I’m a Dumb Prick

October 17, 2012

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  1. MarySunshine Says:

    I suspect the difference between those older women who feel invisible and those who don’t is purely about how far we are perceived to conform, or don’t, to patriarchal ideas of “femininity”.

    Very much. I’m pushing 70, and gender-non-conforming. Plus, loose dark-coloured clothing which is made for males.

    But, not taking unnecessary chances, so I carry a knife on one side of my belt, pepper spray on the other.

  2. Becky Green Says:

    How clueless! What the hell did he think would happen? Did he think he’d be treated with kindness and respect? To be female means that your looks and actions can, and will be, openly scrutinized, ridiculed and commented on by strangers in very public ways, anywhere at anytime. To be female is, in a sense, to be owned by the public at large.

    I’ve had every part of my body freely discussed right in front of me by people I barely knew and it started at a disturbingly young age. I’ve been told to smile countless times. No one ever says that crap to a man, he’s always entitled to his personal feelings and boundaries. I guess that’s the difference between being treated as a subject or an object.

    • Bilbo Says:

      Of course he did- they lived their life as a guy for 25 years. If he was a nicer kind of guy in those days, he still probably didn’t believe that so many males were such entitled assholes. When he other men acting that way, he figured it was just a few bad apples. Also probably didn’t see as much of it, since men tend to defer to other men.

      It’s fucking sick that they think it’s easier for females because they’ve had the chance to get used to being treated like an object. Wow, just wow.

      It’d be good if more males could experience what they did, and see what life is like as a woman without appropriating womanhood and erasing females in the process.

  3. Loup-loup garou Says:

    Unbelievable. Especially the part where he says, “most girls have had 28 years to adjust to that [unwanted hostile sexual attention, harassment, and hearing the “smile!” command from random dudes].” Gosh, I feel so sorry for him — he’s voluntarily taken artificial hormones that cause him to be perceived as female, and surprise! he’s discovering how women are actually treated — like prey. And he’s discovering that it’s no fun.

    Well, I have news for you, dude: the only way any woman “adjusts” to that is at great personal cost. Some women do manage to talk themselves into believing that it’s some sort of compliment to be sexually harassed, or that the complete stranger, or pushy coworker, who shouts “Smile!” at them in a nasty tone of voice actually means well. They convince themselves that this is just the way things are, and maybe even the way things should be, and that if they don’t like it, it’s because their perceptions are flawed. At some point in their lives, someone probably told them that the real reason they hate all that unwanted sexual attention is that they have “low self-esteem, and can’t take a compliment.” Who hasn’t heard that? You complain about being catcalled, and someone tells you to work on your self-esteem. (Because “Nice tits!” is just a more informal way of saying, “Good morning Ms. Jones, how nice to see you.”) For eff’s sake. You cannot “adjust” to this without doing yourself real harm. At the very least, the mental gymnastics will exhaust you.

    And then there are those of us who simply refused to adjust. Not necessarily because we’re better or stronger than the women who chose Option A (crippling mental gymnastics), but because for whatever reason, we found Option B more bearable. Option B, of course, is being called “bitch,” “man-hating lesbian,” and “doctrinaire feminist” (that’s just polite code for “bitch” and “man-hating lesbian.”) Either way, we have all had to pick our poison, starting around age 12 at the very latest.

    The M2T who made the video thinks that makes it easier for women to deal with being seen as less than human, but the truth is, it just means that by the time you’re 28, you’ve been living under siege for over half your life. And at that point, you’ve still got two more decades of youth and near-youth to go. Then, if you’re lucky, the older woman’s cloak of invisibility starts to kick in — but it doesn’t always, as some have pointed out. How f***ed up is that, anyway, that women actually have to look forward to becoming socially invisible? Can you imagine Mitt Romney thinking to himself, “Thank you, Heavenly Father, I’m finally reaching that age where no one really notices men anymore! I can’t wait to be able to go to a church bakesale without all those blue-haired ladies grabbing my ass.” Didn’t think so.

  4. Becky Green Says:

    Womanhood, it’s nothing like the brochure!

    I wonder how many of these men will detransition when the perks of youth are gone and they aren’t cute fuckable trannies anymore. My guess is a good number of them will discard their feminine mask when it ceases to reap any social or sexual advantage for them. “It’s just no fun anymore, I’m going back being a man now!” These men just don’t have the “balls” to be an old woman.

  5. Rusty Says:

    For once I’d like to hear a MtT talk some respect about females who’ve been dealing with misogyny their whole lives, instead of yammering on about how it’s so much harder for them because they have to ‘adjust to it’ so suddenly. What a reversal that is. It reminds people who think it’s worse to be poor when you were once rich than it is to have been poor your whole life.

    • Adrian Says:


      Even then though I think it’s a bit different. The rich guy who loses everything and becomes poor has various advantages from the rich time, but still can’t go back. So his “culture shock” (to use a possibly problematic term) is legit, it’s not the end of the world and yeah people probably roll eyes but to HIM, okay, it’s a thing, he HAS to deal with because he can’t go back to the old life, so maybe some sympathy (tiny violin, anyway) is warranted. It’s an experience he has to go through, which hurts him, even if others laugh.

      Whereas, the trans* experience is one that is completely voluntarily chosen the whole time.

      The elephant in the room is that they always CAN go back. No one is forced to cross dress, no one is forced to take hormones and morph to the point of not fitting in. And anyway, most of the “zomg not passing and so getting hate” people, if they decided to just quit trying and go back to presenting as their birth sex, can do it (though there’s been comments from people who had certain feminizing surgeries and then couldn’t quite go back all the way, I do feel for them but…)

      Point being, at least in the case of M2T as in the original post here, this is an issue of people CHOOSING to present as an oppressed group. They are men, who choose, for whatever reason, to present as women because they “feel” that way or whatever it is. Then they don’t pass, they get side eye in the women’s bathroom or comments, or maybe they do pass and they get street harassment (but probably more likely they don’t fully pass and get the worst of it, street harassment for being trans*).

      Thing is? They can put on a suit and present “man” and wow, harassment goes away. If someone were to pants them in doubt, well, penis! so yeah they pass as men and get privilege.

      At which point they will say, oh, but we can’t do that, because dysphoria kicks in.

      But that doesn’t change the underlying situation with regards to privilege, which is that those people have the OPTION, horrible as it might sound to them, of saying “yeah, I’ll just go back to presenting as my birth sex” and passing again as MEN and getting all that status and no one bothering them.

      Whereas WOMEN, no matter WHAT we wear, how we present, if we’re identifiable as women (and what if someone pulls down your pants?), we get the hate and street harassment, no matter what.

      Always to me it’s a fascinating thing, just what is this activity of appropriating the identity of an oppressed group. Transgender, in particular the idea of men appropriating women, is getting a pass (hah) in some circles.

      But there’s others out there – transabled for one, transethnic for another. Would someone take seriously the idea that someone “feels I’m black inside” while being 100% normally white passing and only ever grown up in white US society, claiming this identity? And then claiming on top of that that they have EXTRA pain because “regular” black people at some event don’t take them at their word? Or people saying “I know I can walk around fully able-bodied but my true inner self, I’m paraplegic ‘inside’ and oh, let me explain about the problems with non-accessible buildings”?

      Usually for the latter two they don’t, though the fight does go on.

      It’s not a binary, it’s a hierarchy. And it means something to voluntarily try to become a member of a lower status group.

      People might not LIKE to put on a suit and present as their birth sex of male, but they have the OPTION. Born women don’t have that option. We’re not just oppressed when we have a costume on, we’re oppressed all the time. (Or we pass as men, maybe, but if someone pulls down the pants…?) And that does matter.

      • Anon Says:

        Adrian: I’m kind of a tranny (trans-femme spectrum), and most of what you say is right on in my limited experience. But your quote “If someone were to pants them in doubt, well, penis” only holds for some people. Having gotten on blockers before I got facial hair, my d*** is pretty shrunken, at least to the point I’d be scared if anyone saw it.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Anon please decide on a name to comment under. We already have one Anon. Thanks. 😉

      • anon Says:

        I’m not just anon anymore though! Is there a resource where there’s factual information on hormone blockers and shit because I don’t trust any of these anecdotes?

        I don’t mean to single out this other anon but it seems like murkily presented trans narratives seem to all be mutually supporting. Even stuff like “before I got facial hair” might be an honest recollection, but innocent bystanders might take that to mean more than it actually does since it seems to have the weight of medical science.

        I was six feet tall at 13; I didn’t begin shaving regularly until maybe 21, 22. Ethnicity and all sorts of things play a part in that. But if enough dudes repeat the phrase “but I started on blockers before facial hair,” the general public starts to think it means something when it can mean virtually anything.

        For example, a lot of mainstream liberal women I know believe that mtfs on hormones can’t have erections, are effectively chemically castrated, etc., and are therefor safe. A lot of their support as good liberals for trans inclusion with women is based on that assumption. This lore is spread by certain trans. And because it’s sciency, not even examples like Colleen Ravenfucker or whatever seem to dispell this belief.

        But anon, coming into a room full of women and talking about your dick, even to say how non threatening you think it is, is still coming into a room full of women and talking about your dick. How the hell was the point you’re responding to an invitation to do that? Good grief.

      • anon male Says:

        crap, posting from a different computer, I hadn’t updated my name yet!

  6. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Translation (heh!): “I was so completely wrapped up in myself, I couldn’t be bothered to even notice what half the freaking human population had to deal with on a daily basis!”

  7. Ashland Avenue Says:

    There’s something else at play here: yet another MtT essentially talking about how very hot he is. He’s yammering on about how hard it is to accept a compliment, which is a backhanded way of informing the world (particularly other trannies, I’m sure) that people find him soooooo hot! Look how well I pass! *gag* It seems to be some weird compulsion with them; as it’s a recurring theme in so many of these sad videos. (*Homer Simpson whisper*: we’re not supposed to notice!)

    All in all, this guy’s absolute cluelessness about women is mind-boggling.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Clueless and incredibly offensive. I loled when another man who derives his sexual arousal from performing his fetishsized version of “female object” wrote to me complaining of the absence of any written analysis or commentary attached to this post. LOL. He wanted the female POV ‘splained to him. Oh and he said the title was “mean”.
      Well I do call this asshole a prick in the title, I guess that is kind of mean. “Clueless Penis Fellow”? Is that a better title?

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        All he has to do is read other posts here for his precious written analysis or commentary, but of course he can’t be bothered. Naturally.

        I wouldn’t think twice about the title – they’ve said (and threatened) far worse about us. Don’t feel as though you have to be nice or even nicer.

  8. Melanie Says:

    Wow a lot of uneducated idiots here…

    First she is a girl use the correct pronouns (she, her) it is just respectful. Second being transgendered isn’t a choice, and saying they have an option to stay the sex they were incorrectly assigned is stupid. Most that do end up committing suicide.

    She was merely letting other trans women know what to prepare for. For you to call her stupid for trying to help others know what they are in for is just moronic.

    Yes cis-women have to deal with these issues to I am sure she understands that. The fact is though, someone who has grown up forced to be male does not see this change of perspective coming. Her helping others prepare for it is nothing for you to criticise.

    • GallusMag Says:

      You should educate yourself.

      Girls are juvenile females. This person is neither female nor juvenile. He is an adult male.

      Transgender IS a choice. Educate yourself and read the things transgender people say.

      “Most that do end up committing suicide.” Citation? Oh no wait, you just pulled that lie out of your ass. Because you are not educated and would rather lie.

      Suicide rates for pre and post “gender transforms” are the same. Some studies show an increase in suicidality post-operatively.

      No one is “forced to be male”. Humans are a reproductively dimorphic species. You should look into it. Sex is not MALEable (lol).

      I’ll criticize disgusting men that objectify and stereotype and colonize women ALL DAY LONG.

      • Hayden Says:

        If you want to be educated, maybe you should look at the growing number of scientific studies showing that trans people have atypical brain sizes for their assigned sex (MtFs have female neuron numbers in a limbic nucleus, average female white matter microstructure, matching regional gray matter differentiation) and just so happen to have atypical genetic coding related to hormone sensitivity (CYP17 related to sex steroid metabolism for FtMs, repeat length polymorphism in the androgen receptor for MtFs). That’s only some stuff, and that’s all we’ve found so far.

        Most animals are sexually dimorphic, yeah. But wait, what’s this? Fish in areas of water contaminated by certain chemicals begin to exhibit odd sexual characteristics; a percentage of genetically male fish begin generating female sexual characteristics or exhibiting female behavior, a percentage of genetically female fish do the exact opposite. Wait, what’s this? Studies with humans have found that prenatal exposure to hormones like diethylstilbestrol increase the chances of that child being trans by over a thousand percent? What a coincidence!

        It just boggles me that so many of you take a trans person doing what they want to do to be happy as some sort of personal offense, as if they’re propping up the patriarchy and making your world so terrible by doing something healthy for themselves rather than a relatively unfortunate genetic turn of events. Fortunately, the only reason it is unfortunate is that people with unreasonable, unquestionable opinions treat them like shit. Lots of other reasonable, empathetic folks understand that maybe they don’t know everything and are open to other people’s legitimate experiences that they will never be able to understand. A man will never fully understand what being a woman in our world is like, but he can still learn what he contributes to through great schools of thought like feminism. You will never understand what being a trans person is like but maybe one day you may be able to learn what you contribute to with your hateful rhetoric and uneducated, unscientific opinions founded on what you learned about sex chromosomes in junior high school.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Hayden, it seems you’ve been reading (and accepting at face value) too much of known liar Alan Brain’s bullshit. I’m sorry for that. If you’d bothered to read any other posts at this site – which I doubt – you’d see (and possibly understand) some of the very valid issues and questions we have with trans people.

        Speaking strictly for myself, I wouldn’t care what men did with their bodies (hey, it’s a free country), if only they would respect born women’s lives, realities, and boundaries. The reasons why I demand this are explained in detail via many other posts here; I’m not going to explain the whole damned thing again for your convenience, as I’ve neither the time nor desire. (BTW, I’m fully aware that a born woman “demanding” anything of born men is unnerving, to say the least, to most of said born males. My goodness, just where do I get off saying such a thing? Well, get used to it. Here at GenderTrender, we don’t bow before the almighty cock.)

        Now go toddle off and educate yourself before barging in here and being yet another abusive creep trying to gaslight us into believing that our boundaries are “hateful rhetoric.” I mean, Jesus. You sound like every other fucking date rapist or lech out there.

      • GallusMag Says:

        If you want to be educated, maybe you should look into the growing number of scientific studies proving “Neurosexism”. Do you know what “Neurosexism” is? You should, if you want to be educated. It is the practice of promoting pseudoscientific “studies” attempting to prove hideously sexist ideas. Do you know what “Pseudoscience” is? You should, as an educated person. And you should because you just quoted a bunch of it, in such a nonsensical jibber-jabber way that it is clear to a casual reader that you have no idea what you are talking about. I recommend you educate yourself on the history and practice of Neurosexism. And Pseudoscience. That’s only some stuff, and that’s all we’ve found so far.

        Humans are not fish. And fish born with disorders of sexual development due to exposure to environmental toxins are not transgender. Transgender people have normal healthy reproductive systems. Please cite the studies which you claim prove that human exposure to DES causes a one thousand-fold increase in sex-role noncompliance among children (and subsequent desire to call themselves Jayden, Hayden or Aiden. Or Tiffany Marie). An educated person like yourself should have no problem posting the links to these “studies with humans”. I should like to see them. Unless of course they don’t exist. Which they don’t. You just made it up! 😉

        You claim sex-role rebellious folks have a birth defect caused by DES exposure. And that the only symptom is unhappiness with social sex-role. And that the presumed cure is medicalized sex-role conformity. If you want to be educated, maybe you should look at the history of medical and psychiatric atrocities inflicted on lesbian, gay, and sex-role non-compliant persons. And look into the DES studies while you are at it.

        It just boggles that a commenter like yourself completely disregards the many comments by women stating how offensive it is for males to fetishize the oppressed state of the sexual undercaste, and how hideously sexist their clumsy mimicry of what they imagine female humanity is comprised of. It just boggles that you would completely disregard the oppression of half of the human population who is born reproductively female. It boggles that a woman like yourself flings hateful rhetoric and disgusting pseudoscience and neurosexism at your sisters who are still fighting for liberation: unlike you who surrendered long ago.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Ashland- Sometimes I like to publish a non-death-threaty comment or two that highlights the tropes the trans politic is using to push through their male supremacist agenda on an unsuspecting populace. I know it’s pretty boring since we’ve all heard it so many times before.
        BTW I wonder what happens to all those DES created trans people who get bored and detransition years later. Maybe the DES works it’s way out of their laydee brains and the “birth defect” reverses itself?

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Hey, Gallus, no problem – it’s good to know the tricks up their sleeves. Unfortunately, we’ll have to repeat ourselves as different MtT come barging in. Luckily, it gives me a delicious pleasure to talk back to their bullshit. The times I find myself getting too angry, I step away for a couple days. I hope you do too, my friend.

      • GallusMag Says:

        HA! Can you tell I’m all pissy today? I have CWAMMMPPPSSSSS (yanno the laydee kind) and am irritable! Look out haters! lmao…. elipse… elipse…

      • Hayden Says:

        @Ashland: But the “valid issues and questions” being raised from this site are not open to receiving answers outside of its own preconceptions. There is constant posting about how some people detransition, and hey, what do you know, being trans wasn’t right for that person, or right for them right now, or whatever. But then these people are held up as definitive proof that all trans people are just delusional, convinced by society to force themselves into unnatural medical intervention. Why is there no compulsion to accept that maybe people are different, that there are multiple narratives which each contain some validity? To me, it seems like the common train of thought here is to fit it into this box of men wanting to invade women’s spaces and undermine the sisterhood for MtFs, and women tired of being shat on by the patriarchy for FtMs… and I wouldn’t doubt the latter, it has to be a contributing factor. But all of the MtFs I know aren’t doing it for any sick compulsion to subvert womanhood, they are literally miserable until they transition and finally feel comfortable having the world reflect to them what they feel on the inside.

        @GallusMag: I’m familiar with neurosexism, and yeah it’s a bunch of pseudoscientific bullshit; definitive conclusions cannot be made about brain capabilities based on the size and density differences. And there are differences. Men have 6x more gray matter, women have 10x more white matter. Certain regions of the brain are on average more dense in females, others in males. But what does it matter? There are people who experienced hydrocephalus as a child, they grow up to be adults and have almost nothing besides cerebrospinal fluid in their brains and they can function just fine. Neuroplasticity is a powerful thing. The brain is a complex instrument that still has centuries of mysteries to unravel, but there is no neurosexism in measuring parts of the brain and seeing there are different sizes and neuronal concentrations. Drawing conclusions as to ability on that basis would be. Pointing out that trans people fall within the averages of their target gender’s brains isn’t sexist, it’s just interesting data with a super strong correlation to some biological impetus for trans people’s feelings.

        The fish thing was just another correlation. By definition of transgenderism, those fish are exhibiting transgender behavior… sometimes with their reproductive systems intact. Here is the study on DES, Prenatal exposure to diethylstilbestrol(DES) in males and gender-related disorders:results from a 5-year study Scott Kerlin. Proc. International Behavioral Development Symposium July 2005:

        For your ease: http://www.desaction.org/documents/SCOTTKERLINRpt2005.pdf

        From the article:
        More than 150 network members with “confirmed” or “strongly suspected” prenatal DES exposure identified as either “transsexual, pre- or post-operative,” (90 members),
        “transgender” (48 members), “gender dysphoric” (17 members), or “intersex” (3 members). These statistics are taken from self-report terms provided by individual participants in their health histories (see Appendix, Part III).

        That’s from a sample size of 500 genetic males. And !!!150!!! of them are gender non-conforming in some way, which is much, much higher than the national average. Much higher than 1000% even, closer to 10000%. And there are many contributory factors beside DES exposure, that is just one clear-cut example of prenatal hormone exposure having definitive psychosexual effects.

        I don’t intend to disregard the comments by stating my own reasoned opinion on the subject, I just disagree with them. Just as you disagree with (and IMHO disregard) the many comments and narratives by a large section of happy transitioned people. To say I completely disregard the oppression of women because I empathize, integrate and have worked to understand my trans friends is an absurdly hyperbolic conclusion. I’m a feminist, but I’m not going to victimize myself and pretend to be hurt by people doing something with their own lives that genuinely makes them a happier person, adds more diversity to the realm of human expression and has literally no connection with perpetuating oppression on me and my sisters.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Pointing out that trans people fall within the averages of their target gender’s brains isn’t sexist, it’s just interesting data with a super strong correlation to some biological impetus for trans people’s feelings.”

        There are no such findings. Researchers have been trying to prove the existence of “laydee brains” for a hundred fucking years to justify sexist “feelings”. It’s all crap. Researchers have been trying to find “homosexual brains” to justify “feelings” and “transgender brains” to justify sexism for sixty fucking years. They have nothing. It is all crap. And you are spreading that crap. You quote “brain size studies” based on one 20 year old cadaver study featuring less than a dozen male brains that have been subjected to high doses of synthetic estrogen their entire lives and claimed to show a tiny amount of brain shrinkage- results that have never been replicated in another study. Total and utter crap, and here you are quoting it as fact. You seem intelligent, so I am going to have to assume you are not stupid. Therefore you are deliberately being dishonest. You are deliberately spreading false information for your sexist genderist political platform.

        Deformed fish are a “correlation” to genderism? In what branch of science do deformed fish correlate to a social medical movement? Oh, the branch called PSEUDOSCIENCE. The fish exhibit transgender behavior by cutting parts of each other’s bodies off to appear more like the other sex? NOOOOO. You are talking about fish that exhibit homosexual behaviors, or atypical sexual and mating behaviors. That is no “correlation” to transgenderism. Another lie.

        What happened to the “studies on humans proving a thousand-fold increase in transgenderism in children”? You cited one source- preliminary results of an anonymous internet survey of adult males, only 60% of which self-report confirmed DES exposure. There is 0% objective confirmation of medical records in this survey. The first paragraph of that preliminary online survey result already contradicts your 150 participant outcome. Was there a control group of individuals matching the age, geographic location, level of education, interest in accessing health information etc. ? NOOOO.
        Adverse health effects reported by survey participants are NOT EVEN INCLUDED in this “preliminary” survey (now 9 years old). Instead, this statement is offered: “Statistics on the full extent of
        reporting of these concerns are still undergoing analysis.” WHAT IN THE WHAT???

        What sort of questionaire was used? Not reported. Content? Not reported. Sample questions? Not reported. Methodology? Not reported. Even for an online survey this source is incredibly flawed and completely useless. My gosh that could be why these results have never been reproduced in the last decade. Or ever.

        This is literally some Milton Diamond bullshit of the highest order. And as Ashland Avenue called it: this is one of Alan Brain’s cut and paste pseudoscience numbers, designed to spread misinformation and confuse casual readers by saying “Science!”
        You are a liar.

        This is exactly why I do let some of these trope-laden trans-planation comments through, even though they might be boring. It is really important to see the tactics the trans lobby uses to lie and misinform the public and the casual reader:

        Throw out a bunch of completely unscientific old pseudoscientific data (which is the only type they have to cite, since it is bullshit),

        Compare healthy humans to deformed fish,

        Conflate reproductive deformity with transgenderism,

        Conflate homosexual behavior with transgenderism,

        Conflate sex-role nonconformity with transgenderism,

        When questioned, become more insistent on the “Science!” and demand the time and energy of the questioner to debunk your shitty fake “Science!”,

        After their science is debunked, they fall back on “Well the actual science may not show anything but it proves that there may one day be science that could”,

        THEN, and only THEN, do we get to the truth of the matter. As Kayden comments:

        “I don’t intend to disregard the comments by stating my own reasoned opinion on the subject, I just disagree with them.”

        Ahhhh. You just disagree, based on nothing. You have offered no reasoned opinion, you told a bunch of easily de-bunked scientific fish tales.

        “Just as you disagree with (and IMHO disregard) the many comments and narratives by a large section of happy transitioned people.”

        You seem confused on this point. I don’t think any of us care what anyone’s personal narrative about themselves is. I personally couldn’t be less interested. What we care about is how the false and delusion assertions of a POLITICAL MOVEMENT negatively effect the status of women.

        The negative impact of the transgender politic on the status of women has been so widely and thoroughly documented over several decades of feminist organizing that it is absurd for you to claim that you are unaware of that impact. In short, you are a liar. You completely disregard the profound oppression genderism inflicts on women of all ages, across all classes, ethnicities and social spheres. How you find it possible to achieve that level of denial and dishonesty is a mystery known only to yourself. It is truly destructive and offensive to women.

        To you, it all comes down to (paraphrasing) “Absent all evidence, I choose a faith-based belief that says LayDee brains make healthy LayDees wear lipstick, and LayDees that don’t want to are deformed”. THAT is what YOU Kayden are asserting. (Exchange “wear lipstick” with any random behavioral, emotional, intellectual characteristic of your choosing). That you frame your horrifically oppressive anti-female gender philosophy – and the codification of such into law!- as “not” oppressive only indicates your opinion that the oppression of females is a GOOD THING.

      • BadDyke Says:

        “this is one of Alan Brain’s cut and paste pseudoscience numbers, designed to spread misinformation and confuse casual readers by saying “Science!””

        Just to add, I went up against A. Brain on another discussion, and he was doing the same ole thing of citing papers, and claiming this paper says this (knowing that most people won’t have access to academic papers, or understand it if they do).

        Ha-ha! I went and found the paper, read it in detail, and then came back with a detailed rebuttal of his claims. Surprise, surprise, he didn’t retract a word of his original claims, just said ‘good answer’, or somesuch, then buggered off. And i fully expect he’ll make exactly the same claims using the same list of papers as before, because people like him don’t care about the actual science, they just care about the ideology.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        “@Ashland: But the “valid issues and questions” being raised from this site are not open to receiving answers outside of its own preconceptions.”


        No, Hayden, the thing is, we’ve listened to transwomens’ words. Over and over again, through the years, as a matter of fact. (Perhaps you’re new to this, but we’re not.) I simply reject some/most of it, the same as you reject our stances. This is not some knee-jerk response; rather, it’s developed over a period of time. When I first began reading and hearing about transwomen, I felt sorry for them. Wow, that must truly suck, I thought, as I watched some program on The Discovery Channel. As a sexual minority myself (I’m lesbian), they felt like a kindred spirit to me, kind of.

        But as time went on, I witnessed and read of transwomen dominating women’s spaces and events. Events that centered on a female upbringing, or female-bodiedness, were slowly eliminated as alienating to transwomen, no matter how many (or how much) born women needed these events. At these times, many of them seemed totally unwilling to confront and acknowledge the male privilege that they’d been raised with, and which was now coloring their actions, even if they hadn’t
        subscribed to a stereotypically male identity growing up.

        Then things got nastier – lesbians were accused (branded, I should say) as “transphobic” if they didn’t want to date or sleep with a transwoman, even if said transwoman still had his dick. Truly. I sure as hell hope you’re lesbian, Hayden. Because if you’re yet another straight woman who’s fallen in love with the oh-so-sweet transwomen, who regards them like Grace dotes on Will, and you have the gall to come here and lecture us lesbians on how we’re JUST SO MEEEEAN!!, then you can certainly fuck right off.

        I have no doubt that some trans people are happier after transition. But that’s not why I’m here. Speaking strictly for myself, my main concerns with trans people are how they intersect in the lives of born women and particularly born lesbians. Also, it deeply concerns me that so many young women (almost all lesbian) are having drastic, irreversible changes made to their bodies. Hayden, I’m a two-time breast cancer survivor. I’ve had a double mastectomy, plus a host of follow-up surgeries. I’ve been on some nasty,
        powerful drugs. I know whereof I speak. Surgery isdrastic shit, fraught with risk. But the trans movement,
        especially for FtT, has reduced it to almost a whim. A fad, even.
        This concerns me, and I will speak out about it. IRL, and online.

        At the risk of having my ass kicked, I don’t agree with absolutely everything posted here. I have my own beliefs. But
        do not for one moment think that these beliefs are unconsidered
        or unstudied. Both what I have seen and what I have read
        come into play here, as well as the perspective that the passage of time affords us. Now: this has taken enough of my
        time. Done.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Gallus: I was suspicious watching the beginning of that video.
        Even so, didn’t see that coming! Shit. I think my hair’s still standing on end!

    • GallusMag Says:

      “First she is a girl use the correct pronouns (she, her) it is just respectful.”

      I don’t respect him. I think he is outrageously offensive. And a stupid prick.

      • Melanie Says:

        Don’t worry a lot of people feel exactly the same about you. ❤

      • GallusMag Says:

        Fair enough. Usually those people have no rational or coherent response to the sex-role critiques that I post.

      • Melanie Says:

        To be perfectly honest the transgendered community that you seem to have so much issue with, just doesn’t respond to people like yourself most of the time. We are used to being criticised and taunted for who we are and have found it is best to just ignore it.

        My issue is not that you have a problem with transgendered people. My issue is that you feel the need to personally attack the person not the group.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You’re right in stating that men like yourself don’t care what women and lesbians say or think about issues of importance to us. As you say, the thoughts of females are of no importance to men like you. On the other hand, you fellows expend enormous time and attention trying to stop us females from conversing with those who DO care what we think and say. And enormous time admonishing us from discussing the things men like you do to harm us.

        As for personally attacking this man: I don’t even know him. I could care less about him personally. I am basing my critique on his offensive public broadcast.

        Educate yourself.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Fuck off, “Melanie.” We don’t give a crap what your “issue” is. Got it? No? Didn’t think so. Men don’t usually grasp it when women refuse to take them, or their needs, or their wants, or their feelings, into account. It’s like their brains just can’t fathom it.

    • anon male Says:

      It’s a scientific fact that 100% of actual, bonafied transexuals commit suicide. It’s only the pretenders and wannabes who survive long enough to transition. Sad but true.

      Sorry to be flip, but honestly, that’s the state of the research given the fact that no one can even decide who counts as trans and it’s not like you can do an honest assessment of people’s fantasy lives.

    • michelle Says:

      “Wow a lot of uneducated idiots here… ”

      Gee, a comment like that directed towards females from a man doing woman-face. Consider me just shocked and everything…even moreso that we get someone coming over here mansplainin’ to us while using that “cis” term (the dead giveaway that the mansplainer is a male to trans and not a female).

      And as noted, yeah, ‘transgendered’ is a choice- your poster children such as the Sandeens, Roberts, Witherspoons, Kosileks and Francis’ (to name just a few) have made it more than abundantly clear that it is a CHOICE to go through life playing dress-up since the surgery is a ‘personal choice.’ So much for the claim that ‘staying the sex’ that nature says they are and were born will lead to suicide…although in Kosilek’s case, it is clear that his delusional pursuits DID cost his wife HER life.

      If a male-to-trans makes the decision to turn their lives upside down and had no clue what females have been going through all their lives, then they pretty much prove the argument that there is no such thing as “feeling like a woman” for all of their lives…after all, if they really did have a clue what females go through, then there would be no need for these ‘change of perspective’ videos or anything to have to prepare for.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Hey “Melanie,” men like you are nothing new to us. It’s laughable that you consider us “uneducated,” when the fact is we’re quite educated about the kool-aid you and yours are trying to peddle – we simply aren’t buying it. And nice of you, a male, to come here and demand that we “show respect”. Very telling.

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      Wow a lot of uneducated idiots here…

      Biology is twanzphobic. Deal with it “Melanie”.

      Frankly, you dudes doing woman-face, then having the nerve to tell us how much worse it is for you guys to finally be on the receiving end of what most of us put up with during our lives… well, just plainly fucking offensive.

      Being female (or in the case of some M2Ts, being mistaken for female) is not all pwetty dwesses and shopping. Welcome to the prey class. We’ve only been complaining about the sexual harassment for the last 40 years, it really should not come as any surprise, unless of course, you dudes were not actually listening, which seems to be the case.

      You are both dumb pricks for not listening to women. And you “Melanie” continue not to.

  9. Bev Jo Says:

    I LOVE your title, Gallus, and your dealing with the female-hating trannie reprimand, and so many of the comments here.

    Isn’t it all about male entitlement, narcissism, self-centeredness, etc.?

    I do not feel at all for men who can’t return to full male privilege after they appropriated our identity. Don’t forget they happily are re-writing Lesbian and feminist history and saying they are Lesbians while publicly writing racist and other oppressive crap — in our name.

    I feel for all of us who are victimized by them and by their female supporters. I feel for all of us who can’t have one female-identified Butch workshop at a Butch conference, while these men get several. I feel for those of us that they stalk and sexually harass (and you know they are sexually assaulting as well, and yes, some are murdered by these pricks). I feel for all the females denied female-only space because these men are more important than real females, and what they want and demand ALWAYS comes before what we need. Females are just a fetish obsession to them. I have talked with and read so many and besides they lying, I still have not heard one yet say anything about how/why they feel like a woman that is even remotely like what a real woman would say.

    We can’t even begin to know the extent of the harm these men are doing, IN OUR NAME, but we can imagine.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “I do not feel at all for men who can’t return to full male privilege after they appropriated our identity. ”

      They can. Instantly.
      It takes years to “pass” as a female but only 24 hours to “change back”- even after facial feminization, years of hormones, and SRS. Haircut and a wardrobe change (and binder) does the trick. Throw in a few testosterone shots- they’re all set.

      “We can’t even begin to know the extent of the harm these men are doing, IN OUR NAME, but we can imagine.”

      LOL this brings to mind something I was reading earlier about Synthia Kavanagh. Synthia is a man who murdered his transgender lover by bludgeoning him 20 times with a hammer and sticking a knife in his eye. Canadian, convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to 25 years, the maximum sentence in Canada. He is also the first man to win taxpayer-funded SRS (including breast implants I believe) in that country, and subsequent transfer to a women’s prison- exactly what Robert/Michelle Kosilek is trying to do in the US.

      Like Kosilek, Synthia was a tough-ass dude. Kosilek says the reason other inmates leave him alone is cause he beat the bejesus out of another inmate with a broomstick. Synthia was a tough hombre too, obviously. So apparently Synthia’s “sex change” and transfer to a woman’s facility didn’t “cure” his malaise. A few years later he went berserk and trashed the women’s facility, Joiliette. Was able to fight off the guards. Caused fifty grand in damage before he was finally able to be restrained.

      So, they didn’t know what the hell to do with him, where to put him. One of the authorities actually said- hahaha- they actually floated the idea of building an entirely new facility for super ultraviolent “women” to house him in. They had never had the need for one before.

      • kpopfanswagg Says:

        Exactly that. I have NEVER seen a M2T who after years of hormones, FFS, BA (totally reversible, take out those implants and they end up with their flat chest) and whatever else they get that are unable to pass as their own biological sex. Get a haircut, ditch the makeup, and presto! You get a man (well, you always had one to begin with). So they look like they are 15 year old boys and might never have to shave again, big fucking deal.

        Oh, and if people still read them as female if they’re face is that androgynous, just drop the fake woman voice and use the natural one. As soon as people hear them speak how they naturally speak they’ll know 100% they are a dude.

        For F2T’s inability to look as they did before is very real, and if they get top surgery that is irreversible.

      • Gay Says:

        Just wanted to say, this gay man cares a great deal about what everyone has to say. After being called transphobic for being turned off by vagina, it’s good to see lesbians who recognize the group-think bias and homophobia from some in trans community. While I know that there are some truly interex people, the new age spirituality crap, “pan sexual, etc” that has infiltrated sexuality studies needs to be cut out for the bs it is.

      • Gay Says:

        Oh and has anyone see a ftm that doesn’t think you have act like Archie bunker to “pass” as a male?

  10. luckynkl Says:

    The hormones aren’t working. He still sounds like a dude. The only way he’d pass is to keep his mouth shut. But men can’t do that because they’re narcissistic and have an incredible need for attention and to mansplain’,

  11. Becky Green Says:

    Psychiatric morbidity and suicide rates remain high even after SRS surgery.

    I sincerely believe a change should be made wherein the initials SRS would stand for ‘sex replication surgery’. It’s disingenuous to imply a switching of sex, a ‘reassignment’, has actually occurred when the genital’s biological function hasn’t changed (except for being made sterile). It’s merely an imitation, a replica. An SRS created vagina is no more a real vagina than a photocopy of an apple is a real apple.

    Also, GID should stand for ‘gender identity delusion’, because it accurately describes the condition and, like other delusions, indicates the person needs serious counseling.

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      Strangely, most places now call it “GRS” (Gender Reassignment Surgery). I guess even the authorities couldn’t believe the ‘sex change’ bullshit.

      I do like “gender identity delusion” though, LOL.

  12. Bev Jo Says:

    You’re right, Lucky, they never shut up. It’s like my stalker just can’t stop trying to be as public as he can be, in “women’s” space.

    I really like that, Becky! It is SO important to not inadvertently appear to be agreeing with the trans cult as reality on any level. They cannot change sex, no matter what games they play. They can’t change their minds, spirits, or behavior, and they certainly can’t change their bodies.

    I agree, Gallus, about them always having access to full male privilege, but was responding to someone earlier who said she feels for them in that situation. But yes, no matter what they’ve done, they are still male.

    With the prison stories, are the guards ever women in women’s prisons? Are some of the men in men’s prisons afraid of the trannies and wanting to put them off on women?

  13. lilljimi Says:

    Honestly you should just stop with the insults please ….
    Wouldn’t it just be nice to be nice to each other regardless of peoples genital configuration …

    GID is a real birth defect.. it just happens like any other birth defect
    You can stop marginalizing trans folks …being trans is not a choice … Regardless of your opinion…
    You are a person and deserve to have an opinion but a better train of thought would do you and the world some good ..

    All of us on the planet are one … Even if we do not agree … We are all here to take care of the planet and each other …it would be nice if everyone could show more compassion for the people and the planet …

    • GallusMag Says:

      Honestly it would be so nice if you would be nice to women who take issue with sex-roles and the hateful concept of gender identity. If you would just stop with the insults against us women.

      You hatefully claim that women who don’t abide gender have a birth defect? And that men like yourself who fetishize the oppressed role of the underclass do so out of a birth defect? Telling women that noncompliance to sexist gender norms represents a birth defect is extremely hateful and offensive. Please be nice and nicely stop telling women that. That would be so nice! It would be so nice if we could all be nice! “Genital configuration”? What the fuck is that? Is that some weird hateful way of talking about women? As if our sex can be reconfigured at random to fix our birth defect of not believing your hateful brain sex bullshit? Stop hating and be nice. It would be so nice and loving if you would just stop that.

      Let’s love each other by acknowledging the things that women are saying: namely that your gender bullshit is total crap, and that you are a hideous woman-hating sexist. It would be so nice if you would be nice and stop telling women to shut up about the things that effect our lives generation after generation. Wouldn’t that be kind and loving of you to stop marginalizing women? You are a person and you deserve an opinion BUT you would be much better off if you had different better thoughts. The world would be better off also if you had a better opinion. Even though as a human you deserve to have one, because you are a person. It would be so nice if you as a person stopped insulting women and show more compassion for women and the planet- and all the planets. And all the spaces between the planets. And the children.

      • lilljimi Says:

        Wow .. I have nothing left to discuss with you … You are making accusation against me .. and being rude ..

        Have nice day !!!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Wow.. your heartless and dismissive attitude is really mean. Especially after you showed up in my space making wild accusations. Adding an insincere and conversation-ending trope like “have a nice day” just adds to the cruelty.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Must….use….nice….ellipses….makes me…sound….nicer…..

      • BadDyke Says:

        “Wow .. I have nothing left to discuss with you … You are making accusation against me .. and being rude .. ”

        O good goddess! Do they REALLY think all this pink-and-sparkly let’s be nice to everyone makes them sound so girly and authentic!

        Sugar and spice and everything nice, proper laydees are NEVER rude and are NICE and POLITE at all times……..unlike us
        ball-busting feminist bitches (which is why they’re all convinced they’re BETTER laydees than we ever will be!).

        Yep, another trans trope, this laydees are polite and NICE, as well as being pink and sparkly and liking shopping and shoes………………Kind of the flip-side of the ‘die rad scum’ brigade. Actually, I think this pink and sparkly niceness trope is kind of worse, because it DOES press all those ‘girls are nice’ buttons that they tried to instill in us from birth.

        “GID is a real birth defect………” Yep, let’s appropriate intersex as well whilst we’re at it. Invisible intersex heard that lie before as well…………….

    • Gay Says:

      It’s funny that you tell her she’s entitled to an opinion and then crap on her for having one, hypocrite much?!
      GallusMag, keep speaking your mind.

  14. Shelly Says:

    I was watching a video about objectification on YouTube, and for some dumb reason this idiot was linked as related. Yeah, related in a “how can men be so fucking clueless about women and still claim they feeeeeeeel like one?” kinda way. I was basically tricked into clicking it, thinking it would be a feminist commentary on objectification. But no, instead I get this dumbass proudly displaying how fucking stupid he is.

    Seriously, how the hell does this jackass go 28 fucking years ‘feeling’ like a woman, but being SO FUCKING CLUELESS about what we deal with on a DAILY BASIS from the time we’re, like, 11!

    UGH! God these kinds of men make me SICK.

  15. […] (or not), I found out about gt when one of the forum regulars was posted by gt in the aptly titled I’m a dumb prick. What sympathy I had for the person was tempered by my shock at their actual presence. How many […]

  16. Dorothy Mantooth Says:

    Two things I love about this video. First, the caption when he talks about how cray-zee busy his OKCupid profile became (because OMG you guys, he is so sexy and attractive! His milkshake brings ALL the boys to the yard!) mentions how some of the men tell him they know him better than he does. It’s funny that he would take offense to that, since he very likely ran around claiming that he knew what it was to feel like a woman and to be a woman. So it makes perfect sense that he would know something he had zero way of knowing, but those other men are just being jerks, I guess, whereas he was suffering terribly because nature made a mistake with him and his brain was stuck in the wrong body.

    And second, yeah…most women have twenty-eight years to adjust to that. Correct me if I’m wrong, but by saying most women have developed strategies for dealing with or avoiding that sort of thing over the course of their lives–which implies those women have modified their behaviors or actions or way of communicating–isn’t he in fact saying that the way women think and behave is dictated at least in part by what they have experienced *specifically as women*, from childhood? Which means that being a woman is (again, at least partially) informed and shaped by growing up female, being treated as a female, living as a female 24-7/365 for our entire lives? Which means it’s not something you get to just put on like a little scarf when you feel like it; part of being a woman is actually being female, and if you haven’t grown up female you are missing some essential parts of womanhood.

    I guess we women just aren’t smart enough to figure out that we did all that silly tedious work of growing up to become a woman for nothing, because none of it was necessary.

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