Reddit Child Pornographer Violentacrez Flees

October 12, 2012

Violentacrez at Reddit Meetup Texas

Panicked by rumors that Adrian Chen of Gawker is about to run an article identifying him, notorious Reddit pedophile Violentacrez (whose activities are documented HERE ) has deleted his Reddit account and gone into hiding.

Things started getting a bit uncomfortable for Violentacrez when a group of enterprising women decided it was time to organize and take action against the Reddit site “Creepshots”, which is where men post compromising photos of women taken without their knowledge or consent as a sort of sadistic photographic sexualized group internet assault. Like Violentacrez’s r/Jailbait, which had an policy banning any user which posted a legal photo or a photo of any female over eighteen, Creepshots policy was that all photos must be taken unwillingly, without the consent and participation of the women being targeted.

Women said “enough is enough” and decided to fight back, and began documenting the identities of the participating men and reporting them to law enforcement. One man – a teacher who posted stalkery sexualized photos of his female students- was investigated and fired. A site called “Predditors” was started to shed light on the men involved: a site where women can post photos and public information identifying these perpetrators.

Yesterday The Creepshots site was taken down after a woman apparently tracked down the site moderator “CreeperComforts” and threatened to expose him . A replacement site “CreepSquad” has already been started. Gawker writer Adrian Chen, who has covered pedophile Violentacrez ‘s activities before, apparently followed these events closely and wisely decided it might be a good time to do a follow up story on Reddit’s chief child pornographer. He apparently contacted several sources at Reddit  which caused Violentacrez, who must see the way the wind is blowing, to delete his account and flee after years of sexually exploiting underage children. Unsubstantiated rumor is that Chen is planning to run a gawker piece which discusses Violentacrez ‘s real-life identity.


Chen isn’t yet talking. But in the ensuing shitstorm (of Reddit men angered at their predatory porn being under attack and raging at their child porn and creep porn being taken away) several events have occurred. In the last 24 hours:

Reddit moderators have joined together to ban all Gawker links from Reddit in protest.

Gawker’s Adrian Chen responded by vowing to ban all Reddit links, and all use of Gawker materials including links, from Reddit.

The men have successfully had the Predditors site removed from Tumblr.

Tumblr has REINSTATED the Predditors site.

Sites like GenderTrender who have previously covered the malefeasance of pedophile Violentacrez are being inundated by nasty creeps “typing with one hand”.

In celebration of Violentacrez’ s removal from Reddit, and in response to the creepy porn-sick pedophile skum that is sending GenderTrender nasty-ass comments based on my previous campaign against Violentacrez, I present a GenderTrender exclusive: The only known public photos of child pornographer Violentacrez. These were taken at a Dallas Reddit Meetup. Enjoy Boys!

Katie J. M. Baker at Jezebel

Rebecca Greenfield at The Atlantic Wire

Jessica Roy at BetaBeat

are all providing excellent reportage of the emergent events.

*UPDATE* Chen has published his piece identifying pedophile Violentacrez as Michael Brutsch of Arlington TX.

25 Responses to “Reddit Child Pornographer Violentacrez Flees”

  1. DC Says:

    this thing is moving fast

    – violentacrez has claimed that it wasn’t the threat of exposure that led him to leave, but instead it was because the admins “supported” r/ShitRedditSays

    – r/creepsquad has been banned

    – even though the predditors tumblr returned it had most of its content deleted and is now password-protected

  2. doublevez Says:

    “It’s crazy that while I should find the creepshots folk most disturbing, instead it’s the feminist movement that is willing to put people’s lives in danger without any real proof.”

    Some dildo on the Globe and Mail article:

  3. Adrian Says:

    As someone who has been active on the internet in two countries for a long time:
    (1) the “Peddit” icon is hilarious
    (2) My mind is boggling at the idea that someone (someone supposedly savvy about the internet) would EVER, EVER think that it would be somehow illegal or forbidden to tie their various publicly accessible information (that they have necessarily exposed) on the internet together to say that hey, Mr. X who wrote these various horrendous awful posts actually happens to be Mr. Y who is an upstanding citizen of town Z.

    Bottom line? If you don’t want anyone knowing you have horrible opinions, don’t post them on the internet, but if you do, be careful not to tie those posts back to your actual ID.

    Or in other words, if people can tie your PedoPerv(tm) ID to your actual name by stalking you on the public internet, that’s fail on YOUR PART. Be more careful next time.

    (Or don’t, I’ll admit I’m not exactly shedding tears for this guy.)

    But SRSLY lolwut? This guy thinks it’s A-OK to post pics of random women (never mind the underage girls) online with ridicule because well, hey, they should know they’re in public, but he thinks somehow his Reddit ID should be some sacred thing that should never be tied with the rest of his internet history? I’m sorry but my eyes have rolled clear under the DESK I need to pick them up. Dude, you should KNOW, you’re on the internet, any trail you leave is wide open for anyone to mine. Grow a pair and deal with it.

    It’s not about what’s legal or not either – all anyone is doing is saying that the author of post A is the same as the author of post B. How to judge the posts is up to the reader.

    So yeah, too bad so sad, someone cue the sad trombones.

  4. hearthrising Says:

    Good reporting as always GM. I read the gawker and dailymail links, though, and I feel sick to my stomach. I’m getting off the internet for awhile.

  5. […] to Gawker’s Adrian Chen and Gender Trender for their awesome […]

    • doublevez Says:

      No one, none of the media pundits, is connecting this to misogyny and gender essentialism.

      It’s all about “bullying”. The generic new flavour of the month for school boards and how-to-parent columnist to hang off.

  6. Fuck all of ya Says:

    I think he should sue you for calling him a pedophile. He’s never been convicted of any child pornography offenses, and the site itself only had teenage girls in bikinis, hardly pornography. It is interesting how you have blurred his head. Teenage girls in bikinis does not a pedophile make. You overreacting person.

    • Adrian Says:

      All anyone is doing is tying his two names together. They are saying hey, the guy who posted these images happens to be (if anyone just cares to take the time to check – it’s ALL publicly findable) this guy who works in IT at this bank.

      That’s it.

      If he feels that having these two things tied together is somehow a problem for him, then he should possibly reconsider how he feels about the “harmless” stuff he’s doing, or he should be more careful about tying his identities together.

      If his pics of teenaged girls in bikinis are 100% A-OK fine, then why on earth should he have a problem having his name attached to them?

      Some blog calling him a pedophile, well, it’s just some blog, no one would care about that. Blogs call people names out of hyperbole all the time. Except! Well look at this, turns out he’s posted these various photos. Which the reader can judge for themselves how they feel about it. That’s what he worries about. Plenty of legal things are still socially frowned upon because yeah, misogynistic pervs do that sort of thing and no one likes a misogynistic perv. He knows what he’s doing has no class, at a minimum. And now his coworkers will know.

      Bottom line? If you don’t want people knowing you post pics of teenaged girls in bikinis on line with questionable commentary, don’t do it on the public internet. It’s not rocket science.

    • michelle Says:

      What he admitted to having engaged in is no different than the grooming techniques used by those engaging in kiddie-offenses. I can only hope the links offer enough to give the Tarrant County District Attorney sufficient probable cause to search the computers he had access to…my guess is that enough images of kiddie porn would be located to lock him away for the rest of his natural life.

      Oh and claiming that it was “only” teenage girls in bikinis is the same sort of excuse given by others involved with offenses against minors. As is the ‘oh my life is over if anyone found out’ nonsense he spouted…that right there tells all that is needed that he knew what he was doing was both sick AND wrong.

    • Anonymiss Says:

      Thanks for playing but WRONG! The Jailbait site has been CONFIRMD to have had actual child pornography on it.

  7. weirdward Says:

    This is a man who clearly thinks it is his human right to abuse, exploit and violate others.

    He (and all his supporters) think that his human rights are being stomped on when he is called to account for being an abuser

    He has zero compassion for his victims, does not care at all about the way their lives have been impacted upon and ruined by his obsessive need to turn images of girls and women into free internet porn to be wanked over by men without their knowledge or consent

    Yet he expects compassion, he expects to be coddled and protected, because people won’t ‘understand’ about his need to abuse others (he’s a good abuser! a nice abuser!)

    And his life will be ruined if word of his abuse gets out

    And we are supposed to want to collude in protecting him so he can go on abusing with impunity.

    Because abusing others is his human right; and women and girls have no rights.

    Thank you to everyone who worked on this campaign

  8. Hey friends! Here is a little document to make you smile – spread it far and wide!! 🙂

  9. Well done, to the women who worked to expose this nest of creeps and predators.

  10. doublevez Says:

    I can’t count the number of comments from doods that go like this: “If you’re out in public you give up your right not to be perved and have it posted online in perpetuity, like what’s your problem bayatch? You wanna know what’s really disgusting about the Reddit posts? The RACISM.”

    The boys on the left. Bless.

  11. I have been blogging on this from another angle here:

    I think people like violentacrez should be stopped, but I am very, very leery of vigilante groups starting up on the internet, I give some reasons in my blog post but this is a tough issue to take on from any angle.

  12. […] wanted to talk a bit about the recent outing of an infamous reddit perv and the ensuing shitstorm implicating free speech, doxxxing and online anonymity.  if anyone has […]

  13. bugbrennan Says:

    Reblogged this on Name The Problem and commented:
    (male violence)

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