What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway

November 21, 2012

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Bailey, J. Michael.

Triea, Kiira.

Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, Volume 50, Number 4, Autumn

2007, pp. 521-534 (Article)


A COMMON UNDERSTANDING OF male-to-female transsexualism is that all

MtF transsexuals are, essentially, women trapped in men’s bodies.The standard

narrative of men who become women goes something like this: “I have

always felt that I was born in the wrong body. I have always been feminine in

my interests and feelings. My desire to change sex is about my gender identity

and not my sexuality.”This narrative, which Dreger (2007) has termed “the feminine

essence narrative,” represents both what most laypeople believe to be true as well as

what transsexuals are likely to say publicly.The narrative has been extended to an

etiological theory, which Lawrence (2007b) has called “the brainsex

theory of transsexualism.” The transsexual advocacy website, transsexual.org,

puts this theory succinctly: “A transsexual is a person in which the sex-related

structures of the brain that define gender identity are exactly opposite the physical

sex organs of the body.”


    The standard, feminine essence narrative, and the associated brain-sex theory,

are incorrect, in the sense that they do not represent reality, even if they do correspond

with many transsexual individuals’ beliefs and identities. The best scientific

evidence (discussed below) indicates that there are two distinct subtypes of

MtF transsexuals, and that the feminine essence narrative at best approximates

the life history of only one subtype. Paradoxically, this explanation of MtF

transsexualism persists because it is the explanation preferred by the other subtype, to

which it does not apply at all. The popularity of the feminine essence narrative

reflects factors other than the strength of scientific support. Its persistence has

likely had negative consequences for both science and transsexuals themselves.

Two Kinds of Male-to-Female Transsexuals


The classification system of MtF transsexuals that we believe to be correct was

developed by the psychologist Ray Blanchard in a series of studies conducted at

the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry in Toronto and published between 1985 and

1995. (Blanchard’s relevant oeuvre includes more than 20 articles; we provide

only a summary of his conclusions.) Blanchard’s studies reported data on hundreds

of transsexual males (that is, males who hoped to become or had become

women), as well as other individuals who were male with respect to birth sex

and did not desire sex reassignment surgery, but who sometimes presented

themselves, or thought of themselves, as female. Participants in these studies were

representative of gender patients in Canada, and were probably also quite similar to

patients seen in the United States and Western Europe. Blanchard’s goal was to

make sense out of the diversity of patients that gender clinics saw.


With respect to sexual orientation, Blanchard studied four groups of seemingly

diverse male participants: homosexual (entirely attracted to other males),

bisexual, heterosexual, and asexual. In three key studies, Blanchard (1985, 1988,

1989a) showed that homosexual transsexuals were different in a number of

respects from members of the three other groups, and that members of the latter

groups did not differ much among themselves.These differences included age

of presentation at the gender clinic, history of childhood femininity, and most

importantly, history of erotic arousal in association with cross-dressing and

crossgender fantasy.These findings supported the division of MtF transsexualism into

two types: homosexual and nonhomosexual. Blanchard’s work provided a

parsimonious and compelling taxonomy for the apparent sexual diversity among MtF

transsexuals, reducing the four types of MtF transsexuals to two fundamentally

distinct subtypes.


Autogynephilic Male-to-Female Transsexualism


Arguably, Blanchard’s most important contribution was recognizing and elaborating

the phenomenon that united the three nonhomosexual transsexual subtypes:

autogynephilia. Autogynephilia is “a male’s propensity to be attracted to

the thought or image of himself as a woman” (Blanchard 2005). One common

manifestation of autogynephilia is fetishistic cross-dressing, which is an extremely

common antecedent to seeking sex reassignment among nonhomosexual

(but not homosexual) transsexuals (Blanchard, Clemmensen, and Steiner

1987). Some autogynephilic individuals, however, do not cross-dress fetishistically.

Indeed, a seminal case in Blanchard’s conceptualization was “Philip,” who

did not cross-dress but fantasized sexually about being a nude woman by focusing

on desired anatomical features (Blanchard 1991). Autogynephilia may be

conceived as inner-directed heterosexuality.That is, autogynephilic males are like

heterosexual men, except that their primary sexual attraction is to the image or

idea of themselves as women.


Blanchard hypothesized that nonhomosexual transsexuals are motivated by

autogynephilia. That is, nonhomosexual transsexuals experience erotic arousal at

the idea of becoming a woman, and this arousal motivates them to become

women. (We agree with Lawrence’s recent theoretical modification [2007a]

hypothesizing that romantic attachment can play an important role in some cases.

It is probable, however, that such attachment is usually preceded by substantial

erotic arousal to the idea of being a woman.)


Not all autogynephilic males become transsexuals. Autogynephilic interests

run a gamut from cross-dressing to engaging in stereotypic female activities (e.g.,

knitting alongside other women) to possessing female breasts and genitalia. It is

the latter interest that is most strongly associated with autogynephilic transsexualism

(Blanchard 1993b). Other than the precise nature of their autogynephilic

fantasy, there is no obvious difference between nonhomosexual crossdressers

who will become transsexuals and those who will not.They are all autogynephiles.

Blanchard’s work also clarified the diversity of self-reported sexual orientations

among nonhomosexual transsexuals (Blanchard 1989a). Autogynephilia

(inner-directed heterosexuality) appears to compete with outward-directed

heterosexuality. Many autogynephilic transsexuals experience enough

outward directed heterosexuality to label themselves as heterosexual pre-

transition.Those whose autogynephilia is strong enough that they experience no

other-directed sexual feelings identify as asexual. Finally, a common aspect of

autogynephilia is the erotic fantasy of being admired, in the female persona, by

another person.


Autogynephiles for whom this fantasy is sufficiently strong tend to identify as

bisexual. However, this bisexuality is not characterized by equal or even similar kinds

of attraction to male and female bodies. Blanchard (1989b) thus suggests that it be

characterized as “pseudobisexuality.”

Autogynephilia appears to be a paraphilia. Paraphilias are unusual, intense, and

persistent erotic interests. The concept of paraphilia is a controversial one, with

some arguing that it is merely a word used to stigmatize sexual behavior that

most people find undesirable (Moser 2001). Some paraphilias (e.g., pedophilia

and sadism) are harmful to other people, while others (e.g., autogynephilia and

fetishism) are not. Two non-obvious facts about paraphilias suggest that the label

paraphilia may represent more than a mere value judgment. First, paraphilias

are found nearly exclusively in males (APA 2000, p. 568). Second, at least some

paraphilias tend to occur together. Autogynephilia, for example, appears to be

correlated with other paraphilias, especially masochism (Lawrence 2006).

Advertisements of dominatrixes frequently offer services to cross-dressers, and

autogynephilic males are more likely than other males to become sexually aroused to

stimuli depicting masochistic themes (Chivers and Blanchard 1996;Wilson and

Gosselin 1980). Of men who die practicing the dangerous masochistic activity

of autoerotic asphyxia, approximately 25% are cross-dressed, a much higher

percentage than one would expect based on the number of nonhomosexual

crossdressers in the general population (Blanchard and Hucker 1991).


Homosexual Male-to-Female Transsexualism


Homosexual MtF transsexuals are much easier than autogynephilic transsexuals

for most people to comprehend. Homosexual transsexuals are best understood

as a subset of homosexual males who were very feminine from early childhood.

In some ways, then, they do appear to fit the feminine essence narrative:

they had male bodies as children, but behaviorally and psychologically they were

different, in some respects, from typical boys and more similar to typical girls.

Most males who begin life as extremely feminine boys, even those whose

femininity includes the wish to become girls, do not become transsexual. In the

contemporary United States, most become homosexual men (Bailey and Zucker

1995; Green 1987; Zuger 1984). Homosexual MtF transsexuals, in contrast, persist

in their wish to become female (Bailey 2003; Blanchard 1990).The reasons

for this atypical persistence are unclear. However, these individuals often have a

difficult time socially, romantically, and sexually, and their transition appears to be

largely motivated by a desire to improve their lives in these domains.


As their label implies, homosexual MtF transsexuals are homosexual with

respect to their birth sex.That is, they are attracted exclusively to men.Although

some writers have objected to the use of the word homosexual to refer to individuals

who have sex with men as women (e.g., Gooren 2006),we retain the terminology

because it emphasizes the fact that homosexual MtFs are a subset of,

and developmentally related to, other homosexual males. Furthermore, it emphasizes

the most efficient and practical way of distinguishing homosexual and autogynephilic

transsexuals. Homosexual transsexuals are unambiguously, exclusively and intensely

attracted to attractive men; autogynephilic transsexuals have some other pattern of

sexual attraction.That is, an MtF transsexual who reports attraction to both men and

women, or a history of sexual attraction to women, or considerable sexual experience

with women, or attraction to neither men nor women—any clearly nonhomosexual

pattern—is almost certainly autogynephilic (Blanchard 1989a; Blanchard,

Clemmensen, and Steiner 1987).


Evidence for the Feminine Essence Narrative and Brain-Sex Theory


The main theory competing with Blanchard’s theory of MtF classification is the

theory that all MtF transsexuals have a (probably innate) female gender identity.

By this theory, homosexual and nonhomosexual transsexuals have different sexual

orientations because sexual orientation and gender identity are distinct, perhaps

even uncorrelated, phenomena. Both homosexual and nonhomosexual

transsexuals share the same psychological condition, female gender identity,

which they experience in similar ways. Furthermore, both kinds of transsexuals,

as well as natal women, have in common neural circuitry that differs from that

of nontranssexual men, and that causes female gender identity.


Transsexual Narratives


The claim that MtF transsexuals are “women trapped in men’s bodies” is commonly

made both by and about transsexuals.The evidentiary value of such claims

depends on their plausibility and the lack of alternative, more plausible explanations.

Nonhomosexual MtF transsexuals are not especially feminine in their interests

and behaviors compared with most women (Herman-Jeglínska, Grabowska,

and Dulko 2002; Lippa 2001) or with homosexual MtF transsexuals (Bailey 2003;

Blanchard 1988). Furthermore, they often acknowledge autogynephilia (Lawrence

2005), such as fetishistic cross-dressing (in contrast to most women and

homosexual MtF transsexuals [APA 2000; Blanchard, Clemensen, and Steiner

1987]). Thus, the contention that women and all MtF transsexuals have feminine

minds that motivate their feminine identification strikes us as implausible.


The Transsexual Brain Studies


In 1995, Zhou et al. described a sex difference in the size of a brain region,

the central subdivision of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BSTc), a collection

of cells in the hypothalamus.This article included data from the brains of

six MtF transsexuals, whose BSTc volumes were female-typical. A follow-up

paper by Kruijver et al. (2000) added another MtF transsexual’s brain and confirmed

the earlier finding using different measurement techniques.


These studies have been widely touted by transsexual activists as supporting

the brain-sex theory of MtF transsexualism. Furthermore, a remarkable statement

by the British group, the Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES

2006), appeared to base its support of transsexual treatment and rights largely on the

studies and their alleged implication that “transsexualism is a neuro-developmental

condition of the brain.” Several of the signatories of this statement are distinguished

researchers. The transsexual brain studies have also received considerable scientific

attention. As of February 1, 2007, the study by Zhou et al. (1995) has been cited by 117

scholarly articles, and that of Kruijver et al. (2000) has been cited by 43 scholarly

articles. In contrast, Blanchard’s three most highly cited autogynephilia-related

studies (Blanchard 1985, 1989b; Blanchard, Clemmensen, and Steiner 1987) have

each earned 38 such citations.


In our view, the influence of the transsexual brain studies is disproportionate

compared with their scientific value to understanding the etiology of MtF


Their relevance as support for the feminine essence narrative, as opposed to

Blanchard’s theory, is extremely weak—indeed, it is arguably absent.

There are several important limitations that prevent the brain studies from being

relevant in this regard (Lawrence 2007b).The most critical problem is that neither

study includes the necessary hormonal controls to exclude the possibility that the

feminization of the BSTc in MtFs was due to hormone treatment, especially estrogen

therapy, received for transsexualism. Recent research shows that the volume of the

hypothalamus is highly dependent on such hormonal treatment, with smaller volumes

associated with estrogenic treatment (Hulshoff Pol et al. 2006).We concur with

Lawrence (2007b) that this is the most likely explanation of the Zhou et al. (1995) and

Kruijver et al. (2000) findings. Certainly those findings should be regarded cautiously

until a study has ruled out the concern regarding hormonal treatment.


Evidence from Sex-Reassigned Children


In principle, the feminine essence narrative and brain sex theory could be instantiated

by selecting a normal girl, medically masculinizing her body, and rearing her as a boy

from an early age. If anyone could be a female trapped in a male body, or have a

female brain in a male body, it would be a female such as this. What we know about

such cases suggests that they are similar to homosexual, and different from

nonhomosexual, MtF transsexuals.

There have been a few rare cases of females born with virilized genitalia due

to prenatal maternal use of a progestin, in which the attempt was made to rear

them as boys. The second author of this article is one such case, and she has

known two others personally. All three cases were quite similar in presentation

to homosexual MtF transsexuals: noticeably feminine presentation and interests,

early expression of dissatisfaction with the male role, and sexual interest in males.

None of these cases had signs of autogynephilia, such as fetishistic cross-dressing.

Finally, their decisions to transition were made on the basis of optimizing sexual and

social functioning, rather than because of a deep conviction that they were women

trapped in men’s bodies.


Blanchard’s Theory Versus the Feminine Essence Narrative


We believe that Blanchard’s theory of MtF transsexualism is far better supported,

and far more likely to be true, than the feminine essence narrative and the associated

brain-sex theory. It is based on far more data, with respect to the number

of both studies and subjects; no published scientific data in the peer-reviewed

literature contradict it; and other investigators in other countries have obtained

similar findings (Smith et al. 2005). It also provides a plausible explanation for

phenomena that are problematic for the feminine essence narrative (e.g., fetishistic

cross-dressing and lack of early femininity among nonhomosexual transsexuals).

Why, then, has Blanchard’s theory remained underappreciated, compared with

the standard, feminine essence narrative? In the remainder of this section, we try

to explain this. First, however, we wish to emphasize some important respects in

which the two approaches to MtF transsexualism do not differ. Perhaps most

importantly, both proponents of the feminine essence narrative and of Blanchard’s

theory support the treatment of transsexuals by sex reassignment surgery. Indeed,

Blanchard (2000) has been a consistent advocate of such treatment for both

homosexual and autogynephilic transsexuals, as has one of the authors of this

article (Bailey 2003).


In addition, proponents of both theories see the histories people tell of their

lives as an important source of understanding. In a recent paper on autogynephilia,

Blanchard (2005) quotes extensively from self-reports of people with

autogynephilia, primarily from collections compiled by Lawrence (Lawrence

1999a, 1999b).We ourselves have learned much about diversity among MtF

transsexuals from our own interactions with members of each type. We believe,

however, that in this domain, as in others, people’s own narratives do not always

correspond to the true reasons for their choices and behaviors. Finally, proponents

of both theories recognize that MtF transsexuals are a diverse population

who differ among themselves in many ways due to life circumstances and personal

characteristics. Nonetheless,we maintain that those who promote the feminine

essence narrative fail to acknowledge one important source of that diversity,

the distinction between homosexual and autogynephilic MtF transsexuals.


Denial of Autogynephilia


Few nonhomosexual transsexuals publicly identify as autogynephilic, and most

neither admit a history of sexual arousal to the idea of being a woman, nor accept

that such arousal was a motivating factor for their transsexualism. Indeed, although

most public transsexual activists appear by their histories and presentations

to be nonhomosexual MtF transsexuals, they have generally been hostile toward

the idea that nonhomosexual transsexualism is associated with, and motivated by,

autogynephilia. Prominent MtF transsexuals and transgenders who have expressed

outrage at the theory include Becky Allison (1998), Christine Burns (2004), Lynn

Conway (2006), Andrea James (2006), Deirdre McCloskey (2003), Nancy Nangeroni

(Grubb 2004), and Joan Roughgarden (2003).The most visible exception

has been Anne Lawrence, a physician, researcher, and psychotherapist, who both

identifies as autogynephilic and has done most of the recently published research

on autogynephilia.Willow Arune (2004) is another exception.


There are a number of reasons why autogynephilic individuals may prefer the

feminine essence narrative as an account of their condition, even if autogynephilia

is in fact the driving force.These include the concern (pre-transition) that clinicians

will deem them unacceptable for sex reassignment if their transsexualism is

erotically motivated, or that people will consider them sexually deviant (Bailey

2003; Lawrence 2004). Because autogynephilia produces a strong desire to imagine

oneself as a woman, the feminine essence narrative is intrinsically appealing

to autogynephilic individuals, even if it is implausible. In contrast, an explanation

based on autogynephilia may be experienced as a narcissistic injury.


Transsexuals who have successfully accomplished the MtF transition sometimes

see themselves as mentors to younger people attempting or considering

this path.They may feel that public acceptance of the feminine essence narrative

will facilitate the transition for these younger individuals. For example, parents

may be more accepting of a child whom they think of as a female unfortunately

born with a male’s body than of one whom they think of as a male erotically

aroused by the idea of being female. Finally, as Lawrence (2007a) notes,

postoperative transsexuals whose desire and attachment to being women persists as

their sex drive diminishes with age may come to doubt that this desire has anything

to do with eroticism. She also explains how this pattern is explicable via



Attempts to Intimidate Proponents of Blanchard’s Theory


Beyond denying the role of autogynephilia in MtF transsexualism, some

transsexual activists have mounted attacks on those who publicly disagree with

them. In 2003, the first author published a book, The Man Who Would Be Queen,

about male femininity, including MtF transsexualism. The section on transsexualism

included summaries of Blanchard’s theory illustrated by transsexual women

of both types whom he had met, and who agreed to let their stories be included.

Upon publication, there was a firestorm of controversy among some MtF



Most notably, the transsexual activists Lynn Conway (2006) and Andrea

James (2006) led an internet “investigation” into the publication of the book.

Conway (2004) likened the book to “Nazi propaganda” and said that it was

“transsexual women’s worst nightmare.”

As a result of Conway’s and James’s efforts, a number of very public academic,

personal, and professional accusations were made against the first author. None

of these accusations was true (Bailey 2005). (For an historical investigation into

the controversy surrounding The Man Who Would Be Queen, including a description

of the substance and the merits of the accusations, see Dreger 2007.) The attacks on

The Man Who Would Be Queen were precisely an attempt to punish the

author for writing approvingly about Blanchard’s ideas, and to intimidate others

from doing so.


The second author was also attacked by some of the same transsexuals after

she helped create the Website transkids.us.This website was created by a group of

homosexual transsexuals, or “transkids,” their nonclinical name for themselves, to

educate the clinical and research communities in the wake of the controversy

regarding The Man Who Would Be Queen.The writings on the site both endorsed

Blanchard’s distinction between homosexual and autogynephilic MtF transsexuals

and criticized the standard feminine essence narrative as being both false and

harmful to homosexual MtF transsexuals. Subsequently, Andrea James (2007)

conducted highly personal attacks on individual transkids (including the second

author), urging that these transkids be exposed and asserting that they were

“fakes” because they would not reveal their identities publicly.


How Denial of Autogynephilia Can Be Harmful


We believe that advocacy for the standard feminine essence narrative, and against

Blanchard’s theory, is primarily conducted by, or at least on behalf of, nonhomosexual

transsexuals who incorrectly deny their autogynephilia.We have outlined

why some autogynephilic transsexuals might want to deny that they are

autogynephilic, and why they might strongly prefer the standard (but false) feminine

essence narrative.Those who advocate on behalf of autogynephilic transsexuals

in denial include many gender clinicians; their motives may include their

unwillingness to disbelieve or displease their patients and their greater comfort

with the idea of facilitating sex reassignment for reasons related to gender than

to eroticism (Lawrence 1998). Some clinicians may also think that belief in the

feminine essence narrative may be beneficial for their patients’ psychological

health and social interactions, even if it does not correspond to the true etiology

of their desire for sex reassignment. Nevertheless, there are both scientific and

human costs to colluding with autogynephilies in denial by propping up the

feminine essence narrative as an explanation for all MtF transsexualism.


Impeding Scientific Progress


Obviously, the extreme, highly personal attacks on those who agree with

Blanchard’s theory of transsexualism are likely to deter people from researching,

agreeing with, or publicizing the theory. That is, indeed, the intended function

of the attacks. Most theories can benefit by scientific criticism, but the attacks on

The Man Who Would Be Queen and its author by transgender activists were not

scientific criticism.We have argued that Blanchard’s “two types” theory has

greater explanatory value than the feminine essence narrative and the associated

brain-sex theory.Whether or not we are right, deciding between the two views via

political pressure cannot be the right way to advance science. The scientific

costs of this pressure include embracing a less plausible theory and failure to advance

the better theory. For example, it is possible that some transsexuals’ resistance

to the current theory is due to its incompleteness, which prevents it from

explaining their inner experiences to their satisfaction (Lawrence 2007a).

Progress toward a more complete theory is impeded by the kinds of pressure we

have described, but it would be facilitated by thoughtful criticism.


Harm to Homosexual Transsexuals


Clinicians who work with transgender patients and who believe in the feminine

essence narrative of MtF transsexualism sometimes take a similar approach

to both homosexual and nonhomosexual MtF transsexuals. For example, the second

author knows transkids whose therapists have offered them, and their families,

readings by and about nonhomosexual transsexuals (e.g., She’s Not There, by

Jennifer Boylan [2003] and Conundrum by Jan Morris [1987]).The narratives in

these readings did not even approximate the transkids’ lives, and the therapists’

assumptions that they did had a highly negative effect on the transkids’ attitudes

toward therapy. Inevitably, they dropped out early.


Homosexual and nonhomosexual MtF transsexuals have different life issues

and goals, and the persistence of the belief that they are similar prevents development

of clinical interventions likely to benefit the homosexual subtype.Velasquez

(2004) has argued that there is a lack of meaningful therapy for young

homosexual transsexuals like herself, and that this is because transkids are not

recognized as a subtype distinct from nonhomosexual transsexuals.The denial of

autogynephilia helps make this possible.


Harm to Autogynephilic Male-to-Female Transsexuals

There are also substantial human costs to autogynephilic transsexuals due to

insistence on the false, feminine essence narrative.We consider two groups

whom we believe are harmed by embracing the false narrative at the expense of

Blanchard’s categorical theory: autogynephiles not in denial, and autogynephiles

in denial.


Although few nonhomosexual MtF transsexuals publicly identify as autogynephilic,

many more do so privately. Of the e-mail correspondence the first author received

regarding The Man Who Would Be Queen, about a third was from individuals who

understood themselves to be autogynephilic. Some of these individuals said that

reading about Blanchard’s theory in the book had been revelatory and that they

understood themselves for the first time, and all of them were happy that

autogynephilia was being discussed openly.

Even before the controversy concerning the book, transsexuals sympathetic to

Blanchard’s ideas have found themselves unwelcome in transsexual forums (e.g.,

online forums discussing transgender issues).Typically, any endorsement of

Blanchard’s theory, or admission of significant autogynephilic motivation, is met with

hostility.This hostility appears to emanate primarily from individuals who fit the

profile of autogynephiles in denial. The extreme stigmatization of the (true) idea of

autogynephilia harms autogynephiles not in denial in obvious ways. It makes it much

less likely that they can find resources that help them understand themselves, forces

them into the closet, invalidates their self-concepts, and heightens feelings of shame.


Although autogynephiles in denial prefer the standard feminine essence narrative,

this does not necessarily mean that wide acceptance of that narrative is in

their best interests. In general, it seems likely that the best clinical and personal

decisions are made on the basis of accurate conceptualizations. For example, we

have noticed that some transsexuals we would classify as autogynephilic have

chosen to pursue sex reassignment surgery after being diagnosed as “transsexual”

rather than “transvestite,” a diagnostic moment they often recount with a sense

of relief. Currently, in the psychiatric nomenclature, the official name for

transsexualism is gender identity disorder, highlighting the centrality of gender

identity, consistent with the feminine essence narrative (American Psychiatric

Association 2000). However, the differential diagnosis between transsexualism

(gender identity disorder) and transvestism (“transvestic fetishism” in the DSM) is not

clearly meaningful. Both nonhomosexual transsexuals and transvestites are

motivated by autogynephilia; many (perhaps most) nonhomosexual transsexuals were

transvestites prior to transitioning; and most importantly, the main difference

between the two conditions is that transsexuals, but not transvestites, decide to take

steps to achieve women’s bodies. As we have noted, the precise nature of one’s

autogynephilic fantasies is a key factor in this decision. It seems detrimental to us that

what should be an explicit cost-benefit decision, with important consequences to the

lives of autogynephilic patients and their families, might be unduly influenced by a

differential diagnosis of questionable validity.


It is unfortunate that the public face of MtF transsexualism is so different from reality.

The controversy concerning The Man Who Would Be Queen has raised awareness of

Blanchard’s ideas within the transgender community, but it has not yet encouraged

open-mindedness to those ideas. Those who value scientific truth and the well-being

of transsexuals are advised to do better.



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575 Responses to “What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway”

  1. Bev Jo Says:

    That is fantastic, Gallus! Just what we need to post at the site arguing over the Dyke March. The trannie supporters (or trannies themselves) keep going on about how hateful we are and when I said they already won because there is NO women-only space here, they just don’t respond.

    Love the graphic!!!

    • charlson Says:

      No excuse for bad behaviour!
      Trying to understand what I am reading here. I am a straight female. My ex, [MTF] is about to go for surgery so we are now friends who live together. Trying to make sense of why I am being called a Cis female as until I met he/she/them I was just female . Is it to show a demarcation line between women who are born this way and transgender who think they can have it all and want me to move over to give them room?
      My ex is proclaiming [they] are gender fluid and is part male and female with the female dominating. The third sex is fine by me however he/she seems to want my body [female] .Very depressing when they are comparing themselves with you and they are convinced they are much more feminine and beautiful and tell you so! Why is it the third sex want to have female anatomy if not for sexual thrills and gratifcation? Any ideas? Also for the last 8 years [they] cooked dinner in stilettos and miniskirts projecting his/her stereotype of how a women should dress. Me, I don’t know anyone who cooks in stilettos and bandage dresses.So that suggests autogynephilia is the driving force and he/she, well mainly she, certainly spends a lot of time in front of the mirror. Not really going anywhere with this except I am running out of patience and sympathy and have never thought that I was allowed to be fed up with my partners self absorbed attitudes. No-one seems to realise the enormous self- indulgent ego that seems to come with Transgender. The Psych’s indulge their way of thinking by telling them its normal to be an emotional basket case . When they come home after a session I am treated to an attitude change, and comments along the line of, I have to accept them and deal with the personality changes HRT have caused, the anger and temper tantrums etc. Its not ok to emotionally abuse someone is it?, just because they are voluntarily going through adolescence. Its also not ok to expect everyone around you to put their lives on hold or change their lives entirely just because you are going through a ‘thing’ and need support. Of course its hard on everybody but could we all stop using transgender as an excuse to act like a spoilt teenager. The kid glove treatment is getting old…Just sayin’.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Some blogs by women survivors healing from autogynephilia-abusive husbands:



      • born free & female Says:

        Another blog by a woman who escaped from an unhealthy crossdressing husband: http://naefearty.wordpress.com/

      • born free & female Says:

        (I realize I’m replying to a very old comment, but this blog gets new readers all the time, so I wanted to add this for anyone who’s in the position of the original commenter – seeking a way of understanding what they’ve been through)

      • nel Says:

        i cannot tell you how relieved i am to find there are others out there who have suffered the same thing as me.. very tough, especially when everyones cheering them on and telling you to get over yourself…..autogynephilic narcissistic rage.. get the hell out now, before the succubus shatters your own identity. this is serious psychological abuse. http://narcissisticbehavior.net/the-effects-of-gaslighting-in-narcissistic-victim-syndrome/

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Nel, I hope you’re doing O.K. I’m glad you found this site, and I hope you’re getting support.

      • mushishikin Says:

        Excellent and thankyou. As a M-F myself I find my views not only unwanted in the trans-community but the views are met with hostility and even seem to be purposely mis-read with a bias to facilitate this hostility.

      • G Says:

        Great read thanks. I am an autogynephile by addiction. Trying to change.

      • charlston Says:

        Update.Within months of posting the above comment my partner became my ex partner. Like Narcissus he has lost everything, people, money squandered on accruing his idea of ‘girlie’ things that he thought he deserved, and the love of his family because of his self absorbed, belligerent attitude.
        He is now living alone and still cannot grasp the concept of how his actions impacted on us. He feels he is the embodiment of the misunderstood MTT whose partner wouldn’t transition with him and has been shunned for being trans rather than acknowledging he became a self obsessed jerk with anger/mental health issues.
        This is a sad denouement which could have ended differently if he had been not allowed to self diagnose.

      • KgSch Says:


        I’m sorry that happened to you, but I am glad you got away from him and that you and the family do not have to deal with his narcissism anymore.

        The whole thing is nothing but a delusional fantasy. You can’t change your sex anymore than you can change your race or species. Feeling bad about your body doesn’t make you the opposite sex. I think this trend is exacerbated by the internet.

        I’m sure your ex will find lots of internet “friends” to feed his fantasy and victim-complex but hopefully you won’t need to deal with it.

    • Robert Campbell Psychiatrist Says:

      The author of this article needs to be proscuted for inciting hate ! Furthermore everything he says is a major bunch of bull. When a TS woman walks down the street she is in danger. This article makes her danger extra serious, because it fuels hate toward her. You need to retract this BS masquarading as a science. You may already have caused the assault \ death or much worse of our ts sisters. You are the lowest form of “human” in the existence. Go hang your heads and retract this article.

      • GallusMag Says:

        A grown man who calls himself “TSuzieGirl” writes from a computer at the Izaak Walton Killam Health Centre to tell us to “retract” twenty years of transgender research. I don’t see a Dr. Campbell at the facility you are writing from- are you impersonating a physician as well as a pediatric female? Hopefully you are an inpatient.

        Incidentally, the only way you can think autogynephilia is worthy of hate, is if you hate men who exhibit autogynephilia, including many transgenders and all fetishistic crossdressers, a population which any adult male calling himself “SuzieGirl” is surely a member of. You can’t build a male sexual rights movement on self-hatred, boo. Perhaps some self-reflection on your internal transphobia is in order? At any rate, thanks for stopping by, you big lug, and good luck in the future with your spelling and sentence construction. Happy New Year! 🙂

      • mushishikin Says:

        I disagree. As a M-F myself I find my views not only unwanted in the trans-community but the views are met with hostility and even SEEM TO BE purposely mis-read with a bias to facilitate this hostility.

      • Oh no! Says:

        How about this for a brain buster! If you are born a man, you are a man. I don’t care if you lob off your dick and put on a dress/wig/makeup, you’re still a man. Same goes for a woman(vise versa).

      • G Says:

        It incites no hate at all. It only educates, and helps people to understand Male to Female trannsexuals, and cross dressers. I have been crossdressing since 5 years old, and did try HRT, but to me it’s pure autogynephilia and raging addiction.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I spammed your other 15 lurid, masturbatory comments, predator.

      • GallusMag Says:


        Hi Gallus. Thanks so much for making this blog. Before I found this page I was struggling so hard, trying to break free of my addiction of autogynephilia. Every day, I was going from thinking I was giving up autogynephilic ‘sissy hypnosis’ porn and crossdressing, and then going straight back into it, sometimes multiple times a day. I was getting so desperate to find a way to give it all up.

        I have had autogynephilia since I was 5 or 6 years old. I thought then, I was probably quite young to develop a fetish. But I knew it was perverted even then. Now 25 years later I’ve given it up.
        And it’s you and the other radical feminists on this page, who finally pulled me out.

        I found out what autogynephilia meant about a year ago. But I didn’t find anyone really speaking powerfully about it. I knew it was my problem, but felt surrounded by too many people supporting only the ‘feminine narrative’. I felt unsupported.

        I even tried HRT about two years ago. All I did was take Estrogen about twice, over two weeks. Then I confessed to my girlfriend, and she was horrified, so I threw the pills away.

        It’s a horrible side to be on, and when no one is validating it as an addiction, so hard to let go. Now I’ve deleted all the porn that could – I know I can’t watch any porn with a penis in it again, because that is a huge trigger to autogynephilia, and I’m sure I’m not alone. I destroyed all my female clothes. Now I’m just feeling so grateful I found this blog and radical feminists. Because you make me feel supported.

        Now there’s a group of people I can go to, who will support me, and not be invalidated, and told either I’m ‘sick’ or I should be a ‘girl’.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        453 approved comments11 pending comment
        2016/03/11 at 2:37 am

        lovyou Hi Gallus. Thanks so much for making this blog. Before I found this page I was struggling so hard, trying to break free of my addiction of autogynephilia. Every day, I was going from thinking I was giving up autogynephilic ‘sissy hypnosis’ porn and crossdressing, and then going straight back into it, sometimes multiple times a day. I was getting so desperate to find a way to give it all up.

        I have had autogynephilia since I was 5 or 6 years old. I thought then, I was probably quite young to develop a fetish. But I knew it was perverted even then. Now 25 years later I’ve given it up.
        And it’s you and the other radical feminists on this page, who finally pulled me out.

        I found out what autogynephilia meant about a year ago. But I didn’t find anyone really speaking powerfully about it. I knew it was my problem, but felt surrounded by too many people supporting only the ‘feminine narrative’. I felt unsupported.

        I even tried HRT about two years ago. All I did was take Estrogen about twice, over two weeks. Then I confessed to my girlfriend, and she was horrified, so I threw the pills away.

        It’s a horrible side to be on, and when no one is validating it as an addiction, so hard to let go. Now I’ve deleted all the porn that could – I know I can’t watch any porn with a penis in it again, because that is a huge trigger to autogynephilia, and I’m sure I’m not alone. I destroyed all my female clothes. Now I’m just feeling so grateful I found this blog and radical feminists. Because you make me feel supported.

        Now there’s a group of people I can go to, who will support me, and not be invalidated, and told either I’m ‘sick’ or I should be a ‘girl’

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/11 at 2:46 am

        Cool Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to Robert Campbell Psychiatrist.
        @GallusMag.That’s sweet of you to publish all my comments. I was going to miss them for later reference, thanks.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        453 approved comments11 pending comment
        2016/03/09 at 12:13 am
        In reply to kaypasser.
        Quoting Kaypasser: ‘while silencing and disregarding women’

        On this blog it’s men who get silenced. Taking away the freedom of speech is an awful thing whenever and wherever it’s done. It’s no wonder freedom of speech is a basic human right:the way you feel after you are denied.

        I am saddened that the author of this blog hasn’t learnt from the mistakes that the men you are talking of made, yet she still allowed your comment because you are female.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 6:29 pm
        Select comment donteven
        Flagged as spam by gallusmag
        Don’t agree with what you stand for at all. But you and the other commenters have helped me a great deal, see you.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 5:36 pm
        Select comment Ice
        Flagged as spam by gallusmag
        Well having read nearly all the comments on this thread, and checking out links: I conclude from rationality, and not prejudice, that autogynephilia exists, and can be a serious addiction like alcoholism, and also, the brain-sex theory, is much more than a theory, and it is also a serious thing. I think they are both factors in people becoming transsexuals.

        I think it is certain that people with a more male-like brain have transitioned to transsexuals for mostly fetishistic reasons. And I think it is certain that people without prominent autogynephilia, or people with very asexual outlooks on life have transitioned to transsexuals too. And I think it is certain that people with autogynephilia, and a brain more resembling the opposite sex in the hypothalamus region have transitioned to transsexuals.

        I think all these things are obvious with adequate research and a rational mind, and without prejudices. But so far, I am the only person I’ve witnessed with this set of ideas.

        N.b Also I think it’s obvious that some people with autogynephilia have been deluded into thinking they have a brain closer resembling the opposite sex when they do not.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 1:19 pm
        Select comment Ice
        Flagged as spam by gallusmag
        Well having read nearly all the comments on this thread, and checking out links: I conclude from rationality, and not prejudice, that autogynephilia exists, and can be a serious addiction like alcoholism, and also, the brain-sex theory, is much more than a theory, and it is also a serious thing. I think they are both factors in people becoming transsexuals.

        I think it is certain that people with a more male-like brain have transitioned to transsexuals for mostly fetishistic reasons. And I think it is certain that people without prominent autogynephilia, or people with very asexual outlooks on life have transitioned to transsexuals too. And I think it is certain that people with autogynephilia, and a brain more resembling the opposite sex in the hypothalamus region have transitioned to transsexuals.

        I think all these things are obvious with adequate research and a rational mind, and without prejudices. But so far, I am the only person I’ve witnessed with this set of ideas.

        N.b Also I think it’s obvious that some people with autogynephilia have been into thinking they have a brain closer resembling the opposite sex when they do not.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 1:18 pm
        Select comment Ice
        Flagged as spam by gallusmag
        Well having read nearly all the comments on this thread, and checking out links: I conclude from rationality, and not prejudice, that autogynephilia exists, and can be a serious addiction like alcoholism, and also, the brain-sex theory, is much more than a theory, and it is also a serious thing. I think they are both factors in people becoming transsexuals.

        I think it is certain that people with a more male-like brain have transitioned to transsexuals for mostly fetishistic reasons. And I think it is certain that people without prominent autogynephilia, or people with very asexual outlooks on life have transitioned to transsexuals too. And I think it is certain that people with autogynephilia, and a brain more resembling the opposite sex in the hypothalamus region have transitioned to transsexuals.

        I think all these things are obvious with adequate research and a rational mind, and without prejudices. But so far, I am the only person I’ve witnessed with this set of ideas.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 12:33 pm
        Select comment Ice
        Flagged as spam by gallusmag
        Well having read nearly all the comments on this thread, and checking out links: I conclude from rationality, and not prejudice, that autogynephilia exists, and can be a serious addiction like alcoholism, and also, the brain-sex theory, is much more than a theory, and it is also a serious thing. I think they are both factors in people becoming transsexuals.

        I think it is certain that people with a more male-like brain has transitioned to female for mostly fetishistic reasons. And I think it is certain that people without prominent autogynephilia, or people with very asexual outlooks on life have transitioned to transsexuals too. And I think it is certain that people with autogynephilia, and a brain more resembling the opposite sex in the hypothalamus region have transitioned to transsexuals.

        I think all these things are obvious with adequate research and a rational mind, and without prejudices. But so far, I am the only person I’ve witnessed with this set of ideas.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 12:31 pm
        Select comment Ice
        Flagged as spam by gallusmag
        Well having read nearly all the comments on this thread, and checking out links: I conclude from rationality, and not prejudice, that autogynephilia exists, and can be a serious addiction like alcoholism, and also, the brain-sex theory, is much more than a theory, and it is also a serious thing. I think they are both factors in people becoming transsexuals.

        I think it is certain that people with a more male-like brain has transitioned to female for mostly fetishistic reasons. And I think it is certain that people without prominent autogynephilia, or people with very asexual outlooks on life have transitioned to transsexuals too. And I think it is certain that people with autogynephilia, and a brain more resembling the opposite sex in the hypothalamus region have transitioned to transsexuals.

        I think all these things are obvious with a rational mind, and without prejudices. But so far, I am the only person I’ve witnessed with this set of ideas.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 12:29 pm
        Select comment DecideReply
        Flagged as spam by gallusmag
        @GallusMag Says:

        ”’March 7, 2016 at 10:11 pm
        I spammed your other 15 lurid, masturbatory comments, predator”

        Didn’t leave any masturbatory comments. Had praise for you and Motherhood. I’ve read more than 400 comments on this thread so far.

        I sympathise with you that 15 comments in a day from a person is quite a lot. But there are some people who will be more interested in commenting on this thread than others.

        I had not heard of radical feminism before today. And this thread is a great find. I did find out the definition of autogynephilia about a year and a half ago. But I did not find the company of great views like your own. Your views matched mine, but when an addict doesn’t find themselves in the presence of people who know the wrongs of their addiction, and on the contrary, think we should embrace our addiction and not think of it as addiction, but as a natural condition of ‘self’ then addicts find it very hard to stay away from their addiction, and keep a distilled hateful view of it.

        If you took the time to read those 15 comments you would realise that I didn’t leave any masturbatory comments. Some of it was confessional of the details of my autogynephilia explained in a historical fashion. None of it was intended to turn anyone on. It was my offering to people to get a glimpse of the manifestation of such an addiction.

        I don’t blame you much for assuming something horrible about me, and then not continuing to read, and telling me I left 15 lurid comments, when none would be concluded as such if read in entirety, I believe. I wasn’t horny to write about anything I wrote.

        I know for sure you cannot dislike what I have said without a prejudice against men.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 11:24 am
        Select comment G nd
        Flagged as spam by gallusmag
        @GallusMag Says:

        ”’March 7, 2016 at 10:11 pm
        I spammed your other 15 lurid, masturbatory comments, predator”

        Didn’t leave any masturbatory comments. Only had praise for you and Motherhood. I’ve read more than 400 comments on this thread so far.

        I sympathise with you that 15 comments in one day from one person is quite a lot. But there are some people who will be more interested in commenting on this thread than others.

        I had not heard of radical feminism before today. And this thread is a great find. I did find out the definition of autogynephilia about a year and a half ago. But I did not find the company of great views like your own. Your views matched mine, but when an addict doesn’t find themselves in the presence of people who know the wrongs of their addiction, and on the contrary, think we should embrace our addiction and not think of it as addiction, but as a natural condition of ‘self’ then addicts find it very hard to stay away from their addiction, and keep a distilled hateful view of it.

        If you took the time to read those 15 comments you would realise that I didn’t leave any masturbatory comments. Some of it was confessional of the details of my autogynephilia explained in a historical fashion. None of it was intended to turn anyone on. It was my offering to people to get a glimpse of the manifestation of such an addiction.

        I don’t blame you much for assuming something horrible about me, and then not continuing to read, and telling me I left 15 lurid comments, when none would be concluded as such if read in entirety, I believe. I was confessing how fucked up I was as a child, I wasn’t horny to write about that.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 5:47 am
        Select comment G That

        @GallusMag Says:

        ”’March 7, 2016 at 10:11 pm
        I spammed your other 15 lurid, masturbatory comments, predator”

        Didn’t leave any masturbatory comments. Only had praise for you and Motherhood. I’ve read more than 400 comments on this thread so far.

        I sympathise with you that 15 comments in one day from one person is quite a lot. But there are some people who will be more interested in commenting on this thread than others.

        I had not heard of radical feminism before today. And this thread is a great find. I did find out the definition of autogynephilia about a year and a half ago. But I did not find the company of great views like your own. Your views matched mine, but when an addict doesn’t find themselves in the presence of people who know the wrongs of their addiction, and on the contrary, think we should embrace our addiction and not think of it as addiction, but as a natural condition of ‘self’ then addicts find it very hard to stay away from their addiction, and keep a distilled hateful view of it.

        If you took the time to read those 15 comments you would realise that I didn’t leave any masturbatory comments. Some of it was confessional of the details of my autogynephilia explained in a historical fashion. None of it was intended to turn anyone on. It was my offering to people to get a glimpse of the manifestation of such an addiction.

        I don’t blame you much for assuming something horrible about me, and then not continuing to read, and telling me I left 15 lurid comments, when none would be concluded as such if read in entirety, I believe. I was confessing how fucked up I was as a child, I wasn’t horny to write about that.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 5:39 am
        Select comment G Thefuckwithu
        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to charlson.
        ‘I think this trend is exacerbated by the internet’.

        Of course it’s exacerbated by the internet. In the UK the number of children going to doctors for transgender support has risen by 500% in the last five years.

        Hopefully, he doesn’t find people to fuel his fantasy. Hopefully he comes to admit it’s a mess.

        There are so many people encouraging people with gender dysphoria to embrace their fantasies. Especially in porn tube sites, and on YouTube, or anywhere almost it seems the majority is not recognising it as sexual addiction, but mostly down to personality traits, the reason they use to encourage people to start taking SEX hormones. If it had nothing to do with sexual fantasy then why would people be trying to recreate female or male puberty on themselves? To want to change yourself, just for the purpose of fitting in, is always a mistake. The only wholesome reason to change is to love yourself for your natural qualities more, and to achieve a greater love for the world.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 5:06 am
        Select comment G
        In reply to theseeker.
        2) Dressing in clothing opposing to one’s sex is “Transvestism” (a.k.a. cross-dressing) NOT “Transsexualism”

        Also I forGOT to mention that transvestism takes place in over 90% of the lives of transsexuals before they become transsexuals. Also the transsexualism you are defining was only possible since the 1970s when the steroids were invented.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 2:32 am
        Select comment G
        In reply to theseeker.
        “I come from a mainly scholastic and academic family”

        Your comment has angered me, more than any other comment in this whole thread. I have read over 350 comments in this thread, and yours is by far the most annoying to me.

        If autogynephilia doesn’t exist, why do I struggle with it, every waking hour? Why do I relapse back into it, every single day for more than three weeks? Why am I so sick of it being my addiction, that I am destroying my addiction and relapsing every single day? Yesterday, I gave up my addiction and relapsed about six times.

        Why the fuck do you consider yourself intellectual when you haven’t even got time to analyse people’s viewpoints before boasting your own little fucking narrow-minded-trailer-trash-views?

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 2:22 am
        Select comment G
        gbernard23 In reply to Tomeretta.
        No, I think you’re wrong, autogynephiles like anal sex most of them, and lots of them call their anus their ‘pussy’.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 2:04 am
        Select comment G
        In reply to Andrew.
        I don’t like this poetry.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 2:00 am
        Select comment G
        In reply to GallusMag.
        “If that were the case we would see the exact same degree of cross dressing arousal in trans men who like men”

        Autogynephilia certainly isn’t limited to crossdressing. I have been struggling with autogynephilia. I can tell you that crossdressing is not nearly the most intense form of autogynephilia: it is to partake in real or imagined sexual acts, in what you think, is the typical role of a woman, and being thought of as a typical woman. Being thought of a typical woman who is being sexually abused, by someone who feels sexual desire for you. This is autogynephilia. Crossdressing is only one aspect, and it doesn’t even need to be present to have autogynephilia, because you can be a tranistioned MtT, and have the appearance of a female when naked.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 1:34 am
        Select comment G
        In reply to Arin Laurie (@sororcaeli).
        Well what you said makes sense. Arin. Just sad that you take female sex hormones to artificially mimic female puberty. If you don’t have any male ideals, then maybe you should have tried to make lots of female friends, and tried to have female company, without needing the outward appearance of a typical female. Because although you’re not like the average male, you’re not like the average female either. So it’s best for misfits to declare themselves misfits and have no hang-ups and they can meet like-minded people. Misfit doesn’t mean failure or freak.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 12:45 am
        Select comment G
        In reply to shediogenes.
        I think the idea of ‘third sex’ facilities is incredibly damaging to society and rationality. Being a man, I know how fucked up I got through an obsession with shemales, and if I could in my own mind, just have seen them as men on steroids in role-play, I would have had an easier time with it. Having a third sex would mean there is always a category for this nonsense. It would be like seeing a brothel next to the male and female and disabled toilets. This is what it would be like from a ‘straight’ males point of view. Because everyone knows, that in general the MtT population is very sex-obsessed, and most of them devote their lives to the sexualisation of themselves, and most of them want to be like sexually abused girls who have grown immune and in need of abuse, through sexual addiction.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 12:21 am
        Select comment G
        In reply to Bev Jo.
        ‘Second, they do not exist. They are mythological characters as real as Santa Claus, but with increasing numbers’

        Yes I agree. I think it is a very bad thing to say there is a ‘third sex’. It makes people think they are different from men, when they are just a certain group of men, like Satanists are a certain group of people.

        This is what sucked me into autogynephilia more and more, because I couldn’t think of shemales in shemale porn, as men, because they are deceiving in appearance and proclamation. I am glad I found radical feminism today through this post. These women are great are cutting through the crap that society has created surrounding and protecting transgenderism.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/08 at 12:04 am
        Select comment G
        In reply to Verx.
        I think you took your self-diagnoses too personally. Everyone is human, if you just accepted you were a man with a harmful fetish, then you might have made lots of progress with it. You could have found help and support from other people without the fetish, instead of finding support and brainwashing from people with the same addiction.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 11:35 pm

        In reply to Anon Trans.
        If there is nothing sexual about it why do you take sex hormones

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 11:27 pm
        Select comment G
        In reply to Motherhood.
        Yeah it’s a great thread. If only free speech was included, it would be even better.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 11:14 pm
        Select comment G
        In reply to Robert Campbell Psychiatrist.
        I would like you to forward me my 15 comments. Because I can’t find them. I was being hella supportive to your thread and article. If you don’t like some of my comments for the explicitness of content, then don’t publish them, but at least 10 out of 15 were not explicit at all. You’re just way too biased

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 11:12 pm
        Select comment G
        In reply to GallusMag.
        “March 7, 2016 at 10:11 pm
        I spammed your other 15 lurid, masturbatory comments, predator.”

        Lol I sent none of them. Maybe a couple of comments which were related to my past experiences. The other comments you didn’t read, about 12 of which were just saying how much I agreed with you, and was disgusted by the mtf trannies on here. Maybe go back and actually read my comments before you tell me what they are.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 11:06 pm
        Select comment G
        In reply to GallusMag.
        Lol for calling me a predator. You didn’t even read my other 15 ‘lurid comments’ because you wouldn’t be calling them that. Only had positive things to say about this page. You’re the predator. If you even read my other comments you’ll see how supportive I am of you and the women in this vlog. Do me a favour.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 11:03 pm
        Select comment G
        In reply to J..
        You sound like a person with Borderline Personality trying to justify self-mutilation as a necessary act to relieve pain.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 6:26 pm
        Select comment G
        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to red.
        Yes a great thread. I had heard so many bad things about feminists, and feminism being the cause of more transgender people coming into existence. But these ‘radical feminists’ have helped me so much today, from what they wrote.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 5:07 pm
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        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to Survivorthriver (@dzongsar).
        “Pretty much encapsulates the T agenda to a t.”
        Maybe it does to lots of them. They are obviously not identifying as women internally, but as exciting extension of themselves: existentialists.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 4:51 pm
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        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to Choco.
        Lol but he said he loved women, and didn’t say anything to express hate.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 4:33 pm
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        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to morag99.
        You are such a immature misogynist prick boy. Now you’re writing your own dictionary. What the fuck got into you? I’m a man and you are a fucking disgrace. It’s easy to see you wrote this stupid definition yourself. You’re making up your own language, at your age. Seriously. And it’s very easy to prove you wrote this definition yourself. All you have to do is copy a few words from your stupid dictionary, and put it in inverted commas “person, usually female, and often radically” and hey presto, nowhere else on the whole of the internet is there another page with those words in that order, than on this page. You are a pathetic little shitface. How the fuck can you claim to be a woman when you blatantly hate real women?

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 4:16 pm
        Select comment G
        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to bethanyalexandertate.
        Lol I love your comments women. It’s funny, they claim to be women, and yet they hate women.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 4:05 pm
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        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to Sue Doehnem.
        Lol, what a dick.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 3:50 pm
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        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to Motherhood.
        Great read. I love this thread so much. Yes it’s the addiction that makes people with these compulsive fetishes delusional. It is so good to read this thread. It’s helping so much. Nearly all the mainstream ideologies about transsexualism I think are male dominated, and you women cut through all the bullshit and say and see it for what it is. This is so great, could thank you all day. I didn’t think I would read all these 449 comments so far, but now I know I will, because they are pure greatness. I think women have a more objective view of how males can be fucked up. Whereas for a male to see that another male is fucked up is harder, because it’s a more subjective thing to ponder on. But this thread is a beautiful mirror of truth. And I love it. I want my comments to be published because I think it would help people with autogynephilia relate and understand themselves. And I’m sorry I’ve left 15 comments in one day so far, but this thread is great.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 3:34 pm
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        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to link.
        :(. When people read this then they see it does do harm to people. Destroyed your family and sex life, and procreation opportunity. Yeah me too, when I get horny I sometimes do totally fucked up things.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 2:36 pm
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        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to Anon.
        Lol how do you perceive hatred from this article? Ex-fucking-plain. I want to gain understanding.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 1:56 pm
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        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to Motherhood.
        Lol yeah. You’re right it’s perverse for males to go through artificial female puberty with steroids. But to them, things have been so deeply ingrained for some of them, that they no longer see the perverseness of it all. I don’t know where it started for me, but since I was 17, I sided with women, and became very biased in a female outlook on things, than male. I mean any argument between a man and a woman, I would always empathise more with the woman. This began when I was 17, because I got the internet for the first time. And I started watching porn. I was disgusted by how the female pornstars were treated by the male camera crew and male actors in general. And this made me feel so much empathy with women. Getting the internet at 17 was a big thing for me. And I found shemale porn. And that became a novelty addiction, something I couldn’t quite get my head around, like they were attractive of course, because they looked like women, but with an added novelty. I had cross dressed myself from about 5 years old, and I kept it secret, because even at 5 years old I knew what I was doing was perverse. I would wet a doll’s panties, and then hide them up so no one could find them. And it turned me on that I could just fit into a doll’s pair of panties, really tight. Since I was about 19, more than 70% of my friends have been female. I started loving female rap last year. And this has helped me to diminish my autogynephilia.
        The philosophy I developed is, that autogynephilia and transgederism, for men comes from a longing for female company and attention. When I was growing up, I really wanted a sister, but didn’t have one. When I was 3 my best friend was a girl. And we really liked each other. We would communicate lots with our eyes, and it was a really dynamic friendship. And when I was 5, I moved to a town, and didn’t get to see my best friend. I think I felt isolated from girls. So then autogynephilia is creating femininity in your life without females. It is surrogate femininity, no females, but the objects that are associated with females, or the fashion. When I was seven, I was so sexual, and so perverse. I would do stuff like drop pencils to look up girl’s skirts. And if my skin touched a girl’s skin, I would get really hard, no matter what. And when I found myself sitting next to a girl, I would always try to discretely push closer. And if we were already touching, I would try to push up even closer. Because I was only six or seven I was a bit foolish to think they wouldn’t notice. And swimming lessons when I was 8 was like the most memorable for erections. Every single time I had to contemplate getting out of the pool, I had a full erection from looking at girls. And it wasn’t small, my dick was about 7 inches when I was eight so I had to try and push it down every time I got out. And I’d stand at the back when the teacher was giving a talk next to the swimming pool, so to hide. Sitting down wasn’t so bad, next to the pool, but my erection was no less, when I found myself sitting next to a girl, always push up, then I could feel real skin on skin. Anyway, being so sexual, as you can imagine, I progressed. But I hate autogynephilia. I have a few fetishes. I have a fetish for feeding fat girls I developed in 2010, and that is the only fetish I haven’t got a problem with, all my other fetishes are addiction.

        But getting back to the point, lots of transgender people, are so deep into it, that they don’t see the perverseness of it, and, I don’t think they should be blamed individually. We should all know that skinny women models, are a product of the gay fashion industry. And if we as humans want less bent people in the world, then we should focus on what media is putting out.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 1:40 pm
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        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to Emily.
        It probably is ‘something sexual’ you’re probably not being totally honest with yourself. I’m sure it’s not ‘all sexual’, but you can find the answers as to why you want it, just by asking yourself questions.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 12:56 pm
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        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to Tom A Boyd.
        It does have quite a bit to do with sexuality. If there was nothing touching on sexuality, then you wouldn’t take ‘sex hormones’ for your condition. You think that female puberty isn’t sexual? Ask a female what they felt like going through puberty, ask them if sexuality was an aspect of their lives. You are inflicting an artificial female puberty upon yourself by taking steroids. If it has nothing to do with sexuality, then stop trying to recreate an artificial puberty which you couldn’t manifest yourself naturally without steroids. Sure these people aren’t aware of everything that goes on in the mind of someone wanting to transition to a transsexual male, but sexuality is a huge part of it. If you felt you were a woman trapped in a man’s body, you simply have to develop your philosophy instead of succumbing to liver-damaging drugs. The philosophy that can help, is to accept your body and mind as one. You could easily say that your body is trapped and being controlled and taunted by a female mind, then what are you going to do about it? Change your mind? Yes change your mind. But no one is trapped. Body and mind is one. I too have so much more in common with stereotypical females than males, in so many ways. And I nearly only listen to music with lyrics written by females, because I identify with them more. I am not homosexual. The homosexuals I’ve met have all been quite bashful of real women, in their point of view, always calling their female friends bitches, and talking in a vulgar way, even though their female friends like it, or accept it, I don’t like it.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 12:50 pm
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        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to Rika.
        Good point Rika. Yes there must be more dimensions to male to female wannabees than autogynephilia. I identify with women much more than men. I grew up with two older half brothers, who came from the same dad as each other. So I felt like the odd one out always. And my brothers frequently argued with my mum about science vs. spiritual debates. Where my brothers were very science orientated, and very anti-spiritual. And I would see both sides, but I would usually side with my mom, because I wanted to protect her, and also because she would insult science less than they insulted spirituality and unproven science.
        When I was 20 I was told by a man I lived with that I talk like a woman, nothing about my voice, but about how I talked about things. I reason much more like a stereotypical woman than a stereotypical man, and that is because of how I grew up, for sure, sticking up for my mom, and sympathising with her reasoning. I didn’t have much desire to look like a woman when I was 19, 20, even though I did cross dress occasionally, and I had since I was 5 or six. But when I was 20 I didn’t want to look like a woman really, just a fetish. But the thing is, I wasn’t only sexual about identifying more with women than men. And actually when I was seventeen to twenty-four, I was much more interested in just loving women, and sympathising, and empathising, and always taking my natural inclination to reason how is typical for females. And I wanted only heterosexual relations. I didn’t have many bi fantasies. I just felt like I believed women’s point of views were more mature and reserved than men’s, and this matched me. So I identified with women, but I didn’t feel the need to back my internal feelings up with external looks. I look like a male model. But only 168cm. But when I was about twenty three, I got more obsessed and sucked into porn, and then, this is when the strong autogynephilia really got stuck in. And I can say for certainty, that I felt I had more in common with women when I was seventeen to twenty-three, before this strong autogynephila really got stuck. So I think with autogynephilia the dysphoria is much more intense, than an ‘asexual gender dysphoria’, and this is why I think it is best to accept your male body, and accept your female-like-reasoning, wholly. One body and one mind, and it’s who you truly are. No need to take steroids and destroy your liver. Be a great person with your great mind, don’t think you need to fit your mind into your body in a stereotypical way. So what a female mind in a male body, it’s a great thing, if you see it as great. It’s not a ‘true female mind’ but it’s female-like aspects. I’m sure you have male-like aspects of your mind too. Just the female ones are either more noticeable or pronounced. Anyway you have a very valid point, so thanks, and good luck

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 12:18 pm
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        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to Adrian.
        Lol well said Motherhood. You reminded me of this song I like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SI-uOvNCCuE . I really like her stance in the song, but I’m still trying to recover from autogynephilia and relapse every day, but I feel this is about to stop, because I’m breaking down my beliefs and perceptions with vigor and strength.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 11:45 am

        In reply to Adrian.
        Yeah that was my kind of stance, until I got more and more addicted to humiliation, and autogynephilic porn.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 11:33 am
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        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to GallusMag.
        Well said. I didn’t even think of that viewpoint.

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        What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: and why you should know it anyway
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        2016/03/07 at 11:08 am
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        Flagged as spam by gallusmagIn reply to Toni.
        The one that is better supported is the one most widely known. I heard of autogynephilia absolutely nowhere except on internet search. And autogynephilia describes my problem to a T!!! I tried HRT, and started crossdressing when I was five, and it always felt like a fetish, because I was a very sexual person. Even at 7 years old I would get uncontrollable erections every time I sat next to a girl. And I would try to look up girl’s skirts all the time. Also I had a fetish for pissing my pants. I’m saying all this to emphasise how sexual I was. And this is all at seven years old and beyond. Even the wetting myself fetish started when I was five or six. I wouldn’t do it in bed. I would do it in clothes, and then try to hide the clothes from my family.
        For decades smoking was claimed to be healthy by the public. It used to be advertised on TV as one of the healthiest things you could do. So your silly theory of trying to prove which is a better theory by stating which is more supported is ridiculous, and saddening to the intellectual minds that you have coerced into reading this, your rant.
        I know the picture at the top is quite harsh and innacurate of reality, but there is no need to base this whole article on one silly picture. That’s the type of thing a child would do, just read into the pictures more than the words.

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      • anonymous Says:

        My god this article was hateful and biased. Anyone who wants to
        read this article without being influenced by the author’s prejudice should look up a method called “critical thinking.”

      • Brianna Emilija Gražina Says:

        Thank you.

      • Brian Singer Says:

        Awwww, did someone get upset because they had to be subjected to actual fact instead of someone just encouraging their delusions? You have a mental disorder. Period. Get over it and accept that fact that

  2. anonmtf Says:

    Gallus, I don’t want to distract from your blog, and the issue at hand (sex-based legal protection for females) – which I support 100% and have been trying to bring up in mtf communities, since this Colleen Francis story woke me up. I guess you could call that my peak trans moment. Haha and I’m mtf!

    Anyway, while Dreger has had a lot of important things to say, and Bailey has his moments of clarity (interspersed with horrible judgement, like the “fucksaw demo”), their association with Kiira Triea can only diminish their credibility.

    I know first hand that Kiira was a serious faker/liar. I was one of three (seriously!) teen transitioners who joined her fake transkids.us forum. The only other members were Kiira’s fake personalities.

    I can’t stand Andrea James any more than you can (James is a disgusting, misogynist creep), but James’s expose about Kiira is legit. (I remember the forum posts from Kiira’s alternate identities Innoue and Ale, who always mysteriously were online at the same time.)

    Kiira was an older trans person who victimized younger trans people, while lying about her own history/motivations. I don’t bring this up because I want feminists to fix it for me – that would be the job of the trans community, if our identity politics of the last decade hadn’t made the serious mistake of not allowing us to “name the problem” – which is something we really need to fix!

    But, the reason I bring it up is because Kiira wasn’t a feminist either, and ultimately I don’t think giving her a voice (after death) will help in the long run. Anyway, yours in the struggle, etc, and please keep up with your blog.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I don’t think it makes a whit of difference to the research cited in this paper whether Kiira’s self-reports were credible or not.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Also, NONE of the psychiatric research cited in this paper was conducted by feminists. This is not a feminist article per se. I don’t think any of my readers would mistake it for one. Feminists may find it interesting, however.

    • mushishikin Says:

      I reply to the Colleen Francis using the girl’s swimming locker room with male parts. As a M-F I would never do this / done this / consider this / and expressing this in the trans-community turn me into an unwanted pariah. The trans-community can sometimes be as close-minded as the those opposed to them / even in the light of the Colleen Francis case. Sad but true.

  3. Masha Sabina Says:

    I just finished reading ‘the man who would be queen’ and the assorted responses to it… including Alice Dreger’s case history of the ‘controversy’ surrounding the book. I think these are must-reads for anyone that is even going to open their mouth about trans issues.

  4. Toni Says:

    First, and back again to see if the facts are removed, lol.

    1) Except for “shemale” and “tranny” sex workers (who either reduce or stop HRT temporarily), trans women do not generally get hard, and especially not at random times (sitting on a bus). Anti-androgen(s) and Estrogen(s) inhibit libido and erections.

    2) Autogynephilia: The idea that enjoying sex in one’s present state of existence = or > than in one’s past state of existence matters. Why not autohomophilia (for gays and lesbians, who are turned on by the idea of being gays and lesbians), autofatphilia (for people who were thin but are now fat and enjoying sex) and autothinphilia (for people who were fat but are now thin and enjoying sex).

    Radfems support autogynephilia theory. Most men, most women, and most medical and psychological professionals support feminine essence theory. Which one is better supported, again? As always, lots of love, haters. ❤

    • GallusMag Says:

      1. That is false. The impact of M2T HRT regimes on libido are widely varied as the most cursory glance at any M2T discussion on the subject will reveal. You are perpetuating a falsehood and myth because you find it politically expedient to do so.

      2. You apparently fail to understand the nature of autogynephilia. I suggest a re-read. On the other hand it is quite possible you understand all too well, but chose to mischaracterize autogynephilia for the very reasons outlined in the article you are commenting on.

      3. “Radfems support autogynephilia theory” DO they? I had no idea that radical feminism supported male-centric psychiatric theory. My understanding is that radical feminism concerns itself with female-centered analysis. But apparently you know much more about radical feminism than women. Thank you for mansplaining radical feminism to me sir. What would I do without you. Also, your insightful comment that female-hatred is broadly supported by society: stunning. I had never realized that. Wow. Thank you for clearing that up sir.

    • Adrian Says:

      “Feminine essence” theory is blatantly offensive to actual women (obviously biological women who are “assigned” that way at birth by other people without EVER having to make any statements about “identity” at all), because it implies that there is some quantifiable “way people with female genitalia think” (as there absolutely MUST be in order for people with male genitalia to be able to assume they too “think like women” and therefore “should have” female genitalia).

      Furthermore, when you ask people who adhere to this theory just what “thinking like a woman” or what a “female brain” even IS, they never have any actual answer beyond the flimsiest of stereotypes. Wanting to play with dolls or dress femmy or feeling “nurturing” or thinking you’re more to the “verbal” side of the scale or whatever it is (all of which I’ve heard) are just stereotypes and there’s no reason whatsoever that men can’t think that way, and plenty of women (hi!!) who don’t think that way.

      “Feminine essence” theory assumes that you can somehow know what people who are NOT you experience. People (rightly) give side-eye to this idea when it’s about the “transracial” and otherkin, but somehow it seems people glommed onto the idea that hey! there exists sex hormones! So it could be possible!! in the case of sex.

      If people want to get plastic surgery or they want to be treated by society the way a different group is treated by society, well, party on with their bad selves, I guess, but when they start saying that somehow they “truly” are members of that different group, it’s appropriative. That’s why people get mad at them. Particularly when the group they claim membership in is a group oppressed relative to them. The psychology involved in doing that is fascinating, though.

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        “…because it implies that there is some quantifiable “way people with female genitalia think” (as there absolutely MUST be in order for people with male genitalia to be able to assume they too “think like women” and therefore “should have” female genitalia)…”

        ******** insert admiring sigh here *********

        Can we all just pause and admire how BUSTED these dudes are when they are confronted with intelligent analysis of their inanity?

        So. Busted.

        I get the impression that most heterosexual male “trans” people couldn’t analyze their way out of a wet paper bag.

        You just drop kicked their schtick into outer space. Thank you!

      • Adrian Says:

        @Marie-France Lesage – thanks. It took me a while to figure out just what it is that bugged me about this theory, and then reading a bunch of stuff about cultural appropriation recently just made me realize, hey, it’s the same dynamic going on. But what’s been seen, at least for me, can’t now be unseen.

        For someone to say they “am really it, really, inside” despite all outward biological evidence to the contrary means they really must have some concrete idea of what “it” is, be it sex, race, Sonic the Hedgehog, or whatever.

        Meanwhile the latest post on this blog shows a woman happy to model as a man, even, without feeling the need to claim to BE a man, “inside.” Refreshing for a change.

      • alysdexia Says:


        Adjectives, qualifiers, circumlocutions, exclamation points (you!). The point is not that wapmen cannot think like women, it is that gender is statistically significant and determined by brain (which is determined by statistically significant hormones) and that gender role is determined by ergonomics.

        Which group is oppressed relative to what now?

      • Kat Says:

        Science has had an inherent desire to prove difference based on sex, ever since Darwin came out with the theory of evolution: when scientists sought to prove women had a different brain than men, and this difference translated to psychological and behavioral differences between females and males and lent support to sexism against women. It really hasn’t changed much, even in the face of data that renders the brain-difference-therefore-gender narrative completely false; many females “act” like males and viceversa – so where does that leave sexual determinism? Exactly … disproven!

        Our biology is NOT socially deterministic, but this is what the trans cult wants us to believe. They sound like white supremacists who believe there is such thing as an inherent difference based on skin color. In a case about a black serial killer around Baton Rouge, LA, police used the suspect’s DNA to make out his racial makeup. It wouldn’t surprise if “tranracials” come to use that as a basis for changing their skin color through cosmetic procedures. But then that wouldn’t be politically correct, would it?

      • Lady Says:

        Your comment makes me think of this article which I highly recommend everyone read. Basically, a stylist has taken to the business of “teaching femininity” to some. People may not be able to specify “female thinking” but they certainly profit from “female acting” even while acknowledging it is an, often harmful, social construct. The teacher in this case is even aware of the hypocrisy.


  5. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Thank you once again Gallus, for doing your research and bringing this very informative article to us to continue our fight. I remember us discussing this on the old Michfest list…and the transkids as well as the intersex were so often silenced by the very male privileged mostly hetero autogynophilic types, which are the EXACT SAME ONES invading our Lesbian communities!

    Science is science and while sometimes biased, at least it’s more accurate than their distorted musings.


  6. oldemail test Says:

    Just curious to see if moderation article based or person based, because I have always thought it in poor taste to moderate the masses with impunity…

    [Yes I’m a vulgar tasteless woman. Tony go piss all over one of your own ten blogs that no one reads. Stop using alternate names to insert yourself where your blather is not desired. Thanks. -GM]

  7. Zoë Adams Says:

    I am a bisexual transsexual female. I am 16 years of age.
    Previous to reading this article, I was of the opinion that to ‘justify’ the way I felt, I had to explain to those who asked how my brain was ‘really like a female’s’ and that my appearance needed to match it, etc.
    But I now recognise that I may by an autogynephile – and I’ve also begun to accept that it doesn’t matter what causes my feelings of dysphoria with the gender role I was assigned at birth, or my body, because I refuse to identify as male, or let others treat me as if I’m male- even if I AM an autogynephilic male, scientifically speaking.
    I see this as primarily a social problem, just as the oppression patriarchy has caused on all women, cis or trans, for most, if not all of recorded human history. If I tell you that I’m female, and I do all I can to, as many feminists have posted here, ‘appropriate’ a female gender role, whatever that means, I do expect you to treat me the same way you’d treat any cis woman, precisely because of the problem you create for me if you deny me that ‘right’ while I and most everyone else denies me male privilege, also.
    Your “women born women” spaces, whatever that means, are also detrimental only because they serve no purpose other than to try to protect your own female identities, I feel.
    Please don’t try to claim I brought my gender dysphoria, or the abuse I and my fellow transsexuals receive on a daily basis from bigots, (and even people like yourselves) on ourselves, because what this study does support is that MtF transsexuals ARE born with their conditions, and sometimes, the only way we can live as healthy and productive people is when we transition fully to ‘live’ as the sex we feel we ought to be treated as.
    (This was all over the place, and for that, I apologise – I hope someone can find something useful in it, however)

    • GallusMag Says:

      Young man: women don’t owe you anything. You were raised with the expectation that we do. But we don’t. Women are not required to participate non-consentually in your sexual desires. Women are not required to fix your problems. Women don’t exist as fodder for your needs. It doesn’t matter that you don’t understand the lives of women and you don’t understand our needs for spaces away from males. What matters is that you stop forcing yourself on women.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        Brilliant and true…. they just cannot stop their arrogant ordering of women, while demeaning us at the same time.

      • Survivorthriver Says:

        Aint’ this the truth.

        It is one thing to experiment with frankendokters in your personal ilfe, but to make me say that persons with penis are a woman is galling and unacceptable.

        I refuse!

        The Seattle Times article about Christie’s ban on hormonal treatment of children and teens is collecting a lot of comments that agree with this legislation. Hopefully, that will save children teens from lifelong side effects and potential cancers from frankendokter therapies.

      • Jamie Duncan Says:

        I never asked a woman for anything – other than to be loving and respectful. – the same I ask of all people. So you wish society to provide 4 spaces now – 1 each for male and female and 1 each for m2f and f2m. this way those that hate transsexuals like yourself can continue their murderous killing spree of transsexuals by having a system that marks them. honestly I live a celibate lifestyle and have no need to bond in large groups like sheep. it seems that you wish to do this – why – so you can shit on everyone who doesn’t fit your paradigm with impunity? safe in your little girls closet? I wish no part of it – only leave me alone to live my life peacefully. btw – I live stealth and no one has a clue and I love it – because seeking attention forms no part of my existence – nor does exclusivity and hatefulness – both of which are rampant here. furthermore blanchards is viewed by 90% of psychiatrist as way of base. if anyone thinks I get sexually aroused by putting on a skirt they have lost it big time. if anyone wishes to know what aroused me when I did allow lust in my life – which was years ago – it was a dream of getting married to a nice guy in a tuxedo and dancing with him. how does that fit in blanchards twisted take? The ‘cartoon’ is horrid btw – maybe you people need a new girls clubroom – this one is rank.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @James Duncan- Women are not required to be loving and respectful to predatory males, sir.

      • red Says:

        I’m would stay far away always, from men who have sexual fetishes. Sorry, that means you.

        Also Dear J. Get offa my petticoat. You are appropriating female, and that is just as bigoted as those who appropriate aboriginal and call themselves ‘two-spirit”, or “shaman”,

      • RoseMK Says:

        Are you fucking stupid or something? What exactly is Zoe “forcing on you” by requesting that you treat her as the gender she wants to be presented as? Are you so attached to your victimhood “as an oppressed woman” that you can’t fucking step aside and acknowledge someone else’s struggles?

        Get a fucking grip on yourself.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I give less than a shit what abusive men like you want me to do to serve you. Sir.
        And if you continue to leave abusive comments you may not be too pleased at the result. Sir.

    • Motherhood Says:

      Here is the lay of the land: you are entitled to nothing from anyone in this life–contrary to what the cocks in frocks have told you. And the sooner you accept that the better. You say:”I do expect you to treat me the same way you’d treat any cis woman, precisely because of the problem you create for me if you deny me that ‘right’ while I and most everyone else denies me male privilege, also.”

      No kid. This is the real world and the TG party line does not tell women how we treat males. So in real world women and girls do not have to treat a male as a woman.That only happens in your mind. We owe you less than nothing. It is perhaps best that you realize in the eyes of women you are male forever, always and for every second of your life. You got a problem that women created? Really, women made you have your problem–uhm I kinda doubt it.

      You are you said you are “autogynephillic” well that is your problem and yours alone. Women do not have that little kink in their wires. And women do not have to honor your arousal. So again we own you nothing. Don’t expect women to treat you as anything other than a male–which is what you are.

      But here is your logic, which is very male reflected back at you. You get off in a dress and you think that makes you a woman–no, not by a long shot. Wrap you mind around this, You have no rights to women or women hood because you get aroused by acting like a woman. Do not imagine that your arousal, your hard-on entitles you to anything? Sorry kid hard-ons are not a show stopper, you are not a show stopper. Grow up. Women are not going to bow to you. Now get back and remember to stay out of places you do not belong such as women’s spaces

      • omgwtiswrongwithpeople Says:

        another dinosaur from the XX century whining about something she obviously should keep her mouth shut and tight, listen lady, what if he had the surgery down there? would u say the same? and even if he didn’t had, i can assure you, IF HE HAS WRITEN IN HIS/HER IDENTITY CARD: FEMALE, THEN YOU HAVE TO CALL HER FEMALE ESPECIALLY IF YOU MISS ARE WORKING AT AS RECEPTIONIST BE IT IN ANY PLACE GOT IT? ITS NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK ITS THE LAW FUCKING RETARDED BITCHWOOD / NOT MOTHERWOOD, all humans are free to do whatever the heck they want with their lives in my point of view as long as they do not disturb the balance of the social environment around them got it mam’? you don’t own they nothing ? wrong, you own they respect and so do they own you civilian respect especially the human rights, respecting them, which is something im not seeing being respected by your nasty person in your fucking homo / transmophobic comments posted above, only serves to prove how fucking retarded you and almost 60% of the world still is in when it comes to this matter. China, Tailand, Brasil, travel to those countries and tell me how sick you were to see so many how do you call them? “shemales” or “trannies” like your retarded person surely likes to call them, go on go there, i would like to see them kick the hell out of your ass, and maybe kill you real good, you woman, allways make me think you still are on a rampage back from the XX century to take revenge on men from what we did to your civil rights and all the atrocities that we commited agains’t women, but you forget that it wasn’t this generation who did it, those who did it probably are now about 60 to 80 years old and some of them rotting in prison lammenting what they did and even so some of them not, it will only make you worse than we were to you back then, i still hate pakistan, iraque and all that is related to islamic, arabian culture and etc because it oppresses woman, and thats one of the reasons everyday i wake up i say fuck, god bless im not one, but if this keeps up like what im seeing to these western countries, men’s rights are beeing left behing, and and keep hearing more and more stupid jokes made by woman just to keep themselves all high and mighty queens above men, well i say go on, do it, you ain’t gonna get anything from that, woman and men will never become god, we all die in the very end, so there’s no use in taking revenge on men, get you you raging femininist motherhood? well enough ranting, time to go

      • omgwtiswrongwithpeople Says:

        another fact i allways found very peculiar, from the very XVIII drag queens existed allways in theatres shows, but recently more in the XXI century i allways saw that people seem to accept more a woman dressed like a fucking tomboy from head to toe completely, but when they see a guy, even he is completely shaven in the skin no hair and tries to disquise it as much as he can, by losing weight, hiding his adams apple, and training his voice, wow just wow, people imediately start shouting / laughing / taking pics or worse some even go to the point of calling the police and others abuse him / her physhically, and women stil say THEY HAVE LESS RIGHTS THAN WE DO? SERIOUSLY? THAT WOULD BE IN THE “XX CENTURY” ALL OVER THE FUCKING WORLD!! not now! lol? only countries where that still happens is third world ones where there is war constantly, so how can this be? they can wear our men’s clothes and we can’t wear their clothes? stereotypes at function here? not for me miss Motherhood, you and your “god-damn-fucked-up-no-good-for-nothing-robot copying-machine-isotope-making-stereotyping” world society can kiss my fat ass, cuz i don’t give a shit, in my eyes in the world, people are born with free will and free rights, and i tell you this, be it in what country / culture the child is born, the humans have no right to obligate the child to learn what they want them to, be it good / evil teachings the child will allways end up choosing he / her own path in life, religions / cultures are 2 of the main causes of death in the world due to their fanaticism manifested by both the way i see it, christianism was just one of them back in the middle age, not now, now is the time of the sickening / barbarian (with no brain ) islamic doutrine to oh well manifest their religion to ahm, just cuz death like christianism did back them.
        And Motherhood, one more thing, im not a father, and not thinking at the moment of ever becoming one, not good with children, but i’ve seen some pretty (the opposite) fucked up stuff in this world through the internet, and i tell you, i wouldn’t bring a person to this world with fear for him / her to see that same stuff, world is just too fucked up, people have kids with no idea (people like you im speaking) that, that kid you are bringing to this world will have to suffer his / her life not saying the entire life but a lilttle, or maybe some it, depends, some people suffer the entire life because of their personality, by working, having to to be judged as an adult, by having no margin of error, and as soon as mistaking in anything boom, having the 30’s / 40’s or even 50’s having their fingers pointed at him / her saying ” how come you have 20, 22 , 26 , 29 and you still are and asshole at what you do?” then they obviously don’t realise that there can’t be perfection in this world and that there allways will be mistakes made, mistakes made by them in the past, but forgotten, funny ins’t it?
        I find it also funny that the human beings still can’t figure out the reasons that makes relationships break up, makes me laugh, einstein once said “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it”, have you ever wonder, that many of us might not be able to surpress how mammal primal instincts? you know, the ones the mammals exhibit?
        Take this example: the lioness matriarch exposes herself in opening basically saying to the nearest lion that she is avaible in the mating season, of course IF the lion pack is not guarded by the lion patriarch, on the other hand, the lion patriarch will allways be copulating with every female of the pack, (pack we can also associate it with a small human society) do you see where this is heading? the same shit happens almost exactly to people who can’t control their instints in our world, married men who tend to be just a bunch of fucking douchebags who say they are social and yo yo yo yo im a rapper dude (just a funny example xP ) tend to do this and the breakup of their relations happens, they are doing what patriarch lions do, and so goes for those god damn playettes who are married too, but this doesn’t stop here, in the homo sapiens sapiens world if a “lioness” matriarch already has a cub, the lion can dispose of it (this means, putting the kid in the care of lioness other relatives) , or maybe with luck but not too many luck server as a substitute father for the cub, but this allways comes with a double edge flavour which i like to say that has 2 different tastes, either you get treated good at childhood and later on or the opposite, depending on the finances of the couple, because lets be real, capitalism fucks up a lot, our world, even if we try our best, it sucks a lot to reach the end of the month with the fucking salary all counted up, dollar by dollar, no dollar bad spent, and no, those videos on the internet, or those course on how to make money? lol get real

      • omgwtiswrongwithpeople Says:

        and another thing just to finish, if your prism of ideas is correct then im not obligated to treat any god damn woman as a male (woman transgender to male) and even less not am i obligated to treat a woman like a fucking man even if she is wearing men’s clothes and looks like a fucking men from head to toe, especially those fucking NASTY AND UGLY BITCHES WHO TAKE TESTOSTERONE AND LOOK LIKE PIGS got it? good i wouldn’t let my daughter if i had one, to be influenced by a fucking female bodybuilder with a male body looking like a fucking gorilla i tell you, you would kick the hell out of her ass, i tell you, don’t care

      • GallusMag Says:

        Another transwoman who wants to beat and murder women. Very original sir.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Another illiterate knuckle-dragger, vomiting a wall of text.

      • azed Says:

        You,like many on this site, are an angry person. Stop using ‘women’ as if you speak for all, you don’t, and nobody does. You are aware of this rage within yourself and probably have been since you were a child, and, yet, you continue to project that rage onto others, finding scapegoats wherever you can. Scapegoating, segregation and cruelty are the hallmarks of the so-called Patriarchal ideology you claim to want to expose and destroy. You are merely aping typical patriarchal stances and playing the ‘feminist’ card to shut out any logical responses or debate. Truly this is the mainstay of all fascist ideologies, the silencing of dissent, the exclusion of the other, the cold, heartless and infantile response to questions, queries or dissent.

        This is the most destructive, nihilistic philosophical position to occupy. You are NOT a spokesperson for anyone but yourself-and ultimately, you are a largely insignificant human being among billions of others. Do you really believe you are adding anything of value to the progress of our species by spreading this half-assed pendulum swing from oppressed to oppressor? Yours is the oldest story in the book, divide and conquer stuff. Now go ahead and start defending yourself, insulting me personally, or better yet why not tell me, another human being, that I am not worthy of your time or attention. What you prove more than anything is that you support hate.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Motherhood gave Azed the sads. Thanks for stopping by Mr. Majeed. Now toddle on back to your basement. Thanks.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        Men really HATE being told NO. Does not compute. Does not compute. Does not compute. Their flailing MANsplaining is hilarious.

      • RoseMK Says:

        How does a person like you get to develop into such a spiteful hateful cow?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Last warning “Rose”/ Joshua.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Gotta love how he uses the phrase “whatever that means” whenever he’s referring to things that are important to us, such as appropriation of identity or female spaces. It’s obvious that he’s too lazy and far too arrogant to even bother to find out what we’re talking about. It’s all him, him, him, and HIS NEEDS, of course. He “expects us to treat him the same way we’d treat any cis woman”, huh? Don’t hold your breath, kid. Ain’t gonna happen. We do not exist to serve you, asshole. Now take your overwhelming male privilege and fuck off.

    • Adrian Says:

      I have to ask – would you feel the same about someone wearing blackface and claiming that they are “black inside”?

      Or does that community get to police its boundaries in a way that you think the community of women should not be permitted to?

      I’ll be honest – I see various places around the internet that bring up transethnicity and transableism and the like, and I see people arguing strenuously that transethnic and transabled are not real, they are appropriation and offensive only, but transgender, well, somehow (somehow!) that’s different, even though from where I sit the arguments they make are 100% identical.

      If the counter argument is “oh but those people aren’t serious” then I invite you to google around the term “transabled” because there are people who are VERY very serious. (And a lot of them just happen to be transgendered too, interestingly enough, but…)

      And so it seems to me that people have glommed onto this idea that “hey! There’s hormones, right? Sex hormones? And they can theoretically affect an in-utero fetus, right? So there we go!” and use that to conclude that “Obviously I was born with a female brain but got male genitalia!! It’s a physical problem, none of that pesky psychological disturbance for me! No sir! It’s all just medical! It’s a birth defect!”

      You can see the same sort of arguments from the “transabled,” only they can’t claim hormones so they’re going for some sort of neurological mapping issue akin to phantom limbs. Of course researchers who try to pursue that path seriously then find themselves (by necessity, I think, if they want to use that proposed model) limiting their sample group to people who are interested in actually amputating limbs – only to get criticized by plenty of the “transabled” who say no, what about all the people who “need to be” just paralyzed, or blind, or deaf, or have MS… it goes on.

      Back to the transgendered crowd, if you get in any argument about trans* on the internet, you’ll find people quickly run to the hilarious “but some people are not born just regular XX or XY – intersex conditions exist, therefore biological sexual dimorphism in humans is not a thing.” Which is just lolwut? quite frankly. The exceptions don’t mean a rule is invalid – the existence of trisomy 21 people doesn’t mean that humans as a rule (as a rule!) don’t have 46 chromosomes, and the existence of people born without limbs doesn’t mean that “humans have four limbs” is a not a valid baseline rule. Errors happen, but for the most part, the ordinary dare I say “normal” situation, humans are male or female and it’s obvious which, full stop.

      …and of course the people making that argument using intersex conditions for the most part do NOT actually have any such conditions themselves anyway – they just trot those people out for argument’s sake. (And yes, you can find other places on the internet where intersex people complain harshly about this.)

      Bottom line for me is, if you want to be a “femmy” (define that how you like) male person, fine, party on. (I want to smash gender, so I think men in dresses is fine, as men in dresses.) But don’t go around appropriating “woman.”

      And saying “well, men won’t let me into their club, so women have to let me in” is bullshit. Take it up with the men, that’s where the problem is. I’d join you in that one. However you are, “inside,” it’s valid, it’s you, if you’re male then that’s a LEGITIMATE male “how to be” and valid and you should be confident in being yourself.

      • michelle Says:

        “And saying “well, men won’t let me into their club, so women have to let me in” is bullshit. Take it up with the men, that’s where the problem is. I’d join you in that one.”

        But that gets in the way of the typical male patterns of trampling the rights of the weaker entity…you remember, one of the privileges that the twanz never seems to want to give up. After all, they even have one of their own that has taken it to the extreme so that they can actually beat up on females.

      • Motherhood Says:

        You feeling oppressed and marginalized sir? Are women that know you’re a man mean and angry? Is it cold and lonely just sitting there in a pink nighty holding a dolly and rubbing your dick?

        Despite all this suffering you do and in the face of such oppression you manage to crawl out from your semen-encrusted hole and get a woman’s attention. How brave and noble you are. And me, shame on me just an angry woman that pales in the light of your of truth and authenticity. The world should rally to your side. Women out in the fields in China, Uganda, Bolivia should drop their hoes because—some porn soak prick in America wants attention and to be sucked off. I know we should be humbled.

        But we are not.

        You’re a bore. Do not coming looking for women. I have no compassion for you. How dare you think because you demand we should somehow pay homage to that. And sir let me be clear this is not anger it is revulsion, disgust. And it is a healthy and normal reaction for women to have toward compulsive violent and sexually deviant men. Which is what T is. You think I give a rats ass if you call me a totalitarian, hell call me Hitler—wtf. Your judgment is not exactly going to mean much to me. Only you care because you know the thin narrative of absurdity that’s your only stock and trade is always a hairs breath from falling apart.

        If you get women to say oh no no you’re really a women maybe just maybe . . .

        That would be a no.

        Your life, your needs, your desires are not more important to me than mine and other women’s’ and children’s’. Now flip to the next page of the script. You want threaten suicide I do not care. Do you imagine people actually give a shit if some demanding jackass kills himself—they don’t?

        And there is no debate. This is not a discussion. I will not role-play in a mans sexual fantasy. I am saying male sexual pleasure arousal and orgasm are not in fact what I consider a human rights issue. Horney and compulsive is not an oppressed class. Fetish is not a human rights concern. Porn soaked men that are so deluded and narcissistic and obsessed are to be scorned. That jack is the only normal healthy and sane reaction that protects women and children from pathetic garbage trying to tell his dick is the new civil rights. And every time you guys come out and cry and insult and lie and threaten women more people see exactly what you are. Game over you lose. And some things are worthy of hate sir.

    • michelle Says:

      Dude, when you grow up, you will realize why crap like you just spewed is viewed as offensive by women.

      Definitions of “healthy and productive people” obviously vary. But there is no requirement that females accept a male as a woman in order for the male in a dress/cock in a frock/bedwetter in bad wig to have what the male could view in some context as a “healthy and productive” life. It’s perfectly ok for a male to wear a dress and makeup if that is what floats their boat, but it does NOT make them a female nor does it give any insight into the female lived experience.

    • Rika Says:

      Okay, what the hell? This girl raises a completely valid point in a perfectly amiable, inoffensive manner and you all just jump on her like a pack of wolves? This is just ridiculous. How on earth can you people claim to be at all objective or rational if you’re so blindly hostile and dismissive of any opposing views? And this need you all seem to have to continually emphasise her masculinity in such a cruel way is simply abhorrent. “Cocks in frocks” indeed! How can anyone possibly use expressions like this and claim to be anything other than blatantly transphobic? Even if you genuinely believe this theory of autogynephilia, that’s no reason to be so offensive to “autogynephiles in denial” by your terminology. You admit yourselves that it’s a condition they can’t change, so if they’re naturally uncomfortable with being identified as masculine due to an [i]unchangeable condition[/i] – not due to any choice or malicious intent on their part – why would you insist on demeaning and insulting that? Isn’t that quite simply nothing more than transphobia?

      Furthermore, your continual assumption that sexual arousal has to be the sole motivating factor behind non-homosexual transsexualism is blind discrimination and not well backed up by the facts. I don’t deny that it [i]IS[/i] often a motivating factor, but you can’t possibly say that that’s the only reason that one chooses to identify as the opposite gender. Nobody would put themselves through the prejudice and discrimination that comes with identifying as transsexual simply for the sake of “getting a hard-on” as you say. In that case they could simply fantasize about being a woman in private to satisfy their sexual desire, and spare themselves the humiliation of making it public.

      As a transgender woman myself (I hate having to even identify myself as this, because I desperately want to just be identified as a girl like any other, not filed under the class of “transgender” – but sadly the world hasn’t reached this level of tolerance yet), I can assure you that I don’t feel any particular sexual arousal to the idea of myself as a woman in and of itself, nor have I ever had a fetish for crossdressing or anything of the sort. Rather, I feel a complete lack of identification with the male gender role, and a sense of dissonance when people refer to me as “he” – and I have felt a strong sense of finally being comfortable with myself and who I am when I have presented myself as a girl over the Internet. I don’t understand why you seem to completely ignore all these possible factors, instead focusing solely on the sexual arousal which is comparatively minor.

      I won’t deny I have felt somewhat aroused when men have made comments to me over the Internet that acknowledge my femininity – but that is most certainly not the primary drive behind my preferred identification with the female gender role. And quite frankly, I feel that if any of you women here had been forced to present yourself as a man for your whole life despite feeling that it was wrong, and were then finally able to present yourself as female in a social situation for the first time, you [i]would[/i] feel arousal if a man where to make a comment that acknowledged your femininity, even if you felt that you were homosexual, because it would be the first time anyone had ever expressed an attraction for the person that you really are and not for the man that you’d been forced to present yourself as. Having never been in this situation yourselves, you may well deny this – but you must surely realise that since you have never been able to experience it, you can’t possibly be in a position to deny that it could be the case. Why do you people seem to believe that you’re in a position to explain people’s feelings better than the people who have actually [i]felt[/i] them? Your scientific insights may well have value, and there may well be men who desire to be identified as women solely for reasons of sexual arousal, but your assumption that all transsexual people are motivated by this desire is completely unwarranted, and quite insulting to those who feel genuinely uncomfortable with their assigned gender role, especially when you choose to intentionally aggravate that discomfort by referring to us as men even knowing how much that hurts us.

      And before you respond to my post with your automatic hatred and insults, please give some consideration to the fact that you have specifically wished for those who deny the autogynephilia theory to pay more attention to your view and give some consideration to it on a rational and logical basis rather than on their automatic negative emotional reaction. Since you expect us to do this for you, I think we have every right to expect you to do the same for us – to give our view the consideration it deserves, to respond to it in a reasonable and meaningful fashion, and not to just throw insults and hatred at us because of your initial emotional reaction. If you can’t do that, then why do you expect us to do it for you?

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Sod off, “Rika.” You obviously didn’t read, or didn’t comprehend, any of the comments that were left to “Zoe Adams.” He did not raise “a completely valid point in a perfectly amiable, inoffensive manner”. That’s simply how you read his remarks. As women, we responded – actually, we fought back, and you ought to be wondering why as women we felt the need to do so. But I know! That’s simply asking too, too much of you, especially because you feel we don’t return the favor.

        Why don’t we return this favor? Because being raised and living as male until God knows what age, YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA how much women have to “consider” men’s feelings, men’s point of view. Here’s a clue: It’s fucking constant. Constant. It’s at home, it’s when we watch the news (hell it’s when we watch any T.V. show or movie), it’s AT WORK, it’s at school, it’s while navigating any social situation, on and on. It never stops.

        And now you and some sixteen-year-old come marching in here demanding that we consider some more.


        And by saying no, believe me, we’re well aware of what this does to men like you. You can’t stand it when women say no, when we draw a line, when we set a boundary. We’ve seen it time and again – it’s a common topic of conversation around here. But more than simply saying “no”, I’m alluding to the fact that we have ALREADY considered. As has ALSO been brought up previously at this blog (had you bothered to read), many if not most of the posters here have read volumes about the trans point of view, the trans issues, etc. etc. etc. And we’re still calling bullshit, for so many of the reasons so well articulated here in so many posts…that you would have seen, had you bothered to read.

        You come across as simply another man demanding things. It’s sad that you can’t see that, and instead simply go to the default of “they’re calling me male ’cause they know it hurts mah feeeelings!” No. I’m calling you male because even through a computer screen, that’s how you come across.

      • Versa Says:

        I find it ironic that so-called trans “females” come in here and complain about our calling them male, when in the same post they refer to “cis” women. They can call us “cis,” which is a made-up load of crap designed to diminish our claim on femaleness, but we can’t call them by their biological truth? Huh?

      • Shay Says:

        Thank you….I was getting very depressed reading all of these hateful and half witted remarks…I am so glad someone is thinking botg respectfully and reasonably.

      • GallusMag Says:

        World of Warcraft!

        Shay, what can you tell us about the WOW and autogynephilia connection?

      • RR Says:

        LOL, GM– I would also like to hear more about that!

      • Mortadella Says:

        Nope, no deals.
        In other words, no.
        Hateful, sexist males don’t get to tell us what to do. If you want puppets, go to Jezebel.

    • Gail G. Says:

      Zoe, your desire to self-identify as a woman does not diminish me as a cis-woman in any way. My self-image is strong enough not to have to include anything that has to do with yours. You have not stolen anything or projected anything onto me by your desire for fulfillment. Sexuality and sexual identity are both overrated and underrated. Who you are is who you are; male in a female body, female in a male body, or the so-called cis-norm, you are just yourself. However, if you get up every day of your life and feel at odds with the sex you’ve been assigned with, that is misery. I would rather you be a happy transwoman than a miserable cis-man. You do not threaten me. I welcome you as a fellow human and if you say you are a woman and want to dress like one, go for it. Enjoy yourself and don’t worry about people who aren’t you. Your self-awareness is your best friend, and if you are turned on by thoughts of your feminine self, so be it. I don’t see why that has to be pathologized.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Your name is Dave G., 35 years old, CT. You, sir, are not welcome to comment here again. You took your shot at sharing something truly meaningful, that we would have all read with open minds and hearts, and the best you could come up with is pretending to be female. That is really sad. What a waste of time you are. You had your chance and you shit all over it.
        Do not waste my time again.
        Do not troll my blog again.
        Do not comment here again.
        If you comment here again, Dave, I am going to expose you.
        Final warning.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Balls: busted. Well done, Gallus!

      • kesher Says:

        My self image is strong enough to know that a man isn’t a woman. Men transitioning to a facsimile of “women” doesn’t affect my self image in any way. In fact, those men lying about being women also doesn’t affect my self image. At worst, I get a good laugh out of it.

        What it does affect, though, is my right not to look at “womanly penis” in the women’s locker room. It affects incarcerated women’s right not to be imprisoned with male rapists. It affects women athletes’ right to compete with other women and not men.

        If you guys would just mind your own business, that would be super.

        Oh, and also stop projecting. My self image isn’t affected by your claims to be “women”, but clearly my existence as an actual woman affects your self image. You might want to work on that with a competent therapist.

      • Derrick Jensen Says:

        I know that those males who identify as trans first worked to colonize the word “woman” by claiming to be women, and when they had that colonized they moved on to the word “female” by claiming to be female. But now it seems they are trying to colonize their own creation “cis woman.” I may be behind the times, but this is the first time I’ve seen a male who identifies as trans claim to be not just a woman and not just a female but a “cis woman.” Have I missed this, or does this signal a new frontier of colonization? Or was Dave not actually “identifying” as “cis woman,” but just lying so he could troll better?

      • GallusMag Says:

        “I may be behind the times, but this is the first time I’ve seen a male who identifies as trans claim to be not just a woman and not just a female but a “cis woman.” Have I missed this, or does this signal a new frontier of colonization? Or was Dave not actually “identifying” as “cis woman,” but just lying so he could troll better?”

        They do it all the time. That is why I expose their lie. Women are not clamoring to find posts on autogynephilia in order to support the “internal female essence narrative” of men. When they do, it piques my curiosity.

        You raise an interesting point, which is: what do the men get out of doing this? It sort of reveals the cynical political motive behind the whole transgender “internal identity” narrative. It’s akin to when an operative for a political candidate is exposed for posting under a sock puppet account on an opponents website. Cold, calculating political theatre by men who don’t have the slightest illusions of having a “female essence”- but who want you to believe they do.

    • Kelli Says:

      On Galveston Island they have a group of people called BOI. Born on Island. Everyone else is IBC (Islander By Choice). Somehow being a BOI is inherently better for some reason with all the rights granted herein. LOL

      Hey, if you choose to invest in and be a part of a community, a club….a gender! then the least those people can do is accept you. I am an IBC and the fact that I have invested in property and participate in community events has enamored me to the BOI crowd. We are both interested in advancing the same things.

      Now, I ask you. Does someone endure 300 hours of electrolysis just to get their jollies off? Subject their bodies to hormones and surgeries to modify their appearance to be more female at the cost of thousands of dollars? Possibly lose all friends and family, jobs for what? to have an autogynephiliac fantasy?

      Come on Man! That’s a major investment in becoming female.

      I have read “Men trapped in Men’s Bodies” by Anne Lawrence. The narratives are very compelling. I DO truly believe that some , but not ALL of the gender change desire is driven by the fact that men enjoy looking at and pleasuring themselves while dressed. In my opinion this isn’t much different than natural born women who fondle their own breasts or stimulate themselves in masturbation while enjoying their own bodies. It seems that someone who sees themselves as female would desire those parts for themselves.

      To think that is the ONLY factor in this is ludicrous. A female persona is. This happens early for some and then over many decades for others. In my opinion this is the primary driver for the gender change

      • GallusMag Says:


      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Dude, nobody gives a fuck about your pissant island, you, or your fetishes. And comparing being a woman to joining a “club” is so fucking shallow and clueless as to defy measure. Only a dude could make that comparison. Now STFU and go convince yourself that your neighbors actually like you, and aren’t just politely tolerating you.

      • stchauvinism Says:

        no man is an island or a woman. men claiming they are female and women makes as much sense as a woman claiming to be transwoman. being a transwoman is a male experience and another way of being a man as men are adult males.

  8. Bryony Says:

    Autogynephilia must exist because it accurately describes my condition.

  9. N Says:

    Hi All You fun Loving true Women. I am Transsexual. I am Male to Female. I am not biologically a Woman. Call me a ‘young man’, call me dude, and ‘male person’ to insult me just like you did the 16 year old bisexual transsexual female. Go ahead. Your opinions and feedback are like turds flung by baboons. Your evil brings down the entire human civilization. Ignorant! You are a scourge on the planet. You are simply brutal, mean, fundamentalists, that are blinded with your orthodoxy. Maybe you were victimized at a young age by a man, and due to your juvenile brains have devoted your life to hate of non bio women. I could break you down with actual arguments, but you are a viscous gang that doesn’t’ deserve the privilege of my better side. Go hide away, and shut your damn mouths!

    • GallusMag Says:

      whatever you say sir

    • Versa Says:

      Sorry about your Y chromosome.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:


    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Oh wow a man telling women to shut our damn mouths. Color me shocked. *yawn* Go away, little boy. Women are speaking here – and we’ll never, ever, ever shut up.

    • michelle Says:

      I’m just conjuring up that closing scene from Blazing Saddles…you brute, you brute, you vicious brute LOL!

      [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFCb4j0E2p4 ]

      Back to the comment, it never ceases to amaze me how trans* wants to claim that people not being willing to go along with their delusion somehow equals the fall of civilization…just pisses the men off into perpetuity that females might actually tell them to go away and quit telling us what to think or feel.

    • “but you are a viscous gang”

      Yes, we are a viscous gang. I will not hide my viscous side from you! I am proud of my sticky-ness! Hahaha….idiot.

    • silkyvelvet Says:

      @ N: Cool story, bro. Now go away.

    • Tom A Boyd Says:

      im a trans man (ftm) (homosexual as in i like men)
      reading this article made my head hurt
      dont listen to these people they have no idea whats going on
      they assume transsexualism is a actual sexuality
      gender has nothing to do with sexuality at all
      there is
      sex M/F
      gender M/F/Other
      sexuality hetro bi gay pan ect
      thats it
      thats how it is
      thats the truth and no matter how many fancy false words are thrown thats the truth
      dont let this article stop you doing what you need to do
      its false information like this that lead my mother to reject me

  10. Motherhood Says:

    It Doesn’t Age Well Kiddo .jpg

  11. […] website for trans persons lists the brain sex test and myriad discussions and articles on this subject. You can even take the test yourself! (And I thought Cesare Lombroso was far-fetched!)  Adams […]

  12. Emily Says:

    First off, I’m a Trans Woman. Before you jump to conclusions, let me just say I am sorry. I’m sorry I’ll never actually understand the issues that plague Women, I’m sorry I’ll never know the sting Misogynistic comments, jokes and idealologies. I’m sorry Women still need to fight for equality after millienia of Male oppression. I’m sorry that even when my Transition is complete I will still have no idea what it really is that makes a Woman a Woman.

    I’ll only ever know what makes me a Trans Woman. I’ll only ever know the fight for acceptance. I’ll only ever know the pain of Transphobic comments, jokes and idealologies. I’ll only understand the issues that plague Trans Women. SO as I said, I’m sorry.

    In response to Versa’s comment on the Prefix “cis” being “a made-up load of crap designed to diminish our claim on femaleness” it actually is a reinforcement to your origons as a Natural born Woman. The prefix “cis” comes on Latin and means “on this side” so a “cis-woman” is a woman from the side of woman, a woman born a woman. On the other hand “trans” means “on the other side” so a “trans-woman” is a woman from a man, a woman born a man. I can uderstand that it may just seem a label invented by Trans people to harm you, but thought was actually put into it so that it wasn’t offensive, unfortunatly people forget Latin is a dead language that not everyone knows (I looked it up when I saw it on a LGBT website) so we can get it wrong sometimes.

    I just want to ask a question; what makes a woman a woman? I don’t know what makes me a Trans woman, and I doubt that a natural born woman can pinpoint it either. If you can, please go ahead and tell where the little switch is and I’ll gladly flip it back down to “MAN MODE” to not have to deal with transitioning. Then again what would make me a man? No two woman are alike, or two men, so what decress what is man and what is woman? Don’t think I want to follow the classic Gender divide, far from it. Last time I checked the “bad woman stereotype” it mentioned nothing about heavy metal, steampunk, floor length trench coats, mecha (giant robots) but I do still like cute and cuddly from time to time. This all sounds masculine so why do I feel the need to become a Trans woman!?!

    I just don’t know, but I do know I feel this inate need to be a woman. It is nothing sexual, its not to do with wanting to wear a skirt (I’m from Scotland so if thats all I needed I could buy a kilt) and it nothing malicious. I will never hide the fact I was born a man, why should I, its part of my history. Perhaps I’ll never know.

    If you repond to this, please use female terms, or at the very least stick Trans in front of them (Trans she, Trans her). I didn’t call you Cis Women (apart from where I explained it) as it seemed to offend you, and being called a man hurts me, as I guess it would you woman. I try to understand you, I honestly do, and I’m sorry I probably never will.

    • GallusMag Says:

      You are a man, sir. A manipulative, abusive, entitled man. See also: troll. We are not your therapist. Fuck off. Sir.

    • Versa Says:

      Emily, I think you misunderstood me. I know what the prefix “cis” generally means; I took organic chemistry. My point is that calling someone a woman, girl, or female should not require any qualifiers. In my book, only so-called “cis” women are women at all, and therefore the term is redundant. I believe it was invented by trans* and their apologists in order to indicate a certain type of woman (or man) as if there could be other types. Which, as I see it, there can’t.

      I’m sorry it feels painful to you to be called a man. But you are a man. That should not be painful, any more than it should be painful to be human, or whatever ethnicity or nationality you are, whatever age, and so on. It’s just what you are. It’s unfortunate that you seem unable to embrace that part of your natural-born identity. But that doesn’t make me cruel for calling you what you are. I certainly don’t intend it to be cruel. I intend it solely as truth.

      What makes a woman a woman is her chromosomes and her anatomy. (Real anatomy, crafted by nature and not by a surgeon.) It’s that simple.

      Thank you for expressing yourself civilly. I appreciate your respect and courtesy, and I wish you well. I do hope that you will be able to accept yourself as you are.

      • There are many fucked up things when it comes to the term “cis”.

      • emilycrosb Says:

        Versa, thank you. I see no malicious intent in what you say, and your right, I wish I could be comfortable as a man. It would be so much better if I was, but I’m not. You kind of response is perhaps the best kind, you held true to your values but respected some of mine. I appreciate the fact that you did not add quotations around my chosen name.

        Some of you claim that I demanded that you call me a woman, but I don’t think I did. I asked that you do, and even offered an alternative, but apparently asking is still demanding if it comes from some one you choose to see as a man. Is there a way I must ask? Also being nice is just a ideal I hold, and was nice to people even before I realised what I was, its not an attempt to emulate femminity, as femminity is different for every woman. Undoubtly some of you may be very tough and aggressive, others may be more nuturing and kind. If the world was perfect, the would be no masculine or feminine, man or woman, just male and female. And if a male felt the need to look and act like what we today class as a woman, that male could. Same for females who felt the need to act and look like what we now call men.

        Now some of you seem to think I am becoming Trans as some sort method to rape woman. I can see women’s fears about this, though I can’t understand them personally, and I respect that. I know there are few missguided souls who have used womans clothes to get into woman only places to assualt woman, but they are not Trans! You can’t judge a whole group on a small number of offbeat people who are similar or part of a larger group. By that logic everyone should be treated as suspicious. I don’t go into woman’s only spaces, nor try to. I use the gender nuetral loos, or if none exist I use the men’s loos. Why? Because I know that I will likely not be welcomed, possibly not even when I have my final surgery will I be allowed. This one Trans woman I met kept using the male loos until she nearly had an violent inccident with a man. You girls may have liked her, she still used her male name until she was told to change it, so she added an “A.” She actually had been a full time cross dresser for her whole life, and was even married to a feminist. Her wife did have some issues when she came out but she learned that she was still the same person, just a new label and dressing.

        You may be right, I may be a little glutton for punishment reposting, especially after the returns I got. But you know, its worth it when some one like Versa respounds in kind. So again, thank you Versa. I may never understand your ideals, but unlike some of your friends seem to think, that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to learn about them, learn from them and respect your right to have them.

    • GallusMag Says:

      This is such male abuser bullshit. “I’m sooo sorrry I do this to you. But I have no intention on stopping. I just can’t help it. It’s an innate need, plus I dig it, and any harm to you doesn’t really matter. Now tell me how to flip the little switch to stop doing it.”


      You sir are not, and will never be anything but a man, just like any other man. Oh sure, you could reject masculinity and support women without harming us, but you won’t, because that’s where the thrill comes from.

      Males who reject manhood DO NOT have ANYTHING TO DO with women. Women exist. Women are human. Not an option that men can inhabit. Just stop.

    • Motherhood Says:

      Come on girls he said it so nice just like he thinks women talk, nicey nicey. And now we are going to play dress up with him. And then, then we will have the little girl tea party and eat girl food; raisins a pink crayons and then more dress up.

      Take you hard on and move it on down the line, nothing to see. Please god who has the patience for this narcissistic shit—me me me how I feel how I feel look at me I feel. Pay attention to me. It is so mind numbing and boring and predictable. You guys are the most unimaginative repetitive bunch ever. Like broken records which no doubt is part of the pathology. Oh it make you hard and hot to demand women notice that you are a raging prick. We have seen it before. Nothing special. And you will always be a raging prick just pushing and pushing because you imagine you deserve attention and recognition because you imagine you matter. And women are supposed to be like —ever living thing is sacred. Right out of a Disney Movie. Oh look girls I found a poor little loving girl brain trapped in a male body. Oh come on girls we’ll use our vagina super powers to help our little sister—

      Well no. Hell no. You are not so really fuck off . Who do you think you are, telling women what terms or words they may or may not use. Be civil with you? Are you insane? You think we want a civil exchange with you, maybe a little ice breaker game or two. Lesson #1 you are a man and women do not have to honor your fantasy and even if you think you are really asking really nice it is a demand. A disgusting demand. A male demand that only a male who dare make on women. Your fantasy is repulsive to use we will not honor it. We owe you nothing. Get it through your scull. We are not in this together. You share nothing with us and you are abusive, and manipulative. Take the “cis” shit and stick it up you ass. Seriously, fuck you dick head you think using the prefix “cis” to describe women makes any less a man. Repulsive, demanding women to role-play in your fantasy is not a civil right or a human right. You are so sick and male and twisted that you can’t even see that. So turn around and tear ass back to transgender land howling some shit that unless women suck you off you are going to read page 2 of the script—you know causes you to not exists or to be killed or to jump out a fucking 12th story window. Then soak up the feeling that warm hot wave of self-pity the vile self-absorption, because that’s all you can feel. The hot surge of more manipulative lies to get attention, more attention to think in more about how you feel. And ask if you think really imagine that you are what women care about.
      Long story short, you want us to suck you off. You’re trying to stick your dick down our throats while you dare demand we refer to you as a woman. None of it is ever going to happen—chase that delusion till you drop. And the answer to that ever-pressing question, when oh when, will you just be accepted for the authentic women that you are? Never—NEVER. You will always be a man.

      • Andra Says:

        I don’t think I’ve ever been more disgusted by my own gender as I am having read this, and many posts on this particular article. I mean, yeah, it’s weird that people would go this far to accommodate a fetish…but really? REALLY? This entire thing has been morphed in to some irreversible fight against men in general, the women posting on here are assuming, sometimes EXTREMELY far-fetched. Okay, they’re being too nice. Alright, whatever. So you want them to be mean to you? Not “ask” so then what. What do you want? Is there literally no way for you to communicate with them? How the hell can you be a mother? With that attitude… holy fuck.

        I mean, I just don’t get it. Yeah, some of us grew up with fucked up sexist lives, okay…. how the heck would that relate to EVERY transsexual woman? I mean, come on. Yeah, they weren’t born girls and they didn’t have to bear the hardships (big fuckin’ whoop, I’d love to have that route) but who cares? Let them be what they’ll be… for christ’s sake don’t make it out to be something it isn’t.

    • MitochondrialEve Says:

      I would like to comment on the ‘cis’ bullshit. What a ludicrous extrapolation of the use of ‘cis’ and ‘trans’ in this comment. It is a binary distinction of opposites. On this side, on the other side. Same as left or right, on and off, up or down, it is simple binary description. The use of ‘trans’ when referring to trans women comes from a short version of transition, as in transitioning from male to female. Therefore, the use of ‘cis’ in this context is offensive. Because in this context, cis is used to define the opposite of trans. And again women are reduced to the opposite of something defined by man. I have also seen us referred to as non-trans women and I will say what one woman said then. We are women, we need to prefix!!

      • There are A LOT more things wrong with “cis”. It doesn’t just mean the opposite. That’s the problem.

        Quote from: http://the-identity-police.tumblr.com/post/53541517689/la-loup-garou-is-cis-a-derogatory-term

        1) the term “cis” posits that everyone has an innate gender identity. that isn’t true. while gender might be something you identify with, it isn’t an actual, measurable concept. gender was created specifically to keep women inferior to men, it isn’t a natural part of who we are.

        2) it asserts that women are privileged for being women. this is NEVER the case, but it draws the attention away from misogyny and towards transphobia.

        3) it prevents women from uniting as a social class. it forces them to be very general about the sex-specific abuses they face and prevents them from naming the actual agents of their oppression. it turns “woman” into a costume to put on and take off and not a lifelong struggle against the patriarchy.

        4) it assigns women an identity that they did not pick themselves. it is sacrilegious to tell a trans person their identity isn’t “real” but trans activists consistently force women into the label of “ciswomen” dispute their protest that they are explicitly NOT CIS.

        5) it frames oppression as something based on identity and not the very real, very inescapable genital-based “inferior” class we women are forced into at birth.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        To me, it seems not unlike if non-religious people were expected to refer to themselves as a heretic, heathen, or infidel.

  13. druidwinter Says:

    ‘cis’ is latin for cut, like cesarean, or scissors,

    -It sounds like you want to cut open women and remove their sexual organs and role-play with them like ed gein, he had a box full of them and even painted one silver. I guess that silver painted dried out one was when he was doing fancy ciss roleplay.

  14. GenderBender Says:

    Hey Peeps….. some pretty strong lingo here 😉 …. anyway, just following this convo that’s taken place over 6 months or so (kinda long isn’t it??) ….. we just gotta stop fucking telling or expecting other humans to be anything in this society, they just gotta BE who they are (as long as it doesn’t cause harm to others), goes for anyone of any gene combo (XY,XX,XO,XXY, etc) and the rest will sort itself out as long as there are people fighting for true gender equality. It’s just a struggle for society to get to that place for various reasons which is why we need to keep arguing this shit out. It’ll have to probably go all over the place more before we end up with better equality for women. The whole trans issue is a much smaller issue caught up in the human rights for all genders. Trans stuff needs to be more researched and argued out and we might know more about it after that. But I reckon we should embrace it all, femme XYs who wear frocks and do burlesque and drive trucks and make love to XXs and bake cakes and knit their grandma’s jumpers. Like we should also love chunky XXs who perform burlesque in hot heels and drive pickup trucks and knit jumpers for granny while telling stories to young kids at primary schools. Like XXYs who ride motor cross and dress to the nines in makeup and hair while kick boxing the crap out of a butch lesbian. I dunno, whatever, it’s all human diversity and we just gotta let it roll and let people be who they are and not box in people based on what we see and hear and assume about them. Seriously, once we ‘sort’ women’s equality out though, I reckon the world will be a much better hugely awesomely amazinger place to be in. It’s just so outta whack right now, it’s a damn rediculous shame.

    Women have had to and are still putting up with a whole lot of shit in our society (most of it invisible to unambiguous XY’s) and chances are that if there is any oppression anywhere in the world at any time you can bet your bottom dollar that right at the very very bottom there is women, it will never be men. Trans-women are a minority caught up in this the cross-fire, but, seriously, I reckon that a lot of the issues they have will be resolved once we sort the whole gender inequality thing out broadly anyway. Still heaps of work here.

    Even in Oz here our Prime Minister (first XX) in our history copped a whole lot of absolute shit just because of being female (like her husband’s sexuality was publicly on radio called into question because he is a hairdresser …I mean WTF??!!). Can you imagine the same being said if the leader of Oz was male by birth rite?? The perpetrator would be written off as crazy straight away. Why am I surprised, people will also dish out shit if they can get away with it. At least the radio shock-jock got the axe (good ridence – spelling..oops)). Anyway, that’s Australia for you, still a land of cow-breeding, roo-shootin backward beef-eaters with too much coal than sense. The lucky country hey, not for long. Still, things are changin. At least Melbourne is pretty cool !! Especially regarding gender rights etc 🙂

    Keep the argument going, it’s a good rant.

    Go fuckers.
    Love you all

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Spoken like a true politician.

      “…they just gotta BE who they are (as long as it doesn’t cause harm to others),” (italics mine). You could’ve stopped right there. We’re saying the same thing. What seems to upset so many people is that here at GT we’re pointing out the harm, which, yes, is considerable. (If you’re not aware of the harm, then you need to read more posts here.) Doing this (shining a light on the harm) throws a buzzkill on a lot of people’s fetishes, and they don’t like that. Too bad. My first priority, like many posters here, is the well-being of born women, not the coddling of delusions or the bowing to entitlement.

      You also bring up intersexuality (“{XY,XX,XO,XXY, etc}…”), which is a completely separate issue from transsexuality. Many trans people have tried to claim intersexuality, in some sort of bid for legitimacy, but no. Two completely different things, and no amount of blathering by Alan Brain has yet convinced the world.

      Also: burlesque? I fail to see how women dancing naked in front of crowds is empowering or healthy for her. I know, I know, funfems think it’s all transgressive and edgy and kewl. But if your idea of gender equality includes this, then you’re no ally to women, regardless of your sex.

    • Chocolattruffaut Says:

      Ummmm. Radical feminists are fighting for SEX BASED equality, not gender equality b/c gender is an oppressive social construct that has been used to keep women in a subservient role. And why do you keep mentioning burlesque? Burlesque is in no way subversive, it’s the same patriarchal bullshit about how a woman’s sexuality is a performance for the male gaze, except now for women who like Bettie Page haircuts.
      Oh and I know this is like a totally mean thing to say, but the whole “just be who you are!!!” thing is bullshit too. Women are never allowed to be who we really are, only sexbot caricatures. But oh noes some mean woman called a transwoman “he,” it’s the ultimate human rights violation!

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        “Burlesque is in no way subversive, it’s the same patriarchal bullshit about how a woman’s sexuality is a performance for the male gaze, except now for women who like Bettie Page haircuts.”

        Oh how I love love love this. Well said!

    • IceMountainFire Says:

      What a lovely vision of a perfect butterflies-and-unicorn-sparkle world you have here, in which everyone gets along while Butches serve as kickbox punching bags…

      Hey, it isn’t as if Lesbians weren’t used as punching bags already: but of course this is plain old patriarchal punching as opposed to politically correct gender punching, silly silly me! Consent! Choices! And Burlesque!

      Fuck you.

  15. Anon Says:

    These sorts of articles are so, so sad. The ideas of Lawrence and her ilk are so wrong and so very thoroughly laced with destructive hatred. It reminds me very muchly of many religions that have devolved long ago into being little more than a mere outlet of anger and providing shallow sense of community centered around aimless hate. When will people be able to look at human history and see obvious patterns? When will they be able to apply their own brains and rise above the sheep around them? When will human societal culture finally evolve past mindless mob mentality and communal anger? Soon, I hope, within the next millenia, hate will disappear in the face of rational thought and empathy, likely long after it’s rapidly vanishing applications are gone. Already it is almost never appreciated or properly harnessed, has virtually no legitimate application for those with working minds, and only seems to result in destruction and pain. Eventually, I hope, we will rise above it, and we will be more interested in understanding than in judging.

  16. Rosamarianna Says:

    This thread has got to be one of the most intolerant, hate-based I have ever seen. Seriously, you think trans women somehow benefit from a “male privilege”? Oh God, you have to be kidding. They struggle everyday to be accepted as children, teeangers and adults. Parents, teachers, colleagues and family in general may and will reject them. They are made fun of by their peers because of they are “fags”, “gays”, “cocksuckers”, “sissies”, whatever fits… And yet you ahead and bash them based on that supposed “privilege”, which they didn’t have. Actually, they are treated much like women – and that’s why battle for gender equality should be a feminist’s concern – not just sex-based. Because when you analyze onto trans women’s lives, you learn they go thorugh many of the difficulties biological women go through as well – rape, mistreatment, inferiorized in relation to male peers and discriminated against at work. This is a WOMEN’S BATTLE. Also, you should acknowledge that the world is not unfair for women only, men face discrimination based on their sex, maybe not as much. Trans women are the perfect example of how society treats women and men differently – they are expected to behave like men and somehow implicit in this expectation, superior to women. But when they fail to so, either they don’t like masculine toys or just aren’t into sports, preferring to play with their female peers, they are laughed at and made fun of, teased. bullied and, in some cases, even murdered. All because society refused to accept them, and because a man behaving like a woman is believed to be disgusting and gross, while a girl can be pretty much “boyish” all her life with nearly as many concerns, because she is behaving in, the so-called, male and superior way. It might not be well embraced in the beginning, but they don’t go through as much pain as the other group. Feminine men identify as men and experience the same kind of pain as youngsters as do trans women, just not the burden transition can be (hormones, living as the targetted gender for at least one year, and then the not-quite-so-cheap-operation). The whole process costs a lot money, and it’s reason many transgender don’t transition, or just partially do so. So seriously, it’s not as easy as most of you are assuming: “Oh, I am a woman and now I am going to buy a dress, put on it and started using the women’s bathroom!”, no, really, that’s a myth. Also, there are many intersex conditions that cause a “wrong” flux of hormones either in the brain and body, and science is still million light-years from knowing the full chemistry of the human brain, and who knows what we might find out that might help debunk the myths and the possiblly true causes of transsexualism.

    Obviously, I’m describing the experiences of a group in a perhaps stereotypical way, but most do go through horrible pain. However, I can’t tell everyone’s motivations. I, for one, don’t have any sexual motive behind, it’s just my identity. There are many transsexuals who knew at a young age, and many who only come to terms with it as adults. Also, please don’t confuse a cross-dresser with transsexual, many transsexuals might be what’s called “auto-gynephilic”, but they still identify as women/men (depending on which direction they are going), and they have Gender Identidy Disorder like the “homosexual” type, but transition at an older age and are, on average, less “passable”. They may be lesbian or bisexual, but they ARE just as legitimate as other transsexuals, and will not enjoy sex as men for the most part and won’t actually want to have to anything with their male organ, for the most part. Most transsexuals don’t enjoy their genitals at all anyway, but many won’t have them reconstructed for the reason I have stated above. A Cross-Dresser is “a man in a dress” or “a woman in a suit” that by all means identify with their natal sex but DO get off by wearing the clothes assigned to the opposite sex. It is different, and I don’t believe there is anything essentially wrong with cross-dressing either, it’s a mean to express sexuality, it doesn’t mean they will rape and torture women (or men) to satisfy their sexual urges or other of whichever nature. Sure, some will, but you can find people like that EVERYWHERE, men, women, asians, blacks, whites, intelligent, dimwitted, beautiful, ugly, etc. To say that being a sexual pervert or psycho who wants to hurt women by disguising as such is a necessary premise for being a cross-dresser or mtf transsexual is just plain ridiculous, especially because many express themselves freely only in private, and don’t dare to do it in public fearing discrimination. Others will be sexual pervets, others good hearted people.

    The fact that many of you used arguments like “women do not owe you anything”, I was like “lolwut?”, does it even remotely make sense in this context? Transsexuals asked to be treated like individuals, with rights and duties like every human. Don’t recognize them as their targetted gender? Fine, call me a man, a boy, whatever. Just don’t shoot in my way, don’t call me things when you have no idea of who I am because I will not call you a single name. I will be polite with you if we ever talk, so I ask you to do the same. Just a basic principle you all should follow, it’s never asking “too much” to treat people the same you would like to be treated.

    Yes, trans women may not go through bio women’s concerns, doubts and difficulties. Why? Because everyone is different. Sure, some concerns are more common than others, but unless being a woman or a man was some inflexible tag and universally defining of people, they don’t go through the exact same. Biological women don’t all go through the same either, nor do trans women. Or transmen, or men, as a matter of fact. Being whichever label doesn’t guarantee you’ll go through “this” and “that” in life.

    Finally, you might want to read about David Reimer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Reimer , it might enlight you. He was born a man, but sexually reassigned a girl after his penis was destroyed during circumcision. He was object of psychiatric investigation and some horrible testing for gender roles. If it were like only the anatomy mattered, he would have no problems with his upbringing as a girl, but he did and later changed his name, had double masectomy and had hormone treatment to become a boy again.

    There’s also Androgen insensitivity syndrome, which in its most extreme form leads the baby to be born externally a girl with internal testes that will produce estrogen on puberty. They’re chrossomically XY, and they would be men by your logical thinking. But they have every secondary characteristic of a woman and identify as such. There’s also XX man, of which I know I less to bring up here.

    Finally, I think these “abnormal” cases teach people how unaccepting they truly are. These are conditions of which they know very little about and refuse to inform themselves better. Hate speech is not going to lead us anywhere, and usually makes matters worse and turn what could be intelligent and sensible conversations into flame wars.

    Labels are labels. Nothing more. They are meaningless, they don’t reflect who you are. They reflect how you were born. That’s all.

    • GallusMag Says:

      You know nothing about the experiences of women. You are a porn-sick man named Daniel “Danny” Berlin from Portugal who calls himself “Black Angel” online, and runs pornography blogs. You know nothing about females or women but that doesn’t stop you from mouthing off at feminist websites in between masturbation sessions. Just shut up. Also, tropes: http://transgendertropes.wordpress.com/tag/transgender-tropes/


      I suggest you leave me alone.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Ha, I love it when you bust ’em in the balls, Gallus!

        And yeah, full o’ tropes. Gotta love the part where he brings up David Reimer, as if we’ve never heard of him.

        “So seriously, it’s not as easy as most of you are assuming: “Oh, I am a woman and now I am going to buy a dress, put on it and started using the women’s bathroom!”, no, really, that’s a myth.” Oh no it ain’t. That’s exactly what a lot of men are doing. You need to read more posts here, dude.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        I love how you cut right through their crap, Gallus Mag. We’ve heard all the lies before. I could only skim that trans cult propaganda, but have to add that David Riemer was a victim of the medical profession who first burned off his penis as a baby and then sexually abused him and his twin brother (both later killed themselves.) All his story proves is that of course kids wants to have the same privilege as their male twin since who would want to be forced to dress and act like a “girl” when it’s only rules set up by men to demean and restrict girls?

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Yes, trans women may not go through bio women’s concerns, doubts and difficulties. Why? Because everyone is different.”

      Fucking jackass. Fwap fwap fwap.

      • Bruce Lilly Says:

        “Yes, trans women may not go through bio women’s concerns, doubts and difficulties. Why? Because everyone is different.”

        No because they are men.

    • Tobysgirl Says:

      Jeezums, and I thought I was wordy!

    • LC Says:

      I love the part where women saying they don’t owe him anything is comparable to being shot at. Also that “boyish girls” have it so easy… at what point in a girl’s life is that supposed to start, exactly? Still waiting, here.

      I swear there’s a set of talking points that all trans allies are required to memorize.

    • farishcunning Says:

      Good grief, what a load of horseshit. Here, let me distill the whole thing for you–got a dick or were born with one? You’re a male. Period. 🙂

  17. Joe Says:

    Interesting reading, although the authors provides no support for their assertions. However, one thing becomes clear – being a female that is raised as a male that switches back to a female produces a real bitch.

  18. link Says:

    Unfortunately for me, I didn’t hear about autogynephilia until well after transitioning and $50,000 on surgeries (all my inheritance from my grandparents) as well as breaking most family ties. I believe I was and still am an autogynephile. Obviously because it involves a ‘turn-on,’ people feel shame about it. I can’t even talk about the subject with any RL transpeople. The feminine narrative is all I hear from professionals and laypeople alike. It was also what was used by me during my counseling years in my teens, because I didn’t know any better. Many cheerleaders led me along without a second guess or consideration of anything. The cult-like nature of transpeople became very obvious to me only after I’d had my surgery and encountered problems with arousal and sexuality. When I self-researched and came across autogynephilia, everything clicked. Now the sad thing is, I believe the autogynephlic reaction I had to imagining myself as a woman was closely tied to male hormones, since the interest only started when I was 13. But without my old sex, I don’t feel sexy as a woman. I have no interest in straight sex, and I still have the urge to have sex as a male. But, anyway, I’m stuck as I am. I just think that if I could have found a way to deal with autogynephlia when I was male I would not have changed my gender. I could have lived knowing, “Yes, I have this paraphilia. It’s closely tied to my arousal and is strongest when I feel horny. But it’s a feeling I can deal with.” But, no, I bought the feminine narrative and even convinced myself it was true.

    • GallusMag Says:

      When will the transgender movement come to terms with this?

      • link Says:

        I don’t know. Maybe never. When I brought up the autogynephile theory to some close friends, it was not tolerated. I’m not part of any movement these days.

    • mushishikin Says:

      My interest/ideation began before puberty (and may I point out some women get turned on by dressing sexing) and even after getting rid of my balls I still had a strong sex drive for 10 years / until my age caught up with me. Sexuality started at puberty and became all mixed up with the notion of being a woman. This is a natural part of the process seems to me. For those who ‘discover’ it later in life only after being exposed to ‘tranny-porn’ I have questions about the motivations.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Sir I have trashed over a dozen other comments you have left on this thread. This thread is not a pissing spot for you to spread your scent and no one wants to read 20 comments from anyone. If you have something substantive to say I offer you an opportunity to compile your thoughts into a post which conveys them. Further piss-spraying all over my blog is not an option. Put up or shut up. Make a substantive post or be banned. Final warning.

      • mushishikin Says:

        Wow- pissing? No foul language, honest opinions, and calling me Sir bums me out 😦

      • mushishikin Says:

        Plenty of folks have ‘pissed’ 20 comments on your site. I’m not one of them. No foul language. No personal attacks. More than I can say for how you just treated me.

      • GallusMag Says:

        As you wish sir. Farewell.

  19. shali Says:

    Wow, I don’t quite know what to say, whether responding to the original “article” (I cannot believe that passed peer review) or some of the bizarre commentary. With respect primarily to the article, and to a lesser extent the comments, perhaps I will simply say that it is best to let go of the obsession with narrow, rigid, and binary categories, and realize that there are many spectrums and continuums of gender and sexuality, biological and social influences, and ultimate outcomes. I agree with the original authors that the monolithic, “essence / brain-sex-theory,” as the authors call it, may be problematic if presented in singular essentialist terms. However, the “competing” “theory” is equally essentialist. It is grossly lacking the nuance and plurality needed for more accurate/precise understanding. The article references are woefully selective and relatively outdated (but I grant that the article was published in 2007, meaning it was probably first written in 2005). Thankfully there is a small heap of recent research that really does support the notion of more of a continuum of gender incongruity, including some very new research recognizing a sub-set of people for whom their gender identification oscillates over time.

    So– please keep these things in mind before you jump onto one of the overly convenient, tidy little categories that ultimately do so much damage to people.

    Thank you.

    • Motherhood Says:

      Best for whom? Is it best for women to let go and not mention the male obsesion with his own arousal and his mastribation when he is dressed en feme and “doing woman” or is it best for the male? This is not a ven diagram and there is no intersect. What is best for men opperating with a mysoginistic narratives that legitimize a sexual compulsion at the expense of women is not in the best interest of women. I do not see how “your best” helps women. Really no nuance is needed. It is pretty simple–like most sexual compulsions. So it begs the question. Damage to what people? Men I assume because it is not damaging to women. Nobody owes male sexual arrousal some elevated place in society–you have that. Autogynephila is a sound theroy and well supported. It is in fact covered in most college surveys that discuss Trans. It is not outdated, as more and more men are “detransioning” they are being very open about autogynephilia. Every college freshman that takes Psychology 101 will know about it and as a very plausible and likely root of Trans in men that claim they are women. Yes woeful, tisk tisk. Is that an erection? oh my I’m feeling just like Mae West sir. And I can pull it off as an honest to goodness women. Oh when you say “heap” of reasearch I think you meant “pile” now mind you don’t step in it. I know, I know, Shocking simply shocking.

      • shali Says:


        I am guessing that you must have had some bad personal experiences, and now you generalize that to everyone. Autogynephilia is indeed a theory– thank you for using that term. Anyone who knows science knows that theories are fallible, and that many theories, especially ones like this one, are perennially contested. There are only two major researchers, from one particular discipline, that have promoted and performed any extent of research (some of it very limited or even spurious with respect to research design) on autogynephilia; that is not really what I would call “well supported.” This is not like climate change, with hundreds of top scientists from different fields signing on in support of the theory, with “piles” of well-obtained data.

        Psychology 101 usually discusses Freudian theory and its psychoanalytic offspring. Is that robust, well supported theory? It was considered so at one point. There are many who still carry that torch, but they are in a minority, both in psychology and in fields that draw on psychology (e.g. education). Given what most students in first year university know and understand, I don’t think I’ll be going to them for updates on state of the art psychological theory. And given that I had some professors in the 1990s who were still teaching material from the 1970s for their undergraduate courses (because they were lazy and the system pushes them to publish, not improve their pedagogy), I don’t think I’ll ask them either, unless it is their area of expertise. Believe me, a professor knows deeply only a sliver of what they teach in a first year survey course. The rest is usually superficial. Thats partly why first year survey courses are so crappy (back to your “piles”).

        I am not sure how the theory of autogynephilia helps women; please do tell? I am especially curious given that some have described women’s sexuality as autogynephilic via the self-objectification women are taught to practice (I believe this is greatly social; others would argue that it is innately biological, the drive to attract and the titillation of success in this respect– but these are all _theories_ aren’t they?).

        I am also a bit confused by your statement, “you have that.” Are you assuming I am male? Assuming makes an ass out of you and me… As does outright dismissal of nuance and unabashed claims that the world is black and white (see “there is no intersect”).

        Do yourself a favour and put down your “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” and read, “Evolution’s Rainbow.” You might learn something. You may also wish to spell correctly (e.g. “detransioning” “as an honest to goodness women”), and drop the low brow, apparently personal, attacks in order to improve your credibility.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Gender: TS/TV/TG (Transgender)
        Birthdate: June 28, 1973
        (40 years old)
        Astrological Compatibility
        Lives in: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
        Relocate?: Yes
        Height: 172-175 cm
        Body Type: Slim/Petite
        Smoking: I’m a non-smoker
        Drinking: I’m a light/social drinker
        Drugs: I don’t use drugs
        Education: Master’s degree
        Race: Caucasian
        Sexual Orientation: Bi-curious
        Speaks: English
        Hair Color: Blonde
        Hair Length : Long
        Eye Color : Blue
        Glasses or Contacts : Either

        Activities Enjoyed: 24/7 (Total Power Exchange); Anal Sex; Bondage; Chastity Devices; Cock and Ball Torture, Clamps, etc.; Collar and Lead/Leash; Confinement/Caging; Cuckold; Dildos (Handheld & Strap-ons); Doctor/Nurse Fetish; Domination; Ears; Electrotorture (EMS TENS units); Hair Pulling; Handcuffs/Shackles; High Heels; Humiliation; Klismaphilia (Douching/Enema); Lace/Lingerie; Massage; Master/Slave; Nipples; Oral Sex; Pantyhose/Stockings; Participating in Erotic Photography; Pinching; Podophilia (Foot Fetish); Power Exchange; Role Playing; Sensory Deprivation; Spanking/Paddling; Tickling; Urolagnia (Water Sports/Urine); Vibrators; Whips
        I think about ALT lifestyle: Once a day
        Role: Submissive
        Level of Experience: Whole adult life
        Dress: Other
        Social Orientation : Liberal
        Safe Sex: Yes
        Demeanor: Passive

        Facial Hair : None
        Body Hair : Shaved
        Body Decorations : Earring(s)
        Male Endowment : Prefer not to say/
        Prefer not to say
        Circumcised : Yes
        Breast Size : 38 / 85 A
        Genitals : Pre-Op
        Marital Status : Single
        Religion : Prefer not to say

      • GallusMag Says:

        I am a pre-op transgender female and have been living full time for two years now

      • GallusMag Says:

        So. Now.
        Why don’t you start over Shali, in a spirit of honesty this time?
        Where does it get you, to lie so flagrantly? What does that do for you exactly? You personally exemplify the autogynephilia lifestyle. Yet you come here deliberately lying. Why?

      • GallusMag Says:

        I am genuinely curious.

      • BadDyke Says:

        “Do yourself a favour and put down your “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” and read, “Evolution’s Rainbow.” You might learn something.”

        Except THAT isn’t exactly cutting edge science (or even fairly decent pop. sci. ) either……….

        I’ve read it, it’s a fairly lousy book, and certainly NOT one I’d recommend to anybody. Nor would this reviewer:


        But 10/10 for the totally predictable mansplaining.

        “Anyone who knows science knows that theories are fallible, and that many theories, especially ones like this one, are perennially contested.” I suggest you go read Popper again — theories are falsifiable , that is the whole POINT of a scientific theory. Fallible, in the sense of tending or likely to be wrong suggests your theory is very likely TOO far off the wall to be any use — like UFOs, or believing in goblins. So, goblins (very small invisible pink goblins all called Wilbur) being responsible for shunting gas molecules around so that the second law of thermodynamics is true, is a THEORY, but extremely fallible, and perhaps not really falsifiable (they are after all invisible pink goblins!).

        Perenially contested? Well contested, yes, that is OBVIOUS, if a theory isn’t being tested (rather than contested) then you’re just not doing science. If you test it perenially sounds like you’re doing crap science because no one has managed to settle it. Understandable if you’re talking aout the Higgs Boson — except that wasn’t contested or tested, just waiting for the accelerators to get energetic enough. So, in waiting rather than perenially contested……………

        As regards autogynephilia, it EXISTS, there are enough M2T admitting to it. The rest is just arguing about numbers.

        The ‘female brain’ hypothesis, for example, is MUCH weaker.

        So, the data showing that female brains are demonstrably different to male brains (apart from hat-size that is!) is sketchy. As is the needed and essential step that the whatever-measure can reliably distinguish normal male brains from normal female brains. Only if you can do that can you then ask the next question, which is where do trans brains sit? And even then, you still haven’t shown that the supposed pinkness of trans brains is some sort of hidden intersex condition, rather than say, a side-effect of self-administered hormones, or an inherent tendency to get all weird and freaky about jenduh, or have a really freaky relationship with your own body, or harbour irrational delusions such as the belief that you’re really a tree, or really an octopus, or a quadraplegic, or a female human being………………………….

        The linkages between trans and autogynephilia, or trans and aspergers and OCD, statistical though they may be, are on MUCH firmer ground that the ‘female brain’ hypothesis, even if it’s just the hypothesis that FEMALES have female brains.

      • Random RadFem Says:

        “Are you assuming I am male? Assuming makes an ass out of you and me… ”

        You, sir, are assuming that you would lose all credibility if you came here and actually presented yourself as what you are- an obsessed autogynephilic man. I don’t think I am in the minority here in that I would be more than willing to listen to what you have to say if it was in the spirit of honesty. It happens time and time again on this site, as soon as a poster whips out the: “So you assume I am a man?”, out come the dox and the jig is up! More often than not, the poster disappears quietly back into the bowels of the interwebs and is not missed.

        A big round of hip-hip-hoorays to GM- keep up the good work, you rock so hard!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you so much Random Radfem! Your comment really made me smile.
        These guys are always into gaslighting women, aren’t they? “Don’t trust your instincts ladies”. Truly disgusting and pathetic.

      • GallusMag Says:

        btw “doxxing” is when you publish someone’s personal data: their name, place of employment, etc. I did not do that to “Shali”. I generally only do that when the men (“transwomen”) post rape and death threats (like Jonathan Reed Fulton).

        Oh, and if anyone wants to read his scary disjointed long long long “anonymous” follow up rants, just let me know! 😉 I didn’t even read them myself they were so rantastic. Y’all let me know tho! Hahaha

    • Random RadFem Says:

      Hey, GM! I’m glad I could make you smile- you consistently crack me up- into tears at times!! My apologies for throwing the term dox around too liberally. I’m aware that it is a loaded term and I didn’t mean to suggest that you are publishing SSNs or any other personally indentifying info. You are only exposing info that these dudes have freely posted about themselves. I meant it in the loosest way possible (dox-lite!) and feel free to edit it out of my comment, because I don’t want to derail the thread. These dudes spread their uber-male fetishes all over the interwebs and then perform this faux-pearl-clutching routine when they are called out on it. Well, I Nevah, a Lil Lady like Mahself?? For a bunch of special snowflakes, they sure do have the same song and dance down! The moment I understood that trans was, at its core, a gross blend of misogyny and homophobia, I have had no more time nor inclination to discuss its finer points. Same mansplainin’ dood in lady clothes, trying to tell women how to think and behave. Alas- there is GM, swatting down the BS with swift precision- a tigress of truth!! *hugs*

      • I dont fucking like you Says:

        You’re disgusting! *gags* Have you ever met a trans person in real life? They are wonderful. Get your ass off of the computer and go find one. (Be nice to them, you bitch.)

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Dude arrives, tells women what to do, calls them bitches. Nothing to see here, just a typical dude.

      • kesher Says:

        Are you seriously implying that all transpeople everywhere are wonderful human beings? Even going by the laws of averages (and not taking into account the high-profile cases of rapists and murderers who claim transidentity in prison) that’s some serious wishful thinking.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        I like you, Random RadFem. “tigress of truth” is great.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Hear that, everyone?! Every trans person in the world is wonderful, and we bitches should all go find one and become bestest buddies! So all the nasty interactions, intrusions, and rape/violence threats must have been some crazy dream! We’ve got to listen to this person who childishly states they “don’t fucking like” us, because they clearly have a calm, peace-loving, reasonable manner.

      • morag99 Says:

        “So all the nasty interactions, intrusions, and rape/violence threats must have been some crazy dream!”

        Yes, it’s like being Mia Farrow’s character in Rosemary’s Baby. There’s evil all around her, and it’s so banal and so pervasive, that she has to wonder if maybe she is, after all, just a hysterical pregnant lady. Then, of course, she sees the baby’s eyes … my god, what have you done to its eyes?

        And then baby looks at her and says, “be nice to them, you bitch.”

      • Random Radfem Says:


        LOLOL!! You really showed me how considerate and non-threatening transgenders really are! You dudes really are “wonderful”! This bitch is going to check my local sex offender’s registry and give one of you amazing laydees a hug right now! *gags*

        @ I don’t Fucking Like You- Seriously, you don’t have to like me. I really prefer to be disliked by creeps likes you. My existence is not affected in any fucking way whether you, or any other dude, “likes” me. The difference between actual women and lesbians and pretend ones (other than the DNA in every cell of our bodies) is that our existence is not contingent upon other’s “belief” in our “identity”. Woman is not an identity and lesbian is not a sexual orientation a hetero male should feel ok expressing with a straight face. The trans cult is built on a house of cards of medical abuse and pomo Newspeak. The empire will fall when it becomes too obvious and unprofitable, and it will- when Jo Q Public sees through the nonsense language and really starts noticing that children are being manipulated and sterilized for a seriously twisted, homophobic and misogynistic cause. When gay men wake up from their slumber and realize that transgenderism is rabidly anti-gay. When women realize that transgenderism is the most militant anti-woman ideology in the industrialized world.

        Maybe when you grow up, or smarten up, you, too, will be able to see beyond your feelings (however important and special they seem to you). As my Vulcan mother taught me: “the realz” of the many outweigh “the feelz” of the few and when you accept that women are human beings, you will have to agree!

        Transgenderism is a practice of gay eugenics, gross abuse and human rights violations of children and dedicated woman-hating, committed to legislating away the few protections that girls and women have from men that abuse/rape/murder. Trans is all for the “rights” of a small group of fetishistic, abusive MALEficents (this time in pink jeggings!). The women and children transgendering are just a little bread and circus to distract from whom is gaining social (sexual) benefits and profit in this shitshow. When the realm stops clapping for you lantern-jawed Tinkerbells, and it is happening, are you going to disappear? You’ll probably just quietly disappear back into “boy-mode” from whence you came. Challenging the status quo by being whatever kind of man you want is probably too much to expect from the entitled, self-indulgent assholes who threaten and slur women in the name of the trans cult. I also don’t fucking like you either, in case you didn’t get that . . .

  20. shali Says:


    Not sure how your posting self-propogating profiles that I do not have access to reveals a lie on my part.

    Everything I have said still stands.

    Attempts at public humiliation are too cheap and low to respond to beyond this. You have successfully driven me away. Congratulations.

    Enjoy yourselves.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      Don’t let the door smack your fat ass, fella.

    • Motherhood Says:

      Holy moly.Wow look at that list. Everything he says still stands–did he say anything–missed that. How do these guys keep it up—(no pun intended)? Don’t they get tired or bored? I wonder, take this as a philosophical question, like the chicken and the egg. Are men who have sexual compulsions and fetishes more stupid or does the fetish make them delusional and stupid? Really I can’t figure that one out. Feel free to weight in on it. Men demanding women honor their fetish as a social justice issue and at the exact same time becoming aroused by menacing women is a bad experience.
      Sir, it is not difficult to confirm that a male gets aroused from some sexually compulsive fetish—really not too difficult. I see that either you did not pass Psychology 101 or you have not taken it recently. Gay is all the rage and every course has a unit on Human Sexuality. Freud is a bit passé (like not taught any more dude) and appears, if at all, more often in lit classes than anyplace else.

      Yes, there is much laziness in the academy but that does not preclude faculty from knowing the bullshit of T and addressing it and letting students know what could be called, uhm, other possible narratives. They don’t need to be experts in human sexuality or cognitive development or Piaget or any of the wide range idea that they cover in a first year survey course. They just need to get enough out to the students and in this case make sure as many people as possible know exactly what autognaphilia is. A much more likely and plausible explanation than—your hard on a fetish is a female brain. Nobody believes that it is the girl brain that makes your dick hard. Try again.

      So think what you wish most compulsive sexual fetishes are rare in women—that’s a male thing. Autogynephilia by definition has nothing to do with women. It is like testicular cancer—we don’t get it. And if you imagine it is not screaming obvious you are wrong. Look at the gibberish you wrote you can’t even think one coherent thought after another—scramble to try to get something out–oh now I’ll say she reads shitty books, and misspelled something oh yeah that will work. Good take down. Now maybe you think you can’t get some to believe you? Don’t count on it. You humble me sir with all those sophisticated rhetorical strategies. We, women I mean, do not get wet from lipstick, or size 12 high heals whereas men, by that I mean you, get erections and masturbate all done up like that. Look at it from our perspective. We are not heartless I can say how profoundly sad. Really, no matter what you do ever, your life is all about your dick and there is nothing interesting about that.

      My credibility is fine. I am actually who I say I am and nobody has role play in some long drawn out tedious sexual fantasy and delusion to interact with me. The fact that you get a ragging hard on from antisocial and compulsive pursuits involving yourself is not particularly compelling and it sure is not nuanced. There is no narrative that you can make up that people will be buying. Sorry you boys shot your wads once to often.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      G’night, freak.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Obviously the “G’night, freak” was meant for “Shali.” Dang, is there any fetish he doesn’t have?

      • BadDyke Says:

        “Dang, is there any fetish he doesn’t have?”

        Let’s NOT go there, PLEASE!

        ALthough we have yet more evidence of what we all knew, that MALE sexuality is totally fucked-up, and any ole fetishistic and damaging nonsense, rather than actually CONNECT with another human being. It’s ALL and ONLY about the penis and what gets it hard, end of. Trans is just more of the same, just a little ole target location error in that the fetish is projected back onto themselves rather than the more-usual projected onto women. Except we have a sort of double-reflection, in that it is projected into themselves, but they then ALSO want that projection to be reflected/acknowledged by the women around them.

  21. Bev Jo Says:

    Knowing about autogynephilia explains how fucked up the trans cult is. It shows how EXTREMELY different males are from females and why a man can never be a woman. It also blows apart accepted propaganda about all the ridiculous crap girls and women are taught that is just for them and is the essence of being “feminine” — when the reality is that none of it is innately female. It’s simply a way for patriarchy to make easily identifiable demeaning characteristics that mark females as inferior. And that is why when we say no to dressing, looking, etc. the ways that men tell us to look, we are severely punished.

    No girls or woman gets sexually excited wearing “feminine” clothes, or any clothes for that matter. So why do men who respond that way think that makes them women? It just makes them the kind of perverts who also wank off to other representations of people’s oppression. No one demands that we accept white men who dress up and wank off in clothing designated for racially oppressed people then be considered those people they oppress.

    These men are hopeless. It’s the women who support them who need to know about this. Do they really want to keep giving away all the little that we have so men like this can just keep wanking off on fantasies of female oppression they fetishize?

  22. DD Says:

    It dont matter how much that couple of fools reject TG the world is changing and you cant deny it.

    Smells like another revolution.

  23. Nizam Says:

    I dont know why you dont put up a ftm anti convo lol. Sounds like you are too biased. You people are bunch of desperate man haters LOL

    Seriously if you all just die we could all live peacefully
    Do me a favour wont you? 8D

  24. yomal yapa Says:

    I am thankful i came upon this.I am what you call a homosexual transsexual. I was confused earlier because there were lots of things lacking, lots of gaping gaps in websites of those supporting feminine essence theory. Yours fit exactly with my experiences and observations

  25. wibble Says:

    Honestly, there’s some fine trolling going on here.

    Part of me feels like heading off to the loo right now to whack one off dreaming about lying naked with a huge pair of fake titties, sobbing while GallusMag screams at me that no matter how hard I try I’ll only ever be a man.

  26. Sue Doehnem Says:

    Let me preface my reply by saying that I am fully aware that my misanthropic tongue-lashings inevitably stir in others confusion, outrage, exaggerated defense mechanisms, etc. I am also quite aware that my actions never seem to fail to either brand me a pariah or some deranged lunatic… I gladly don these labels as I would feel quite ill to be associated with you lot. Of course, in my experience, there are exceptions to every notion, so I apologize to those out there who are astute enough to decipher my venomous ramblings and maintain a healthy, albeit sporadically mutable, balance between the objective and subjective, bla bla bla…

    Here we go!

    For shame, all of you, regardless of your labels! Resolution through understanding or compromise comes not from the childish means being used here! Everybody has their own unique perspective on any given topic and their own non-subvocalized definition for any given term or label. Sure, many people do think they think alike and band together… but because of each person’s unique logical and emotional motivations for maintaining a certain stance, I feel confident in saying that people inevitably use imperceptable self-deceit to adhere to a group’s collective belief(s).

    I feel that it is imperative (though highly improbable, and more likely impossible given (y)our human nature) to understand that ALL groups are predisposed to bias. Why do I say this? The reason people join groups is because they believe they maintain a common opinion. Why do people form opinions? Because they were presented with a situation that urged them to make a JUDGMENT based on their own unique nature/nurture!

    eh, screw it… i already know that to continue in an effort to enlighten is as to cast pearls before swine. I suppose I merely wanted to vent after reading a slew of ignorant, biased, childish, and inflammatory posts on pretty much every side presented here. For Fuchs’ sake, people, stop thinking in absolutes! Stop using external validation to prove that what you feel internally is “right”. Feelings are not freaking about being right or wrong! Emotions are just as universally valid as logic is (apparently) transcendental. There are *always* two sides to any story or “truth” (AT LEAST). But for crying out loud! Just live and let live!

    “OHMYGOD, Joan, like, people with brown hair are always totally scarfing down loads of cupcakes!”

    “Melissa, for sure! I know, right? And cupcakes are so gross! Don’t they know that the ‘people’ who manufacture cupcakes cold-bloodedly kill living plant cells? Don’t people understand that ‘Salad is Slaughter’?”

    “OHMYGOD, Joan, like, you’re TOTALLY right! Brown-haired people TOTALLY are actually herbicide-excreting aliens that visited ancient humans and guided them to commit mass-planticide under false pretenses to undermine the fascist vegan overlords of the future!”

    “Melissa…….. THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN THINKING FOR YEARS! OHMYGOD, gimme a hug!”

    “Joan, we’re like, sooo smart!”

    “OHMYGOD, Melissa! We TOTALLY are! Anyone who thinks we’re wrong is just stupid, sub-human scum… They just don’t get it! I mean, we KNOW that we’re right, so we CAN’T POSSIBLY CONCEIVABLY EVER BE OPEN-MINDED ABOUT ANY POSTULATION THAT WOULD JEOPARDIZE OUR **ABSOLUTE**FREAKING**KNOWLEDGE**!”


    In summation, regardless of your stance, I hate you all (most likely). How I pine for the day when I personally scour all traces of human grease off my pots and pans of creation…

    Until then, TOODLES! :3

    • Teal Deer Says:

      What a windbag.

    • moss Says:

      he seems to think he’s some kind of vengeful god? but says ‘toodles’ so he must really be a girl?

      • Teal Deer Says:

        I AM THE GOD OF HELLFIRE, AND I BRING YOU…. cupcakes! Ta-ta for now!

      • Gidget used to say toodles. (does anyone remember Gidget?)

        “Everybody has their own unique perspective on any given topic and their own non-subvocalized definition for any given term or label”

        Their own what? Damn, this whole thread is giving me acid flashbacks. Lay off the drugs, you kids.

    • Let me preface this by saying shut the fuck up.

      “Everybody has their own unique perspective on any given topic and their own non-subvocalized definition for any given term or label”

      Opinions are like arseholes, everybody’s got them.
      What you see here on this website are opinions and how we feel based on FACT.

      FACT: Females are disproportionately the targets of male violence.
      FACT: Human beings cannot change their sex.
      FACT: A trans person will always remain their sex at birth, regardless of external cosmetic procedures.
      FACT: Trans people maintain their criminality at the same rates of their birth sex.
      FACT: A large percentage of those claiming “internal female identity” are actually suffering from a paraphilia.
      FACT: Women do not have to risk their safety so males can maintain an erection.

      “Stop using external validation to prove that what you feel internally is “right”. Feelings are not freaking about being right or wrong! Emotions are just as universally valid as logic is (apparently) transcendental.”

      I don’t “feel” that men can’t be female. It is not an opinion. It is a fucking SCIENTIFIC FACT.
      Feelings aren’t right, wrong or ‘true’.
      Feelings are SUBJECTIVE which is why the people on here ignore feelings for the objective realm of SCIENCE.

      Your crazy rant about cupcakes is more relevant to trans ideology than ours.

      “All brown haired people do this” is more akin to “I’m a woman because I do X”.
      All women however, DO HAVE VAGINAS. Not neo-fuckholes or inside out cocks. This is a fact based in science. Not your ridiculous feelings.

      Nice job proving male trans to be fucking psychos.

      “How I pine for the day when I personally scour all traces of human grease off my pots and pans of creation…”

      Do you think you’re God? Or are you just another serial killer in the making?

      You make us sick.
      Men like you should be have your dick and balls chopped off and then be removed from society.

      “Personally scour all traces of human grease”

      You sound like Dahmer, you sick fuck.


      • BadDyke Says:

        I agree with others, the whole ‘human grease’ thing is definitely sick, and he probably gets off on it too. He knows he hates us, and gets off on berating us, we’ve seen it before. The obsession with cup-cakes is seemingly the latest purple sparkly unicorn phrase……………..

      • alysdexia Says:

        “What you see here on this website are opinions and how we feel based on FACT.”
        and not.

        “FACT: Females are disproportionately the targets of male violence.”

        So. Will they defend themselves or not? Are they your problem?

        “FACT: Human beings cannot change their sex.”

        Fake. There are genital, pubertal, hormonal, virial, mental, social, legal sexes, otherwise known as carýotýpe, genitalia, gonads, profile, personality, gender, and identity. These are altered with a’lessening difficulty. Australia has a relatively new X documented sex for passports and vital records.

        “FACT: A trans person will always remain their sex at birth, regardless of external cosmetic procedures.”

        Fake. Not only do you fail at the meaning of “will” (instead of shall) and “their” (which disagrees with the singular subject—”one’s” goes with “a” and “whose” with “the”), you use the ecological fallacy of your own meaning of sex in a strawman.

        “FACT: Trans people maintain their criminality at the same rates of their birth sex.”

        Fake. Proof that radfems make shit up as they wish. MtFs are ·8 times as violent as males and FtMs are 7·2 times as violent as females. http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0016885.

        “FACT: A large percentage of those claiming “internal female identity” are actually suffering from a paraphilia.”

        Fake. Scientists and jurists are not lingvists. Filia means friendship and has been perverted to mean lagnia (lust) or erastia (lovership). The clinical definition of parafilia is unusual, intense, and usual sexual interest. This definition is subject to change by the sociopolitical climate; i.e. “homosexuality” (another misnomer and mutt as the Latin should be idesexuality and Hellènic homofýlotèta) used to be classified as a mental disorder until it was legalized. About 70% of MtFs are “autogynephiles” (modern spelling: aýtoghýnèfiles; corrected term: erastesaýtoghýne) but the paper doesn’t prove how “nonhomosexual” MtFs categhorically fit into them. How does a nonsexual autogynephile work? Like the other sick losers here the papers don’t distinguish between erotic and romantic treatments of sex, which are altogether independent dimensions, and where the latter cannot consist of rape or bodily imposition on females or whomever as they impugn on/libel these MtFs. The commenters disregard the erastriadaýtoghýne rate—that is, of females who love themselves as such—so they can determine the normative female attraction. Same losers dare represent all women when they say none get sexual feelings in clothes and makeup as if they can read minds or know everyone in the world.

        “FACT: Women do not have to risk their safety so males can maintain an erection.”

        Fake. Risk is not quantified and is subject to sampling bias or fraud. Statement is another ecological fallacy, a dissocial sexist slur.

        “I don’t “feel” that men can’t be female. It is not an opinion. It is a fucking SCIENTIFIC FACT.”

        The root of female is fe which means suck. Wers (which you mean, as men are a species; wapmen are a gender; wers are a sex.) can grow breasts and suckle/lactate and therefore be female.

        “All women however, DO HAVE VAGINAS. Not neo-fuckholes or inside out cocks. This is a fact based in science. Not your ridiculous feelings.”

        Therefore Turners are only two-thirds women?

        Males are maybe 1/500th women?

        Facts are ultimately based on semantics. Seldom do you find a word has one dictionary entry or proviso. Vagina is Latin for sheath. I’d rather you clive to English nonanimal words like twat and stert. Still, you are not everyone so don’t pretend you are.

        “Nice job proving male trans to be fucking psychos.”

        nice < niais < nescius := not-skilled
        psycho := soul

        "Do you think you’re God? Or are you just another serial killer in the making?

        You make us sick.
        Men like you should be have your dick and balls chopped off and then be removed from society."

        God is a creature of man. Sue Doehnem's ramble was a kind of wode or mania: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/wode. I get those when I don't proofread.

        Ye were already sick; you can't even write coherently.

        "You sound like Dahmer, you sick fuck.


        You don't own women and children.

      • GallusMag Says:

        lol the crazy.

      • morag99 Says:

        “lol the crazy.”

        Fake. You are not a lingvist; therefore, your statement is an ecological fallacy and a dissocial sexist slur. Moreover, you didn’t distinguish between erotic and romantic treatments of crazy, which are altogether independent dimensions, where the latter cannot consist of mental imposition on females–or whomever–as you impugn on alysdexia with your accusations of aýtoghýnèfilia.

        So there! Take that!

      • And wtf is a lingvist? Some type of Scandinavian cookie?

      • @alysdexia

        That was one of the craziest, non-sensical things that I have ever read.

        I was not aware that science took a back seat to the etymology of words.

        I have no words.

        Except one: Lol

      • morag99 Says:

        “And wtf is a lingvist? Some type of Scandinavian cookie?”

        Yes. Invented in Sweden, actually. It’s made with red lingvon berries.

        Perhaps alysdexia can come back and provide us with a dissertation on the etymological history of this delectable treat. Goodness knows he’s well-informed, and more than willing to teach ignorant women about language. And about what it means to be female!

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Perhaps alysdexia can come back”

        not gonna happen.

    • moss Says:

      & the way he thinks women talk- like, let’s TOTALLY hug eachother, OMG!

    • fwancis Says:

      “Let me preface my reply by saying that I am fully aware that my misanthropic tongue-lashings inevitably stir in others confusion- ” <- MAN

      Clunky attempts to use more "sophisticated" language than the writer normally uses is a common tactic of men trying to present themselves as more logical and intellectual than their female opponents.

  27. anony Says:

    *reads comments*
    So many paranoid bitches.
    You girls seriously need therapy. Tearing vulnerable people apart so you can get a feeling of power to make up for the trauma you’ve experienced isn’t healthy. 😦


    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Yes, they’re ever so vulnerable, the poor dears! Obviously you haven’t read very many posts here, or you’d see what we’re on about. Now go play with your precious collection of women’s underwear. You know you want to.

    • @Anony

      Like your friend “Sue Doehnem” I’m going to need you to have a nice tall glass of SHUT THE FUCK UP.

      “So many paranoid bitches.”

      Nice misogyny there shitlord. Women have been told for centuries that there is something wrong with us, that we’re being paranoid or too sensitive. It’s not fucking true.
      When men like you come on this blog and threaten to rape or murder us IT IS NOT PARANOIA.

      “You girls seriously need therapy. Tearing vulnerable people apart so you can get a feeling of power to make up for the trauma you’ve experienced isn’t healthy”

      You need therapy if you think males can become female or vice versa. Seriously, we you ever educated beyond elementary school?

      Trannies? Vulnerable? What fucking planet are you living on?

      All those poor vulnerable autogynephiles straight out of the military with their military pension and their indentured wives!

      Fuck off, you piss bucket.

    • survivorthriver Says:

      Cross dressers are not gay, why are they getting precious gay and lesbian resources directed away from gay causes?

      Your rude and inflammatory comment is exactly why cross dressers should get kicked out of women-only spaces.

  28. TM Says:

    My god, the sheer insanity on this thread is… I have no words.
    Shame on you all for treating other human beings in such a demeaning way.

    I’m a woman who was born a woman, and I have no problem with trans people. Sorry ladies, but I guess the patriarchy bent me to their will or something and taught me the terrible, awful concept of not taking everything as an attack. But I’m not that upset about it. You see, I, unlike many of you, will continue to live a rich life, meeting amazing people and doing amazing things, instead of growing into a bitter, paranoid old psychopath who emotionally rapes others to feel better about herself.

    Yes, that is exactly what you are doing. You’re violating another person’s sense of self because you believe that “they deserve it”, and, like any male rapist, you’re also doing it in order to feel powerful.

    You are rapists.

    Just keep that in mind as you go about your day.

    You have raped other people, and you feel good about it.

    You are rapists.

    Just let it sink in.


    You have committed it.

    You have raped.

    You are rapists.

    • GallusMag Says:

      That’s not what rape means sir. Rape is not what occurs to a man when a woman disagrees with him or hurts his feelings. What a despicable man you are. And a pathetic fool: writing to tell women on a feminist blog that they are “raping” him. Disgusting behavior sir.

      • BadDyke Says:

        Well, ain’t that pleasant! We VIOLATE someone’s sense of self by daring to disagree, and that is emotional rape………….

        Of course, no mention of the way that women weren’t allowed any significant ‘sense of self’ by males for centuries, all that pales into insignificance compared with the VIOLATION of being mis-gendered…………………

        Really, women daring to disagree with men, they just keep trying to escalate how BAD it is, from violence (requiring pre-emptive physical assault to death threats), and now it’s rape as well.

        Only good thing here, if any libfems or other women come across this site and allow themselves to read a few lines, maybe THEN they will finally appreciate how utterly disgusting this behaviour is,and the fact that the trans cult and its adherents REALLY aren’t their friends………………….

    • morag99 Says:

      Hang on a sec, let me fetch my copy of A Trans-Activist’s Dictionary of Delusions, Hyperbole, Reversals and Lies.

      OK, here it is:

      rapist (noun):
      1. a person, usually female, and often radically feminist, who causes a trans* person to experience feelings of both rage and non-existence, via political disagreement, refusing to submit like a good woman should, or (sometimes) uttering mean or satirical words — see also TERF.

      2. (Archaic/Obsolete): a person, usually male, who forces sexual intercourse upon another person.

    • Motherhood Says:

      ™ hahaha here he comes to call women old and bitter. Naw that’s not a man he was born a women, a real woman –sure you pass jack. hahahha. You stupid prick. You don’t like what women say so that means rape–get a dicksionary you nasty disgusting prick. And get a life you’re pathetic.

    • survivorthriver Says:

      I am not violating a persons sense of self.

      Only that person can define their own sense of self.

      Expecting others to collude with your personal sense of self is where i draw the line.

      Your Gender Identity Disorder and how you feel has no power to change how I see your gender, nor do I now care how you feel about that.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      Refusing to participate in someone’s delusions isn’t “emotional rape.” Nor is disagreeing about theories or personal beliefs.

      We aren’t “violating another person’s sense of self because [we] feel they ‘deserve it'” either. We are recoiling against a violation of our safety and a reinforcement of stereotypes women have been trying to break free of for ages.

      You are a dumbass.

      Just let that sink in.


      You don’t reason well.

      You have abused logic to reach a ridiculous conclusion.

      You are a dumbass.

    • farishcunning Says:

      Typical tranny histrionics. You boys just love the drama, don’t you, sir? If you had ever actually been raped you wouldn’t be on here pretending to be a woman making asinine comments equating words you don’t like to sexual assault. The transstupid, it burns!

  29. a cat Says:

    TM have you ever been raped? Or sexually assaulted?

    If you have (and I hope devoutly it never happens or has happened to you) you must see the incredible difference between reading something online and that.

    I don’t even know what to say to someone who thinks reading views online is like a sexual assault. I have never read anything ever which could even slightly compare.

  30. GallusMag Says:


    OLYMPIA, Wash. — Police say an Olympia man broke into a local adult store and made off with sex toys, and it’s the second time in a year one of the stores was burglarized.

    On March 9, surveillance footage from inside the Olympia Lovers shows a burglar tossing a big rock through a glass door before entering the store and going on his own shopping spree.

    Managers at Lovers say the thief knew what he was looking for.

    “So he loaded up with toys and it was a pretty targeted ‘hit’ if you want to call it that. But he did a fine job of getting some pretty great stuff in a very short period of time,” said David Leigh.

    The surveillance video shows the burglar scooping up big ticket items worth as much as $150 to $200. He hits the life size body forms rack before packing up his booty in a shopping cart and leaving.

    Police were there in a hurry and arrested suspect David Powell as he pushed the cart with the adult items.

    “He let the police know that he felt he was being harassed and that they were only doing this because he was transgender,” Leigh said.

    Police said Powell was arrested because he’s a burglary suspect caught with the stolen items.

    “He’s got some weird fetish going on maybe,” said customer Sharon Boyle. “Crazy things people do these days.”

    This wasn’t the first time a thief targeted a Lovers store. Last May, the Silverdale location was burglarized. That time the thief made off with one of the store mannequins. Police say 24-year-old Arthur Ray Brown returned to the store later and broke in wearing the mannequin’s wig.

    He was arrested that night.

  31. just once Says:

    wait, so GallusMag says MtF are fetishists yet FtM are acceptable

    I feel like even more of a freak

  32. Courtney Says:

    Awesome, I am trans and all this stuff is nonsense. When I face adversity it doesn’t really bother me, it just lets me know that this person is not going to be my friend, oh well big loss, could careless, moving on…..
    Don’t care if people want to call me tranny, fag, whateves man, Nazi’s called Jews and anyone else that didn’t act, do, or look the exact same as them an array of horrible and degrading names. But they were Nazi and no one really gives a shit about Nazi anymore do they.

    There is no law that says everyone has to like you… regardless of what you are wearing. If your going to go public as trans be prepared to shrug off the people who aren’t capable of minding there own business. If they attack you or try and inflict any kind of harm to you, then be glad that you have man strength under your awesome chic cloths so you can kick their ass. And I have been in situations where guys have tried to rape because they though I was a biological woman, and I have kick their pathetic coward asses. I don’t even bother to call the police. Rapist aren’t going to steal my happiness or ruin my night with their creepy and fucked behavior. I do get to really beat the shit out of them though. I use my female voice and do my best to let them continue thinking I am a girl in an attempt to deter them from trying to rape a real female.

    I am bi and but I prefer and adore real women. I don’t expect any women to like me on be on my side, but it just so happens that I have several female lovers and a lot of female friends. Of course I have met girls who have called me names or acted like there was something wrong with me, but most of the time these girls are also racist, man haters, don’t get laid, and live miserable lives.

    Why does there even have to be a term for me, I love being fem and the clothing, everything that has to do with being fem, high heals and woman’s boots feel so powerful and fun. I’m not after acceptance from anyone, it just so happens that being cool to people goes a long way, there for I have a lot of friends for that.

    The story posted above about the tranny that robbed the adult store is hilarious. Then he tried to tell the police that they were only arresting him because hes a tranny… what a fucking idiot.

    Women, you are awesome. I wish I was born a woman, but I am comfortable as a man. If it bothers you that I enjoy wearing make up and looking sexy in fem clothing, sorry, but I’m gonna do it anyway. You stay away from me and I can guarantee I will stay away from you.

    Transsexuals who think they are doing something special and that woman should like you because you are trying to be like them, guess what, they don’t have to like you. And your also not special either if its about being special, go win the Nobel prize, or fight to stop genocide in fucked up countries, do a years worth of work in a cancer hospital for children. Because there is nothing special about wearing female clothing, its just damn fun and super enjoyable. You should be doing it for yourself, not to gain attention from others, no one cares. And its really better off that way in the long run.

    So call me autogyneaphiliac, transgender, transsexual, trans am, camero, ferrari, fuck stain, jap, cocksucker, I don’t care because these are just words, but if you try and put your hands on my person don’t be surprised you end up getting a beat down from a guy who wears woman’s panties….. life is always more fun if you keep is cool and happy. No need to get all serious of guys in chic clothing or with surgical vagina and breasts. There are far greater issues on this earth.

    • Choco Says:

      You’re a vile woman hater, and what’s almost as bad as your flaunting your privilege and spouting every transgendered trope in the book is the fact that you think it somehow makes you special and revolutionary.

    • Teal Deer Says:


      • Motherhood Says:

        I would call him alone compulsive, and wacking off about 10xs a day. Please god let his parents be so strung out on drugs that they never have to face what he is.

    • “a beat down from a guy who wears woman’s panties” – wish I had FB to post that charming quote.

      Pretty much encapsulates the T agenda to a t.

    • morag99 Says:

      “Women, you are awesome.”

      Behold the little man in high heels, as he reveals–finally–that rape is simply a game of strategy and strength. He would never let an attempted rape put a damper on his evening out. No rapist is going to spoil HIS fun, fun, fun!

      Oh, look: a shameless pervert who believes that a man with a panty fetish is just like a Jew under the Nazis. The genocide of 6 million people is comparable to the flak he takes for his paraphilia. My god, some bigoted women even run fast and far away from his dick! Those oppressive ugly bitches, they’re just like Hitler–only worse, because they are unfuckable.

      But, he loves us SO much, he wishes he could be one of us. At least the liberal feminists love him back and defend his special non-binary-agender-bi-fluid-queer identity. How would he ever survive without their support?

      • Choco Says:

        This is classic abuser rhetoric too, “I worship you so much and no one loves you more than me, but you know when you do things I don’t like I can’t help myself. If you didn’t drive me to violence we could live peacefully.”

        Someone’s been watching too many movies with his “I look so hot but can still kick your ass” shtick. You’re not Ms Congeniality buddy. Funny how none of the lesbians I know wax idiotic about how many “lovers” they had either.

  33. I think there’s alot more to it than just fetish etc. In my opinion, it is a disability in a sense. These are basically people on the spectrum with perhaps a slight variation from the neurotypical brain. That does NOT mean that it is a female/male brain. The persdon feels like their brain doesn’t function right in their body. Unfortunately, girls on the spectrum tend to present more “masculine” based on NT gender stereotypes, but boys tend to present more feminine, and there’s a matter of the degree to which tha brain varies. One of the key feautures of autism is a dissassociation of the mind from the body, to the extent that the person can get caught in their thoughts and actually think of the body as sort of something that the mind has a hard time communicating with. It can also lead to lack of self care, not looking in the mirror, not liking how you appear, feeling that you are not normal, not like NT people. It can also surface as obsessive behaviour. The biggest problem with it is that people want to feel normal and have friends, and fit in with people. Eventually a person may think life would be better living “as you” and then a therapist digs in, or the community digs in, you meet other people like you in the community… you want to be like them. Personally, I think this Transgender phenomenon was a twisted and horrible response to intersex conditions, but also to cover up ALOT of botched circumcisions that led to baby boys’ penises being burnt off. Then of course, add a sick profit motivation by plastic surgeons… And since this country is all about making money, we use persons with disabilities and persons that are vulnerable to make money. If someone threatens our ability to use them, we fight to keep it going. If you read about boys/girls raised as the opposite sex it never works out. There’s a sick culture in the AM A and APA that is basically encouraging people to submit to Genital Mutilation. I’d say it’s a form of genocide, trying to abrubtly end their reproductive abilities and prevent them from passing on their genes. If this was being done in Africa, we would bring the victims to the USA as refugees. But here we are, promoting it, and making boys and girls with disabilities to be even more displaced from society, unable to find employment, unable to speak to the majority of NT people who now no longer think of them as human.

  34. […] Clutch magazine is constantly publishing sob stories from these so-called transwomen bemoaning their lack of access to women’s bathrooms. They even published an article by a trans woman with the unintentionally ironic title When Nature Calls, A Transgender Woman Must Answer. Uh, dude, if you paid any attention to nature you wouldn’t be “gaffing” your penis every day. Please note when you read the first article that dude had full access to a gender neutral toilet. But no, he had to invade the women’s bathroom. This is not about taking care of bodily needs this is about metaphorical rape, and make no mistake they get their kicks from it. Even worse this demand for access is not limited to toilets. They also want into our locker rooms, sports and women’s shelters. Sometimes with tragic results. I got educated on the true reality behind the trans movement by reading the blog of a radical feminist who goes by the name Gallus Mag. She’s been blogging about these people for four years now, and frankly some of this stuff is absolutely terrifying. If you don’t read but one article on her blog, please start with this one. […]

  35. red Says:

    One of my favorite reads here. So many good points, but he misses it in one: They are dangerous to women, as they become enraged and vicious when we refuse to include them in designation Female, refuse to spread, and refuse to let them in like the fun fems do. Any woman letting them near her is taking a risk with her life.

    • morag99 Says:

      Yes. Most transgender-critical men, even the mental health professionals, only see half the picture–if that. They understand that it’s a fetish, but they don’t see the harm. They tend to view men getting off on female subordination/objectification as pathetic, harmless, and masochistic. They don’t see that sadism is part and parcel of the masochism, and that this is a threat to women.

  36. J. Says:

    … I am not sure where to begin after reading most of the comments above, so I will begin with stating my immediate feelings and my identification (as they are related to my feelings):

    I have been an activist of feminism for quite some time. I had sometimes been classified as a ‘radical feminist’ – though I rarely identified as such – as I tend to push for the abolition of the gender construct, argue for the abolition of the insitute of marriage, promote the desirability of traits that the patriarchal society deems ‘feminine’ (and therefore inferior), and has Emma Goldman on my list of favourite political writers.

    I am also transgender.

    As I enter the trans* ‘scene’ (which happened a lot later than my entrance to the ‘feminist scene’), I quickly find that there is a significant amount of tension between the two worlds.

    Some transgender activists don’t like me because some of my views upset a trans-narrative that is, in my opinion, over simplified at best and destructively sexist at worst.

    Some feminists don’t like me because I am trans. Granted, there were always those who did not like me simply because I (presumably) have a Y chromosome, but now there is another group who dislikes me specifically because I have a Y chromosome AND identify with the female gender.

    These people – from both communities – make me feel sad, abandoned, and invalidated.

    I understand very, very well that, by embracing a gender and making myself a product of objectification, I am submitting to the System and perpetuating the patriarchy.

    I also understand very, very well that I am not ‘helping’ the promotion of trans* rights by openly rejecting the argument that there exists some biologically predisposed ‘mental femininity’.


    I also understand the value of sound reasoning and scientific rigour.

    I also understand the desire to bring joy to those around me, and the desire to end suffering and exploitation.

    I also understand that I, for whatever reason, suffer from gender dysphoria, and that it is painful and inhibitive to my functioning.

    Therefore: I will continue to reject silly, over-simplified trans-narratives, I will continue to contribute my life for the improvement of the human condition, and I will continue to take necessary steps to alleviate my own, personal pain.

    Perhaps in a world where feminism has triumphed and gender has been eradicated, I would not have suffered from gender dysphoria.

    Perhaps if I were completely immune to pain and suffering, if I were really, really strong, I would not have crumbled and gave in to the ‘easy way’, to objectify myself in order to find peace and acceptance.

    But we are not in that perfect world, and I am not that strong.

    • GallusMag Says:

      You you you you you you you you you you you you you youy you you you you you you you you you you. YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU.

      You are not an “activist of feminism”. You are an incredibly arrogant and presumptuous man. Who invited a man like you to speak and act for women???? NO ONE.

      You are not a radical feminist- which is not an “I-dent-tit-tay” bro. It is a branch of women’s liberation that you clearly know nothing about. But why should that stop you from sharing your thoughts with women who do, right bro???

      You “promote the desirability” of oppressive grooming and the performance of submission rituals that women and girls are subjected to under male violence, including sexualized violence.

      You fetishize and wish to embody the oppressed female form.

      YOU say: “I understand very, very well that, by embracing a gender and making myself a product of objectification, I am submitting to the System and perpetuating the patriarchy.”

      You are not “making yourself a product of objectification”. You are objectifying females, who have no choosey man choice about whether we are violently “objectified”.

      Yes, you are a man choosing to fetishize and objectify women and girls. You are an agent of enforcement of male violence against women.

      What I don’t get is why the fuck you came here to “share” your You you you you thoughts.

      You say you are a man who gets off on female subjugation and that you intend to act as an enforcer of that oppression, and you want us women to know that. You want us to know it, and you want us to know that you are self-aware that you are doing harm to us.


      Are you just a sick male transgender sadist?

      Do you think you are a special man in some way because you choose to consciously and deliberately harm women and because you deliberately come to feminist blogs to announce that fact? I assure you there are a trillion other guys out there just like you sir.

      You have contributed less than nothing to this conversation.
      No one cares about your narcissism but you.
      You are an unintelligent and boring man.

      • A Woman Says:

        Thank you GM. Your articulate sanity is a gift.

      • J. Says:

        > You are not an “activist of feminism”
        > You are not a radical feminist- which is not an “I-dent-tit-tay” bro. It is a branch of women’s liberation that you clearly know nothing about.

        Like I have already stated, I rarely ‘identify’ as one. It is a label that has been attributed throughout a decade of activism – frequently by the opposition, actually. The publicly active feminist factions here tend to stay away from the term anyway, since it is ‘bad PR’.

        You are free to determine the suitability of any labels; it is hardly an important matter.

        > Who invited a man like you to speak and act for women???? NO ONE.

        I do not speak and act for women.

        Neither does ANY other particular individual – not a man, not a woman, not me, and not you. Each woman is perfectly capable of speaking and acting for herself.

        > What I don’t get is why the fuck you came here to “share” your You you you you thoughts.

        Because it is no longer just an ideological battle for me; it has become personal.

        I merely wished to provide a first-person perspective, as there is a difference between having a rational understanding of some event and living through the event.

        > You have contributed less than nothing to this conversation.

        That’s unfortunate.

        As I said, I do not speak for anyone – not for women, not for men, not for the trans* community, and not for the feminist community. I speak for myself; anything beyond that would be arrogance.

        I am not here to declare anything. I merely hoped that my perspective could contribute to the conversation by being a ‘sample’ – one can hardly analyse something without observing it.

        Thank you for at least letting the comment through.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @J.- Stop posting here. Thanks.

    • michelle Says:

      the ‘splainin is strong with that one…complete with his conflation of sex and gender when he talks about ‘female gender.’

      Sir, female is sex, not gender. Female speaks to the class relegated to less than male. It speaks to the class capable of bearing children, although certainly some females are born without that capacity. Female, as a class, does not nor will it ever, include those persons shooting sperm or who were born with that potential to do so.

      In other words, take your narcissistic views and fuck the fuck off.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      Shhh. Women are talking.

      Make yourself useful, boy, and go make me sandwich.

    • Kelli Says:

      dont listen to this GallusMag person. Please continue to speak your mind and share your feelings. I don’t know why they are so rabid. I read one sentence from her and feel the venom. Who would want to listen to that?

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        “…and share your feelings.” Yes, because it’s all about your fee-fees! Not those of those pesky women! GTFO.

  37. A Woman Says:

    I glanced without even reading the above comment and saw I I I I I and knew some man is going on about himself . Perhaps this man can wrap his mind the fact that I for one do not care what he feels–for real. He just pisses me off and disgusts me. And you know what I do not have to tolerate him, never mind embrace him. Call me a hater but some things are worthy to hate–violence is hateful, narcissism is hateful, manipulation is hateful. Big talking point some guy does not have friends. This is something I should care about? I know I am soooo mean.

    • morag99 Says:

      I agree with you about hatred, and the silly notion that feeling hatred is always incorrect. The hatred of hateful things/people is a consistency between the gut and the intellect–and it’s a moral position.

      Only simpletons “argue” that if you hate something, that makes your position wrong. When trans-activists aren’t using coercive and violent tactics, they do their flower-child-love-is-all-you-need dance: they preach against hate and then wax sentimental, promoting (unthinking) tolerance, acceptance, love. It’s such a terrible bore.

      What’s worse, though, than how boring they are, is how superficial the “please don’t hate! we come in peace!” rhetoric really is. Because, barely beneath the surface is all their barely contained violence, raging narcissism, and their seething hatred for women, which comes out in no time at all. It NEVER fails that the peace-talkers are the scariest ones.

  38. GallusMag Says:

    Late-transitioning autogynephile, father, and animator, 59 year old MRA Dave Brewster attempts to summon rail authorities (LOL) to prevent the free speech of feminists. You couldn’t make this shit up.

  39. Jane Says:

    Not sure where to put this, so here goes. Trans and their suckups are really starting to piss the mainstream off.


    Here they’re freaking out over “passable transvestites” being one of the punchlines in an intentionally offensive game:

    Perhaps I just read too much of the Left’s output, but I’m starting to wonder whether “trans” people are engaged in some sort of concerted effort to be the most vocally boring and self-indulgent members of the perpetually aggrieved. Among the other topics at which Cards Against Humanity routinely pokes fun are incest, abortion, genocide, race, homosexuality, death, the disabled, those with crippling diseases, and the religious. A typical combination: “What will always get you laid? Date rape.” Another: “In 1,000 years, when paper money is but a distant memory, black people will be our currency.” Within the pack there are ready made Holocaust jokes, jokes about the massacre of American Indians, jokes about the molestation of altar boys, jokes that make light of black people and of slavery, jokes about fatal drug addiction, and an endless supply of gross, semi-pornographic nonsense. Oh, and more Holocaust jokes. (Oh, and even more Holocaust jokes.) Nick Summers, of Bloomberg Businessweek, described the offering as being built around ”punch lines that include Auschwitz, slavery, ‘Stephen Hawking talking dirty,’ white privilege, ethnic cleansing, terrorists, the Trail of Tears, assless chaps, nuclear bombs, ‘a mime having a stroke,’ and more depravity.” You get the picture.

    Some sensitive tranny or new age guy took offense at the “transvestites” card:

    Clearly, the guy who took such offense at the one card enjoyed the game too. He bought into the premise. He sat there through the rest of the rounds, which inevitably contained other “offensive jokes.” He just didn’t like it when the joke was on him. Fusion reports him saying that

    “Somebody played that card, and somebody else was like, ‘That’s not okay.’ I decided I didn’t want it in my deck.”

    But the other cards, including those that relate to people who have suffered infinitely worse indignities? Fine.

    Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! They’re insane.

    • Anon Male Says:

      It’s so fucking hilarious that the creator dude destroyed the [strike]offensive[/strike], I mean offending card.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Well damn, will wonders never cease, I’m (kind of) agreeing with a writer at the National Review. I think that game is sick (and not in a good way, like the kids use it), but I notice the writer says he enjoys playing it. Okaaaay. And…ew. But he brings up a good point about how all the jokes about rape and the Holocaust were A-OK, until the tranny joke surfaced. People-who-can-dish-it-out-but-can’t-take-it, indeed.

      • A Woman Says:

        Ashland re National Review take a look at the piece saying Mr. Lavern Cox is not a woman. The comments after are very interesting–The T crowd are idiots, dick wanking idiots. A lot of people–women wiped the floor with them.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        I did see that, A Woman. It was nice to see people seeing through the bullshit. Too bad it’s not allowed anywhere else except the NR.

      • anon male Says:

        The game is currently facing a boycott because the creator was accused of sexual assault.

        I’m sure trans will take credit for being on the case before there was a case and make it all about them; “shoulda known he was a creep, cisdude was transphobic! But did you listen to us, nooooo….”

  40. Anon Trans Says:

    I don’t like the idea of some feminine essence theory but Blanchard’s work is at least as incongruent with my narrative.

    The idea that I have some sort of sexual fantasy about being a woman or attraction to myself as a woman or one of the many other ways that it is taken is simply nothing to do with any of my experience and I maintain that I am the one best suited to my subjective experience. It is simply and 100 percent because my male features and body significantly bother me. There is nothing sexual about it.

    The fact that people in my position exist means that at the minimum, Blanchard’s division do not cover all transsexuals. There is harm in applying a false dichotomy in the same way you asserted that using the feminine essence theory is harmful.

    • Em Says:

      ” I maintain that I am the one best suited to [understand?] my subjective experience … There is nothing sexual about it.”

      You might want familiarize yourself with what, in psychology, are known as the defenses. Although much of psychology is, shall we say, up for debate, the defenses are so well established as fact that even people who have no formal knowledge of them take them for granted. You don’t have to know a thing about the Copernican principle to understand that the sun is the center of the solar system.

      Which is a long way of saying that you don’t know much about yourself. But believe me, you’re really obvious to everyone else.

  41. Verx Says:

    Hm… I can’t decide if I am autogynephilic or homosexual type. To be honest I have traits of both. From homosexual I have:
    – sexual orientation more to men than to women
    – early dissatisfaction with gender role, I had troubles with making myself normal boy, even when I tried
    – I decided to transition because it was easier to me to interact with people as a girl and I can’t have any sexual relationship with anyone when I was a boy
    Anyway, from autogynephilic type I have:
    – sexual fantasies including me as a girl with men
    – some amount of sexual arousal when I first tried to wear my sisters clothes

    To be honest I know this theory since I was 14 and then I identified myself as autogynephilic, so I decided to not doing transition. I started to transition when I was 22 because I failed in trying to become more masculine in behaviour and to break the mental block against having sex with girls.

    I’m still not sure what in reality I am but I’m sure that transition improved my life, so if autogynephilic type of transgedner MtFs are like me I wouldn’t call them “males” or write that they are self-harming by transition.

  42. Verx Says:

    As I know, autogynephilic fetish starts when boy feels some way emasculated. It can occur in also in autcually feminine boy (maybe not 100% homosexual but with some amount of feminisation). When he have some amount of homosexual desires and heterosexual desires, the heterosexual desires can invert to inside and turn to autogynephilia. So we would have a boy with autogynephilia and some amount of homosexualism – which correlates with more feminine behaviour than usual male.

    That’s might be a reason why many people with autogynephilia begin to transition earlier and don’t fit in male gender role as good as late transitioners or transvestites. What do you think?

    • wxhluyp Says:

      It is indeed a masochistic emasculation fetish affecting otherwise normal boys, for which emasculation anxiety/trauma is itself sexualized and any existing transgender feelings are an adjunct condition of emasculation anxiety.

      A dysphoric/transgender psychology on part of masochistic emasculation fetishist will routinely be derived from their fetishism. It will provide the psychological conditions for internalized affiliations.

  43. rosie Says:

    thank you for these articulated for the majority it was a interesting debate to read I identify as mtf but I have never cross dressed and don’t see the fascination really if im honest i am still attracted to women my best friends are girls and never use the word cis or tras and unless for required pieces such as this used men and women and have nothing to do with trans community am i a bad person or a pervert and as for seeking attention the only reason i am commenting are the women who supported me are proud feminists what does that make them thanks for reading

    • shediogenes Says:

      Most of the punctuation keys are at the bottom right hand side of your keyboard. Nothing else about your comment is interesting enough to address. Thanks for reading.

      • FabFro Says:

        LOL! Right?
        And it’s like a row of weirdness that starts with Anon Trans then goes to Verx and ends with “Rosie” [Funny how they’re all MtT…]. It’s like their comments are so weird that trying to address them seems almost boring or pointless to do.

      • GallusMag Says:

        This whole thread is a row of weirdness. One may be tempted to infer a correlation between autogynephilia and disordered thinking.

      • shediogenes Says:

        @FabFro Yes, pointless to address. At first it seems there is a point, until you’ve been on this merry-go-round long enough to realize nothing that contadicts their delusion is going to break through all the layers of mental illness and glittery fantasy.
        @GM The most frustrating irony to all this is that they seem to think disordered thinking is exhibit A evidence of their ‘laydee brain’ bullshit. so fucking insulting.

    • Motherhood Says:

      You wear womens’ clothing? You are a cross dresser. You are a male and nobody cares how you idenifiy–you’re a male. You are full of crap.

  44. Zahra Says:

    This was quite an interesting read – I went through quite a number of links to get here starting on Facebook. To be honest, I have had absolutely no exposure to anything radfem before today and definitely not anything “trans-exclusionary”.

    After reading through this page, I find myself in the middle. On one hand, I subscribe to “live and let live”. My attitude in general is “if someone wants to call themselves trans and they individually (not as a group) aren’t harming anyone, then why unnecessarily pick a fight or meddle”? Not just trans people, but anyone in general.

    But then on the other hand, I am a lesbian and am a “cis-woman” (if I understood the term’s meaning correctly). On top of that, I am Indian, so I know how prevalent misogyny is. Lastly, when I tried to explain to someone the type of person I was attracted to, I said because I was attracted only to the female form, it would be hard for me to experience physical attraction to a trans-woman. The next minute, the person (not trans) goes on about how I’m transphobic and how I discriminate against trans-women. About how if I were really a lesbian, I would be attracted to women regardless of how they were born. I quickly ended the talk by calling it my “personal preference” (yeah, I really dislike discord).

    I was honestly puzzled, since I am okay with anyone as long as they weren’t malicious. I respect people and call them whatever they want to be called. I don’t care if they change their body. I’ll go along with it as long as the individual is civil. But I can’t date a trans-woman, because it would not be fair to either of us. I didn’t think that this was all it would take to make me “transphobic”. To be fair, though, most people don’t dismiss me as such – only the hardcore ones do (at least in my experience).

    I’ve never really studied anything gender-and-sexuality studies related as someone who only focused on STEM stuff, and I’m definitely not any kind of activist. But, this post and the comments have certainly given me something to think about. Quite the interesting intro to “trans-exclusionary radical feminism”.

    BTW – this post is about MtFs specifically. Out of curiosity, what is your take on FtMs? What ideas are out there?

    And sorry for the long post! I have that bad tendency…

  45. shediogenes Says:

    F2T, that is female to trans. The general concensus among radfems, as I understand it, is that F2T transitioners are looking for an escape from misogynist treatment and being boxed in to the narrow role of acceptable and socially enforced ‘feminine’ behavior. Young female transitioners who are already going through the typical angst of puberty are particularly vulnerable to the trans narrative. Real alternatives to the docile, compliant sex object stereotypes forced upon girls in their teens are buried deep beneath the trans narrative online, and poisoning and mutilating their bodies, declaring themselves male, or conforming to oppressive femininity are the only available choices they are regularly exposed to. These girls are told that if they dont like pink, frilly things, or they do like STEM or athletics, they really have male brains. Add to that medical and big pharma collusion in order to profit from surgeries and lifetime hormone purchases and the need of adult male transitioners (M2F, M2T) to include the kiddies as a headfake ruse to hide the sexual fetish component.

    As to ‘live and let live’, trans activists are using GLBT institutions, built and financed for decades by GLB to lobby for laws to be allowed in female restrooms, *most M2T are genitally intact males* into female prisons *the most notable examples have brutally tortured raped murdered and serial murdered women* into shared hospital rooms *biological females who object would have to be moved from their beds, no matter their medical needs, vulnerabilities, or availability of other beds* and a host of other places where women and girls may be vulnerable to sexual predation. This is occuring at the same time medical and psychological standards for determining gender identity disorder are being challenged and relaxed. Anyone can declare themselves to be whatever they wish, go online, and find lists of cooperative doctors as well as coaching for what to say to lead to GID diagnosis. Underlying psychiatric disorders and paraphilias may be ignored and go unaddressed. The correlating dangers to women are likewise ignored and unaddressed. No Radfem I’ve ever engaged with wants trans to be denied work or housing simply for being trans, but forcing imprisoned women to live with known serial killers of women, sexual sadists, is NOT live and let live. Exposing women and girls in vulnerable situations and environments to men with untreated mental disorders is NOT live and let live, and naming women *cis*, forcing labels upon us we dont choose for ourselves, and erasing our experiences growing up female in patriarchal rape culture is not live and let live.

    • Zahra Says:

      Thanks for the detailed response. Since that first post I made, I did read a bit more through this blog and I think I’m beginning to get the idea. I’ll be the first to admit that I did buy into the idea of a “female identity” as something beyond the physical. But as I started thinking about it more after reading things here, I can see that I’m having difficulty with coming up with something that defines women as women beyond something that is purely physical. I think it was the “Circumgender” post that finally made me see the logical fallacy with the general idea of identifying with and knowing what a group feels while not actually being a part of the group in question. It seems so obvious in retrospect.

      I’ve also read through the posts about the higher crime rates amongst the MtoT group – but I’d like to ask, is that sufficient justification to continually bother all of them and not just the harmful ones? I guess what I’m trying to ask is this – if an individual MtoT is just minding (his/her) own business, isn’t trying to enter into relationships with women without letting her know about being trans, and is generally upfront and honest about it all, does that person really still pose such a threat that they deserve to be personally called out on? Is it such a harmful thing for the MtoT to just cling onto the (mistaken) identity personally, not acting in any grander scheme of things while leading an otherwise “average” daily life? (just MtoT’s, not FtoT’s)

      Or….is the radfem community saying that the number/percentage of harmful MtoTs is so great that none of them can be left alone to their own devices, even if there are individuals who keep to themselves? (And I do understand that radfems don’t condone housing or employment discrimination just on presentation).

      Thanks again for the response – as you can tell, I’m new to the radfem stream of thought. I’m in my lower 20s and have this Indian-intersection to my background, my socialization, and my mode of thinking. Add to that my only academic experience in STEM fields and this is the result. So I appreciate you explaining this to me.

      • kesher Says:

        I can’t speak to all radfems, but I doubt there are many who would publicly call for harassment of transwomen who are minding their own business. Radfems are within their rights to think transwomen aren’t women and to say so publicly, but transwomen are also free to ignore those opinions.

        The opposition to the transmovement in practical terms seems to me to be mostly based on potential harm to women in sex-segregated spaces either by individuals who identify as trans or by men who falsely claim trans status to seek more victims.

        I think there’s also concern about achievements for women being swept up by transwomen. For example, right now the most well-paid “woman” CEO and the most popular “woman” film director are actually trans. Even beyond laws passed by the state, there’s a larger issue of erasure of women’s accomplishments.

        Then there’s also some degree of a farce going on when a transwoman commits some really bizarre criminal act (something more characteristic of a male sex offender, not a woman), and the press has to dance around the subject and pretend she’s not actually biologically male.

        Again I can’t speak for radfems (I don’t even really identify as one), but, for me, many of these problems would be resolved if at an institutional level transrights were regarded as a *third* (or fourth or fifth) area of protection. If the transmovement advocated for their own gender-neutral facilities; if they advocated for additional athletic, business, and arts recognitions instead of edging in on women’s categories; if they advocated for third/fourth/fifth options for documenting crime statistics; many of my own problems with transrights would disappear.

      • kesher Says:

        I should also add that I implicitly focus on transwomen in these areas, because I don’t see a pattern of transmen (or women pretending to be trans) harming men in men’s spaces, claiming achievements that actually belong to men (which would be absurd since transmen grew up as women and likely don’t have much material wealth or prior accomplishments in male-dominated fields, not to mention that most likely can’t compete athletically with men), or committing crimes that could be chalked up to female-pattern violence.

      • Zahra Says:

        I understand the gist of the concerns and agree with them as a whole. I do think it’s valid for trans-women to have their own spaces, but I would also think that born-women should be able to have their own spaces as well. There are still some concerns that only pertain to born-women, like the obvious one: pregnancy. In fact, transwomen have a whole other set of physical body concerns (especially those with surgery or hormone treatments) – so I don’t know why they’d want to infringe on uniquely born-female issues. So I can see why a lot of the radfem community would be upset about transwomen stepping into some of the final few spaces for born-women.

        As for the women accomplishments done by transwomen, I do see your point, but have a question. Yes, I would like to see far more (born) women succeed and reach higher status, but does a transwoman accomplishing said things somehow interfere with a (born) woman’s ability to do the same (beyond the standard issues that women face in a patriarchal society – do transwomen add something else to the already present set of barriers that born-men don’t already present)? I don’t think they do, but if someone thinks that they do, then can you explain your line of reasoning? Maybe I’m overlooking something stupidly obvious again.

        And the transwomen that attack women. Of course, if someone commits a crime (and not just transwomen), I definitely think that they should be called what they are. Maybe I’m being naive here, but when I hear about a transwoman carrying out some kind of physical or sexual assault on a woman, I automatically come to the conclusion that the transwoman was likely just taking advantage of “trans” status to do such things. But I think the biggest difference between me and most of the radfems posting here is that I don’t automatically assume that a transwoman is out to harm women – I usually wait for some kind of proof before deciding (hence my question of leaving the ones who keep to themselves alone).

        And, to be honest, I really do like the “third gender” concept. It’s native to Indian culture and to a lot of other cultures too. In fact, the concept of a “hijra” is exactly that of a transwoman. But the big thing is that while a hijra is not considered a man, a hijra is neither considered fully a woman. They are seen as a gender bridge rather than as a “woman”. I would likely support this type of movement. While I’m not traditionally “anti-trans” and while I make it my policy to accept everyone at face value, I will also admit that I’ve had some sort of…..hesitance to accept all parts of the trans ideology. Especially since I’m still unable to define what defines a “woman”, if it is something other than the physical (which I’m starting to think that it can’t be anything beyond the physical).

      • GallusMag Says:

        Zahra- thank you for sharing your thoughts. I encourage you to take the time to read some radical feminist and gender critical work where your questions are addressed more fully, rather than requesting that readers take the time to give you a “cliffnotes” version here, at your convenience. Also, please refrain from telling us “what radfems think” or “what commenters here think” when you clearly have no understanding of that. Thanks. I don’t want to discourage you- quite the opposite. I’m asking you to do the 101 research yourself before asking us to explain the basics to you, even as you tell us “what we think”. You are welcome to comment and participate here, in fact your contributions are valued, however I am going to ask you to stop doing the above. Thanks.

      • kesher Says:

        I don’t see transwomen so much taking away women’s achievements, I more get cranky at the notion that a transwoman being a high-paid CEO is some sort of achievement for women. Moreover, in my two examples, those transwomen achieved their success while they presented as men.

        I also have concerns about transwomen being feted as women writers and artists. The large majority of graduates from art schools are women, but women artists are grossly maligned and ignored in the art world. If transwomen artists were to be included in an exhibit of women artists, exhibits tend to be limited in size, I do see that as taking away from women artists who are already dismissed.

        There’s also the issue of athleticism and how there seems to be considerable anecdotal evidence that transwomen have a tremendous physical advantage over born women. Currently there’s a 50-something transwoman competing on a women’s college basketball team. Unless the coach made a point of including her even though she isn’t a good player, then that indicates a serious physical advantage. There’s no way in hell that a 50-something born woman with arthritis could place on a college sports team. Fallon Fox and Michelle Dumaresq are other examples of transwomen who came out of nowhere and blew born women athletes out of the water. Fox, in particular, was a third-rate male athlete pre-transition.

        Sports are sex segregated partly out of concerns for women’s safety since we’re, on average, smaller than men and also to ensure that we can place at all. Meanwhile I’m not seeing a serious discussion of whether transwomen should be able to compete with women, at least not discussions that don’t devolve into accusations of bigotry.

      • FabFro Says:

        Indeed, I echo Gallus in that you should read up on Radfem theory instead of picking answers from the members. You can go to http://radfem.org to get your feet wet and your answers better met. Sheila Jeffreys “Unpacking Queer Polictics” and “Beauty and Misogyny” is a good start in understanding trans logic/politics. I think after reading thoses, all other books and blogs just renforce how gender hurts, how the patriarchy harms and how trans politics tie in very tightly to it.

      • Zahra Says:

        Thanks for responding, and I apologize for wording my post like that. It wasn’t my intention to put words into anyone’s mouth, but going back and reading my words – I can see how it seems like that. What I meant to say was that some of those things were my initial (but not current) impressions of what radfems thought, not what radfems actually thought.

        I also have to say that you have a very well-written blog. Even if I have some difficulty grasping some of the radfem ideology, I do think that blogs like yours at least state your position clearly for someone like me to understand. It’s definitely resulted in me reanalyzing my own positions and thoughts – especially with respect to the “feminine essence” idea. I’ve started analyzing my own behaviors in light of reading more radfem ideology. For me, even though I managed to recognize my own lesbianism and my own aversion to romantic/sexual interactions with transwomen, it seems that patriarchy still affects me way more than I thought it did.

        Just a few weeks ago, I thought that patriarchy, while present, was generally limited to certain aspects of life – such as occupying the upper echelons of professional life (including government), expectations of heterosexual motherhood, and day-to-day harassment from some men. It was only after my trip to India last week (I only returned 5 days ago) that I began to reanalyze the presence of patriarchy and just how much of it I’d just accepted as “an unfortunate part of life that can’t be changed”. I’m probably still complicit in many ways, but that’s why I’d like to thank blogs like yours for existing – it’s making me reanalyze everything and think for myself (something I thought that I’d already done when I came to term with my lesbianism).

      • Zahra Says:

        In fact, in some twist of irony – my totally-submissive-to-men-especially-their-husbands female relatives have actually called ME a “radfem” explicitly. And this is the result of me expecting common decency like men not staring at women like some piece of candy. They actually consider me “radfem” for being an Indian woman of 23 who isn’t married and emerged into a man’s family (a lot of my female cousins aged between 18 and 22 are already married off to “good families”). The only reason they leave me alone is because they see this as the result of being “westernized” and being “radfem” (which, while I’m interested in, I’m not at this point in time). They don’t even know about my lesbianism. That was what precisely made me try to go back and look at radfem ideology more closely.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you Zahra. And Welcome.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        ” Unless the coach made a point of including her even though she isn’t a good player”

        “Transwomen” are MEN so male pronouns apply. HIM, HE.

    • jaybird Says:

      You are a coward, liar, bigot, and ableist. The LGBT movement as it is today was built by the hard and unappreciated work of trans women, particularly trans women of color. How dare you suggest the important work for safe bathroom access, which is not even scratching the surface of our community’s needs, is not only somehow detracting from big “GLB” but harmful in any way.

      Cis means on the same side of. If you were assigned woman and identify as such, you are cis. It’s not forcing a label, it’s not a judgement, it’s a simple fact. I know it sucks to be part of a group of people that is so consistently monstrous and evil, but I’m sure you’ll be okay.

  46. shediogenes Says:

    I agree with Kesher that a third or fourth option in public accommodations is the way to go. Trans right CAN be secured without harming womens rights.

    My deepest concern is the lack of responsibility in the psychiatric profession in the diagnosis of GID. Some very disturbed men have underlying issues that are going untreated and they are being swept up into the trans category and being given access to women and girls.
    Womens Liberation movement has been struggling to eradicate gender expectations, particularly of women and girls, but also of men and boys, and what is often used to determine gender identity disorder relies on these oppressive stereotypes. This directly undermines our struggle for liberation.
    *sigh* so much to say, so little cell phone battery life. Keep reading this blogs archives, it is a well of knowledge

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      “Trans right CAN be secured without harming womens rights. ”

      “Trans” are straight males and those assholes have plenty of rights already. There is no such thing as “trans”.

  47. Bev Jo Says:

    Zahra, I recently wrote this two part article, with the first being a two page leaflet to explain basic beginning info about the trans cult. Gallus Mag’s brilliant posts here are what I focused on in part 2, and this is the best space for all trans info. But my leaflet idea was to reach the very new, which includes women of all ages, and to put the ideas as simply and directly as possible


    I have an earlier article at my blog as well as on women claiming to be men.

    After dealing with this for 44 years, Shediogenes, it’s clear to me that “trans” can’t have “their rights” without destroying everything that girls and women have.

    First, what they call their “rights” includes access to our every space, including our own bodies. It’s outrageous.

    Second, they do not exist. They are mythological characters as real as Santa Claus, but with increasing numbers. Yes, men posing and posturing as women and Lesbians exist, but they are men who are oppressing us in the most intimate and public of ways. Or they are women who are so self-hating and hating of us that they claim to be women. (I’m not as concerned about the women except that they also demand support and attention from us.)

    But the men with all their demands are incredibly harmful and dangerous. Anyone hearing about this for the first time is incredulous that men are accepted as Lesbians and other female identities. It’s ridiculous, but they are destroying what little we as a community have managed to gain.

    If they want to gather and call themselves something having nothing to do with females and stop calling us “cis,” “fish,” “cunts,” etc., and stay away from us, fine. But no more of this “third sex” ridiculousness, please.

    The men claiming to be women are men. It’s that simple. Giving into their fantasy of being women or Lesbians on any level is feeding dangerous males who are hurting all females.

    • Zahra Says:

      Bev Jo,

      Thanks for the detailed response as well as the link to your blog. I always like having more information to read in order to figure out what makes sense to myself and what doesn’t.

      I can understand the claim that some MtT people are hurting women by intruding on the few female-only spaces (and do agree to some extent). I also very much dislike the MtTs that are misogynistic, especially since they are claiming to be female (which is some crazy level of hypocrisy even if you accepted their claim on face-value).

      But is the idea of something like a “third gender” that repulsive? I’m probably biased due to my own cultural background, but is allowing trans people a third, independent sector of their own (separate from the male and female sectors) harmful in it’s own way?

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      “The men claiming to be women are men. It’s that simple. Giving into their fantasy of being women or Lesbians on any level is feeding dangerous males who are hurting all females.”

      Hear, hear.
      And using female pronouns for these perverts is a enabling & completely ridiculous and makes you part of the problem!! They’re MEN. Disgusting, perverted entitled, annoying men.

    • shediogenes Says:

      pardon me. men who wish to parade around and perform femininity minstrel should have the option of a third bathroom/ solo bathroom, if for no other reason than to put an end their bullshit cries about danger in the mens room, while still leaving women and girls facilities the fuck alone.

      While I agree that there is no such thing as a transgendered person, the movement for trans rights has, nevertheless, become a real thing. it is really happening, really affecting laws and lives of women. public accommodations that offer a third option, the thought of erecting a third solo cubicle, add a little extra plumbing and calling it a day on all things “trans rights” related, is of course, wishful thinking. it was never really about having a place to piss, it was just the first strategic assault, and nothing is ever gonna be enough to shut them up. give them bathrooms with purty pink urinals in them and they will only make ‘separate but equal’ arguments. some of these dudes could actually make comparisons between separate bathrooms and the back of the bus with a straight face.

      oh, and mirrors, big ones. cant have trans bathrooms without the slimming carnival mirrors… and really dim lighting… and vending machines that issue globs of pancake makeup… and, oh I could go on all day…

      • kesher Says:

        The stupidity of the “separate but equal” argument is that’s what we already have. Separate but supposedly equal facilities for men and women. Nothing about providing a third option would violate anyone’s rights, only precious feefees.

  48. Dr. Alexandrius Van Maximus-Vendus Says:

    Thanks for the in-depth post! Unfortunately my ADHD only allowed me to read the first line of your 16,000 line column. I’m sure it was good though!

  49. Anon Says:

    You know that some transwoman actually suffer of not having had a female body from birth , that there is a pain to not have had it naturally , that there is a pain to not be able to be pregnant and give birth , that there is a pain to not have been considered a female all the first years or their lives as a female by others ( there is not just opressive things in this ) ,a pain that the body will never be completly “female” , that it will lack that uterus , theses ovaries , to not be able to be pregnant , that they have to live with for the rest of their lives , that there is a pain to not have had lived this whole female experience , that they get to get of it the least they can , and that they get to be hated for it or missunderstood , when your hating at a transwoman , your in a way hating at a wouldv been female , just because she at birth wasnt as lucky of being born with a female body line you was ( but it seems a lot of female dont even see this as a something that is nice or has its own worth and rather a pain) , how would you even feel if you had been born in a male body , that you wouldnt have all that makes your body a female body but the opposite ? Would you like it ? Would you miss the female parts of your body ?
    I m upset at times of all theses female who are lucky to be born in a female body hate at the others who didnt have the luck to be born in a female body ( and i observed that some of them barely consider it a luck ( some seems happy to have an hystersectomy because they didnt like it anyway while there are some who dont who would love to have had an uterus at birth ) and more of an issue or that they cant recognize it or something i m missing and no wonder theses have trouble empathizing with peoples who would rather have what they hate or are blind to it).

    • Motherhood Says:

      Suffer, hold the press, get the bull horn–men feel shitty. And this fact that a white man living in the richest country in the world feels shitty is some how important because why?

      Did I miss a point–oh you think the world and women owe you sympathy. When in truth men like you make our blood run cold. But this is so so sad a man suffers. I am sure you feel as bad as the people being decapitated by ISIS or those starving. Get a shrink and suck it up sir you are nothing special. And dude, pay attention my main point is fuck you. Can’t get pregnant. Well women that can’t get pregnant don’t get state funded fertility treatments but men like you get all kinds of crap to feed your fetish. Okay here is the big problem that is somehow worthy of womens attention–You don’t like how your dick looks? Well take off the ladies clothes and the erection will go down and your dick will be less prominent.

      You are a self centered and not very bright misogynist. You hate women–how fucking dare you tell women what they should or should not do with their bodies–THEIR bodies. Not your erection driven male body and male brain. Maybe at this point you should take stock of your life–because you know I did bro and what you deserve is a big fuck off you’re a misogynist vile arrogant man. So no empathy no sympathy–I hold you in utter contempt a narsacisstic misogynist trawling for sympathy because he thinks he has any right to say what women should do with their bodies and who deserves or doesn’t in this life.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      *yawn* Yet another rambling, illiterate comment from a stupid man with a fetish. Just STFU, dude. Take your sob story to Tumblr.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      *points and laughs* Hey pain-in-the-ass MAN there is NOTHING “lucky” about being born female. Nothing. You’re just another mental case pervert who has fantasied this in HIS mind. You guys wouldn’t last one second at being a uterus holding, impregnated female. You’d be horrified at the “female experience”.

      Whenever I think dumb pricks like yourself have reached your zenith of stupidity you top yourselves. Go scratch your balls somewhere else you disgusting freak.

      • Anon Says:

        I have actually been pregnant quite a few times in dream , but its probably not like in reality you describe because it actually felt nice having that baby inside me , i have had dreams with peoples beating me while i was pregnant too and cuting my tummy with a knife and stealing my baby and leaving me for dead , that was horrible.

    • Zahra Says:

      Anon – as you can see, I’m new to this whole thing (my comment above gives this away). I don’t call myself a radfem as of now. I’m stating all of this to tell you how ridiculous your comment reads to me. No – it’s not just the regulars of this page telling you that you’re nuts. My relatively mainstream-self who doesn’t frequent this type of blog is also telling you that you’re nuts.

      I can understand expressing socially-defined feminine tendencies. I’m the last person who would stop a male from wearing makeup and dresses. In fact (I said this above as well) – I’ve always been the type to leave people alone and call them whatever they want to be called. I’m definitely not a fan of gender roles. But “females who are lucky to be born female”? Are you really saying that women are lucky and men are not? Stop and think about your comment for a second. No, women aren’t lucky. Do you not see how disproportionately powerful men are? Even mainstream feminists and the average person on the street can see this.

      I’ll be the first to admit it – I am jealous of men and the power they wield. I can’t count how many times I wished I was male to have that privilege as well as simple day-to-day peace. Of course, I do not call myself trans, because in the end, I’m female. And in the end, the only reason I fantasize about being male is because of their power and privilege. If women had that “luck” (real luck, by the way) to control social order, I doubt I would have ever had any such thoughts (I’m fairly feminine, in fact). So yes, you are envious. You are as envious of women having the ability to give birth as I am of men wielding social power.

  50. “You know that some transwoman actually suffer of not having had a female body from birth , that there is a pain to not have had it naturally.”

    That’s not pain that’s envy and hate.

    “I m upset at times of all theses female who are lucky to be born in a female body hate at the others who didnt have the luck to be born in a female body.”

    So should women be nice to angry misoginistic male assholes? Also being born in a female body ISN’T fucking luck! Women are OPPRESSED for being born female. But a man who NEVER experienced sex based oppression can’t understand this.

    That’s why you think being born female is fucking luck. You only think about your wishes and fantasies. You don’t give a shit about sex based oppression. You don’t give a shit about reality!

    • Anon Says:

      I give a shit about this reality too , because it affects me aswell , i just cant hate males like you do for having been on there side too , having been treated like males are treated , like you shown it all over this post . if there was no opression on female , and if you go back far from it , is it as much of a fucking unluck to be born female ? It seems that the social stuff about being born female is all thats felt , you would prefer have been born a male to not have theses issues then ?

    • MonkeySpank Says:


      Gallus (and your femoNazi collaborators) you, sir, are a total moronic angry **** sir who is already burning in the Hell you have created for yourself sir.

      Your fascistic rantings, assumption that you are always right about everything, warped world view, irrational hatred and constant telling people to shut up and censor them sir shows what a total Nazi you are sir.

      Your endless ‘how dare you X’ comments and vile ranting displays the rage and macho anger and bitterness that engulfs your being and which you accuse others of. You, sir, are, sir, a despicable piece of hypocritical filth, sir. Sir. Get it Sir?!

      Are you ODing on testosterone pills or something?

      This article was interesting – the comments mostly a load of hate speech by femoNazis who use their sense of OPPRESSION (why with the capitals diarrhoea?) to attempt to pathetically oppress others from behind their keyboard.

      I would love to meet you sir as you wouldn’t stand a fu*king chance in a real argument you total f*cktard.

      Dismiss this post on me being male, self-hating girlie, trans, a fem-traitor, whatever – you will never know and I can guarantee that whatever assumption you make, it will be wrong. Any decent person reading your bile will come away filled with a renewed sense of tolerance and pity at how awful your sad angry life is.

      What sane person gives a flying **** if someone else wants to call themselves male/female/woman/cis/trans/Mr Spoon/whatever? What business is it of anyone else’s if they want some cosmetic surgery? If you honestly believe that the tiny percentage of people who do this are somehow affecting the rights of ‘real’ women, it just shows how tiny your intellect and inability to do basic arithmetic is sir. What is so sacrosanct about the word ‘woman’ anyway? You’ve become a psycho religious fundamentalist! Your family must haaaaaaaate you.

      Unlike pathetic hate-filled losers like you, other people actually have experienced real oppression. Your oppression exists almost entirely in your mind and boy does it make you mad sir. Insane in fact.

      To do the world a favour sir, you have the option to stuff your veiny overused dildo up your tw*t and make an urgent appointment with Dignitas. Sir. Or do what the Hell you want, it doesn’t affect me either way and as I’m not a Nazi, I don’t issue dictats.

      You are so lucky you don’t live where I do sir as otherwise sir, you would be in serious doodoo for your repeated hate crimes. Sir.

      I have laughed so hard at your misery sir and thank you so much sir for the countless guffaws you sir have elicited from me with your ga-ga posts. Seriously, you should try comedy, as you’re ****ing hilarious.

      Love from,

      Your Conscience
      (sorry, I had to leave you all those years ago. It was just too much. You know what I mean, sir?)

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        “…you would be in serious doodoo for your repeated hate crimes.” Such drama! Needs more Godwin, though.

      • kesher Says:

        I’m sure you’re well aware of the fact that we don’t need more input from violent men, but you just couldn’t help yourself.
        Also, calling us men doesn’t really have the ability to hurt our feefees since we know what we are and don’t need outside validation. But nice try.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Thank you, monkeyspank (which describes you so perfectly!) for recording for posterity the abject stupidity and total narcissism of your ilk. Here’s a clue– none of us give a rat’s ass how you spank your monkey in the privacy of your own home, by yourself, without involving anyone else. It’s when you go into public places and demand we recognize you as something you are not, have never been and never will be that we draw the line. DUDE, you are not a woman, never were a woman, never will be a woman, and we will never recognize you as a woman. Why? Because we understand biology, because we know that biology trumps any law put into place by your (also) male cronies and misled handmaidens, and because we understand the truth about gender’s role in maintaining a status quo where women are seen as other, and as less. It is not our job to play along with or validate the fantasies that get your monkey hard. Now run along, grab a banana, and go back to your cage. We’re not interested in your delusions, and no matter how many times you invoke Godwin’s Law, you will not silence us.

      • “Also, calling us men doesn’t really have the ability to hurt our feefees since we know what we are and don’t need outside validation.”

        Yeah. This sad trans troll tries so hard to insult women. But we have reality on our site – unlike him.

      • farishcunning Says:

        By any chance, do you have Tourette’s ? That “sir” quirk you have is distracting. 😝

      • Men just can’t help themselves can they.

        (goes back to oppressing people from behind her keyboard)

  51. Oh my, lots of tension here, and lots of generalisations. I’m not about to go on some emotional spiel, but I will say that my decision to transition has absolutely nothing to do with sexual arousal. To envision myself as a woman or wearing feminine clothing does, however, feel appropriate emotionally. I have never related to masculine expression, and that goes all the way back to my childhood. I also have physical traits that suggest XXY like extremely minimal body hair (absolutely nothing on chest, vellus hair on arms, etc), weak facial hair, smaller frame, wider hips, etc. Of course, none of that has anything to do with being transgender on its own, but could very well be an overlapping condition due to whatever developmental problems occurred.

    All of the male stereotypes that I’ve heard, and have been lumped in with, have always made me sick to my stomach. I don’t relate to any of them, and it blows my mind how genuine personal testimony will be completely disregarded in favor of some haphazard and wrongly aimed misandry (which is huge misnomer). I don’t see men and women defined by their genitalia, but by their energy; by the way they carry themselves. Sure, there are plenty of autogynephilic cases, but I just don’t see how that diagnosis is absolute. Blanchard said that the concept refers to “a potential for sexual excitation”. Where is the potential for someone who cannot stand the sensation of an erection and has no interest in sexual activity?

    My decision to transition has to do with feeling as comfortable as I can with what’s available to me. Masculine expression and energy just isn’t who I am. Pigeon-holing an entire gender as mad, perverted, potential rapists is like saying all Germans are antisemitic, or that all people with a specific skin color want to diddle the elderly. If it makes some of you feel better about yourselves to throw me into that box, have at it. I know who I am, I know my values, and I have no desire to oppress or slander anyone. You might want to consider some CBT, though, because I can’t imagine you sleep very well at night with all that festering hate. But.. again.. it takes all kinds. I’m just a stranger who happened upon this article while researching the various views on what makes us transgender. My opinion is just as valuable to you as yours is to me. And now I will leave and never come back, because I can only expect a slew of volatile responses. Cheers!

    • rosie Says:

      At last some one who is brave enough to post a comment without getting dragged into the argument and lowering yourself to the childish name calling even though i don’t get involved with the trans community its nice to no there are people brave and understanding enough to be patient with the people on this article

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Yes, so brave! So, so brave of him to come here and drop a pile of shit, and then not even have the courage to listen to the responses – and be childishly gleeful about it. (Or so he says. I have a feeling he’s watching this very, very carefully. The overwhelming narcissism we’ve seen in so many MtT seems to feverishly compel them to need to know what others are saying about them. The old “But enough about me! What do you think of me?” syndrome.)

        So, so brave of yet another MtT who claims intersexuality. Undiagnosed by a doctor, of course.

        So, so brave of yet another man who sees women angry, and arrogantly dismisses that anger.

        Yes, so brave. ::wiping away a tear::

        P.S.: “Arin Laurie”, your “energy” certainly comes across loud and clear.

  52. Michael Says:

    You who wrote this are an idiot, you can’t just blanket statement the whole transgender community, while autogenophiliacs are common in those who identify as being asexual or heterosexual before transition, I have never ever fit into that mold, nor have I ever been attracted to men, for me a mtf soon to be transitioning transsexual, I never had erotic thoughts about being a woman,, or having boons or a vagina, or I never thought life would be easier as a woman, In fact women have it harder in many ways, I know other transsexuals that are just like me, no self fantasy, no homosexuality, but to me it’s a necessity to be happy. I am no autogenophiliac, I never have been. I grew up I’m a stable Christian home, I am an Iraq veteran, and I don’t fit into any of the trype you describe, your blanket statement and narrative of the transgender community is very offensive and I know I and several others who do not fit any of those molds. I will take a lie detector test for anyone willing to pay for it, and prove I don’t for that, I don’t get off or aroused by seeing myself dressed or the thought of having women parts, and I have never been attracted to men. So how do you explain me…. Although there is a possibility I have an extra chromosome, and I might have been born intersexed, not shure my records are sealed before age 4 becuase I was adopted… But none the less, I am in male form transitioning to female. And I see it as a necessity to be normal for me, and kind of spiritual in nature also, becuase the need over powers my own logical understanding, I know it’s not the smart or easy thing to do, I just know I can’t live as an unhappy person anymore…. Thanks and I agree there are a lot of transsexuals that are not true transsexuals, that fit what you said but there is also a lot like me that what you wrote in your article deeply offends me, I’m sure I am not the only one…. And I don’t see myself better than any other woman cis gender or other wise I just want to be stealth and left alone….

    • Michael Says:

      Also I agree with a lot of the comments on here, I can’t say I think or feel like a female, that’s subjective and irrational, the fact is women are just as capable of doing things men claim to be the heirs of, women are treated as sexual objects and have harder time getting equal pay, i as a mtf transgendered person, don’t care if I am accepted as a woman, just want to be as accepted as me, I don’t want to emulate or have any specific idea of womanhood is, or any delusions thereof, trying to be a stereo type of a woman is offensive and wrong, ( and transgender people wonder why feminists hate us) I just want to be me, and i like the things I like whether or not they fit into some kinda of “mold” or not. I also am not claiming to be intersexed, becuase it fits my delusions or whatever, I was adopted and I have surgical scars down there that are unexplainable. I support equal rights, and I support feminists, I do not claim to be better than a birth woman, I don’t think men are any better than women, I also am not claiming to be one, I am just being me and to me that is as close as I can get… I also had blood work done that indicates klienfelter’s and I will email anyone a photo copy of the original document, I’m not her to argue over what it is to be transsexual, I’m just here to say I don’t fit those molds and I am just a person trying to be the best me as possible, in the end it really doesn’t matter and why can’t we as humans first learn to support each other and live and let live. Thanks for reading

      • nicole Says:

        well thank you for the long study it helps me to sort things out and to better under stand my self- yes i like to be seen as a woman yes i want to have sex as a woman is that so bad?
        is it so bad i like both men and women? is it so bad i want some to love me?as i want to be loved? being alone-feeling like i do yes i’m a wreck just need some to be with me that gets me and the whole “dust up” over what theory is right is lost on me some will fit,some will be made to fit and a lot of others fit some where in the middle hope that all who came here find out something that will help them out it has me (to face my self,it can be hard at time to do so ) thanks to the people who put this up

      • GallusMag Says:

        You are welcome Nicole/William. I’m glad you found it helpful. As far as I know, the most up-to-date conversations going on around these issues for autogynephilic men are here:
        and a few sites on tumblr that they can probably direct you to, if you are looking to get more information on this and seek fellowship with other men who are interested in discussing their gendersexuality honestly. Good luck!

  53. rachel yar Says:

    So im a homosexual am I im trans im a girl im a christion I sleep with no one becouse if I sleep with a guy im a gay if I sleep with a woman im gay u dont know wat u r talking about u think couse of the dogma u follow that im gay well romans says they were g7ven over to there perverse nature im not perverst iv sleept with nobody for years and I dont I pray god anwsers my prayers weret epileptic clast as haveing demons and a person can be born with both sexs cand people be born deformed yes can people have birth defects yes u have no clue yes some are gay yes some r deviants but im not im a girl u think I get guy moments and cover my self with my hand bag wat kind of sick minded person thinks these things up so u love your nabours u dont what I go thru every day I wouldent wish on anyone tell me were. Im haveing fun my lifes a ninightmare that I cant e s xscape I only smiled the first time in my 47y of life last year didnt even know you smiled with gour eyes I could not tell my owen perants loved me I could not understad alot of emotions now im completely sane and people like u wont to take that away from me I dont even think about sex not interested so u belive what u whont to do not juge unless youl be juged think wat u wont say wat you wont u donot no me u never could or understand u lack understanding witch is given by god . Have a grate life couse you make mine a nightmare

    • charlie Says:

      Rachel, you sound very sad and confused. There doesn’t have to be church involvement. You are who you are and the church does not have the capacity to become involved in genuine Trans/gender dismorphia issues. Just be aware that its a minefield and not all people are truly trans. Take your time , research and be aware its not as cut and dried as one would think. Some people can be steered in the wrong direction. You have not done anything wrong. God made you didn’t he/she?

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      @ “Rachel” Yar: WHUT.

  54. Kaycie Says:

    I went through my whole life being mistreated harshly by men or groups of them bullying me stripping me naked for displaying feminine traits. Even wrongfully arrested for this expression by homophobic cops who fear their own deep dark secret. I hate men because of their power. I never had a relationship because I felt not worthy with me being gender different that it might destroy another life, male or female. I’m still a virgin. So I didn’t steal someones identity. I was born with this. I’ve been female all my life. People just didn’t know it. All you people are govern by societies rules. Some of you like me feel you don’t have to live by it, which is pretty cool. All I ask for is respect from society but not you.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Being treated as subhuman doesn’t make males female.

      • morag99 Says:

        Exactly! Ugh. What a disgusting piece of “logic”: that a male being treated as subhuman must mean that he is female (female = subhuman).

        But we have the likes of John Stoltenberg, well-known anti-manhood writer and “radical feminist,” getting into bed with the trans-activists and promoting this very idea. The idea that anyone can be — not just subordinated as a human being — but specifically “subordinated like a woman.” The idea that women have no “anatomical referent point that reliably marks them as biologically female.” (I’m quoting John’s exact words).

        So, on the one hand, there is no reliable definition or category of a human who is female/a woman. Conceptually, she doesn’t exist. On the other hand, if a male is subordinated “like a woman,” or if he voluntarily identifies as a woman, he is now clearly marked as “she” and he IS a woman. In this case, the category “female” — stripped of its biological realities, involuntary social status, and psychological experiences initialized at birth — must be acknowledged and honoured. Otherwise, one is guilty of hate crimes.

        All of this is not just offensive and degrading to women, but offensive to rationality itself. Because we aren’t idiots and fools, we KNOW none of it makes sense. But we also know we will be accused, penalized, punished and silenced for not submitting to their anti-rationality.

        These men and their gender theories! They are designed (expressly, I believe) to drive women mad, to render us mentally confused, traumatized and defenceless. Then, when we hate them for it — a totally expected and natural human response to being dominated and abused — they can then call us “man-haters.”

        Kaycie — hate men all you like. Fine. But “female” is not a disease you were born with. Females are humans, we are people, not abstractions or medical syndromes or a random collection of “feminine” traits. Only men would make up something as inane and misogynist as that. Which is exactly what you are: a misogynist male.

    • bleh Says:

      Your male imagination (gender identity) doesn’t trump my female reality and being abused by other men doesn’t make you female, just a man who’s been abused by other men. See a lot of men say shit like this as though women= being abused and raped by men, it’s disturbing. There is no “female identity” that a man can inhabit, men can pass as female and be what we call a transwoman but that is still a male experience. The only reason men can even “identify as female” is because a male dominated, male supremacist government and medical pharmaceutical industry backs those fantasies because it strengthens the illusion that men can define and control what a woman is.
      It really makes no sense to call a man who wants to feminize his body and dress a woman and not what he is, a feminized man. It only makes sense to call a feminized man a woman in a homophobic, misogynist society. Why shouldn’t Paris Lees, who everyone knows is a man, be recognized as the feminized man he is? There is no shame in being a feminized man, there’s shame in being Paris Lees cause he’s a misogynist, homophobic sexist tool, but there’s nothing wrong in Paris Lees being a feminized man.
      Trans should reinvent what it is to be a man and expand man to include men who reject masculinity, even men who feminize the body and appearance. But that’s just superficial rejection of masculinity, actual rejection of masculinity would be rejecting male supremacy and the idea that women should prioritize men and defer to them. That would mean trans rejecting the idea that women should call a man “she” if he desires and stop interfering with women’s right to name reality.
      Being a woman is being an adult female and is inseparable from female reality just like being a transwoman is inseparable from male reality and a different way of being a man. Transwomen can’t be women anymore than women can be transwomen or men can be transwomen. Men/transwomen need to accept themselves as feminized men, they’d be healthier for it, being a feminized man is an attainable and realistic goal, being a woman isn’t.

    • Lauren Says:

      You (read ‘you’ as regarding the trans cult as a whole) don’t ask for anything, you demand it. You demand the rest of society to accept and encourage your delusions, and you demand that women change their identity to ‘cis’ in a desperate attempt to make ‘trans’ a type of female–and when we refuse to alter our identity to feed your delusion you, in typical male fashion, threaten and bully us and have a temper tantrum. You have stolen an identity. You stole the identity ‘female’. You had to steal it because it wasn’t given to you at birth. You were not, in any sense of the word ‘born’, born as a female. You were born as male, raised a male, and grew into the delusional young man you are today.
      Morag99 had a perfect closing so I’d like to repeat it:

      “Kaycie — hate men all you like. Fine. But “female” is not a disease you were born with. Females are humans, we are people, not abstractions or medical syndromes or a random collection of “feminine” traits. Only men would make up something as inane and misogynist as that. Which is exactly what you are: a misogynist male.”

  55. charlie Says:

    This whole conversation shouldn’t have to happen. There are some issues with the transgender/ disphoria/ gender dismorphic situation. The link below should be required reading for anyone who insists they have the right to make women make room for them .
    Until this problem is cleared up we are going to get nowhere.
    P.s My living arrangement have changed from my first post at the top of the comments section. Turns out its not possible to move over and make room for a transgender partner. He ended up wanting the whole building.
    Oh well.

  56. charlie Says:

    Oh, my advice to anyone who mistakes a fetish for the real thing is to be careful, the reality will never live up to your fantasy so be careful what you wish for. Women do not get sexual thrills from wearing what to us are everyday clothing and we definitely do not get turned on whenever a man wolf whistles at us. In fact it is usually the opposite.

  57. I’ve had friends and acquaintances in the LGBT “community” become genuinely outraged at me and call me hateful and offensive for describing myself as homosexual. According to them I am “straight” because I am transsexual and date men … ?? Um no thanks, I lived the better part of two decades trying to convince myself I was straight, and it was very difficult for me to come out to my family as gay and attracted to other males. Erasing my experiences and the reality of my life is painful and leaves me feeling isolated from the community to which I supposedly belong.

    • gchild Says:

      If you are a transman, the objective “reality” is that you are female. If you are female and attracted to males, you are straight. That is why some LGBT’s get angry when you consider yourself homosexual. “Gay” is based on biological reality and the definition of homosexual. You cannot force anyone to live by your subjective gender feelings or your self serving definition of who/what is male and female. Apparently, only males get to do that.

      As a transsexual, I assume you dont believe gender is a social construct created by males to oppress females(correct me if Im wrong), BUT, does it bother you that transwomen are far more successful at infiltrating female spaces than transmen in male spaces? That it is mostly transwomen who are gaining widespread acclaim and acceptance in mainstream media? That as a transman, you are met with more hostility(or ignored) from lgbt than are transwomen who i.d. as lesbian? That non op transmen who are “gay” wouldnt dare demand gay men lick vagina or else? That post op gay transmen have a hard time getting gay men to suck their neo penises? That the personal reality and experiences of transwomen matter but transmen are still subject to the OBJECTIVE reality of their female bodies?

      Even if you have it good personally, and you have no trouble getting gay men to date you, a lot of transmen are not so lucky.

      Does any of this bother you? How do account for this?

      • …A whole lot of very unwarranted assumptions being made…

        Just so you are aware, I am biologically male, not female. I am a trans woman not a transman. And I identify as homosexual because I date other biologically male people (I consider sexual orientation to be based on biological sex not gender identity). I do not believe in an innate gender identity or an innate sexual orientation because I am a radical behaviorist. I view gender and sexuality as forms of conditioned/learned behavior. Because of my views, I am frequently met with hostility from members of the LGBT community. When I tell friends that I am homosexual they say that I have “internalized transphobia” and that I am “parroting TERF propoganda.” That’s what I was talking about in my post …

      • LC Says:

        An interesting view, and one that I’ve been considering myself, but rarely find much support for voicing. I don’t mean to be off-topic, but I’d be curious how you came to a radical behaviorist view? What causes sexual orientation or gender identity?

      • “I don’t mean to be off-topic, but I’d be curious how you came to a radical behaviorist view? What causes sexual orientation or gender identity?”

        I study applied behavior analysis. My chosen career field is in intervention of Autism and other developmental disabilities, but I consider the principles of behavior to be applicable to all forms of human and animal behavior.

        Sexual orientation and gender identity develop as a result of operant and respondent conditioning during an individuals learning and development. The same way a child or adolescent learns to like certain music, speak a certain language, enjoy certain sports, and make friendships with certain people who share their various interests. According to this philosophy it would be possible to apply behavior principles to change a persons’s sexual orientation or gender identity, although as a pragmatist I am a critic of that type of application since in many documented cases it has developed establishing operations for forms of self-injury, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation and certain emotional disorders.

        Behaviorists do not believe in Human Choice, since choice itself is a conditioned behavior. As such, I do not believe that people choose their sexual orientation or gender identity. Just because it is not chosen, though, does not mean they were “born this way”.

      • LC Says:

        Thank you, @genderrevolt9000. I don’t agree with all of that, partly because for religious reasons, I believe there is human choice. Also that from a psychological perspective, we can choose which stimuli we respond to and which we ignore. It is difficult, but humans can change their own personalities/habits successfully, by monitoring their own reactions. Whether it’s desirable to change depends largely on the habit and the person themselves.

        I do understand what you mean about the absence of choice, on the issue of gender and, possibly, sexual orientation. Most frustrating part of the rhetoric is that so many see it as one way or the other: Born this way or it’s a choice. We don’t choose our parents, class, race, sex, country of birth, etc, etc, but obviously those things influence us, even if they have nothing to do with ‘innateness'(At least concerning brain development).

    • …A whole lot of very unwarranted assumptions being made…

      Not at all unwarranted, considering that according to the overwhelming majority in trans la-la land someone’s identity/gender/”sex” is whatever some male fetishist declares it to be, and hence the constant nonsense about gay men being straight and straight men being “lesbians”.

  58. Mortadella Says:

    Ah, so these “friends” get pissed off that you admit you are a biological male and hence transphobic. That must be frustrating. When did you know that you rejected such pomo bullshit and that your alleged peers disagreed with you? What would you say are the most obvious qualities that distinguish you from them in terms of belief?

    • gchild Says:

      I see genderrevolt9000. Thanks for the correction. I did say “IF you are a transman”.

      Yes, mortadella, I too wonder about those trans who recognize their biological reality. How do they not succumb to the pressure to conform to the gender dogma which forces them to deny and pretend?

    • My views are strongly influenced by my education in behavioral psychology and the philosophy of radical behaviorism. I consider everything a human does to be a product of operant or respondent conditioning, including gender behavior and sexual orientation. I do not think that there is anything wrong with a well-informed and emotionally stable individual choosing to take hormones or get elective surgery to affect the function/appearance of their sexual characteristics. In fact, I strongly believe in an individuals Right to Body, meaning that a person can do whatever they want to their own body at any time for any reason whatsoever, whether it’s transition, contraception, abortion, plastic surgery, drug use, or even assisted suicide for the elderly of infirm. If an individual wants to transition, for whatever reasons make sense to them, then I say have at it. That said, I do no believe in gender identity, gender dysphoria, gender identity disorder, or anything along those lines whatsoever. When I use the term gender identity I mean it in the literal way. When I say “my name is X” I am literally identiying myself as “X”. It is an operantly conditioned verbal response that has developed as a result of my learning history. Same thing as when I say “I am a tranny” or “I am a trans woman” or “I am a woman” or “I am male”. Those are all operantly conditioned verbal responses, not a result of an innate gender feeling. The way I identify myself to others is different depending on the context and situation. I am a strong critic of mentalism and the medical model of psychology. I think that the aversiveness many transsexuals experience related to their sexual characteristics is also conditioned as a result of the developmental history, and the reason it gets worse “the longer they wait to transition” is because the trans and queer communities are actually strengthening the aversiveness of those stimuli through frequent verbal pairing. I think that transition should be viewed for exactly what it is, an elective medical process that produces superficial changes in an individuals sexual characteristics to model the function and appearance of the opposite sex. It doesn’t suddenly turn the person into the opposite sex, regardless of how they “identify” or the pronouns (conditioned reinforcers) they prefer. I am also a pragmatist, and I think that if transition makes a person happy then cool, good for them. If on the other hand a person decides they aren’t happy with the results of their transition then they should be allowed to “go back” without being judged or ridiculed by the community. I am a proponent of free speech, and I think that forcing an individual to only use language I prefer when speaking in reference to me is fascist. If someone frequently refers to me as a man or uses male pronouns a lot I probably won’t be besties with them, since those terms are conditioned aversive stimuli to me. But I’m not going to force them to view things my way or behave in a way that specifically caters to my preferences. That said however, I do criticize members of the queer community when they refer to me as straight or heterosexual. Calling me male or he or him makes sense because I am biologically male, so if people want to use those terms then I at least know where it’s coming from even if I don’t particularly “like” it. But when gay people tell me I’m not one of them because I am transsexual or because of my verbal identifying responses, it feels like erasure of the experiences I have endured as a homosexual person. It drives me up the wall when a guy I’m dating describes himself as straight as well, because I’m like “you didn’t seem all that straight in bed last night …” although I won’t call him out on it unless he starts referring to me that way. I’m not really sure how my feelings about that particular scenario will change once I have my surgery since at that point the guy has some ground to stand on, even if he’s not being completely accurate. These reasons and more are why people I have met or known in the LGBT community get upset toward me, and I frequently feel silenced by them. I told a friend just the other day that sometimes it’s as if the LGBT community has a mantra or something that says “Do as I do, Say as I say, Think as I think” and if you don’t play along then you are not considered “one of them”.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @genderrevolt- No one can read this wall of text. It is, quite frankly, rude to expect them to. If you want to communicate via the written word over the internet or anywhere else, you MUST include paragraph breaks. LIke this:

        I’m sure this oversight was unintentional. At least I hope so.

      • I’m sorry. I wrote this in notebook and when I copied and pasted it here it got rid of my paragraph breaks. Sorry for the “wall of text”.

      • Mortadella Says:

        Not gonna lie. I love paragraph breaks.

  59. Phillies Says:

    Its just FETISHISM pure and simple. A bunch of self deluded and frankly homophobic homosexuals have convinced themselves that to engage in same sex activity they ultimately desire, they must in fact be of the opposite sex to reconcile that reality. Now these people are attempting to fashion a false social justice cause out of their fetishism in which all others are forced to accept their delusions – the point of conflict being overtly feminized homosexuals demanding access to women’s washrooms.
    This is misogynistic in reality – as it implies women are not entitled to their own self definition and must acquiesce to feminized men’s demands. It is bogus misogyny disguised as social justice.
    The whole thing is a farce being pushed bythe lesbian gay alliance.

  60. Andi Says:

    Thank you very much for this post.

    It is beyond me how selfish some people are… So selfish that they do not understand, and/or respect, the need of women to have a safe space where they can be separated from potential rapists, molesters, voyeurs, etc.

    Why should a person with a (functioning) penis be allowed in women only spaces? Why should a person with a (functioning) penis be allowed into a feminist (support) group? Can anybody please explain that to me?

    It is also beyond me how certain people are so arrogant to demand that others call them a “she”, a “he”, or whatever. Nobody has to be subjected to anybody’s demands. Should I demand that all my acquaintances call me “the greatest of all”? I am, in my own mind, indeed pretty great… It reminds me of a hilarious Seinfeld where a pretty ridiculous guy named “Bob” demanded that everybody call him “The Maestro”…

    I doubt there are many women who get aroused by wearing undergarments, skirts, high-heels, etc.

    All that being said, I am pretty sure that there indeed MTF transsexuals who function better, are happier, less depressed, etc. after taking steps to appear more feminine, but I am afraid these keep a low profile and are out of the public eye. That is too bad because I am pretty sure these transsexuals don’t get aroused by wearing women’s clothes, don’t have demands on anybody, and respect women’s need for their own spaces.

    • Xaphire Says:

      Yes! Agreed. There are indeed the low profile transsexuals who respect people’s boundaries. They are usually living “stealthy” lives, that is, they don’t make trans their identity. They are just normal people going on with their lives.

      I actually thought, in the beginning, that being trans is something everyone would hate. But not really, There are many people who love parading their trans statuses, others just don’t pass due to bad transitions or whateva. I don’t have much sympathy for the big, hairy, muscly man who claims he can use women’s bathrooms just because his ‘gender identity’ is female without any effort to present minimally. It doesn’t matter how “feminine” they feel, because their bodies will give them away and people will be uncomfortable.

      So, yeah..I don’t really believe in gender identity. In my case, I am going to transition to feel more comfortable with my body, fit in, be regarded as normal by other people and just have deeper friendships with girls, have meaningful romantic relationships with guys, all these as I’m kind of stuck in a intermediate state (for looking/sounding/”acting” too feminine for a male) and I effing hate it. I do not believe women are born liking fashion, and men like cars. Or men being rational and women emotional. This is a very sexist view of the world.

      However we can’t deny that there’s social conditioning and serious threats to gender non-conforming children on the extreme of the spectrum and if they’re too “feminine” or “masculine” (for biological and cultural reasons) for their birth sex and despise their bodies, they may actually better off living presenting as the opposite sex and make their lives more meaningful. This should be the origin of transsexuality. I believe both Nature and Nurture play a part in this. People gender me female many times, because of how I look, sound and behave, and I’m not even on HRT and this has contantly led to harassment, misunderstandings and serious difficulties. Maybe this is why I hate my male characteristics. I don’t think we will ever know. Just, please, remember that not all trans people are bad and we are not trying to redefine what a woman is or can’t be. I’m in favor of feminism 100% and I actually question if in a society so sick like we live in, would trans actually exist? I honestly don’t know and we may never know.

  61. Big Ott Ted Says:

    Fuck you you god damned bigoted femtards

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Re: the New Scientist article: that’s from four and a half years ago. I’m sure if it had actually “proved” anything, we’d have heard about it by now. Now go fuck off.

    • No name Says:

      Male-to-female transsexuals have “male” brains:
      From: Savic, I., and Arver, S. (2011). Sex Dimorphism of the Brain in Male-to-Female Transsexuals. Cerebral Cortex, 21 (11), 2525-2533 DOI: 10.1093/cercor/bhr032

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      The “science” in this article is problematic, at the very least. If, say, the majority of the female-to-male group were Lesbian women, but the controls were mostly straight men and women, how do they know the supposed differences don’t have something to do with sexual orientation? To rule this out, the investigators would have to design a study that controlled for that–that looked at supposed “trans” brains compared to scans of gay M and Lesbian F controls, as well as to those of straight M and F.

      And it might still all yield nonsense. Because behavior and environment are known to change the brain, any differences could actually result from gender non-conformity in early childhood rather than be the cause. For example, large parts of the visual cortex in people born blind end up being repurposed for auditory processing–so much so, that blind musicians are significantly more likely to have perfect pitch than sighted ones.

      Also, WHAT are they proposing to do with their findings? Instead of confining people to gender boxes based on biological sex, we scan children’s brains to figure out whether we force them into pink frills or blue denim, then mess with their hormones later to make their physiology fit their brains? They want to mutilate perfectly good bodies because of some OCD desire to have everything match up in a certain way?

      Brave new world, indeed!

      • kesher Says:

        I’ve noted this here before but there are two legitimate takeaways from most of this gender identity “research”:

        First, that hormones significantly change the brain (basically all of these brain studies look at trans brains post-HRT). I don’t really understand what’s so shocking about that revelation, and the only way studies like this might hold water is if they could study MTT/FTT brains of people who never chemically transitioned, but I don’t see how it would be possible to conduct a study like that. Trans people are already a vanishingly small percentage of the population; non-transitioned trans basically don’t exist.

        Second, that gender non-conforming children identified as “trans” are almost invariably gay or lesbian. I’ve seen exactly the same studies “proving” trans identity in children as already existed proving homosexuality in children.

        A common one is response to pheromones. Even pre-pubescent gay and lesbian children respond positively to same-sex pheromones and negatively to opposite sex pheromones. This exact same data are being used to prove these kids are “actually” trans.

      • What’s up with this “OCD” this and “OCD” that? Do you even know what OCD is?

        We are talking about people who are transgender, who may or may not have gender dysphoria, not people with obsessive compulsive disorders…

        The term OCD is the latest fad in American stupidity….

      • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

        @andi2tiredAndi: Actually, it is perfectly clear that Oak and Ash is talking about people who feel the need to force children’s bodies to “match” some mythical imagined “brain sex,” not people with some form of dysphoria or identity disorder. It’s the desperation to “make them match” that O&A is–obviously facetiously or hyperbolically–referring to as an “OCD desire.”

        I guess lack of reading comprehension and pointless knee-jerk anti-American snark are the old fads to which you’re still devoted? Are you such a genius that O&A actually sounds *stupid* to you? Because I’m a pretty smart woman, and I’m not detecting any idiocy from her comment. (Of course, I am American, so maybe I’m just too dumb to see it.)

      • GallusMag Says:

        Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a huge factor in the development of what is now called by psychiatry “Gender Dysphoria”:


      • Oak and Ash Says:

        In fact, I do know what OCD is. It’s a brain disorder characterized by hyperactivity in the amygdala, as well as excessive signaling from the ventromedial striatum in at least some cases. In children, the sudden-onset form has been linked to strep infections. I have great sympathy for those who have to cope with it.

        Dorothy Mantooth is right, in that I was being somewhat hyperbolic. Perhaps I should have typed out “obsessive-compulsive” in order not to confuse more literal-minded readers, but I was also using OCD as an (admittedly imprecise) umbrella term to include the traits of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. As much as 8% of the population may have OCPD, so that’s a lot of potentially rigid people who might feel they need to police gender roles (or non-literal use of language). I’m assuming there are parents, doctors, and researchers among them, as well as some people who think they’re trans because they don’t fit sex stereotypes.

        Thanks, GM–I didn’t know about the explicit OCD link before, although the research on rigid internalized gender stereotypes was one of the things I found when I first looked for information about personality and transgender identity. It fits with the higher rate of the transgendered among those on the autistic spectrum, since rigidity is also a characteristic of autism.

        @andi2tiredAndi–I will not back down from what I was implying underneath the metaphor and hyperbole. Let me spell it out: There’s something seriously wrong with any adult who concludes a little boy must be a girl because he wants long hair and sparkly clothes, or a girl must be a boy because she wants short hair and a toolbox, or that any of these preferences require medical intervention.

  62. Kay Says:

    This is all misjudged and stupid, I’m “mtf” with all surgeries done. I don’t want sex, I don’t feel desire for sex and don’t care about it. I rather be single, and ir surgeries and changed my body to match i feel. I really don’t care about staying cute our in stereotypes longer people say. I dress however I want, and no I don’t like skirts Friday much I rather use pants,… So step judging people and let other be who they want to be. And I don’t care if cis women are better looking, more or less femenine than me. This article is misleading… Not every one who gets sex change does it for sexual purposes.

    • GallusMag Says:

      But the ones who don’t spend their free time going around the internet searching for articles on autogynephilia. Apparently.

      • Rose M Knight Says:

        I wasn’t searching for articles on autogynephilia when I stumbled on this reprehensible piece of trash. I was searching for other information and just stumbled on it and should have known better than to click on some lunatic TERF propaganda.

        The AGP hypothesis (it doesn’t even have enough evidence behind it to qualify as a theory yet, sorry) is based on extremely shitty academia. He had a sample group far too small to reasonably draw any conclusions from, he had no control group (which is science 101 ffs), and he intentionally misrepresented his data. What he failed to mention and what subsequent attempts to replicate his data have found is that 1) only 60-70% of gynephillic trans women actually report cross-dressing arousal and nearly 30% of androphillic trans women report cross-dressing arousal, contrary to his claims that none do. This is a far cry from being able to say “all gynephillic trans women are AUTOgynephiles and all androphillic trans women are just so gay they want to be women.

        In fact studies on trans men have found that the inverse group to gynephillic trans women (androphillic trans men) reports no cross-dressing arousal at all at any point in their lives, suggesting that “being so gay that you want to be the opposite sex and IF NOT then it must be a fetish thing” just doesn’t work as a conclusion. At. Fucking. All. If that were the case we would see the exact same degree of cross dressing arousal in trans men who like men. But we don’t.

        So what’s the outside factor then? Could it be our society’s high degree of sexualization of women and femininity, confusing the line between identity and sexuality? I would think radfems would love that conclusion.

        If you’re drinking the AGP kool-aid you’re a grade A fucking retard.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Blanchard’s work shows significant crossover between heterosexual and homosexual male transgenders, if you actually look at the numbers. As for transmen, they are female. Paraphilias are a specifically male phenomena. Regarding your characteristic MTF abusiveness and testrionics, see Anne Lawrence: Narcissistic Rage.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        “Rose,” so you are saying that if I see a white, middle aged pig in a wig in my locker room, there’s only a 70% chance that he’s getting off on the experience? Oh, that makes me feel sooooooo much safer! Please, let the press know, by all means! Spread the news! Only the vast majority of those oh so oppressed white dudes are pervs! Not all men!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Is it “Rose” or “Kay”? LOL I love how he changes his laydee name every few days.

      • Derrick Jensen Says:

        This is a response to Rose M Knight, who wrote, “He had a sample group far too small to reasonably draw any conclusions from, he had no control group (which is science 101 ffs).” I have to say I find it pretty funny that the people on this website are getting lectured by an adherent to trans theory about “science 101.” Can we talk for a moment about “science 101” as being that males are, uh, males, and males are not in fact females? And that biological reality exists and isn’t based on a person’s internal feelings? I’d say _that_ is some science 101, ffs.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      Just stop calling yourself a woman and we could care less. You don’t get it at all, Mr. Kay. You have no right to identify as a woman than a white oppressor has to identify as Black.

      And if you cared about anyone other than yourself, you would care that men are perving on women while claiming to be women. Not to mention the sexual assaults, etc. But how dare we mention the truth.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      You can have all the “surgeries” [lol] you want it won’t make you a woman. Also, stop renaming everyone…there is no such thing as “cis”. You’re another lunatic male with a fetish. See a mental health provider.

    • cobston Says:

      I have been thinking about this and it seems to me that you have a situation. Why is there such a problem with accepting yourself for what you are? To discount trans being a mental issue, to say you are really a woman, when secretly you know its impossible, is to minimise anyone who has a mental problem.That is pretty discriminatory don’t you think.

      Imagine being told that if you have Schizophrenia you are not suffering mentally, it’s really true that you have someone talking to you and then saying anyone without that problem is not a genuine person for example?

      You don’t get to decide what you have, it’s in how you present biologically that determines what you have medically.Your biology says what you are, not you opinion.

      Lots of people have to fantasize to get off or think they are something they are not. Are you ashamed of being a male with mental issues?

      Cic is not a relevant term, in fact the only people who use the word are those who are not what you need to call cis. Think about that for a minute.

  63. Rando Says:

    Welp, glad to see people still cling to discredited 30 year old theories that completely ignore things like how asexual transgender people exist. Awesome. Have fun acting like being transgender is a fetish you sad hateful person who can’t be bothered to do the slightest bit of research into the actual causes of gender dysphoria.

  64. Bev Jo Says:

    Again, we don’t give a fuck what you do unless it’s harassing or harming women, girls, animals, etc., as long as you men stop identifying as women BECAUSE YOU AREN’T AND CAN NEVER BE WOMEN. Insisting on an identity of a people you oppress is bad enough, but you order us to not talk about the truth. It’s women who have “gender dysphoria,” not men who play games at the expense of girls and women.

  65. Jakub Says:

    I am an autogynephiliac crossdresser. Thank you a dozen times for clearing this up for me, it was really helpful. I often considered whether I was transsexual or not and the narrative propaganda certainly doesn’t help. I knew all this, but never found any write-ups on this until now.

    If anyone ever needs or wants my help/assistance/experience, feel very free to e-mail me 😉

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  66. tomaretta Says:

    so…if a man has had an operation to turn him into a Wo-Man…or at least in the patients mind – to turn him in to a Woman …is he also entitled to counselling/training on how to behave like a woman etc…and what do the doctors turn his willy into? …how do his genitalia function after the operation?

    • kesher Says:

      To answer at least one of your questions, voice training (to make MTTs sound more feminine) is considered by many trans activists to be “necessary health care”, and apparently the VA has been paying for that “care” for quite some time.

    • Jakub Says:

      The more I think about all this, the less sense it makes. It’s all a result of materialistic mindset in my opinion. It’s an obsession with your presence and how others view yourself. You are still you, only you outer shell has changed and you are dependant on the medical system for the rest of your life (anyone else smells profit here?)…

      • kesher Says:

        This is definitely profit driven. What’s also interesting is one of the main arguments trans activists make for why facial feminization surgery and voice training are “medically necessary care” is that they want these things to avoid discrimination for being trans. That, if they can pass well enough, people will perceive them as their chosen “gender”, and they won’t be at risk of discrimination at work or of violence.

        But bigotry and discrimination are social problems, not medical ones. This really gets at what Gallus has said about the trans movement being motivated by shame. Could you imagine any other social/political movement’s primary focus being removing any trace of who and what they are? What if, instead of asking to be treated as people, the civil rights movement became fixated on getting skin whitening as “necessary health care”? Or if feminists, instead of asking for equal treatment in the public sphere, demanded testosterone injections? (Of course this is, in fact, what FTTs are doing.)

      • Joshua D'etre Says:

        The problem is there’s all kinds of mixed emotions and different levels of shame, self-doubt, and body dysphoria (which you TERFy types always love to conveniently pretend isn’t vital to the trans experience). FFS for some might be to better blend in so that they don’t become part of the 1 in 13 trans women who get murdered at some point in their lives, or the countless others who merely get assaulted or violated sexually. For other trans women, those unlucky enough to be fighting some really strong masculine genetics, FFS is about reducing the incidence of them looking in the mirror and becoming suicidal.

        There’s all kinds of nuances to the trans experience that you couldn’t really begin to understand. Instead of whining and bemoaning that your tax dollars have to pay for less than 1% of the population to receive treatment that is known to cut their rates of suicide by 3/4 that maybe you should instead try to exercise compassion and understand that just because you don’t understand the problem completely doesn’t mean it isn’t a very real problem.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Murder rates of transgender males are lower than murder rates for the general public. However, transgender males murder others at the same rate as non-transgender males. Male abusers like to threaten suicide to force others to do what they want. However, transgender suicide rates are no higher than those diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Bulimia, schizophrenia, among others. There are no statistics which show an improvement in suicide rates of men post-FFS.

        You have a very real psychiatric problem but it has naught to do with gender.

      • anon male Says:

        ” For other trans women, those unlucky enough to be fighting some really strong masculine genetics”

        There’s no such thing as masculine genetics. You ought to read a book on the subject. I found your post triggering.

      • kesher Says:

        “FFS for some might be to better blend in so that they don’t become part of the 1 in 13 trans women who get murdered at some point in their lives”

        I’m just going to repost what I already wrote:

        “…bigotry and discrimination are social problems, not medical ones.”

        Should black people in the ’60s have demanded skin whitening as “necessary health care” to prevent bigotry? If MTTs want to get facial feminization surgery, they should have to do what everyone else who is dissatisfied with their appearance has to do — pay for it themselves. Anything less is sex discrimination in favor of males, in other words, exactly the same shit women have had to deal with for millennia.

      • nemesister Says:

        So Josh, you believe jaw bones and brow ridges cause suicidal ideation but penises don’t? You do know the straight males who transgender are all keeping their penises now, right? And that all these pigs in wigs would have never met the old criteria for transsexualism, right?

  67. KekeSayz Says:

    I’d like to add to this discussion. This article is very interesting and saddens me to read. I couldn’t finish all of it bc I’m a working student and I barely have time to study. But I’ve seen a case (or two) of this, where the individual who wishes to be another gender has incredibly scary and violent mood swings/personality changes and his/her spouse suffers at the hand of it. For example, there was a case of this a few weeks ago on the Dr. Phil Show. If you want to see the rerun, the full episode is on Youtube. I find this all very shocking and sad bc 1) the spouses/families who suffer the abuse are NOT getting the help they need and they are judged and treated with an overwhelming amount of apathy. 2)Doctors and psychologists/researchers are not revealing all the information to us. Every time I read or listen to something about this topic, I can never fully agree with it. It all boils down to a mental problem, in my opinion. Please note that I don’t want to start a heated argument filled with insults. I saw the F word written so many times in some of these threads and its kind of scary.

    So, again, I’m a student. A med student studying bones/etc and I today I’m reading that male and female skulls are different. So, that got me thinking….

    “If someone like Caitlyn Jenner (I’m using the name Caitlyn bc its his legal name now, even though I believe he is a male) has the bones/cranium of a male, as well as the endocrine and reproductive system of a healthy male…how then, is he a woman on the inside, ‘trapped in the wrong body;?” Everything else matches. Not only that, but where is the proof in is brain, or in any other transgender’s brain? And I mean proof BEFORE hormonal injections and surgeries.

    I can understand if the person if the person is a “hermaphrodite” and has two different genitalia/ disorder of hormones, but if its someone like Caitlyn, or even someone like Laverne Cox, Janet Mock and the like, if they aren’t even intersexed, then how can they use the “brain excuse” when 1)the brain has a role in bone formation (hormone dictation) and 2)I could be wrong (and correct me please) but the skull comes first, not the brain, so its not like the brain created the wrong framework 3)The surgeries don’t change your chromosomes. (BTW I’m looking up types of intersex disorders and the main signs are in hormones and genitals. No one talks about the skull…)


    With that said, if you are an individual who has the endocrine and reproductive system of a man, XY chromosomes, the cranium of a male (including large teeth, bigger, heavier skull and, rugged heavy muscle markings), the ONLY thing that is wrong with you is your brain OR your MIND (there is a difference). So far, there is no evidence that someone can have the brain of a woman in the body of a man and vice versa (unless someone knows otherwise. Please share…) so, again, this sounds like a mental problem to me. I just don’t understand why this is being pushed for acceptance. These people are mutilating themselves, scarring themselves and their families. And these doctors are getting the kids! How can a child make a major decision regarding sex/gender/reassignment surgery when a)not all facts are laid out b)a child’s brain doesn’t fully develop till 25.

    My condolences to the women and even men who are being abused by their confused spouses. My condolences to these confused, mutilated children. My condolences to anyone who gets attacked for their opinion and stating certified, scientific facts.

  68. KekeSayz Says:

    Lastly, the new idea is “we are genderless.” How can that be so when transgenders/LGBT/whatever they call themselves (no offense at all) pick a gender? And what do they do? They wear lipstick, dresses, high heels, weaves, fake eyelashes, fruity spritz, and the like (if they are MtF). So how does gender not exist when, in the market, merchandise is dictated by gender? Even if someone is “the third sex,” they can either be ONE or the OTHER: male or female, and they pick ONE (as far as I know), so “the third sex” doesn’t make sense either bc they are living as either male or female, not a “genderless person”. You are either male or female–you can’t be anything else. Hopefully I’m making sense to someone bc I’m actually starting to get confused. This whole issue is so confusing!

    • GallusMag Says:

      You should read more and talk less.

      • KekeSayz Says:

        I’m waiting for someone who can give me an educated response, not an immature one. If that’s not you, please don’t respond to me.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Banned assholes say what?

      • Jakub Says:

        Srsly? You seem like the asshole dude, those were some fine points Keke wrote…

      • GallusMag Says:

        Okay! You da man! Themz were some fine fine clueless ass jonez. Crawl back into Keke’s basement lair now bro. Do some Bong hits!

      • Jakub Says:

        So, will you get to the point of what is wrong with them or continue blathering?

      • Jakub Says:

        So, you really are an asshole, huh? 😉 Wonder if you are a delusional tranny with a very specific coping mechanism yourself or what… this is not how you run a proper discussion.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Keke stated that she hadn’t read the whole article, but wanted to “add to the conversation,” and then proceeded to make statements and ask questions that have all been discussed at length on the many posts on this blog. Gallus’ response is exactly what I was thinking after reading what “KekeSayz”. Just read the blog. It’s all here, if you take the time to read.

        A good, basic rule for commenting on any blog post: if you didn’t take the time to read it, don’t bother commenting on it. And certainly don’t play butt-hurt when the author/moderator corrects your bad behavior.

      • KekeSayz Says:

        GallusMag, would you care to share how I am actually wrong or clueless? Do you have any information from neurological/psychological/genealogical sources to disprove my points? Please share. If you have you insults, then you are simply a self-employed troll and can either 1)open your mind to new information 2)leave

      • charlson Says:

        This conversation is getting deliciously addictive and I am starting to enjoy it . Am I developing a fetish ? Is there a brain scan and support group for that?

        Worried but enjoying myself way too much to stop.

    • KekeSayz Says:

      Yes, Teal Deer, I didn’t read the whole article but summarized some main points as well as others in the comments. I can’t read all of it bc I don’t have time. I’m looking for educated responses but so far all I’m getting is insults. If the answers are here (note: I couldn’t find any answers due to all of the immature responses like many of you here), can someone summarize them for me? And how am I have “bad behavior” when 1)I never name-called 2)I’ve never shamed anyone. All I did was present facts and some questions and yet I get dragged through the mud for simple questions. I’m attempting to figure this all out, but so far I’ve been nothing but attacked (like I expected) from a group that fights to the death to promote “no h8.” I had already informed everyone in my post that i didn’t know everything, so again, I’m asking some questions because this is all confusing. It will help if someone just summarized some main points for me because I really don’t know where/don’t have time to find the answers. If all I get is hate, then this is a very loving courteous community….

      • GallusMag Says:

        If you are a troll, you are very funny. If you are not a troll it is terrifying to imagine such an intellectually lazy, entitled, manipulative person actually practicing medicine.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        If you aren’t a troll… It is possible to misbehave in blog-land without swearing or hurling overt insults.
        Bad behavior summary:
        1) Didn’t read the article
        2) Commented on article you didn’t read (for not having time to read, you certainly have a heckuva lot of time to type out comments)
        3) Telling the author/moderator to “leave” when you don’t like her responses.

        Since you don’t have time to read, apparently, I doubt you’d have time to read a proper summary anyway. This isn’t a 101 blog, where subjects are broken down to their simplest forms. The only way to get the basics down from this blog is to read, and read, and read some more. Only comment after you’ve gotten your bearings.

        If you are a troll… *slow clap*

      • GallusMag Says:

        I wonder how this goes over in med school:

        “I haven’t read the material because I didn’t have time but here is how I imagine these systems might work although its all really confusing. Now tell me how my speculation is or is not correct followed by a summary of the existing data that I did not read. If you fail to do so you are mean, and should leave.”

        Grade: F-

      • Teal Deer Says:

        I demand Cliff’s Notes, and I demand them now!

      • GallusMag Says:

        I don’t have time to read this patient’s chart! I will guess their diagnosis and you tell me if any of it is right and what it all means!

      • KekeSayz Says:

        No, I am no troll. I can state my opinion like everyone else. And it takes way less time to reply than to read this article. I honestly can’t believe that my opinion is not welcome here and that the author or whoever this is does not have the ability to engage in a proper discussion. All I’ve asked was for educational responses to information that I had presented, not cliff notes from the article. This article talks about “harm to transgenders, etc” and how non existent the “brain” excuse is. I wanted to add to it by saying how undeniably different male and female bodies are and that, again, it boils down to a mental problem in my honest opinion. But I was asking everyone else if they had any information to CORRECT me if I’m wrong, seeing that I’m not a bias person and i”m open to new information. Everyone has attacked me and insulted me, like immature school kids and nobody has offered information as to why I could possibly be wrong. Thats all I’ve asked–tell me how I’m wrong instead of insulting me. And for the record, med school is going just fine. I’m in the honor society–and i really couldn’t care if you believe that or not. I guess this thread is really a place for people to bully others for some reason (if that makes you feel any better….*slow clap*). Not only that, but its a place where people aren’t as intelligent or open to discussion as I thought. The immaturity of this “author/moderator” is unbelievably laughable–I’ve seen much better.

        State your replies, but I won’t read them anymore. Celebrate, throw an online party, feel nice and strong for bullying someone, because I’m out of this. You all should be embarrassed as adults (I’m assuming you are adults, right?) xD

      • cerulean blue Says:

        You still don’t get it, kiddo. Basic etiquette demands that you read the many informative articles on this website before spouting off with an opinion. Why? Because that’s what adults do. No one is going to do the heavy lifting for you, and frankly it’s insulting for you to flounce in here telling us you are too busy to actually read what’s written here, but nonetheless you’d like us to take the time to respond to your ill-informed opinion. What is it you folks like to say? Oh, right. Educate yourself.

  69. Andrew Says:

    why do you bigot women adopt male roles and even names, then worship your moustacches and underarm hair hypocrites, i have had it tougher than 99% of women and men due to prejudice based on other physical and mental issues as a child to adulthood u talk about the glass ceiling i would be grateful to climb over the glass curb there is always someone who has it worse you bigots

    • Andrew Says:

      anger is a natural response to stupidity even women trans and natal get angry but u know your terdf url is just so minority minority yawn! i have completely wasted my time echo echo echo is anyone really there gall(u definitely possess)usmag

  70. GallusMag Says:

    Sweet Jesus. The thread that keeps on giving.

    • morag99 Says:

      Ha! Some of these comments are like a big box of magnetic poetry. Just shuffle the nonsense phrases about until something vaguely beatnik emerges …

      your terdf url
      completely wasted my time

      you bigot women
      climb over the glass curb

      worship your moustacches,
      underarm hair hypocrites!

      echo echo echo
      is a natural response to stupidity

      minority minority yawn!
      is anyone really there?

  71. Jakub Says:

    Plus my posts have been banned for no reason. Well done moderator…

  72. Andrew Says:

    hey morhag is that what you do plagerise other peoples work and claim the kudos to pleasure your own lack of originality u people r like oh no the wicker people the wicker people the armish gone bad and i got drawn into this post because of galls desperate headline i just came back to see if u had the appropriated balls to display my post in that u did surprize me i say balls because yall seem to have adopted all the worst characteristics of men sheesh!!!

    alone we are born
    and die alone
    yet see the red gold cirrus
    over snow mountain shine
    upon the upland road
    ride easy stranger
    surrender to the sky
    your heart of anger
    james k baxter

  73. Andrew Says:

    hey jacob u’re beautiful darlin don’t let anyone ever tell u otherwise and gall and stchau stchop whining be a man about it but oh that’s what the majority of us do! can’t argue with u there. Got to have faith in the transmen they r beautiful oh and if u can’t take the heat stay in the kitchen but now i’m off to worship ala the Nigerian goddess and protector of nature why wouldn’t transwomen want to be made in the image of god, god is a woman now go hillary win the presidential for the sake of us all

  74. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Maybe it’s time to simply close the comments on this one, Gallus. I suggest that only so that you don’t have to moderate the crazy. ‘Sup to you, of course. It just seems to have drawn out the real whackjobs. Then again, it does show them in their true colors….

    • GallusMag Says:

      I get the crazy on my other posts but I tend to moderate a little more leniently on this post and a few others. Then again autogyno posts tend to bring all the milkshakes to the yard…

  75. Tomeretta Says:

    do men who have been turned into wo-men still do anal sex. im interested because im guessing they dont like the anal sex so they opt for a pegina? is that a gender thingy or a sex thingy…do gender and sex mean the same thing?

    • dsgr554 Says:

      Hey guest, did you see this study?:
      Brain changes are the hallmark of ‘addiction’. Similar changes are found with eating disorders , drug addiction, and pedophilia,

      Even taking medication causes’brain changes’.

    • dsgr554 Says:


      Addiction causes brain changes. Pedophiles have brain changes too, but it is from sex addiction.

    • gchild Says:

      Gotta love the language on these finding:

      …mtt’s were SIMILAR to…
      … ftt’s within the same range…
      …castrated males were intermediate between males and females…

      And still, the trans focus group had all taken or were taking homornes.

    • sarineal Says:

      I’ve seen it and what it shows is the structure of the human brain is the same for all people. We all have a hypothalamus and it fulfils the same function in some metabolic processes and with the autonomic nervous system. They found some very finely grained differences in volume between various groups of people which is to be expected as e.g. men are on average larger than women but even this is variable and they say “some structural parameters showed male or intermediate values.” in all the males and “shape, which was similar in all genetically male groups studied” (so really just mixed results but they still try and claim this is “sex atypical” as they cannot say they are the same at all as the typical woman).

      One thing they do not and cannot make a link between that and “gender identity” which is a postulated subjective idea that is in someone’s head and which has never been verified unlike the actual biological characteristics of males and female, why the hypothalamus has anything to with the aforementioned identity and what this function would be, nor made a link between this structure and behaviour like desires to put on women’s or men’s clothing which are culturally mediated anyway. They are desperately trying to make it biological aren’t they, but can’t really get away from the fact these are pretty typical males and females they are studying, albeit some have taken some exogenous hormones and done other things which may be reflected in the atypical findings.

      So it’s saying a lot but nothing at all really.

  76. stchauvinism Says:

    “Post-mortem brain material was used from 42 subjects: 14 control males, 11 control females, 11 male-to-female transsexual people, 1 female-to-male transsexual subject and 5 non-transsexual subjects who were castrated because of prostate cancer.” ridiculously small sample size. And if men’s brains are changed from castration and artificial cross sex hormones, why call that “feminization’ and not medically induced brain damage ?

    Here’s another study 442 MTTs, found they were genetic males, gee who’d have thunk it?

  77. cerulean blue Says:

    Hey, guest, did you “see” the study, or did you actually read and comprehend it? Because if you’d read if, like everyone here has, you’d know that it is junk science. The brains of ten (what a huge number!) dead transsexuals were examined. ALL ten had been taking female hormones for years. The brain is a plastic organ. That means it is changed by learning, behavior and drugs. All three of these things happened over the lifetime of these males pretending to be female, so no, it’s not surprising to see a change, assuming you can trust the small sample size. Brains of taxi drivers who have memorized the map of London are different than those of drivers who have not. AGAIN, learning, behavior and drugs shape the brain. But which one is it for transexuals,? That can’t be answered, not by this investigation.And unless you include a control group of women who were not raised in a society that enforces certain behavior and learning, you can’t make any conclusions about why this very small region of the brain changed slightly, to be “less male,” and “more female.” But thanks for playing, and posting the debunked study., which used the exact same brains as another, more famous debunked study.

  78. tomeretta Says:

    our humanity is been stripped from each and every one of us right before our eyes every single second of every single day….what a load of shit everything is…almost everything…and someone can find the time to chop willies into fillies and fannies into mannys. i think the men who have the balls to go through a sex change must be off their bolloxs. the guys that are performing the operations could be super perverts. i dont hate any person on this earth…if i hated anyone – it would kill me off. its all very worrying…really it is seriously bad…as bad as many OTHER ignorant inventions – turning someone into an imaginary state is basically lying to them.

  79. Baum Says:

    Transexual is just a code word for removing it as an intersex condition to deprive a minority of a population at the favors of radical feminist purposes!
    I can only read crockshit in this article probably written by a anti-scientific radfem who is hiding behind the closets of “tolerant feminists”.

  80. Switch Says:

    Thank you for this article. It was helpful and insightful as part of my research.

    I wish there were better resources and more research on this topic, and that the entire issue was not clouded with so much agenda, judgment, and self-righteousness.

  81. theseeker Says:

    Geez… What is wrong with you people? Be neutral for even an instant, will you?
    1) Autogynephilia is an incorrect and wrong theory. There is NO SUCH THING.
    2) Dressing in clothing opposing to one’s sex is “Transvestism” (a.k.a. cross-dressing) NOT “Transsexualism”
    3) A woman (born with female genitalia) can sometimes be unable to procreate (a.k.a. barren) due to reasons that they are often not told by the doctor unless they insist, as it might hurt them. The reason? They may have female genitalia, but their sex chromosomes are XY. Similarly, some men have XX sex chromosomes.
    4) Please read the DSM-V and various other medical texts from start to finish before you comment or spread such rumours and hearsay.
    5) Most of the research done that is referenced by most people is flawed and faulty. The experiments are flawed, the methodology wrong or incomplete, the conclusions merely jumping the gun out of desperation or in order to get to a conclusion that cannot be attained by the actual results produced, yet a grant must be justified, since research is mostly funded by political and business people. Even the pro-transsexualism/transgenderism papers are not free of this. Only certain papers are actually reliable. This I say because I myself do my own original research as a hobby, and I come from a mainly scholastic and academic family, some of whom are sometimes requested to analyse things that need analysis. As such, we are very particular about experiments, surveys, papers, articles, etc. especially my immediate family, since my dad teaches the design of experiments and their analysis, conclusions, etc. Anyway, I digress.
    6) So, the other problem is the sample size is not stated. I very much hope it is not a sample size of 1 or 2 digits. Most of all, there are 4 categories that he checked: homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual and asexual. This would require a sufficient sample size PER category.
    7) Next, the main problem with this research is that it is terribly flawed experimentally and statistically speaking. Where in the world are his control group(s) samples? He could have 1 control group of heterosexual non-transgendered, non fetishistic males with no XX sex chromosomes. However, even that alone he does not have. Worse still, he also should have control groups for non-transgender males for each category! Where are they?! This is a major failure in experiment design here!
    8) To make matters worse, he does not do continuous follow-ups on the samples taken! Please read the DSM-IV and DSM-V for the definition of GID or GD respectively. This is a long term issue, not a short term thing like doing a pH test or taking a blood sample!
    9) I will stop here and ask that you look up the rest yourselves, because: 1) I am getting tired and bored of addressing every single problem with this article and its comments 2) I do not believe in the silver spoon. 3) I’m being reminded of how silly and petty and despicable humanity’s collective mindset can be in this present era. Sometimes I wish humans would either progress, or store all their correct knowledge, wisdom and technology in various safe spots and wipe themselves out (chances are we will someday at this rate) and let some other species that can make better use of it use it instead for more constructive purposes.

    I’d love to tear this article apart entirely and completely, but fortunately or otherwise, it is not worth the time and effort.

    • LC Says:

      1. There are people who self-identify as autogynephiliacs.
      2. What is clothing opposite to one’s sex? I’m a female. Am I allowed to wear pants?
      3. Intersex is not transgenderism.
      4. Do your own reading.
      5. Well, that was a lot of nothing.
      6. Go look it up.
      7. Oh no! Go look it up!
      8. Do your own reading.
      9. Do your own research.
      1(shouldn’t this be 10?). Then stop? No one asked your opinion. No one wants it.
      2(eleven should be here). Plenty of spoons are silver. And if your argument is weak and involves annoying blocks of text, yeah, it’s not going to convince anyone.
      3(should be twelve. How can we trust someone who can’t count past nine?). But at least you’re still around to be the storehouse of all correct knowledge and wisdom. Please go and share your gifts with all of mankind! (mostly mankind. Leave females alone)

      I agree, that wasn’t worth the time or effort.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You have the patience of a saint! I didn’t make it past #3.

      • Janetwo Says:

        I salute your patience. I am at the stage that I call “Is it tranny propagenda? lalalallalala…I dont hear you…..lalalalala I dont give a shit about your opinion….Ialala”. I keep reading this blog to see what are the new hotspots they are spreading their bs and be prepared to give an informed opinion why the T is misogyny and the new war on women.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        B-b-but his dad teaches stuff! And his family is all edumacated and stuff! And he does “research” as a hobby! Surely we should listen to this guy!

        Honest to Maude, you can’t make this shit up.

        To “theseeker”: Sit down and shut up, fool. You’re an egotistical blathering idiot.

    • gchild Says:

      So…infertile/barren women are actually men and doctors don’t tell them unless they insist on a reason? Hahahahahahaha!

      Aside from intersex individuals (who are not trans), the only OBGYNs who tell “women” they are barren due to being men/male, are…drumroll… TRANSWOMEN.

      • morag99 Says:

        “So…infertile/barren women are actually men”

        Yeah, they DO actually make cute arguments like that. Incredible. It can also be put this way: men are actually infertile women. For instance, that Serrano fella has a fondness for beginning sentences with “As an infertile woman, I’m offended by … ”

        Transwomen are also experts on the menopause, since they’ve had it their whole lives. Snort!

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      Any original criticisms should:

      1) take into account the case studies of Anne Lawrence’s “Men Trapped In Men’s Bodies”;

      2) result in a more plausible explanation (improved AGP framework? a different framework w more explanatory power?); and

      3) receive peer review and journal publication, if at all possible.

      So far, AGP seems far and away the most sensible explanatory framework for a subset of trans* folk.

      • GallusMag Says:

        There you go being all sensible and stuff!

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        The points about sample size, control groups, and follow-up seem interesting. I remember one classic AGP study w a mildly bad but not fatal control group design.

        Also, I think AGP deniers need to be pressed on what other framework they’d propose. The “sexuality and gender track differently” explanation doesn’t match data.

    • charlston Says:

      What are you saying? As my daughter is unable to have children are you suggesting her doc is hiding something from her? That it has to be chromosomal ? You wouldn’t be generalising would you, because you know nothing of women.

      Women being treated by their doctors as children so they won’t feel hurt? Not giving them ownership of their own bodies? Lucky you didn’t say that to my face you condescending piece of over boiled mutton. WTF!

      Are you using her to back yourself up? Back away from the bloody grownups table before someone gives you a lesson in authenticity you disgusting excuse for a person.

      I think you read something somewhere and took it at face value without researching it.
      You do not have scholastic anything, you just regurgitate. Don’t mess with what you don’t know and don’t cherry pick bulls..t to suit your ignorant opinions.

      you said what??
      ”3) A woman (born with female genitalia) can sometimes be unable to procreate (a.k.a. barren) due to reasons that they are often not told by the doctor unless they insist, as it might hurt them. The reason? They may have female genitalia, but their sex chromosomes are XY”

  82. GallusMag Says:

    “This is my philosophy. This is how I got to be this way: If you can’t have, why not be.”

  83. charlston Says:

    To every decent person on here and to @Gallus I apologize for allowing myself to become angry. It just got to me that this person is probably being taken seriously by uneducated, innocent people who will parrot this rubbish and nod in agreement. Thank heavens the tide is turning and people are fighting back.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      @charlston anger is understandable in situations in which we perceive attacks on ourselves and our loved ones and the vulnerable. Please don’t be too hard on yourself.

      I have definitely seen this phenomenon of “uneducated, innocent people who… parrot this rubbish and nod in agreement” with AGP deniers, and I am very disturbed by it.

      So many people listen to AGP deniers when they claim that fundamental AGP studies are debunked, when that’s simply not true!

      My own strategy is to hammer home 2 main points:

      1) a decently large # of AGP case histories exist (and I’m going to start adding like @LC that self-described AGPs also exist).

      2) Criticisms don’t keep a theory from being the best thing out there – so after giving their criticisms critics should go on to propose a more plausible theory, if they have one.

      Keeping it academic is a strategy that works for me in these conversations, I find.

  84. Dakota Says:

    This article is a definitely a positive contribution to the issue but the anger expressed on the forum is shrilling. I wish the author had not included the graphic which distracted from the insight. There is too much judgmental perspectives on both sides this issue. I think the author has some good points but—in and of itself— resides a cherry picked set of research to support the thesis. I’m not implying it’s incorrect but I think a healthy study of both sides of the argument would be good for the commentators.

    I hope a lot of people in the transgender community read this. I’m pro-trans community but I think in an attempt to make others comfortable about their transition—especially close family and friends—they buy into established stereotypes which set’s the trans community back. It’s painful to witness because they (MtF and FtM) are trying so hard to just fit in during a turbulent time when the hormones (via HRT) are radically impacting their body and mind.

    I think a critical perception is needed at this time, however I would argue that a little understanding can go a long ways. Patience on this issue is going to be in short supply though …on both sides.


    • Janetwo Says:

      Have you read a significant portion of this blog? As I say to students in another context: if you are not angry, you are dead. Women do not have to accept the fiction that gender non-conforming men and heterosexual fetishist are women. The poor dear are just hormonal? Keep making excuses for the appalling way they threaten any women who dont buy into their bs and try to silence dissidents, they will throw you under the bus soon enough. And I certainly dont think their family and friends, especially their spouse who have not signed up for this three rings shit show have any obligation to accomodate that madness. If my dear late hubby had pulled that one on me, the ink could not have dry fast enough on the divorce paper. I am kind of laughing about the poor dears buying the stereotypes to make it easier on the family. Are you for real? : Hello hun! I thought wearing fishnets and high heels would make it less weird for you to call me Rhonda after calling me Bob for 15 years 🙂 ….

    • morag99 Says:

      “This article is a definitely a positive contribution to the issue but the anger expressed on the forum is shrilling […] Peace.”

      Why do pompous, sexist assholes like to finish off their pompous, sexist asshole comments with “peace”?

      Some instances of gas-lighting are just so boring and trite.

      • Janetwo Says:

        My personal theory on why people ends with “Peace”? I think its a passive agressive tactic to feel morally superior while dismissing the right of others to their legitimate righteous anger. Oh youse mean bitchy women! How dare you being angry at them poor suffering men!!?? That or too many yoga classes. Men have always tried to placate women anger and keep them to have class solidarity because they would lose control. They can beat us and they can even kill us, but they cant have our cooperation without our consent. No woman cooperating, no society. I mean, like that half veiled threat ” patience will be in short supply on both side”. There are no both side here, there is a very tiny minority of deluded men against 50% of the population. What can a handful of trannies do if only a fraction of women were to say no more of this bs? Could Glamour sustain loosing 50% of its readership after nominating Brucie woman of the year? I think not.

      • morag99 Says:

        Whoa, there, Janetwo. You sound like a pretty smart girl and everything, but the way you express your anger is so shrill and unattractive. Please, chill out. I mean that in a nice way, of course. Don’t get me wrong. Peace. Namaste. Give me a nice smile.

        Ha — kidding, of course!

        I agree with your comment 100%. Especially about that sickening, thought-stopping platitude regarding there being “two sides” to this conflict and that both sides are somehow equally bad/aggressive and/or equally legitimate. And, yeah, the veiled threat that these lady-men are losing their patience with us “shrilling” women … jesus. Abusive men are consistently such liars and fakers, and usually brimming over with clichés about people just getting along nicely. Dakota can take his phoney peace pipe and shove it.

  85. DIPLO DOCUSS Says:

    Its no delusion to say the criminals in government are pushing drugs steroids and altering hormones for profit. And mind you not just for MALES who have some form of effeminacy but for female bodybuilders- male combatants weightlifters- Baywatch woman – and so on,
    ALL are being targeted by evil profiteer’s. Probing a beings “non belief in themselves” is called bullying in my book. At least that is what it used to be called until liberalism arrived at the door of the gullible. But of course anyone who takes hormones or alters themselves in “ANY way” has already said “I don’t believe in myself” and runs to the nearest crook for advice that being the government in this case.
    What is the difference with that and drug lords? None its just a legal- illegality. All this evil has a Monsanto RED overtone feel to this.
    How to change a tomato into a potato?? Or more appropriately phrased how to make the average person out there support corrupt
    cultural communism?
    1 no gender (reverse sexism)
    2 no race (reverse racism)
    3 no country (reverse colonialism)
    4 no God- or shall we take that a little further like communist Monsanto does NO NATURE.
    Note Where are all the liberals putting down Satanism (communism). Nowhere to be found. Too busy chanting along with 666 heavy metal electric guitars.
    What do I like about the old days before communism?
    1 if someone had problems or issues they would be forced to contend with such and eventually believe in themselves through the contention.
    its this contention which communism tries to eradicate so ultimately the hormone taker CANNOT believe in themselves. “Oh but I do believe
    in myself” the victim will say.
    And I reply “ONLY AFTER you take your pills and surgery”?
    Nope that is a victim. If you have not got the guts to be yourself (like the old days) then
    Doctor DEATH with his red hands is here to help you not believe in yourself a little more.
    We have many morons in power such as these modifiers as said Monsanto the food modifier (jealous of natures power). Why?
    Because its stronger then they that is why.. Delete this mail if you will it changes noth.
    Life is a fight just like the way its supposed to be.
    The communist liberal chant “be yourself” translates as
    “We will tell you when you can be yourself and how much it will cost.
    Ha what a bunch of vomit, liberal my ass.
    Communism dressed in liberal robes. I don’t even know what real liberalism looks like we never had any!
    But a good start to liberation would be “BE YOUSELF and you know what that means”
    A fight and struggle.
    Better than being red no struggle no fight no life.

  86. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    “Autogynephilia may be conceived as inner-directed heterosexuality.” When a narcissist takes the phrase Go Fuck Yourself literally.
    “However, these individuals often have a difficult time socially, romantically, and sexually, and their transition appears to be largely motivated by a desire to improve their lives in these domains.” Easier to trick their chosen sex into sleeping with them, arguably rape.
    Anecdotal, but in my experience the non-homo ones changed after extensive porn addiction. Might be worth looking into and this explains why their childhoods were normal. Sexual tastes are mutable by porn use.
    “an explanation based on autogynephilia may be experienced as a narcissistic injury”
    A rare remark is required on treatment of others. So obsessed with their own gratification are these people, they act out in ways that are really abusive, to their spouse and to their children. Abuse is never acceptable, whatever you’re ‘going through’ and blaming the victim of abuse is common (ie. you made me angry).

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Wow, seems like someone had a bit too much to drink and was actually honest with himself!

      • I will never understand why in this age of “let your freak flag fly” these folks don’t just embrace autogynephilia as their kink and call it a day. Kinks are very hip and mainstream these days and most folks aren’t fazed by them.

      • stchauvinism Says:

        “I will never understand why in this age of “let your freak flag fly” these folks don’t just embrace autogynephilia as their kink and call it a day. ” It ruins the kink, spoils the fantasy there’s no legal violation of women’s boundaries allowed if they admit they are just out for jollies in a frilly knickers and frocks and that they get off on forcing the public to participate in their role playing fantasy. Forcing others to participate in your kink isn’t ethical even from a kink positive perspective, so they will never admit it’s a kink. I see the whole autogynephilia thing as just a new way for men to assert dominance over women, cause if you can get a woman to say, yes, men are women if they say so, she’s owned, she’s submitted entirely.

  87. GolfMD900@Gmail.com Says:

    I would like to point out that the brain of a male to female transsexual who had never had HRT before her death has been dissected and they found a BSTc that was similar in size to a cisgender female, and much too small to be considered as a male BSTc. We have very strong evidence that what the BSTc does is make everyone including animals feel a gender, either male, female, or neither. It is 5 to 8 times larger in males than females and it also has many more neurons coming in and out of it going to other parts of the brain related to gender biased behavior and traits. Here is a 3 minute quick video of Louie Gooren and Dick Swaab who were part of the team that had a hypothesis where they felt that transsexual females would have a BSTc in line with cisgender females. In the video they will discuss the transsexual brain that did not have HRT to effect in any way. And if it were possible to be effected by hormones then why wasn’t it masculinized during puberty when testosterone production reaches adult levels???


    They have also collected many more transsexual brains since then, and I believe they put out some new research not long ago. Because the trans woman who had never been on HRT before her death and still had a female sized BSTc shows that hormones had nothing to with it, well hormones after birth that is. It is most definitely without a doubt hormones in particular androgens such as testosterone that are responsible for masculinizing not just the genitals, but the brain as well. We know this from research that Dr.Milton Diamond, and Gorski did in the late 1950’s.

    They injected pregnant rats with testosterone to observe what effects it would have on the female offspring. What Dr.Diamond found was that it masculinized the genitalia, and the female rats behaved like male rats in their behaviors. Gorski liked this idea and thought to dissect the brains of these female rats and see if it also affected their brains, and if so what parts. The part of the brain that was masculinized was the BSTc region of the hypothalamus in these female rats. So it’s not a crazy thing to imagine this happening during a human pregnancy where the testosterone for a male fetus is either not enough to masculinize the brain or it’s being blocked or interfered with by something. With female to male transsexuals who by the way are higher on the autistic spectrum, than female transsexuals, which would make sense because their had to be enough testosterone to masculinize the brain of a female fetus. Autism is thought to be an extreme form of the male brain is why I’m saying it would make sense that trans men have a higher chance of being somewhere on the autistic spectrum.

    Here is a great video talking about gender development in the brain and the role that hormones play in it. It also talks about and backs up what I said about the research that was done by Dr.Diamond and Gorski. The 2nd link is a quick 2 minute song the same psych professor made to help her students to remember what the Sexually Dimorphic Nucleus does, which is another name for the BSTc region of the brain.



    I would also like to point out the story of David Reimer. Who Dr.Diamond was instrumental in bringing to light the truth of the John\Joan case and that Dr.John Money misrepresented, hid, and pretty much lied about his findings to publish a paper proving that his theory about gender neutrality was true. He believed that nurture and not nature is responsible for what gender identity a child will adopt. So if a girl is raised as a boy she will grow up to adopt a male gender identity and will grow up to be a happy, well adjusted, and heterosexual male. Like wise the reverse would be true of a boy raised as a girl. In 1965 he got his chance to prove his theory. In Canada identical twin boys were born, and at like 2 months old or so they needed circumcisions to help with some urinary problems they were having. The 2 children were named Bruce, and Bryan. Bruce was the first to go, and sadly his penis was pretty much burned off by a malfunctioning circumcision tool used to burn the foreskin away.

    When no doctors in Canada could help them they found Dr.Money and his gender neutrality theory and thought this was the answer to their problem. This was great for Dr.Money because they were identical twins so the other boy would be a perfect control. With that they had Bruce castrated, and renamed Brenda. They were told to raise him as a girl, and to never ever let him know he was born or boy or that there is anything different about him from other girls. At 7 years old in 1972 Dr.Money released his findings and published the paper touting it as a success. In reality it was all coming apart and he knew it. By 13 or 14 Brenda was so depressed that she was suicidal and that’s when his parents told him the truth about his birth and what had happened. He was so happy and relieved to hear this because he thought he was crazy.

    He thought he was crazy because had always felt that he was a boy, knew that he was a boy, and hated being a girl. Hmm those things and the depression and suicidal feelings sound pretty familiar. He sounds a lot like a trans man aka a female to male transsexual. He immediately started living as a male and took the name David for obvious reasons. Which I can very much relate to feeling like you are a little person taking on Goliath and the world. In 1997 Dr.Diamond had tracked him down finally, and what he found is pretty much what he thought he would find. That is because of his work with rats he felt gender identity was decided by nature in the womb by the presence or lack of presence of adrogens such as testosterone. Also from working with the rats, David Reimer, intersex kids, and transsexuals that a person’s gender identity is a very innate core part of them that is not capable of being over ridden by nurture, environment, society, or even the person themselves.

    Dr.Money’s “research” also had very negative reprecussions for babies born intersexed, or with ambiguous genitalia like David Reimer. Because surgeons and doctors now believed that nurture was the deciding factor, they would end up assigning pretty much every intersex baby or babies with ambiguous genitalia as female, and would remove testicles if they were present, and surgically fashion a vagina out what was left. Many of these female intersex kids would later grow up to transition and become transsexual men. Many by the age of 16. Because of Dr.Diamond raising awareness

    about Dr.Money’s research not panning out and that gender identity is in fact decided by nature in the womb, that it’s a very bad idea to operate on an infant that can’t tell you how they identify. So don’t be removing parts specially working testicles until the intersex kid is old enough to say I feel like a boy, a girl, or neither, and then if they want to undergo surgery to “normalize” their genitalia to do it then. Because once something has been removed it can’t just be reattached years later when they realize they made a mistake about predicting the future gender identity of these intersex babies. Down below is a link to a documentary about the David Reimer story, as well as interviews from the documentary that David Reimer had made about his life in 2000.


    Here are some videos of Dr.Diamond talking about the John\Joan case and transgender\transsexual people.



    Here is a great 30 minute interview that Cristan Williams did with Dr.Diamond. Very educational, and just a great watch.



    I would also like to point out the research that was done in Madrid, Spain in 2011. They wanted to see if they could figure out a way to scan a brain and tell if it is transgender or not because the only other way is for the person to be dead and to dissect their brains and look at the BSTc\SDN and see what size it is. They wanted to develop this as a diagnostic tool to help with diagnosing children, so that they can get puberty blocking drugs, and then later HRT. They also only did the scans on trans men, trans women, and cisgender women who weren’t on HRT, or contraception pills. They found that transsexual men had brain scans that were completely masculine and matched up with cisgender males and looked nothing like a

    cisgender female scan. With transsexual women they found a brain that was actually half and half when compared with cisgender females, and that it looked nothing like the trans men or cisgender men’s bran scans. The researcher was not sure why they identified as female still, but I believe that’s because of the BSTc region of the brain, and that after being on HRT for some time their brain scans looked like cisgender females. What’s interesting is that even without HRT trans men had a typical cisgender male brain scan. I also wonder what a brain of a pre-puberty trans boy and girl look like because testosterone is so much stronger than estrogen I wonder if male puberty was not the reason for the brain ending up half and half in the first place.

    Speaking from experience as a trans woman growing up I can say that my gender dysphoria did not get really bad until I hit puberty and then it just stayed that way until I started HRT. For me HRT was a godsend as I went from having a mind that was like a raging battlefield, filled with anxiety, and frustration to one that finally is at peace, it feels so serene now, and it also brought out a deep sense of happiness and joy that almost feels euphoric. I didn’t have any mood swings with my HRT, and many trans men and women report feelings similar to mine upon starting HRT. The amazing thing is how quickly these positive mental changes happened. For me it was like a week after starting HRT that I started to notice that my mind was so much quieter, and peaceful. This 2nd puberty takes between 5 to 7 years to complete with most of the physical changes occurring within the first 2 years.

    I personally feel that this happens for so many trans people because our brains are the opposite sex and that when flooded by the hormones that our bodies naturally produce it causes us great emotional and physical distress. I also think this why many trans people who don’t know before puberty find out as soon puberty starts. I knew when I was 5 that I was a girl, and by 6 it’s something that I would pray for every night for the next 20 years until I finally found the courage to go see a gender therapist, and to transition. For me it’s not just about improving my social functions. It had much more to do with wanting to free myself from the emotional and physical pain that gender dysphoria bring with it. I’m sorry but I think Blanchard needs to update his theory and hypothesis after catching up on all the new research that has been done, and it wasn’t until 1997-2000 that the world knew the truth of the John\Joan case and that it’s a very bad idea to do genitalia “normalizing” surgeries on intersex babies until they grow up and can tell you how they identify as.


    I would also like to point out that medication used to treat delusions, and body dysmorphia, which work very well for treating those conditions and other conditions where those are symptoms, but they had 0 effect on transgender\transsexual people. If it were simply a form or homosexuality or a mental illness\perversion then those would have worked. Also starting HRT is most certainly going to lower your sexual libido for trans women just as it increases it greatly for trans men. When the testosterone levels get down into the female range random erections pretty much stop completely, or do stop completely. They also aren’t going to last as long, and achieving an erection of the same strength as before HRT is just not possible. Yes, it can still get erect and will respond to sexual arousal, but at best it will be about 70% as strong of an erection as before. This was a great thing for me, as a male libido was too much for me and I hated it, and I hated random erections even more. It’s like one minute you are working on something then you get a random erection and all of sudden start to think about sex.

    I don’t hate or feel any gender dysphoria towards my penis. It’s more like what I don’t feel, which is nothing. I have feel no connection to it, and when I see it, it honestly looks like it’s someone else’s. It looks foreign to me. I believe this is related to my next point, which also serves to bring evidence that trans women who desire GCS\SRS to bring that part of their body more in line with their brains and minds. It’s that trans women who undergo the surgery don’t usually suffer from what is known as phantom limb syndrome, and if they do it goes away within a few weeks after the brain has reorganized it’s self. Trans men will commonly report feeling a phantom penis since childhood or after starting HRT. Usually they start to feel it as children though. In this case it’s phantom penis syndrome. Cisgender men who have to have the penis removed for cancer, or it gets destroyed by an accident or in

    battle, they will get phantom limb\penis syndrome for the rest of their lives. The frequency of this feeling will go down after time, but every now and again they will still feel it. This doesn’t usually happen with trans women who have the GCS\SRS. I believe this is because a trans woman who does desire this surgery that her brain was never wired for a penis, and so when it’s gone there is nothing in the brain to send signals that it’s still there. This is also the case with trans men and having their breasts removed compared to cisgender women who have to have them removed because of cancer, or an accident.



    Also here is a piece that Huffington Post did where they show the conclusions and summaries of 15 different studies on transgender\transsexual people showing it to be a biological issue, and not a mental one.


    There has been a lot of research that has been done since Blanchard formed his theories, and one has to wonder if being aware of all the new research if would still reach the same conclusions. I mean when you have trans kids why or how could they feel autogynephilia of any kind. On top of that doctors and therapist working with trans kids know that if they are staying consistent, persistent, and insistence stay for 6 months or longer, that there is very little chance they will not stay with their transition, and will go back to being cisgender boys and girls. I just feel like when he did his research and came up with his theories there was

    much he couldn’t have known. I just can’t agree with his logic, or reasoning about the homosexual transsexual women. I don’t fit into either category as I felt this way since 5, but am also bisexual with a preference for masculine men, but if I a lesbian and I really hit off and I was also physically attracted to her somewhat I would give it a go. I’m not real big on looks anyway. That’s not how I date men either. I do like some physical attraction, but the determining factor is always going to be personality. Can I have enjoyable intimate conversations with him, can I share an emotional connection with him, can he make laugh, and is he confident about himself and has

    good self-esteem, as long as it doesn’t go overboard. I can’t stand arrogance or narcissism. I dated and had oral sex with a few different women and enjoyed it very much. I just don’t have an urge to want to use my penis to penetrate anything, that just feels weird and I really don’t enjoy it at all. I’ve never gotten sexual pleasure from dressing in women’s clothing either. I like women’s clothes for the same reason that women enjoy them because I like the way I look in them, and I’m drawn to them. But I’m not going to wear dresses and skirts everyday with heels. That would be crazy uncomfortable and not reasonable for every day life.

    I like to wear jeans and a nice top all the time. I probably wear my sandals, flip flops, and sneakers more than anything else. I definitely don’t wear make-up all the time, specially if I’m only going out to run a few quick errands, but by comparison my Mom who was born in 1946 she hates to go out with no make-up on. I do like make-up though and I think what it can do is pretty awesome. I just don’t think that most trans women who go on HRT turn into crazy, self-absorbed, and narcissistic unless that’s how they were before starting HRT. If anything it should draw more empathy from them. I already had high levels of empathy my whole life, but being on HRT has made those levels even higher.

    I do think that HRT given to someone who is not a transsexual will result in some not so good brain chemistry and I could see that leading to some very wild mood swings, and other irrational behavior that could be quite self-destructive for an individual. I think that if your partner or some one you know is experiencing that, then it would be a really good idea for that person to let the therapist know, so they can see what’s going on and decide if the person should

    stay on HRT or not. I would also be really weary of doing GCS\SRS on some one who is not a transsexual either. This is why we are supposed to go through really rigorous psycholigcal screenings, do the real life test for I think it’s a year or 2, and then need 1 letter of recommendation from the gender therapist for HRT and they won’t give a person that letter until they have gone through at a minimum of 3 months worth of therapy with them. Then 2 letters of recommendation are needed before a surgeon will consider doing

    GCS\SRS on a patient and even then they may not decide to do the surgery as they are the last deciding factor, and if they feel uncomfortable that the person is really suffering from gender dysphoria and or is also a transsexual who is not doing it because it’s a need being motivated by a fetish, then they will not perform surgery and will send them back their therapist telling them why they denied the surgery. When a trans woman or man meets with a surgeon they will ask them a bunch of questions to get a feel for them, and if they don’t get a positive feeling, then they won’t do it.

    Also as the brain research keeps coming and it keeps showing the same and similar results over and over again, I see transgenderism being categorized as an intersex condition of the brain, as the condition is causing an actually physiological change that is not in line with the chromosomal sex, the body, and the genitals. It’s already being phased out of the DSM manual as it’s no longer called gender identity disorder, instead it’s now just referred to by the symptoms that this condition cause in a person. It’s now just called gender dysphoria and it’s been moved out of the mental disorder part of the book in the latest edition of the DSM-V. And part of the

    description of a fetishist transvestite is that they are turned on by the thought of themselves as a woman, but they still maintain a male gender identity. I do think that if they over indulge in it though that it may be capable of changing some aspects of the way the neurons in the brain are organized, but they won’t have the brains of the opposite gender, and the need for them to take hormones and get GCS\SRS are a result of the brains constantly being a state of arousal at the thought of themselves as a woman and just like with any drug it starts to wear down over time, and to maintain that high

    they may get very obsessive about obtaining an outwardly appearance of a female. However, that’s the kind of thing that the screening process is trying to catch. I have doubts that some slip through the cracks, but I have to think that a lot don’t. However, HRT can be gotten through online pharmacies, but OMG is that dangerous to do. They can’t do blood test to see where their hormone levels are at, so that’s gonna make it difficult to know how much testosterone suppressing medication to take, or how much estrogen is enough. It’s also dangerous if they don’t know the risk factors of blood clots, and why it’s super important to take a baby aspirin every day.

    I’m just writing this to present some of the facts that this article left out, as it didn’t explain at all why the BSTc brain dissections were so important, and the author didn’t seem to be aware that work has been done on the brains of transsexual women and men who had not undergone any HRT, and this also includes dissecting the brains of transsexual women who had not undergone HRT as well. I also am sorry for any negative experiences that any of you may have gone through with a transsexual male or female partner, but that experience is unique to you, and as whole is pretty rare. Most people who knew a transsexual male or female before they transitioned will tell you how much happier, more outgoing, and just over all better people their friend or family member became as they transitioned. A month or so into my HRT and I had people telling me all the time that I was just radiating happiness, and joy. They would say your face is glowing what are you using. I would reply I guess it’s the HRT because I’m not wearing any make-up. I’m just way happier and at peace now than I ever was before specially after puberty started.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Dear god what an obsessive autogynephile.

      Leave David Reimer’s corpse alone, won’t you? He had ghastly mutilated genitalia and a urine tube draining out of his abdomen. There isn’t a chance in hell he was “raised as female”. He and his brother killed themselves a year apart, and his brother wasn’t intersex. Let his soul rest, won’t you?

      Most intersex people raised as the “wrong sex” continue with that “wrong” identification in adulthood and don’t switch back, so there goes your fucking theory.

      But you aren’t coping with a disaster, or a disorder of sexual development, are you, my laydee-brained friend? You’re just a self-hating tranny whose dick gets hard when he wears laydees panties. If you were so hap hap happy as a laydee wearing clothes to match hir BSTc (do these shoes match my BSTc? LOL) you wouldn’t be searching the internet for autogynephilia posts to argue against yourself with.

      If chemical castration gave you some relief from your compulsive uncontrolled male sexual autogynephile paraphilia: Good on ya! YAY harm reduction! Still has nothing to do with women. Leave us out of it. Your dishonesty doesn’t help your brethren fellows either.

      Way to throw yourself and your brothers under the bus, brothah! Hope you feel much better now about your trubling autogynephillic erections! You boring dime a dozen fucker.

      “I don’t hate or feel any gender dysphoria towards my penis.” That’s okay- SRS is more of a lifestylism autogyno body mod anyway. Enjoy your fetish, Christopher! Away from any actual women. Away from any actual women’s spaces or lives. Stop harming women. Kthx.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Good grief, that went on and fucking on, didn’t it? (Though I sure as shit didn’t read the whole thing.) He just seemed so. intent. on “educating” us. Of course, had he bothered to read anything else at this site besides this post, he’d have seen that we’re well acquainted with the story of poor David Reimer. But no. In his sheer arrogance he presents the story as if it’s completely new to us. Just another self-stroking dude.

        One thing – this: “that what the BSTc does is make everyone including animals feel a gender, either male, female, or neither”? I’d just love to know how scientists figured out when an animal “feels a gender”. Gee, ya think that could be bullshit?

      • morag99 Says:

        “(do these shoes match my BSTc? LOL)”


        Does this skirt make my BSTc look fat? Please, be honest.

    • nonny Says:

      tl;dr: “blah blah blah brain-sex, blah blah me me me, blah blah blah intricately constructed worldview dedicated to sustaining my bs house of cards identity, blah de fuckin blah” ad nauseum

    • cerulean blue Says:

      Christopher, thank you for the 4000 word dissertation on gender! Animals have sex, not gender? Who knew? Who would have thought their tiny brains were capable of developing the society needed to in turn, develop a shared social construct? Who knew? Christopher knew!

      Thanks to you, I now accept my cat, Fluffy, who recently informed me that he is actually a she. While I won’t be putting him, er, her into the kitty MRI to look for Fluffy’s BSTc (assuming a cat’s Itty bitty brain brain even has one) I rest easy in the knowledge that humping behavior in mice, caused by injected testosterone, is the key indicator of gender in all animals, including human. I can see that Fluffy is clearly a female. Like me, Fluffy doesn’t hump the other cats, the furniture, or other inanimate objects. Fluffy spends an inordinate time on grooming, just like many other females, and has been known to get involved in cat fights, where the nails come out. You know, like teenage girls!!! And Fluffy expects to be taken care of instead of working, just like a girl. Again, soooooo female. I even had to buy Fluffy a separate pink litter box because my other transphobic cat wouldn’t let him pee in peace! Oh, wait. Fluffy just informed me that my use of his dead name is akin to murder. Caitlyn. That’s the new name.

      Oh, but one weird thing. Unlike you, Chris, Fluffy-Caitlyn is not so big on the mansplaining. So maybe he’s not trans after all?

  88. Juniper Says:


  89. kaypasser Says:

    the ‘standard trans narrative’ can be blown out of the water big time by studying the transgender forums for an hour or two… im seriously troubled by established mainstream media feminists who buy into the rhetoric, think julia serano is all they need to know about autogynephilia and very obviously havent done their research.. i cant stand to see another opinion piece in the guardian purporting to be serious journalism.. see those eds scuttling off into the shadows when benvenuto, bindel and greer tell it like it is for women.. and see them backing up the gender binary big time while silencing and disregarding women… this is left wing mainstream uk media… tell us.. what hope is there?

  90. Edalia Says:

    There are lots of good points in this article. The most important I feel is the way some Trans people react so aggressively to these points of view which hints that they’re either in denial about it or have suffered abuse as a consequence of people believing it to be true.

    The comments section however(like most comment sections) is unfortunately full of hatred; and full of lots of people clearly using points from the article to justify their own personal hateful views. It’s this hostility which makes me realise why so many people reject Blanchard’s ideas. If people reacted more neutrally and with an open mind rather than as if they’d found a new weapon to attack Trans people with, I’m sure they could be used to help everyone come to a better understanding of the nature of gender non conforming individuals.
    I think there’s more involved than sexual urges and wish there was more room for open debate as I find the feminine essence idea implausible due to feminine and masculine being so subjective. Unfortunately much of the debating ground becomes a warzone full of old wounds resurfacing.

    Oh and for what it’s worth I’m an autogynephiliac genderqueer person trying to live the life of accepting myself and the world as they are and just doing what makes me happy in a generous androgynous friendly way.

  91. anonymous Says:

    Two words used properly defeat this article; Critical Thinking.

  92. dragmi Says:

    AG or not, what does it change ? People should be free to change their body and gender role if they wish !

    All people organize their life around sex ! Why do men get married and have kids ? Because they want to have sex ! And when they have kids they stay because they get used to their fetish : the women !

    The theory of AG is far from being the truth and not very scientific.

    A few examples of why :

    – Blanchard ignore that MANY women would be seen a AG if they gad the same test as they are excited by the idea of being women and feeling sexy, look at how women dress to understand that ! MOSER shows that very well in a study on women.

    – Blanchard tells that trans men (women who become men) do no exist and do not feel excited by the idea of having a male body but they DO

    – When you have a woman gender it seems logical to think that having a woman’s body is a turn on particularly when you do not have this body as then you can have sex as a woman

    – Every time a result doesn’t match his theory, he says that the trans lied !

    – Some gay trans feel AG

    – Some non gay trans have NO AG

    So as you understand the theory is far from a reference to understand trans people !!!

    • cerulean blue Says:

      NOPE. Dragmi, did you even read Moser’s study? You know, actually read and critically analyze it, using the grey matter between your ears? Because if you did you would have noticed the questions in his so called study were nothing like the questions in Blanchard’s study, and hence, any conclusions of Moser’s study are null and void. Using your brain is not difficult. You should try it from time to time.

    • LC Says:

      This is a study on the ease with which males redefine words. Above is a case study volunteer.

      -Note that by “many women” subject means the few dozen Moser asked in one, poorly designed study with carefully worded questions. Subject also suggests that woman is defined as “dressing sexy”, The subject believes that women choose their manner of dress because it looks sexy *to them*. This might strike a casual reader as puzzling that so many women choose clothes designed by men which enhance body parts which men deem sexy on women. Perhaps the subject believes men and women are synonyms? Let’s read on and find out.

      -Here the subject takes the curious approach of using ‘trans men’ to mean the more commonly used word ‘transmen’, who are, of course, not ‘women who become men’ as the subject suggests, but women who remain women. It could simply be a lazy use of punctuation to add that space, or it could be an attempt to confuse the reader by severing that difference between “transman”(woman) and “man”(man). It lends credence to my theory that the subject believes man and woman are synonyms. Subject also uses the word ‘exist’ to mean ‘useful to a particular topic of study’, which is non-standard.

      -Next statement is a notable non-standard use of both logic and gender(cultural sex roles), and the sentence itself is so ambiguous that every word might well be nonsense. I will attempt to parse the meaning, all the same: If you are a woman you will think women are sexy. Subject provides no context for what sexy means or if it has anything to do with lesbianism. Subject then states that people without the bodies of women(men) are especially desiring of women’s bodies, thus confirming my theory of subject’s inability to distinguish men from women.

      -Following this is subject’s poorly articulated criticism of a scientific theory, but there is too little of substance in the remark to analyze, and is beyond our scope.

      -Finally, subject remarks that some men are attracted to men but also fetishize women, and other men have no fetishistic desire for women, or are unwilling to admit their desire. In this case, I can see no fault in the meaning of these statements, but it seems odd that subject is choosing to point it out. Possibly, subject believes this demonstrates something more remarkable than what is written here, but more evidence is needed to determine the exact meaning.

      (I enjoyed this entirely too much. Sorry it’s so long)

    • donesoverydone Says:

      Y’all men!
      Everybody knows transwomen are men, even your dog!
      Get the fuck over it and stop demanding that the public engage in non consensual role playing!

    • Men get married for sex? And then the woman becomes a fetish that is strong enough to keep him in a fatherhood that he doesn’t particularly want?

      Moser was crap. You know that already. Women don’t get sexually excited by the body they were born into and live with every day. Especially because they spend so much time reminding themselves that yes, they do actually own it, despite a society that tells them it’s only theirs until a man needs it. AG in women would be a state of Stockholm Syndrome.

      But it’s interesting how filtering your opinion through your delusion makes you shit on men and women both.

    • charlston Says:

      1) ”AG or not, what does it change ? People should be free to change their body and gender role if they wish” !

      It changes everything. Your freedom doesn’t mean you get to take our freedom or force others to go along with your illusions to change, change how we speak or insist we sleep with you.

      2) Blanchard ignore that MANY women would be seen a AG if they gad the same test as they are excited by the idea of being women and feeling sexy, look at how women dress to understand that ! MOSER shows that very well in a study on women.

      Huh? In many places in the world women are not excited to be women as that means a life rape, slavery,pain and abuse. You are thinking from a safe, indulged, free point of view. Men preen themselves wearing the opposite gender’s clothes and actually get an erection and orgasm because of how it feels.
      Women enjoy being admired in safe environments sure but we don’t wear a pair of pants and have an orgasm because of it.We certainly don’t get dressed for a night out and are so enchanted with what we see in the mirror that we end up staying home and having sex with ourselves because we are so turned on. Don’t confuse admiration with AG.

      3) – Every time a result doesn’t match his theory, he says that the trans lied !

      Every time someone re-transitions, (a result doesn’t match this theory) they are told they were lying, were definitely not trans to begin, are shunned, and left unsupported.

      4) ” Some gay trans feel AG

      – Some non gay trans have NO AG.”

      Um, Gay trans? Really, you used someone’s sexual preferences as an argument for your AG? People are not assigned their sex at birth, their biology does that. What exactly is gay/non gay trans? Straight / gay people can tell ya know! Thats like trying to slip mushrooms into someones spaghetti sauce thinking a mushroom hater won’t notice the difference in texture.
      You want to be free? Embrace your gender belief and allow everyone the freedom to have theirs without trying to convert them. Wars have been known to start over stuff like this.

      There are some alarming health problems now. If you want to be useful rather than just thinking about yourself, try helping your fellow trans by research then do something to help with this –
      ‘One of the fastest growing populations to be infected with HIV is transgender people. In California, publicly funded counseling and testing sites reported that transgender women have higher rates of HIV diagnosis (6%) than all other risk categories..’

    • Rod Fleming Says:

      Wow, what nonsense.

      Blanchard studied a specific, large sample of born male subjects who desired a surgical change to their sexual organs to make them appear female. Blanchard DID NOT study born women because, guess what? They already have vaginas, duh. Real ones. Like all good scientists, which he is, this is all made plain in his literature. (Which you obviously have not read.)

      Blanchard’s study was repeated in 2009 by Nuttbrock et al, and you guessed it, Blanchard was vindicated. Nuttbrock set out to debunk him, as is proper Scientific Method, but it ended up almost completely concurring.

      Moser’s ‘study’ was tiny, not random, statistically inconclusive and unscientific. The result it got was because the Blanchard test Moser used was NEVER DESIGNED to be used on women — only on men. (See above.) However, as a result of the possible ambiguity introduced by Moser’s mischief, Bailey and Lawrence redesigned the AGP diagnostic test. Moser’s ‘study’, if repeated using the updated test, would not now find that women show autogynephilia.

      (Dr Alice Dreger is one of the few women {born female} working in this field who are ambiguous about autogynephilia’s occurrence in women. So, for the sake of clarity, even if autogynephilia could be shown to occur in born women, which it never actually has, the Moser ‘study’ being at best misleading, that would not change anything. AGP men would still be men with autogynephilia, BECAUSE THEY ARE MEN. This is called logic.)

      Blanchard NEVER said that there was no such thing as ‘transmen’. In fact he said the exact opposite; he specifically states that they do exist. He did say that he does not believe there is a female equivalent to autogynephilia (autoandrophilia). However, Blanchard specifically included a theoretical category of women with autonandrophilia, in order to avoid the accusation of being sexist, even though he had never encountered such a case. If you had read Blanchard, you would know this.

      I have read most of Blanchard’s papers and I do not recall him accusing anyone of lying. I do recall J M Bailey quoting another researcher at CAMH who said that trans people are prone to telling untruth. But you don’t read books, do you? You just swallow the BS on AGP activist sites and then pass it off as information.

      In any case, I am quite happy to go on record: in my experience, autogynephiles have no understanding of truth or of objective reality at all. They are Walter Mitty style fantasists to a man. This contrasts strongly with HSTS, who are, in the main, completely honest and thoroughly realistic. I have never heard an HSTS claim to be a ‘real woman’. (Although they may, rightly, call themselves ‘transwomen’.)

      You seek to have AGPs accepted as ‘women’ yet for you, HSTS transwomen are just ‘gays’. Unfortunately, homophobia and profound misogyny are noticeable parts of the AGP personality. As you demonstrate.

  93. Robert Cook Says:

    What is the diference between MTFs wanting to be admireded and biological women spending so much on shoes, undies, perfume and make up to be admired? As for the homosexual men who change sex to go with straight men, are they still gay men, if so why get the sex change. This is a long wiinded pretentious piece of pseudo academia that misses the point. I offer two typoslogies, those with female brains and those so screwed up by feminism and other social issues taht they want to be something vaguelly called women. Feminists and gays hate this because both groups are so precious about themselves.

    • Mortadella Says:


      Someone doesn’t understand what feminism is. Errr, I just realized I don’t feel like explaining it. Though maybe if Mr. Cook goes back to the 1890s, he’ll realize feminism isn’t a recent phenomena.

    • sarineal Says:

      “What is the diference between MTFs wanting to be admireded and biological women spending so much on shoes, undies, perfume and make up to be admired?”

      The social construction of femininity. Women do not choose this, feminism resists this being imposed on them. You apparently think otherwise and wish to blame the very thing that is against gender constructs and wishes to see them abolished and groups which resist social norms which harm them.

      You are incorrect.

    • Hecate Says:

      The dilemma is not one of personal choice regarding apparel generally, rather, the dilemma comes about when personal delusions are foisted upon society as some bizarre Orwellian truth. Men are women, dogs are cats, the sun is now the moon.

      Aesthetics are hardly the conversation most are having on this topic.

      And yes – a male is a male is a male. A gay male adopting a female guise in order to attract straight men into sexual situations remains a gay male. “Why” was laid out succinctly. Reading comprehension is a thing.

  94. donesoverydone Says:

    Interesting, man reads an article written by another man, Michael J Bailey, doesn’t like it and decides that feminism and the gays are to blame, never mind that Bailey is straight man who is not a feminist but is a sexual libertarian.

  95. Jennie5 Says:

    You are bigots who are culpable in spreading hate, violence against the oppressed, and intolerant misinformation. There’s blood on your hands. Check your middle class, cisgendered privilege and stop it. Hypocrites.

    • LC Says:

      Gosh. So good you said something. I see the light. At least, I think it’s light, it might identify as darkness and I don’t want to make any assumptions as that is literally murder. Sorry, I’m new at this.

      • charlston Says:

        LC : Newbie helpful hints. Stop seeing the light. It hasn’t got a clue what it is yet, wait till after its decided . You could be triggering it to the point it may blow a fuse.

  96. Steelcore1085 Says:

    Jade’s actual name is John.

    John has a medical problem called gender dysphoria.

    He needs help and needs to be taught how to treat the other 99.7% of the human population with a degree of respect.

    You need help, John.

  97. red Says:

    More related to your Nat Post column link: Barbara Kay’s archives with several articles on The Luscious and, in her bio it says, “Founder of, and General Counsel for, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association 1969 – 2009.”


  98. Rod Fleming Says:

    This is a good piece that summarises the evidence. I think, however that you should update it to take account of the MRI studies done by Rametti et al, and Savic and Arver, with results published in 2011. These conclusively show that homosexual transsexuals (HSTS) do have brains shifted towards the female morphology on all tested parameters, whereas autogynephiles (AGP) have brains indistinguishable from other men’s.

    This in turn shows that a) Blanchard is confirmed; there are two types. (If there are other types they have never been studied or, as far as I know, even observed.) b.) Only one of these types, the HSTS, can claim to have a ‘brain sex’ but we are still unclear as to when exactly in life the morphological differences appeared.

    This is in line with an informal prediction by Blanchard.

    Zhou — though unsurprisingly still popular amongst some Western AGPs — has been comprehensively superseded by the above studies and should not now be referenced.

    The reason why so many feminine boys grow up to be ‘gay men’* in the US in particular, is almost certainly the combination of homophobia and misogyny prevalent in that culture. In cultures where this is less intense, eg across Asia, far greater numbers of feminine boys will transition, at least for part of their lives.

    The writer is correct that ‘comfort in life’ is a major stimulus amongst HSTS to transition, in addition to the fact that they become attractive to a much larger pool of men. (They are never interested in homosexual men. They consider such a relationship, as Kulick points out with reference to Brazilian transsexuals, to be lesbian.)

    In many Asian cultures, eg Thailand, there is no stigma attached to a man keeping an HSTS transwoman as a mistress (though perhaps not as a wife.)

    If they cease to be attractive as women, such individuals may detransition in later life and live as gay men.

    AGPs do exist in Asia too; I used to think they did not but in the last year I have researched this and yes they do, so, I was wrong. However their numbers are unknown and they are in many ways dissimilar to the classic Western presentation. I think this dissimilarity confuses Western observers (it did me), and is what caused Dr Lawrence, with whom I generally agree, to postulate some quite bizarre ideas regarding this. In fact there are plenty of AGPs, you just need to know what to look for.

    *I put ‘gay’ in quotes because while it is often held to be a synonym for ‘homosexual’ in fact it refers to a particular, Western expression of male homosexuality.

  99. Amber Says:

    Thank you for writing and researching–I appreciate the time you put into it. I didn’t read more than two comments, honestly, but I do have commentary, myself.

    It’s not really anyone’s business to pinpoint or discern someone’s sexual motivation unless you’re invited to by that person. All people should be allowed to keep their sexuality sacred and personal, regardless of their gender presentation. The more we humans and our institutions take pains to categorize, analyze, and label our sex–the more harm we’re doing to sexual autonomy.

    It’s offensive, I think, to some, to be subject to a POLITICAL opinion on the intellectualization and trivialization someone’s sacred, sexual self. When you do this to someone, you’re imposing on their autonomy.

    I realize this conversation needs to be had, because a majority of people in our society have come to the conclusion that it’s OK to put a microscope on certain people (a minority)’s sexual autonomy. It’s not. If you have an interest in someone’s sexual motivations, if you have a curiosity about what makes them cum, you should either show them respect and HONOR THE MYSTERY or get to know them intimately and find out without imposing on them.

    Each person is unique–and while it’s traditional in modern society to categorize and label individuals (in this instance, by gender) so we can intellectualize them and incorporate them into our (in this instance, sexual) worldview–we need to take a moment to really, critically think about how invasive, imposing, and impolite we’re allowing ourselves to be towards one-another for the sake of our (the majority’s) comfort at the expense of theirs (the minority).

    I would suggest, because it’s related, that anyone interested in exploring this worldview read Michel Foucault’s History of Sexuality. Our history is filled with people with power imposing their wills on those without for the sake of “knowledge.” Some things, like someone’s personal sexual desires and autonomy, are better left without public and political interference.

    • Yes, this would hold only if there weren’t an entire class whose job it was to cater to the sexual predelictions of the other, as women are to men.

    • Rod Fleming Says:

      Oh for Pete’s sake, we out-do ourselves in autogynephilic dissembly. Foucault? FOUCAULT? That obscurantist patron of Post-Modernism, that holds that there is no such thing as objective reality? That self-serving sadomasochist, that disciple of Sade, who said ‘We have had sexuality since the eighteenth century, and sex since the nineteenth,’ which , presumably is what the storks were doing for all those millennia. Who knew?

      Foucault was a disreputable charlatan of the most miserable order (there a number of French ‘philosophers’ more deeply entrenched in obscurantism and bogus intellectual snobbery, but they can all be disregarded.)

      Let us be quite clear. Post-Modernism is DEAD and thank goodness for that. It died two decades ago, despite the frantic efforts of ageing regressive-left academics to maintain a pulse.

      There IS such a thing as objective reality and it has teeth. I appreciate that the very most remote thing from an autogynephile’s mind is reality, but the rest of us are not obliged to go along with your pathetic, childish delusions.

      ‘Honor the mystery’? What kind of rank piffle is that? What, we should go back to believing in distant volcano-gods? The whole of science EXISTS to explain the ‘mystery’, not to HONOUR it. Who, except a moron who positively delights in their own ignorance, would celebrate ignorance?

      You have a right to be autogynephilic and not to be mocked for that. You even have a right to challenge the scientific consensus that you are autogynephilic. But here’s thing: if you want to do that, you have to do better science. You have to debunk, scientifically, Blanchard, and not retreat into philosophical obscurantism. Otherwise,we WILL laugh at you.

    • cerulean blue Says:

      @”Amber,” You couldn’t be bothered to read more than two comments, but you expect us to read your full-on mansplaining bloviation? Your words are telling, dear. Just the first few. We won’t bother to read the rest.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @ceruleanblue What you saw there is a common speech pattern /thought process that is constant among many…MANY trans persons. Disjointed, with no rhyme or reason on same.

        If one thinks what is online is bad, try not cringing over same, when overheard on the bus. (seeing you live in the same part of the world as I do….you know this is commonplace). And the younger set takes their lead from persons like ‘Amber’ and their ilk…which is sicker still.

    • Fruitopia Says:

      We shouldn’t avoiding studying certain subjects just because it’s uncomfortable.

      Also, MtT are demanding access to women’s spaces and demanding that women be legally erased on the pretence that their brains are female; if the truth is that they are simply perverts with a fetish for thinking of themselves as women, then we have a right to know.

    • kesher Says:

      Do whatever you want behind closed doors. Do not, however, insist that your sexual predelictions make you a “woman” or demand that the rest of us participate in your fetish, “Amber”.

      • sirenpress Says:

        “a majority of people in our society have come to the conclusion that it’s OK to put a microscope on certain people (a minority)’s sexual autonomy”
        Almost there, Amber. Did you mean to say
        “a majority of people with penises have come to the conclusion it’s ok to use them on certain people (women) to suppress their sexual autonomy”
        There, fixed it.

    • Em Says:

      I really could not care less about the sexuality of strangers. In fact, I specifically do NOT want to know about it. Which is why I object to seeing men in drag, who seemingly cannot resist hanging their sexuality out where everyone has to see it.

      And please spare me your mansplanations about how it’s not about sex. Of course it is.

  100. angelaroselle Says:

    Well written article!

  101. Again much of these so called facts have been refuted by mainstream scientists and psychologists. The fact remains that most lesbian transwomen are not autogynephilic and they have done studies on trans women’s brains of all sexual orientations and found that their brains are very feminine. Blachard’s work on the most part as been refuted. Also very few transsexuals who transition and get surgery actually regret it. In fact many if not most are far happier. Most of these terfs and swerfs are in most ways regressive patriarchal daughters of the Abrahamic religions namely Christianity. They embrace the strict gender binary of the Abrahamic religions and the sex negativism in it. Like Christianity they consider femininity to be a construct and merely something of this world and masculinity as being the ideal natural state of both sexes. When femininity is not a social construct but pretty much inborn just like masculinity. The fact is according to mainstream psychologists and biologists gender is not a social construct. Gender roles may be but gender is not. Transsexuals are born with innate differences that separate them from cisgendered people and transsexualism is diagnosable by psychologists. Once more before the Abrahamic religions countless societies accepted trans people. Like the Hijras of India, the Two Spirited people of the Americas, The Galli of the cult of Cybele. Terfs as much as they claim to hate the Abrahamic religions willingly embrace the notion that gender is a binary and all men are born to be men and all women are born to be men. When in reality as science shows gender is a spectrum and countless people are born in the wrong genders. The Bugis people of Indonesia for instance believes there are five genders. Really radical feminists like in this blog are nothing more then conservative feminists who embrace a gender binary while ironically claiming to fight against it, while seeing femininity as a mere construct to oppress women instead of embracing femininity as the highest reality as certain groups like the Aristasians have done and embracing the Madonna/Whore concept and sex negativism. By the way this page pretty much denunks Blachard’s ideas and your post.


    • Rod Fleming Says:

      Once again, a pack of barefaced lies from Julia Serano, the autogynephilic activist. Firstly, ‘mainstream scientists’ have not refuted Blanchard, rather confirmed him; see Rametti et al, 2011, Savic and Arver 2011 and Guillamon et al 2016. We note that once again, Serano provides no support for the claims made.

      Religion has nothing to do with it. Both transsexuals (Blanchard HSTS) and autogynephilic transvestites exist everywhere, irrespective of religious culture.

      It may be true that femininity is inborn, but if so, as regards MtF, this ONLY applies to transsexuals (Blanchatd HSTS) and NOT to autogynephiles, as demonstrated conclusively in the exhaustive testing referred to above. Once again, we see here autogynephiles colonising treannsexual identities and erasing their identity, to serve their own masculine ends. Cuckoos come to mind — both as regards their menatl state and their behaviour.

      The notion that gender is a not binary is entirely specious and totally unsupported by observation of human societies across the world. Even apparent multiple gender cultures like the Bugis of Indonesia actually devolve to a binary, once exmanined.

      Yet again, Serano produces a pack of utter nonsense supported by nothing at all except a spurious appeal to authority (her own, assmed.) On the other hand, if you eant to read the real science, it’s available for download via my sit http://rodfleming.com/links/

      Serano, we are on to you.

      Rod Fleming

      • Actually as Serrano showed the autogynephilia myth has been debunked. Even on the Wikipedia page Blanchard’s ideas have been pretty much refuted. While some people may fit the autogynephilia ideas many if not most do not.

        Next no gender is not binary some people do fit into certain gender roles namely the ones that they are born into but countless societies prior to the Abrahamic religions all usually saw that certain people existed beyond the gender binary. Again the terf feminists embrace the ideology of the Abrahamic religions which is why I call terf and swerf feminism to be nothing more then a secularization of the Abrahamic religions namely Christianity in the same way as Communism is. While Communists reject faith but support Christianity’s altruism and collectivism these post Christian feminists reject faith but embrace the notion that femininity is secondary to masculinity and that femininity is inherently inferior to masculinity and even that femininity was created by masculinity to oppress women. Both terfs see masculinity as the default reality and femininity as second to masculinity. They also see gender as tied to biological sex and yet at the same time paradoxically sees gender as a social construct.


        Again mainstream science and psychology pretty much rejects Blachard’s theories as well as the anti trans movement. Terf and SWERF feminists are merely patriarchal sex negative daughters of the Abrahamic religions in sheep’s clothjing.




    • Marm Says:

      Maria Carmen Warman: autogynephelia is a pack of lies according to Serano yet you have chosen the cover art from Duran Duran c. 1982 to represent your non-AGP self on FB. Hmmm.

      After you have been to college or university for a couple of years, which your FB states you have not attended yet, come back and reread the wall of blather that you posted here.

      You’ll have to do better than a single citation from a terrible writer and AGP whiner, when you finally get to school. Science is science, not FEELINGS.

      Maria Carmen WarMAN, what do you hope to accomplish with your mansplaining gibberish here ? But you go right ahead with embracing femininity or whatever, in your non-AGP fashion. Don’t forget to bombard the comment section with selfies that show your girlishness off in the most beguiling ways. Perhaps you’d like to explain to us how you are actually an intersexed hermaphrodite true transsexual lesbian while you are at it.

      (Rolls eyes)

      • Actually my brother has been to college and I have read the statements of mainstream scientists and psychologists all of which refute the anti transgender ideologies of the far right and the TERFS. Again as for mansplaining it is terfs that call themselves feminists while at the same time seeing femininity as a tool to oppress women where as to more traditionalist feminists, femininity is the highest reality. Again mainstream science and psychology is on the side of transsexuals. Terfs and Swerfs are once again showing their status as conservative feminists and allies of the gender binary and sex negative Abrahamics.

      • Rod Fleming Says:

        Are you for real? You bring Wikipedia and ‘my brother went to college’ to a science debate, where people are using real references to peer-reviewed papers? I smell troll.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Rod – I just let these AGPs prattle on over here. Their spew is more revealing than any commentary could be. 😉
        LOL “my brother went to college”. Classic.

      • It is funny you accuse me of mansplaining and yet you willingly lap up anything from such males as Paul McHugh and Blanchard and you basically embrace the strict gender binary of the Abrahamic religions and the view that gender is tied to sex. Where as in most Pagan societies they recognized that some people are born in the wrong gender. Greek religion even has a story explaining transsexuals. Further more I have provided references Wikipedia references. This link from rationalwiki also debunks the autogynephilia theory and really like so much of terf arguments it hinges on transwomen and honestly doesn’t apply at all to transmen.


        Also the fact that you choose to misgender me means nothing. Hell it is you that calls yourself a feminist while at the same time viewing femininity as a construct made by males to suppress women and that masculinity is the natural state for both genders. You who states that gender is a social construct yet in the same breath state that gender is tied to the sex you were born in. Further more I will not post pics here. You quite frankly do not deserve my countenance. Hell I worship femininity. In my views the Original Form of the Supreme Deity is feminine where as you being the terf daughters of Yahweh view masculinity as the supreme reality and femininity as inferior and created by men to oppress women.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I never even read this shit. lol
        Keep it coming, dude!

      • nonny Says:

        After reading this, in our house we will now say “ahem, my *brother* went to college” when we hear broscience and ~alternative facts~ from AGPs desperate to insist that they rilly rilly are women. The goddess talk just adds a culty layer to it. Troll or not, it’s comedy gold

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @GallusMag What we have here is another person who, when the Good Lord was giving out brains and logic centers, was out getting a beer, mixed with artificial hormones.

        As for the person spewing out ancient biblical terms, may I remind the poster that, in Margaret Atwood’s magnum opus, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’…this type of thinking was the basis for oppression of women. That as well as an aggressive form of racial segregation (“Children of Ham”….anyone, anyone???).

        While I will not go down the list and litany of the incomprehensible remarks of the poster in question, it is in the ballpark of the ramblings elsewhere on social media. Where bullshit rules, history, science and facts are irrelevant. Facts such as , that the AGP attitude and mindset rule the trans landscape.

        But let those poster fire away. After all, they are comedic here, like Jim Mora was in yelling out ‘PLAYOFFS????’, during that infamous press conference.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I seriously doubt this guy is on hormones or gender non-conforming in any way.

      • LC Says:

        Lol, @nonny. My brother(who went to college), gets a kick out of people who link to rational wiki as a source for serus syientifik reserch, guys! They have editors and everything! “Greek religion?!?” Is this Greek mythology, or the religion of eating lots of Greek food? I’m good with either, but I personally prefer the story that explains where olives came from. Mm… olive oil.

    • Marm Says:

      You keep right on going with throwing imaginary sociology, anthropology, and religious studies in a blender, to spew out this word salad goop.

      We await your revolutionary femininity worshipping countenance on FB and Tumblr, young man. Also the citations for how your brother attending college has educated you via osmosis.

  102. Sure cunt aka GallusMag I will. To quote my friend Kola Boof who might I add is supportive of transsexuals as was most of Africa prior to Abrahamic colonization. There is a word for people like you but I wouldn’t say it outside of a kennel.

  103. In fact Africa like most of the Pagan world had homosexuality and transsexuals aka third gender people being accepted. You terfs are the perfect daughters of your father Yahweh.

  104. Also the terfs think that misgendering me means anything. To me your comments matter as little as a fly on my shirt. The lionesses do not worry what the antelope thinks. Being an Arab Pagan my religion is filled with powerful Goddesses. In fact the Goddess Al Uzzah even had effeminate eunuch priests who were trans and dressed as women etc. The Arabians even had the Mukhannathun or transwomen who lived and dressed as women. That was until Mohammad aka one of the fathers of the terfs eliminated the Mukhannathun tradition. However with the Gods and Goddesses on my side why do I care about the opinions of a group of daughters of Mohammad, Abraham and Jesus who will eventually decay and rot when the Deathless Gods are on my side.

    • Magdalena Z. Says:

      Yeah I’m sure every religion and society had some bored entitled mediocre dudes who had raging sex fetishes, brotato.

    • LC Says:

      Misgendering means nothing? Great! We’re no longer committing genocide by calling you a dude! Thank you, Maria, this is a huge step forward for reasonable debate.

  105. Also to Rod Flemming I am not a scientists but I know of scientists and psychologists and they do not support the autogynephilia theory. Further more Wikipedia also sources several articles that supports it’s ideas as well. Plus this is not for a scientific article so using Wikipedia is not a problem.

    • Rod Fleming Says:

      You are truly not very bright, I see. First, my name is spelled with one ‘m’, which should be obvious enough since it’s right in front of you. Further, the rules of debate are like this: peer reviewed science trumps Wikipedia ‘anybody can write whatever BS they want’ and ‘my brother went to college’. Just the way it goes, schmuck. You’re swimming with big sharks here and you don’t make the rules.

      Clearly, you are badly in need of education (I mean a real one, not the pastiche that passes for education in redundant faculties of Humanities and ‘Social Studies’.)

      I would hazard that you have not yet passed your fifteenth birthday, so there is time yet for you to grow a brain. Meantime, I hope you carry on making a public spectacle of your ignorance; it is most enlightening.

      • Marm Says:

        Yes, the Arab Pagan of Kentucky, who hasn’t attended college yet, in the holy avatar of Duran Duran cover art.

        I fully support M. CarMEN WarMAN’S future as a eunuch, however. Funny how there’s a MEN and a MAN in that feminine name.

  106. Alex Says:

    There are various reasons why people become gender dysphoric. Each case is different. Sometimes it is to deal with emotional trauma. Sometimes it is to cover latent homosexuality. Sometimes there are biological factors. But whatever the reason, they eventually realize that their birth gender is who they are. Reality is undefeated. – Alex

  107. Scion of Ilsensine Says:

    Autogynephilia my ass. What next? Creationism? AGP-Theory is most likely a theory from tranny-chasers for tranny-chasers (read Bailey‘s book, all gay- and tranny-bars and clubs…, and also the others from the „Jurassic-Clarke“ like Blanchard, Zucker, Green commented on the attractiveness of the „HTS“). The only „science“ in there was probably to answer the question why these dudes got a hard-on for some transsexuals and not for the others. Naming the categories TILF (Tranny I‘d like…) and non-TILF would have been more honest than „HTS“ and „AGP“.

  108. jdblue02 Says:

    This whole topic is full of misinformation, and these people feed off of it. Let’s get a few things straight.

    When you look up the definition of gender, it’s really not possible to have it be misaligned with sex, because it’s defined by one’s sex:

    gender “the fact of being male or female, especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences, not differences in biology” (Oxford Learner’s Dictionary)

    gender “the physical and/or social condition of being male or female” (Cambridge Dictionary)

    gender “sex” “the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

    You can see from the definitions that gender is innately “cis” — meaning that having that prefix attached to gender, like so: “cisgender” is redundant. Gender is about what psychology/behavior is “typically associated” with being a certain sex. So, it’s not just about the experiential reality of one’s sex, it’s about the “typical” experiential reality. — This means that if a male person takes on the psychology/behavior of a female, he’s not trans’ing gender — because the prefix “trans,” as in “transportation,” indicates a movement from one to the other, which isn’t happening. He can’t move from one to another because, gender is on the basis of sex and his sex hasn’t moved anywhere. As a result, he is not moving his gender, he is violating gender. His gender as a male is the color blue and toy trucks and sports and playing rough and not talking about his feelings. If he happens to like pink and dolls and playing house and being gentle and talking about his feelings, that doesn’t make him the female gender because that gender is all about what is expected from a person with female biology — biology which he doesn’t have.

    As for the notion that these expectations can change if one “changes” their sex, a sex change is not scientifically possible. Just look at the definitions of “male” and “female”:

    female “of, relating to, or being the sex that typically has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

    male “of, relating to, or being the sex that typically has the capacity to produce relatively small, usually motile gametes which fertilize the eggs of a female” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

    They are all about which gametes (i.e. eggs or sperm) one produces. After feminization/masculinization surgery on one’s genitals, their ability to produce eggs/sperm is not changed from one sex to the other, meaning that a sex change does not occur. They may keep their gonads (i.e. testes or ovaries), in which case they retain the same sex as they had before surgery, because their reproductive capacity has not changed. If they choose to have their gonads removed, it doesn’t “change” their sex to the other sex, it makes them sexually neuter:

    neuter “lacking or having imperfectly developed or nonfunctional generative organs” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

    Just because they’ve reshaped their male or female organs into a shape of the other sex does not make them the other sex, either. One can see this in practice. A post-op transsexual female cannot get an erection with their constructed penis — they require an internal implant to give them an erection. They lack the biological structures to create an erection on their own. A post-op transsexual male cannot get lubricated the way a female can, they must use artificial lubricants during sex. They lack the biological structures to become lubricated on their own. So, even putting gametes aside, which define sex, these individuals are still not demonstrating maleness or femaleness in the sense of basically functioning sexual organs for the purpose of intercourse.

    And this doesn’t even cover the glaringly obvious fact that just because someone doesn’t fit the social/psychological norms of their sex doesn’t mean that they have to change a thing about themselves. Being different happens. There are plenty of females who like to play rough and like blue and trucks and not talking about their feelings, and that’s totally fine. There are plenty of males who like to play gently and like dolls and talking about their feelings, and that’s totally fine. The notion that one should have to claim that they’ve changed gender or sex (because an actual change isn’t possible) just to be a male who acts in a stereotypically female way or a female who acts in a stereotypically male way is a mistake. You can be a male in a dress who likes pink and talking about their feelings and that’s totally fine. It doesn’t make you the female gender, and all the surgery and hormones in the world won’t make you female, but that’s okay. The same goes for masculine females. This strange notion that one needs to fit these social norms to the point of taking hormones or getting surgery or claiming that they’ve changed gender/sex when that’s not even possible is insane. Just be who you are. Leave politics to the politicians. It doesn’t belong in your personal life or in your pants.

  109. anon Says:

    >Autogynephilic Male-to-Female Transsexualism
    stopped reading here, you are fucking wrong
    heres why: sexual transition has the chance to remove your sexual stimulation and feelings entirely. there are many complications and risks here that can destroy a person’s sexual life, ergo autogynephilia is a fucking old hat broken theory you are data cooking to look better than it already is.

    Transexual individuals do have this “female” essense, a symptom if you will, It’s very very fucking common for symptoms to appear before puberty does.

    >and all the surgery and hormones in the world won’t make you female, but that’s okay.
    under every measurement you care to create, there will always be exceptions to sexual dimorphism, the categories of men and women don’t exist in biology, they are not ironclad things, but instead successful niches. Evolution is driven by mutation however, and there is not some holy rule stating sex has some special exception to this, which makes it mind numbing when people like the blog poster make assessments that transexuality is simply a fetish based on dated research. there will always be a subset of the population that doesn’t fit into the Male/Female definition of the general public, which is used to exclude people like transgendered individuals. What you morons don’t realize is that you are disenfranchising “real” women all the time with your retarded categorical standards. having no Y chromosome doesn’t make you female, there are women with Y chromosomes. being able to have a baby doesn’t make you female, some women are infertile, even produing correct levels of estrogen doesn’t make you female. Transexuals wouldn’t even have hormone replacement therapy if it were not for the fact that previously, some individuals own hormones where not balanced right. Every marker you can think of is under fire from mutation and evolution at all times. given the complexities of the brain and what can go wrong already, it’s not surprising that transgendered people experience REAL dysphoria, a known mechanism of biology.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        Yawn and WTH was that?

        If that poster actually took real science classes, read the hard data…the person would have seen that no matter what the current state of the claptrap is, the scientific and biological realities are constants. Mutations exist, but they are RARE and remain if there is a evolution based necessity for it.

        As for the issue of the ‘essence’ …gee, the poster must have met Col. Jack D. Ripper from ‘Dr. Strangelove’. But the uneeded use of the HRT would ruin all those precious bodily fluids.

    • againstvaw Says:

      Dysphoria is a known mechanism of biology? In your head? And no-one has taken away the vote from transwomen?

  110. Medi Says:

    Yawn on a Friday, I need a nap from all the boring genderists out there or left wing creationists as I like to call them. Thanks Gallus for all the great reporting of late! Keeping us sane in a tRUMP DE DUMP WORLD.

  111. […] En este artículo, Bailey y Triea discuten la clasificación que Blanchard hace de dos tipos de homb… (hombre-a-mujer, male-to-female, MtF): homosexuales (atraídos hacia hombres) y no-homosexuales (hetero, bi y asexuales). Blanchard postula que los MtF homosexuales, siempre han sido muy “femeninos”, nunca encajaron de niños, y “tienen dificultades social, romántica y sexualmente, y sus transiciones estarían motivadas fuertemente por su deseo de mejorar sus vidas en esos dominios.” Los MtF no-homosexuales, según Blanchard, tienden a estar motivados por la autoginefilia, “la propensión de un hombre a sentirse atraído a la idea o imagen de si mismo como mujer”. […]

  112. Linda Cambiada Says:

    I believe I am what you would classify as an autogynephilic transexual. I want to thank you so much for this well thought out article. I have NEVER felt like a “woman trapped in a man’s body”. For a long time, this led me to deny the true extent of my need to express myself as a woman. I told myself “this is just a fetish”. And it is that. But it not “just” that.

    Yes, I am aroused by dressing in sexy feminine attire (just as most women are, but perhaps not in the same way). But I am also soothed and comforted by dressing in “plain jane” ladies jeans and a simple blouse, or even in women’s business clothes. In some way, thid feels like coming home to me. And I am often slight saddened when I have to return to more manly attire, but not to an extreme extent, certainly not the suicidal depression some transsexuals experience.

    Your binary classification system (homosexual vs autogynephilic) definitely makes some important distinctions between the two groups clear. But I suspect that it is probably too simplistic, too black and white.while I seem to more closely fit the autogynephilic type , there are aspects of my life story that show some commonality with the homosexual type. I was a moderately feminine boy when I was younger. I wasn’t wearing dresses or wanting to, but I was more interested in socializing with women than the other boys and I was bored by some of the boyish activities I was expected to pursue. I tried hard to hide my sissy side. But it was always there.

    Now I am trying to move out of the shadows and beyond my pointless shame. I am what I am. I am trying to find pride in that. A big part of that process involves a better understanding of what I am. Your article has helped me with that.

    Don’t let them shout you down!

    • charlson Says:

      Linda, ” Yes, I am aroused by dressing in sexy feminine attire (just as most women are, but perhaps not in the same way).”
      Could you elaborate please? I ask only because when I get dressed, being aroused is not even in my top 10 thoughts.What am I missing?

      • Rod Fleming Says:

        That is a standard trope of the Western autogynephile and sadly some misguided professionals, notably Charles Moser MD, have given them succour. Their argument is: ‘If women get turned on by wearing their own clothes, then that must be normal behaviour for a woman and therefore I must be a woman because I get turned on by wearing girly clothes. So let’s do everything we can to pretend that women do get sexually aroused when they dress and this will provide my claim to be a woman with validation.’ Not only is this argument shot full of non-sequiturs, the basic premise is wrong.

        Yes, I think women do often feel more confident and assertive — including sexually so — when they are well dressed; hell as a man I feel the same when I put on a nice suit. It’s called ‘power-dressing’.But what women do NOT generally do, and I certainly don’t when doing up my weskit, is to become so aroused by the simple act of putting on clothes that their genitals become engorged or they even spontaneously orgasm,. as is widely reported by AGPs.

        AGP activists are simply desperate to give this trope validity and have it widely accepted; we should deny them that. It’s BS. Getting an erection by putting on frilly knickers DOES NOT make one a woman, period. Sheesh.

      • Linda Cambiada Says:

        I agree. I am not saying I am a woman. I am only saying that a part of me wishes I could be a woman. Not because of the clothes or the shoes or the makeup (although, to my mind, those are all quite alluring), but because women seem more caring, more authentic, more connected with each other, more able to be playful, more in touch with their emotions.

      • Linda Cambiada Says:

        I was merely pointing out that many women get a sexual thrill when they put on sexy stuff because it is associated with having sex. I suspect that some women even get a bit wet and tingly when putting on a pair of panties they are hoping will pulled of by a guy later that evening (despite what the other commenter claims as gospel). But, as I said, my sexual feelings about putting on panties probably don’t track most cis women’s feelings all that closely.

        The point I was trying to make was that getting turned on by clothes isn’t all that wierd. But you know what? Even it were very wierd indeed… I don’t really care. I love the way it makes me feel.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “my sexual feelings about putting on panties probably don’t track most [actual] women’s feelings all that closely.”

        Yup. Autogynephilia is a distinctly male experience.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        And with June being what it is in the US, more and more of this insanity by the brigade is going to be on display. With more and more proving (with sparse, few and rare exceptions), what goes on is more about carnal conquests and less about a positive state of mind. Let alone, respect for those they want to aspire to be/emulate.

        Oh yes…they give the ACTUAL meaning of ‘AGP’ a bad name. As in the ‘accelerated graphics port’ on late model PCs. But saying that may be….shudders….’phobic’.

      • red Says:

        Rod Fleming, on his blog:

        Rod Fleming‏ @rod_fleming May 16
        “Feminism: a cancer that destroys the matriarchy — and our culture. http://rodfleming.com/feminism-social-cancer/ …”

        Under a picture of Julie Bindell:
        Mainstream feminist, the utterly repiulsive Julie Bindell, thinks men should be in concentration camps too. Bindell, a well-known slime-bucket, writes for the UK Guardian newspaper. They’re always sending me begging messaages. Maybe they should fire her first.

        “There is no ‘rape culture’ in the West, except where it has been imported by Muslims. The world rape capital is India and Pakistan and the European one is Sweden; the USA is miles behind. There is no ‘glass ceiling’; women are CEOs, national leaders and the highest-earning stars in Hollywood today. Equality has not only been achieved, the pendulum has swung the other way.”

    • charlson Says:

      Linda Cambiada . Thank you for the response. I just wanted to be sure of my ground when I asked you to elaborate.
      Here is my thoughts.
      1) Are you for real? Getting turned on by clothes is abnormal. There is a name for it! Feeling good about myself when I wear something nice is not feeling sexual. Learn the difference. I get the same satisfaction when I bake a half decent cake. I dress for me not some random person. Stop suspecting women think the way you fantasize they think, or any way at all for that matter.

      2) Putting on underwear after a shower is no picnic. I am too busy struggling with twisted straps, knickers that bunch up and if my jeans will fit me to be thinking any kind of way. I spend half my time trying to find a half decent set of underwear beforehand because I haven’t bought new stuff in ages and I may be hit by a bus. (thanks mum). I just want to get dressed into something that won’t put me in danger or labeled a slut . Where is the sexiness in that?

      3) How dare you project your own fetish onto women and say we feel tingly putting on our knickers and hoping some guy will pull them off later? Are you soft in the head? I spend a lot of time making sure that won’t happen, so does every sane woman on the planet. I once had my clothes literally ripped off my body by a very angry MTT who didn’t pause to undo them first and that never made me feel tingly either. In fact I was left bruised, bleeding and astounded someone could actually do that.

      4) I lived with someone like you. I know you don’t care as you said, in fact you are just on here in the hope of getting some sick thrill or validation of your non existant victim status. I wrote one of the first comments at the top of this post back in 2013 when I was so traumatised I couldn’t think straight. I am better nowadays but you need some reality.

      You also need to stick to your own kind. Women have enough to worry about already so find a bloke, someone like yourself. We are not for you. We will never think like you, no matter how much you wish it were true.
      Thats about it. Don’t bother relying.

  113. red Says:

    I have never wet my panties over sexual excitement. I’ve never heard of this in a woman.

    Not being able to enter a washroom and feel safe and therefore having to hold it until I can get to a safe washroom, if, or home, yes. Peeing my panties and hoping I don’t smell because I couldn’t find a safe washroom, yes. Getting wet by sitting in some autogynephile males piss on the toilet seat, yes. Peeing more into my pants because I have to clean the toilet seat before I can sit, hovering being impossible with disability and age. Wet. So many meanings. None of them yours.

    • Linda Cambiada Says:

      Perhaps I am misunderstanding you. But you seem to be attacking me. I really have no idea why. Have I offended yoi in some way?
      Perhaps my existence is an unforgivable assault on your sensibilities? If so, please just be honest enough to say so.

      I find your generalizing your own experience of your reaction to sexy lingerie to say that ALL women react this way nearly as ridiculous as my own belief that I might have ato least a clue as to what some cis women might feel when putting on a babydoll nightie before slipping into their lover’s bed. Truth is I cannot know. I will never know for sure. Frankly that saddens me a little. Because I truly DO want to know.

    • carterabbie Says:

      Not sure why they don’t comprehend that women don’t see THEMSELVES as fucktoys and fetish objects, thus are not sexually aroused by their own bodies. They assume we feel as they do because they find themselves aroused when they dress in feminine attire. That has nothing to do with womanhood and everything to do with the fetishization of femininity. We are women all the time, we don’t fetishize outselves. Why don’t they ever consider the fact that they don’t get aroused when putting on male clothing. Do they find boxers sexy and titillating? Of course they don’t because they don’t see themselves as a thing, a hole to stick their dicks into. We don’t find our women’s undergarments any more arousing than they find male undergarments.

      • Elizabeth Says:

        It sounds like this guy is confused. I know agp exist because of this guy. Bruce Jenner is another one of these. I don’t know any “transsexuals” myself other than me so much can’t speak for them becuase everyone’s experience is different but a lot of these
        Men when I hear them speak of there experience sets of a alarm in my head that they were infact agp.
        I was born intersexed and never found female clothes anything more than just clothes. I never fetisized over attire. I’m very pansexual in other words attracted to someone for there intellect and not there gender. However I haven’t met a man yet that I could be attracted to because everyone of them I’ve ever known accept my grandfather were dominated by the devil in there pants. I always favored female in looks and someone I thought was a friend had tried to rape me when I was a teenager. Also I can’t even begin to pretend to know the struggle real women have to deal with in there everyday lives with misogyny and gender roles. I will never be fully female because of my chromosomes which are xxy. I was born with parts of both sexes documented and our society is so sexist that they assume that intersexed people would rather be male and I went under a horrific amount of corrective surgeries until I was 5 or 6 years of age. So I can’t appropriate myself into womanhood no more than this guy who is BIOLOGICALLY MALE can where his freak flag or whatever but there are already cases of MEN in dresses trying to peak at women. So no I don’t give carte Blanche to men who think there women.

  114. Medi Says:

    Oh sheesh, I just get dressed in the morning, get on my work clothing, no biggie. These men are so obsessed with being sexually aroused all the time, classically male. No wonder the male fashion industry keeps foisting this stupid sexy clothing on women and girls, it’s really all about their fetish obsessions. Fetish stuff is almost exclusively a male thing anyway, proving that in their obsessions with women’s underwear or whatever they are quintessentially male and not women at all.

    • Linda Cambiada Says:

      Yes, I just get dressed in the morning too. I don’t get aroused by putting on my everyday go-to-work clothes. But I do find the fact that some of those everyday items are women’s attire comforting and self actualizing. Putting on a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans helps me to feel more like myself. And no, that self is NOT female, but it is waaaaay more feminine than most men. I don’t fit in well in male society. I would like to be more accepted by women – not so much as “one of us” but at least as “one somewhat like us”. It doesn’t really seem like a lot to ask.

      • GallusMag Says:

        No. We don’t accept your premise. Wearing Gloria Vanderbilt jeans does not make men “like women”. This is pure sexism. We decline your request that we serve you in this way, sir. It is an absurd and offensive request.

      • Linda Cambiada Says:

        If you think I am saying that wearing Gloria Vanderbilt jeans makes me a woman; then you have not understood me at all and frankly do not seem to be trying very hard to understand me. And I do not feel that asking to be treated with a little kindness and understanding is quite the same thing as asking you to “serve me”.

        Transgendered and fluid gendered folk like me are the natural allies of women fighting the patriarchy. If you are willing to stand with us, we will stand with you.

        Or …you can twist my words and beliefs into one more lovely little straw man to direct your anger against.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I am treating you with kindness and understanding, sir. Men like yourself have your own battles to fight. Nothing to do with women. If you want to support women, you can start by not making ridiculous manipulative demands upon us, and refraining from sucking up our time, attention, and energy. That would be a good start. Good luck. Bye now.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      “But I do find the fact that some of those everyday items are women’s attire comforting and self actualizing.”

      Even favorite pieces of clothing have never made me feel the slightest bit self-actualized–which, by the way, is usually defined as the outcome of figuring out how to use one’s gifts and talents in the world rather than satisfaction with one’s wardrobe.

  115. Rod Fleming Says:

    @ Linda Cambiada: ‘women get a sexual thrill when they put on sexy stuff because it is associated with having sex. I suspect that some women even get a bit wet and tingly when putting on a pair of panties they are hoping will pulled of by a guy later that evening’

    Have you the slightest idea how creepy that is? That is pure projection of your own erotic fantasies onto other people. Autogynephiles are men who wear women’s clothes because it sexually arouses them. They retain a 100% standard male sexuality and boy did you ever just prove that point.

    You have a paraphilia. A sexual fetish that gets you aroused when you wear women’s clothes. Cool; bully for you. You live in a society where, today, it is largely OK for you to walk about, being obviously a bloke in a frock, and you won’t get too much hassle. You have demanded and won the privilege of using women-only comfort and changing spaces — which you will use to vicariously satisfy your lust (well, we hope just vicariously.) People like you even attempt to sex-shame lesbians into having sex with them (voir Justin ‘Riley’ Dennis) or you will call them ‘transphobic’ — as if the epithets of SJWs had any meaning. For goodness’ sake GIVE IT A BREAK. Go back to your ‘dressing parties’ and jack off in lace with your chums, or go troll the town ‘en femme’ and just leave women alone.

    What you want is to be considered a ‘real woman’. Well, YOU’RE NOT. And YOU NEVER WILL BE.

    And please stop trying to conflate yourself with transsexuals (Blanchard HSTS). They have it bad enough without a bunch of loudmouthed tiffs in skirts, constantly on the edge of blowing their loads, making life even more difficult for them.

    Apologies to Mags and others. I had to get that out. I’ll go back to only providing points of info. Thanks for your time.

    • Linda Cambiada Says:

      Boy, that’s a whole bunch of assimptions about me! Most of them are just plain wrong. (I don’t use women’s restrooms, nor do I want to, nor would I get any thrill out of using one. I do not ogle women or behave in a manner that any woman has ever found sexually offensive. I have never had a homosexual encounter and have only a vague interest in ever having one. Etc. Etc.)

      Yes, I AM an autogynephilic transexual (as I stated in my first post here). Perhaps you believe that “once you’ve seen one autogynephilic transexual, you”ve seen them all. It seems to me the point of the original article is almost exactly the opposite of that belief.

      Yes, I have several paraphilias. You say that makes me “creepy”. I feel that only a creep would engage in trying to shame someone for their innate sexual responses. Because of people like you, I used to think I was creepy too. A lot of good that did me or anyone else. I don’t impose my sexual behaviors on others without their consent. Please stop trying to impose your sexual squeamishness on me. And stop trying to pretend that it flows from some