderists of the FLDS and the hyper-genderists of the “trans” cult (especially heterosexual male “trans women”) have so much in common? When will supposedly progressive feminists in Washington state wake up and smell the hypocrisy?

    All the rose-colored glasses, pink jewelry and twirly skirts in the world can’t hide the malignant sexism of males who feel ENTITLED to invade female-only spaces in order to predate on young females.

  47. […] Francis’s case, he has a history of engaging in sexualized public behavior on the internet. This evidence supports a characterization of him as a sexual exhibitionist, behavior which should […]

  48. Star Says:

    If you were to chop off a person’s arms and legs, they are not then transformed into a snake. If you attach barbie arms and legs to a snake, it hasn’t become a human. Hope that this is clarifying.

  49. […] In that case, a man named Colleen Francis was inadvertently given the legal right to expose his male genitals to high school girls in the female locker room, due to an overly broad Washington State public accommodation statute. You can read about that case here: https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/olympia-wa-school-officials-state-gender-identity-prov… […]

  50. […] been a tendency to interpret Francis as a man in order to disagree with the situation. Some feminists have framed this as an issue of sexism and called on Title […]

  51. Kate Says:

    I don’t think Colleen Francis should be using the locker room with young girls. I’m trans, living as a woman (not a word I apply to myself, because I do have reservations around appropriation etc., but I have to explain my situation somehow).

    Sorry, fellow trans-folks, but I think you have to be realistic about your appearance. Make a reasonable assessment of whether you think you’d be making people uncomfortable and possibly fearful – if so, don’t do it. And I’d say that applies regardless of whatever surgeries or treatments you’ve had. (Yes, I know some people pass perfectly — lucky for you.)

    The trans-folks here who are asserting their rights are clearly ignorant of what life is like for girls and women when it comes to sexual issues. As Anne Lamott put it, sometimes it’s more important to be kind than to be right. If you do something that hurts someone, you should say I’m sorry and try not to do it again. You shouldn’t attempt to use what you think is logic to argue with people about why they really shouldn’t be hurt.

    That said, the comments hear about transgender identities being a lie or a fantasy or non-existent are wrong and hurtful. It’s true that some trans people might build a lot of their sexuality around their trans identity, but not all of us. For many — most? — our gender has nothing to do with sexuality. But there’s a lot of evidence from neurobiology and endocrinology to show that there’s something real going on with gender identity. I could no more will myself into a different gender identity than any of you could. I fought that fight for years and lost.

    The difference between me and some of the trans people posting here is that my identity presents me with an unsolvable conundrum. I am who I am and I can’t change that. I can only choose to hide it, or not. But I’m acutely aware of and sensitive to much of the personal, social, political, and other dimensions of being born female and and living as a girl and a woman in this society. I do not feel entitled to entry into any and all spaces intended for girls and women, though I’m grateful when I am welcome.

    Sometimes, though, I don’t know where I can go. I don’t know where I can be.

  52. […] Under new “Gender Identity” laws our right to sex-segregated space (i.e. to not have penises in our bathrooms, or in our prisons, etc) will disappear. Our language, needs, biological reality and history will be […]

  53. […] such as lesbians so that they can gain access to their safe spaces, whether they be festivals or locker rooms. They may still have penises, but they’re “female” penises, just like that pen is […]

  54. […] lesbians and gays who supported DiNovo and the passage of Toby’s Act. Like Washington State’s Colleen Francis using that state’s non-discrimination act to exercise his “right” to expose his penis to […]

  55. […] are pissed at trans these days! It’s our own fault for letting Autumn Sandeen, Joy Ladin, Coleen Francis, Red Durkin, Savana Garmond,Jennifer McCreath, Julie Blair, etc become our […]

  56. elizabeth Says:

    See gender Impersonation and minstrel graphic.

  57. […] another example of the “Colleen Francis” effect of Gender Identity laws and how they allow men to inflict sexual abuse on women and girls […]

  58. […] Olympia WA School Officials: State Gender Identity provision overrides Title IX Equality for Girls S… […]

  59. […] Just south of the Canadian-US border, there has already been the incident of two high school girls’ swimteams forced to use a small locker room to changed, while the middle-aged male (who calls himself a ‘teen girl’) got to change in the main female locker room. As GenderTrender reports: […]

  60. lel Says:

    Isn’t this what you wanted, LGBT crowd?

  61. Reblogged this on WolfWomanoftheNorth and commented:
    “This Washington State Gender Identity law, passed in 2006, is proving to be deeply discriminatory against the rights of females in its practical application. The rights of females under Title IX should not be overridden by Washington State statute, or attached with a condition of teen-aged girls showering with “kinky” middle-aged men.”

  62. Donna Fritz Says:

    I’m a MTF post-op transsexual who believes that while gender is not and should not be tied to genitalia, it’s inappropriate for a pre-op trans person to use a facility where his or her genitals would be visible to others using that facility. Actually, people like Colleen infuriate me because they play right into the fears and concerns espoused by transphobic people.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Women’s rational and justified fear of male violence and sexual harassment is not “transphobic”.

    • LC Says:

      No one here is “afraid” of transgender people, and most right-wing people aren’t, either. The concern people have about male violence is justified, reasonable, and has nothing to do with thinking that transgender people are “evil”, or necessarily rapists(though some are), or a bad influence solely for being trans… thus, there is nothing transphobic about it. Gender does not exist, so I agree that it has nothing to do with genitals, which do exist.

    • kesher Says:

      Well what do you propose doing about it? The laws passed to benefit you also benefit Mr. Francis and the inappropriateness of his exposing himself to real women isn’t enough to stop him. You and yours created this problem, it behooves you to fix it.

  63. […] to question what rights they have (examples include the case of Student X in Minnesota and Colleen Francis in Washington), and we’re supposed to think this is a bad thing because some people don’t want […]

  64. […] whereby normal folks can actually be charged for ‘misgendering,’ or males with intact and the legal loss of female privacy signify?  Especially in high tech industrial regions where artificial intelligence attracts […]

  65. […] don’t adhere to. Gender non-conformity is good; claiming to be the same as the other sex and demanding access to sex-segregated spaces because you are a refugee from traditional ideas about the sex you are, is not […]

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