“My Precious Son” = Or My Precious Fake Transgender Troll Site?

October 15, 2012


“My Precious Son” = Or My Precious Fake Transgender Troll Site?

Apparently this is yet again, a fake transgender troll site. In this case, someone exploiting the struggles of children who suffer under the gender regime, and their concerned parents. See comments for details. 

Also check out CBL’s new post discussing the fake/troll phenomenon.



[New blog written by the mother of a “transgender child” who helped her son love and accept himself without drugs and surgeries. And without shaming, religion, or right-wing politics. To the Author: I am very pleased that you found GenderTrender to be so helpful in supporting your Gay son’s road to self-love and away from genderism. I do want to state however that this site does not “make fun of” trans, gay, or lesbian people. We do try to maintain a sense of humor about ourselves, and about the absurdity of the many MANifestations of sex-roles that we call “gender”. Sense of humor is important. “Making fun of people” is generally not useful. Just my opinion, you are certainly entitled to yours. Good luck with your blog. I look forward to following your work. -GM]

[ETA: I do NOT know this blogger, and to my knowledge they have NEVER commented or participated here. Is that the faint whiff of troll in the air? Who knows. Time will tell. Caveat Emptor. -GM]

30 Responses to ““My Precious Son” = Or My Precious Fake Transgender Troll Site?”

  1. kpopfanswagg Says:

    I like the way the mother dealt with this, she helped her son be ok with himself the way he was. I wonder if really a lot of these “trans kids” are just the same as gay men and women some years ago? Meaning, back then, there was really no concept of “transitioning” so all the fey gay men and butch women I knew never thought about it, we were just happy to be. Something to think about, I guess.

  2. doublevez Says:

    Yes, it’s a distinct possibility: you’ve become the goal for trans childhood history revisions. I think it’s probably some kind of coup to get published here. Maybe they have a pool?

  3. andrea wilkes Says:

    Please, please delete the comment linking celine moritz to this name. Celine is my sock puppet. I am trying to find out more about what the twanz are up to. I have got into a very small closed twanz group. They were talking about your post here on Colleen and planned an attack.

    That is why 3 suddenly showed up. I left 1 stupid comment as Celine to up my credibility with the group. You rightly took the piss out of me. So please please dont link them.

    I have had to delete my transgendered child blog. I have spent a lot of time – months – on my sock puppet and I do not want to abandon it now I am beginning to be trusted. So please please delete the comment linking the 2 ISP addresses.

    • GallusMag Says:


  4. doublevez Says:

    I still sneer about the little boy who hoped God would take his penis. You remember, slept with this jammies down to his knees, in case God was confounded by elastic and flannel?

  5. It seems that transgenderedchild.wordpress.com is no longer available, but from reading the quote on here, it sounds quite fetishistic.]

    Many little boys are indeed quite sensitive. At the age of three, they are all still just babies (my own boy is three right now). They all delight in the butterflies, and the stars and the grasshoppers. You can hardly tell a male and female three year old apart, and there’s no way that any sane parent would gender sensitive behavior at this age. Boys are more physical, perhaps, and I’m not sure whether it’s nature or nurture, but they are still very searching and pensive, and sensitive, all those typical behaviors we tend to associate with girls. And on the flip side, little girls are far more headstrong than society gives them credit for. They know their own minds.

    Now I have no idea what the fuck happens to males between the ages of 3 and 13 to make them turn out the way they do….
    And it’s very sad to realise that the innate confidence that girl-children posses has been all but knocked out of them by the time *they’ve* reached 13.

    • GallusMag Says:

      He panicked and deleted the weird blog.
      The funniest part is the idea that women would actually need to go sleuthing to know what male transgenders are up to. Jesus christ we can’t even have a conversation about sex roles, or birth control, or anything without them showing up and threatening us. We can’t have a private camp/music space without them setting up an emcampment outside, vandalizing the facilities and dumping flyers featuring pictures of their dicks. We can’t have a lesbian meeting without them trying to force themselves in. They make no fucking secret of their agenda. They publicize seminars where they discuss the “problem” of how to break through the “cotton ceiling” of lesbian bodies with their dicks. For fucks sake. You can’t get the fuck AWAY from their agenda. You certainly don’t need to go sleuthing. That is the dumbest fucking thing I ever heard.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Now to find out what FEMALE transgenders are doing you might need to look a bit, since the transgender “community” is almost entirely segregated by sex with the male and female trans never mixing.

        And like the rest of the world the males (“transwomen”) run the political orgs and disregard the needs of females. But so many female transgenders never leave female-only spaces (ie lesbian) that their agendas are pretty hard to miss if you are a gay female.

      • Yes, all we want to do is blog in peace and they won’t even let us do that.

        The idea that woman would need (or want) to bother wasting energy finding out what male transgenders/MRAs are up to is, as you say, completely ridiculous.

        What is *very* interesting, however, is how much time and effort they spend impersonating radfems/lesbians/women. As if real women have got the time for this shit.

    • Kathrin Says:

      “Now I have no idea what the fuck happens to males between the ages of 3 and 13 to make them turn out the way they do….”

      A lot of it is social conditioning and Testosterone. Impressionable boys dealing with body changes are surrounded by examples of the patriarchy in media and their social experiences, then grow up to internalize and repeat those behaviors and pass it on to the next generation.

      “And it’s very sad to realise that the innate confidence that girl-children posses has been all but knocked out of them by the time *they’ve* reached 13.”

      Deborah Tannen (a professor of linguistics) talks about this in her book “Talking from 9 to 5”, which looks at interaction between men and women in the workplace. She shows how linguistic styles and conversational approaches that women use often place women at a disadvantage when interacting with male-dominated systems – an example of the patriarchy serving the patriarchy.

      She talks about how these systems are an extension of the issues females face throughout their whole lives – using as an example Heather DeLoach, a child who gained some popularity dancing to a music video in a bee costume. When this girl made comments praising herself, she was criticized for holding a positive self-image. Deborah observes how behavior that is expected of males (agression, self-confidence, direct action, and so on) is punished in females.

  6. doublevez Says:

    Yes to little boys being sweet, curious, lovely little children. I would extend that to about age six, but the most pronounced childhood loveliness two to four definitely. I remember my own nephews so fondly at that age. Loving and lovable. Just little children.

  7. doublevez Says:

    Re trans revisionist childhood “memories”: these are the stories that come out of their delusions, that they tell to each other, to the gullible (we know who they are) and to the psychs and doctors. They babble this crap to each other trying to outdo the pathos. That they use the :mother: personae to do it sickens and enrages me.

  8. Bev Jo Says:

    You certainly are right, Gallus — a lot of men pretend to be Lesbians, and usually we can tell right off. It’s always good to be wary. But sometimes it really is a naive, well-meaning woman. I didn’t see the name of the person talked about at http://cherryblossomlife.com/2012/10/14/the-traffic-lights-are-green-on-this-side-of-the-street/, but a friend says it’s someone we know from various groups online and who is definitely a radical feminist Lesbian. They can argue that she doesn’t sound like a real radical feminist, but I can argue that about a lot who say they are also.

    I got to say that I’ve been able to tell three year olds apart easily, especially when the sweet little boys are torturing and killing animals, as well as sexually molesting them. I know, not all, but certainly far more than little girls. And then there are the sexual assaults and harassment that start quite young. Some of these comments are starting to sound like male-worshipping. I didn’t start out hating most males, but I learned quickly as a little girl who my enemy was.

    Boys more physical??? If a man said that here, wouldn’t he be called incredibly sexist? If mothers would stop telling girls to sit still and be ladylike, and let them wear trousers and comfortable shoes, they would be able to move around more. It’s a bit hard when you’re punished for climbing trees and told boys will see your underwear.

    I agree about distrusting the true trolls.

    And I got to say again, most F2Tts are not Butch and many are into men still. That stereotype won’t die. Butches are less male than other women, not more.

  9. karmarad Says:

    As for blogging in peace, we have the usual very specific male groupies who are insanely obsessive about interfering with our posts, which, btw, are constitutionally-protected. There’s a seriously-disturbed MRA faction pushing the notion of “infiltrating” our blogs. Or maybe it makes sense: women exercising their right to free speech is a real threat. The parallels to Salmon Rushdie and the Iranian imams and their mobs are irresistible; they want to stop us from speaking out at any cost, they organize their mobs, they spy, they disingenuously suck up, they try to get media exposure, they put out fatwas, they “out”, they threaten and intimidate like the bullies they are, the male specialty. They’re no good at it, though; each sockpuppet is duly noted, each threatener is id’d. Because they can’t fake it. Their language is bearded.

    • GallusMag Says:


      • kpopfanswagg Says:

        If only they embraced their scruffy neck-beardedness and stayed cute gay guys. The thing is though, it’s the “lesbian” (read heterosexual male) transsexuals that seem to be on this whole different breed and level of crazy. Not saying that I agree with gay men who transition, or that they’re not on some fucked up misogynist and self-loathing shit too (fish? really? I didn’t know this was still the era of pre-stonewall drag queen camp. Also, calling gay guys “faggots” once they buy their fuckhole in Thailand…very telling). Anyway, whenever I see the head of the trans community trying to push their way into this and that, it *surprisingly* to be one of these “lesbian” transsexuals.

        Seems to me like like they are the ones running the show.

        Guess those alpha-hetero-male habits never die, huh? 😉

  10. doublevez Says:

    They are always stalking, tormenting and harassing us. You have to think if this was “in real” they’d physically assault. It’s all part of a continuum, a power-trip ravening. They are sickening mentally ill. Maybe time to out them. If they won’t stop we should BRUTSCH them.

  11. KittyBarber Says:

    It’s hard enough to trust the names and obvious nommes-des-plumes (et guerre) -pardon my half-assed French- that so many use–and with good reason. But the males can’t seem to help it–they manage to out themselves, one way or another. They haven’t the brains to think like a feminist, of course. And any fiction writer can tell you that it’s vital to be able to think inside of your characters’ heads in order to have them believed.
    Not in their wildest dreams will they ever have the capacity to know what it is to BE a woman.
    Which is why the costumes and hair and lessons in ‘walking like a girl’ don’t do the trick.
    They’re still just men; watching “Coleen” try to be a woman would be a lot funnier if the State of Washington hadn’t had the liberal dose of Kool-Aid that it takes to buy this crap.
    But I remember what Rita Mae Brown said, a long time ago when she was a radical lesbian feminist: People will buy dog shit if you wrap it up in nice, pretty packages.
    Hmmmmm, dogshit! GOOOOOOD!

  12. Bev Jo Says:

    You are so right, Kitty! Fabulous Feces!

    Yes, the men are always so clearly men. They SO much have no idea of what a female is that the more they try, the more obviously male they are.

  13. GallusMag Says:

    FAKE Radfem site:
    WARNING to women, feminists and trans: this is a FAKE radfem site.
    This is the same person who posted as Celine and ran the fake parent of a trans child site. TROLL!

  14. ANM Says:

    Why is Lesley now pretending to be some kind of counselor for people with dysphoria? Is she in any way qualified to do this? Do we have any assurances that this person is even a woman? I saw a little bit about this on facebook but there almost seemed to be… dare I say it? A cover up of the facts.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Hi ANM. I understand your concerns. I know nothing about this troll- only that he has harassed me as an angry transwoman. And harassed me by then pretending to be the parent of a transgender child, asking me for support, when in fact he is not even a parent. The only information I have on this person is that he is:
      1. A liar
      2. A troll
      3. Harasses Lesbian Feminist bloggers
      4. Trolls Lesbians and Trans people and Feminists using many sock puppets for the purpose of harassing and stalking.

      I’m not on Facebook so can’t speak to that. I have warned folks about this person and shared the facts I know (see 1-4 above). Women can take those facts and protect themselves accordingly. If someone on Facebook is trying to “cover up” the FACTS about this troll I would assume they do so because they SUPPORT the harassment of Lesbian Feminist Bloggers and Trans people and the struggling parents of gender non-complaint children who are looking for help. I would avoid people who support the harassment and targeting of Lesbians etc.

      Trolls feed on attention. That is another FACT. I have decided to close comments on this post because I do not intend to feed this troll who targeted me. They have taken enough of my attention and the attention of my readers. That is my position. I don’t actually CARE who this troll is, because I already know EVERTHING I NEED TO KNOW about this skumbag. People have been warned, they can pursue this elsewhere on their own blogs/facebook etc if they want.

      No matter what “side” (?) any of us are on re: Gender, we should all be free from stalking and harassment and lying trolls that target Lesbians and Trans people.

      I am closing comments to this post. Thank you to everyone who has contacted me. For those leaving comments to this post which are not being published, please accept my apology and also my thanks for looking out for me, and each other. Harassing me is not a method for receiving attention from me. No more attention for this troll on my blog. Thank you for understanding.

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