A GenderTrender Chat with Autumn Sandeen

November 7, 2012

Some of you may have witnessed a little “chat” between G/T and Autumn Sandeen on twitter the other evening. What you didn’t see was the portion of the conversation which took place via DM after Autumn threatened to target and stalk a random African American Lesbian woman if I refused to converse with him. Here is the entire “chat”. Enjoy!

And remember- Women, Lesbians, Gay Men and allies: this is what a hetero male career military man sounds like when addressing a Lesbian. This heterosexual male- a father and lifetime career military man now on psychiatric disability- and others like him, are now the voice of the “LGBT”. This heterosexual male writes for the ONLY large mainstream LGBT blog owned by a woman, Pam’s House Blend. He is also a columnist and contributor at the San Diego LGBT Weekly. For the record, my name is not Cathy.

Our “chat” started with the following twitter exchange:

Autumn Sandeen: Yes, Ms. XXXX [redacted], I’m talking to XXXX [redacted nickname or emailaddress(?)] / you.

GallusMag: XXXX [redacted]? Sorry hon- going over my head here.

AS: Oh please, Cathy. Send me a current email address and I’ll email you my documentation showing I know who you are, coward. Serious! Cathy, I live and write under my real, legal name. Are you so afraid of folk like me to do so? You are a full-on coward.

GM: Oh MY GOD! Oh dude please NO! Please don’t out me bro! Oh my GOD no!  /S. Jesus. I feel sorry for the woman you have targeted.

AS: Please. I am a woman. When on those really rare times I target, I target bigots.

GM: Who is this poor woman? XXXX [Redacted nickname or emailaddress]  what is that

AS: I’m following you. You can direct message me and send me an email. I can show you how I know who you are, Cathy. Are you afraid?

GM: I am afraid. Because that is not my name. And if I understand you correctly you are targeting someone named Cathy XXXX [redacted]?

Autumn is targeting a woman named Cathy XXXX [redacted]. FYI.

AS: C’mon Gallus. Be a fearless activist and follow me so I can direct msg..I’ll be happy to talk to you abt yr identity.

GM: OK. Let’s have it ya big nut-  Waiting……………yawn. WAITING.

AS: Sent you a PM asking you to send me an email. I’ll know if my documentation is accurate by you I{ address. Send me an email at autumn@firedoglake.com, & by your IP address I’ll be able to verify whether or not your Cathy XXXX [redacted].[sic]

GM: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. DUDE LEAVE THAT WOMAN ALONE! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU???? #crazystalker.  As I’ve said many times before: Start a Chip-in. I will out myself for $10,000. Jesus you gave Tobi 40 grand.

AS: Please. One email clears Cathy XXXX [redacted] if it’s not you. Are you so afraid of proving you’re not her- assuming you’re not her?

GM: Wow. You underestimate my worth. The price just went up. I’ll take 30 grand. #predator #freak #paymetoflayme

AS: Afraid, girlfriend? You show yourself a coward at each opportunity to be a public advocate/activist

GM: Jesus Pycho you are targeting a random person who has nothing to do with me- WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU

AS: Again, you live up to the label of coward. You won’t out yourself like bugbrennan & I have. What a loser you’ve proven yrself 2b. Seriously “Gallus”, you are such a freaking coward. Brennan and I have outed ourselves- What’s wrong with you? Afraid, girl?

GM: Hon you are targeting a random woman. JESUS. What the FUCK is wrong with you.

AS: Btw, girl, I’ve been targeted for cyberharassment facilitated by Brennan. I have to live with threats of violence. You = coward.

GM: Put up or shut up Stephen. $$$$$

AS: email me fuckwad. Prove I’m wrong via email. I’ll publicly admit if I am. You? You’re pretty much a fucking fearful coward.

GM: I never harassed you. I supported you against cwazy Beth Elliot harassing you. You crazy ass. “Live with threats of violence”= FROM OTHER MALE TRANS

AS: I can’t put up or shut up if you won’t send me an email, you fucking coward. Email me, & I’ll show you.

GM: You dudes are insane. Why should I expose myself to you? Women are just as effective Anon. Something men like you will never understand.

AS: I outed myself for free by handcuffing myself for the WH fence for repeal of #dadt 2ce- which didn’t impact trans ppl.

GM: You were never “in” dude. Not my fault.

AS: Jesus Cathy, you are such a fucking loser/coward. Again, I outed myself for free twice for my #LGB siblings.

GM: Dude you are an attention seeking narcissist. It must burn you to see a woman do significant activism and work without credit. Cwazy Twanz targeting random females looking for AWESOME GALLUS MAG. #fuckingpredators #anonymouswasawoman #kookyassfucks

AS: Pfft. You speak under a pseudonym. (10f2) [sic]

GM: Anonymous was a woman. What’s really creepy is that you would hunt down some random woman and attack her #youarenuts #stalker

AS: Say what? As someone who has been sexually harassed in the USN, I take offense to your bullshit statement….anonomous coward. [sic]

GM: Male on Male harassment is wrong. Why does that make you want to attack women?

AS: I am a woman. WTF are you talking about?

GM: Male on Male harassment= what you went through.

AS: The Veteran’s Health, California, State Dept and Social Security recognize me as female. Who the hell are you to say I’m male?

GM: Your Dick.

AS: Really? That’s the best you can do? Seriously? *sigh

AS: calling me a male trans doesn’t prove you’re not a coward. C’mon girl, show me your LGBT womyn pride.

GM: Show me what? I know my name isn’t Cindy fucking [redacted] fer Christsakes you jackass. Cathy [redacted]- whatever the fuck- OMG that poor woman. You are a true predator of women.

AS: You should expose myself to you because I’m brave enough to expose myself to you. You = AFRAID! I thing you = loser. [sic]

GM: ALSO don’t call me a GIRL you freak.

HAHAHA you are OBSESSED with me. You are OBSESSED with MY POWER. Even though I have DEFENDED YOU.

AS: Oh please. Prove me wrong. Show me your IP address, and I’ll know. I’ll apologize if I’m wrong. HAHAHAHA. You’re obsessed with trans women like me. Please, loser. Show me your bravery. Show me you’d handcuff yourself to the WH fence for her LGB brothers and sisters like I did. C’mon coward, out yourself. Please. Allyson Robinson ia an trans E.D. of a N’tl LGBT organization as of this week. Trans power is growing. Yours is waning

GM: Prick I’ve been kicked out of the white house bro. And YOU KNOW the whole trans thing is winding down. It is ending. Not my fault.

AS: Prove it. Loser. Your words are just words w/out any proof. Tell it to OutserveSLDN. You’re losing, Cathy, in large part b/c you’re peers and you don’t out yourself like I do. [sic]

AS: I’m so going to the MWMF sometime in the next year or two. I’m so going to press the WBW issue just to fuck with those like u.

GM: Why would you want to fuck with women. Go to Michfest to fuck with women?

AS: No. Not to fuck with cis women, but to expose segregationist bullshit by those cis women who choose to discriminate. When my birth certificate comes back in a couple months stating I was born female, then MWMF will be open to me as a WBW. [NOTE: this person is a heterosexual male, a father, a lifetime military man, with a penis-GM]

GM: You want to fuck with females? What drives you to do so? Why do you want to hurt women

AS: I am a woman. I have no desire to hurt women. I want to discredit and marginalize bigots like you and Cathy Brennan.

GM: Why do you want to hurt women like me and Brennan? Autumn why is the legal marker so important to you? It isn’t to others. Gemma Seymour required no marker to harass women. You believe in it? What would make you happy? Is there a way women could have our spaces and you still be happy?

AS: Who are the collective “you”? Personally, I will NEVER accept discrimination and segregation as acceptable, bigot. I will treat you exactly as I treat the religious right bigots – as bigots.

GM: So women have no rights to spaces without Stephen? All women oppress Stephen by not pretending his laydeeness? Dude did it ever occur to you that you will never get the satisfaction and affirmation that you feel is due to you from women?

AS: I’m not clear on what you are saying as I’m a woman. I’m legally Autumn; I’m legally female- soon w/legal proof of being a WBW. Cathy, in the arc of history, you lose. I will be happy when your bigotry is challenged and exposed for what it really is..bigotry [sic] You are no different, Cathy, than the white folk who discriminated against black folk as less than human. Your bigotry is found in declaring trans women as less female in the same vein as those who believe black folk were not human. Own your bigotry, Cathy. Own your second wave feminist bigotry against trans woman. It defines you as evil.

GM: Can you call me Barbra at least.  You sound like a movie supervillian. Seriously I don’t mean to make fun, you really do.

AS: Please. Send me an email that proves you are not Cathy [redacted] from down south and I’ll be happy to stop calling you Cathy..coward.

GM: Jesus. Please leave that poor woman alone. Stop harassing and stalking women. Hey Stephen- women HAVE A RIGHT TO SPEAK! That is shocking to you I know.

AS: What a fucking coward. I went to jail for my LGB siblings in LGBT community. You? Who the fuck knows.

GM: I intend to speak. Forevah and evah. I’m gonna run my fucking mouth. Whether I’m anon or doxxed. I’m gonna TALK AND TALK AND TALK.

AS: My name is Autumn Sandeen. What’s your legal name, coward?

GM: You did not go to jail. You informed arresting officers that you were a speshul snowflake deserving speshul treatment. You never did one sec.

AS: I’ve had death threats. I’ve had to move due to cyberstalking. What have you done for LGBT or women’s civil rights, coward?

GM: My God you are such a fucking liar about going to jail. Jesus Cracker. YOU WERE STALKED BY OTHER MALE TRANS. HELLLLOOOOOOOOO. MALE TRANS STALKED YOU. AND NOW YOU STALK. HELLOO???

AS: I went to jail for LGBT servicemember’s civil rights. As a retiree, I risked over $1500 a month for LGBT servicemembers. And I was personally cyberharassed by your friend Cathy Brennan, Cathy.

Really? A liar? Do you need a pic of my jail bracelet to prove I went to jail for LGBT servicemembers? http://ht.ly/eP5Nq

GM: what?

AS: How do I stalk? You and Cathy are the ones outing trans women.

GM: So fucking creepy how you call me Cathy XXXX. Have you done something to that woman? I’ve never outed anyone. Neither has Cathy [Brennan]. Jesus. Do you really believe that? Cathy posted a link to a court docket your trans brethren were discussing- I don’t think she meant anything by it? How have Cathy or I outed Trans women?

AS: She didn’t mean anything by that? Really? You’re that deluded in believing she meant no harm towards me? You’re that stupid?

Outing trans women: https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/who-are-the-males-who-sneak-into-michigan-womens-music-festival/

GM: You have got to be kidding. I ONLY posted OUT anti-female spaces activists. I COULD HAVE posted on all male trans who trespassed but did not. Jesus Autumn you sound smart in some of your posts. Are you NOT?

AS: C’mon girl, be the brave girl and out yourself. Not for money, but because you’re out and proud of your actions.

GM: Everyone posted in Michfest post had been outspoken anti-female spaces activists for YEARS. Well documented. NO ONE was “outed”. RU stupid? RU stupid or just a manipulative liar?

AS: Well, I’m about sure I’m going to the MWMF now either in 2013 or 14. You can “out” me if you’d like…I’ll even provide photos.

GM: P.S. I don’t know about history between you and Cathy. WOW so your newborn legal sex designation made you an MRA. You’re now an anti-female activist. Jesus.

AS: I am female. To be anti-femaile, I’d have to be against myself…dumbass coward. [sic] Cathy and I worked together on HB 235 in MD. After working together on gender identity based civil rights, she became…

GM: Ok you are totes nuts I guess. You are male. Hence the whole dick thing, and fathering children. Are you nuts or a liar?

AS: …the person Cathy Brennan is now. Frankly, she completely destroyed her reputation in legislative cirlcles in MD. Again, state of California, State Departent, VA, & Social Security Admin considetr me female. Who the hell are you again? 😛 And btw one of my adult children called me “mom” to a 3rd party in my presence this month. Who are you again?

And there you go silent. Seriously girl, you’ve tried to desrively describe a disabled veteran as nuts. So fucking sad, girl. And Cathy, in the long run u lose. Allyson Robinson’s appointment as OutServeSLDN’s E.D. should tell you something abt momentum.

GM: OK Autumn. Your dick has a female brainz or sumptin. Right? Jesus what an entitled male prick you are. Women HATE what you do. They ALL do. You entitled white male hetero privileged dudes can applaud yourself all you want. The L and G are done with you.

Ewww you called me girl again.

AS: I call women “women”. You’re not brave; you’re not a grown-up. You are a girl, “girl”, b/c you’re a hit and run coward. Seriously, not even brave enough to email me? Truly a height of effeminacy—a brave feminist you just ain’t. L and G done with us? Have you looked at who the new E.D. of Outserve-SLDN is? I don’t know what fantasy world you’re living in.

GM: Think, Autumn Think. DADT is over. Outserve-SLDN is an obsolete LGB organization. You are getting the castoffs of LGBT. No more gay money 4 u.

AS: Every N’tl LGBT org has T in mission statement. And, did you see vid where HRC’s E.D. congratulated A.R. on her selection? Seriously, your POV has lost in LGBT activism community and you’re not smart enough to see it. Remember backlash from the no-T ENDA in 2008? And b/c folk like me are public and folf like you aren’t, my out trans peers and I have more credible voices than you do. We’re changing the world, you and your like-minded Christian social conservatives are winning battles, but y’all are losing the war. My interview with A.R. will post online Thurs at LGBTWeekly.com if you’re interested.


48 Responses to “A GenderTrender Chat with Autumn Sandeen”

  1. Becky Green Says:

    He is so damn vile! I’m glad you didn’t take his bait and actually send him an email. You don’t owe him, or the public at large, a thing. Why in the world would someone want to give their personal info to a nut wishing them harm? Especially when we know how quickly some males resort to violence.

    And BTW, the Autumn Mister is truly foggy brained if he thinks an inverted penis and a piece of paper make him a female. Sorry buddy, biology isn’t in collusion with your delusion.

    • Adrian Says:

      SRSLY. He is delusional if he thinks that a legal piece of paper is going to be enough to finally make him “really a woman born woman” enough to get into the MWMF.

      There’s really a desperate longing among this particular crowd to get the validation of being accepted into a group that doesn’t want to accept them. Of course the more they scream about being accepted, the more they stand out as not passing – and I don’t mean about looks. The behavior gives them away. They are not used to having any place put off limits to them and so when it happens, well, they must force entry, even once the process goes completely off the rails and any possible legitimate reason they may have had to want guest entry is moot, the boundary itself becomes the issue and they simply MUST be allowed in, all for the validation, the conquering, of “look at me I AM allowed in!!”

      It’s almost like a creepy “collection” vibe – “look at all the places that officially accept me.” All of this vile “identity” business is that way, it’s never just about “I feel I”m a [whatever]” no, I have to see in the eyes of other people that they AGREE I’m a [whatever] to “win.”

      Hell, he can get his precious piece of paper and wave it around and perhaps even in some arenas women can be legally forced to put up with him, but it won’t change the bald (heh) fact that deep down inside, they’re not accepting him, they’re at best grudgingly putting up with it. And I’m sure that burns.

      He’s just not a member of the club. And he’s not behaving in any sort of way that is likely to get the club to even allow him to visit on occasion!

      • farishcunning Says:

        Adrian: “”Of course the more they scream about being accepted, the more they stand out as not passing – and I don’t mean about looks. The behavior gives them away. They are not used to having any place put off limits to them and so when it happens, well, they must force entry”

        In some circles, we call that rape.

  2. michelle Says:

    what a fucking nutcase…narcissist definitely applies to that one, although clearly the delusions run strong as well given their belief in revisionist history vis a vis the birth certificate references.

    And why is it that they all like to assume the victim role…you can almost see him doing the ‘clutching at pearls’ thing with some of those self-proclamations of martyrdom…

  3. bugbrennan Says:

    Interesting. Sounds desperate. Thanks for the information, it’s amazing what you learn about yourself on the internet.

  4. nuclearnight Says:

    What a fucking creepy nut. You masturbated into a woman and got her pregnant freako. 100% DUDE.

  5. bugbrennan Says:

    Additionally, he has a strange understanding of what “outing” means. I have always done activism under my real name. You can find me into the 1990s using the name Cathy Brennan & bugbrennan. I am a known person. See, e.g., http://dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/BaltimoreActivists/?v=1&t=directory&ch=web&pub=groups&sec=dir&slk=5, see also the old HarborBytes bulletin board, I used to comment there a lot.

    “Outing” is something that Gay and Lesbian people invented to expose the hypocrisy of closeted gays and lesbians who vote against gay and lesbian interests. See, e.g., Gross, Larry. Contested Closets: The Politics and Ethics of Outing. University of Minnesota Press, 1993 ISBN 0-8166-2179-9). “Outing” has nothing to do with transgender people. It certainly has nothing to do with being a Lesbian activist operating as such. And it for sure has nothing to do with exposing violent men who say they are women.

    He further doesn’t understand that it is precisely because of violent men like him that feminist activists need to use pseudonyms.

    Gallus, if he continues to harass you, let me know. Or if he continues to harass innocent women, let me know. I will help in any way possible.

  6. naefeartie Says:

    Holy shit. That man is a lunatic. That’s one of the creepiest things I’ve ever read. And that poor woman he keeps referring to! She needs some protection. Seriously.

  7. This is insane. I felt so uncomfortable reading this. The depths of delusion and narcissism are staggering. You have amazing patience.

  8. weirdward Says:

    There’s a bit of a strange contradiction in the claims of being an activist who got arrested on the one hand, and yet gleefully repeating how he is recognised as a woman by law on the other. I.e., one might reasonably expect that a seasoned activist on bad terms with the establishment would not be seeking protection from that same establishment and naming it as the agent that validates his ‘womanhood’.

    It pretty much shows how much male privilege he still has. So many classes of people – the poor, people of colour, women, ‘illegal’ immigrants etc. know that ‘the law’ is not on their side, and would see it more as a threat than a means of protection.

    Yet here is Sandeen going on and on about how he is legally a woman, and how that means that us stupid women and lesbians must accept him regardless of how we feel about it. In other words, he is claiming protection from the law over the objections of females, whose voices are completely ignored by the law.

    And there is a disturbing degree of pleasure he gets from this – from forcing himself on women who clearly do not want him, and who are legally powerless to do anything (in his mind, anyway).

  9. Really “Gallusmag,” publishing private conversations on twitter between you and I? Aned then de-following me so I can’t respond to you now privately? Really?

    Gawds below, “Barbra,” have you zero boundries? Have you so little bravery that you won’t out yourself as an activist undr your legal name? Have you no shame whatsoever? Well, apparently you aren’t brave at all; apparently you have no bravery and no boundaries.

    Well “girl,” you’ve shown your true cowardice and irrelevance again.

    You have my email — it’s a public one. If you’re brave enough to prove that the identity I have for you is wrong. Email me and prove me wrong — your IP address alone could prove me wrong

    But, of course, apparently you’re not brave enough to do so, coward.

    If you won’t out yourself, I’ll just keep calling you what you are: a coward. I publish under my legal name…you, not so much bravery as to publish under yours.

    What a girl. Women have the capability to be brave. You? Not much bravery shown in your actions — that failure to pust under your own, legal name shows you to be as fearful as a shy, elemtary age or younger aged girl.

    When you chose to grow up and own your public activism under your own legal name, coward, let me know. Maybe then I’ll respect you as something more as a total, fearful coward.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Here’s a clue about boundaries Sir. When a man contacts a Lesbian and threatens to stalk and harass another random Lesbian if she refuses to speak to him: that is not a “private” conversation. It is harassment, blackmail and abuse.
      It is astounding that you think not only think this behavior is acceptable, but that the “girl” you target is going to “keep quiet about it”. You are delusional. And I am going to shine a bright light on your behavior and warn other women ALL DAY LONG.

      Also LOL that you feel I have an obligation to continue privately absorbing your abuse: “And then de-following me so I can’t respond to you privately? Really?” LOL all fucking day at that one.

      Some more examples of your delusional female-hatred and targeting of Lesbians:

      1.) Your definition of girls as cowardly and fearful. Only a man who hates females would think such a thing. Certainly this definition of girls goes against the childhood experience of any females I know. But then, as a man who grew up hating girls, and steeped in male privilege, you have zero experience of what girlhood is like, or what it means to grow up female. Thank god your sperm produced male children and you were not able to infect a girl child with your hatred, having raised only sons.

      2.) The dichotomy between your stated perception that my media activism is inconsequential due to my anonymity vs. the established fact that you have dedicated great effort into threatening and silencing me, using other random women as victims-by-proxy when you are not able to stalk me directly. If Gallus Mag’s voice (if ANY woman’s voice) is so INCONSEQUENTIAL then why not simply LET US SPEAK??? The answer speaks for itself: there is incredible POWER in a woman- any woman- speaking truth publicly. I never cease to be amazed at how popular this blog is. What happened is that women –and some men- were so AMAZED to see their POV and experiences articulated without qualifiers or buffers that they all began posting THEIR true thoughts in the comments. This blog is popular because many women speak freely here. And that is why men like you attack this blog so fiercely. As you said, you expect women to take your abuse, and you expect them to keep quiet about receiving that abuse. That is never going to happen here. NEVER. And there are DOZENS of women commenting here ready to step up and take my place should I disappear. The genie is out of the bottle sir. Pandora is NOT getting shoved back in that box by you sir. No way, No how.

      3.) Your bizarre and wild accusations against Lesbians and Women including your claim that females are the cause of your “transwomen sisters” stalking and threatening you. You and your heterosexual male “sisters” threaten violence and harass and stalk because you are men, and it is in your nature to behave so. Even the sweetest and gentlest man will admit that he has had to conquer his lesser male impulses toward violence and domination. But not you. You, like a typical female-hating MRA blame WOMEN, beyond all LOGIC, for MALE VIOLENCE. And when each of your bizarre allegations were logically refuted by me you did not acknowledge or respond: you simply moved on to ANOTHER bizarre, wild accusation against women and lesbians that I then refuted. And so on. This indicates to me that the key point of your bizarre and disturbing female-hatred does not actually hinge on any “facts” as presented. Rather, the key point is that women are SOMEHOW to blame for your malaise, through some mysterious mechanism that exists beyond all reality. This is the nature of male violence. This is the nature of dehumanization by men like you that simply want to strike out at women for not SERVING you. For not TAKING CARE OF YOU. And for not GIVING YOU WHAT YOU WANT. Women are NOT the great all-powerful MOMMY, the BAD MOMMY, who could take away all your malaise and pains but simply refuses to because she is a BIG MEANY! That BITCH! Get a-hold of yourself sir. Stop targeting women.

    • darthvelma Says:

      And once again you show exactly how little you know about being a woman. About the stalking and harassment so many of us endure that makes using our “real” name on the internet such a problem. About the lunatics that have posted the names, addresses and picture of radfems and their kids as an incitement to violence. About the feminist women who have had their images photoshopped onto the most vile pornographic images.

      I don’t blame Gallus for not wanting to give you any opportunity to stalk her in real life. I certainly wouldn’t give you any of my personally identifying information.

      What I will give you is some free advice…fuck off.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      You know what, Sandeen. If I had been born in the middle of an aboriginal forest — without so much as a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of — everyone who met me in that forest would have NO DOUBT that I am a woman because I am, in fact, a woman.

      I don’t need one or three or fifty sheets of gub’mint paper to “prove” I’m a woman. I AM a woman. For me and for half the human race, it really is just that simple.

      While you’re bleating and foaming and tilting about demanding that everyone agree with you? Half the human race? We’re just going about our business trying to survive from cradle to grave as actual, authentic females.

      If you were an actual, authentic female, you’d be nodding along with me and thinking, “Truth.” For us, it’s not a game. It’s not an achievement. It’s not a contest. It’s not “fake it till you make it.” It’s not a hobby, an avocation, an obsession, something we do to entertain ourselves — or get ourselves off.

      We’re living it from the first sex-identifying ultrasound until we draw our last breath.

      So to hell with you and the penis you road in on. We don’t care about your stupid little pieces of paper or your falsies or your pink eye-shades. We’re just trying to make it till the next payday, till retirement, till the Goddess draws us back into Mother Earth for our long sleep.

      Go take up another hobby. We’re sick to death of being hounded by delusional dudes.

    • Becky Green Says:

      Buffalo Sandeen,

      You’re a man with a man’s height, body frame and a man’s rage. You have an imposing figure and no woman could physically beat you. Who’s to say you won’t start stalking Gallus in person or that you won’t show up at her door and pummel her unconscious? With your words alone, we can see you’re pushy, aggressive, fond of intimidation and all MALE. No woman should ever divulge her personal information to a delusion, emotionally unstable man-child such as yourself.

      So take your big, lumbering, hulky body with fake tits and size 13 shoes down to your local strip club and get a beer with the bros while you ogle the gyrating women, because that’s what “real” wo-men, like you, enjoy doing.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Shit, take a couple of days off and look what the cat drags in. Except Stephen Sandeen is far more appalling than anything I’ve ever seen left on a lawn.

      1) Stephen, learn what the fuck the internet is. A “private conversation on Twitter”?! Do you even know how this thing works?

      But your ranting has a familiar stench to us women. We recognize – we KNOW – that what you’re really pissed about is that Gallus is denying you the opportunity to hound and harass her outside the internet. Like so many abusive husbands and boyfriends and fathers and grandfathers before you, you want to abuse a woman until you destroy her. Until you’re sated in your own vindictiveness and powerlust. Psychologically, you’re absolutely no different than a man who beats his wife and seeks to isolate her from friends and family. We women recognize you and your ilk, Stephen. We also know that you want to unleash your trannie friends on her to “put her in her place”. To scare and harass her into submissiveness. You’re pissed because you can’t do this.

      2) If you were at all female (you’re not), you’d understand why Gallus refuses to tell you her name. Soaking in that male privilege of yours, you simply cannot understand the things we women have to do to keep ourselves safe. Calling a woman a “coward” because she doesn’t want to use her real name online? You really don’t get it, do you? Your lack of understanding and insight is staggering – like your arrogance. It’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity, and it seems you have buyer’s remorse about the choices you’ve made about your outness online. So you take that out on Gallus and any other woman who knows how to protect herself.

      3) You may think that trans people getting more and more accepted, but that’s because you keep yourself safely ensconced in your little world of fellow trannies and funfems who stroke your massive ego. Recall how many millions of people voted for Romney the other night. You think they’re just A-OK with males like you in women’s locker rooms? You think they regard you as female?

      4) Once again you put forth the lie that Gallus has outed MtT people here. She hasn’t. The only trans people she’s named here have already been quite public about their being trans. You’re exactly like Republicans, who just. keep. lying. in the hopes that their latest lie will become accepted as truth. We’ll just. keep. putting forth the truth.

      5) In the same vein, you refuse to acknowledge that it’s your fellow men who seem to have unnerved you offline. It has NOT been women. But you easily use our society’s inherent misogyny to place the blame on women nonetheless. Unfortunately for you, The Truth Is Out There – online and IRL. You can’t change that, which must be infuriating for you. 🙂

      6) Your relentless gushing about chaining yourself to the White House fence is…well, it was funny, but now it’s just…sad. What the fuck did that accomplish, exactly? A whole lotta nothin’, that’s what. You also act as if you’re the first person to have ever pulled that stunt. News flash, Stephen: it happens all the fucking time. Every nutcase with a cause protests at the White House. And here’s something else to ponder: real heroes don’t endlessly crow about their actions. Your vaingloriousness is repugnant.

      7) Comparing the lot of trans people to that of blacks in this country? There’s SO much wrong with that that I can’t even
      go there. I mean honestly, Stephen. You need to seriously reconsider going down that road.

      8) Your use of the word “girl” as an insult? Holy crap, Sandeen, you just can’t help yourself, can you? Your woman-hating is once again revealed. Not as if women need any more of your “tells” to spot you as male; your words, actions, personality, and hell yeah: your looks, do the job quite nicely.

      Sheesh, you’re a foul human being. With this exchange with Gallus, however, you’ve revealed yourself to be a whole new level of unsavory and ghastly. Thanks for the warning.

    • farishcunning Says:

      I know I’m late to this party, but your continued harassment of Gallus is on my last nerve. Why do you care who she is irl? You can engage with her just fine on a pseudonymous basis. The only reason you could have for wanting her ID is to do her harm. Why should she oblige you?

      No amount of paperwork will ever make youu a woman. Just accept the fact that you’re a dude who likes dresses–also known as a drag queen–and live your life, without spending it harassing women.

  10. The privilege granted by male socialisation stinks up everything that Autumn says. He picks some arbitrary focal point which he feels is a valid argument and somehow will make him right about everything, asserts that he is right about it so long as you do not prove him wrong (he of course picks something in such a way which you would not want to prove him wrong), and keeps running on with it like a total narcissist.

    That said, since you’re here Autumn, QUIT GIVING YOUR CONCEITED DEFINITIONS OF FEMALES; WHETHER GIRLS OR WOMEN. Language is NOT yours to define for others. Even if that legal document saying you were a woman meant anything, women do not try to define and belittle their entire sex when arguing. We actually just stick to logic, or if shit gets dirty, personal attacks against the other person only.

    That said, I doubt you believe your own “I am a woman” spiel considering a couple elements of your behaviour:

    1) Your need to quote what the government says; nobody else will affirm it and you are having a hard time believing it yourself.
    2) You feel the need to constantly define girls and women; this shows you treat us as an external and “other” element in your mind rather than a group with which you actually belong. This also reeks of male privilege.

    I second the notion of gratefulness that you did not produce a female child to torture with your ideas that girls are weak and cowardly. Do yourself and us a favour Autumn; fuck off and stop targeting women with your narcissistic behaviour charged purely by male privilege and your own insecurities. Work on these problems ON YOUR OWN. We cannot and will not fix them for you and owe you NOTHING.

  11. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    This Sandeen dude sounds like a dick to me.

    He looks like an angry ferret in a cheap blond wig in that photo, too. Correction: an angry MALE ferret in a cheap blond wig.

    And can someone please report this dude for wearing an unauthorized female U.S. Navy uniform — made ever more offensive by those non-regulation pink eye-shades. What a dork.

  12. Bev Jo Says:

    Oh Gallus, nothing like letting such a foul prick reveal himself in his attempt to harass you. His nasty very male face says it all, and then his writing….it is just amazing how these men think they are women and they can’t begin to sound even remotely like any kind of woman. You answered him brilliantly, as usual, and for those real women who still confused about “transwomen,” you provide continual proof that “transwomen” are the most male of men.

  13. mizknowitall Says:

    GallusMag was closer to the mark than many of you realize with “your dick!” Autumn’s surgery to “qualify him as a female was a castration and then a con job on the Doctors Staff giving him a letter saying it was a sex change! He then took this very VERY questionable letter round to get his “legally female documents!” BTW? Autumns reason for not getting the full monty? In his own words, female genitalia require too maintenance!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Miz you’ve expressed some interesting thoughts about trans trenders etc. I invite you to do a guest post on GenderTrender addressing the issues raised here. If you are interested, submit your post as a comment. Thanks!

      ETA: clarification- “issues raised here” meaning issues raised on this blog, not issues around autumn freaking sandeen- I think we’ve all heard all we need to know about Mr. Sandeen.

      • mizknowitall Says:

        I am considering your very kind offer and will get back to you in a few days, if that’s alright with you… Oh, and nothing more on Autumn “I love my dick, miss my balls” Sandeen from moi! Frankly? If I never hear that name again it will be too soon!

  14. If anyone needs a piece of paper to prove their sex they certainly are NOT that sex. The men like Autumn Sandeen are an insult of the worst order. He is everything GM says he is and more. The list of those like him is as long as your arm. I’ve been fighting those like Sandeen in a verbal and philosophical war for over 25 years. They take advantage of the ignorance about what transsexuality really is in order to obtain their own perverted desires. Good luck in dealing with this freak.


    • Yes, Cassandra, your definitions of this arbitrary concept are the most correctest ever; menzes like Sandeen will never understand. You, because of the things you say and think about the arbitrary concept of transsexualism, are completely different to him.

      *yawn* – Same shit, different day. Females have vaginas and give birth; males have penises and fertilise eggs which causes females to get pregnant and give birth. Your thoughts on arbitrary principles or identification with either sex will not make you a member of that sex no matter how different you supposedly are to Mr Sandeen. At least, I imagine that your supreme ideas have not given you ovaries, fallopian tubes and a uterus with which to give birth, but do correct me if I am wrong.

      Forever Cynical,

  15. Adrian Says:

    Ooh. HBSers showing up? *popcorn time*

  16. Nila Says:

    Autumn Sandeen is your typical run of the mill prono trans who want to rewrite what it means to be a woman in a man’s eyes. Quite frankly he’s a mentally delusional whack job of the highest order.

  17. Disgusting, vile man.

    It was obvious reading the convo that you were stressed, GallusMag. Autumn, meanwhile, seemed to be enjoying it.

    Fucking predator. And calling you “girl” to boot. Does he call black men “boy” too? I bet he doesn’t, the coward that he is. I bet he’s only “brave” enough to bully women.

  18. Sara Says:

    He’s right about one thing: trans activists have been successful in coopting and bullying lesbian and gay orgs into transmogrifying into “LGBT” orgs. Once a gay org is cajoled or coerced into accepting the bogus concept of “LGBT” the trans activists set to work to dominate the priorities of that group. This is the primary reason we don’t have ENDA today and it is the primary reason why so many gay civil rights proposals – burdened with the baggage of transgender activists – have been shot down in Nebraska, Alaska and Kansas. It is only because the folks who worked to repeal DADT circumvented the coopted “LGBT” groups that the repeal happened at all.

    Cathy, I wish that we could move out of the ghetto of a few tumblr sites and blogs and really start working to reclaim gay and lesbian groups from the sham of “LGBT.”

    • Adrian Says:

      I see that just as an observer, myself – there’s this insidious “sure, there’s gay and lesbian people facing oppression, but even MORE put on than those groups, even MORE oppressed, queerer than queer (note: used as a desirable signifier, there) are the trans* people” meme in play, and so all the talk and all the resources are supposed to go to them, since they have it “the worst off.”

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        Yep. And the smart people are NOT buying that privileged heterosexual males with a sexual fetish for themselves in female “presentation” are The Most Oppressed People on Earth ™. We’re just…not buying it. Nope.

        They really hate it when people like us see the manipulation and refuse to dance like puppets on their strings.

        They hate it even more when we speak out about it.

        But speak we must.

  19. […] Sandeen uses violent Man speak towards women. GenderTrender published an exchange between Autumn and GallusMag that highlights this […]

  20. you can't always get what you want Says:

    These people get off to being recognized as woman, especially legally.

  21. […] Sandeen uses Violent Man speak towards women. GenderTrender published an exchange between Autumn and GallusMag that highlights this […]

  22. My Belated Apologies To GallusMag And Trans Community

    http://wwwDOT transadvocateDOT com/my-belated-apologies-to-gallusmag-and-trans-community.htm

    [link broken by me-GM]

    • michelle Says:

      Just like a man…offer a half-assed apology while, in the same breath, basically claiming to have been goaded into being an asshole. And THAT, “Autumn,” is yet another example of why you and your type will never be anything BUT male…

    • Flow Ir In Says:

      gosh, the internet is amazing. These words live on and on and on. Two years after you wrote your lame apology, people can still read your tirade as if it were freshly spewed.

      I’m ashamed to be a woman born trans, because it means that I have to be associated with people like you, Autumn.

      We struggle to find ourselves, then struggle to find acceptance in society. It is a deep and personal journey, full of introspection and doubt. If we are lucky, we disappear and are accepted by society, gain the company and respect of women and perhaps help them in the struggle against patriarchy.

      Or, we can shout and scream and rage and demand and threaten and act like angry men, denied our right, like you do, Autumn.

      Check your privilege. It wouldn’t hurt to shut up, listen to what the women you parody are saying, and get a feel for the spaces you are invading. Become a harmonious and small part of a greater whole.

      The reality is, women born trans are not the same as womyn born womyn. Our experiences, our training, our anatomical realities are vastly different. Give them their spaces and stop demanding acceptance. Earn it.

  23. […] a regularly scheduled Saturday board meeting. Robinson’s appointment as chief nine months ago was celebrated by transgender activists as a historic first for heterosexual members of the “LGBT”. Robinson was the first heterosexual appointed to run […]

  24. […] to emerge. Of course women are pissed at trans these days! It’s our own fault for letting Autumn Sandeen, Joy Ladin, Coleen Francis, Red Durkin, Savana Garmond,Jennifer McCreath, Julie Blair, etc […]

  25. GallusMag Says:

    Post since deleted:

    My Belated Apologies To GallusMag And Trans Community
    May 30, 2013 Reach: 1,525 Total Views

    Cathy Brennan, in one of her blogs titled Name The Problem, has again named me a violent man in her post <To the Victor Go the Spoils. She tweeted her link to her post here.

    Thumbnail link: Cathy Brennan Tweet about Autumn Sandeen from May 30, 2013Brennan refers to a piece on GenderTrender by GallusMag entitled A GenderTrender Chat with Autumn Sandeen. In that post, GallusMag published much, but not all, of a private, non-public conversation I had with her on Twitter.

    In that conversation with GallusMag I used some choice language — four letter word language — that I really regret. Among the four-letter related names I called GallusMag was “fuckwad” — it wasn’t a pretty conversation, for sure.

    I could make excuses about my behavior relating what was going on in my brick-and-mortar world that had nothing to do with GallusMag that were negatively impacting my life, as well as make excuses regarding how GallusMag’s and Cathy Brennan’s past behavior could justify my inappropriate language and behavior. But, I won’t. Basically, I just failed to live up to my own standards that I learned in reading the words of Martin Luther King Jr.:

    Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek.


    Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him.


    Never succumb to the temptation of bitterness.

    Hey, I succumbed the the temptation of bitterness; I failed to avoid internal violence of the spirit; I failed to use means as pure as the ends my community seeks. Basically, I didn’t live up to Martin Luther King Jr.’s Six Principles of Non-Violence. I could make excuses for my failure in this, but that wouldn’t change anything for me: I still failed to live up to my own standards.

    I was completely wrong in using four-letter language towards GallusMag. I’m sorry I used such language to her, and I fully apologize to her for that inappropriate language of mine. I’m going to be mindful of my frame of mind when I respond to others in the future, and do that “count to ten” count when I’m passionate or angry because I know that my words written or spoken in the passion of a moment are often inappropriate and hurtful…and are often words I later regret.

    And, I regret the written words — the four-letter name calling — I used in communicating with GallusMag.

    So, to GallusMag directly: I’m sorry. I was wrong. I failed. I won’t engage in that kind of bad behavior towards you again.

    And too my trans subcommunity of the LGBT community, I’m sorry I failed y’all in giving GallusMag and Cathy Brennan fodder for identifying trans women as a class of people as a violent people. That’s a fail I’m going have to live with for a long time; it’s a fail I’m going to work not to repeat.

    About Latest Posts
    Profile photo of Autumn Sandeen
    Autumn Sandeen
    Editor at TransAdvocate
    Autumn Sandeen is a seasoned trans* activist. Melissa Harris Perry identified her as the “first national transgender blogger.” She was the first trans* new media reporter to be credentialed for the Democratic National Convention. In 2010 she participated with GetEqual and handcuffed herself to the White House twice for repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. She is the Associate Editor at the social justice site TransAdvocate.com, and Since 2011 has been the Trans Progressive columnist at LGBT Weekly.


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