Town Bloody Hall

November 18, 2012

Germaine Greer: what a fucking gem.

This video pops up every few years and then “becomes unavailable” so to speak. Some gross guy recently uploaded it again. Watch it now if you haven’t seen it. Worth your time.

Here are some of the disgusting men – Shelley Howard, Brooklynne Kennedy and Ashley Stewart – members of the NZ “Queer Avengers” that assaulted Greer at a public speaking engagement this year. These men feel that feminists lobby against the sexist roles they believe are innate, and they intend to punish women who speak out:

NZ Queer Avengers: Members of group who assaulted Germaine Greer at a public appearance

More disgusting “Brooklynne Kennedy” and his creepy skinhead tat (wtf?)…

16 Responses to “Town Bloody Hall”

  1. Ashland Avenue Says:

    O.K., I’m too busy laughing my ass off at “Brooklynne” (HA!!) Kennedy’s spectacularly shitty oratorial skills to even begin to comment on the sad dudes in wigs n’ lipstick who think they’re women. I mean, the way he has those loooong, awwwwkward pauuuuses while he turns the pages!! Oh, Barack Obama, watch out, you’ve got competition now! *snerk*

    In the Town Bloody Hall video, notice the first fucking thing out of some white dude’s mouth is some enraged shrieking about why the women aren’t fighting for all of humanity!! The nerve, focussing on women’s issues and not everyone else’s! Oy vey.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Oh mah gerddddd! Within minutes a dude FREAKS OUT about what boutz ther menzzzz…!
      There are so many reflections in this vid that are still iterating ENDLESSLY for us today. This is SUCH an important video for all of us to see today.

  2. DaveSquirrel Says:

    Thanks for the vid, Greer was brilly – the best out of all of them.

    Mailer is slime, pure slime, and glad he is dead. Eleven years before that was filmed, this is what he did to his second wife (of six I might add):

    On Saturday, November 19, 1960, Mailer stabbed Adele with a penknife after a party, nearly killing her. He cut through her breast, only just missing her heart. Then he stabbed her in the back. As she lay there, hemorrhaging, one man reached down to help her. He snapped: “Get away from her. Let the bitch die.” He was involuntarily committed to Bellevue Hospital for 17 days; his wife would not press charges, and he later pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of assault, and was given a suspended sentence. In the short term, Morales made a physical recovery, and the two divorced in 1962.

    The dude should not have been allowed anywhere near any women, and he was certainly a true-to-form prick, or “retaliator”.

  3. DaveSquirrel Says:

    As for the “Brooklynne Kennedy” video. Yikes, did he forget to put on his helium laydee voice???

    Given his plans to start a family with the “transgender husband”, all I can say is – Sex matters, gender is bollocks.

    But nice to know he has told us all that he is still packing laydee wang eh???

  4. liberalsareinsane Says:

    Re: Brooklynne Kennedy. Ya just know when Brooky’s “husband” gets knocked-up they’ll be on every freak tv show lecturing everyone on how we should all get over the “fact” that some moms have a wiener and some dads can give birth.

  5. magdela33 Says:

    That attention seeking via “LOOK at my child” stuff is grotesque – typical male urge to re-reate self via the body of a female *shudder*

  6. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    Could those dudes be any more hideous? Is there a “must have a head like a concrete block” requirement for membership in their little club?

    Two out of three are also mouth-breathers? WTW?

    (I’m glad my YouTube keeps crashing. I didn’t have to watch twinkle-toes in all his narcissistic glory.)

  7. Sheela Says:

    Germaine in Town Bloody Hall: Incredible. Thanks so much for this.

    “…The achievement of the male artistic ego is at my expense. The battle is dearer to him than the peace would ever be. The eternal battle which, he boasts, shapes our resistance, develops our strength, enlarges the scope of our cultural achievement. It is worth it? …he same questions (about) the income of 1000 families for a whole year. …When the revolution takes place, art will no longer be distinguished by its rarity or its expense or its inaccessibility or the extraordinary way in which it is marketed. It will be the prerogative of all of us and we will do it as those artists did who Freud understood not at all, the artists who made the cathedral of Chartres or the mosaics of Byzantium: the artists who had no ego and no name.”

    Her genius is so thrilling. So wide ranging and original and polymathic. And it’s testament to it that she is still around, in her 70s, still broadcasting, still getting subversive radical feminist (and everthing else) ideas across on ordinary misogynist UK network tv. Keeping on.
    And it was great seeing Mailer dickifying himself, totally outclassed by the incredible females around him. Then as always….

  8. Thanks for finding this! It does seem disappear off t’internet just when you feel like watching it (censorship!) but thankfully reappears now and again sporadically. I saw that somebody had put a video up with Norman Mailer sounding good, but had cut out Greer’s speech. I even read one commenter say that she was flirting with Norman Mailer! Nothing could be further from the truth haha!

    • When I say the video had Norman Mailor “Sounding good” in it, what I meant was the vid had been edited to make him sound reasonably intelligent. Clearly in order for this to happen Greer’s speech had to be edited out, because next to her he just comes as a bumbling mentally challenged idiot.

  9. EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

    Jill Johnston in the video with Norman Mailer:

    Norman seems to be very put out after the first speaker (can’t remember her name) and just before Greer that the women had decided the order in which they would speak. That their initiative to decide was somehow encroaching. For that matter, there was a moment when he was doing the initial introductions where they seemed sullen. It’s an illusion brought on by the fact that no one was facing him and listening intently. (Personally, I wouldn’t have wanted to talk to him either. He shows himself to be quite a self-centered prick several times.)

    Jill Johnston’s poetry hits you after all these years. I haven’t seen this clip in many, many years now. It had power 30 years ago. It has power today. I’ve never actually had the chance to see the whole Town Hall from beginning to end.

    The female-male differences are really clear in Johnston’s part of the clip in her speech. Jill starts with an initial question to Greer about whether she’s Australian. You’re from Australia, I’m from England. It’s a casual and unstudied observation. But it shows one deeply female trait so clearly –we include.

    Mailer cuts Jill off because she’s gone on for 15 minutes. I think he cuts her off because he’s offended by her choice of topic. The topic was supposed to be feminism and women’s rights. And she’s pretty graphic. Followed by the stage play that Mailer calls “$25 for three pairs of dirty overalls rolling around when you can get better for $4 down the street in the red light district.”

    Mailer’s comments about taking a vote for Johnston continuing: “if you don’t think I can be fair about a vote, come and take the mike from me.” Natural aggression there.

    All in all, he’s a good counterpoint to the women’s talks.

    • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

      That’s really what’s been bugging me about the trans movement’s arguments about any female rights being transphobic –there’s no attempt to sway opinion through rational methods. All I’ve seen so far is pronouncement of an opinion and threats if you don’t agree. Or complaints that you are violating their rights. It may be their youth –all of them that I’ve seen have been pretty young and bluntly, youth can be stupid and driven by their sex drive. I am not seeing any attempts at compromise.

      • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

        Mailer gave Jill Johnston 7 minutes, not 15, before he cut her off. It’s quite obvious that he despises her and everything she stands for. So he had 6 wives and was an abusive shit? Matches the personality.

  10. Bev Jo Says:

    Aotearoa/New Zealand gave women the vote decades before the US and most of the world. Aotearoa/New Zealand had Lesbian-only space as a regular part of Lesbian culture when I visited in the Eighties, while the US never had such a Lesbian-identifed communities. I always wondered if the strength of Lesbian identity was partly a reflection of Maori identity and courage.

    And now this US prick (with his skinhead tat indeed?) goes to lecture how they should now join with the US in selling out Lesbians to men?

  11. artemesia goldman Says:

    Is it just me, or if you gave Norman a republican haircut, he would look like George W. Bush?

    That thing he said about putting his little dick on the podium — that’s art, Norm. Norm art… Fucking bully dullard…

    Jill Johnson — To join the ball of womanlove onstage? Wouldn’t it have been glorious?

  12. […] success. Attempts by anti-feminist transgender activists to have her speech censored failed, potential threats by males who believe they are female were ameliorated by frisking attendees at the doors, and she spoke to a […]

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