Ex-Lesbian Chaz Bono becomes GOP Fundraiser

October 12, 2012

Ch Ch Ch Changes….


From Variety:

“Chaz Bono and Cindy McCain are among the eclectic list of co-hosts for a Los Angeles fundraiser on Sunday for Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R-Calif.).

The $500-per-person event also includes former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan and Richard Grenell as cohosts. Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, on which Mack is a member, is listed as an honorary guest.

Mack is facing Democrat Raul Ruiz, a physician, who has received some support from industry donors including Sean Penn, something that Mack’s campaign has tried to make an issue of because of the actor’s support of leftward causes.”

Oh MY!

13 Responses to “Ex-Lesbian Chaz Bono becomes GOP Fundraiser”

  1. kpopfanswagg Says:

    WTF???? No fucking sympathy anymore, talk huge self-loathing issues.

  2. wildwomyn Says:

    Big surprise! Not! Chaz is a big fan of the patriarchally prescribed gender roles, note his handsome manly attire in the picture. Don’t forget that Chaz also is a proponent of identifying trans* in childhood and advocates for puberty stunters, a form of child abuse.

    • Gender:N/A Says:

      I fail to see how hormone blockers are a form of child abuse. They allow a child (who wants to) to delay puberty for a few years until the child decides they either want to go through a normal puberty, transition, or do something else.

      I really wish I had been able to get hormone blockers when I was younger, but at the time, I really didn’t know how to ask. Now I’m 18 and a lot of the physical changes of puberty are done, so it would be kind of pointless :(.

  3. silverside Says:

    her stepmother i see

  4. liberalsareinsane Says:

    She’s also an ex-straight girl. She’ll probably be an ex-trans as well.

  5. cabochon Says:

    This is a logical next step for Chastity, who is a person who deliberately maneuvered herself into a lifestyle fad which would guarantee her higher status as a supposed male and even turn her into a supposed heterosexual. Very early into her sex change, as can be witnessed in the documentary about it, she instantly turned into a sexist ass who voiced condescending opinions about how trivial women are. She’s a turncoat to womanity.

  6. Becky Green Says:

    Bottom surgery wasn’t done, right? It makes me wonder what kind of mental gymnastics she has to do when sees her vagina. Oh, that’s right it’s one of those “magic” vaginas that’s actually a penis. Trans people are so magical!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Maybe she can afford this:
      Trigger Warning: for everything

      • Becky Green Says:

        With trepidation I clicked the link, and even though I’ve seen SRS pictures before, I still winced at the sight of them. Then, after the shocked lessened, I felt what I always feel when viewing those pics, sorrow. I feel bad for all those women who hated and reviled themselves and their bodies so much that they had to obliterate all visual signs of their femaleness. All those poor sewn up vaginas. I imagine them withering away like old grapes on a vine, just hanging there, neglected and abandoned, hidden from sight like a shameful secret. Sad.

  7. Bev Jo Says:

    Talk about repulsive! Why would any woman want that? Beyond disgusting.

    Anyway, Chas was always trying to please her mother, which never works for any Lesbian, and too often leads to increasing self-hatred. Betraying other Lesbians and women is even worse, and now a republican?!! More proof of how the trans cult is a right wing politics.

  8. doublevez Says:

    I still have sympathy for Chastity, and I don’t blame her mother at all. I don’t think daughters are much interested in trying to please their mothers, rather be, do, anything BUT like mother, and die trying to please father.

  9. Noanodyne Says:

    She grew up in a family where performance was paramount — all her values obviously derive from that. It takes a lot for a kid who grows up that way to get their head on straight, but continuing to be around the Cher circus wouldn’t be a way to do that. It’s kind of a sad inevitability that Hollywood kids like Chastity and Kathlyn Beatty would ride at the head of the gender trend, it’s the latest in fashionable life performance. It’s telling and amusing that this particular performance overlaps with Rethuglican political theater.

    What happens when the lights go down, Chastity and Kathlyn? When everyone gets bored with your performance? Who will you be then when the next circus rolls into town? We know how that story ends, unless you actually get your shit together. In the meantime, some of us already see you as sad clowns in a stale story.

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