Being Queer Does Not Make You Radical

October 14, 2012

18 Responses to “Being Queer Does Not Make You Radical”

  1. MarySunshine Says:

    Gallus, here’s the transcript of her presentation, kindly done by a young tumblr woman named Thestareater. She offered to do it in her note, so I asked her if she would email it to me. She did so, and I put it up as a pastebin for easy linkage.

    If you want to paste the full text here as a comment, there it is. 🙂

    • Mortified Says:

      Thank you Mary. I’m not a video watcher. This person has some interesting comments.

      “… I never came out as a lesbian for [one] reason[ among other]s … because a lot of queer people f**king hates lesbians.”

      What is that, if not misogyny and homophobia? Funny how these people in trying to “improve” on gay/lesbian matters end up worse than what they’re rebelling against.

      “… just because you’re oppressed doesn’t mean you can’t oppress others as well.”


  2. anon male Says:

    Not to criticize her or anything, but I just wonder what that would have sounded like without frequent shortcuts like “masculine of center.”

    I mean, how would anyone sound if they had to spell out exactly what that sort of thing actually meant, could mean, etc., when the verbal shortcut itself is entirely devoid of actual meaning?

    Not specifically in response to this video, but: Even stuff like “male privilege” has started to frequently sound less like feminist analysis these days and more like just another bullshit internet-kid phrase like “die in a fire” or “godwin’s law” or whatever. And not just because Hugo Schwyzer is being paid big bucks to explain “mansplaining” and shit to women on Jezabel.

    Even here in this video, the discussion about a violent dude was shortcutted with “male privilege,” but what exactly is it that he’s doing *specifically* that allows him to beat up on other males who also have that privilege? Are his male victims “feminine” just because they can’t stop his violence; or do they have to wear makeup to become his targets; or is anyone smaller than the dude just plain ol’ more femme and are we really talking about biology here? Do masculine of center identities protect females from this dude? If not, why honor those identities as real?

    I guess my point is that the community’s language (even phrases like “male privilege” which they stole, colonized, and rendered meaningless because everyone is intersexed in the kyriarchy or whatever) is designed to protect the community and maybe the only way to combat that is always to talk in specifics. But that’s a straitjacket too.

  3. kpopfanswagg Says:

    fuck… I really dislike this “Queer identity” bullshit. If you dislike something in the gay and lesbian culture…if you think it’s so “monolithic”…then work to change it! And what’s this about not recognizing sexual fluidity?? Yes, I know a few queens who will give you hell about being a bi guy and how ” a bisexual man does not exist”, (I’m not sure how it works for lesbians) but by and large, I think it’s only really the L&G community that works for bi inclusion, and the only reason that straight people would “other” you for being bi is because of the “gay” part.

    Oh, and “transphobic”??? So the disbelief in something impossible (changing sex) is transphobic?

    Trans=homophobic by nature.

    • Yello Kat Says:


      Creator of the video here-

      I agree that if there’s something you dislike in your community, you should work to change it rather than run away.

      One thing I will say is that as far as transphobia goes, being trans* is not about changing your sex-not all trans* people get surgery, either because they don’t want to or because they can’t afford it, or for other reasons entirely. It’s about identifying as something other than the sex you were assigned, and that is a very real thing.

      Trans* people do encounter discrimination on the basis of their gender identity and/or presentation, and their experiences (transphobia) should be validated as a salient issue. For you to say transphobia is non-existent because changing your sex is impossible is to devalue their experiences.

      • anon male Says:

        It’s amazing how familiar the pattern is:

        1. Encounter someone not on the bandwagon
        2. Assume that they are either horrifically bad people
        3. Or if not, giving them the benefit of the doubt, assume that they must have never heard a single iota about trans shit before — because how could a decent person hear it and not believe?
        4. [re]Educate the crap out of them with “facts”!
        5. Hopefully they go on to replicate the same behavior with others
        6. World Peace

        “It’s about identifying as something other than the sex you were assigned, and that is a very real thing.”

        The web comic Penny-Arcade recently did a panel on Other-Kin, quasi supporting people who identify as species other than the one they were assigned at birth by ignorant and intolerant medical professionals; they depict a WW2 soldier asking his comrade to treat him as a raccoon.

        Of course, despite all this free to be you and me stuff (such as supporting a MTF who didn’t change *anything* when s/he “transitioned,” who created a video game that took shots at “radical feminists who refuse to see him as a woman”), I think how their community REALLY works is best summed up by their dickerdoodle contest: when they compete every xmas to see who has the hottest girlfriend (“cis” of course) they can convince to be photographed eating a cookie shaped like a dick. Plus a lot of rape humor. But hey, at least they’re not transphobes!

      • RE Says:

        nobody knows what it ‘feels’ like to be the opposite sex.
        the idea of being ‘assigned’ a sex at birth (by whom?) is a religious idea more than anything
        some people want to be TREATED the way the opposite sex is, for various reasons.
        those Reasons are what need to be destroyed, not healthy bodies or troubled minds longing to do their gender ‘right’

      • kpopfanswagg Says:

        Hey, sorry about that I was an ass and commented before finishing the video (yes, I know lol). I do like that you wrapped up your point very succinctly and by the end of the video you went in a completely different direction than I thought you would. I thought this would be another one of those “queer girl rant lolzcatz”, but you made some really excellent points.

        However, I do recognize transphobia acts of prejudice and even violence committed against the people identify as trans. And of course, it is NEVER excusable to commit acts of bigotry against others. That being sad, I cannot deny that I do not view transition the act itself as homophobic and gender-role normative. What I meant at the end of my post is that I fail to see how criticism and scrutiny over the aspects of transition is frowned upon and drowned out by cries of “Transphobia!”.

        The lack of willingness by the large majority of the trans* community to engage in meaningful discourse and critique over transition is what I find so off-putting.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Hi Yello Kat- I enjoyed watching your video. Thank you for commenting.
        I think you will find that most of the readers and commenters here are highly aware of trends in gender.

        You state: “It’s about identifying as something other than the sex you were assigned, and that is a very real thing.”

        Sex is not an identity. It is biology, and as you recognize, immutable.
        Sex is not “assigned”. The use of the term “assigned sex” originated in the discourse of the intersex community- the approximately one in 15,000 people who are born with a congenital anomaly of the reproductive system. They all have a “sex”, btw., but on very rare occasions their sex may be misidentified at infancy due to various conditions which can make their reproductive organs appear ambiguous. They are not transgender. They are individuals whose actual biological sex has been misidentified. An incredibly outlier happenstance that does NOT apply to 99.999% of the rest of us, including transgender people.

        The language used by intersex people to describe the struggles and hardships they suffer due to a congenital disorder do NOT apply to the rest of us. That language has been co-opted and colonized by transgender activists for the purpose of implying that biological reproduction in humans is mutable. Like a clownfish! It is not. Even the sex of individuals born with disorders/differences of sexual development is not changeable or fluid. No, transgender activists twist the language the intersex community have adopted to describe their medical traumas around reproductive misidentification in order to promote the idea that sex does not exist.

        This is very problematic for feminists, because the root of our oppression (as a caste) by males is our biological ability to generate offspring, and our ability to identify the lineage of that offspring. In other words= our sex. We organize politically for the liberation of the female sex, because we are oppressed on the basis of our sex.

        What IS “assigned at birth” are social roles. These are based on sex and are designed to condition females to subservience and males to domination. Here is a good primer displaying those roles, which are called “Gender”. Gender is a system of social mores- enforced by male violence- designed to enforce and codify a class hierarchy based on SEX.

        The Trans Politic puts forward the political platform that sex-roles (or “Gender”) is innate. They have even managed to have laws passed that codify certain behavioral, psychological, intellectual, and social traits as enforcably “appropriate” based on sex in the legal and government sphere. These laws, and this philosophy, is called “sex-role identity”, or more commonly, “Gender Identity”. Defining the legal status of individuals based on a social role hierarchy based on reproductive sex is incredibly oppressive to those at the bottom of that hierarchy= Female humans.

        You state “Trans* people do encounter discrimination on the basis of their gender identity and/or presentation…”

        “Gender Identity” as defined by the Trans Politic is an internal, subjective, personal identification with a social sex role ASSIGNED based on reproductive sex for the purpose of oppressing the female half of the species. As a personal belief system it is not visible, or quantifiable. Our private personal thoughts may cause others to discriminate based on our expression of these thoughts, but Gender Identity beliefs themselves are not visible and therefore not grounds for discrimination. This is quite different to the second part of your statement about sex-role EXPRESSION. Discrimination based on sex-role (or “Gender”) non-compliance is sexism. Not “transphobia”. We all encounter this discrimination which is intended to enforce the very codes of gender the trans politic seeks to codify as innate.

      • doublevez Says:

        One long fucking tautology. I kind of had to admire it.

      • kpopfanswagg Says:

        What GM said.

        And the little fact that the trans narrative sets us (LGB) back about 60 years.

        “Girls like pinks, Boys like blue, what’s that Tommy? You like pink???!! Time to get you that surgically opened wound-like “vagina” lickity split!”

        We have to change society to accept us, not chemically alter and surgically castrate ourselves to be accepted by society.

      • doublevez Says:

        Yello Kat I think I may have come off as flippant. :/ I apologize and want you to know I liked your video too, for what you have the courage to be trying to work through, but also, because it draws out this fabulous explanation from Gallus, which I find helps my understanding too. I hope you’ll hang around, actually.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank You Doublevez.

      • Mortified Says:

        Yello, glad to see you here. Yes, “trans” people are discriminated against. It’s sad when the discrimination is mean and stupid, as discrimination so often is. But sometimes discrimination is not a bad word — it can be necessary. Pedophiles face discrimination. Other delusional people face discrimination as well.

        Transgenderism is the only delusion that the medical community, in their infinite wisdom, decided to treat by believing it and pandering to it. Transracialism is surely possible within medical technology: plastic surgery and pigmentation treatments. But other than the poor, sad, delusional and deceased Michael Jackson (god[dess] rest his tormented soul) it never caught on.

        Oh, and note: Mr. Jackson’s children got the black genes, so much like transgenderism, his treatment was doomed to fail. Some things, the wise and clever (and very wealthy) physicians cannot change. They’ll never be as wise nor clever as the forces of nature (or gods if you prefer) who made us what we are.

  4. SheilaG Says:

    Lesbians took great risks coming out of the closet, and we are proud to be lesbians. The lesbian community is not monolithic at all, and I think all this fussiness with the word “lesbian” is simply a reluctance to be honest about who we are as lesbian women. Yes, there is conflict and hatred and it’s about the patriarchy.

    While I appreciate the intent of this video, I find the wishy washiness of the terms “queer” just a little bit too obfuscating.

    And I find there is plenty of hatred of women and particularly lesbian women out there just for being lesbians, we have no need to be queer— and I don’t want to be lumped in with straight people, fettishishtic men and bisexuals ever.

    I love women, I am not fluid sexually, and I find it offensive that anyone would foist this on lesbians to begin with.

  5. Bev Jo Says:

    Well said, Gallus and Sheila.

    I will never accept the myth about “transphobia” and what a hard life they have when the entire trans cult is a lie, just as it is with the “trans-paraplegic.” Pretending to be a member of a group you oppress horribly is cruel and unfair. Then saying those you oppress are oppressing you because you refuse their lie is the worst kind of mindfuck. Sorry, but it reminds me of rapists suing women who accuse them of rape.

    And, though I consider women who claim to be men in a whole other category, they still are female-hating and self-centered enough to betray other women while glorifying men, and they are in deep with supporting the trans cult medical industry. We are in a war of survival and they switched sides, but we’re to respect that and genuflect to them as well?

  6. Bilbo Says:

    Favorite quote:
    “just because you’re oppressed doesn’t mean you can’t oppress others as well.”

    Something the pomo queer community constantly ignores.

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