Andrea James: Keep your “transgender” or any other kids away from this dude

November 18, 2012

James E. Mead/Andrea James

Those who follow trends in gender, and even some casual readers will be well familiar with transgender activist Andrea James. A graduate of men’s-only Wabash College (which describes it’s mission as teaching males “The Gentleman’s Rule”), James E. Mead rode to fame in the genderist community in 1996 after undergoing and championing a series of radical facial cosmetic surgical procedures in an ongoing plastic surgery diary called TS Roadmap. James was the first autosexual genderist man to promote the surgical ideal of inserting a female-looking face on a male skull and body. He helped popularize these surgeries – now known as “facial feminization surgery”- among gendersexual/autogynephillic men. James helped spur the gendersexual trend away from genital surgeries and toward facial surgeries: which help the men who derive stimulation from imagining themselves inhabiting an approximation of a sexualized female body to achieve a “face passing as female” socially (at least on first glance). He paved the way for men to claim facial cosmetic surgery as a form of “sex-reassignment” surgery.

In addition to his surgical diary (and grudge blog) TSRoadmap, James makes bank on hair removal sites HairFacts and HairTell and produces consumer videos for men in voice instruction in imitating a female tone. He has been accused of charging kickbacks for surgical and electrolysis endorsements on his websites.

James started using Wikipedia to post articles promoting his hair removal sites, then began editing feminist, lesbian, gender and transgender entries (including his own biographical entry which he has had edited and removed several times). As wikipedia editor “Jokestress” he has edited over 45,000 articles, with special attention given to hair removal articles which he publishes as free promotion for his websites and products.

Andrea James is perhaps best known for posting photos of a nine year old girl stolen from a social networking site and captioning the child a “cock-starved exhibitionist”. In response to public outcry James deleted the posts before he was arrested yet later claimed the child “deserved it” because James was angry at the child’s father, sexologist Michael Bailey. You can read about this in the NewYorkTimes article exposing James here:

James still holds some sway in the transgender political movement, largely on the basis of his previous celebrity as a facial surgery diarist, and his political campaign against all psychiatric and medical research into treating gender dysphoria. However his antics as a disreputable activist using unethical tactics and exhibiting poor impulse control are so widely documented (he once held up a graphic of what he called “a greedy Jew” at a seminar where he went on to elucidate on “greedy jew children” as a supposed correlative to male gender stereotypes) that his influence is widely diminished. His last media splash was to promote a video he created called “I Like Big Dicks”. Surprisingly, he was added in 2007 to the Board of Trustees of a marginal group called “Trans Youth Family Allies” which purports to support “transgender children” but became embroiled in controversy when one of it’s graduates and “success stories”, a female teenager and daughter of one of the group’s founders, committed suicide after “treatment”.

James with “female” face on male skull and body after many surgeries

James popped back up this week when long-time transgender activist Denise Manger died of cancer. James was disturbed because Alice Dreger- the woman who exposed his unethical tactics (and his sexualized targeting of a nine-year-old girl) to the New York Times eulogized Denise on her blog. You can read Dreger’s detailed account of Andrea James’ actions here: [PDF]

Dreger has reported extensively on medical ethics surrounding sex and gender. While not a feminist, she has researched, written and advised  on sex-typing in Olympic sporting events – taking issue with discrepancies in regulation of female-generated testosterone levels while male levels of testosterone are un-regulated, taking issue with the medicalization of children who reject sex-role stereotypes and the transgender activists that seek to colonize such children to present a “pre-sexual” face to the transgender movement, taken issue with the transgender movement’s colonization and disregard of Intersex individuals/ those with congenital disorders or differences in reproductive development, and perhaps most importantly, spearheaded a campaign against the outrageous medical experimentation being conducted on pregnant women using off-label pre-natal dexamethasone “treatment” to “prevent lesbianism”.  Dreger is the founder of FetalDex.Org, an organization created to document and protest off-label medical experimentation on pregnant women the sole purpose of which is to prevent Lesbian, Gay and non-sex-stereotypical female birth.

Read a VERY interesting account (arguably more interesting than anything else in this post) by Dreger of the challenges in medical and nursing practice regarding ethics related to experimentation on gay, lesbian, and transgender children here:

Whatever your views, Dreger’s work is critically important and her writings essential.

Sigh. But back to wack-ass Andrea James. Because it is also important to document historically the hideously misogynist attacks and harassment on Dreger by the transgender movement by men like Andrea James. This is history, baby.

What follows are the terms James uses to characterize researcher and medical ethicist Alice Dreger in his post this week on his TG Roadmap site. In a creepy spree of pedophilic prose he characterizes female children who are predated and raped by adult male high school teachers as “needy”.  He speculates on female-authored academic work which disagrees with his beliefs as reflective of our “Daddy issues”. Dear lord. This list is a pretty good illustration of how James helped foster a culture of sexist misogynist heterosexual male autosexual transgender activism, and also why he is now considered a marginalized activist among mainstream genderists. Creeps be creepy! Enjoy.

Descriptors presented in order he posted them.

James Mead/Andrea James’ terms for female ethicist Alice Dreger in his latest article:






Blinded to the truth by [her] own incompetence.

Highly susceptible to flattery.

Extremely thin-skinned.

Willing to believe anything from anyone who agrees

Willing to believe anything from anyone who disagrees with a perceived enemy.



Dreger is the kind of needy person who loses her virginity to an exploitative high school teacher.

Dreger and her desire to please him seem very similar to her high school behavior

Dreger’s weird fixation with presenting herself as sexually desirable

Dreger is what passes for an academic these days.

clueless hack



blinded by her own histrionic self-righteousness.

tries to stir up old controversies to make a quick buck and get the attention she craves

Daddy was probably a strict disciplinarian, and Dreger found the best way to get attention was to get in trouble.

thrives on feeling persecuted.

keeps picking fights.

can’t get anything done unless she feels persecuted/angry

tries to pick fights with people who threaten her livelihood or veneer of credibility.

incompetent and blinded to the truth


easy to exploit

eager to spread misinformation and lies without checking them

a fool


If you like accident scenes and have time for cray here’s the link to James’ whole speil, er, account:

OH GOOD GOLLY! Looks like James has removed his “apology” to sexologist Bailey’s kids! Oh NOEZZZZZ! Guess I will have to print the (non)apology here. See where James “apologizes” for the “analogy” of POSTING PICTURES OF A NINE YEAR OLD GIRL CAPTIONED WITH “COCK-STARVED EXHIBITIONIST by ACCUSING Bailey of “failing” his “emotional and religious commitment to his family” BY GETTING DIVORCED. HAHAHAHAHA


See it here folks. James the “Big Dick” has scrubbed his site. But GenderTrender has your back, yo! Enjoy reading where James blames the children he sexually targeted for their own distress! And blames their Dad for James’ sexual exploitation of them for his sin of dedicating his book to them! Holy SHIT! KEEP ALL KIDS AWAY FROM THIS MAN. Creepy-ass-fuck. This is an insane man.

Andrea James’ non-pology for sexual pedophillic attacks 1 of 2

Andrea James’ nonpology to pedo sexual attacks on Bailey’s children 2 of 2


61 Responses to “Andrea James: Keep your “transgender” or any other kids away from this dude”

  1. Jane Anger Says:

    Still looks like a dude.

    • nuclearnight Says:

      LOL I was just thinking that 😛

    • orangutangu Says:

      She looks more like a woman than most of you fugly manish looking butch lesbians do. I swear if I wasn’t convinced y’all are just evil nasty bullies with nothing better to do with your time then hating on trans folk, I’d think your were just jealous.

      • Becky Green Says:

        First, you are out of your fucking mind if you think he looks even remotely female. All women could spot him a mile away. We are trained to spot a male who’s lurching and lurking, blundering and thundering around our spaces; stick a dress on him and he’s even more noticeable. YIKES!

        Secondly, a woman is defined as such because she lacks a Y chromosome. She never ceases to be a woman despite her style choices and appearance. That you bring up looks only shows that you have a superficial view of women and are ignorant of biology. Although the system of biological sex classification is really quite straightforward and simple, it’s probably still too difficult for you to grasp.

        Thirdly, no one here is jealous of the monstrosity known as Andrea James. HE is the one imitating women, not the other way around or did you conveniently forget that fact? HE is on female hormones, HE has had surgery to mimic our faces and bodies, HE has changed his name to a recognized female one. HE has taken immense amounts of time and money to look female. It’s always the imitators who are jealous, not the imitated. We are the real women, he is merely a decoy.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Orangutangu, I’m not butch. There is also absolutely no doubt, upon seeing me, that I’m female. So there’s that.

        As for being an evil nasty bully….nope. Let me say this: I have zero problem with men who wish to dress as women. Hell, whatever floats your boat, right? They should be allowed to do that without fear of violence.

        What I (and several other posters here) protest is male-bodied men bullying their way into areas that are meant to be female-only, such as restrooms and lockerrooms. These men completely dismiss women’s concerns regarding our safety, and also our rights to dignity and privacy. This dismissal is the epitome of arrogance and selfishness. Transwomen don’t wish to use male facilities due to their fear of mens’ reactions, yet we’re somehow expected to just suck it up and not mind the dick at the locker next to us. We here say no to that, for so many good reasons. But when we do, people like you storm in and screech about the supposed rights of “the trans folk” (a term, by the way, that I suspect is meant to conjure up a sort of innocence or niceness about transsexuals that in reality is often simply not there, as they’re way too busy trying to satisfy their own needs – to hell with everyone else). Who’s the bully now?

        There is also a marked difference between people who were born and raised as female, and those who “transition to female” (whatever that means) later in life. To have a sixty-year-old male-bodied person claim that after some shots of estrogen that he’s “as female” as I am is ridiculous. And many of them don’t stop there – they rant and rave when born lesbian women don’t wish to sleep with them, they rant and rave when they’re not included in ABSOLUTELY EVERY group geared for women, they rant and rave when they are not everyone’s top priority and the center of attention. The list goes on. Who’s the bully now?

        I won’t go along with your delusions. You and your ilk are evil, selfish, narcissistic fetishists. And bullies. Oh yes, bullies. Now go fuck off back to your swamp.

      • Becky Green Says:

        Addendum Alert:

        (In reference to my second paragraph above @ November 20, 2012 at 2:42 am)

        I wanted to preemptively add, “with the exception of true intersex conditions, which are, inherently complex.” Forgot to insert that and I think it’s important to mention, even though studies have shown that the vast majority of trans people don’t have such physical conditions.

    • Bea Says:

      It looks like he photoshopped a new head on his body. Not a female head, a freaky mismatched feminized head. Those shoulders!

  2. Ashland Avenue Says:

    This calls for a haiku!

    Your Adam’s apple
    Distracting in its hugeness
    Size of a Fiat.

  3. GallusMag Says:

    James you are totes gross
    Get a grip on yourself son
    Leave women alone bro

  4. Ashland Avenue Says:

    James Mead, mixed-up man!
    Boobies wildly uneven
    Need to sue surgeon

  5. GallusMag Says:

    The sun sets on all
    In night we confront our acts
    Best to embrace light

  6. GallusMag Says:

    Surgeon Ousterhout
    Cuts bone and flesh artfully
    But men are still men

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      LOL! Well, here goes my Sunday….I need to go grab some munchies but you just know I’ll be doing this all day. Back with more later!

  7. Ashland Avenue Says:

    In order to pass
    Out, damned hair, out! said James Mead
    Now to turn profit…

    James is a sad man
    Cock-starved exhibitionist!
    Face plaster not work

  8. GallusMag Says:

    What women are not:
    Laydee faces on men’s heads
    Woman is not mask

  9. GallusMag Says:

    Narcissistic Shame
    Of a man who claims woman
    Pretend or suffer

  10. Ashland Avenue Says:

    On your throat, right there
    Gonads performing their task
    Surgeon could not fix?

    O.K., gotta go eat, back later, Gallus!

  11. GallusMag Says:

    NOTICE: Gallus is marrying this Ash person as long as they don’t have (and have never owned) a dick. Saving for the ring now.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      You have no idea how flattered I am by this. And for the record: woman-born-woman here.

      No penis in sight –
      XX chromosome be sweet!
      Vajayjay for REALZ!

  12. GallusMag Says:

    I once tried to start a thread comprised solely of fake Elizabethan English and not a single person replied. Shame on you all!

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Why didn’t I see that? Maybe it was before I found this lovely sanity-saving site. Anyway, I’ll freely admit there’s no way I could do that bullshit Shakespeare – my years of Shakespeare reading are too far behind me to get it down. Kudos on a job well done, Gallus – and your comments were hilarious re: “feels like Shakespeare on the inside”! HA!

  13. Nobody Special Says:

    Creepy dudes abound
    In transgender laydee face
    Creeping people out

  14. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Penis flaps in breeze
    Locker room goes dead silent
    LOVE MY WANG he screams

  15. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    James is quite ugly
    Open him up look inside
    Yes ugly there too

    Peeling through layers
    Body heart mind soul essence
    All ugly therein

    Obsessive madness
    Frothing stalking projecting
    His mask hides nothing

  16. Becky Green Says:

    Alien rears head
    Chaos, rage, domination
    Where is Sigourney?

  17. Bev Jo Says:

    bodies not female,
    minds even further away,
    spirits so vacant

    men mimic male rules,
    pretending to be women
    but we are not fools….

    The repulsive men
    nightmare images grotesque
    cannot con women

    no matter male games
    women are beyond their dreams,
    can never be us

  18. Bev Jo Says:

    And then there are 1200 year old Tanka poems, 5 lines, syllables of 5, 7, 5, 7, 7.

    Grotesque hideous
    female impersonators
    play such ugly games,
    but never ever come near
    glorious female essence

  19. Lydia Says:

    Ashland for Gallus
    I shop also for a ring
    Becky I must win

  20. Branjor Says:

    Altering his face
    To a parody of us
    He cannot fool us

  21. Bev Jo Says:

    This is so good!!! Don’t worry, Gallus, restrictions and rules never hold down Lesbians. It’s the brilliance that counts.

  22. GallusMag Says:

    Did I mention that I love this fucking thread

  23. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Your eyes tell all
    Whether a man face
    Or a ‘woman’ face

    Your eyes tell all
    The eyes of serial killers
    The eyes of serial pedophiles
    The eyes of predatory males

    They suck one in like the boundaryless pits they are
    Frightening and dark cesspools of the Void
    A Void that captures the souls of innocents
    A Void that silences women

    Not the creative Void
    The pregnant Void
    The Void of which all of the Universe is born

    It is the Void of the Vampire
    For this is who you are
    And only the strongest women
    The DykeAmazons can say no to you

    For we speak OUR truths
    And we know one another
    By the fire in our eyes
    The ecstasy and the joys

    The powers and the passions
    The ability to say NO and NO MORE
    To the born male
    And to recognize you EVERYTIME

    Like the Medusas we are
    For we SHALL turn you to stone
    And you will no longer harm us
    Or our brethren.

    And your throat gives away all.
    You are seen and exposed
    And our Fiery Medusan Rage
    Comes through our eyes
    To counter the vampiric Void within yours.

    We swing our Labryis
    And Claim our Amazon Nation
    Our Dyke Nation
    Nov. 21, 2012

  24. SheilaG Says:

    Void of the vampire in its blank looking eyes, void and black spots for eyes, creepy crawly males in these dragish get ups, serial killers, creepos, slime crawling preditors…. yuck, he looks so damn ugly, and still they want more surgery. NUTS just plain out there nuts!

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      He really does bring to mind the creature in Alien.

      That picture of him makes my skin crawl, with his smirking fangs and his creepy, dead eyes floating up there on that stalk of a big neck above his relatively huge body.

      FrankenTrans for sure.

  25. Bev Jo Says:

    Gallus wrote me a poem!!!

    Love you too, Branjor!

    Great later comments, Sheila and Marie-France. Wonderful poem, Feisty.

    All true, the brave blog,
    the fantastic courageous
    females, true females,
    no cons, lies, or grotesquery,
    just handsome brilliant females….

  26. Bev Jo Says:

    I love you too, Gallus!

    I’m still seeing it all…. Brilliant Becky!!!

    Love you all….. xoxoxo

  27. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Thank you Bev Jo…you all really inspired me to write another poem! I haven’t written one in a while, and this spoke to my soul! And, wow, YES, every time I have seen a serial killer or rapist or pedophile on T.V., in the newspaper, they ALL had eyes like that! Including Charles Manson.

  28. No name Says:

    Reblogged this on anywomans humanity and commented:
    Andrea James’ nonpology to pedo sexual attacks on Bailey’s children,
    A real example of Autogynophiliac shame and rage directed on Michael-Bailey and his young children after:

    It is not a normal reaction to take photos of someone’s kids and cut the eyes out, post it online, and call someone’s children ‘cock-starved’ or ‘womb-turd’.

    Women need safe areas to raise children and should not have to navigate past dangerous men every time their kid has to pee. There is clearly a child endangerment issue, as well as a sexual assault risk, should a woman be caught in a restroom alone with one of these guys that have publicly called someone’s children ‘cock-starved’ and perhaps may view all children that way..

    Men are aggressive about sex. Women and women with children do not want to bear the brunt of aggression/violence for these guys with sexual problems.

  29. […] there was a televised debate whose motion was the title of this piece of writing. Peter Hyndal and Andrea James, both of whom are trans people, spoke in favour of the motion. Bronwyn Winter and John Haldane […]

  30. […] allows her to understand what it was like to be Jazz Jennings–and vice versa. Yet a number of vocal transgender activists who have histories typical of autogynephilic gender dysphorics do not […]

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