Who is that female in the mirror

December 12, 2012

8 Responses to “Who is that female in the mirror”

  1. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Goddess that saddens me…she’s a soft spoken FEMALE soul, and yes, a soft Butch without much self confidence and really cute just the way she is…I can feel her very FEMALE energy, her shyness, her lack of confidence, and I’m like WHAT’S THE FUCK WRONG WITH YOU EXACTLY THE WAY YOU ARE???? Then the more she talked, especially what she sees in the mirror and what WE SEE and her testosterone rating (right inbetween of most womyn) sees, honey you ain’t a 90..I KNOW bio female proud Butches that probably ARE 90’s without the use of ANY male hormones, cuz that’s just the way they are naturally.

    And I’m thinking, her mirror gazing and seeing falsehoods about herself, thinking she’s WAY more Butch or way more masculine than she is…is no different than anorexics seeing themselves as fat and starving themselves to death, when they are paper thin and just two twigs of sticks on a body, and emaciated facial features…..IT’S THE SAME TYPE OF SICKNESS. And then we know it’s about the brain..and about socialization, where she will only feel powerful as a dude….and NOT in just who she is: a sweet, cute, soft butch without muchself confidence and shy….not at ALL dudelike….

    And I mourn, Goddess, WHY can’t they keep their innocence and just BE who they are, without going on that damn trans treadmill which will grind ’em up, destroy their female minds/bodies and spirits and any sweetness they have just as they are. It’s just this kind of young woman I keep on keeping on, and Sisters, IT ABSOLUTELY FUCKING BREAKS MY HEART…AND I FEEL LIKE CRYING AFTER SEEING THIS VIDEO….CUZ THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE OUR FUTURE GENERATION OF BUTCHES AND DYKE AMAZONS AND NOW THE PATRIARCHY IS BATTLING TO WIN IN THEIR BODY WITH EVERY SHOT OF TESTOSTERONE THEY TAKE!!!!

  2. KittyBarber Says:

    Ah, Feisty. What can I add to that? It is personal, there is no other way to take this. How have we so badly failed our younger sisters, and what can we do now?

  3. I heard a quote going something like this: “You’re not born in the wrong body but born in the wrong society”
    I know I don’t have control with what others do to their bodies but I do think it’s sad that females feel like they have to transition.

    • Adrian Says:

      That’s a great quote.

      I am saddened by so many of these videos and posts on F2T sites by such young people, particularly the very young people, who are saying essentially “I don’t want to perform ‘feminine’, so I have to take testosterone and get surgery,” makes me want to scream.

      So many of them will post terrible stories about their parents insisting that they have to wear a dress to some event or their parents are insisting that they can’t cut their hair, little things like that even, and so they think the only way out is to transition, it’s just INSANE.

      Just say FUCK IT ALREADY as far as all those stupid rules but you can do it in the body you have! That is the strength I wish people can find. The strength to not fit in.

      • Even children are sucked in this trans ideology. It’s so sad.

      • Sylvie Says:

        Adrian says:
        “That is the strength I wish people can find. The strength to not fit in.”

        You saying that reminded me of something I read in the book ‘Hold On To Your Kids’: http://www.amazon.com/Hold-Your-Kids-Parents-Matter/dp/0375760288

        Where they commented on the shift towards peers replacing parents (and thus parenting), essentially leading to kids being stuck in earlier stages of attachment (e.g. sameness). Thus more emphasis on “fitting in” and being accepted etc.

        I probably haven’t described it well, though it made a lot of sense. (I ended up reading the book after it was recommended as a good book to read to learn how to deal with narcissists :-s )

        1899fcbarcelona Says:
        “You’re not born in the wrong body but born in the wrong society”


  4. weirdward Says:

    I often think this whole mess is a symptom of what happens when lesbians are denied feminism, or access to feminist analysis. Woe betide any well meaning and inexperienced young lesbian who goes along to one of those queer activist conferences and tries to start a conversation about lesbian feminism. She’ll learn right quick that no such thing is allowed and that lesbians are only supposed to be engaged in queer politics, or maybe queer feminism, which is pretty much an oxymoron that means something like male-left-combined-with-yay-porn-combined-with-choosy-choice-individualism.

    I do know a lot of young heterosexual feminists, but I don’t think they are seen as having the same level of threat as lesbian feminists, since a lot of what they do is really just negotiating with men for better terms and conditions of slavery. Actually I think a lot of men get off on the whole negotiation process in lots of creepy ways, because they know they’ve got all the power (even if the women don’t know it), they know they can say yes or no as they please and mind-fuck the woman in a ton of ways, get off on their own (supposed) generosity and benevolence, and most importantly keep the women focused on them the whole time, instead of just walking away from the whole rotten deal.

    Meanwhile, even the most a-political born-this-way lesbian has committed this huge transgression by turning away from men and desiring women, and I think a lot of lesbians know this on some unconscious level, even if they don’t acknowledge it. I’m not necessarily saying that’s why they became lesbians, but regardless they’re going to get grief for rejecting the male-oppressor-class. And it almost seems like some of them stay away from feminism to try and minimise the extent to which they are seen as a threat, or perhaps they are deliberately kept away (as in queer spaces) because the possibility of them becoming both lesbians and feminists IS such a huge threat.

    What to do about it is a quandry though.

  5. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    This whole “trans” fad is destroying people’s lives.

    It makes me cry.

    Just be who you ARE, sugar. There’s NOTHING wrong with you.


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