Who’s that “lady”?

October 29, 2012

This “lady” is a man who calls himself Jennifer. Here is a video of him.


This man was declared legally “female” in Canada because he took some estrogen pills.


This man is an anti-abortion activist. Here he is protesting LGBT organizations because they support reproductive freedom for females.

Here he is making a video to protest the fact that Canadian medical authorities consider his sperm male, and apply the same guidelines to his sperm as all other men’s sperm, even though he is legally female. He feels this discriminates against his transgender right as a “woman” to impregnate actual females via sperm donation.

Here is this man contacting me on twitter.

This man is no lady. This man is not female. Men like Jennifer should not be given legal status “Female” because they took some estrogen pills. Stop “Gender Identity” Laws NOW!

11 Responses to “Who’s that “lady”?”

  1. Mortified Says:

    Laws to declare a male as “female” (or vice versa) bring to mind how the Roman Senate made “gods”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_cult_%28ancient_Rome%29

    It was stupid back then. It’s stupid now, too.

  2. […] Jennifer aka Jeff McCreath is a Man in Canada who thinks he’s a Woman. You can read about Jeff McCreath here. […]

  3. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Yup, he’s bat-shit crazy. (Let us pause for a moment to witness the funfems have an attack of the vapors over my use of the “ableist” word “crazy.” Hey, funfems: the word “crazy” is not ableist. No. Really, it’s not.)

    ANYway, this poor miserable fuck Jefferson McCreath is one misogynistic piece of crap. Also, I burst out laughing at “the best interests of the sperm!” Hoo, boy. Just when you think you’ve heard all the crazy they can come up with, they warp reality to Twilight Zone levels. He stinks to high heaven of male entitlement and sanctimoniousness – notice how he speaks slowly so that the viewer is forced to watch him even longer? That’s a trick of those narcissistic enough to need ALL the attention, ALL the time.

    Blech. I can’t look anymore.

  4. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you, Gallus, for more proof that men can NEVER be women, and the more they pretend and demand we accept them, the more glaringly and obviously male they are. And repulsive??? SOOOOO horribly nightmarishly, creeply repulsive!

  5. fwancis Says:

    I’m sure Roseanne Barr was just shattered that some creep who blows up when corrected by a woman blocked her 😦

  6. druidwinter Says:

    ewww! man that wants to enslave women, he will be protecting men’s right to rape too!

  7. […] our own fault for letting Autumn Sandeen, Joy Ladin, Coleen Francis, Red Durkin, Savana Garmond,Jennifer McCreath, Julie Blair, etc become our […]

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