Donna Perry: “Female” Serial Killer?

November 22, 2012

Spokane police announced Tuesday that a woman named Donna Perry was identified as a suspect in the 1990 serial murders of at least three Spokane Washington women after DNA and fingerprint evidence tied her to the crime scenes.

According to the Spokesman Review, advances in DNA technology prompted investigators to resubmit tissue found under the fingernails of one of the victims for testing in 2009. “The DNA came back as belonging to a male, but did not match anyone in the federal database of convicted felons.” Donna was arrested on weapons charges and placed into federal custody in March of this year.

Donna Perry

Who is Donna?

From KREM News:

Spokane Co. deputies executed a search warrant in the home of a Spokane woman, who the sheriff’s office says could be tied to three cold case murders.

Yolanda Sapp, 26, Nikkie Lowe, 34, and Kathlene Brisbois, 38, were all shot and killed within three months of each other in 1990. Sapps and Brisbois were found completely nude, while Lowe’s body was partially clothed. All three victims were considered known prostitutes, according to Spokane police.

Detectives say they have enough evidence to now consider Douglas (Donna) Perry, 60, as a person of interest in these murders.

The three homicides became cold cases, but local authorities have been tracking them for years. WSP scientists found male DNA under Brisbois’ fingernail clippings in 2009. Comparisons to potential suspects’ DNA came up empty until they got a hit in September of this year. The DNA matched Perry’s, who was already in custody for illegal possession of firearms charges in March of 2012.

Perry has an extensive criminal history in Washington reaching back to the 70s, with charges ranging from reckless endangerment to second-degree assault. She also had federal charges brought against her in 1988. Authorities say she had a pipe bomb, 49 firearms and 20,000 rounds of ammunition in this case. The federal government charged her again in 1994 for additional firearms and ammunition.

Police began questioning Perry’s mental health decades ago. In 1997, Spokane police say they found attorney papers and weapons in her vehicle. They searched it after allegedly catching then Douglas Perry with a prostitute. The documents reportedly stated Perry suffers from a gender psychosis disorder and does not like females.

Fellow inmates even questioned Perry’s sanity when he served time in an Oregon prison in the 90s. According to court documents, Perry would talk about taking prostitutes home to feed them. They reportedly believed he could have killed prostitutes in the past based on his behavior.

Douglas Perry named himself Donna in 2000 following gender reassignment surgery in Bangkok, Thailand.”

Douglas “Donna” Perry

From KXLY News:

The three murders, between February and May of 1990, involved prostitutes who were shot with a small-caliber handgun, their bodies dumped in various locations around the Spokane area.

Yolanda Sapp was found dead in the 4100 block of East Upriver Drive on Feb. 22, 1990. She was nude and had three small caliber gunshot wounds. Nickie Lowe’s remains were found in the 3200 block of South Riverton on March 25. She had one gunshot wound and was missing her tennis shoes and billfold. Kathleen Brisbois was found nude with three gunshot wounds along the Spokane River, near Trent Avenue and Pines Road on May 15.

 Each of the three victims were known prostitutes, used drugs, and were killed in a similar fashion with a small caliber handgun. Clothes belonging to Brisbois were scattered around the area where her body was found, Lowe was found partially clothed and Sapp’s clothes were never found.

The cases went cold for a number of years, and while a number of other prostitute murders that took placed in the 1990s in Spokane were eventually linked to convicted serial killer Robert Yates, the murders of Sapp, Brisbois and Lowe remained unsolved.

In 2005, two detectives with the Spokane Police Department and Spokane County Sheriff’s Office were assigned to the cold cases. Those detectives — Mark Burbridge with the police department and Jim Dresbeck with the sheriff’s office — began working the cases and Dresbeck submitted evidence to the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab in order to find suspect DNA.

Four years later the crime lab was able to develop a full male profile of the suspect and that information was submitted to the CODIS database to search for a match. CODIS is the national Combined DNA Index System, which compiles local, state and federal databases of DNA profiles from convicted offenders.

In September of this year, three years after a full profile was developed, the crime lab called Detective Dresbeck and let him known they had linked suspect DNA found on some of the evidence to Douglas Perry.

Perry, who underwent gender reassignment surgery in Bangkok, Thailand in 2000 and now identifies himself as Donna Perry, was already in custody at the SeaTac Federal Detention Center in September following his arrest by the ATF on charges of unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition.

It was unlawful for him to possess firearms and ammunition due to a string of assault and weapons charges in Okanogan County that stretched from 1974 to 1988. The following year, in August of 1989, he was arrested by the Spokane Police Department for patronizing a prostitute.

The first victim, Yolanda Sapp, was found six months later.

In addition to those local charges, because he was a convicted felon, Perry had been arrested on federal firearms charges on several occasions. In 1988 he was arrested for possessing a pipe bomb and then again in 1994 for unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition. While searching his home, investigators found 49 firearms and 49,000 rounds of ammunition in the wake of his 1988 arrest.

When he was arrested in 1994 authorities again searched his residence and found numerous weapons and ammunition. During both the 1988 and 1994 searches authorities recovered .22 caliber handguns, the same caliber of the weapons used in the Sapp, Brisbois and Lowe slayings.

On March 14, 2012, Perry was again arrested on firearms charges by the ATF, a search warrant was again executed at his home at 2006 E. Empire and more weapons and ammunition were seized during the search.

And then one ATF agent found something unusual. While searching the bedroom, ATF Special Agent Todd Smith found that the bedroom closet had been painted shut. The closet door was pried open and numerous items were found inside.

Since they were looking for guns and ammunition, the contents of the closet were not inventoried, however Agent Smith found something that caught his eye: He found several boxes in which there were women’s underwear, too small for Perry to wear. The panties looked old and were lacy or frilly, but what struck Smith was that they were kept it struck him that they were being kept as if they were trophies; articles of clothing a murder suspect keeps of their victims as a way to remember — or re-live — the crime.

In October, detectives got one more break that would link Perry to the killings.

Two items missing from the scene where murder victim Nickie Lowe was found — her tennis shoes and her red billfold — were found by a Spokane resident in a dumpster along South Riverton the same morning she was found. Also found with Lowe’s personal items was a tube of “sterile jelly” from which detectives were able to lift several fingerprints. On Oct. 12, two fingerprints found on those items left in the dumpster were matched to Perry.

Perry was transferred on Oct. 17 from federal custody and brought back to the Spokane County Jail where he is currently being held.

According to the July 2, 1994 Spokane Review archive, his 1994 arrest for weapon’s charges (four years after the murders) was precipitated “after authorities were called by frightened mental health workers” who feared Perry was capable of a massacre attack after he likened himself to mass murderer Dean Mellberg. Perry referred to himself in the press as “a woman in a man’s body” and stated that guns were “like my family and children” explaining “ I picked up dog dung, mowed lawns and even pulled tricks on East Sprague as a male prostitute for extra money to buy my guns. People probably think I’m crazy, but I just wanted to fit in and be left alone with my family”. He added “Everybody needs a purpose in life and mine is guns”.

Douglas/Donna Perry 1994 arrest

An earlier weapons arrest (where he was discoved to be in possession of five pipe bombs and various weaponry including machine gun parts) occurred two years prior to the murders, and was precipitated according to the April 28, 1988 Spokesman Review archive by his arrest for punching his mother.

I would put forward that Donna Perry is NOT a woman.

I would also put forward that serial killing murderous men like “Donna” are aided and abetted in their actions every step of the way by scores of other men.

Authorities LITERALLY IGNORED an entire sealed off closet full of fetishistic sadistic murder trophies of MANY victims: materials the other men READILY RECOGNIZED as the detritus of a man with a WELL KNOWN CAREER of violence and hatred against women. Including a written DIAGNOSIS of profound “hatred of women” from psychiatric providers, multiple reports from cellmates who believed he was a serial killer of women, and a criminal history of violent assault against women. Not only was a closet full of serial murder trophies – which were recognized as such by investigating officers-  not taken into evidence: they were LITERALLY NOT EVEN INVENTORIED. The closet was RE-SEALED: LITERALLY and FIGURATIVELY- on the evidence of this male’s sadistic violent long-term spree of serial violence and murder of women.

GenderTrender proposes that a Public National Registry of Violence Against Women – similar to publicly accessible sex-offender registries- be set up to track the activities and criminal careers of violent males who commit hate crimes against women. Males arrested for “Patronizing” prostituted women should be included in the registry and DNA samples should be placed on file. As seen above, women cannot rely on male investigators to follow up on evidence of crimes against women that is literally staring them in the face.

GenderTrender proposes – in light of the demonstrable campaign of male on female violence and the collusion of males who are in a position to observe evidence of such abuse- for Mandatory Reporting Laws to be expanded to include women as a recognized vulnerable population. This would subject males to criminal and civil liability for failing to report evidence of violence and exploitation of women.

GenderTrender proposes that men – especially those with a criminal history of violence and exploitation of women- be disallowed from claiming legal female “Gender Identity”, and calls for an end to government, medical and legal collusion in enabling males to create fictional legal sex markers.

74 Responses to “Donna Perry: “Female” Serial Killer?”

  1. LJ Says:

    I agree with you: on the evidence here Douglas “Donna” Perry is not a woman, by any stretch of the imagination. Being a woman is not just a concept in a man’s head. Is he being kept in a women’s facility??

  2. KittyBarber Says:

    DNA evidence is so commonplace, and so accurate, it makes no sense that women as a whole should be blamed for crimes committed by males. It’s another one of those anti-feminist claims that “women are just as bad as men,” because women are NOT just as bad–not as violent, not as dangerous, and not the same threat to society that men are.
    If we really care about crime prevention, it would be more sensible to practically eliminate half the population from these efforts. More sensible, less costly and more effective. A wig and a surgeon’s knife do not a ‘woman’ make.
    Thanks for another great post, GM. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. wildninja Says:

    I found your blog after posting my thoughts on Perry this morning. I don’t like to read others’ opinions until mine are typed out. The news articles you cite seem to validate some points I made– hatred of women, trophies, weapons– ugh. I feel that authorities have just found the tip of the iceberg and more shocking details are yet to come.

  4. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this, Gallus. It is horrifying enough that female-hating men prey on women, but then for them to claim to be women is beyond evil.

    NO man should have the right to claim female identity. But to legally restrict men who murder women from claiming to be women should be the least that can be done. You’re right — men collude in this war against women. They kill us, rape us, and try to define us out of existence.

    Thank you for your proposals.

  5. Bev Jo Says:

    I tried to post this at the horrific SF “Dyke” March discussion, but it’s gone. So relevant to those who keep insisting men are women and Lesbians. We have absolutely no women only space here now.

  6. bugbrennan Says:

    Reblogged this on Name The Problem and commented:
    Male violence

  7. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    I think the horror of this MAN’s crimes against women will help rally more women to a rational point of view on the subject of “trans”.

    Wake up, my sisters. Stop being manipulated into bend-over-backwards nicey-nice with women-hating nut-bags in drag.

    There’s nothing NICE about telling yourself the lie that male-bodied people can be “really” female “inside”. It’s utter hokum being perpetrated on us by mentally unstable men — sometimes DANGEROUSLY mentally unstable men.

    Be nice to women — be nice to yourself — and stop enabling these dudes.

    Stand up for REAL women.

    • Totally agree Marie-France. Well said.

      So… yet another femicidal ‘transwoman’ eh?
      As above, I’d like to know whether is he housed in a male or female facility.

      Totally agree with the proposed GenderTrender points too.

  8. […] Douglas Perry, aka Donna Perry, was already incarcerated for weapons charges (the latest in a long history of weapons charges) when a DNA match in the CODIS database linked him to three unsolved ‘cold cases’ of murdered prostituted women in 1990. Perry apparently got ‘gender reassignment surgery’ in Thailand, but it is unknown whether the GRS was full or partial (breasts only). Given that the three murders were in a short timeframe, it is likely that Perry is responsible for the murders of many more women. Perry is a misogynist, who also assaulted his own mother. […]

  9. karmarad Says:

    This is another logical and destructive consequence of the transactivist position that MtT people are Women for all legal purposes.

    Specifically, if they can change their birth certificate to reflect a biological impossibility, and otherwise legally co-opt the identity of women, then when members of their community commit male violence, it will be re-defined in statistics and other mainstream reports as violence committed by women.

    Since women commit so few homicides, these reports will have an outsize impact on the statistics.

    These pernicious inflating statistics will then be seized upon by MRAs and others to propagandize that women commit more than a statistically insignificant number of homicides.

    That propaganda will then be used to conclude that Male violence is not the problem. Q.E.not D.

    Our response, which takes care of this and many other rapidly-developing destructive consequences for the Women’s Liberation Movement, should include re-litigating those laws and regs which already have begun to embed the notion that MtT people legally must be treated as Women, and to ensure no further such laws and regs are adopted.

    MtT activists seem oblivious or unconcerned that they are being played by the system to harm the Women’s movement (I realize that some of us here may think I’m being too generous in not saying it’s deliberate). I will only say that if they were actually women, they would not be able to exhibit this callous disregard.

    Thank you for this blog and your proposals, Gallus.

    • Adrian Says:

      The opposite side of this, which is also problematic, is that men who rise to some high position in academia or companies or whatever, get a “sex change” and then have their rank reflected in the “how many women rose to high positions” statistics.

      It’s not fair because odds are there’s no way they would have risen so high if they’d been actual women from the get go.

      Joy/Jay Ladin, prime example that we saw posted to this blog recently.

      • michelle Says:

        And as yet another example of the scorecard tallies would be in the political realm, where certain segments were touting “Stacie” Laughton as a woman elected as a representative…never mind that “Stacie” is little more than another male trans with a felony record for a variety of offenses, including fraud. Other offenses such as the slashing of tires would seem to call into question the mental stability of that particular ‘trans,’ which to me qualifies them for precisely the sort of database Gallus proposes. Still not sure how that history had remained undiscovered through the election other than it was a race in New Hampshire where people apparently don’t care about the backgrounds of their candidates voted into office.

        IMO, Laughton should further meet the criteria precisely by the documented competency evaluation that suggested attempts to manipulate the evaluation process. The deliberate avoidance of consequence by a male with that criminal history places women at risk.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Newly elected Nashua representative Laughton a convicted felon
        Staff Writer
        Print 7 Comments Share

        Staff photo by William Wrobel

        Nashua Ward 4 Selectman is the first openly transgender public official in New Hampshire. Laughton spoke at the Nashua Public Library Thursday, June 7, 2012, about plans to run for the office of New Hampshire State Representative. Enlarge Purchase Photo
        NASHUA – Newly elected state representative Stacie Laughton, a Gate City Democrat, has been getting national attention since her win earlier this month, which made her the first openly transgender elected official in the state.

        But this weekend, that attention turned negative after a story in the Laconia Daily Sun revealed that Laughton served four months in jail in 2008 on felony charges of conspiracy to commit credit card fraud.

        While Laughton declined to talk to The Telegraph on Saturday afternoon, saying she had been advised not to comment on the situation, she did take to Facebook to address the news.

        I am sorry for the people that can’t let my past go,” she wrote on her public Facebook page. “I have made mistakes just like everyone else. No one is perfect. I don’t want to talk about my past nor do I care about my past. I live for today and my future. If you want to talk about me please by all means do so. At least your (sic) leaving someone else alone. That is all I have to say about it.”

        Laughton, elected as a selectman in the Gate City in 2011, was chosen Nov. 6 as one of three lawmakers to represent Hillsborough County House District 31, beating out two Republicans – Richard Heitmiller and Elizabeth Van Twuyver – for the position.

        According to state law, convicted felons can run for public office as long as they are not still incarcerated and have successfully completed any court-ordered probation.

        Laughton, who is transgender – meaning she was born male but identifies as female – was convicted of a felony in 2008 while living in Laconia under the name Barry Charles Jr.

        According to information from the Laconia Daily Sun, Laughton was no stranger to Laconia police.

        In addition to the conspiracy to commit fraud charges, Laughton was charged with slashing the tires of a neighbor’s car in 2006. The same year, Laughton reportedly admitted that she faked illness to gain an ambulance ride for herself and her now ex-wife, Lisa Laughton, also a Gate City selectman, from Weirs Beach back toward their home.

        Laughton moved to Laconia from Nashua, where she was raised, in 2003. She ran for public office, under the name Barry Charles Jr., multiple times while living in the city, including runs for the City Council, School Board and a state representative seat.

        Laughton’s felony conviction stems from a 2007 incident, the Laconia Daily Sun reported Saturday, when Laughton and her ex-wife reportedly opened a credit card in a former neighbor’s name, using it to purchase electronics and pay bills.

        Laughton was indicted on one felony count of conspiracy to commit fraudulent use of a credit card; one count of conspiracy to commit identity fraud; and one count of falsifying physical evidence, for disposing two computers, two cellphones and a printer after learning of the police investigation.

        On July 29, 2008, she pleaded guilty to the three charges and after receiving suspended sentences, served about four months in the Belknap County House of Corrections, according to the Laconia Daily Sun.

        She remained on probation until Nov. 22, 2010, and was ordered to pay $1,991 in restitution, which she is still paying, the newspaper reported.

        Nashua Democratic City Committee Chairman David Tencza said he had not heard about Laughton’s felony conviction until the news came out on Saturday. He said he expects no one else in the local political scene did either.

        “It didn’t come out throughout the campaign, and there were plenty of reports published about her, it was not as if she flew below the radar,” he said. “It is a surprise. I think it’s a surprise to both sides. If the Republicans knew about this, I’m sure they would have brought it up and made it a campaign issue.”

        Whether the conviction will impact Laughton’s ability to serve her constituents, Tencza said, is hard to know.

        “I think time will have to tell,” he said.

        Although Laughton declined to speak with The Telegraph, she did talk with Nashua Patch on Saturday morning, saying that she knew she would have to address her felony conviction at some point, but that she did not believe it would keep her from representing her constituents.

        “They elected me to do a job and that job, I’m going to do with honor and with valor, regardless of what’s in my past. My past doesn’t define me,” Laughton told Nashua Patch. “Legally, I can still serve, and I’m going to continue to move forward as I have been … if for some reason it prohibits me from serving, then I’ll have to resign. But for now, I have no plan to resign.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        “On July 5, 2006, Laughton and her now ex-wife Lisa went to Weirs Beach to view the annual fireworks display. Police reports obtained from the Laconia Police said the Laughtons called city police via 9-1-1 at 2:13 a.m., at 3:16 a.m. and at 3:45 a.m. because they were stranded.

        They were told city police were not in a position to give them a ride back to Laconia proper — about five miles — where the two lived.
        On the last call to 9-1-1, Laughton stated she was suicidal and that Lisa Laughton had fallen. They requested two ambulances and two were sent, along with a city police officer.

        Both were transported to Lakes Region General Hospital where Laughton told the attending physician initially that he had called the ambulance because he couldn’t sleep and suffered from depression.
        In the next breath, reports indicate Laughton said, “Honestly Doc, I was at the Weirs fireworks and didn’t have a ride home.”

        The doctor declined to treat Laughton further and the police said they were unable to drive them home. They called a taxi who took them the short distance from LRGH to their home, told the driver they needed to go inside to get the $4 fare, and never returned to the waiting driver — who called the police.

        Records indicate that two police officers went to their Church Street apartment and pounded on the door until Laughton answered. Laughton said he wouldn’t pay the $4 fare because the taxi service has assured them that it would run until 2 a.m. but didn’t.

        Police said she became “increasingly agitated,” finally telling the two officers that Laconia District Court Judge David O. Huot (also elected to serve in the new Legislature the 2012 election as a Laconia Democrat) would “laugh the charges out of court” and there was nothing the city police could do about it.

        Laughton was charged with one felony count of creating a public alarm (for calling emergency services) and for theft of services — the taxi cab ride from the hospital. The county attorney did not prosecute the felony however, Huot accepted Laughton’s guilty plea for theft of services.

        Also in 2006, Laughton was convicted of misdemeanor criminal mischief for slashing the tires of another resident in her apartment building with whom he had a long-running disagreement. She was ordered to pay $647 in restitution.

        In 2007, Stacie Marie — who was still Barry C. — and Lisa Laughton ran afoul of Laconia Police again.
        This time in May, Laconia Police learned from a woman at the Church Street apartment building where the couple had lived before moving to 103 Blueberry Lane, also a Laconia Housing Authority property, that a Citi-Bank credit card had been opened in her name but she didn’t open it.

        After an investigation, police detectives determined the Laughtons had opened the credit card account in the woman’s name and had purchased electronics and paid bills with it.

        Documents obtained from Belknap County Superior Court indicate Laughton was indicted on one felony count of conspiracy to commit fraudulent use of a credit card, one count of conspiracy to commit identity fraud, and one count of falsifying physical evidence for disposing of two of the computers, two cell phones and a printer after learning of the police investigation.

        On July 29, 2008, she pleaded guilty — under the name of Barry Charles Jr. — to the three charges.
        Laughton was sentenced to 7 1/2 to 15 years for conspiracy to commit credit card fraud — all suspended pending 10 years of good behavior, and 3 1/2 to 7 years for the falsifying physical evidence — again suspended to 10 years good behavior. The two suspended sentences were concurrent.

        She was sentenced to serve 12 months with four months suspended in the Belknap County House of Corrections for conspiracy to commit fraudulent use of a credit card. According to Department of Corrections media spokesman Jeff Lyons, Laughton served four and one-half months in jail and was released on November 21, 2008.
        Ordered to remain on probation for two years, Laughton’s probation ended on November 22, 2010. She was ordered to pay $1,991 in restitution, joint and severed with Lisa Laughton. To date, $1,706 remains unpaid, said Lyons.

        During the course of legal proceedings, Laughton’s attorney asked for a competency evaluation to determine Laughton’s mental fitness for trail.

        On July 8, 2008, Judge Kenneth McHugh ordered that she was competent to stand trial and was able to assist in her own defense.
        McHugh’s order recapped some of the testimony of the July 7 hearing of N.H. Chief Forensics Examiner Dr. James Adams.

        In his order, McHugh noted that this was the second time Adams had done a competency hearing for Laughton who was given a “primary diagnosis of ADHD with some associated learning disabilities as well as Anti-Social Personality Disorder. But he said the diagnoses would not interfere with Laughton’s ability to understand the court proceedings.

        On the contrary, Adams said that Laughton did “markedly poorer” on the 2007 test than in the 2003 test although some of the questions were the same.
        “The defendant did so poorly that Dr. Adams was compelled to conclude that he intentionally mis-answered the questions,” wrote McHugh. “Even such a basic question as ‘What is a felony?’ was described by the defendant recently as a way to get off a criminal charge.”
        McHugh wrote that Adams’ report stated that even if someone had guessed at all of the answers he or she would have done better than Laughton, leading both the doctor and McHugh to conclude she was a malingerer — defined by Webster’s Dictionary as someone who feigns illness to avoid duty or service.

        “Thus in Dr. Adams’ mind, it was the goal of the defendant to fail all tests because the defendant had determined that to the extent that there were going to be any consequences with respect to his pending criminal charges, he would be better of if those consequences were resolved in a mental health setting rather than in a criminal trial or where confinement in jail or prison was a possibility,” McHugh wrote.

        On December 16, 2010 and after what a clerk with the N.H. Circuit Court System determined were “several unsuccessful attempts,” Laughton officially changed her name to “Stacie Marie Laughton.”
        At some point shortly thereafter, the Laughtons moved to Nashua. They have since divorced but remain close. ”

        “Laughton said today that she did not go about changing her identity or gender status to hide from her past.

        “People will accuse me of trying to change my identity for this reason, but being a transgender female is who I have always been,” said Laughton”

      • Anon Male Says:

        I’m guessing no one in trans land is going to throw a fit about the paper fucking up sex vs. gender, especially since they were nice enough to use the “correct” pronoun since birth and treat every instance of his original name as some alternate reality contained to a parenthetical or between em dashes.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Laughton Will Resign State Rep Seat
        Stacie Laughton has announced she will resign after conferring with party leaders.
        By Carol Robidoux Email the author November 27, 2012

        Despite her resolve to take office next week, the case of State Representative-Elect Stacie Laughton has taken a legal turn, forcing her to resign her seat.

        Based on the language of NH RSA 607-A:2:1 it appears Laughton, a convicted felon who served four months in Belknap County House of Corrections, would have been ineligible to serve for six more years had she not decided to step down.

        The case had just been referred to the NH Attorney General’s office. Senior Assistant Attorney General Michael Brown was already in the process of reviewing the case when he was told of Laughton’s resignation.

        “It’s more complicated than we first thought, and we haven’t figured it out yet, but based on what I’ve seen so far, it’s just as well that she’s stepped down,” Brown said.

        His office will continue to go through the facts of the case. He has not yet rendered a decision on the statute.

        “Writing a statute and looking at it with 20./20 hindsight is a lot harder than looking at the future. The legislature does the best job they can do when drafting laws; then it’s up to our office to interpret it,” Brown said.

        A story in the Laconia Daily Sun about Laughton’s 2008 conviction in Laconia for conspiracy to commit fraud gained traction over the weekend, surprising party leaders and constituents alike.

        Laughton, who is transgender, was convicted and served time while still living as a man, under the name Barry Laughton.

        Although a felon in New Hampshire has the right to run for office and vote once they’ve fulfilled the terms of their sentence, another question was raised earlier Tuesday with the AG’s office – whether Laughton was legally able to serve as a state representative due to the open status of two concurrent suspended sentences.

        Laughton was sentenced in July of 2008 on three charges. Two of them – 7 1/2 to 15 years for conspiracy to commit credit card fraud and 3 1/2 to 7 years for the falsifying physical evidence – were suspended pending 10 years of good behavior.

        She was sentenced to serve 12 months with four months suspended in the Belknap County House of Corrections for conspiracy to commit fraud. According to Department of Corrections spokesman Jeff Lyons, Laughton served about 4 1/2 months in jail and was released on Nov. 21, 2008.

        Laughton’s probation ended on Nov. 22, 2010. She was ordered to pay $1,991 in restitution, joint and severed with Lisa Laughton. To date, $1,706 remains unpaid, said Lyons.

        Although she did fulfill the terms of her 12-month sentence on conspiracy to commit fraud, since two of the convictions against her were suspended pending 10 years good behavior, she has six more years to wait for her chance to run for office.

        “I’m extremely disappointed,” Laughton said Tuesday during a phone interview, after conferring with New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley and Gene Martin, the party’s director of research and legislative outreach.

        Laughton said she also conferred with her own attorney, who advised her that she could fight it, but did not have a strong case.

        “He said given the magnitude of this, it will cost a lot and I don’t have a very strong argument,” Laughton said.

        “I’m not going to step away from the public eye. I’m going to stay involved and continue my activism and the advocacy work I’ve done,” Laughton said. “I’m very bold and not afraid to put myself out there, despite my past. I won’t stop serving my community in whatever capacity I can.”

        Laughton said she will be drafting a letter to be sent to the Secretary of State’s office, with assistance from Martin, to formally resign her seat.

        Buckley released the following statement late Tuesday on behalf of the state Democratic party:

        “I respect Stacie’s decision not to be seated in the New Hampshire House and am confident that the new Democratic House majority will stay focused on the work they were sent there by voters to do: move New Hampshire and our economy forward.”

      • And James “Jennifer” Pritzger is now masquerading as a woman in the Fortune 500. Falsely bulking up the numbers of “Female” billionaires.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      “These pernicious inflating statistics will then be seized upon by MRAs and others to propagandize that women commit more than a statistically insignificant number of homicides.”

      Exactly. This shall not stand.

      I know that I and other women will speak out against this and work to stop it. Appropriating us is bad enough, but blaming us for their filthy crimes? Male-perpetrated sex-crimes against our sisters? Oh, HELL no.

  10. luckynkl Says:

    The authorities know damn well that the violence against women, including rape, battery and homicide, are going to increase with the passing of these absurd “gender identity” laws and pretending men can be women. Leaving no doubt, it’s intentional.

  11. Wow what an eye opener this story is fellow ladies.

    It is truly shocking that there are some Transgender nasty types out there in this big wide world, but at the same time here are some wonderful, caring and unique feminist trans activists who stand up for the sisterhood of ALL women. I myself was born male (slightly intersexed), but now I live as a (pre-op) female with considerable difficulty; however I do not agree that those with serious criminal backgrounds should have the right to change birth gender either way round. Therefore, perhaps the laws do need tightening in order to hopefully prevent such dreadful and horrific crimes taking place, and of course in helping to reduce the degrading of women as a whole. So my point here is that those with sexual offenses and alike should be banned from treatment on the grounds of safety/security & mental health sanity, etc.

    So please do not ostracise me for being of the minority, as I defend the right of gender birth defects, however that does not mean I feel every TG should have SRS, especially not those between 16 and 22. I think it should be a longer process of evaluation, whereby a training system is undertaken run through the government in order to enable skills through real life analysis. As part of this training should be skills of womanhood, life skills, interaction, and social volunteering in female focused vocational and recreational activity settings to encourage positive bonding and re-education. Second type women are the new variety and we are not going away, yet at the same time we must respect the REAL/GENETIC women as our equal sisters, but to look up to the positive role models for appropriate guidance and self discipline.

    I am only suggesting here and most certainly do not wish to create havoc or any fight with you my dear sisters; peace must prevail, and the Transgender community must shape up to the conditions set by our peers and born female leaders. I think this could become a never ending debate, so I shall just end on that note!

    I wish you all the happiness, and hope that these negative media horror stories of fact do not sway you to condemn the majority of us second type women in a negatively focused discriminatory manner.

    Divine blessings,

    Rebecca Love Zia (37 years of age)

    • Adrian Says:

      So what exactly are “skills of womanhood?” Also I can’t help but ask, how did you come to think that you are a woman? What did you recognize, specifically?

      • Skills of womanhood can be achieved by any gender in fact, however what I mean here is that vital life skills can be sought from a range of ways. Tutorials and so on are not always most effective solution, however, social interaction groups that combine all women are a step forward in creating stronger relations, etc!

        I came to know I was a woman, which in turn led me to think I was female, yet also a male in the most part of my genetic coding; with this said it is not purely what biology dictates that forms the true pure basis of who I am. In spirit I am that, that I am. Also if love be a religion, then let it please be mine! Alas, for yes indeed love is my religion breaking all tradition! Yet I still celebrate the idea of Father Christmas (who was of course St. Nicholas the patron Saint of England, UK I believe, where I was brought up and currently still reside) and this festive season that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. I hope this and the following allow for clearer comprehension in satisfying your curiousity……

        To add further dear Adrian, I conclude with one of my focus mission statements:

        Most prominently, I am religious about unconditional values of truth (inner self realisation), one unison of one unconditional love, the physical body being a temporary vehicle, and of wisdom equating to knowledge as “Gemini like Twins”. Like rituals of everyday routine is in turn how feminism plays a dynamic and integral part of my life! One can only state one’s inner feelings as an individual, so long as one does not lose one’s true inner identity by following trends, fashions and cultural/social disciplines like a sheep in a herd”

  12. I hope to follow comments here, so please feel free to comment.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      *sigh* Obvious troll is obvious. Now fuck off back to your swamp.

      • That was a very offensive response, I do not understand why you feel the urge to call me a troll…. Please understand that I am not here to oppose feminism in any way whatsoever, and neither do I wish to live in a swamp!

  13. survivorthriver Says:

    Donna is a violent male predator, XY, and should not be put in women’s prison. This is excellent coverage, and I think your proposals are phenomenal.

    Turn the tables and watch the predators. The predators are long accustomed to surveilling women and making their private parts public spectacle for entertainment. Let’s turn the tables and keep a database of these evil men.

    I would also suggest a database of missing women, because those are not tabulated in a way that would allow us to monitor the actual level of the “disappeared” females. Without a body they don’t get tracked, period. Another way men collude with perpetrators.

  14. Bev Jo Says:

    Mr. Zia, it is men who call us “ladies.” It’s an insult and and method of policing Dykes. It also marginalizes all women who refuse to obey male rules of male-invented femininity. So that’s a giveway to me about your intentions.

    Your informing us that “here are some wonderful, caring and unique feminist trans activists who stand up for the sisterhood of ALL women” is a con. I’ve haven’t yet met such a man in over forty years of Radical Feminist work. Trans is a lie and cult. Men cannot become women any more than they can change race or species.

    “Second type women are the new variety and we are not going away, yet at the same time we must respect the REAL/GENETIC women as our equal sisters, but to look up to the positive role models for appropriate guidance and self discipline.”

    Well, it’s clear you are not going away, no matter how much we say no and ask you to stop appropriating our identity. Did you not read this blog? Stop with the mind fuck/phony flattery. Your motives are clear. NO, we are not your “equal sisters.”

    And don’t call us “sister,” mister.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      Second that.

      “…we are not going away…” is the jack-knife hidden in the pocket of all that flattery.

    • Becky Green Says:

      The male tranzies make a habit of telling women that the violent psychopaths of their group aren’t actually tranz and that real tranzies are loving and respectful of women. They attempt to draw a clear line of demarcation between the “normal, well-adjusted tranzies” and their felonious brethren. It’s pure bullshit! The difference is one of degree, not of kind. They’re all cut from the same rancid, moldy cloth.

      Anytime they invade our territory and/or perform female pantomime, they are already injuring women. So, it’s only a small leap to greater forms of violence towards us. In addition, there are no balanced and stable minded tranzies. If a man really believes he is a woman, he’s simply not rational, i.e., he’s nuts. That includes you, Rebecca Love Zia, that includes you!!!

      • Well as I have said, I am with variables of being within the intersexed category, however with that said, I feel many transwomen are trying hard to fit into a female role, without losing their personality! What I mean here is that we are a second type of woman, yet biologically we are still men, yes….

    • I have no false or misleading motives of negative values…

      Please read my new comments, oh and sister I am no longer a Mister, I am a Miss!

      Are you trying to make me the mockery here?

  15. trust your perceptions Says:

    Thank you for your thorough work here Gallus. These three women… I cry for them.

    When Robin Morgan was doing civil rights work in the South and they dredged the river for slain civil rights workers, six women’s bodies were found. Her fellow raddoodes told her at the time that those deaths weren’t political, — that they were just, you know…

    Every time they kill one of us, it’s political.

    No end to their developing new and improved mind-fuck. It’s all about the mind-fuck first. They’re always working on it. And that tranny mindfuck even has some of our brilliant luminaries like Angela Davis tricked.

    The work you do is very important.
    I’m sure it’s hard sometimes.
    But it’s important.
    Thank you.

  16. justinthehomo Says:

    That was disgusting…what a creepy story. I hate being male due to what my sex does (Both bio and trans) against women and just people at large. I don’t get what is wrong with us…I’ve come to the conclusion that I think it may be testosterone levels? I’m not sure, but with the ammount of male violence in the world it has to be something. Anyhow despite this hate for my sex I would never consider being trans, and I think it’s a pretty good indicator of body dysmorphia/ mental illness.

    • Mortified Says:

      Disgusting, creepy: absolutely. But I don’t blame all men for some men being wacky and evil. You shouldn’t, either. Just try to stay sane and spread the sanity as best you can.

      • Becky Green Says:

        Reading Justin’s comment, I did not get the sense that he blames all men, but rather that he recognizes that male violence is a real problem in the world. At least that’s what I gleaned from it.

      • justinthehomo Says:

        Becky understands what I’m saying here. I don’t blame all men, I don’t look at ever guy I see and think say “This is all YOUR fault” But I do see men as an oppressive class of people, and It’s something that needs to be addressed and worked on.

  17. Beth Says:

    This is horrific. Not really trans related, but that’s one helluva war against women.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      I think it is (tangentially, at least) trans-related in this way:

      Why are jurisdictions like San Francisco moving to use taxpayer funds to cover sex-change-related procedures and medications, when so many sexual assault victims are waiting years-to-decades-to-forever to get their rape kits tested and input into national databases?

      Society is being asked to believe that trans are SO oppressed that using taxpayer funding for hormones, surgery, etc. is the only compassionate way to go — meanwhile, how many rape victims have to be abused by the same monster before someone processes the rape kits and connects the dots?

      Is the (imaginary? self-inflicted?) suffering of cross-dressing men so very important that it trumps all other uses of public funds? I think…not.

      • wildwomyn Says:

        I’m with you here. I stopped supporting a charity that was founded to help lesbians with cancer and now they include services for trans*women too, deflecting funds from lesbians. I’m investigating ways we can organize to fund projects that benefit FAB lesbians so that our money doesn’t go to supporting men disguised as women.

        And we as taxpayers should have some say in how those monies are spent. Your point that rape kits are not processed while tax money is spent on trans* is shocking. And I’ll be that most of that money spent on trans* is spent on MTF and not FTM.

  18. you only have to look at the average trans get together to see the delusion at work, admittedly it doesn’t come close to the crazy of that Ringo Langly looking motherfucker but it’s still way out there. the tdor i went to was like the local psych ward’s annual day release/outing.

    as for male on female violence – i think it has fuck all to do with hormones and everything to do with men as a whole being physically stronger. even dudes with the most hair trigger temper suddenly seem able to find self-control when faced with someone twice their size.

    • Becky Green Says:

      Excellent point Andie. Their reason and rationality override their violent tendencies when they know they’d lose the fight. Fucking cock suckers!

  19. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    Can we sue the media for slander against all woman-kind for calling these criminal monsters “she”?


  20. Rose Says:

    Wow. I am shocked at these comments. I didn’t realize such ridiculous radical feminism was still out there but I guess there’s a niche for everything. I found the felon politician story very interesting, thank you for that. I do see some interesting correlations between shady histories and a “sudden” change to becoming transgender.
    However the comments I read and the OP all make it seem like there’s this huge conspiracy out there and there’s not! I do think men tend to be more violent and oppressive and I do agree that needs to be addressed. There are even some radical men’s groups that do wish to regain control over women, but I would put them in the minority of most men. At least those I associate with. Wtf. As a woman I can’t believe so many of you are so bile filled and confused. I keep wondering why there were so many anti “men to women” comments instead of gender neutral anti TG comments. Don’t tell me it’s evil for a man to feel like a woman inside but it’s okay for a woman to identify as a man? That would be too much.

    • Adrian Says:

      I can’t speak for others but I don’t think either direction really makes much sense, personally.

      No one can ever explain just what “feeling like a woman” really means, in any sort of measurable concrete detail. Ditto for “feeling like a man.” I say behave however you want, dress how you want, there’s no need to go for all this “but I’m the other sex inside, really” business.

      But because sex is not a binary but rather a hierarchy, yes, there is a difference between trying to move F to M and trying to move M to F. Trying to move M to F means trying to voluntarily become a member of an oppressed group, to claim some membership in an oppressed group to which you do not in fact belong, and yes, that has meaning that needs to be looked at.

      It amazes me that people who are able to write quite eloquently all over the internet about just what is wrong with cultural appropriation and fetishism, what’s wrong with blackface, what’s wrong with walking up to people of some foreign culture to them and demanding access to meaningful “cultural secrets,” can have such a massive blindspot when it comes to the idea of appropriating “woman.”

      That alone is plenty of food for thought, but so often people take it one step further – not only do they demand access to women’s spaces by appropriating “woman” voluntarily, but they also say that as trans* women specifically, why, they are MORE oppressed than just garden variety women, and so of course, the language of “social justice” (at least as practiced on the internet) they, as the “most oppressed” among the oppressed, need to be CENTERED in all discussions of what it is to be living in the world as a woman. Because women suffer misogyny, but we can’t just talk about that, in particular we can’t talk about oppression based on assumed capabilities of physical bodies, no, we have to sideline everything to talk about the special extra problems of being trans*. And everything gets derailed – yes, DERAILED.

      I might think trying to move F to M is misguided as well, but at least there they’re trying to move UP a category, they’re not hurting any men by doing so, they’re not trying to crash into needed safe spaces or talk over conversations by men about how they are being oppressed.

      I’m sure it’s a strange place to be to want to be included in a crowd that is banding together in solidarity over some oppression. You can see the same thing on the BIID pages. But there’s some groups you just can’t voluntarily join.

    • moose Says:

      I never even thought of my not accepting transsexualism (of any type) as a belief system as a ‘feminist’ (let alone ‘radical’) idea; only when I looked online did I find that the only places addressing the issue from a non-encouraging/enabling way were so-called ‘radfem’ sites. For me it’s been primarily an issue of logic and science. And a belief that people who don’t adhere to society’s gender- (to me that means ‘sex-‘)based stereotypes are in no need of ‘correction’ and may in fact be at the forefront of a certain type of natural human development. Now, the middle-aged autogynephiliac men who pretend to be women to turn themselves on are a different story; they’re just ultra-creeps. It’s the young girls who think they’re supposed to be ‘dudes’ that really break my heart.

      • Adrian Says:

        I hear ya. For me, it was radfem sites (VERY much including this one, if someone wants to get outraged about its influence, ha) that let me realize and put a name to some of just what had me feeling “off” about so many of the trans* claims of “but we feel we’re women really, inside.” But not just this, I also read a bunch of things debunking supposed sex differences of the brain from linguistics-originated blogs (as a bilingual person I’d surfed those blogs for a while and found the threads) too. Bottom line was me realizing that I’m “woman” like it or not, by society (i.e. quite frankly, the part the trans* M2T are missing and wish they had but ah! you can’t voluntarily get it), and what all is wrong with that.

        From there, and partly from other influences, I have found myself surveying the trans* scene on tumblr among other places for a while now, and I agree with you that the young girls thinking they need to be “dudes” that are the most heartbreaking. Particularly given my own situation and history, namely being just “ugly” and non-conforming/crossdressing for my entire life since high school (and I wore the skirt uniform in high school in the “rebellious” way I might add) I am reading of people (women!) coming up after me who are under such gender pressure that they are quaking in their boots about such things as daring to buy “other gender” clothes, or underwear, or they are terrified of just going into a barbershop to ask for a haircut, thinking that surely they’ll have to explain about being trans* or whatever.

        When, in fact you can just be your own nonconforming woman self at a barbershop, “ugly” or not, and tell how you want your hair and no one blinks an eye (as long as what you want is among the styles they do, no one gives the remotest shit about your “identity”!!!), you can buy undies at the store, similarly no one asks, I suppose if you’re truly paranoid you can say it’s for your husband or bf but NO ONE WILL ASK.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      Keep reading — and learning.

      The social, political and cultural underpinnings for heterosexual male-to-trans versus lesbian female-to-trans are COMPLETELY different.

      In the case of the heterosexual males, they are trying to invade women-only and lesbian-only spaces (and claiming to be “real” lesbians) in a very oppressive, female-threatening, sexually unwholesome manner. Examples include one dude spending TEN YEARS in legal attack on a Canadian rape crisis center trying to FORCE them to accept him as a volunteer counselor for female rape victims. Another example is a retired military man in his fifties trying to force his way into residency at a women’s dorm at a college. Another is a man in his forties parading around naked in a women’s sauna and locker room — in front of minor females — claiming that his newly minted “womanhood” made it OK for him to flash his intact penis and testicles at the high school swim team

      In the case of lesbian female-to-trans, many (most? all?) of them are expressing extreme self-hate, extreme distress at their oppression as “butch” lesbians in a lesbian-phobic culture and aping very sexist attitudes towards women during/after their “transition” to being “real men”.

      Gender in a patriarchal culture isn’t a natural continuum; it’s an oppressive, socially-enforced hierarchy.

      Women have been raped in war and peace, owned as slaves or “chattel”, controlled, abused, forced into marriage, forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, murdered at will for “cause” (e.g. being “disobedient” or being “inappropriately” sexual or bringing “shame” on their male relatives by trying to live their lives autonomously), kept from the reigns of political, social and economic power, etc. etc. etc. by men for millennia.

      Don’t make the mistake of setting up a false equivalency between men in the current age and women in the current age. We haven’t smashed the patriarchy YET.

      • Transbians are also Lesbian transwomen in their own right, and to make such strong claims is like an accusation without true first hand evidential justification. I think it is now time to revise such mindset propaganda don’t you?

        I agree with how women have been undermined and in many ways are still being treated differently, hence now is the time to stand up for even more positive change.
        “Busting some ass (I mean working one’s booty off), always brings blisters (well for us it does when we get physical I guess!), so let’s all stand up solidarity amongst our sisters!

        True empowerment is in joint venture alliance against hate, abuse, and all of that negative unfortunate misfortune…..

  21. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you so much for your brilliant decription of the men appropriating our identity, Marie-France. I also mostly agree about the self-hating women who want to pretend to be men, except that I do not believe most are Butch. Most I have seen and watched on video and read are quite feminine women, which makes sense since male-defined femininity is a male construct. Many of them are obsessed with gay men and want to be sexual with gay men, making them a kind of pretend-man fag hag. Being Butch, for most of us, means rejecting male rules of false femininity and just trying to be natural Lesbians in a female-hating patriarchy.

    But yes, women claiming male identity oppress us. No where near what the grotesque men appropriating female identity are doing, but still….they betray all females.

    • Miss/Ms Bev, I think it is extremely unfair and/or biased to label us all as men being deceitful and so on…..

      What we need here is perhaps a coalition movement within the feminist mainstream; I do feel a part of this group, and feminism is a huge part of my life, hence it is also my total right of humanity to identify myself as female, despite old timer’s such as Janice Raymond outing the trans communities throughout the world over the last couple of decades…..

      What we need here is through thought unison of total feminist empowerment, as division will not help neither primary or secondary type women efficiently progress and develop on this our global arena!

      It is not about betrayal, instead it is about re-educating ourselves and others, thus we can today spread the word of love as opposed to war and oppression….

      Enough said on that one. Divine blessings to all my brothers and sisters of all varieties!

      One Love
      Another set of my catchy motto’s for you all:
      Stay Focused On Your Steeple
      Peace To The People
      Stay Focused On Your Temple
      No Need To Go Ass Mental

  22. charlena holt Says:

    This is just craziness what is wrong with the people here I Spokane?

  23. liberalsareinsane Says:

    Don’t know where else to post this. Watch out for those rape sticks, er, lady sticks.
    Pre-op transsexual ‘raped woman after sex dungeon tour’

    Read more:

  24. James Emerson Says:

    My girlfriend is in Carswell, and talked Perry into taking pictures with her. I’ve been getting daily updates about their conversations. Very strange person, indeed. She’s almost gotten an admission of guilt out of her. I say almost, cause the answers given are very vague…says stuff like she used to be a bad person, but that was 23 years ago.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thanks for your comment. Interested in hearing more…what sort of conversations are they having? In what way strange?

      • James Emerson Says:

        Strange like Perry wants them to live in Spokane together, and have a bunch of guns so they’re prepared if the cops come. And also, for a while there, Perry was stalking her. In almost the same way that a teen does when they’re head over heels for someone. And was wanting to move to the state where she’s going to live, and move in there. Unfortunately, Perry is locked up in the SHU(Special Housing Unit), and has been for quite some time, so the daily updates stopped a while ago.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Can you link to the pics (upload them to flickr or wherever)?

  25. wildninja Says:

    You might already know, but I just posted this update:

    Update, 11/3/13: KHQ,, is reporting the following:

    Spokane Police Department Press Release

    Detectives from the Spokane Police Department (SPD) and the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) have forwarded charges to the Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office related to three unsolved homicides from 1990. Three counts of 1st Degree Murder were referred for 61-year-old Douglas (Donna) Perry (who is currently in prison on Federal Firearms charges) for the murders of Yolanda Sapp, Nikkie Lowe and Kathlene Brisbois.

  26. wildninja Says:

    Here’s the latest, I hope I have time to blog about this later… some significant statements in there.

  27. GallusMag Says:

    “In late 2012, detectives were also able to track down a 1969 International Scout owned by Perry at the time of the killings to its current owner and were able to search the vehicle. Among the items of evidence collected from the vehicle was a single unspent .22-caliber bullet, the same caliber bullet used in the killings of Brisbois, Lowe and Sapp, investigators said.

    More recently, a forensic scientist at the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab in Cheney has found more DNA evidence. Fingerprints on a bottle of lubricant found in Lowe’s purse matched Perry’s, and DNA discovered on a blanket owned by Sapp matched Perry’s, Spokane County sheriff’s deputy Craig Chamberlin has said.”

  28. moss Says:

    The DNA on the blanket was ‘her semen,’ right?

  29. […] year investigation which culminated in this week’s events at the previous GenderTrender post HERE, which contains news archives and information not available elsewhere. The boyfriend of one of […]

  30. […] shoving marshmallows up their ass, or who are cited with multiple felony rape charges, or who are accused of multiple sadistic sexual serial murders, or in this case, are arrested for bestiality for fucking horses, there is an EXTREMELY good chance […]

  31. GallusMag Says:

    SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane County judge denied a motion for a transgender woman who is accused of killing three prostitutes in 1990.

    Judge Michael Price denied Donna Perry’s attorney’s motion to allow evidence that could possibly implicate other suspects in the murders. The judge said the evidence was speculative.

    Perry is facing three charges of first degree murder. She was charged in the murder in January 2014.

    Her trial was delayed back in September 2016 because of a possible ethics breach in the Spokane County Public Defender’s Office. Her trial is expected to begin sometime in June.

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