Natalie Reed: Transfeminism = Mansfeminism

November 18, 2012

Nate ‘splains how feminism isn’t working for him

Natalie Reed: 5 Ways Feminists can help build Male-Inclusivity and Intersectionality

1)   Be willing to confront instances of malephobia, female sexism, female normativity, female-centrism, female privilege and other forms of destructive bias where you find them (especially when you find them within feminist, activist or queer spaces), not through “call outs” or other toxic, self-defeating or abusive strategies, but by taking the opportunity for genuine discourse.

 2)  Don’t take a purely passive, reactive approach. Rather than waiting for things like someone saying something overtly malesexist, or a male person bringing up a particular concern, be willing to proactively introduce male issues, or male-relevant aspects of broader issues, to feminist discourse. Likewise, proactively treat possible consequences, perspectives and concerns relevant to men and male experiences as being not only significant but essential to all feminist issues and conversations.

3)  Don’t assume any given issue is strictly, or even primarily, relevant to women. All feminist concerns are also male concerns, and vice versa. There are no feminist dialogues in which male voices “don’t belong”, or to which male voices have “nothing to add”. There are no social issues related to gender that don’t have consequences for male people.

4)  Proactively seek out male voices, perspectives and input on all issues, not simply what you regard as “male issues” or situations where the value of such perspectives is immediately obvious to you. Come to us, rather than waiting for us to come to you.

5)  Don’t treat the larger social conflict of gender as being dialectic or binary in nature. Don’t assume a unidirectional model of gender-based oppression.

In closing: Remember that sexism isn’t just about men oppressing women. It’s mostly about human beings oppressing each other and themselves. It works in every possible direction.

Nate is here to show those dang females how feminism can best serve men


[For sake of clarity I have replaced the word “trans” with “man/male”, and the word “cis” with “woman/female”. –GallusMag]

Read the original here, although I can’t imagine why you’d want to:


41 Responses to “Natalie Reed: Transfeminism = Mansfeminism”

  1. wildwomyn Says:

    Really, all I can do is laugh. The message?

    Insert men every where they want to be, because women by themselves just don’t matter.

    We get it Nate. That’s why we are Rad Fems, because we don’t insert men at all.

    Our focus is on women, 24X7X365. Because all of the rest of the planet is focused on men 24X7X365.

    Women doing for women, that’s our purpose.

    Women, BTW, isn’t inclusive of transwomen. Because you are not women, you are delusional men. We don’t buy into your delusion.

  2. cjibo Says:

    Confront female-centrism in feminism?! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Yes, that’s what they really are saying.
    I didn’t understand at first that you had replaced the cis with women etc in this post, because it reads exactly like something a whiny MRA would write.

  3. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Wow. “Proactively seek out male voices”?! Um, we’re already soaking in those, thanks. At this point, all I can do is laugh at these narcissistic dicks. I do wonder, however, how long it will take funfem blogs to see the light.

    Nate here does seem to have perfected twisting PC patois to his hoped-for advantage, that’s for sure. He’s right up there with homophobes and their “No, you’re intolerant ’cause you don’t tolerate my intolerance!” bullshit.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      Dudes glaze over as soon as they hear a woman’s voice — but they expect us to TUNE IN and LISTEN to ever utterance that drips from their self-involved, self-important mouths.

      They’re so flipping arrogant it makes your teeth ache.

  4. Is there any room left to parody this sort of thing? I’m not seeing where or how.

  5. karmarad Says:

    Here my 2 cents, just one opinion, and I don’t pretend to be an expert on all the difficult issues this article presents:

    “Building male-inclusivity and intersectionality.”

    That is not a priority of feminism. To make a vast understatement.

    Feminism by one definition is precisely a rejection of “male inclusivity”; that is, subsuming the female identity in the male identity in law and culture. The male never gets “included”; the female gets “included” into the male. See the law of coverture, the “male guardian” laws in other countries, even rules of language use. Feminism in fact seeks to carve out enough room to look at women’s concerns, free of male inclusivity.

    We need to keep our balance in the confusion of transactivist “women”‘s psychology. One second we are trying to respond to their rejection of their own sex and their desire to be just like us, (whatever that means), then they want to co-opt the identity of lesbians, then we’re trying to deal with their desire to be “radical feminists” (and change radfem priorities) because they reject the reality they find when they live as women, and now we have an example of a transactivist desiring to kowtow to the sex he ought to be naming as the agent of his distress, in blithe disregard of actual feminist goals.

    And yes, these flailings-about by this troubled community are destructive to feminism, because they perceive themselves as needing to re-define our liberation movement to include theirs, and that requires making “male-inclusivity” a priority, because they are males, and that guts our own priorities and exposes us to physical risk. I think the real struggle here is very simply that trans women activists desire to be “included” in the broad women’s community because they reject and have been rejected by their own community. But this really is, in spite of their desire to avoid such a difficult confrontation, a struggle within the men’s community that has unfortunately spilled over into the women’s liberation movement, as if our movement is just a rain barrel that is supposed to catch whatever drips off the male roof.

    I wonder if some of the ire directed at us is male ire that we are refusing our traditional role of acting as caretakers, even when it is detrimental to us. There seems to be some perception that we have a duty to take these folks in, because the men have kicked them out and they have nowhere to go. We have no such duty.

    If all this is ever to be sanely addressed, I hope we as women can and should (and will) find a friendly accommodation with women who choose to perform male sex-roles. I hope the male community can and will incorporate men who choose to perform women’s sex-roles, and stop harming them. This is the male inclusivity that is needed. My hope would be that this can be accomplished without further solidifying sex-role stereotypes.

    I have to emphasize that it is not women who are beating up, killing, and discriminating against trans “women”, the problem is the male community, and trans “women” activists must at some point deal with this, instead of trying to co-opt the women’s liberation movement. Like most of us, I suspect, while I draw the necessary feminist boundaries here, I have sympathy for trans people and no political problem with those who understand they must fully respect those boundaries.

    • Adrian Says:

      Exactly. They need to confront the MEN who are causing that harm. That is the actual worthy fight which needs to happen.

  6. Noanodyne Says:

    The funny thing about MRa. Nate is that he thinks he’s a “skeptic” — but I’ve never seen a bigger believer in fantasy in my life. He genuflects to gender. He’s an idolator of identity. A zealot for Zie, Zir, and Zim. A trans true-believer. Now we can also see that he is a priest of the penis and a disciple of the dick. The only thing he’s skeptical of is reality.

  7. Hector Hetherington Says:

    Lol, you do not pass.

  8. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    “…proactively treat possible consequences, perspectives and concerns relevant to men and male experiences as being not only significant but essential to all feminist issues and conversations…”

    Hey. Crazy dude in girl-drag.

    Take your farking narcissistic, sexist, female-phobic attempts to appropriate feminism and choke on ’em.

    Feminists are NOT going to sit around wringing our hands and thinking, “But what about teh menz?!?”

    We’re far too busy SMASHING THE PATRIARCHY to have time for that.

  9. Hermgirl Says:

    Ugh, I read the original post. Nate’s using the word “ally” in a way that I don’t think he understands what it means. Perhaps there are feminists who have said, they don’t hate trans folk (and I would be one of those), but it *certainly* does not make us an “ally” to say that.

    It’s like, “I am not here to help you do *your* work, Nate, I have my own work to do! Now get your peanut butter outta my chocolate, and get the hell out of my way!”

  10. Nate said: “Don’t treat the larger social conflict of gender as being dialectic or binary in nature.”

    Really? He’s got a problem with dialectics?

    So in other words… he’s saying “Please don’t use reason or logic when trying to debate me”

  11. Bilbo Says:

    Even though I’m male, I don’t think I could write something this full of shit if I tried. Even in the original text, this is nothing less than a complete dilution of feminism such that it’s more like a femme MRA fifth column.

    My favorite bit:
    “Don’t assume a unidirectional model of gender-based oppression.”

    Or, there is no patriarchy. There’s no such thing as sex-based oppression.

    I don’t know what you’d call this, but it isn’t feminism. You’d be left with sex positive pornography and gendersick language policing.

  12. […] comment from “GenderTrender” on the post is not me. That is “Manfeminist” Natalie Reed – yes THAT one!-  who enjoys harassing lesbians and feminists by running imposter […]

  13. jdmarsh89 Says:

    “sexism isn’t just about men oppressing women. It’s mostly about human beings oppressing each other and themselves. It works in every possible direction.”

    um, wrong. Women have been oppressed by patriarchal systems since agriculture was a thing. If men had such a problem with it or felt similarly oppressed, they would have, like, done something about it. An oppressed caste is not/cannot be privileged. Just as there is no such thing as black privilege, likewise, there is no such thing as female or cis privilege. The fact that women organizing as a group to help each other is so offensive to transactivists (misogynists) that they react with such stereotypically male violence, hate and vitriol makes the whole thing seem even more absurd. I mean, look at yourselves! Do you really think you’re a feminist if you’re wearing a shirt calling for the death of women-born-women? Now we’re supposed to lick everyone’s wounds before our own in the name of intersectionality and feminism is being watered down to the point of being completely unrecognizable? And women were being called out for hurting te feelz for participating in the #UniversalGirlhood campaign that was just aiming to unite women across all backgrounds (like, I’m sorry you didn’t have a girlhood because you were born with a penis and all)? I feel like we’re being colonized and gaslighted, and I can’t even talk about this with my other feminist friends because they’re drinking the kool-aid too.

  14. druidwinter Says:

    Reblogged this on winterdominatrix and commented:
    This is the woman-phobic moron that poo poo’d the Hawkeye initiative that got many female comicbook writers to re-draw sexist poses forced on women in comics, portrayed by male characters.
    goes on for 52 pages, a step forward, even for comicbook pros that joined in to combat sexism, but Reed? No, Reed hijacked the hawkeye project dissallowing it’s critiq of how females were over-sexed and objectified calling it ‘transphobic’

    This Faux-manist only protects male interests in women as sex objects unable to make decisions that don’t deserve to be women.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Druidwinter, Reed’s comments about the Hawkeye Initiative were simply blisteringly stupid. Everything, and I mean everything, has to come back to them, doesn’t it? What a fucking dick.

      • druidwinter Says:

        Ashland Avenue, he seemed deeply disturbed over effeminate men, what does he think he looks like? and I know plenty of gay men that are fine being non conforming ‘men’ If they are sooo triggering, why hang out in the gay community?. :/.,

  15. jdmarsh89 Says:

    In recent months, I have been getting into so many scraps with trans”feminists” online who attempt to dismantle my lived reality piece by piece that I am starting to internalize their absurd arguments. Kindof like if someone calls you ugly enough times, you start to believe it. I’m being called a bigot, a monster, a harpy (my personal favorite… I’ll take that one), a nazi, violent, misogynistic etc etc while at the same time being told that my identity as a woman is not due to my being content in my adult human female body but that I have some sort of innate woman-essence (that a man can also have if he wants). Apparently the fact that I was born biologically female (a culturally-loaded predicament for a child to find themselves in), socialized as, and am treated as a woman by everyone in society does not mean I am a “real” woman and that only transwomen know what real woman means and are able to define it… but real women aren’t? Apparently men are, yet again, the arbiters of women’s lived realities. I feel like I don’t know who I am anymore, and I feel like a mega wimp for not standing up to transwomen in women’s spaces when I see them, and I see them fairly often (there is one guy at the public pool that doesn’t even bother to cover up…WTF?). I’m afraid of them and I feel like a terrible female stereotype… I am straight-up afraid. Fight or flight, I choose flight every. freaking. time. I back away slowly and say freaking nothing. I know they’re still smug, entitled dipshit men on the “inside” due to their socialization. I feel isolated because of my views, since they are not popular, which is a weak thing to feel… I shouldn’t care about being popular, right? Everyone can get behind libfem because it means nothing and questions nothing. I wish we all lived on the same street and could go to each others houses and drink some of the margaritas I just made. I even feel bad because I guess I am perpetuating gender roles in the way that I dress, which someone brought to my attention recently… I make my own clothes, and I like to wear dresses in the summer made from fun fabrics that I find, but maybe I don’t really like dresses at all and I am just conditioned to like them… but it’s so hot and I like my ass to be air conditioned! I am just having a really shitty day, I guess. Doesn’t help that some tumblr transactivists found my separate artist blog (with my real name, because it’s my professional page) somehow and are now sending me death threats. I’m going to have to start an entirely new account. I don’t care if they hatefully reblog stuff from my radfem account… that’s what it’s for. They’re just so internet stalker-ish, and they’re kindof freaking me out.

    • Leo Says:

      Sorry you’ve had such a shitty time. I know what you mean, was surprised by how much it upset me to get called a TERF for the first time (don’t think it would have got to me as much if it hadn’t been another woman, someone I’d been getting on Ok with till trans issues came up). Having death threats sent to you personally is way worse – of course that will upset and scare you. They know what they’re doing when they threaten women like that. They’re doing it because it works. No genuine oppressed group acts like they do, that alone shows something is wrong here. I hang onto that when they’re starting to make me feel like I’m the one in the wrong, and just plain confuse me with their weird arguments – because regardless of anything else, I think the ones not sending the death threats have the moral high ground.

      Wouldn’t matter if they WERE women inside somehow, there’s still genuine issues here regarding safety, boundaries, protecting gender non-conforming children, the right of lesbians to define their sexuality, females’ right to discuss their own experiences and biology freely, and their response to that is to harass, yell and threaten? Sod that. It’s just plain unreasonable. I wouldn’t accept it from anyone, what makes them so special?

      Really don’t blame you for not confronting them publicly, even if they’re relatively Ok and not the aggressive type there’s no way of telling that – and you do know for sure that that particular male who doesn’t cover up doesn’t care about boundary violations, which is a red flag in itself. That’s not weak of you, it’s showing sensible defensive instincts.

      We’re socialised to be people pleasers, and to see it as our own fault somehow if people don’t like or are unkind to us. We’re socialised to doubt ourselves, not to see our own reality but to accept men’s perspective all the time. So doing something other than that means going against our socialisation, as well as just dealing with a natural dislike of conflict. You have a genuine social conscience, so of course it bothers you to be called a bigot, none of us want to be that. But who is really showing more caring for others here? You, who are feeling bad, or them, who are threatening and bullying women?

      Making things is cool, I think! Valuing women’s crafts, the things we make (I knit), is better than feeling bad about it, imo. Doing stuff like that is very calming, too. It’s hot, a dress is really just a piece of cloth. Don’t sweat it (pun intended). ; )

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      First off, JD, you are not a chicken. Hardly. You’ve stated your beliefs, and that alone takes a lot of courage – don’t discount that! Also, I think that being ignored is its own punishment; the way you back away slowly sends a message loud and clear to these guys. They may pretend not to notice, but believe me, they are. (BTW, the guy at the public pool? Is he in the women’s locker room or something?)

      I simply don’t interact with them. They are not worth my time or energy. They hate women (except for their fetishistic notions of laydeehood), and therefore are not. on. my. radar. Don’t feel you have to “be nice” – that is perpetuating a gender role. Don’t be mean, but just do not engage. This is not wimpy behavior; rather, it’s protecting yourself. It’s refusing to participate in their games. No more, no less.

      You sound like a very introspective person – this will serve you well when it comes to “knowing thyself.” It took a keen eye (and guts!) to spot and then verbalize the absurdity of the trans movement, especially considering the people around you don’t seem able to grasp the complexities and have given you grief about it. You are the smart one, JD. You are the clear-headed, sharp-eyed woman who knows bullshit when she sees it. Don’t forget that, O.K.? Remember that, and use it as a shield to deflect their inane words.

      The skirts? I sometimes like wearing skirts too, and I’ve been given attitude about it too. I don’t give a fuck. In the summer heat and humidity, a skirt allows a breeze to reach the nethers, and sweet Maude does that feel good. 😉 I dress according to what’s appropriate to the occasion and to the weather, not to make a statement. Other people like to dress to make a statement, and that’s O.K. too. But they shouldn’t be giving you any lip about it, and if they do, just look ’em in the eye and say, “I’m happy and comfortable with the way I dress.” Then smile. That’s it. It’s that simple. If they don’t say anything, feel free to just let the moment hang there in time for all eternity if need be. Keep a peaceful smile on your face. They’re trying to shame you, and they’re also acting like bullies. Bullies back down when they see that someone is confident and can’t be made small. You will get there with your confidence, JD. You WILL.

      Lastly, the death threats – those are totally against Tumblr’s community guidelines, which can be found here:

      There are links toward the bottom of that page to contact Tumblr to report the threats. If they don’t respond quickly and appropriately, I’d certainly tell them your next call is to the police. And follow through on that – if the police try to downplay things, be very clear that these weirdos know your name. But realize too that the trannies are just trying to scare you, ’cause they’re dicks.

      I hope you find a new circle of friends, JD. (And yeah, I’d love to have a margarita with you too!) You deserve to be treated better, and to have your identity as a born woman respected. Also, keep reading here! It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the idiotic funfem sites, and will recharge your batteries and psyche. Keep fighting the good fight, kiddo.

      P.S. If you can, throw a donation Gallus’ way. She does a LOT of work on this site to keep us informed, so it’s nice if you can help support her in this endeavor. Plus, she keeps us from having to see the shit that MtT and funfems try to post, and that alone is worth a billion dollars.

      • GallusMag Says:

        thank you Ashland ❤

      • kesher Says:

        It’s possible to send messages anonymously through Tumblr, and it seems like many abusive transadvocates use that option. Maybe Tumblr has an internal mechanism to track those messages, but I’ve always assumed they can’t.

        Most of the violent threats I’ve seen attributed to a specific account are more vague, along the lines of “terfs (in general) should die”, and I’m sure Tumblr doesn’t see that as violating their terms and conditions. Although I suspect if someone posted that about transpeople, the account would be suspended. That’s certainly Facebook’s m.o.

    • kesher Says:

      I’m really sorry that those people are targeting you, and I also want to emphasize that you should never feel bad about doing what you need to to feel safe (in terms of not challenging the transwoman at the public pool for showing off “her” junk). Lord knows, there have been many times in my life when I fled a misogynistic man (or several of them) rather than fight, and it took me a long time to stop beating myself up over it. If the number in your handle indicates your birth year, I’m a decade older than you, and I think for most women who have an innate sense of self-worth (despite what society would have us believe about ourselves) things do get better as you get older. For me and many other women I know, it gets to the point where you just don’t give a shit anymore.

      I also think you’re wrong in your assumption that most people disagree with us and support transpeople’s “right” to enter women’s spaces. More than 70 percent of Americans oppose it, and that’s even when the majority of people falsely think that all transwomen have gender dysphoria, that all of them see sex reassignment surgery as their ultimate goal, and that HRT or their special genderfeels make them somehow completely harmless to women*. I know it feels like everyone is okay with this due to the liberal enclaves/echo chambers we’re exposed to, but they’re really not.

      *Just today I saw a woman comment online about how she’d be totally comfortable with a transwoman police officer because that cop wouldn’t rape her. And I was like, you know most transwomen have completely functional penises and testes, right? There is so much ignorance on this issue, much of which seems to favor the trans cause.

      • Frenchie Says:

        I don’t think a transwoman can rape because of his penis. I think he’s likely to rape because of the way he was brought up, that he himself embraces (and because he very likely already exerted violence and/or control against women). Choosing to become a woman is, in itself, practicing your freedom as he had the opportunity to choose in the first place.
        Not to be gruesome, but many rapes also happen with objects such as bottles, and a sexual aggression, threats or intimidation don’t require a specific set of organs.

        Calling such a man a “she” is the kind of politeness you’re expected to perform, just like service people aren’t supposed to mock the people they are serving even if they wear ridiculous outfits (But that doesn’t mean you don’t *know*). The kind of mental explosion expected from progressive circles, where you’re supposed to eradicate your own thoughts to fit that politeness actually is quite extraordinary… And targets women.

      • kesher Says:

        Sorry that I was unclear. I’m well aware that rape can happen in the absence of penis/testicles. It’s a significant reason why castration doesn’t work as a prevention for rape, but most people do associate ability to rape with intact male genitalia, and it’s been my impression that that’s the reason why many people see transwomen as completely harmless to women, they presume transwomen don’t have dicks.

        I also assume why this has now become a taboo subject when transwomen activists are interviewed in the media.

    • lin Says:

      Death threats!? Woman, document all that and call the FBI!

      • jdmarsh89 Says:

        They send thinly veiled generalized threats anonymously through my tumblr account. I’ve gotten a few emails to my personal email, since they did find my real name and looked up my professional website, though. Those were from a throwaway email address and they must have been using a VPN because the IP address changed each time even though the address was the same. I haven’t gotten anything in a few days, so I think they’re over it. Anyway I doubt they’re actually going to try to track me down. I’m not too worried about it.

  16. jdmarsh89 Says:

    Went ahead and set up a recurring donation. @Leo, Glad I’m not actually a chicken, though I do feel like one sometimes! I realize that confrontation is rarely the best thing for me to do, especially since I am only 5 feet tall… yeah, genetic lottery there. I’m much scrappier in my thoughts than in my actions. I grew up in a fundamentalist church (16 year old brides… the whole shebang), so I learned that I was supposed to STFU and “be sweet” at a very early age. The behavioral modification did nothing to silence my internal monologue, though. It’s like living with the world’s snarkiest narrator. We got out of the church when I was 14 and my parents magically became fairly liberal, comparatively speaking, but TBH, the damage was already done. I was the perfect fundie-wife whether I liked it or not. Seeing my older teenaged friends get married and have baby after baby really traumatized me, and I always had the feeling that I was “next”. I shudder to think about it now.

    @Ashland Avenue
    I usually keep my mouth shut when I have nothing nice to say, in an effort to avoid confrontation. I was taught this as a child and it kindof stuck. I am still easily intimidated, so if I am getting confrontational vibes from someone like the guy at the pool in the women’s dressing room who was essentially daring me to say something about his exposed man-meat, I tend to freeze up. I am more likely to speak my mind in the company of people I know or people who I know already like me. I am a grade-A people pleaser.
    I knit too! I like knitting multi-color pictorial pieces that I design from scratch.

    Thanks! I have noticed that the amount of shits I give is inversely proportional to my age. I used to be devastated if someone didn’t like me. Now I shake it off like it’s their loss. I know that I do my best to be kind to people, so I aim to remember that at all times and avoid second-guessing myself and indulging in “well… maybe I was being an asshole” delusions when people try to gaslight me into giving up ground during a conflict. I teach musical theater at an all girls summer camp, all the teachers are women, and it’s honestly nice to be around just females, young and old for 6 weeks every summer for the past 6 years. I’m glad to know that the pro-trans argument isn’t as popular as it seems to be. I guess the supporters are just really loud so it seems like there’s more of them than there are.

  17. jdmarsh89 Says:

    This is my favorite reblog (he actually copy/pasted, because he didn’t want me to get any more notes) from this week… Apparently not only are transwomen more exploited and abused than real women, but they are exploited and abused BY women. Really I can’t handle this stuff I am ROTFLMAO right now…

    • LC Says:

      Frightening, though, the way that this mild critique to whatever the trans-positive article was got turned into “violence, abuse, and harassment”. Reminds me of a response I once got to a review I wrote of that god-awful cartoon show She-Zow. He was a gendertrans-something and claimed that that cartoon was all that kept him from killing himself. On the one hand, the absurdity of it is hilarious, but the claim still really upset me. I’ve had friends who attempted suicide. It’s not something to take lightly- unless of course, you’re trans. They’ll throw around rape and harassment and ‘panic attack’ stories as if they’re nothing, and when I try to argue from my own experiences, I end up so angry and frustrated I back out of the discussion. Whether that’s socialization or just not wanting to relive bad experiences(funny how so few of them seem to have any such issues…), it’s hard.

      And it’s such manipulative, abusive bullshit. I know I’m not the only female human who finds their attitude infuriating and terrifying at the same time, and that it feels like they do this because they -know- how it silences actual women and actual victims. It makes it that much easier to ensure that their voice is the only one that’s heard.

      • jdmarsh89 Says:

        Yeah, I’ve heard stuff like (copy/pasted) :”Transition saved my life. Whether or not I’m a ‘biological man’ or have a Y chromosome is meaningless to me.
        Just getting to be alive is enough.
        Perhaps that’s an attitude you could ponder and attempt to understand?”

        and: “You’re assholes. Being a woman is a gift. It is wonderful. It is the pinnacle of my existence. You sit there, born female and you act as if it is some kind of consolation prize, that you lucked out in the universal lottery.”

        Yeah, being born a woman in a patriarchal society is not a gift. It’s not “the universal lottery”. If you don’t understand that, you have no idea what it’s like to be a woman. There is nothing wrong with my body. I know that, and tell myself that all the time. I am alive, healthy and whole and that in and of itself is winning the universal lottery. It’s not my body that I’m dissatisfied with; it’s my gender role and how I am treated because of its implications. It’s definitely first world privilege that allows such men to toy with the idea of being born in the wrong body or allow them the luxury of playing at gender. I’d wager that people who are worrying about where their next meal is coming from do not suffer from such psychological indulgence. It would seem, then, that the medicalization of a delusion is more a problem of affluence than anything else. I have heard of transgenderism in other cultures, but it seems to exist to make things like homosexuality and lesbianism “okay” in their patriarchal societies or as a workaround to the problem of infertility or a lack of male heir ( by changing the “gender” of the person who wishes to “transition”. Transgenderism is almost always used as a social workaround to the problems posed by patriarchal society.

    • kesher Says:

      I think I saw some of this stuff this morning, with Tumblr “baeddels” claiming that radical feminists are out to rape them and then getting mad at radfems for not taking their fear seriously.

      It’s at that point where I can’t decide if they’re crazy or stupid or if they’re using the tried-and-true tactic of the right wing and MRAs of accusing your opposition of what you yourself are guilty of. Mainstream transwomen activists love making fun of women for fearing rape.

    • Jane Says:

      Now you’ve made the big time. Tony is one of the biggest loons on Tumblr.

      • jdmarsh89 Says:

        He’s out of his nut, for sure… I’ve been flagged in several posts as a violent, abusive transphobe but all that served to do was get me 10-15 new likeminded followers. Apparently radfems find each other by searching tumblr for the #transphobe tag.

  18. Thank you Ashland for reminding us to donate. This is difficult and important work and it’s vital that such a repository is not lost. I constantly refer people here for the 411 and I apologize for not donating sooner. It was thoughtless of me.

    JD getting the hell away from folk who have no qualms about exposing themselves in public is not cowardice it’s common sense. I’m considerably larger than you, am Army trained in firearms usage, and I live in a “carry anywhere, stand your ground state” but my first response to this type of crazy is to stay far, far away. I have no idea if what we see of trans community is repesentative or not and I have no interest in finding out.

    As for liking to sew and such being anti feminist, I’m thinking not so much. I don’t know enough yet to call myself a radical feminist (but I’m reading everything I can) but I love the domestic arts as well. I loathe the way so-called women’s work has been denigrated. I happen to love homemaking and am unapologetic about it. I’m a quilter and I do some fashion sewing as well. Both are therapeutic as well as producing beautiful useful things. How can that be anti feminist?

    • jdmarsh89 Says:

      I keep a handgun in my house and am also trained in firearm safety. We grew up in the country, so everyone worth their salt put their kids in at least one firearm safety course. I’m naturally very inclined towards repairing machinery (I’m great at fixing old sewing machines, and tuning pianos) in addition to all the June Cleaver-ish stuff I like to do. The other day I made a ruffly apron out of a zombie printed fabric from a 1953 pattern I found in a box. I also like to do knit-bombing in which I cover random objects around town in knitted stuff. I once was almost arrested, but I “dumb-femaled” my way out of that encounter… LOL sucker. Women’s works have really been relegated to the dusty sidelines. I’ve been reading about the history of Fair Isle knitting, and it’s a very interesting and historically rich art. Because they were functional items, surviving pieces are as rare as hen’s teeth. The women who made them knitted at night by peat fires and were almost always illiterate, yet still able to do complex mathematical calculations and create intricate and amazing works of art based on either memorized or invented motifs. The pieces were so popular and sought-after that the women were able to make a good living for themselves independent of shops since the sailors and men who bought them learned to go directly to the women instead of through the middleman shopkeepers. It was almost a separate economy.

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