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November 9, 2012

Name: Dr. Sherman Leis

Description: FTM as well as MTF. General Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He runs the The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery. See:

Category: FTM Surgeons

Date added: Apr 24, 2007

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User Reviews/Comments:

By: Terril
Date added: May 11, 2007

By: Donald
Please avoid this surgeon at all costs. Many of my friends have had surgery Nightmares with him.
Date added: May 11, 2007

By: Maria
I had minor work done with Dr. Leis and it came out quite well. He did soft cartlidge work on my nose and also a chin implant. His prices are fair and he did a great job on me.
Date added: May 12, 2008

By: Di
I had my breasts enlarged by him in 1999, and I would send anyone to him who wants a great job done. I plan on returning for more work after having an ultrasound done (to check for cyst caused by hrt). A surgeon last year thought I had just gotten the implants within 2 years.
Date added: Jan 23, 2009

By: don
I think the comment of Terril and Donald was not correct, both cmments was made by the same person with intent to make DrLeis become a bad image,, please leave your comment fair and correct for others research. Thank you
Date added: Aug 6, 2008

By: s
My husband had Dr. Leis for a major surgery recently and everything went well. He was nice and clean and had good results.
Date added: Jun 3, 2009

By: Johnna
I am a male to female transsexual. In early 2009, I underwent a nose job, chin augmentation and adams apple reduction. Dr. Leisdid a great job, and I found him to be a kind and caring person.
Date added: Jun 12, 2009

By: Anonymous
Please what ever you do DON’T GO TO DR. LEIS. I had rihnoplasty done with him and he made my nose look just like Michael Jackson. I’ve had so many people ask if I had a deformity done. Not only that both of my nostrils are different sizes and not don’t look anything alike. I’m having mucus come out of my mouth, where I didn’t have this before. Beware of this doctor and go to him at your own risk. I promise you, the results are not nice at all. If you would like to know more info, please contact me.
Date added: Oct 17, 2009

By: T’mi
I had excellent experience with Dr. Sherman Leis. He performed both GRS and BA on me this year; his follow up care and bedside manner was very good. His office manager does an exceptional job of keeping everything in order. Following my surgey I stayed at one of the apartments above the medical office and found it to be clean and comfortable. For me, I made the perfect choice in a surgeon and I’m very pleased with my results. (I give him 4-stars)
Email: tcAVON (at) erols dot com
Date added: Dec 13, 2009

By: Paige Madison Dumond
I am useing Dr. Leis for my repairs from Dr. McGinn’s errors which she refused to admit she did and refused to fix them. My consult with Dr. Leis last Dec left me liking him and feeling good about going to him. I can’t imange him not useing gloves to clean wounds because it’s for his safety as well as ours. If in fact it took place then it’s the patient’s job to speak up and tell him to use them. I would not be shy when it came to a doc not useing gloves.
Date added: Mar 20, 2010

By: Schwep
Hey, I was wanting to get the full MTF surgery from this doc. The only problem is hearing a few of these comments made me a little uneasy.He also does not have any pictures of his previous clients that he worked on so dont know if I will end up looking like a monster or not xD. ./towns people yell get the torches!!… Lawl well if I can get a few more positive comments would make me feel more comforatable going through with this.
Date added: Jun 16, 2010

By: Marina
I get nothing but compliments from the breast augmentation done by Dr. Leis 17 years ago. Never had a problem, still have them and he was very professional and caring. I imagine the reason he doesn’t have too many pictures on his website is because his work speaks for itself. My friend had a breast reduction and recommended Dr. Leis to me. She had an amazing job done. There’s nothing negative I can say about him.
Date added: Jul 27, 2010

By: Dani
I had dr leis perform liposuction several years ago and was extremly happy with th results. I am scheduled to have some upcoming facial feminization surgury and am obviously nervous does anyone know any other doctors where i may be able to get a second oppinion?
Date added: Aug 15, 2010

By: Diana
I recently had FFS performed by Dr Leis. The results are exactly as expected, the care provided by him was phenomonal and his dedication to his patients is outstanding. He drove me to the hospital at 5AM the morning of my surgery, and came back to visit me at 10pm that evening. I plan to have GRS next summer and plan to go back to Dr Leis.
Date added: Aug 20, 2010

By: Jessica
Ok, first off, let me just say that the negative comments *must* be in regards to a different Dr. Leis. I explored my options to an almost obsessive extent and also consulted the opinion of my physician. After months of extensive research, I found Dr. Leis to be not only MUCH more reasonably priced than the other surgeons, but his track record is astounding. With problems like recto-fistulas/urethro-fistulas being prevalent in some of the more ‘well-known’ surgeons, I became greatly concerned. Dr. Leis assured me that in the well over 200+ SRS procedures he has done, he has never had a serious issue regarding such matters from the surgical perspective. He is not only a man with a giant-sized heart, but he is no-nonsense and tells you the truth across the board and isn’t afraid to give you tough answers. The problem I believe here is that when undergoing surgery, the patient as well must take responsibility and be aware of the potential risks that they take, *regardless* of the surgeon they choose. In my particular experience Dr. Leis was *always* available, sometimes stopping in *multiple* times throughout the day to check up on me and my recovery. He *ALWAYS* used gloves, and, as a man who’s been a surgeon for quite some time, I believe the likelihood of this man being careless is just unthinkable. His staff is wonderful and he makes sure you feel comfortable, taken care of, and above all else, *respected.* His recovery apartments are insanely inexpensive compared to local hotels and they are not only a hell of a lot cleaner, but also conveniently located directly above his offices. All in all, I can say, with the utmost confidence, that ANY woman considering SRS should come to Dr. Leis. Even women from outside the USA. I hear alot of talk about Supporn and Bowers, but I can say that I don’t believe its possible for any other surgeon and their staff to be as accomidating, kind, and talented as Dr. Leis and his surgical staff. From the moment I went under, to the night I left almost 2 weeks later, he was always accessible, always had time for questions, and above all else, is *accountable* for his surgeries. I compel anyone to find a surgeon as talented and caring as Dr. Leis.
Date added: Oct 19, 2010

By: Angela
Everyone on this blog is full of shit! Beware! Once you go to him, trust me you will not like the results. Beware. He is not as good as everyone thinks. You are totally risking you appearence when you intrust in this doctor. If you think this posting is a hoax, when you go to him and get a nose job or srs, you’ll surely regret it!!!
Date added: Feb 22, 2011

By: Johnna
I am a Male to Female Transsexual. 27 months ago (March 2009) Dr. Leis completed my nose job, chin augmentation, and adams apple reduction. On June 16, 2011 he completed the balance of my facial feminization surgery consisting of: Brow bone reduction, brow lift, and hairline lowering. Once again he did an excellent job, and I am very happy with the results.
Date added: Jun 29, 2011

By: anne
sorry to say that Dr Leis did a chin implant for me in june 2010. It was misplaced and he then did a revision april 2011. The revision was a total disaster and in june 2011 the implant has been removed. The revision caused major complications and the implant even fell out of position sliding under my chin. I have muscle and nerve damage preventing normal mouth movements and will require reconstruction surgery to repair damage from a shoddy revision. Dr L. is a hit and miss 50-50 surgeon. Would not recommend for face surgery.
Date added: Jul 4, 2011

By: S
BOTTOM LINE: DON’T choose to have surgery with Dr. Leis. If you feel you have no other choice, WAIT. You will be glad you did. For those who want a more detailed explanation, read on. Dr. Leis is dishonest and incompetent. I speak from personal experience, having suffered a botched bilateral mastectomy (FTM chest surgery that he performed. Here is my story. Before the surgery, I had very tiny breasts; not even A cup. When I raised my arms high over my head, or looked at my reflection in dim light that cast no shadows, I looked flat-chested. Therefore, top surgery was a low priority for me, and I by no means wanted to rush into it. I was willing to wait to get top surgery until I could receive a letter from my therapist, because when I consulted Dr.Leis, I knew he was dishonest. Several of the answers he gave me about the laws and limitations regarding FTM reassignment surgery were flat out lies; I knew due to my internet research and discussions with other surgeons. Therefore, I had a very bad feeling about him from the start, but I ended up having to get my top surgery from him. (Because I wasn’t trans enough for my therapist, due to liking my hair long and occasionally cross-dressing in my old female clothes, she refused to write me a letter for top surgery and I had to go to Leis because he was the only surgeon I knew who doesn’t require letters. She also refused to let me move forward with my transition until I had my breasts out, but I won’t go into detail about that.) Anyway, despite all my better judgement and intuition, I had the mastectomy with Dr. Leis. While I recovered, I stayed in a rented room in his office building, which was filthy and disgusting. (I even found a soiled bed liner from a previous patient stuffed behind the headboard of my bed!) The surgery seemed to have gone well until a week later, when he removed the bandages to take out the drains. Then I saw the scars were large and very uneven, and my nipples still looked female. He seemed perplexed about why “they” had not stitched the drain in on one side. (He never told me anyone else would be involved in the surgery, and denied that anyone was afterward.) He assured me the scars would fade to nothing and my nipples would flatten out on their own in a few months, then he taped my wounds (insufficiently), and sent me home a few days later… …without a prescription for antibiotics. By the time my designated driver took me home (only a few hours later), my wounds were aching and oozing, and I had to go to the emergency care clinic because they had become infected. After a little internet research, I discovered Dr. Leis has a long record of infections due to his unwillingness to prescribe preventative antibiotics after surgery. (As for the stipulation that he does not wear gloves, I can’t comment, because I don’t know.) When I went back for a follow-up appointment about a month later, he assured me my result was “beautiful” and healing perfectly, despite the scars becoming red, raised, and painful, and the nipples not flattening a bit. He refused to listen to any of my complaints or questions, dismissing me as a perfectionist. (For the record, I wasn’t expecting perfection, but even to my untrained eye I looked much worse afterwards than before.) At my time of writing this, it has been about half a year, and nothing has changed since that first month. My scars are still an angry red – very obvious against my white skin – and they cause me frequent stabbing pains. My nipples still protrude and look female. I cannot go shirtless in public due to shame and self-hatred. The few times I tried, people avoided me out of disgust, and several called me out as a transsexual because the scars made it so obvious what used to be there. I refuse to ever take my shirt off in public again until (or should I say if) I can get my scars revised, which so far is not working at all. I have frequently cried myself to sleep over my mutilated chest, as well as the death of my lifelong dream of finally being able to go shirtless without shame. I am trying to file a lawsuit against Dr. Leisfor his incompetence and his dishonesty, in order to earn money to pay for my costly revisions as well as to put a much-needed dent in his undeserved good public reputation. If any of you who read this have had a similar nightmarish experience with this surgeon and are willing to provide evidence for my case, please contact me at the email address specified below (those underscores are supposed to be there; they are not typos) and put “Dr. Leis” in the subject line. It will be much appreciated.
Date added: Jul 28, 2011

By: Anne
Regarding Dr. Sherman Leis of Transgender Surgery Center in Bala Cynwyd PA. I Posted on july 4 2011 and forgot to add an email contact. I am also able to provide contact info for other former patients with less than acceptable surgical results including both f2m and m2f surgeries.
Date added: Aug 7, 2011

By: Cat
Thank you all for your comments. I am scheduled for MtF SRS soon and had been feeling wonderful about it till I found this site. Well, what I read did a great job of scaring me to death before I even got a chance to die on the operating table. Just to be sure, I typed in three other doctors at this site and one at another site and it turned out that every doctor had horror stories being written about them. That would leave me just dropping the whole thing if I hadn’t already invested half of the cost. And then there’s the fact that I want my SRS after waiting 63 years and don’t want to drop it. And personally, I don’t want to go to a foreign country and can’t afford to and am afraid of flying, plus I don’t have a passport. But wait, I read good things also about all of these doctors. I know one thing for sure, I’m pretty good caring for myself and others but I’m not any form or shape of doctor. Yes I’m a do it yourself girl but I bet any of these doctors will do it better than me. So I’ll grit my teeth, smile, talk to as much people as I can including my chosen doctor, and go ahead with the whole thing afterall.
Date added: Sep 4, 2011

By: Kristin
I know this is in the FTM section, however my post is relevant. Dr. Sherman Leis performed repair work on me after a batched srs in Thailand. He performed ungloved vaginal exams on me multiple times in his office, and also one ungloved vaginal exam on me during a follow up exam when he was at the Goldrush Symposium in Denver, CO in his hotel room while I had a strep-c infection in my vagina. He then smelled his fingers, and made contact with his mouth and nose area. This happened on the last night of the convention. DO NOT USE SHERMAN LEIS!!!!!!
Date added: Oct 3, 2011

By: Allison W.
I recently had a corrective surgery by Dr. Leis and am going back for two other surgeries. After suffering for more than a year due to a botched surgery by “The Oprah Surgeon”, I have found him to be one of the most excellent surgeons I have ever had over the years. The negative comments above simply do not reflect my experiences with him, nor do the reflect how he does his medical practice. Dr. Leis is a true professional and has trained hundreds of residents including one well respected (not by me) transsexual surgeon! Theirs a high likelihood that if you are getting some sort of trans surgery in the US, Dr. Leis TRAINED who you will be going to! Every visit has had a resident in training with him and he has observed every possible safety and cleanliness practice that I know of. His office is meticulously clean, his practices have been above reproach and his after care is the best I’ve ever had. Dr. Leis is a chief of staff at a medical facility and spends a majority of his day caring for his patience and teaching others how to do these awesome and complex procedures. He was concerned with answering every question I had and went into great detail to help me completely understand the surgery, the risks, the complication factors and the potential outcomes. He NEVER has been short with me and answered every question I had to my full satisfaction. My results are outstanding and I feel the comments above are coming from NON-Patients who are slandering or individuals that simply were not following Dr. Leis instructions. If the comments are true, then PUT YOUR REAL NAME ON IT and come forward. Otherwise, I would personally recommend to readers to IGNORE those “anonymous” comments by malicious users. They simply are not credible.
Date added: Oct 14, 2011

By: Monique B
Dr. Leis, very poor outcome on a basic face surgery. He talks a good talk and sounds like your best friend until your results are poor and complications occur. Worst post op care ever and misdiagnosis along with a ‘not my problem’ attitude. procedure was mid 2011.
Date added: Dec 21, 2011

By: Sandy
I recently had surgery perfomed by Dr. Leis and I must say that couldn’t disagree more with the negative comments that I have read here. I found Dr. Leis and his staff to be the kindest, most caring and professional doctor and staff that I have encountered in many years. They have onsite post surgical living quarters where your recovery is monitored and you are treated with encouragement and respect. As for his surgical skills, I could not be more complimentary. I presented him with some really tough surgical problems and he took the time needed (71/2 Hrs)to ensure a good outcome. He even came into the office on weekends to monitor and treat me if necessary,during recovery. The results of the surgery are spectacular,I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Dr.Leis.
Date added: Feb 25, 2012

By: Georgy
After reading all the reviews mine is positive June 2011 Dr Leis preformed FFS, & GRS surgery over 2 days. He is the most caring Dr I have ever experienced. Yes there was a complication my first night in his recovery room above the office. He left a concert to spend the next 2 1/2 hours making absolutely certain everything was OK. Each follow up visit was very professional with detailed explainations of what is going on. His staff are kind, caring, and in my case very patient. So many people like his FFS that many nice things are said about my face. After 9 months the scars can hardly be seen. My recovery is taking longer than I thought but all changed parts work including my eyebrows. Dr. Leis is great. Do not hesitate to use him.
Date added: Apr 7, 2012

10 Responses to “Infomercial !”

  1. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    I can’t watch it. The very idea that surgeons are getting paid big bucks to lop off normal, healthy sex organs and breasts in the INSANE, hopeless, utterly impossible pursuit of “changing” a patient’s sex is just…appalling.

    Every one of them should be losing their license to practice medicine.

    • anon male Says:

      The odd thing is that there are so many names for the surgery and he lists them all, SRS, GRS, GCS (gender confirmation surgery, most pc of them all!).

      Do real medical procedures need more than one name?

      • Adrian Says:

        The individual surgeries do all have one name, the usual long Latin style things. But yeah the abundance of acronyms for the overall general process of “getting a collection of surgeries to try to look like the other sex” is rather amusing. Particularly anything smacking of “change” is now out of favor, you can’t say “sex change” anymore, because of course the person has ALWAYS been the target sex, so they go for “confirmation” or a few other variants.

        Heck even in Japanese the old word was 性転換手術 (sei tenkan syujyutsu) where 転換 means “change” (it’s 性=sex, 転換=change, 手術=surgery) but now the new “proper” word is 性適合手術 (sei tekigou syujyutsu) where 適合 means conformity or make it proper, make it what it should be.

        Back to English I note that people talk about “Facial Feminization Surgery” as “FFS” but for me alas that acronym always means “For Fuck’s Sake,…” 🙂

      • GallusMag Says:

        “We do appendectomies, appendix reassignment, appendix confirmation, ruptured appendix excision, refashion the appendix, appendixplasty…” lol
        If he actually stated all the procedures (partial-penectomy, urethral sectioning, colon re-section, fistula creation, orchiectomy, etc etc ) it wouldn’t sound so sexay would it??

  2. Adrian Says:

    Somehow in my internet browsing around the topic of “FTM” I came across a post of someone upset with the idea that people make fun of the “bottom surgery” they get, or suggest it’s not functional, all that. The post (a post in favor of such surgeries and trying to say “actually it can be fine! Really!”) linked to some serious descriptions and reports of what it is involved in making a new “penis.”

    All I gotta say is, where those reports are putting a picture of a favorable outcome, I am not seeing that it’s anything that I might confuse for an actual penis. Yeah, as the supporters say, plenty of men have penis accidents and get reconstructive surgeries and whatever else, and so some men are going to have similarly reconstructed penises, and yes, some men do have to use the same prosthetic pumping mechanisms due to ED problems (though the penises they are pumping up are actual penises!) but… come on, the SRS “penises” doesn’t look like a regular grown-there-from-birth penis. People who are expecting to interact with a penis are gonna notice, unless it’s the most fleeting interaction in the bath when it’s not polite to be really looking, y’know?

    So there is always going to be that elephant in the room about yeah, just why did you voluntarily remove functional bodyparts and get what is pretty much the most extreme bodymod ever? Gender roles completely aside that’s hard to wrap my mind around.

    • GallusMag Says:

      It was a toss-up for me whether to post this infomercial or another one he did that is all about sexual functioning post-operatively. In that one he goes on and on about how the “neo-phallis” he attaches to women (a graft of rolled up tissue taken from the forearm- do a google image search for “phalloplasty forearm” for pics, they are too horrific for me to post here) is like a “stick of butter” or flesh tube “filled with fat” and he describes graphically the frequent complication of prosthetic inserts and pumps breaking through the skin “like a knife through a warm stick of butter”. So he does not use pumps or inserts. The ghastly complications are too horrid even for him. Of course, he goes on and on selling the joys of his handiwork and promoting the fantasy that these procedures create “actual” cross-sex reproductive structures.

      Here at 3:50

      Brings to mind a BBC/Discovery documentary done on Marci Bowers called “Sex Change Hospital” where a woman had silicone balls inserted into her labia to imitate male testicles. There is a long discussion between victim- er, patient- and Dr. Bowers about the size of the implants because Bowers ordered the largest possible implants against the wishes of the patient. He convinces the woman that “bigger is better” and later in the show the poor woman describes the process of the implants causing her tender skin to thin, eventually bursting out in a bloody mess long after the incisions had healed.
      You can watch that here at 01:35:

      You can see the implants going in here at around 01:30, just after Bowers accidentally lacerates the bladder:

      And at 05:30- discussion of Bower’s decision to use “larger than normal” implants.

  3. Ashland Avenue Says:

    I can’t quite clearly remember whether it was Bowers or not, but I was once watching one of those Discovery Channel specials on trans surgery. What stuck in my mind was that the doctor (Bowers? I think) kissed the patient. On the mouth. It was a quick kiss, meant to show affection, but it was a doctor kissing her patient. I recall thinking, “Okaaaaaay. THAT was weird.” As a cancer survivor, I have given some doctors hugs, but kissing? NO. Just NO.

  4. EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

    Well, this place with their whole approach of stay here so that the surgeon can “trot upstairs and visit” with you is just a tad ….unorthodox. I mean, service is nice, but he makes a point in his video of telling you that he drives you to the hospital himself. Reminds me a bit of this doctor and patient:

    This guy was the proud ‘guinea pig’ for the Michael Jackson cleft chin. And he has trouble enunciating because he’s had so much surgery around his mouth that it sounds like he’s tightened everything too far.

    What is the difference between this guy’s body image issues and the typical transgender? Can we see some **REAL** medical studies on the subject?

    • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

      Here’s another example that is extreme. Pete Burns. Who is well on his way to being a living Kabuki mask.

  5. Adrian Says:

    It’s like Lady Elaine from “Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood” and the puppet from the “Saw” movies had a kid…

    Meanwhile though, can’t forget Jocelyn Wildenstein! She’s the first one I usually think of at the topic “plastic surgery gone way way way too far,” it’s interesting how she sort of looks like Pete Burns. I suppose the way out there lips and cheekbones are popular, or something.

    But yes. It’s an interesting question, why people don’t more often draw parallels to either plastic surgery obsessions or anorexia, for that matter. Part of it is probably due to the fact people can cling to the existence of sex hormones as a “plausible” “scientific” explanation for the “female brain” that the male body supposedly somehow has, while there isn’t some single hormone that acts to make someone one race vs. another, or to make someone disabled in a certain way.

    Though speaking of disability, the transabled are always trying to find ways which their obsession can be caused by neurological wiring (making it a physical disease rather than psychological issue) and it can get pretty out there.

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