Who’s that “lady” 2: Halloween Edition

October 31, 2012



4 Responses to “Who’s that “lady” 2: Halloween Edition”

  1. Becky Green Says:

    Hee hee. Hearing Creepy McCreath reminded me of the famously eerie phrase bellowed out by Buffalo Bill, “You don’t know what pain is!”


    I’m surprised trans people haven’t adopted the movie quote as their official motto yet. After all, their self reported pain and suffering is legendary and of monumental proportions. Surely no cis person has ever, will ever, could ever, experience pain to the degree trans people do.

      • Adrian Says:


        It just makes me want to draw parallels all the more though – if transgender is a thing, why is transracial not a legitimate thing? Why cannot someone think “but I FEEL like I’m [some ethnic group X I don’t belong] on the inside???” (…distinct from the normal “I’ve grown up in a society that’s majority X even though I’m from Y so I’m comfortable as a minority Y member of society X and might give the X viewpoint if asked among a big group of Y” thing that happens worldwide)

        Well of COURSE, because they have this “brain sex” theory all tarted up, that there’s a WAY, a legit WAY, YES, that (supposedly) you can “really” be male/female aside from what your biology is saying.

        But race, alas, isn’t so convenient I guess. “Black Like Me” and various unfortunate Halloween costumes notwithstanding.

        Bottom line though (and the part that fascinates me I’ll admit) is that expressing yourself as trans* is voluntary. You try to pass as the “other choice” and fail at passing and so you get hate at the idea of trying to crossover, plus hate from your target group because you’re appropriating big time. But being a member of the “wrong” racial group you can’t do anything to fix it. Hell, anything with a hierarchy the whole point is if you’re on the bottom or lower levels you can’t do anything to “fix it.” That’s what a hierarchy is.

        Men who play at being women and are found out get hate from both men (“why would you want to do that??” = homophobia + misogyny – that’s what “transphobia” is!) plus hate from women (for appropriating). Women, meanwhile, once it’s found out they’re women, well, everyone hates women, plus, what, you were so uppity as to try to be something else? bwahahaha or whatever. Point being there’s no easy out.

        Whereas, the M2T, well, no one is FORCING them to wear dresses or more importantly to claim to be women. Perhaps their own psychology is pressing that I guess, but there’s no need to succumb.

        Though I should say too I have no problem with men in dresses, if they just happily say they’re men in dresses (getting rid of any notion of “passing!”). Abolish gender, is always my aim.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        BAM, Gallus! Good catch. Yet another white guy whining that
        he has it harder than anyone else. If he wasn’t Canadian, you know he’d be voting for Romney.

        “Creepy McCreath” is pitch-perfect, Becky.

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