Turkish regretter seeks cadaver penile transplant

November 9, 2012

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10 Responses to “Turkish regretter seeks cadaver penile transplant”

  1. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    I’ve tried so hard to help the brainwashed see how destructive the entire “sex change” industry/cult is to its victims, male and female, young and not-so-young.

    Most of the time, all over the Internet, my posts get deleted for being “mean” to poor, oppressed “trans” people. How dare I question the New Genderist Orthodoxy?

    One can chop off normal, healthy organs and be a hero — even after a sizable percentage of your surgery victims experience extreme regret. But God help you if you dare to point out the obvious: it is IMPOSSIBLE to “change sex”.


    • Becky Green Says:

      I think the biggest opposition will come from a wave detransitioners over the next 10-20 years. Once enough psychiatrists and surgeons get sued, they’ll become hesitant to continue the current course of treatment. Significant human fallout will have to occur before there’s a paradigm shift.

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        I agree. A tsunami of lawsuits is just over the horizon.

        One really good class-action suit against one of these gender mills will knock down the entire house of cards.

      • Becky Green Says:

        “gender mills”

        That’s a succinct and potent little phrase.

      • river Says:

        I wish. There have been so many drugs that have caused death and life-altering damage. Think of Vioxx, Statins, and HRT. You can rarely sue doctors. They have the “best evidence” get out of jail card.

    • 1899fcbarcelona Says:

      It doesn’t matter how many surgeries one gets s/he can never change their sex. If I put make up on a piglet…it’s still a piglet. What kills me even more is the fact that others on youtube will refer to an “ftm” as a man. When all reality she’s a woman taking testosterone. You think you can escape being a female; you can never escape being a female.

  2. liberalsareinsane Says:

    Wonder what excuse the enablers will have when all the law suits coming tumbling down?? All those politically correct “lesbians” who lectured and bullied other lesbians for pointing out the obvious. Being the critical thinking impaired cowards that they are they’ll deny they ever said it or feign misinformation by the big bad medical industry.

  3. Melissa Says:

    sex CAN be changed

    • GallusMag Says:

      Sure bro. Thanks for stopping by.

    • gchild Says:

      The statement “sex CAN be changed”, is truly profound in its sadness and desperaion. I really am sorry that greed, deception, porn, addiction, abuse, and despair have led doctors to suggest, and people to believe that they can literally change their biological sex.

      This lie has become pathological.

      It didn’t have to be this way. Not for GNC individuals. Not for gay men or lesbians. Not for autogynophiles or fetishists. And not for the Turkish male above who wants a dead man’s penis sewn onto his body.

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