GLAAD celebrates Women’s Junior College Basketball player Gabrielle Ludwig: because He’s a 6 foot 8, 230 pound, 50 year-old Man.

December 6, 2012


GLAAD celebrates a new LGBT hero on their website today: a heterosexual 50 year-old, six-foot-eight, 230lb man embarking on his women’s junior college basketball career after having his California birth certificate changed to “female” on November 30.

Five days ago Robert Ludwig was just a man with a dream. Since Friday, he has “become female”. Five days ago Robert was a past-his-prime male athlete. Today he is a “female” athlete embarking on a new career.

GLAAD (Gay and LESBIAN Alliance Against Defamation) champions the rights of middle-aged men to compete against 18 year-old female athletes in women’s sports, as long as those men have declared strong internalized beliefs in sex-based stereotypes.

GLAAD strongly supports the rights of 50 year old heterosexual men to live out their fantasies parlaying male musculature into careers in women’s sports thirty years past their prime: but only if those men voluntarily adopt the sex-based stereotypes that are enforced without consent upon females. This is because GLAAD believes such sex-based stereotypes actually make women female. GLAAD does not support title IX rights for female persons, because GLAAD does not believe the female sex exists. Further, GLAAD does not believe in the worldwide reality of sex-based oppression of females, and actively lobbies against the rights of females to organize, meet, and compete based on sex. Instead, GLAAD believes in sex-roles. Blue is for boys, Pink is for girls.

Blue is for Boys. Pink is for Girls.

Blue is for Boys. Pink is for Girls.

In the USA Today article that GLAAD applauds, their hero Gabrielle Ludwig refers to the 18 to 20 year-old young women on the Mission College basketball team as “a bunch of dysfunctional lesbians”.

Ludwig goes on in the same article to dismiss a female player’s complaint that it is unfair that he is eligible to compete against her. He states: “They have been in this world 18 measly years. This 18 year old has not the slightest clue what life is about. It’s when they grow up. If that comment came from someone like you [male reporter Eric Prisbell] , that would sting and I would need to find a home for that comment.


The twice divorced father is an 8 year Navy and Desert Storm veteran now working as a Genetic Systems Engineer at Roche Molecular Diagnostics in Silicone Valley. Robert takes 12 credits of online community college coursework in order to qualify for the team. From the Mission College website: “We have excellent transfer programs and general education courses that will promote your journey to four year institutions and prepare you for higher level learning whether it is the California State System, the University System or a Private University. We also have exemplary signature programs that help to prepare you for the workforce in many areas: Nursing, Fire Technology, Hospitality Management, and many others. Mission can provide classes that will catch you up in math, English, ESL or other areas that provide foundational skills to serve you in any future courses.”


GLAAD’s hero Gabrielle/ Robert John Ludwig played men’s college basketball 33 years ago. California Community College Athletic Association’s bylaws limit undergraduate athletes to two years of competition, but Robert’s time spent competing as a man was erased because it applied only to his male athletic career, not his “female” one.

What does the team coach think? From the Sillicone Valley Mercury News:

 “In time,” said Corey Cafferata, her coach, “she will be the most dangerous player in the state.”

 “I think at 6-foot-8, if she does some work,” Cafferata said, “I don’t see why the WNBA wouldn’t draft her and give her a shot.”

 There is no requirement, a league spokesman said, for a WNBA player to be born female.


72 Responses to “GLAAD celebrates Women’s Junior College Basketball player Gabrielle Ludwig: because He’s a 6 foot 8, 230 pound, 50 year-old Man.”

  1. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    Goddess wept.

    Has everyone at GLAAD — and the rest of the damn world — gone stark raving BONKERS?!?

    I feel like REAL feminists are playing the role of the child in The Emperor’s New Clothes in these increasingly, appallingly ridiculous scenarios.



    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      At least there’s some pushback in the comments section — and for a miracle, they haven’t deleted those posts yet.

  2. liam neeson, NO, you can not join the ladies team!

  3. DaveSquirrel Says:

    Score another in the ex-military!
    By far the most common occupation or former occupation of M2Ts.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      I thought the anti-vaccination people were going overboard, but now I’m starting to wonder if there’s something toxic in all those pre-deployment vaccines that is turning these dudes into faux-females. Hmmmm…

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      The Navy, in particular, seems to be the branch leading the way for some reason.

  4. anon male Says:

    I wonder how the 2 year community college dictum interacts with people who previously attended NCAA schools where your “clock” starts ticking the second you put on a uniform.

    From the one article: OMG, a female ref refused to shake his hand! I can’t imagine ever making physical contact with an official. There’s no reason for it. It’s a violation of the social contract. You’re not friends, you don’t want to be friends, and neither one of you wants anyone else to think you have a relationship. But the normal rules don’t apply here!

    I love how the article lists him at several different heights. Details are for boring people. Hobgoblins and all that!

    • michelle Says:

      Actually, NCAA guidelines (unless they have changed) started the eligibility clock not when one dons a uniform but when one went to school on a full-time basis. I learned that when we explored my eligibility to play softball at a 1-AA school…at the age of 30- I had just never been enrolled on a full-time basis anywhere prior to that school and we learned I had two years of eligibility remaining. Career took me elsewhere, so I never got to play.

      That being said, I have significant issues with the claim that an operation and paperwork change gives a new clock for athletic participation. The eligibility clock should have long since expired since he previously played college ball…it shouldn’t matter under what name he played.

      Had this been a 50-year old female who had never used any eligibility, I would have said go for it. There aren’t many older students who can hang with athletes in their prime, no matter the sport. But this is an abomination, allowing nearly 50 years of testosterone and male genetic development and then have a collegiate athletic entity decide he can play with genetic females. I feel sorry for the other athletes on that team who have been dragged into the freak show precisely because of the media whoring by yet another over-privileged heterosexual male.

      • Anon Male Says:

        Thanks for the info. I quit sports (1-A in a pointless conference) during my sophomore year; thought about going back during my fifth but was told it’d be a no-go. Plus, I sucked.

        It both bugs me less and more that this is a 2 year school. In that, on one hand, he’s not taking a top trophy away from anyone like that mountain biker dude is, fighting over a world championship (but he’s certainly taking play time away from at least 1 woman who could be on the roster). But on the other hand, he’s beating up on players who often don’t even have the same genetic gifts that top female athletes have — and are typically getting by on passion and hard work, rather than a boost from a chromosomal lottery. So for someone who won that lottery in a landslide (to say the least) to come in?

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:


      Someone pinch me. Every time I look at his picture next to those young women on his team I think exactly what you wrote:

      WHAT THE FUCK?!??!

      Are there any sane people left anywhere on earth except Gender Trender?

      What in the world would we do without GallusMag providing us with a venue to meet and cling to one another like ship-wreck victims on a rock in the middle of a raging sea???


      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you Marie!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yesterday was G/T’s 2 year anniversary!
        Whenever I get tired of doing it women write asking me to POST SOMMMEEETHHHHIINNGGGG.
        Even the haters write. Male trans Carol Teater once wrote to say:
        ” Hey Phallus Hag, how about some new content? I need a new dose of deranged, delusional paranoia, and the comments have kinda died out on the existing threads.”
        OMG the haters complaining when I don’t post.
        You LIKE me! You really LIKE meeee!!!
        Happy Two years everyone and THANK YOU for all your comments and support. YOU ARE THE ONES who KEEP THE LIGHTS ON HERE and I LOVE YOU!
        ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Beth Says:

      I second that notion of “what the fuck?”

      And add my own “what’s the point of even having a womens league if this aggressive male behemoth can join?”

  5. karmarad Says:

    I think community common sense will prevail as in Helena, Montana. A great deal of radfem theory is simply cutting through false realities back to common sense, and here we connect with the common sense of non-radfem parents.

  6. If the whole team is made up of men like Robert, will it still be classified as a “women’s” team? If this if this is allowed to run its logical course, that’s what will happen. Few women will be able to make the cut against 6- foot plus, 18-year-old males fresh off the better coaching of boys’ high school basketball teams, Title IX and some estrogen shots be damned.

    Maybe they will allow one or two women on the “ladies” team as adorable li’l mascots.

    Or, hey! They can always be cheerleaders!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Some (all?) trans activists are actually totally on board with replacing all females in sport with transgender males. For example Lisa Millbank, a man who calls himself a “Radical Trans Feminist” answers the question of whether male “transwoman” participation will come to dominate female sports teams by stating :

      “Even if it did, that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem. Society considers cis bodies superior to transsexual and intersex bodies in every way. I wouldn’t mind seeing transsexual and intersex people having the ‘best’ bodies in one particular set of arenas.”

      • Anon Male Says:

        Net Ball really says “girly” these days so trans have taken over the Wikipedia for it. The more females that flee pink ghetto activities the hotter those activities become.

        Plus, any geek competition, like Quidditch

      • GallusMag Says:


      • “Even if it did, that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem. Society considers cis bodies superior to transsexual and intersex bodies in every way. I wouldn’t mind seeing transsexual and intersex people having the ‘best’ bodies in one particular set of arenas.”

        Isn’t that reverse cis-sexism? (Ouch, that hurt my head a little.)

      • Adrian Says:

        Roller derby? Happening already. Here are two articles from a quick google search:

        I remember this topic because #transchat (a twitter tag event that happens on occasion) had an “episode” on trans* and sports, and they mentioned it, so I had to google, and… yeah. Particularly the skater mentioned in the DCist article has also been involved in going after the MWMF.

        The derby thing kinda disturbs me on some extra level precisely BECAUSE roller derby is so much a “girl power” sport culturally. There’s an arena for “look, women can be powerful!” and sure enough some men start wanting in on it, and due to their biology, oh wow, just look, we happen to be better than the “natives.” Again with the “how can I voluntarily become a member of the lower group” (and thus kick ass there!) thing.

      • Anon Male Says:

        From the epgn link:

        ““I personally bristle at the idea that because someone is born male, they have an inherent advantage in flat-track roller derby. That is not the case. Roller derby is a team sport and no individual skater makes or breaks how a team performs,” she said.”

        Yes, this is why everyone in the NFL gets exactly the same pay.

        Read more: PGN-The Philadelphia Gay News. Phila gay news. philly news – Roller derby girls organize against trans policy

    • Becky Green Says:

      I would like to see the entire women’s lingerie football team be populated by transwomen. Hetero men would have a conniption fit over having their fantasy ruined.

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        LMAO!!! Make it so! Make them ALL of the 6’4″, 315-lb variety, too, like the offensive tackles (Freudian slip, that.)

        If we’re going to “play with gender” then let’s PLAY with gender; tweak heterosexual male fantasies all to heck.

      • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

        You know, Becky, I bet there are some transwomen out there that have lived with the fantasy to be a lingerie footballer for years. I personally think that the Liam Neeson look-alike above would look particularly attractive in a Victoria’s Secret peignoir set flouncing around the field. Tattoos and all.

  7. KittyBarber Says:

    I feel so sorry for the young women who will be left out of athletics because of men like this. They have no shame. And the body that decided he is elegible has no brain.

  8. DaveSquirrel Says:

    The phrase “honking great tranny” really needs to come back into vogue.
    What else can you think when viewing that picture?

  9. weirdward Says:

    stories like this make me furious. As if women are not discriminated against enough already in sports – some man has to come along and force his way in, and then insult all the other players by calling them clueless girls and disgusting lesbians!

    Also I think these lgbt organisations are digging their own graves. At some point, the general population is going to wake up to the fact that this is complete insanity. If they see that the lbg is linked to the t, they’re going to turn against the whole lot of us and think we’re all bonkers, and 40 years of lesbian and gay activism will go down the drain. I know that’s been said before, but it just becomes more inevitable every time a story like this emerges, and I can’t believe these advocacy groups can’t see it.

    As for the prevalence of ex-military men amongst the Trans – I really do wonder if it’s some sort of attempt to distance or dissociate themselves from their past male lives and all the horrific things they no doubt did whilst in the military. Again, I think I have seen someone make a similar speculation before, though it might not have been on this blog. More or less developing a new personality who is a woman and therefore automatically (because gender is real to them) sweet and good and nice (HA!) and not capable of doing shit like raping and killing the way the military trained male personality did.

    So then they can be like, oh but that wasn’t MEEE who killed all those people, and that only seems to be confirmed by the fact that so many of them don’t want any trace of their old lives to be remembered – even this guy has erased his history as a male sports player because, ya know, that was someone else, I guess???

    And the mental health industry is enabling this. Real clever, guys.

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      Maybe the silent majority is about to speak up and be heard. I hope so. Meanwhile, whenever a Big Queer Advocacy Org calls me asking for donations, I tell them my support is reserved for groups that 1) promote the rights and liberation of women, 2) promote the rights of homosexuals, and of bisexuals who are discriminated against because they are in a homosexual relationship, and 3) don’t use the term “queer” or the alphabet soup.

      If there are enough objections to this guy playing on the women’s team, and it becomes a high-profile issue, it may open the door to some much-needed discussion in the Bay Area, without the kind of silencing and shaming tactics that usually go on whenever someone says, “Hey, wait a second, isn’t the whole underlying premise of transsexualism dependent on gender stereotypes?” Fremont is one of the sleepier, more conservative parts of the Bay Area, but it’s still part of the Bay Area.

      Maybe all the liberal lefty progressive types who just nod and go along with LGBTQWERTYBBQWTF party line because they don’t want to rock the boat will finally have their “peak trans” moment. How can anyone not notice this guy’s homophobia? His contempt for young people (the very people he wants to play basketball with)? His contempt for women, and his bizarre of idea of what it means to be one?

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:


        This guy is SO offensive when he opens his yap and start talking — why can’t his teammates hear it?

      • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

        I’ve noticed that you can be as homophobic as you want to be –as long as you’re trans.

  10. michelle Says:

    I’ve seen some big women playing at the D1 level…but I would far rather have had to go up against Allison Bales (very comparable in size) every day and twice on Sunday than have to play against this dude. At least Allison didn’t look like a guy playing on a women’s team…

    GLAAD does have one thing correct- images matter. And the images here are abso-fucking-lutely scary.

  11. BadDyke Says:

    Hmm, so if an actual female player had been on steroids or whatnot for years, presumably they would have something to say about her ability to compete using her steroid-boosted physique, and that it WASN’T fair.

    But hey, fifty year old straight bloke gets to play out his teenage girl locker room fantasies for real, and GLAAD makes a lovely fuss about him as well.

    Totally bonkers, and just MAYBE this sort of thing will get some people thinking this was NOT what we intended when we decided we were going to be nice to trans people and play along with their fantasies and save them from embarrassment…………

    • Adrian Says:

      That’s actually an interesting question across sport, because there are various beneficial mutations that some people are born with that really do lead to them being “naturally doped” in a sense – there was a family of skiers who had a mutation for extra red blood cells, IIRC. Previously there just wasn’t the knowledge to understand these things, but now we know that some people do have objectively “better” starting points in ways that can very easily mimic exactly the effects of certain banned drugs.

      Currently it seems people are saying “well, it’s an issue” but taking (for now) the “if you’re born with it, you’re just lucky” attitude and not banning people. Though it seems they could, I guess, have physical classes for certain traits similar to the way wrestling has weight classes.

      Obviously testosterone is something some people are born with, and something other people dope with.

      But this guy, yeah, he was born with his T, but he VOLUNTARILY decided to join a women’s team (I’ll second all the other what the eff??? posters too!) so surely that should count as voluntary, and thus, forbidden, in my book.

      At any rate people say that T levels go down in the M2T after two years (at least some people quoted in those roller derby articles do) but that still wouldn’t undo the effect of all the muscles, not to mention the training.

      Makes me wonder though – if someone (not trans) just regular ol’ dopes their way through training with T, builds bigger muscles as a result, but stops the T long enough before competition to not have it be detected in the drug test, what happens?

      I love the images with this article though, I think they’re great because they are what is going to make people finally think wait, wut? I know I had to check the date on the article, surely it’s not April 1st already??? alas…

  12. BadDyke Says:

    Just read the story:

    “The woman teammates call Gabbi, Giant or Big Sexy”

    Big Sexy? How twisted is that!

    “On the road, Ludwig does not share rooms with teammates because of their age differences.” Well, ONE less creepy thing going on.

    Hey, what if the transabled start trying to get into the Paralympics as well…….I’ve got a paraplegic BRAIN and it’s just discrimination to say I can’t compete………..

    How much will it take before this denial-of-reality thing falls apart?

    Yeah, and the possible backlash (if gay organisations support this, they’re ALL bonkers) hadn’t quite occurred to me.

    • Adrian Says:

      The paralympics does have ability classes, so presumably they’d find infiltrating over there to be a bit harder.

      But yeah, I would not be surprised at all for the transabled to start wanting to join leagues. So much of the image they are cultivating over there is “I’m disabled but look it doesn’t stop me doing my life at all” and the one person featured here (the person who was on National Geographic) is always going on about having the self-image of a very tough sporty wheelchair chick.

      They like to talk about how it’s not about being pitied or getting people to help them, and so surely they’re not “doing it for the attention” but of course it isn’t – their whole thing is all about being tough and disabled at the same time. “Look how fast I can push my shopping cart, look how fast I can go downhill, watch all the people so confused when *I* open the door for THEM, haha! Tweaking sensibilities!” all of that.

      So it is with so many of the M2T, also – “look at me, I’m better at being a woman than you who were only born to it and not appreciating what you have!!!” or whatever. “Look how sexxxay!!!” Just ewwwwwwWWW.

  13. Branjor Says:

    All I can say is Billie Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs. I hope the young girls beat his ass off.

    • Adrian Says:

      Also this. And what was with that comment about how maybe this guy could beat athletes in the WNBA???? I don’t THINK so, buddy! Maybe he has such the crazy overadvantage on a junior college team, but pro ball? Not gonna happen!

  14. GallusMag Says:

    This is interesting- they are considering a sports exemption for the Canadian Transgender Rights Bill currently under consideration:

    “Edmonton MP Brent Rathgeber wants NDP Randall Garrison’s Bill C-279 — which would make it illegal to discriminate against transgendered Canadians and to disseminate hate on the basis of someone’s gender identity or expression — to exclude all Canadian sport organizations from the gender identity “claim” if the organizations determine through eligibility criteria that a transgendered athlete cannot compete.

    “I’m not saying that they couldn’t allow an individual to compete, I’m just saying that it wouldn’t be automatically discriminatory if they decided that it would be inappropriate,” Rathgeber said.”

    • BadDyke Says:


      We need to go back to WHY we have different competitions for males and females (as well as paralympics and the olympics), where we do have them. For instant, a tranny show-jumper wouldn’t get any publicity, because no one cares, male and female riders compete together.

      Main-lining steroids for years gives you an unfair advantage over clean athletes, just as existing as a normal male for 50 years gives you an unfair advantage over those of us who have developed as females. There IS an identifiable statistical difference between males and females in terms of size/height/fat-muscle ratio/strength (not saying there isn’t some overlap), and that DOESN’T go away when you have your nads and wiener off and start popping the E (or should that be O given that in the UK we spell it oestrogen rather than estrogen.).

      Fuzzy sense of inner femaleness ISN’T the reason, it’s SEX not gender stoopid…………………

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        I blame reality T.V. I think that at least half the time the people making these IDIOTIC decisions are just hoping for a chance in front of a news camera.

        “Why yes, Anderson, I am the official who decided that The Incredible Hulk could participate in high school girl’s sports because I’m just open minded and forward-thinking that way…”


  15. R Says:

    You can not be serious. I couldn’t finish reading the article because it was upsetting me. I’m still in shock and I’m at a lost for words! What is this world coming too?

  16. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you SO much, Gallus. It’s a shock, but no more than the trans-paraplegic prick saying he’s a Lesbian, or the man leading workshops at the Butch Conference, or any of the rest of the outrages. Just one more….

    I really agree, Michelle: ” I feel sorry for the other athletes on that team who have been dragged into the freak show precisely because of the media whoring by yet another over-privileged heterosexual male.”

    So many great comments here….

    I know it’s the same old crap of the entitled man, but I’m still surprised at how little the girls involved matter, just like the girls being exposed to Mr. Colleen Francis. This is all a lesson, over and over, about how males are SO much more valued than females. I keep hoping that more people, like those who care about some of those girls because they are their relatives or SOMETHING will be outraged and demand an end to this.

    But when we think about the beginning of all this in the Lesbian Community, none of it is surprising really.

  17. FeistyAmazon Says:

    It’s just like that sickening article where a dude just out the military and in his 50’s decides cuz he transitioned he wants to live in a FEMALE dorm with 18-20 year olds. This dude here doesn’t pass in ANY WAY, but yet he gets to express his lesbophobia towards his Lesbian or percieved as Lesbians teammates and get away with it with GLAAD NOT calling him on it?????????? And then the huge height, weight and muscular advantage from all those years as a dude on testosterone….no they ARE NOT Females!!!!!!

  18. fwancis Says:

    WTF??? He’s a FIFTY YEAR OLD MAN teamed with and competing against teenaged girls! What the FUCKING FUCK? This is just… And who the fuck is he to call anyone “dysfunctional”?

    • Adrian Says:

      The way I read his comment, he was trying to do the cutesy self-deprecation thing, saying “look at me, I’m just another quirky member of this band of misfit toys, and I finally feel at home.” So surely he’ll say he meant the “dysfunctional” comment kindly (as an insider).

      But of course that act of making “all in fun” trash-talky comments like that “as an insider” is a gross appropriation, and in some ways MORE offensive than the mere word “dysfunctional.” The combination is truly odious.

      I can’t help but wonder what his teammates thought about that comment though, behind closed doors later when he wasn’t around.

  19. dawn Says:

    Sadly I am not surprised by the NCLR (read previous pieces on them, BTW great work on all you do). They need to do a lazy trans name change stat. . . how about National Center for Lesbian Repression or Lesbian Re-education (ala cotton ceiling). After eradicating female athletics and the erasing the gains of the women who fought for the right to participate what will they do. I wonder if they will start exploring ways to legislate abolition of the ‘cotton ceiling’ all in the name of male ‘fairness’.

    Speaking of fairness

    from the writeup:

    The old “fairness” argument has crept into the conversation as it does every time a transgender athlete tries to compete.

    WTH on the MALE quoting fairness as if it is some academic concept nonexistent in the real world . . like you know ‘cisgender’.
    Yet they coach somehow believes he can be the most DOMINANT player in the league. The ‘genderists’ speaking from both sides of their mouth. In one instance he has no more of an advantage ’cause the masquera, liner, and lipstick make him a laydee. Yet the coach sly acknowledges the male biology grants him a decisive physical advantage. What else could make him the most DOMINANT? He’s old and slow. I’ll take years of testosterone and aggressive male conditioning equals no advantage for 2000 Alex. A: ‘What is bullshit.’

    from the comments:

    Helen Carroll, Sports Project Director, NCLR
    on Dec 7th, 2012 at 4:25 PM

    I have been working with Gabby and Mission College. I hope Gabby’s path will serve to educate and inspire. What I see is a woman basketball player working her hardest to keep up with her teammates and get minutes in the game. The California Community College System has granted her eligiblitiy to play. There are hundreds of high school girls over 6′ and hundreds of college women players ranging from 6′ to 6’8″. Transgender athletes are here to play and sporting organizations-like the NCAA- are making that happen with scientific evidence to demystify the competitive advantage myth. I hope a respectful discussion takes place on my favorite LGBT sports site.

    He is the size of an average starting NBA Power forward. There have only been 5 or so WNBA players taller and none look to match his girth. Does this ‘scientific evidence’ address the years of biological doping and he benefited from? My guess is they skew it like the Michelle Dumaresq situation. He went from ‘amateur’ to champion immediately. Quoting ‘amateur’ is appropriate in this instance since he previously raced with his biological equivalent . . MALES. Much like this MAN who previously played collegiately with other MALES.

    Male privilege still firmly intact with this one also. He ‘transitioned’ on the company dime (100K) and retained his cushy likely high salary job. It is 2012 and females are still paid substantially less than male counterparts. Yet they choose to devote resources to inserting a male onto a women’s JUCO basketball team. Nice to NCLR’s priorities in order

  20. Grace Says:

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Google “Gabi Garcia BJJ”

    Is she using performance enhancing drugs to gain an upper hand? Are we busted for a double standards?: Ok for Gabi Garcia not OK for Gabrielle Ludwig..

    • GallusMag Says:

      The goose and the gander have separate sports leagues. The gander (that would be Ludwig 😉 ) is free to use performance enhancing drugs in the gander league.

      LMAO that you suggest Arnold Schwarzenegger should compete in women’s bodybuilding if he “feels like a woman” in his sick sexist mind? Hahahaha. Lordy Grace- what have you got in that koolaid you’re drinking? Androgens?

      Men like you hate women so much you just stomp all over us like so much trash that gets in the way of your porno gender fantasies. Females are so much less than human to men like you that we literally don’t exist for you, except as an idea in your male mind.

  21. Anon Male Says:

    One of the articles says that Ludwig doesn’t use team locker rooms when travelling but afaik, the first actual game was just recently, so maybe there wasn’t an actual opportunity to… transgress that way.

    Not that junior colleges are flying kids around all the time or anything, but it does seem odd that someone with a JOB has time work, do X credits worth of college stuff (even if it’s underwater basket weaving), and play a sport with a commitment to travel.

    I don’t have time for that and I probably make 1/10th of the cash Ludwig does, nor do I have kids, let alone three of them: shouldn’t he be watching THEIR activities, cheerleading for them?

    I did see this from over two years ago:

    Location/age seems about right, not sure: Maybe Ludwig knew all these people and had all these feminist connections before the sports thing was even a glimmer in his eye. It seems like these networks are always in place for gender celebs.

    The comments are awesome.

    Everyone pro-trans thinks they’re Albert Einstein and that science and god are on their side. They keep repeating mantras like there’s some sort of at-home hormone test that trans athletes use on a daily basis to see if their levels are “right.” Or that transgender automatically means surgery.

  22. mizknowitall Says:

    Well… it looks like the TG machine just keeps on a-rolling! Andy Pollin, Steve Czaban, the two drive time sports newscasters on ESPN 980 were just suspended as the latest victims of “trans-phobia*!!”Why? Because the TG hoard got their pink undies in a wad when these two men had the unmitigated gall to say exactly what every single person looking at this freak-show is thinking!

    Bottom line? I really, really, do not care two cents if one wants to cross “gender lines,” or not…in fact the world could stand a little loosing of the gender straight jacket we all live with! But for God’s sake! This non stop mockery of women as the only acceptable means has gotta stop!

    I am simply gobsmaked how so few, other than those who read this blog see the reality that (s)he is in no way being the least bit female… rather (s)he is clearly just acting out what is a very crude parody of what (s)he thinks is “female behavior?” Frankly? Even the thought of this twisted mockery makes me ill! I feel both insulted and violated and because of that, in no way do I feel the least bit charitable towards Gabrielle Ludwig! If you are going to make a damned fool of yourself as (s)he has, then (s)he should grow a pair (another pair?) and have the chutzpah to stand the ridicule that follows!

    Course, then again, as I have been told oh so many times. I’m just a privileged cis-elitist transphobic hater so what the heck do I know!

    *Transphobia, the curious condition accorded to anyone who dares to say the TG Emperor is buck naked!

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      This “trans” Emperor has been stomping around buck naked for quite some time. When do you think people are going to start saying what they’re ALL thinking? Out loud?

      I just want to shout it from the mountain tops: BORN A DUDE, ALWAYS A DUDE — GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELVES.


      This hot mess makes my blood boil over.

  23. fwancis Says:

    I guess the only good thing to come out of this (possibly) it that I can show this to those who’ve been spoonfed the crap that it’s great how men who want to be women are replacing female athletes in women’s sports. And it simply shows how fucking nuts the trans movement and their supporters are. I guess judging from the fact that she chose to join a team for this age group that she’s a trans teen (no hyphen, please), too! Hopefully the high schools (especially the female-only ones) won’t discriminate! RESPECT HIS INTERNAL IDENTITY.

  24. caroline Says:

    I think it’s unfair that this person gets to play college ball again, even though they have already used up their years of illegibility. I wish i could play another 2 years.

  25. orange county escorts Says:

    You go girl! I gotta see one of those games.

  26. lindsey Says:

    This is too far, she should not play in the womens games as she is too strong. Most of the other women do not have her advantage.

  27. […] as women’s music festivals and other cultural events, women-only political gatherings, and even athletic teams, are expected to be open to males who claim to “feel” like […]

  28. Bill chaffee Says:

    There wasn’t as much color coding BS in the days of black and white television.

  29. John Says:

    What a crock of shit! You’re all fucking idiots! It amuses me that people are so stupid these days. If you have a penis, you’re a fucking male, if you have a vagina, you’re a female! There is no such thing as “gender fluid” and you’re all a bunch of douche bags for buying into the nonsense that this clearly past his prime dipshit MAN is selling. GLAAD is a fucking joke!

  30. […] player Gabrielle Ludwig: because He’s a 6 foot 8, 230 pound, 50 year-old Man. read rest of story here. But you can see the video here as […]

  31. manuella Says:

    there is alot of wrong in this article , 1 they says ” College Basketball player Gabrielle Ludwig: because He’s a 6 foot 8, 230 pound, 50 year-old Man” 1 she has change gender she is a girl so its should because she is 6foot 8 230 pound 50 years old transgender woman ” or woman . but since here its related on the fact that she has gender changes. it is more apropriate to say stransgender woman than calling a woman a man SHE IS A GIRL NOT A MAN deal with reality. its been proven medicaly that transgender are real. and one doesn’T change gendre as they one its a long process followed by psychiatrist not cause its a mental illness but cause they are the one who can diagnosed if a woman is a woman or not. cause its not phisical but mental , so all those delusional comment claiming that they lets a man play in a girl league are wrong. they lets a woman play with younger woman. its not her fault if she was born in a guys body.

    • GallusMag Says:

      No he’s just a regular man.

    • kesher Says:

      Why are you fetishists so intent on calling yourselves “girls”? Even if we were to buy into Ludwig’s delusions of being female, he would be an adult (at least) “woman”. Ludwig is a middle-aged “woman” who is, by any standard of female beauty, old and fucking ugly. He is not a “girl”.

    • Magdalena Z. Says:

      Do you seriously look at this person and see a teenage girl there, or even a woman? People need to stop pretending they see something that just isn’t there. The worst thing is when they try to brainwash little kids that this man is a woman now and they need to call him Miss or whatever and that his giant man body is just a figment of their imagination, it’s an absurd bizarro world and it needs to stop. No one is diagnosed a woman because being a woman is not a disease or a state of being in someone’s head it is just being an adult female which is a reproductive category, if testicles and a penis are present that ain’t a woman, no diagnosis necessary, grow up.

  32. Ginger Says:

    You can put all the mascara, eyeliner & lipstick on Ludwig ,but you are still a man!!!!

  33. Elizabeth Says:

    This is disgusting, disturbing and WRONG!! No man should be allowed to do something like this! Wake up people before there is horrifying attacks occurring in locker rooms and rest rooms across the country!!

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