November 3, 2012

You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you.

I’ve always been a fan of those Public Service Announcement, warning drivers not to drink and drive or text and drive.  The best ones are from the UK, with slow motion photography to make it clear just how devastating those split-second decisions can be (the moral is, don’t text and drive).

Watching the head-on collision between Sex and Gender Identity unfold over the last 20 years, on the other hand, is more akin to time lapse photography showing the construction of a building. It’s not as dramatic as the car crash PSAs, but at the end, you have a building.

We’re now starting to see the faulty construction that is Gender Identity have a real-life impact on the lives of Women and Girls.  This issue is coming to a head in Washington State, where Women and Girls are asserting the right to use sex-segregated facilities free of bepenised…

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  1. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    This dude is a toxic waste dump of a human being. How dare he compare parental objections to his perverted, abusive behavior of intentionally exposing his skanky male parts to young girls to people being banned from drinking at the “wrong” fountain during the Jim Crow era?

    Really dude? Really? Let’s see…when was the last time you were fire bombed? Beaten? Dragged behind a truck? Lynched?

    Yeah, didn’t think so.

    All hysterical hyperbole aside, this B.S. is exactly why TRUE feminists have been warning against these wishy-washy “gender identity is whatever I FEEEEEEL today” laws. There is no farking way that this dude should be able to use is feeeeeelings of being “a real girl” today (!) as his defense against being charged with indecent exposure to minors.

    This dude isn’t alone, either. The abuses of this kind by biological males are proliferating faster than you can shout, “Ladystick!” This is like Christmas and their birthday all rolled into one for sexist cretins. They can just opine that they are “really” female and all barriers to their perverted desire to flash female children and women just fall to the wayside.

    Why? Because the people crafting these daft laws are so busy falling all over themselves to be “supportive” of The Most Oppressed People on Earth ™ that they can’t see how they are being PLAYED.

    A penis is a penis is a penis and this DUDE’s penis has no place being waved in the faces of school girls at the Evergreen State College pool.

    I’ve friends in the area and I will be organizing with them very, very soon.

    • Becky Green Says:

      Trans people are using the old ‘spaghetti on the wall’ tactic. Meaning, they are throwing every possible argument, from every possible angle, out into the public arena hoping that something will stick. Unfortunately, it looks as though women will be left to clean up the mess, as usual.

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        Amen, sister. I don’t care if people call me “abelist” till the cows come home; most of the heterosexual males with “gender issues” are seriously mentally ill and their behavior reflects this: narcissistic, emotionally immature to the point of being almost infantile, lacking in empathy for their victims (i.e. REAL women), delusional, relentlessly obsessive in their sick, sick, sick sexual fantasies. I have yet to meet one — in person or on-line — whom I would want within 100 yards of any child, much less undressing with unchaperoned children in the confined spaces of swimming pool showers or dressing rooms.

        It’s unspeakably appalling that it’s come to this in Washington State — a place where it USED to feel safer than average to be a female. I can’t figure out when, why or how it became open season on women and girls in Washington again. How did feminist women FAIL our sisters so terribly? How did we forget our primary duty to protect one-another from predatory, abusive males?

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