Trans Activist Riki Wilchins fires “opening shot” in “conflict” with 6 year olds who won’t pretend he is female

December 18, 2012


Transexual Menace [sic] founder Riki Anne Wilchins feels bullied by six year old classmates of his daughter, a few of whom have expressed doubt that he is actually female. Wilchins, a 60 year-old man and father, says that he “feels like” what he imagines females “feel like”, and accuses the children of bullying and transphobia in an Op-ed on LGBT news site The Advocate.

Can Wilchins force other people’s children to pretend that reproductive biology does not exist? What about other parents whose beliefs run in opposition to science- creationists for example. When six year old children claim that their toy dinosaurs are creatures that existed prior to the ice age, are those children expressing bigotry against Creationists?

The activist writes eloquently of the anger he felt when a six-year old child rolled their eyes at Wilchin’s fictional claim that he gestated and birthed his daughter, and he isn’t about to let that kid get away with failing to play along. In Wilchin’s view, other folk’s kids must pretend to agree that men like him are “female”, and he relates with dismay that his usual activist tactic: picketing the six year olds outside their elementary school for their “blatant display of transphobia” – may not be well received.

“In fact all the in-your-face tricks I learned to counter intolerance fail me now. What to do when you’re a Transsexual Menace faced with a pint-sized harasser who barely comes up to your navel?” Wichins posits. “What to do when gender bigotry is aimed as much at your little daughter as you? Menace-ing a 6-year-old just doesn’t seem right somehow.

Especially since he’s not really asking a question, as making a statement, to wit: I’ve heard you’re trying to pass yourself off as a girl and Dylan’s mom and I want to confirm it firsthand so I can tell you that you’re not really a girl or a mother.

These are questions I never had to address. It strikes me now that being a parent dramatically enlarges your zone of vulnerability, while at the same time shrinking your range of response. And to be frank, at the moment I just feel humiliated and vaguely ridiculous here on the playground.”

Wilchins, who is neither a girl, nor a female, nor a woman, nor a mother, isn’t going to let another parent’s child- “this little twerp” get away with reflecting the reality of his maleness back at him. Oh hell no. What sort of Transgender Menace would he be if he can’t bully a six year old into playing along with his sex-role fantasies?

Wilchins, who refers to his daughter as “my little RG” – RG standing for “real girl”- isn’t going to brush this one off. No sir he is not. He fires off the following complaint in what he is “quite sure”  is the “opening shot in a what will be a much longer conflict” with the six year olds. He writes:

“Usually after these little episodes with her friends, the big bad gender activist slinks off and licks her (his?) wounds in private.

But not this time. Not this morning. As soon as I get home, I write the following and send it to the entire school diversity administration. I’m quite sure this is the opening shot in a what will be a much longer conflict. Perhaps I’m finally figuring out a way to be a trans activist parent after all:

This morning the fourth or fifth child in one of Dylan’s classes in the last couple years has asked me if I was a really a boy or a girl. I think honest questions, even ones which may be awkward or personal, should always be welcomed from a child. But this is seldom asked to obtain information, or clarify a point about which a child – to be frank — might reasonably be expected to be confused.

Whatever the answer, I’m informed that I really do look like a boy, or that I can’t really be Dylan’s mom. Often this is right in front of Dyl. The “really” is instructive; the point is not information but to police gender lines and particularly to stigmatize gender difference. This usually leaves Dyl in a bad space, trying to decide whether to defend me as her mom or else let it go among kids she will, after all, have to coexist with in class every day.

In a couple cases, this scenario has played out in my  absence directly with Dylan, with pretty much the same result. In a sense, it’s not too much different from asking the child of two moms or two dads which one is “really” their parent.

Although given my interaction with the schools I should know by now, I confess I’m still a bit unclear how much or how little of the DCPS current anti-bullying curriculum addresses issues of gender and at what age it does so.

In any case, gender constancy – the conception that gender is fixed and that bodies are rigidly defined between male and female – begins to take hold right around age 5 or 6. It is also around this time that harassment against kids who are gender non-conforming or even (more rarely) cross-gender, begins to take root in earnest.

Based on my own experience, it might make sense to begin addressing gender intolerance in their diversity and anti-bullying lessons in greater depth at this age, since whatever they are currently getting, if any, is clearly not enough.

No DCPS parent should have to be repeatedly mocked in front of their own child — and certainly no DCPS child should have to stand by and watch their parent be ridiculed — simply because he or she is gender different and children have the idea that that this sort of prejudice, unlike those based on race, sexual orientation, or religion, is a socially acceptable basis for intolerance, teasing or ridicule.

Thank you, 

GenderTrender will be following developments in Wilchins transactivist pediatric “conflict” with interest. As Wilchins is a founding member of “Camp Trans”, an encampment set up outside the Michigan Women’s Music Festival to harass women and lesbians for “discriminating against” men who claim to “feel like” lesbians inside, GenderTrender suggests Wilchins adopt a similar tact against the children. Perhaps set up an encampment in the parking lot of the elementary school. Set up some loudspeakers and show those kids what’s what. Demand those first-graders pretend that your personal feelings about yourself override objective reality. Don’t discount a possible lawsuit against the school district- or what about the parents of the kids? Aren’t they liable? Even better: Hunger Strike! Set up a cot next to the playground so those children can see what they are making you do!


Wilchins: “Freedom Fighter” Against 6 year-olds who believe in biology

109 Responses to “Trans Activist Riki Wilchins fires “opening shot” in “conflict” with 6 year olds who won’t pretend he is female”

  1. hearthrising Says:

    Please tell me this discussion has jumped the shark.

    • Chloe Z. Says:

      “Won’t PRETEND he is female”, huh?

      Who wrote this headline, fox news? I haven’t seen this much ignorant transphobia since….well, fox news really.

      Here’s let’s switch out gender for race, that’s always fun.

      “Martin Luther King fires “opening shot” in “conflict”, with white people who won’t PRETEND he’s a person.”

      See, that sounds about the same….doesn’t it, BIGOTS?!!!!


      See, just instead of a pure white race, you want a pure gender system. You’re all like….GENDER NAZIS. Kind of awesome, really.

      So you guys gonna throw me in a gas chamber for not being pure enough? Cause, I gotta say, most trans people are pretty cozy with the notion of suicide.

      Makes us EXTREMELY, hard to kill really. If we can’t kill us, then no one else can either, you see.

      Anyway, have fun with that whole “Hating everyone different from yourself”, thing. DEFINITELY, keep priding yourself on your intelligence and compassion, though.

      See, its the hypocrisy of your hatred, that I truly appreciate the most.

      Have a nice day.


      • moss Says:

        No, the race analogy would be more like if someone were actually white and just ‘felt black inside’ and demanded everyone (including 6 year old children) to go along with his delusion, after having had unsuccessful surgery to blacken himself up and changing his name to a ‘blacker’-sounding name and doing stereotypically ‘black’ things.

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        Thank you, moss. Exactly.

        What in the heck does “doing black stuff” mean? What in the heck does “doing female stuff” mean?

        It’s all derogatory, limiting, insulting crap.

        Black people can do anything they want. Females can do anything they want.

        Sex is real. Gender is sexist crap.

      • Truth Says:

        Such a fail.
        That Martin Luther king analogy is an epic fail. Are you six?

    • gabrielsglen Says:

      dude you are not dylans birth mother you don’
      t nor will you ever have the means to carry and birth a child. for the record you do not pass as female and that little boy knows what is correct. how dare you sit in judgement on him. i feel sorry for your little girl.

  2. K Says:

    This is so absurd, you’d think it’s serve as some kind of wake up call for the people who take men like this seriously.

  3. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    I hope he’s not ALSO gun enthusiast?

    (No. I’m not kidding. I’m serious as a heart attack.)

    • GallusMag Says:

      It’s funny you should say that (not “haha” funny). I was reading Kalish and Kimmel’s theory of “Aggrieved Entitlement” the other day in the wake of the CT school shooting and thinking about how well it dovetailed into Lawrence’s theory of “Transsexual Rage”.

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        Thanks, GM. Fascinating stuff.

        The heterosexual male “trans” whacktivists I have encountered in person or on-line seem to feel very, very ENTITLED to their rage.

        Once again, they are doomed to never “pass” because their arrogance, their in-bred sense of entitlement, their rage about NOT “passing”? These are the very characteristics which make it impossible for them to “pass” as women in the first place.

        They don’t really grok that in the real world, in 2012, women are NEVER socially entitled to arrogantly rage at other people in order to get our way.

        With every blow-hard trick in their male play-book, they forever mark themselves as “not female”.

      • anon male Says:

        I just noticed this post: I think the current focus on “white masculinity” by weak-sauce academics (which Kimmel certainly is) is the same as the faux white guilt (“let’s blame murdered white women for getting too much media attention!”) but firmly non radical stuff used by white third wavers who don’t have a problem plagiarizing black bloggers, etc., to make a buck. They’re interested in interest, not change.

        The Aggrieved Entitlement stuff isn’t *wrong* but I’m not sure what the point of such a narrow focus on lower-middle class loser males is: obviously, there’s a shitload of them (well, *us*, speaking as myself), so it’s certainly an important issue, but it’s not going to knock the better patriarchs down (countdown to when someone like Hugo who tried to murder a woman starts making bank on this subject, 3. 2. 1…) and it should be covered by people who *aren’t* operating out of a masculinities-plural/gender-is-real (but can be slightly altered to better meet the challenges of a modern world!) paradigm.

        But both the Kimmels/Shiny New Masculinities for Better Men crowd and Trans (like that dude with the institute for child reeducation you recently covered) also have a “meeting people where they’re at” policy that they use to defend their affair with the status quo (which is why the White Ribbon Campaign, even under the guidance of Stoltenberg for fuck’s sake, uses chivalry instead of anti-patriarchy education now), so there’s that similarity, too, between the two camps. I swear I’m going to curse out loud every time I hear someone say “meeting people where they’re at” from now on.

        Just my 2cents and a small cluster of sour grapes.

    • cjibo Says:

      Yes this is seriously disturbing after the recent US tragedy where a man shot innocent 6-years olds.It would be crazy if this man gets any sympathy.

      Like Gallus, I found that MTF’s entitled, raging behaviour made much more sense after I found out about Narcissistic personality disorder and Narc. rage. I have a relative like this, and the problems matches. When someone has NPD, they may live in their own world, everything is about them, and others are there to attend to their needs of attention, etc. You can try to please a NPD person but it probably won’t work because their own rules change constantly. And when displeased, they will start their infamous raging or sulking.

  4. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    “The stage is the best kind of privacy. There’s nothing more private than being onstage with a microphone. It’s just you and the microphone. I can’t explain it.”

    It’s called: narcissism.

  5. Beth Says:

    Argh! I’m fucking sick of these morons. I don’t think I could be any angrier. HE DIDN’T BIRTH ANYTHING. He didn’t take any risks of pregnancy, including death. What a selfish turd. I don’t know of any bio women who claim shit like that. If someone has a baby through a surrogate they say stuff like ‘I’m your mum but not your egg mum’

    Little kids shouldn’t have to go along with his bullshit. He is not a women, he is an effeminate male. He doesn’t understand what it means to be a woman, especially not the bullshit we have to face from entitled males like him. The fact that REAL FEMALES who look masculine get hated on, beaten and raped.

    Not to mention, that he refes to his daughter as ‘my little real girl’. How about calling her by her fucking name. If gender is so irrelevant, why not treat her as human not by her parts?

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      He’s claiming to have given birth? Yich. Let’s surgically implant a ten-pound bowling ball and let him push it out of his arse. Then he can claim to have a SMALL idea of what women go through.

      • Beth Says:

        No, I don’t think so. I think I confused Gallus’ remarks of him not experiencing gestation and birth as something he literally said.

        Still, as a male I don’t think he will truly know about female reproduction. The problems and implications of the female reproductive system. Menstruation pain etc. Calling himself and feeling entitled to the word ‘mother’ rustles my jimmies.

  6. Beth Says:

    Also, does anyone else think he looks like Bruce Jenner ala the Kardashian clan?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    This guy is as much a woman as I am Barrack Obama. What is truly frightening is that Wilkins is just the tip of the iceberg. These trans-wactivsts have infiltrated our educational to the point where “gender studies” are included even at the elementary school levels.

    They are literally stealing the hearts and minds of our own children.

    What is worse, we are not even aware of it.

    • Donna Reiser Says:

      “Gender studies” are a feminist and LGBT concept, not a transgender one. That said, transgenderism, as opposed to TSism, is an extension of those other philosophies. Genuine transsexualism is an extension of Mainstream thought.

  8. Ave Says:

    What’s even more disturbing is if you go to the transsexual menace website and look at the comments from the harrybenjamin/true transsexual crowd they’re very extreme.
    for instance, look at the comment from “Amber” on this link, where Amber calls upon the death of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and people who don’t conform to gender roles. Amber says:
    “If every non-op TG and LGBT were to die in a mass suicide, TSs would instantly have full rights and mainstream privilege overnight….The whole notion of “gender expression” is what only queers care about and which harms every true transsexual. If your “gender expression” doesn’t match your neurology, then you you deserve discrimination. Rights should only come from conformity. Rights have always been a reward for conformity.. TGs choose to be queers, while TSs transition to stop being queers and freaks. ALL true-TSs transition to destroy gender variance and conform to cisgendered values. ”

    • weirdward Says:

      holy cows! the crazy is strong with that one.

      did anyone else read ‘mass suicide’ as ‘mass murder’? Because I don’t think all lesbians/gays/gender non-conforming people could be easily persuaded to commit suicide for the good of a tiny number of conservative gender essentialists. Which really only leaves the option of offing us all.

      Seriously, why is anyone in the LGB still supporting these nut jobs when they are quite happy to state outright that they want to kill us?

      • Beth Says:

        For fucks sake! Trans is a not an measurable characteristic.

        Homosexuality can be measured through tumescence of the penis or ‘moisture’ of the vagina. Why are they riding on our rights as legitimate? We are treated as sub humans. They conform and if they can pass enough then they’re fine. I cannot pass as straight, nothing about males makes me sexually receptive. That’s a physiological response….trans don’t get that. My homosexuality is a physical response. No amount of wishing and praying will make them express a female or male.

        If we can take other mental illness’, depression has physiological manifestion; people with depression can’t eat (or eat too much) or can’t sleep (or eat too much). With trans, there is nothing to go on except for their precious feelings.

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        Transsexualism is a measurable characteristic. TGism (what you call Trans) is not. As soon as there are brain waves, a TS girl would have female brain waves, as measurable by an EEG. Later in life, a CT scan can show differences in activity between a TS girl and a “MtF” TG boy masquerading as a girl by choice or other type of man. If you were to test a genuine TS who is not a TG nor a part of the LGBT with a CT scan, you’d likely find more activity on the right side of the brain than in a man. If you test the BSTc region of the brain postmortem, you will find that TtF TS women and other women have the same number of neurons in that region, and different from straight men, gay men, and transgendered males who choose to dress/live as women but who are adamant about not wanting surgery.

        The truth is that the brain is dimorphous in humans. Females have a larger prefrontal cortex than males. That is why they can multitask better, have more self-control, and not come across quite as reckless or sexually uninhibited. That is also why males are more prone to ADHD. Males tend to have more serotonin receptors – why men are less likely to suffer depression. Males have a larger preoptic cortex, so that is why they respond more to visually based fetishes and attraction. Women seem to have more neurons in the language arts area of the corpus callossum. In a study, 90-95% of women had activity on both the language arts center and its mirror on the right hemisphere, while 90-95% of men had activity in just the left side. That explains a stereotypical type of argument where men think women are reading details into things and women think men don’t understand them (emotionally speaking).

      • GallusMag Says:

        Donna you are just totally making shit up.

        Zoe Brain’s Law: The inevitability that any unmoderated online discussion of transgenderism will eventually be severely and repeatedly grafittied with dubious scientific “brain-sex” claims designed to end the conversation by causing respondents to tediously and repeatedly debunk pseudoscientific sexist blather.

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        [Time for an AROOO homage! -GM]

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        Gallus, you only prove that LGBTs and feminists love hijacking true science and suppressing what doesn’t fit their warped view to harm TS women and other members of the Mainstream Community.

        [*SNIP- GM]

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        How did you hack and make it seem like I post on Intense Debate? I don’t use that, so I don’t know why my blog’s name is connected to it. But even if that were mine, I have the right to post under different services and not have them connected together. TS-Specific activism depends on anonymity, and TGs and LGBTs deliberately out TSs and rob them of anonymity as an act of hate. TS activism requires being anonymous while TG activism requires people to destroy their own reputations and make fools of themselves, all while destroying their individuality and becoming one of the herd.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Hack you? Are you out of your freaking mind? (Obvs yes)
        I couldn’t hack my way out of a paper room with an ax.

        WHOOPSIE! Guess you accidentally linked the two accounts! Yah bug dummy.

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        Well, it still is not mine. Try again.

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        Maybe it was my predecessor’s account. That is all that makes sense. I guess that is why Automattic prefers to delete and block blogs as opposed to reusing the URLs when someone abandons and cancels. At any rate, had you not posted any links to my TS & Mainstream blog on your blog, I wouldn’t be here posting as I would never have known about it.

        [Your “predecessor” within the last few weeks??? LIARRRRRRRRRRRR-GM]

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Likewise, the woman CHOSE to take a penis into her vagina. All sex outside of a legal, heterosexual marriage is wrong and perversion. Then she, being a bad and immoral person, CHOSE to murder her fetus because she was not woman enough to handle the consequences of her choice. At the moral level, if anyone, in cold blood, takes the life of another for convenience sake or whatever, they deserve to die. By accepting a penis inside your vagina, you are making an implicit agreement to become pregnant. If you don’t want to be pregnant, don’t have sex. It takes no rocket scientist to know that.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        “When you call a TS a TG, you are negating their femininity and calling them men, and you degrade and defame them, like calling a loving father a rapist out of spite to harm his reputation. I am proudly not a TG, LGBT, nor pervert, and proudly a part of the cisgendered & TS community.” – PurpleSpeaks

      • Ave Says:

        “Homosexuality can be measured through tumescence of the penis or ‘moisture’ of the vagina. ”
        I don’t think you can rely on that assertion completely physically when there’s studies like this
        “Chivers created a buzz with a study in which she showed both men and women a variety of sexually explicit images–nude male and female bodies, heterosexual and homosexual sex, and sex between bonobos (a particularly frisky species of ape)–while measuring physiological signs of genital arousal as well as their subjective feelings of desire.
        For the guys, the findings were straightforward enough: The straight men in the study were physically aroused by women, gay men were aroused by men, and neither group felt any stirrings for the apes. The men’s physical reactions (erections) were in agreement with what they reported being turned on by.

        The women in the study, on the other hand, didn’t react as predictably. While they reported feeling aroused in the ways you might expect (straight women were turned on by men, lesbians by women), measurements of their vaginal blood flow showed that they were physically aroused by all the forms of coupling they saw–even the bonobos. Still, when asked after viewing them to report which images they found titillating, most of them chose only those which matched up with their sexual orientation. “

    • GallusMag Says:

      Indi Edwards is a Trans Menace spokesperson. (They removed the “sexual” part cause gosh, nothing sexual about this, oh no sir):

    • GallusMag Says:

      Off topic but the ultimate homophobic right wing transsexual blogger is “Purple Speaks”. The horror. The horror. LMAO.

      • weirdward Says:

        That rambling blog post covered an impressive amount of ground: history of earrings, dress habits of the KKK, the fall of ancient Rome (which apparently prophesises the failure of the modern LGBT movement), the psychological profiles of TG vs. ‘true’ TS. I was entertained for all the wrong reasons.

      • Beth Says:

        He does make an interesting point:

        “If ten percent of cisgendered women are lesbians, and true-TSs are 100% like other cisgendered women, then theoretically, only ten percent of transsexuals should be lesbians. From what I’ve seen in informal polls, transsexuals tend to split almost evenly into the 3 main orientations, with the remaining ten percent being asexual or other. So if there are 3 times as many lesbians among “TS” women as in the general population, and if TS women are 100% like cisgendered women where it counts (heart, mind, soul, emotions, neurology, identity), then up to two thirds could be fakes.”

        The rest is just crazy. I get his point about the TG community being rampant with people like Colleen Francis, but his idea of what constitutes a woman is plain stupid. I feel like pointing out to him that the oldest traditional role for a woman is birthing and raising children because I know that’d piss him off. I think I’d have to kill myself for saying it though.

        He also keeps saying he has a ‘birth defect’ and uses the Cleft palate as an example but I can’t find anything that states it as such. I see ‘a desire to live in the sex opposite to one’s birth’ and things about dysphoria about genitals. So, not so much birth defect as in their own minds…

      • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

        Holy Cow. Purplespeaks is truly scary. I was flipping around posts at her site. She has the idea that once one finally has corrective surgery for HBS (Harry Benjamin Syndrome? What?) then you cannot ever wear clothing of the opposite sex again. Or ….I dunno…”There’s something very important I forgot to tell you! Don’t cross the streams… It would be bad… Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.”

        Maybe the transsexual license gets revoked if one wears pants after SRS? That seems crazy. Or perhaps it’s like shunning where the other members of the community don’t see you as valid if you don’t adhere to rigid dress standards.

        Purplespeaks seems a lot more rigid in her ideas about gender conformity. I think that I’d fail her standards of womanhood and I’ve been female all my life. I understand her frustration with the transgendered MtF crowd, but, wearing men’s clothing after surgery harms no one. It seems to be one of her peeves.

        There are some that are so desperate to remove traces of the opposite sex from themselves that I think that after they do remove the traces, they have to continue reinforcing the gender divide as a way to continually reassure themselves that they aren’t still that opposite sex. That’s truly awful. I don’t want anyone to be in that much psychic pain that they deep down hate themselves forever.

        Oh wow. Nov 25th post. I see what you mean about homophobic. I wonder if she was born in the Conservative Christian movement or if she converted?

      • Adrian Says:

        @EqualRightsAndProtection – exactly. HBS’ers are extremely on the other side of this fight than I am, because they utterly reify the gender binary. They love the gender binary and all the restrictions and stereotypes that go with it – they just wish they were born on the other side of it. They fetishize the oppression that comes along with being women, or something.

        If we truly abolished “gender” and the only thing your biological sex influenced was actual physical things (sex and reproductive related things, plus whatever bell curve statistics on average body size and whatever) and not behavioral expectations then this category of “woman” that they’re so desperate to join, with its second-class-ness, the supposed “reduced expectations” and all the rest of it, would cease to exist.

        They absolutely hate the “transgenders” for the same reason – those people, as much as we might disagree with all of their theory (and as much as a lot of their theory of “brain sex” is pretty close to the HBS theory) occasionally blur the boundaries, they don’t insist on “stealth or nothing,” and so they put the idea into people’s heads that hey, maybe you can crossdress, which is just anathema to the HBSers. Worse yet, sometimes they try to hang around the HBSers and call attention to “hey there might be trans* here!!” which is the big fear. Someone might sniff out that the HBSers are “still” trans* if they hang around any obviously “queer-looking” people. So they’re always obsessed with drawing a rigid line between “transgender” and (true) “transsexual” and insisting that the “transgenders” (meaning: anyone they think doesn’t pass or doesn’t toe the proper “stealth always” line) aren’t “truly transsexual, they’re just mentally ill transvestites and need to leave us alone.” Occasionally HBSers will post here to chime in on some “yeah that trans* person was horrible I agree!!” but then out themselves with the “but *I* am different, I am truly a woman with a birth defect, I want to be on your side in the fight to deny those horrible transgenders access” nonsense.

        It’s like they’re saying, hey, let’s not get rid of discrimination, because I have a thing for wanting to be in the discriminated group and fight their fight. As always, people rightly reject that idea as offensive when applied to any other prejudice hierarchy out there, we don’t say you can “identify” as a minority or disabled or wear blackface, but when it comes to women, well, go for it! Makes me spit.

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        Where did E.R.A.P. get the idea that I oppose TS women wearing men’s clothing after surgery? Feel free to find the posts that say that and leave comments on them. I never said that, and if you got that impression, then you somehow misread what I said. I don’t recall mentioning TS women wearing male clothing after surgery (nobody is a TS after surgery), since to me, that is not something I could fathom any woman wanting to do after having previously suffered this birth defect. So why would I mention it at all? That is totally a non-issue to me. Or you confused my terminology usage. Nowadays, I refer to people after surgery solely by their corrected gender without qualifiers. I refer to recreational crossdressers a lot, but that label is used exclusively with TGs who pretend to be women but who were born with male natures, souls, and neurology.

        Beth, your hate speech and disrespect of you referring to me wrongly by male pronouns doesn’t make my inborn, provable female nature any less real. You seem to confuse the choice of TGism with the birth condition of genuine TSism. All my Mainstream friends accept me as any other woman and have no problem with using the correct pronouns. So I am a she whether you like it or not. Of course, if you have no problem wrongly calling me male pronouns when I was supposed to be born with a vagina, I have little problem telling others things about you that are not true. Two can play this game, but I don’t wish to fight with you. Urination skill competitions are for the guys.

        Of course you won’t see TSism listed as a birth defect by medicine. They overlook the obvious thing that there are people who were born to be women (TSs) and men who choose to try to “become” women. The medical and psychological professions are full of both rampant sexism and extreme sexism. The sexists believe that males are worth for than females, so obviously they would consider having a body and neurology that doesn’t match as being in the brain since they see having a penis as being the best thing in the world and love having male privilege which amounts to a type of rape. The feminists have many political ties and have worked hard to suppress information that TSism is a birth defect. The way research funding works in the US, if you have non-PC views, your research doesn’t get funded from government funds or large private funds for that matter. So most researchers have to play the game to keep funding. It is proven that DES and other drugs cause TSism, but the drug makers are careful to play down the risk since they don’t want to be sued. In fact, genuine TSism has declined every since 1970 when DES was taken off the market.

        To clarify it as a birth defect, true-TSism is truly inborn with no element of choice. Becoming a TG tends to be a process of many different events which assault the psyche of an individual, much like LGBT development. What causes TSism is neurological, not psychological as with TSism. TGism is a choice, TSism is not. In a normal fetus, the neurology and the phenotype match. The brain is just as much a sex organ as the genitals. A CT scan can tell you a bit about the gender configuration of the brain. An EEG can show differences in male and female brain waves. Even postmortem exams of the brain have shown gender differences as the Zhou study indicates. There are a handful of gender dimorphic differences in the brain. There is more evidence as of yet that TSism is inborn as opposed to LGBT lifestyles. Once I realized I was a woman with a birth defect, not a “man becoming a woman,” I became totally liberated and able to function in the Mainstream world, and I prefer it there.

      • GallusMag Says:

        It is good that you are able to function. It is unfortunate that you can only do so by adopting wack-a-doodle flat-earther (or whatever) type beliefs.
        Lmao Zhou. That study has been debunked so thoroughly and so often for so many years that it isn’t even worth repeating.
        You remind me of Alan “Zoe” Brain. Same virulent homophobia too.

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        Gallus, your capacity for hate speech is amazing. I don’t believe in the flat Earth crap at all. I am nothing like “Zoe.” I had the misfortune to read their nonsense.

        The Zhou study was not debunked at all. It was proven that HRT had not effect on it. The biggest criticism was the sample size. But it is like the LGBTs/TGs to distort the study and pretend it is less credible than it is just to abuse TSs and other Mainstream persons.

        Nothing I say is homophobic. That is just a lie to attempt to discredit and bully me. Homophobes hate homosexuals. I have never hated a gay person in my life nor have I singled out any particular LGBT person. But you keep singling me out to come at me with virulent rage. I only criticize groups, but in the hypothetical and rhetorical. It is mainly the leadership and vocal ones I oppose, not every single person of whatever group.

        Opposing homosexuality (not homosexuals) is not homophobia. Saying that TSs are not TGs nor LGBTs is not homophobia. Criticizing the chosen behaviors of LGBTs is not homophobia. Saying that gayness is a choice or that gayness is not the same as race is not homophobia. TGs are actually inherently homophobes while their neurosis and Stockholm’s causes them to support gayness in an extremist fashion. The “androphile” TGs are simply gay men who hate gayness and who have to play dress up to somehow make their gay sex less objectionable to them. Some even mutilate themselves with surgery to help anchor the lie they tell themselves – that they are a “woman” and not a gay man. Then there are the “autogynephile” TGs who are mostly self-hating straight men who have narcissism or who are addicted to fetishes. So they transition to normalize their fetishes, sometimes with surgery. Some call themselves lesbians as a “double lock” against being called gay men, even if they had previously slept with men prior to transition. That way, whatever about them is challenged, they can loophole it and not be gay and/or a man. Neither androphilia or autogynephilia – terms that are mostly in the garbage – refer to actual TSism, since TSism is about the inborn neurology and inner essence, not sexuality.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      “If your “gender expression” doesn’t match your neurology, then you you deserve discrimination. Rights should only come from conformity. Rights have always been a reward for conformity.”

      We wish he was kidding, but he’s crazy instead.


      When are the LGB going to wake up and smell the insanity?

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        It’ll happen when the gay men who run the Big Gay Orgs are finally willing to admit that homophobia is largely a by-product of sexism — and more specifically, the kind of sexism that insists on gender roles, whether it’s the “get back in the kitchen, bitch” variety, or the “bbbbut we should CELEBRATE our differences” variety. (Though sometimes, I think that will be a frosty day in Hell, because so many of them appear unwilling to give up their wistful fantasy that some day, their straight brothers will invite them to join the Old Boys Club as full members, with all the rights and privileges thereunto pertaining.)

        And it’ll help when the word “queer,” and all the rest of that tired 1990s crap that goes along with it, finally loses its cachet. An entire generation of LGB people were carefully taught to define themselves as “not straight,” rather than as regular old human beings who happen to be homosexual or bisexual. I’m hoping the ones hitting their twenties now are going to wake up and say, “WTF??? What does being a poly kinky gender-fluid non-monosexual quadrilaterally transgressive porn- and sex-work positive queer have to do with me? I just want to grow old together with my partner.”

        I think it will also help a great deal when the major LGB rights battles are finally won. There will be less reason for anyone to support the Big Gay Orgs, and arguments about the need to present a united front against a common enemy will have much less silencing power. More lesbians, in particular, will probably feel freer to ditch the mainstream alphabet soup orgs, or to be openly critical of them, when we don’t have to worry so much about the kinds of nightmare scenarios that can happen when your relationship, partnership, marriage, whatever the hell you want to call it, is not legally recognized, or when you can be fired in some states simply for being gay.

        (Disclaimer, in case it’s not obvious: I don’t wish those scenarios on anyone, ever, including people who regard themselves transsexual, transgender, etc. But their rights can best be secured by ending sex discrimination, rather than codifying the ridiculous notion of “gender identity” into law, at the expense of all women and many non-conforming men.)

      • GallusMag Says:

        “It’ll happen when the gay men who run the Big Gay Orgs are finally willing to admit that homophobia is largely a by-product of sexism — and more specifically, the kind of sexism that insists on gender roles, whether it’s the “get back in the kitchen, bitch” variety, or the “bbbbut we should CELEBRATE our differences” variety.”

        There were gay men back in the 60’s that actually tried to do that. They called themselves “The Effeminists” and they broke off from the Gay Rights orgs in support of the Feminist and Radical Lesbian movements. The Effeminists were gay men who were anti-porn, anti-bdsm, anti-gender. That didn’t last long! One of them was Robin Morgan’s gay husband. They had an “Effeminist Manifesto” and threatened “enemies of the feminist movement”. They believed “all men oppress all women”, and that full gay liberation for themselves could only be achieved after patriarchy was dismantled.

      • GallusMag Says:

        They held consciousness-raising gatherings where the men tried to learn to interact “normally”: without masculinity.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        @GM. Blogs like Gay Not Queer give me hope there’ll be a renaissance of that kind of thinking over on the G side of the aisle, even as more and more women are starting to throw off the queer progressive yoke.

    • Donna Reiser Says:

      I am making nothing up as you lie and say. Brain left some stuff on my blog before I took it over, and it was all rambling. “Zoe” claims things that are biologically impossible like spontaneously turning into an intersex person, so why quote them? They are not credible and only post such crap to attack real TSs, not some fake TS who truly has a made-up disease. You don’t become intersex overnight. It is not graffiti to give proof that feminine gender identity is inborn. But we cannot win with you LGBT/TG folk. You demand we “prove” what we know by our experience and female intuition to be true and yet find a way to attack anything we use to defend ourselves. Nothing is ever enough proof with you types that we are not TGs nor LGBTs in the least, but Mainstream women.

      If you think I am annoying, then why not delete everything that was said about my blog as it violates my linking policy? if you don’t want me posting on your blog or about you on mine, then keep please keep my blog off of yours. So if you delete the URL to my blog and all comments about me (delete mine too if you want), then I won’t have a reason to post here. When I see a spike in hits, I investigate the source. So if you stop your blog from appearing in my page hits by not allowing my links on your page,

      Overall, I think you are doing my people a favor by attacking us. Eventually, you will be able to turn the TGs and LGBTs against us, which would be a mutual goal, leaving us to be free to either be our own community or to gain full recognition from the Mainstream Community. The more that the Mainstream can see we are not LGBTs, the more willing they will take our side and be willing to help us. They are willing to accept any help in their struggle to keep certain things out of their culture.

    • Ave Says:

      “By accepting a penis inside your vagina, you are making an implicit agreement to become pregnant. If you don’t want to be pregnant, don’t have sex. It takes no rocket scientist to know that.”
      what a disgusting view imo

  9. liberalsareinsane Says:

    (1) He’s way too fuckin old to be fathering children.

    (2) Sucks, for HIM, that 6 y/o haven’t been brainwashed into catering to the mentally ill and call a spade a spade.

    (3) Dylan, er, Dyl, er, RG will be hard pressed to remain sane. That poor kid. Can you imagine living with that asshole.
    I hope this story catches on in the mainstream media and there is heat put on this stupid prick.

  10. So, a growing part of the transactivist agenda is convincing very young children that reproductive biology and genitals mean nothing.

    That there is no objective reality to two sexes, so young girls no longer even suspect it’s odd when an adult male is seen in their changing room. They believe that the concept of ‘adult male/ female’ is purely a subjective one, determined by the what the individual says they are

    I see no signs that this new breed of trans activist (no offence intended to the older, more sensible transsexual type) is attempting any type of advocacy for decent treatment of trans people that keeps intact the need to rear children safely. I do not see where concern for young children is factored in here. And it seems to me that those for whom concern for the young is reasonable collateral damage for their own agenda, should not be given a hearing, nor considered ‘progressive’ in any way. Their actions demonstrate that they do not care that they are clearing the paths for more predators to access children, let alone the ‘duty of care’ issues.

    • To clarify, I do not care if this particular individual has had SRS – the agenda remains the same.

      And SRS cannot create female reproductive organs in any case and nor, clearly, does it override learnt male entitlement.

      Yet these activists seek to convince us all, including young girls, that males who see themselves as women have the interests of all females at heart, and so should override reality.

      • Beth Says:

        Most trangendered individuals can hide behind Western society. They know nothing and speak nothing of actual womyn dealing with male domination. Because genitals mean a whole lot more in the rest of the world. By virture of their birth MTT get an advantage over females, they are not left in the streets to rot or be aborted because they are female. Not because they are a burden and not because of rape, just by being female (XX) they should die.

        Rape against a female doesn’t exist in many Muslim countries. I can speak knowledge of this. We had an ex-pat English man come talk to us about cross-cultural sensitivity during out criminalistics course. He told us outright that his interpreter had told all Anglo-saxon individuals (going into these countries to teach them crime scene procedure) not to bring up male on female rape because in Arab society, it didn’t exist. He bucked the trend, he tried to explain in seminars all across Arab countries about the problem and he was met with silence. These men weren’t your average citizen, there were educated individuals and they still could not wrap their head around a female being forced into sex. That’s what these ‘woMEN’ will never understand. It angers me to my core that many will let them get away with this bullshit.

      • Sylvie Says:

        Beth said:
        “They know nothing and speak nothing of actual womyn dealing with male domination.”

        Wilchins, a 60 year-old man and father, says that he “feels like” what he imagines females “feel like”

        Something MTF’s are frequently quoted as saying. It’s such an easy statement for MTF’s to make, yet says nothing and means nothing. Are women supposed to nod knowingly and empathise without any indication these people get it, and indeed all indications are to the contrary?

        I don’t recall any clarification re what is “imagined” or “felt”, aside from the oft heard examples that lack substance, ideas based on the very things many women loathe. In that respect they’re like manufacturers who continually tell us that all women love pink.

        Given the apparent inability to empathise, combined with the incidence of narcissism among transsexuals, I agree with Beth and doubt they have any idea what they mean. Thus it’s never stated. It’s so false, and seems to be one of the key things that women find offensive. MTF’s attempting to align themselves with women based on some very limited thinking and rather screwed up ideas.

        “other folk’s kids must pretend to agree that men like him are “female””

        The problem with trying to control outcomes and the thoughts/feelings/actions of others is that it always backfires. And when demands are made, things invariably escalate.

        “Whatever the answer, I’m informed that I really do look like a boy, or that I can’t really be Dylan’s mom. Often this is right in front of Dyl. The “really” is instructive; the point is not information but to police gender lines and particularly to stigmatize gender difference. This usually leaves Dyl in a bad space, trying to decide whether to defend me as her mom or else let it go among kids she will, after all, have to coexist with in class every day.”

        I hope someone corrects me if I’m wrong. Obviously there are going to be exceptions and also times it’s hard to make the “right” call.

        However. I thought one of the necessities of being a parent is putting our child’s needs ahead of our own, especially when not doing so is causing them obvious harm. Wilchins wants the bullying etc to stop, yet Wilchins is acting and reacting in ways that provoke the behaviour.

        I believe that Wilchins is making a much bigger mess by employing “the in-your-face tricks”, the unreasonable demands/expectations, and exhibiting other emotionally immature behaviour noted in this piece. Has it not occurred to Wilchins that forcing other people to think like Wilchins and believe Wilchins’ reality as true, feeds the situations that cause issues for Dylan?

        Behaviour typical of needing to be right vs doing what is right. I might be wrong again, however I believe that if someone was truly concerned for the welfare of their child, they might consider parking their own agenda while they look for less confrontational ways to exert their desire to control and dominate.

        Wilchins is yet another MTF example who raises red flags. The actions of the person do not match what they say or claim.

        (Behaviour identified as typical of an ArseClown. Or a narcissistic control freak who can’t handle it when people don’t do/think/say what the NCF is demanding.)

    • radicalwoman Says:

      “So, a growing part of the transactivist agenda is convincing very young children that reproductive biology and genitals mean nothing.”

      Absolutely. A F2T told my 5 year old son once that “not all little boys are born with a penis” – right in front of me. I wasn’t allowed to disagree or I would have lost my home. Luckily, my son just looked at her like she was crazy and declined to argue.

      • Sylvie Says:

        Yuck. I’ve heard others mention similar things too.

        Has anyone actually met a transsexual who isn’t toxic to deal with?

        Everyone has moments etc, not denying that. It just seems that transsexuals wreck havoc wherever they go. From being a pain in the HR Dept’s arse and laying complaints against everyone they ‘suspect’ is referring to their pre-transition self. To alienating many others in the manner radicalwoman describes above.

  11. Beth Says:

    And let me just say, sodomy (penetration by a male to another male) still exists and there is punishment (death). If a female says rape, she is committed to death. But wait, salvation, SHE CAN MARRY HER RAPIST! That is gender victim blaming. The womyn asked for it and the man didn’t. What total utter horseshit. I am sick of this. I am sick of so called womyn telling us what they experience and yet our experiences are invalid. I found this blog a month ago and I’m so glad of it. I used to be a trans ally and I woke up to their nonsense because if it. It saddens me that most lesbians and gays accept them whereas most straights (especially het males) can see a spade for a fucking spade. They seek to destroy us, by putting us in little boxes. Because god forbid a female/male buck the goddamn gender binary.

    • Branjor Says:

      Sodomy means anal penetration – of either a male or a female.

      • Beth Says:

        I was going by this basis. Sodomy laws generally refer to man-to-man sex. It’s a vague term for ‘unnatural sex’. It says that anal sex between heterosexual couples is rarely punished.

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        It can also refer to oral sex. The laws usually classified it as oral and anal sex. However, there was selective enforcement. Besides the constructed “privacy” clause, SCOTUS also used unequal enforcement as the basis for overturning it in Lawrence v. Texas if I am not mistaken. Romanovsky and Phillips’ “Sodomy Song” is rather historically accurate. “Now Michael was entertaining a guest, when the officer walked right in and made the arrest…” That line refers to the Bowers v. Hardwick decision. The Michael in the song is Michael Hardwick.

    • Sylvie Says:

      Beth said:
      “I am sick of so called womyn telling us what they experience and yet our experiences are invalid.”


      And not only that, they’re invalidated in many other ways and by many other people.

      Invalidating or denying someone’s reality is basically gaslighting. A form of emotional abuse:

      “psychological abuse that attempts to destroy the victims’ trust in their perceptions of reality”

      But when you mention things like emotional abuse and gaslighting, you generally end up being subjected to more gaslighting, as people yet again deny your reality (either because they are aware of what they’re doing, or they’re not, having been conditioned to think such things/responses are ‘normal’ because that’s how their parents or caregivers treated them/their family).

      It’s insidious and (seemingly) impossible to escape.

  12. Lydia Says:

    Read Riki’s wikipedia entry. Ends with “Wilchins is an out transsexual lesbian feminist.” Sorry, dude, no feminist thinks children are an appropriate target to menace.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      Use your Wiki powers to down-grade that sycophantic, gushing work of narcissistic balderdash, please.

      It made me retch.

  13. Anon Male Says:

    I thought that Riki was “Riki born Riki” these days?

    It’s funny how everyone knows trans are a group too crazy to be associated with when things are personally going well (hence the whole I’m “post-gender” bravado with intelligent people not really buying the born in the wrong body line), but they fall back into the horde whenever they’re pissed off.

    Years ago, a “profeminist” male group had a gathering and they tried to do some take-home reading for consciousness raising. The reading assignment, knowing that males are too important to read what other people have written, was a scant 10 pages or so.

    5 pages were a shitty chapter from Stoltenberg on “genital tubercles” that was written as a sci-fi imagination experiment (and not a great one), but 20 years later read as “refusing to be a man” meant refusing to own up to being one as there’s a whole spectrum of identities to choose from since non-racist geek who likes purple is a whole gender identity now (and a “non hegemonic” one at that).

    The remaining 5 pages were an excerpt from Riki about how as a teenager he spied on a neighbor girl playing basketball in her driveway and the horror he felt at never being able to *own* her chest, which he described in lurid detail, using some of the creepiest word choices in his whinefest that you can imagine.

    The trans movement has killed any chance males have at ending patriarchy; all we can do as individuals is support separatist causes now.

  14. Violet Irene Says:

    “Opening shot”? At 6 year olds? Inappropriate period, but in light of last week…!!!!!!! Does this nitwit HEAR himself? Is the Advocate stupid? How have they not pulled this piece just for that remark?

    Grown ups who are scared of 6 year olds scare ME. I have a 6 year old. Yeah she and her peers can sass back, stick their tongues out at you, stamp their feet and refuse to pick up their crayons. They can try out namecalling and they are brutally honest sometimes to the point of making you wince. They are still learning how to be civilized human beings and that is ok–it’s our job to GENTLY teach them right and model that to them. Any grown up who feels this much rage and “humiliation” over something a 6 year old said is dangerously unstable. I’m scared to think of such a man being within a mile of my kids.

    And to think that such a basket case could bully and force my child, via her teachers and the school system, to comply with his twisted sex fantasy obsession and LIES (forcing them to say a MALE birthed a baby??) makes me so livid I can’t see straight.

    PS–wtf was a “transsexual menace” doing fathering a child at FIFTY FOUR?

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      Exactly. That’s why my FIRST thought was: is this dude armed?

      The thinly-veiled violence pulsing through the thoughts and speech of these heterosexual male “trans” activists is repellant and more than a little scary.

      The Advocate censors MY fairly reasonable (non-violent) comment but they let this crazy dude post his violence-laced filth the same week that 20 little kids were gunned down by another crazy?

      The Advocate is dead to me now. They’ve gone so far over to the dark side on this issue that I consider them no better than the cretins at who see nothing wrong with a business model which enables customers to market kidnapped 13-year-olds to be raped.

  15. born free & female Says:

    I would like to help educate these ignorant six-year-olds! I even wrote this story for them.

    — The Emperor’s New Gender —

    Once upon a time there was an emperor. He was sad, even though he could command an army, and pass laws, and even cut off the heads of people who laughed at him! He was sad because those are things that men do, and he wanted to do the things that girls do – like cook, and sew, and wear pink underwear with little frills when he had pillow fights with the other girls.

    Then one day, a doctor came to the emperor’s palace. “I can turn you into a girl,” he said, “for the bargain price of a wagonload of gold.”

    The emperor paid, and the doctor dressed him up in a lacy dress and danced around him, chanting magic words like “cis privilege” and “gender identity”.

    “Congratulations!” said the doctor when he was done. “Now you’re a girl. You’re so gorgeous – much prettier than all those _cis_ girls! Think how jealous they’ll all be!”

    The emperor peeked under his dress. “I still have my – er – manhood,” he said.

    “Since you’re a girl,” said the doctor, “that can’t be a man part! It’s a girl part.” He took the gold and left.

    The emperor, reassured, ordered a special parade to celebrate his womanhood. He put on a long blonde wig, a pound of makeup, a low-cut minidress and a pair of size 16 stiletto heels, and stepped out into the streets.

    The assembled crowds were silent. “They’re jealous!” thought the emperor, “just like the doctor promised!”

    Then a little girl named Alix Dobkin shouted “Why is that man wearing a dress?”

    And then the emperor was sad again. He wasn’t a girl after all. The doctor had left with his gold. And if he cut off the heads of everyone who was laughing at him, there wouldn’t be a single citizen left in his empire.

    — THE END —

    Discussion questions

    1. Little Alix Dobkin said a transphobic thing. What should we do to her?
    2. Are you transgender? If the answer is “yes”, good for you! If the answer is “no”, you are transphobic, and responsible for the death of trillions of trans women every year. How bad do you feel?
    3. Some people wouldn’t want to go into a changing room and see the emperor’s girl part. But you wouldn’t have a problem with it, would you? Would you like to see a picture of it to help you decide? Sure you would.

  16. Snarkurchin Says:

    Did anyone see the comment that pointed us to another article of Riki’s? Here he says, “Never having passed as female as I’d grown older I’d finally given up trying. Besides, it seemed somehow counter-revolutionary, as the new transgender politics is increasingly built around exactly the kind prominent social visibility and defiant non-passing that my doctors at the Cleveland Clinic assured me would signal the failure of my gender transition surgery.”

  17. cherryblossomlife Says:

    I have a six year old girl. They rock. LMAO that a six year old girl he knows has pointed out that the emperor’s not wearing any clothes.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      Or as I like to say, “The emperor is bare-azz nekkid! Look at that little thang. It’s looks just like a penis, only smaller!”

  18. cherryblossomlife Says:

    oops, wrote that before reading born free & female’s comment 🙂
    Took the words right out of my mouth BF&F 🙂

  19. dawn Says:

    “With the 6-year-old boy who is rolling his eyes right now as I try to affirm that I’m Dylan’s mom”

    His response was so muted (i.e. no organized protests, pickets, etc) since a male child questioned his jenda. A female child questioning his magical unicorn status would have evoked his ‘righteous anger’. After all a girl will be a woman one day and we all know how much trans value women’s opinions. He would have scolded her on jenda and finished up with a ‘get into home ec and easy bake me some cookies’.

  20. Bilbo Says:

    This is horrible, and not at all surprising.

    How fucked in the head are you that you get angry when six year olds don’t participate in your imaginary world? Even if you grant his narrative, what kind of parent is he that he’s never had a kid that age ask an “inappropriate” question?

  21. Reblogged this on Privilege Denying Tranny and commented:
    He’s claiming he gestated and birthed his daughter…NO NO NO NONONONONONONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  22. Em Says:

    Mr. Wilchins is quoted thus:

    “I’m informed that I really do look like a boy, or that I can’t really be Dylan’s mom. Often this is right in front of Dyl.”

    One possible solution would be to not put the kid into this position in the first place.

    Notice that here Wilchins comes very close to conflating his discomfort with his daughter’s. He is identifying with her. This is very typical of MtT, who are uniformly confused about where they end and females begin.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      In a few years, his daughter will be thinking, “No sh*t, Sherlock. Of course he’s not my mom.”

      Goddess bless the teen years, when much oppressive childhood brainwashing is re-examined and rejected.

      I no longer believe that bread is “really” the body of Christ, that grape juice is “really” his blood, or that un-baptised babies who die are languishing in Purgatory — despite the best efforts of my Catholic school educators.

      We grow up. We move on. Here’s wishing all the best and a reality-based adulthood to Dylan and other unfortunate children raised by gender worshippers in “Trans” Insanity Land.

  23. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    Don-Don Reiser: “Anyway, I was speaking of the symbolism behind earrings. An earring has a post which is about like a tiny penis. The piercing is much like a tiny vagina. The post goes into the hole.”

    *** insert gif of dog slowly tilting his head and looking very confused ***


  24. Bev Jo Says:

    Horror movie material about how Mr Wilchins’ ugly male face has been plastic surgeried into looking like Jenner.

    Thank you so much for this post, Gallus Mag! The stories of these arrogant, narcissistic female-hating men just pile up, which is the best argument for why they are not and never can be women. I know there’s no getting through to them, but hopefully this disgusting piece of shit’s deranged comments and hatred of little girls will finally get some women who support these men to realize how they are betraying themselves and all females.

    Brilliant comments here, so not sure what to add except to say again to whoever calls these pricks “women” and gives them our female pronouns is helping them in their delusions and is supporting them against us all.

  25. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Ah, I went to one of Riki Wilchin’s workshops at Creating Change in Oakland in 1999. I thought it had something to do with Butches, by the title of it….I can’t remember exactly, but I thought it was Butch supportive some benign title about those of us who don’t conform to sexual roles….and I saw other Butches in there.

    I didn’t know who the fuck Riki Wilchins was, except that he said he founded ‘Genderpac’. Remember, 1999, I had no clue about Riki’s importance. While he has a rather androgynous appearance, I couldn’t figure if he was a gay man with an effeminate appearance or an MTF with an androgynous appearance, but NONETHELESS at that time, Riki didn’t want to be associated with EITHER sex….if someone thought he was male, fine, if someone thought he was female, fine…he liked being in that gender ‘borderland’, androgynous, sorta like David Bowie…and folks guessing….he PRIDED himself in fact on being in that androgynous borderland where folks didnt’ know for sure, and rather PROUD of it, in fact. He did not strongly assert being Female or Male….

    Well, most of what Riki said to me was a bunch of claptrap b.s, I got bored and eventually left. but NOW I KNEW who Riki Wilchins was and NEVER EVER TRUSTED ANYTHING OUT OF HIS MOUTH AGAIN! He did not liberate me as a Butch, only the true Butch workshops did that…and out of that workshop, I saw the trans agenda offered NOTHING for Butches or our freedoms, or to reduce the pain of the discrimination we face daily in our lives as Butch Dykes, Butch Females…the Feminist Butch workshop(which FTM’s crashed, even though THEY had their own workshops), did far more for me….

    And interestingly enough, Alixx Dobkin DID crash the FTM workshops, at that same conference, well one of them, and at the end questioned the relationship that each one of them (the FTMS) would have with the medical establishment the rest of their lives and what was their answer to that? They IMMEDIATELY proceeded to end the workshop, NEVER ANSWERING HER QUESTION!!

    As far as 6 year old kids go, they go from their gut. they trust their gut, their instinct FIRST. Something we unlearn as we learn lies, learn roles, and fixed behaviors ‘truth out of the mouth of babes’. They SENSE what’s real, and what’s not, and WHY proceed(like so many MTF’s do) to LIE that your child came out of a womb YOU NEVER FUCKING HAD?????? This is just like when they tell me “well, I’m just like a woman who had a hysterectomy.” NOT! You have NO CLUE. NOR HAVE YOU EVER HAD TO FEAR PREGNANCY!!! or gone through a period, or had to use birth control. Or when I confronted an individual who in my gut was an MTF, but constantly stealth, and yet so obvious with the bleach blonde hair, and the hormone induced voice, when I mentioned my period, or something about vag infections, or cramps they were like “Oh I take cranberry juice for that.” And I turned to them and said “You have periods???”…….

    Riki Wilchins is a congenital liar who doesn’t know who or what he is, he was that way in 1999, and apparently he’s that way in 2013. But to lie to a child that way, and CLAIM birthing your child, is really really seriously delusional. Like all too many in the trans movement.

    I mean, if you’re PROUD of being a made female, then say, “I’m a different kind of female/genderqueer/trans person, or whose gender is more fluid…you’ll learn about that when you’re older.” But don’t fucking lie, cuz the kid will SENSE the truth and the lie, as those of us who have woken up and TRUST our guts around all this INSANITY. The gut and the heart speaks louder than our minds which can so easily be fooled….

    And I’m not willing to be fooled any longer by ANY of their nonsense, nor will I perpetuate their delusions! Par for the course for Riki Wilchins!

    • sylvie Says:

      “well, I’m just like a woman who had a hysterectomy.”

      Oh my gosh. That is a really offensive thing for them to say. Clueless wankers.

      “But don’t fucking lie”

      Indeed. Wonder about the long-term effects of such “parenting”. What kind of unhealthy ideas and behaviours will have been ‘normalised’ by his behaviour.

      I absolutely empathise with the daughters situation, however I can’t respect his whining about daughters treatment at school, when he is doing everything to perpetuate the bullying etc, making demands of others and putting his own wants first.

    • sylvie Says:

      “a congenital liar who doesn’t know who or what he is”

      Seems they all are hey? They seem to love using labels to ‘define’ themselves. I will try to find something I read recently, where a trans person used about five different labels to describe who they are.

      If I were a psychiatrist, I imagine I’d feel as similarly (about trans) as others in that profession who note what it’s like to treat narcissism and BPD.

      (In saying that, I do not imply any disrespect towards anyone diagnosed with BPD)

  26. FeistyAmazon Says:

    KInd of reminds me of that effeminate blonde guy on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”.

  27. Leah Says:

    Wow. This guy thinks a 6 year old is trying to police gender lines? Either that is one awesome little tyke or he’s paranoid.

  28. Seahare Says:

    If you want to identify as trans, identify as trans. But when you start telling people you magically changed your sex from male to female, then be prepared to be treated as the delusional being you are.

    Recognise this from Hans Christian Andersen?

    “But he hasn’t got anything on,” a little child said.

    “Did you ever hear such innocent prattle?” said its father. And one person whispered to another what the child had said, “He hasn’t anything on. A child says he hasn’t anything on.”

    “But he hasn’t got anything on!” the whole town cried out at last.

  29. As an old school parent, those kids were way out of line to ask a GROWN ASSED MAN whether he is a boy or girl. Whats between dudes legs ain’t none of their damn BUSINESS. If I did that I would had the taste slapped out of my mouth and a very sore behind. And if MY children pulled that crap I would sit them down and explain its very INAPPROPRIATE for a CHILD to ask any adult personal questions. When I was growing up children were taught to STAY out of grown folk’s faces AND their business. Today’s children don’t know their damn place!

    As for dude saying he gave birth to his child, thats just setting his child up for harrassment by ignorant assed bullies. And he has totally deprived this child of its actual birth mother. Only women can birth children not men.

    Hence dude is wrong in going after some rude assed nosy ignorant kids because he started this mess by pretending to be a woman. I feel bad for his child.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Are you fucking serious?!! If you understand children so little that you’d berate them for innocently trying to clear up their confusion, then I feel very badly for your children. We’re talking about six-year-olds, for Christ’s sake. There was no malice intended on their part! They weren’t intentionally trying to be rude! I am an “old school parent” in many ways as well, but that certainly doesn’t extend to shaming or embarrassing a child for questioning something (or someone) who doesn’t fit their knowledge of the world. Sheesh.

      • For crying out loud take it easy. I am old school and was raised to have proper manners which included respecting the boundaries of others.

        Would YOU, an adult, want some kid asking you if you are a girl or boy?

        Some things are no one’s business; whats between your legs is ONE of them.

      • GallusMag Says:

        So one’s sex is based on their reproductive biology. According to you. Ya big Transphobe.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        I stand by what I said. And if a little kid asked me if I was a girl or boy, I’d laugh, chalk it up to a child’s innocence and confusion, and then simply answer her. I would have no need to shame her, or think of her as a “rude assed nosy ignorant kid”. Good lord, I hope you don’t have kids, because they’d probably be so terrified of making some “grievous” (in your eyes) social error in front of you that they’d be cowed from any social interaction at all.

        There’s a big difference between being “old school”, and being an asshole, and it’s obvious where you land. I’m done with you. Buh-bye.

      • I’m old school too. Not to mention middle aged as well, and no I would not punish my child for trying to understand something. If you want to run around calling yourself something you’re clearly not, you should be prepared to be called on it. Dude is a dude. He looks like a dude. And a dude can’t be anybody’s mother. I don’t teach my kids to lie. If he decided he was a fucking dragon, would we expect kids to lie about that, too? There is also the safety factor, as well. I teach my kids to avoid strange men. Knowing the difference is crucial to their health and safety.

    • LC Says:

      “Are you a boy or a girl” is not a personal question. If you’re interpreting it as asking about genitals, that says more about YOUR issues than these children. Yes, that is how sex is identified at birth, but young children don’t think in those terms and there is nothing rude about a child asking a question about something they find confusing.

    • Janetwo Says:

      So if the kid asked if the school mascot is a real bear or somebody dressed in a bear costum, you would also slap the kid?

      I dont see anything inappropriate with children asking questions and I assume they are entitled to the same respect than adults. Actually, the fact they have everything to learn and that there is no malice in their intentions is one more reason for the adults to be more tolerant, not less. Yes, they need socialisation to learn appropriate behaviors, but the rules are no different for them than for adults. We just operate under the assumptions that adults know the rules better and should act as guides. I fail to see how disrespecting children teach them about respect. In the end, it only shows them that the only rule that stands is the one of the bigger, stronger adult who has the power to physically enforce the rules. That is very much how patriarchy works and how women have been put in their places and effectively being treated at best like children, at worst like objects for centuries. There is no moral or logical reasoning behind the idea that kids are lesser human beings than growups and therefore should treat grownups with more deference than the one we afford them.

      The only time any corporal punishment is appropriate is when the child is too young to understand that sticking her tongue in an electrical outlet or jumping from a second storey are dangerous. An immediate danger to their safety at a time they cant understand verbal communication is the only situation warranting physical negative reinforcement. And often time, just a loud noise or a stern voice from the scared parents is enough. Its a lesser evil than risking serious injury.

      Children are very curious and eager to learn. At six years old, I was able to identify hundreds of different mammals, including asiatic elephants versus african elephants based on their ears. I also knew the difference between a ladybug and a Colorado beetle as I started gardening at the age of four. I was certainly able to differenciate males versus females of my own species without looking in their pants based solely on others physical traits. It would have been very confusing to have a male parading as a female and I would have asked about the real sex. but then, my understanding of the difference between boys and girls was fundamentally biological, not social. I guess I am fortunate to have had adults in my life who did not put me in my place and indulged my curiosity.

      • survivorthriver Says:

        And, the world is fortunate for you not putting yourself in “your place” and that you indulged your curiosity. Best thing I read tonight.

      • gchild Says:

        I have seen trans inc. talk like this about children before. I saw where a transwomen claimed to have slapped his six year old niece open handed in the face for her “cis white/child privilege “.

        So a child asking a man who claims to be a mother if he is a girl or a boy is disrepsectful because genitals? The only way this is “disrespectful” is if the child is asking about the adults sex/sexuality. Cause to a child, genitals are ONLY about sex, right? So the child is violating this GROWN ASS MAN’S sexual privacy?

        The only children who associate gentials with sex in inappropriate ways are the ones who are sexually terrorized by a culture that breeds child sex abuse and exploitation (all day every day around the world). And only a tiny fraction of the MALES who do this putrid shit are ever fucking punished. But a child who asks if a grown up is a boy or girl (becaues they KNOW boys don’t have babies) deserves to be physically assaulted? Slapped? To have their asses whooped?

        Fuck you, thunderworzpress. And fuck anybody else who thinks children should be beaten for asking a goddamned question.

    • “Would YOU, an adult, want some kid asking you if you are a girl or boy?”

      I’ve had kids ask me that very question, and it hasn’t bothered me one bit. If anything, I find it amusing. But then, I am comfortable with being a woman and don’t need the validation of others–certainly not children–to know that I’m a female.

      Honestly, of all the questions kids ask, this one is neither personal nor insulting. There are plenty of women who get referred to as “sir” by adults!! Again, amusing, maybe irritating, but nothing more than that.

  30. May Loo Says:

    He doesn’t look like a real woman which is why people and children wonder. Biological sex is real. Gender identity is mostly about fitting into stereotypes. It is only real if you think your ‘gender identity’ needs to match your birth sex. For most of us, it doesn’t. Fluidity is within each sex, not between the sexes.

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