December 23, 2012

“PURPLE SPEAKS! He just never shuts the fuck up. My god this man is a prolific typist.


Here are some chestnuts from the most right-wing sexist homophobic trans activist this side of Kat Rose or Cristin Williams, for those of you who can’t be bothered to trot over to his site to read the whole looong longggg rant (which is most of you I’m sure):


“ If you are a TG or other LGBT blog member, you really have no right to care what a TS Mainstreamist said, since nothing they say will be for your benefit. I only ask that this blog never be posted on TG/LGBT sites, only TS & Mainstream Community sites.”


TSs are a type of Mainstream person, while TGs are a type of LGBT person. TSs embrace and love the Mainstream, TGs hate and disrespect the Mainstream while pretending the objects of their hate are the real haters.”


“Gender identity is who you are, your essence, you being, and provides the basis for your interests. For TSs, their core gender identity is correct, but the body itself is wrong. “


“I found lies accusing this of being a homophobic blog. It is not. But weak-minded people love to pretend hate exists where it is not and love being victims. I reread some of the older entries and found nothing homophobic in them. Saying that every LGBT lifestyle is a choice is not homophobic. Comparing homosexuality to being an addict is not homophobic. Why don’t we call people drugophobes and alcophobes for opposing those addictions? Embracing a mainstream culture over an LGBT one is not homophobic. Criticizing the LGBT Community is not hate. Opposing gayness for inborn, moral, political, or religious reasons is not homophobia. When I criticize TGs or LGBTs, it is always as a group, never against individuals. My criticisms are aimed at an organized LGBT movement and it leaders, not every single LGBT person. Of course, liars cannot tell the difference between opposing the perversion and choice of gayness and opposing actual LGBT persons. I believe everyone should oppose sins while supporting and embracing the “sinners.””


“Then there is “Beth.” He/it is obviously too stupid to use female pronouns when dealing with genuine TSs. When he/it edits his post to remove the disrespectful male pronouns or deletes his post, I will edit this one to refer to them with female pronouns. “


“The majority of women who have the problem of disrespecting TS women and misgendering them are lesbians, adulteresses, or are engaged in other unpopular living arrangements. So the ones throwing stones at TS women live mostly in glass houses.”


“It is however a waste for a woman to dress as a man after the surgery. Why get surgery if you are going to dress as your birth gender? It is not one of my peeves. It is just that if you can function living as your birth gender, you would never get the surgery.”


“TS women, on the other hand, thrive on the gender divide and need it, just like the rest of the 90% of non-LGBTs in society.”


“However, HBS persons are not “extreme” at all. They have the SAME beliefs as the Mainstream public. View them as cisgendered and it will all make sense to you. Ignore whatever beliefs you have about their bodies and take them for cisgendered. It only seems “extreme” to you when you pretend that TSs are TGs or part of the LGBT. Keep in mind that the TS-Specific Movement is not the same as the HBS Movement. At any rate, both TS-Specific TSs and HBS members NEED a gender dichotomy to function, just like MOST cisgendered people who are not in the LGBT. The others want to steal that from us or claim it is only for Mainstream women other than us.”


“Then there is Adrian’s comments. Genuine TSs side with the Mainstream. They don’t transition to be seen as a minority. TGs are the ones who choose to be seen as a minority, perhaps they want to be a part of a hated group and need that. They oppose the Mainstream Community and conformity because they thrive on being hated. That is a sign of insecurity. Adrian’s mention of “Black face” is offensive, and an incorrect metaphor. If you want to talk about genuine TSism in the context of discrimination, then racial “passing” would be a little closer. However, even that can be seen as offensive since nobody can change their skin, but they can correct their body to match who they have always been.”

“I’ve seen LGBTs hatefully attack Conservatives, Christians, pro-lifers, Jews, obese persons, people who pray, etc., and they claim to be the “tolerant” ones.”


“As for “Amber,” I think what she said was unfortunate. I don’t think she is HBS, but TS-Specific. The TGs/LGBTs totally took her words out of context. She was not calling on LGBTs to kill themselves. Nor was it a call for murder, though some LGBTs openly called on George W. Bush or even TSs to be murdered. Instead, the way I took it, she was saying that if LGBTs were to hypothetically disappear somehow, regardless of how or why, TSs would instantly have more rights, at least what they had in 2000 before the TGs hijacked them and the LGBTs force them under their umbrella against their will. Most of the former TSs identified with the Mainstream Community and didn’t want to be a part of any non-mainstream community. They disappeared from the trans scene they were never supposed to be a part of. Likewise, the comments on “deserving” discrimination were probably meant only at the “moral” and hypothetical level. Saying someone deserves it is a far cry from promoting and encouraging such. We collectively don’t want to deprive anyone of anything. We simply want the LGBTs to stay out of our business and to allow us to communicate with TS & Mainstream persons without interference nor interruption. Most Conservatives vent to prevent doing a lot of things in real life. Conservatives and females have needs to vent that Liberals and males don’t have, and that leads to discrimination when people try to deprive us of our need to vent.”


“The “sexism” talk on that other blog is just nonsense too. It is not sexism to have separate male and female roles. They are different and equal. Everyone has their own purpose in life, and it is different per person. What is best for me is not best for you, etc. So if someone wants to be a part of a 2-gender system or needs that to function, it would be immoral to steal that from them.”

“Also, I don’t “ramble.” Accusing anyone of having any negative trait nor mentioning it would be about like accusing gay folks of bad things that most don’t do. Accusing someone of “rambling” is like accusing them of pedophilia.”

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  1. michelle Says:

    well, you know our weekend just is never complete without some dude telling us how we are wrong…

    That one needs to offer digital barf bags upon entry into the site though. Seems to me that if he truly wanted to be so ‘mainstream,’ he would simply shut the fuck up and meld into society instead of going out of his way to draw even more attention to himself.

  2. Oh GAWD, they are the most sexually frustrated in all the land. They had the surgery, now their bodies will never know physical sexual gratification ever again. Poor sad sad sad poor little bastards. If they weren’t so mean and nasty I made actually feel sorry for them.

    • Donna Reiser Says:

      Why would I be sexually frustrated? It seems you are. The first to make such personal attacks are usually guilty of whatever. If you worked on expressing what you feel in words and learn to be more intellectual to where you don’t need sex, and maybe you picked up some faith and some hobbies, you would not be sexually frustrated nor trying to project your feelings onto others.

      I am proudly asexual and have always lacked such needs. I am not mean and nasty at all unless misgendered or otherwise attacked first.

      • You have no choice but to be asexual. Your surgery removed all of your sexual options. I am sorry you were too arrogant at the time to think your future through. Perhaps now, you can come to terms with your poor decision and help others from meeting the same fate. Instead of trying to get more to join you in your misery.

      • born free & female Says:

        “The first to make such personal attacks are usually guilty of whatever” = “he who smelt it, dealt it”

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        “You have no choice but to be asexual. Your surgery removed all of your sexual options. I am sorry you were too arrogant at the time to think your future through. Perhaps now, you can come to terms with your poor decision and help others from meeting the same fate. Instead of trying to get more to join you in your misery.”

        That is very ignorant to say. First off, if someone has the surgery, they are no longer a transsexual. A person is born with TSism then takes hormones and gets surgery to eliminate it. So a person is a TS woman before surgery and a woman after surgery.

        I thought my future through well. I knew my entire life I was really a girl, so there was nothing to think about. I made no decision at all. If being born with TSism and then destroying it through surgery is a decision, then so is choosing to be a diabetic so you can get to take insulin, or choosing to take insulin. Making decisions for oneself is never arrogant, but making decisions for others or speaking for any named person other than oneself is.

        Asexuality, like heterosexuality, is a valid sexual orientation one is born with. I knew from an early age that I wanted to live my life completely single and alone with no partner to control me, worry about me, nor rob me of the privilege of doing things alone without help. I’ve never had any romantic nor sexual thoughts since I was born without those and can never repress what was never there. I prided myself for strictly getting pleasure from my studies. What arouses me is me getting to be alone in my own world, making things, creating things, thinking, being myself, expressing my own views, holding true to myself and my beliefs no matter what, and coming up with new ideas and philosophies. As for contact with people, I’ve only wanted just friends, and only other Mainstream, non-LGBT girls as friends.

        I’ve never been miserable since nature or some deity saw fit to not give me a sex drive nor interests, nor the desire to control others. I enjoy the privilege of being alone and not having sex, calling all the shots in my life, and having the luxury of doing things alone my own way without others forcing help on me. It is the sexuals who are miserable. They are slaves to chasing tail and may even rape to get it (though yes, I know rape is about power/control, not sex). I’ve always been free of such desires.

        Ms. Reiser

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        Some things I forget (yes, even I forget to say some things). First, TS surgery for TS women does not diminish sex drive nor interest. All nerves are preserved and most of the tissue is rerouted. Nearly every TS woman is fully sensate in their vagina and clitoris after surgery.

        Secondly, at least 10% of all TS women are of the asexual orientation long before surgery. You cannot get “frustrated” if you have low interest, since it takes much less or none to fill you.

    • sylvie Says:

      Donna Reiser Says:
      The first to make such personal attacks are usually guilty of whatever.
      … learn to be more intellectual to where you don’t need sex
      … maybe you picked up some faith and some hobbies
      … you would not be… trying to project your feelings onto others.
      … I am not mean and nasty at all unless misgendered or otherwise attacked first.

      Interesting, fascinating even (not really), the flawed logic and disordered thought processes born of and perpetuated by an immature grasp of reality, life of denial and lying to self in order to protect ego.

      Additionally, the tendency to correlate the unrelated adds no credibility yet forms the sole basis of rebuttals, responses and opinions.

      Donna’s posts and replies do little except reinforce the glaringly obvious state of immaturity Donna appears to be stuck in, as well as the cognitive dissonance one invariably feels when unable to reconcile conflicting ideas or beliefs (in this case – the fact Donna is not a female, but believes they think and feel like one, and were therefore meant to be a female).

      Essentially a spolied brat. Someone like Donna would probably use the “takes one to know one” rebuttal (“The first to make such personal attacks are usually guilty of whatever”). However, familiarity is also gained through repeat exposure.

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        What makes me female was inborn. To deny that would be sexist for you, since you reduce your sum being to the parts I was always supposed to have. Your neurology and inborn nature trumps your mere body, unless you are just a vagina and that opening trumps who you are as a person. Both your worth and mine are far above that.

    • Donna Reiser Says:

      I see that Zagria is spreading misinformation on me as always. In addition to the incorrect assertion I am a separatist, Zagria incorrectly claims I refer to transwomen as men and that I am a transwoman who objects to that. Zagria doesn’t seem able to get it that a born TS woman is not the same as a TG (“transwoman”) man in drag with LGBT values who chooses to keep his penis for life (or get surgery for the wrong reasons just to abuse TS women and other women by presuming to speak for them). The correct gender markers for TS women are the female ones, while the correct gender markers for transgender men in drag (AKA “transwomen”) are male ones.

      So refer to me with female pronouns since I was born with a complete female nature and neurology inside and have NO LGBT values nor culture. I am proudly a TS and proudly not a “transwoman,” other man in drag, nor any other type of LGBT person. But refer to the TG men in dresses as the men they are. The more that TSs refuse to be called TGs, and the more they refer to TGs with male pronouns while demanding female pronouns as non-TG women, the more the non-LGBT community will see that TS women belong in their community, while the TG men in drag (“transwomen”) belong in the Mainstream community. TSs are part of the 90%, TGs part of the 10%. TSs support the Mainstream community while TGs oppose it and attack it. TSs lack the anti-mainstream hate like Zagria and other leaders of the TG men in dresses community.

      I’m a Mainstreamist TS woman, not a transwoman. Anyone who is a “transwoman” is a type of TG man in drag, and therefore a hateful separatist. TSs are a subset of the 90% of society, “transwomen” are part of the 10% of self-hating separatists who hate normal society and Mainstream living. If a “transwoman” (born-male TG non-op or mistaken-op) opposes TGs or the LGBTs, it would by hypocrisy and self-hate, but it would be just as correct and normal for a TS woman to do it as it would be for any other woman.

  3. Ave Says:

    “inborn female nature.”
    ” the perversion and choice of gayness”
    *gags* … were right about this poster. it’s just like that amber commenter i posted quote from. indeed, it’s sick that this person supports ambers comments….that’s “true tss” for ya
    “We collectively don’t want to deprive anyone of anything.”
    bullshit. when someone says another person deserves discrimination that is encouraging deprivation.

    • Donna Reiser Says:

      I am not a man nor a he as Mr. Gallus slanderously states. of course, he or it should refer to me with female pronouns since calling a TS woman by male pronouns is every bit as calling a man of color. What I say on my moral TS and Mainstream blog has nothing to do with your pervert blog. I will delete the post I left there if you remove EVERY post about me here and every link to my blog. What our TS woman and Mainstream blog has to say is not the business of a queer blogger.The same character defect that causes your gayness causes you to disrespect others and renders you unable to call TS women by female pronouns. This is one reason why most genuine TSs oppose the LGBT community, because the community misgenders us, presumes to speak for us, tries to get us things in society we do not want nor need, and tries to destroy the 2-gender system that every cisgendered and TS person needs.

      I ask that you cease and desist referring to me as sexist, homophobic, or ANY other label. What I say is how EVERY mainstream woman around here thinks. If you accepted me fully as a cisgendered woman, my words would make sense to you. You only find it sexist or homophobic because a woman born wrongly with TSism said it. You would not find it that way if my Mainstream colleagues said it. You think women are worthless and that women are only good for sex. You met an intelligent woman here who refuses to back down to your lies, bullying, sexism, TS-phobia and cisphobia. You cannot handle that. It is all about your weak, presumably male ego.

      When the LGBT community officially and permanently disowns TSs women, shuts up about them, never speaks for them, and stops interfering with Mainstream & TS Community matters, I will stop blogging. All you have to do is to get EVERY LGBT and TG organization to stop referring to TSs as TGs and to issue a public statement giving an apology and saying they are not.

      I ask that you not quote what I say on my blog since I say what I feel at any moment and every post is subject to editing at any point. First published works are never their best.

      I am not homophobic as you allege. You have to pretend there is homophobia where there is none since you love playing the victim to immorally control others. You cannot accept others as equals to you. No, you have to lie on them or control them in some way as most men do. I support gay persons while opposing their choices, just like I support addicts while opposing their addiction. Addicts will attack and lie when you stand between them and their addiction. LGBTs are good people, and they can be much better once they find deep inner healing that not only helps them past their gayness, but all the underlying causes and related issues in their lives.

      I believe both sexes are unique, equal in value, and equally necessary. That is not sexist. I do admit I struggle with the concept of masculinity, since the less masculine someone is, the better of a person I find them to be. Masculinity has started every war there is. Masculinity is the major drive behind drug use, drug dealing, rape, pornography, pedophilia, violence, etc. Sure, women can do most of those too, but men do it much more. The more I accept them. At times, I see every form of masculinity as a form of rape. I do not want masculinity in myself nor want any contact with it. I’d love to live a completely asexual life with no masculine influences nor exposure. Just me and other women, born with or without TSism. I see TS woman and cisgendered as synonymous for all intents and purposes, but I don’t support recreational transgenderism.

      Actually, LGBT relationships are what is sexist. Gay relationships are sexist against women. Lesbian relationships are sexist against men. Bisexual relationships see everyone as sex objects, and TGs misappropriate tokens of a gender they are not, tries to steer the viewpoints of that gender.

      I will keep posting until you stop posting about me. Again, my blog is ONLY for Mainstream, non-LGBT persons, and that includes former TS women, and genuine TS preops. You are not either. The less you say about me, the less I say about you. Oh, and I still don’t know who Lilac is. My guess is that is the “Purple Girl” who I took over the blog from. I guess I should change the passwords. The MORE LGBTs say that TSs are TGs, not really women, or a part of the LGBT or TG community, the MORE all TSs will speak against the LGBT. Is that what you want? What will it take to cut us lose? You are about like the Sodomites. They were blinded by the angels and still tried to break into the house to rape them. The LGBT keeps taking hits from TSs and yet the LGBT still acts like they own us and refuse to let us speak for ourselves and tell our own stories. I have a lot to say because I speak for every TS that the LGBT has silenced, brainwashed, murdered, pushed to suicide, outed, defamed, abused, or attacked. They are MY sisters as are every non-LGBT woman.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Donna your rants are too short for me to read. Please type longer.

      • radicalwoman Says:

        What is it with trans always trying to claim their oppression is the same as that of people of color? Every trans I’ve ever met has been white.

      • Adrian Says:

        Bottom line is not a one of you ever can put into words just what this “inborn female nature” is. Protip: That’s because it’s bullshit.

        I’m born a woman. Accepted by everyone, from the moment of birth, due to my physical characteristics. And yet I don’t sympathize at all with any of the supposed “femininity” I’m told I’m supposed to like, and never have. AND, I’m heterosexual even. But you know what? Even when I don’t perform “woman” I still am one, because that’s how the system works. I don’t get to choose not to be a woman, even if I wanted to.

        I have a HUMAN brain, is what I have.

        I’ve never met a woman who actually believes in the “female brain” FWIW. The entire idea of “the female brain” is what we fight against, because all it is is oppression, someone telling me how I must think and how I must “naturally” behave, rather than actually treating me like a human being and finding out how I think by actually interacting with me.

      • sylvie Says:

        Adrian Says:
        Bottom line is not a one of you ever can put into words just what this “inborn female nature” is. Protip: That’s because it’s bullshit.


        “I don’t have to justify myself to you! I know I’m female because I relate to things I’ve read in women’s magazines! And ads I’ve seen on TV! Stuff you! I’m going to go find some mainstream women who read those same magazines! They’ll know what I mean without me having to give actual details! Unlike you… you… feminists!”


        Adrian Says:
        I’ve never met a woman who actually believes in the “female brain” FWIW. The entire idea of “the female brain” is what we fight against, because all it is is oppression, someone telling me how I must think and how I must “naturally” behave, rather than actually treating me like a human being and finding out how I think by actually interacting with me.

        Yes – and precisely why the continued insistence that TS’s have a “female brain” is so annoying/offensive/nonsensical.

        Oh, a “female brain”? What do you mean by that? Oh you can’t put it into words? Riiiiight.

        Are we supposed to just believe that they can comprehend the collective, all encompassing “female brain” they speak of, when all indications are they think nothing like us? Nod in a knowing way and show empathy, because this is one of those times that things don’t need to be stated??! Perhaps even care take their feelings for a moment, because women are supposed to do that, right?

        No! 😀 Major red flags when someone claims to know how you think or feel (essentially what it is), yet can’t even begin to put it into words, more often than not packing a sad at being questioned instead.

        It’s pretty freaking clear that PS/Donna does not think like any of the women I know, nor me. For starters, the women I know are sane and rational. And they’re women.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        “Donna your rants are too short for me to read. Please type longer.”

        *spit take, then a delicious belly laugh*

      • I think a lot of the LGBT community would LOVE to be rid of the Ts–whether TS or TG–but they cling to us, riding our political coattails as we do the fierce fighting for human rights. The idea that we “”forced” the trannies under our “umbrella” is ludicrous.

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        Thank you for your input, and expressing what seems to be a mutual goal.

        It is the TGs that cling to the LGBTs, never genuine TSs who cling only to the cisgender community – with some supporting pro-family (traditional) groups and making inroads there. Of the MtF contingent, TGs are mostly queer men in dresses, while TSs ware women with a birth defect. TSs belong under the Mainstream (90% of society) umbrella, while TGs belong under the queer (10%) one. It is the TGs who forced TSs in with them and thus in with the LGBTs.

        It is the TGs who use us TSs for their legitimacy. TGs are mostly men who dress up for sexual/fetish reasons and pretend to be “women” (a sexist man’s dream of a “woman”) while acting like men and dressing overboard. So they pretend to be TSs to bait and switch and steal our legitimacy to cover their fun and lifestyle. TSs have lost rights ever since 2000 when TGs started speaking for us and lying and pretending to be us.

    • Donna Reiser Says:

      I didn’t support Amber’s comments. I only clarified what I think she meant as Conservatives think differently than liberals and always say things stronger and more general than they mean them. She was only trying to say that if LGBTs were not on the scene for whatever reason, and I wish she hadn’t mentioned suicide, that TSs would have their pre-2000 rights back before the LGBT stole them.

      As for perversion, notice I didn’t call gay people perverts. Cigarettes are nasty, not smokers. They are merely the victims of twisted thoughts they cannot help. This is what most mainstream persons believe, so don’t call me homophobic because I am a TS and state what is generally accepted among non-LGBTs. So stop the double standards. If a non-LGBT person can say it, so can a TS woman, and without hypocrisy or doublespeak since TSs are not LGBTs. They can be, but collectively as a movement, the TS-Specific, TS+Mainstream, and HBS movements are not a part of the LGBT movement. We have liberation and freedom from them and their ideas which hold us back and prevent us from being who we really want to be the most, and that is cisgendered and mainstream, and for it to be assumed when we are spotted that we have mainstream, traditional, and pro-family values. Most Mainstream persons don’t share their true beliefs out of fear. I share mine since my beliefs are a part of who I am, and I truly have very little to lose. So I make each day count by fully being myself and sharing my beliefs. Life is too short to waste in fear sitting on your words and pretending to be pro-LGBT to be accepted and not persecuted nor ridiculed. I didn’t stop living one lie to start living another.

      Again, collectively, we as a unit don’t want to deprive others of anything. What an individual says is not indicative of an entire group. Even if you don’t deserve things, which I guess she stated as merely an opinion with no motives to take your rights, there is a long distance between saying you don’t deserve it and actually trying to take anything from you. Many people said that Nadia Suleman (I won’t say the hate-slur the leftwing media invented for her, but think of the number 8) didn’t deserve all 14 kids, but only a couple actually tried to challenge her parental fitness. So do not twist words around. Besides, the only thing that warrants “discrimination” is chose behavior. If a person is holding a cigarette, they are not welcome in my hypothetical store. There is a sign, “No Smoking.” But if they choose to put down the cigarette, they have earned the right to enter my store. People say and do certain things because they want discrimination or they would make sure beyond all measure to never to whatever. If wearing a green shirt would cause others to discriminate against me, I wouldn’t wear one. Simple. So why not avoid certain sexual behaviors if it causes others to “hate” you, and instead work on eliminating the internal need for such behaviors?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Sorry Don- literally didn’t read these.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:


      • Teal Deer Says:

        You view homosexuality as a “chosen behavior”, yet don’t also see “TSism” as a choice? How do you figure that?

        Even amongst animals in the wild, homosexual behavior is observed. Not sure I’ve heard of other creatures in nature cutting off their schnuts and trying to mimic the behavior of the other gender.

        BTW, do you get a dollar for every word you type? If you want your words read and voice heard when you’re outside your own blog, you might consider paring down your posts to avoid tl;dr.

  4. Ave Says:

    “What makes me female was inborn and in the physical brain ever since the 5th week of gestation, while transgender males in drag can never be female. A TS woman is born with a female brain and was supposed to be born with female parts. A TG man in drag is a man born with a healthy male brain and male neurology who somehow begins to hate his masculinity.”
    and yet there isn’t a single physical test that can prove any of these claims.
    i’ve seen it tons of times with transsexuals on facebook. they post very homophobic language about others sometimes such as “so-and-so’s just a fag in a dress” (ironic)., they say that another transsexual is a man unlike them (supposedly) because that trans isn’t beautiful enough….and why’s that? because they think having a conventionally feminine appearance/aesthetic is ‘proof’ of a physical condition. but if they really believed in the whole inner physical condition thing, they’d accept even the most masculine mtf as a woman. they don’t though, so it shows it’s just a beauty/plastic surgery cult/status club.

    • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

      Yeah. Science. You know, that stuff that you sit around and come up with a ‘what if?….’ and then actually set up tests called ‘experiments’ to check your wild-ass theory. And once you have a conclusion, it doesn’t become ‘fact’ until many other people have duplicated your results.

      That stuff.

      • sylvie Says:

        EqualRightsAndProtection Says:
        Yeah. Science.

        Zomg, no way 😮 Science?! Are you shitting me?

        Will the TS Laydee Brain (TM) be able to handle this “science” that you speak of?

    • Adrian Says:

      Because people who don’t pass are a threat to them. It’s the ultimate “No True Scotsman” argument, wearing a skirt instead of a kilt…

  5. Guls Says:

    The last comment got me the most: ‘I don’t ramble…’ Ha! I can ramble for England but I’ve got nothing on this guy. Anyways, and perhaps naively I bit – cos, as I say in the following, I’m genuinely interested – so I posted the following:

    ‘Hi, I’m Andy, interesting blog you have here, Donna.

    In the spirit of ‘full disclosure’ that seems to be a popular prerequisite for interaction on purportedly civilized social media these days, I’ll tell you that I’m a straight, white man from the UK and I arrived here via a link on the GenderTrender website. I would describe myself as an ‘aspiring feminist’ (with plenty to learn and a ways to go) and arrived at that site – amongst others – with the intention of furthering my personal education in matters of gender and sexuality.

    What I like about GallusMag and her site – based on my limited experience – is that it seems to have a clear ‘internal logic’ for want of a better term – I feel no sense that the site is ‘anti men’ (in spite of occasional “I hate men” type comments, which I don’t take personally) or ‘anti trans’ or anti anything/anyone: as long as viewpoints are expressed articulately, knowledgably and without hostility they seem to be welcome. By comparison, your thoughts seem disordered, hostile (to women, particularly, also gays/lesbians) and proscriptive – but more on that later. Lets start with some positives…

    As a guy who’s worked for the last decade in the Gay/Queer community, I totally agree that appending a T onto the LBG is a bad fit.

    I agree that, despite appearances to the contrary, you and other TSs and also TGs are ‘mainstream’ – like myself, under your definition.

    Where I disagree – and to give fair warning, I have more points of disagreement than agreement – is that anybody NEEDS a gender dichotomy, a ‘mainstream’ of any kind in order to function. We’re not animals, we have choices. I’ve spent 39 years growing up accustomed to gender dichotomy, and at least a half of that time mostly unaware of the full extent of it – such is the privilege of being male: but I can envisage a world without it, and feel confident that strong persons of any ‘gender’ could adapt to such an environment. It’s a bit of a Utopian ideal but one worthy of our consideration, something to work towards.

    Why would you fight for the rights of conservative Christians – guys who would and do discriminate against a person in your position? Conservative Christians/Jews/Muslims, even conservative Atheists are the scourge of a tolerant, loving, democratic and civilized society from where I stand.Under their value system you’ll never be accepted.

    ‘I’ve seen LGBTs hatefully attack Conservatives, Christians, pro-lifers, Jews, obese persons, people who pray, etc., and they claim to be the “tolerant” ones’ There’s your problem right there – an inability to discern when criticism is warranted and when not. LGB(T)s and women have good reason to criticise conservatives, Christians, pro-lifers and Jews because their ‘values’ hurt them. Anyone can be cruel and judgemental towards obesity – that and anorexia both result from society being unnecessarily proscriptive with regards to ‘acceptable’ bodies but theres a big difference between criticism and cruelty; tolerance and acceptance. I had an ex-girlfriend who was obese – kind, beautiful and sexy, mind – and the way she treated herself with food pained me, much as the way I treated myself with alcohol pained her – and we told each other so, finding common ground along the way.

    At the end of the day, criticism and argument don’t have to taken as wholly negative, if at all: they can be catalysts for introspection and dialogue.

    Feminists – such as those who frequent GenderTrender – are totally open to accepting you, provided your aspirations aren’t hurting women (by which I mean WBW) or treading on their toes. When you make statements like ‘The majority of women who have the problem of disrespecting TS women and misgendering them are lesbians, adulteresses, or are engaged in other unpopular living arrangements’ you’re being disrespectful to women in the same way that MBM have been for centuries – a hostile reaction isn’t hate speech – how much do I hate this annoying and innaccurate modern trend of labelling all disagreement/criticism as ‘hate speech’/’bullying’? – it’s perfectly understandable. And I’m conscious I could be falling into the same trap by presuming to speak for others – my comments draw on both many years of reading feminist writing and conversations with female friends, colleagues and family. (If I’m guilty I’m open to being called out). This is something you do repeatedly in the above post.

    You say there’s a distinction to be made between ‘true’ TSs and TGs and those with HBS – even if I accept this to be the case, how can I, as an ‘outsider’ tell the difference? How can doctors? Intersex I understand (the brother of a former girlfriend of mine was born with Adrenogenital Hypoplasia, as it happens) but I’m not sold on HBS as a variant of intersex – I’ve read Brainsex and whilst it provided an interesting diversion it lacked the intellectual rigour and passion of most ‘true feminist’ writing I’ve encountered.

    Does it matter whether homosexuality is a condition of birth, a learned response or a free choice? I’ve heard gay friends – and others – espouse all these viewpoints, and others. Intrinsically it harms no-one – except for the patriarchal agenda. In a civilized, democratic society it shouldn’t make any difference. Why are you so keen to dissociate yourself from them, as well as ‘TGs’, Feminists etc Different but equal doesn’t work – we have centuries of conflict to attest to this.

    Hell, I could go on, but I think I’m about done for now. I’m genuinely interested in your response, provided you keep it civil.

    Take care,


    Hope I don’t live to regret it, but what’s the internet for, eh? If I get traffic from nutters I don’t have to approve it, do I.

    Thanks once more for an inspiring post,


    • sylvie Says:

      Guls Says:
      By comparison, your thoughts seem disordered, hostile (to women, particularly, also gays/lesbians) and proscriptive

      Yes. Perhaps another reason to question the “meant to be female” logic. Synthetic hormones are known to cause hostility and disordered thinking. Perhaps those hormones are not a good fit for the existing chemistry…

  6. luckynkl Says:

    Is this a sequel to One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest?

  7. sylvie Says:

    Purplespeaks says:
    “A TS woman is born with a female brain and was supposed to be born with female parts.”

    According to who? If it was supposed to be, surely it would be? Fucking hell.

    PS’s previous attacks on GM’s logic, as well as PS’s attacks on GM highlighting PS’s use of refuted studies to back claims is laughable. It’s just more of the same illogical, circular arguments that are used every time (just to name two).

    Provides support for the argument that synthetic hormones are bad for you (they make you say stupid shit).

  8. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    I didn’t read a word of it and I don’t feel guilty about it! ;0P

  9. Nobody Special Says:

    Looks like Donna made his blog private. I guess he didn’t expect anyone to actually READ it! Bwaaaahahahaha!

    • sylvie Says:

      I have html and PDF extracts of May – Dec if anyone actually wants to read it. The web site was still open on my computer so I saved it just for yous 😀 Merry Christmas!

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        Which is a violation of the policies of the blog and international copyright law. Besides, lots of content has changed since then, so you don’t have a true or accurate record of the blog. The articles there are living documents and are regularly edited to more accurately reflect the current social climate and the standardized views of the TS-Specific and TS & Mainstream communities. Would you like doctors operating on you based on a medical journal and AMA standards from 3 years ago when there is much more state of the art treatment now?

        In fact, after pulling it, I updated many of the articles, removed ones that didn’t reflect the image of the TS & Mainstream Community I wanted to portray, tried to make the style less argumentative, and even split some articles. Some thought it was “rambling” in places because they didn’t see what the narrow audience I was rebutting had said. I removed all references to those third parties and things said specifically to them. I deliberately word things to whatever specific audience I am trying to reach. If someone is a radical feminist, sexually saturated person, LGBT, or TG, then nothing I say will make sense to them. I sometimes try to make things sound more “bigoted” than they are if I want to smoke out TGs and other LGBTs, since I speak in a style that only offends them. The ones that stay silent and read the message under the message are the intended audience.

    • Donna Reiser Says:

      Yes, Donna made her blog private. She got tired of her blog being misused by people who are not a part of the 90% who are not LGBT. Women born with TSism are a part of that 90%, while men who choose TGism and to masquerade as women are part of the 10% who are destroying America. Everything I said over there was to the Mainstream, non-LGBT community (including those born with TSism), and not to LGBTs, TGs, nor to most modern feminists. This girl got tired of being accused of being other posters who shared the same WP account (I am the 3rd to take possession of the ID and cannot unlink joined connections to 3rd party sites, which some of the other entities still apparently use). I haven’t left the web entirely.

      When/if I start a new blog, I won’t include any discussion about anyone here and would appreciate the same courtesy. I’d like to see all entries about me deleted here, and all male pronouns used against me as weapons deleted too. It is correct to refer to TS women by female pronouns and non-op TG “women” by male pronouns. Calling TS women male pronouns is a type of rape and ignores their true identity. Likewise, calling TG “women” female pronouns is to disrespect and socially rape every woman, TS or not (since TS women and former TS women are a part of the 90%, like it or not). Anyway, I am on the side of every woman here. Meanwhile, Zagria hates you with the same brush with which they hate me. The TG borg are co-opting the rights of ALL women, TS or not. It is funny that TSs are called the separatists when they ally with the 90% (even if they must take lots of friendly fire), and the 10% are calling members of the 90% the separatists!

      • moss Says:

        God you’re nuts dude…
        (oops, I just ‘raped’ you!)

      • Nobody Special Says:

        OMG, give it a break Donald!

      • GallusMag Says:

        I didn’t even read them. He’s just over here talking to himself.

        Don- I don’t have time to read your rants. I doubt anyone else will either.

      • michelle Says:

        How funny that he comes back to bitch, which in turn resurrects that which he wants to simply go away…obviously he declines to take the simple guidance of just shutting the fuck up if he wants to maintain and mainstream.

        But I see the victim mentality is strong with that one as he continues to appropriate victim status from women who actually ARE raped and would take grievous offense at Don’s attempt to equate words with an act of actual violence against women.

        Also love the fact that they fail to grasp fair use doctrine as it applies to copyright law. Screencaps that are properly attributed in a not-for-profit setting are not going to be held anywhere to be a violation of copyright even in those instances where legitimate copyright existed. Making something private after the fact does not alter the fact that it was once in the public domain nor does the fact that it was later altered change the content that was captured in its original form. Which brings everything back to the most basic of essence which is that GM again has a male trying to establish dominion over that which the neutered male cannot control…

  10. sylvie Says:

    Donna Reiser Says:
    Accusing someone of “rambling” is like accusing them of pedophilia.”

    Wow. That’s some Oarsome correlation right there.


    “When we say intelligence, we are usually referring to a persons ability to think rationally, using logic.”

    Donna Reiser Says:
    If you… learn to be more intellectual to where you don’t need sex…
    I am proudly asexual and have always lacked such needs.”

    Re: “have always lacked such needs” – you could probably fix that with some zinc, arginine, and other dietary changes. I’m picking you’re probably malnourished.

    • Donna Reiser Says:

      There is nothing physically wrong. You confuse ability with need. I was born without that need. If LGBs exist, then so do asexual persons, and you cannot repress what you were blessed without. Asexuals threaten people whose whole lives and self-concept are built around their sexuality. Most geniuses lack the need to have sex with other people or be burdened by romance. They are capable of seeing all as equals, not someone to use to get their rocks off. The more thirst you have for knowledge, the less need you have for sex.

      Too many people of both sexes use sex as a crutch to make up for what is lacking inside (morality, intelligence, strength, faith, independence, self-control, responsibility, security, etc). Some men feel like nothing without using or dominating someone, and some women feel like nothing if they aren’t getting slapped around and getting their insides reamed out (often by someone society doesn’t approve of).

  11. mizknowitall Says:

    I have less than zero respect for the whole HBS faction! While I do not agree with the TG often, if ever, they for once have it right, at least when it comes to the HBS’rs. The HBS’rs really are a hate group and one which is based, not on the idea of a separation between TS and TG as they say. Rather their whole shtick is based on a rabid homophobia, anti-feminist stance that is both repugnant and like it or not, quintessentially male! Purple? I got news for you Hon! There does come a point where if you keep on talking, you only convince the listener that you are indeed the fool they thought you were… A point which I am afraid you have long since passed!

  12. Teal Deer Says:

    “Accusing someone of “rambling” is like accusing them of pedophilia.”

    Oh, I do beg your pardon… I bow to your superior logic. Oh, no, wait. That was just a head-desk. My mistake.

  13. Ann-Marie Says:

    Hi there, stumbled across this blog and it’s so interesting but I’m finding it difficult to interpret some of the abbreviations, could someone please direct me to a guide if one exists? Also, what is the definition of ” cisgendered” , and of mainstream the way it is used here?
    A quick observation… Someone mentioned not wearing a green shirt if wearing them causes you to be the victim of discrimination. Well my question for you is, what if green is your absolute favorite color? Would you still let someone else control your ability to enjoy wearing it?

    Thanks in advance for any replies 🙂

    • Donna Reiser Says:

      Okay. Here are some terms right there.

      TS = Transsexual, a person born in the wrong body, with the inborn brain structure of one sex and the body of the other, with the sex of the person’s soul and essence being the correct one. Your nature is eternal and a true reflection of you, but your body is earthly and capable of being created wrong.

      TG = Transgender. I say it means people who dress up as the other sex, pretend to be what they are not, and keep their original junk for life. It is used as a political label for gender variant people (people who either twist their own gender into what is not natural or who are incapable of fitting into a normal world). Some do incorrectly force TSs into that umbrella, against the wills of most so-called legitimate TSs. TSs are more likely to be homophobic than TGs, and about the same rate as cisgender women. But TGs almost always repress and ridicule any homophobia and walk in step and conform to each other like robots and sheep. Speak out against the herd and get stampeded. However, they are not women, but have only a narrow subset of femininity, unlike TSs who have a broader range of femininity that is much closer to cisgender norms, though perhaps a bit outdated by 20-30 years. (Outdated values is often a sign of being marginalized). If cisgender women can oppose gayness, then TS women should be allowed that same luxury and privilege – or you are denying them their full range of femininity and trying to lock them into a TG box.

      GG means “genetic girl.” Many cisgender women don’t like that term for them, but for TSs and TGs, it is less offensive than calling them “real women” – implying nobody else is authentic.

      Cis is a prefix meaning “normal,” so cisgender is a name given to non-TG folks.

      Mainstream, used here, means cisgender-acting and being a gender conformist. TSs attempt to conform to the 2-gender system and the accepted gender roles. They are merely fixing their bodies to be fully accepted into either one or the other. Mainstream, in a gender context, is the opposite of LGBT. TSs try to conform to Mainstream society (the general public), while TGs try to conform to Queer values and attack Mainstream society. It is so stupid of TGs to try to force TSs under their umbrella, when TSs represent the same “bigoted society” that every other non-LGBT supports. But TGs must have Stockholm Syndrome or something to try to force unwanted “help” on their opponents.Trying to speak for another group doesn’t make them go away or change who they are. It only infuriates them. A person cannot be a part of both the TG+LGBT community (10% of society) at the same time as being a part of the TS + Mainstream Community (90% of society).

      TSs try to fix their bodies to get acceptance under existing society and keeping the status quo, while TGs merely choose to dress/act like the other gender, often for fetish/recreation/addiction/denial/arousal, and attempts to destroy existing society and bully others into accepting what they find to be unnatural. The TSs try to hide/destroy their differences and side with cisgender folks, while TGs try to change society and bully others into accepting what they find to be unnatural or immoral.

      HBS is Harry Benjamin Syndrome, a name given to a subset of what many consider TSism. They maintain that it is an intersex condition, that your brain configuration is inborn just like the body and that they 2 can be at odds. But it is not an official term, and it has been co-opted by TG males who pretend to be women.

      As for your final question, why would you do something guaranteed to cause you to be discriminated against and oppressed? Yes, you have a point, but consider this. What if your absolute favorite activity was deemed a sex crime? Would you still let someone else control your ability to partake in it?

      Anyway, I hope to be done with this thread. Sorry for intruding here.

  14. jess k Says:

    I’m a true transsexual and I also feel that we are different from non t.s. transgender folk, but your anti-gay anti-lesbian and anti-transgender beliefs and arguments are nutso, bitch your freakin out of this world bonkers looney toons cracked in the head and sound like ur on drugs and need professional help, tho I must admit that I have issues understanding people who “transition” and pretty much stay guys complete with mannish voice and manner and dress…yes I have a hard time seeing them as women, cause if u have HBS u would want as little as possible remaining of your birth sex, and would work hard to be rid of it all (i don’t like seeing someone who looks and sounds like a man in the bathroom at all) and I also have begun to leave the lgbt scene in favor of just being a normal girl w my hubby, but ur homophobia and transphobia is bullshit and your reasons are even more nutso, like, r u for real ho? I would much rather be associated with a cross dresser than you any day girlie, and yes I am a true classic transsexual who’s doctor adheres to the Harry Benjamin standards and I passed his tests every bit as well as I pass in society (I’m considered attractive by the majority of ppl I meet) and exist for the most part solely in cisworld…

    • GallusMag Says:

      Well being seen as attractive is the best any woman can be. So congrats sir.

    • Motherhood Says:

      hahahah “a true transexual” oh that’s priceless. Sure guy you are real and the others are fake–I suppose the hallmark of “true” is your sophistication with words and ideas. Face bro you are a man with a fetish nothing more. Good god what a bore that drones on about himself–tedious, tiresome and male. Yeah attractive, I can just imagine–ewww.

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        I hope your holidays went well! 🙂

        Please forgive me for intruding.

        A true transsexual is someone born with a nature opposite their body and with the need to destroy the bodily differences and to blend with other women. They are usually diagnosed by doctors. A fake MtF transsexual (non-op TG) is a man who was born with a male soul and the need to keep and use an intact appendage (either as a gay man or straight man in denial – to the non-op his “femininity” is all an act and only exists for the purpose of him scoring sex). So if a MtF has a need to get surgery and they present as female, that is how you are morally bound to treat them. However, it is enabling mental illness, gayness, or a fantasy to call a TG man in drag a woman.

        When someone refers to a MtF TG a man, that is correct. His need to keep and use his rape tool and badge of dominance over women and oppression, and his filthy male privilege over women (even over TS women who are not TGs) more than proves he will always be a man. Several alleged TSs talk and respond as men, and they are in deep denial about being TGs (not TSs), and they won’t listen to help on how to feminize their voice. They could sound more feminine in just 5 minutes if they were not too proud to take advice (man’s trait). One, Jill, called a place and got called sir on the phone. They blew up and called the other party ethnic, gender, and orientational slurs. Yes, a pseudo-TS called a Black genetic female the N-word and even the ugly slur for gay men. A TS offered them a free voice lesson over the phone, and they turned it down and blamed the other party. This alleged “TS” had almost no capacity for empathy, kept interrupting me, and kept talking about what kind of man they used to be, going on and on about their law-enforcement training and military experience. Let’s not forget this person’s need to shove their brand of religion down everyone’s throat.

        Another sister tried to start groups just for TSs. From the start, that was nothing but trouble. Probably only a few genuine TSs ever tried to get in. Most were CDs/TGs, gay guys in denial, etc. Lets look at the cast of performers in that twisted show… Terry dressed as a woman but admitted to regularly entering men’s restroom facilities to score glory hole sex with gay men. How many straight women do that? Beverly admitted to having gay friends and having more loyalty to them than other TS women. There was the above person, Jill, who degraded the Black women on the phone. Then there was Leslie, who not only got TS surgery as a TG, but shacked up with a similarly mutilated male to female TG, and they had the nerve to drag a child into their twisted relationship. Then there were the countless fakes who tried to join to force their TG values on a TS-women’s space, or joined out of false pretenses to spy. Most self-respecting TSs consider the HBS Movement to be a joke, and 4 TG bullies in their group ran off the decent people. Some want to trash Charlotte G., but it seems she was the only one there which was active that had her head on straight. An Australian TG coopted the name and claimed to be a HBS leader. So I know the TG shenanigans well.

        But to refer to a true MtF TS (non-TG, with no LGBT affiliation) woman a man is on the spiritual level as bad as rape. I am not belittling that crime, nor making a direct comparison. I’ve had 2 close calls but somehow managed to leave unharmed both times. Rape says that your body is not yours and that another is claiming the right to use violence against you to force you to do things that belong in your sole control. To call a TS woman a man is to attack her very soul and her own right to self-define as a member of her correct gender. Men rape using force while women rape/bully using their minds and words. So nobody should be a hypocrite and allow mental/spiritual rape and not the physical kind (which deserves capital punishment). Misgendering a TS woman is about 3 times as painful as a person of color being called the N-word. They are being called a degrading variation of what they are, while we are being called what we are not, and denied the right to self-define and to be taken at face value solely on how we present.

        Falsely accusing any genuine TS women of being a member of the filthy male gender and the worst possible thing you can be (ie., a man), won’t make that true, and won’t change who we are, nor intimidate, change nor control us in the least.

        So in short, if someone is supposed to have a vagina, they’re a woman, and if they are supposed to have a penis, they are a man. EVERY TG man who lies and calls himself a woman keeps his rape appendage and domination/violence badge because in his deepest heart, he knows he’s a man. The TGs need to stop calling themselves women, since their masculinity causes them to want to keep their male genitals for life.

        I’ll get back to what I was doing. Reply if you want, but I likely won’t be around to answer.

        I also apologize for the alleged TSs here who make the TS-Specific cause look bad.

      • “But to refer to a true MtF TS (non-TG, with no LGBT affiliation) woman a man is on the spiritual level as bad as rape.”

        No. It’s not. Not even close, you dumbfuck.

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        Yes it is. Denying a person who they are is even more cruel than rape. In fact, TGs work hard to defame TSs as TGs in order to cause them to lose rights and to set them up to be murdered or raped. If you don’t want TSs murdered nor raped, you’d work hard to get society to see them as separate.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Oh dear lord. Look what the cat dragged in. Did you have a nice thanksgiving, Don?

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        How nice. My name is and always has been Donna and I’ve never been a man.

        I do respectfully ask that you remove this page as a courtesy. You’re too nice of a person to litigate.

      • GallusMag Says:

        So not a very good holiday, then?

      • Donna Reiser Says:

        Why would mine not be? Sorry if yours wasn’t. Hugs if you don’t object.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yeah mine was pretty good. Hence my not getting boozed up and contacting bloggers over five year old posts. ((hug))

      • michelle Says:

        quoting “Donna”

        ‘blah blah blah I do woman better than the other trannies blah blah bla’

        I don’t give two shits whether you believe yourself to be a ‘true transsexual’ or not. Generally speaking, if someone was ‘supposed’ to have either a vagina or a penis, they had one from birth as original equipment. They didn’t go pay a surgeon for something to be crafted that approximates either component associated with biological sex.

        Your mansplainin’ is no different than the blather from any other tranny…

      • mossy Says:

        You know we don’t beleve in male or female ‘souls,’ right?

      • Random RadFem Says:

        Jesus loves your tender loving female soul, sir.

        I really hope this is troll-job, so I could congratulate you on a job well done.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Oh, please! I’m not bound morally to refer to anyone as a specific gender, let alone a self-specified one. And I’m not sure where to even start on this misgendering = spiritual rape and is three times worse than the N-word nonsense.

        I think I’m gonna go pop some popcorn.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        What. the. fuck. did I just read.

        “Please forgive me for intruding” – BUT I’M GONNA! ‘Cause I’m a dude just filled to the brim with entitlement! I’ll come and drop a gigantic deuce right in the middle of your living room, and then flounce off ’cause I don’t have the guts to hear what you have to say! And of course, being a dude, I don’t have to clean up as long as there are womenfolk around!

        Dude, shut UP. (Oh dear, did I just “rape” you? Better go call the police! Lemme know how that works out for ya.)

        Christ on a cracker, I’m rolling my eyes so hard I’m scaring the cats.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @michelle: “quoting “Donna” ‘blah blah blah “- I don’t even read them lol.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      They always have to claim how hot they are, you notice?

      • Teal Deer Says:

        And tend to forget that most adults aren’t going to comment, to a person’s face, on attractiveness in any way other than positive terms.

      • Motherhood Says:

        WTF does Disney have a casting call out for a little princess?“blab la blab la “ Did you catch that ladies? You are all men. You reek maleness in your long drawn pedestrian banal reasons—nonsense, splaining. No such thing as “true Transsexual” that is an oxymoron.

        There are only two factors both culturally and socially that allow you to even imagine you can say such things never mind that you expect women to believe you first male privilege and second the importance of honoring male arousal. Those are the only preconditions to any of this—male is the precondition to “trans” and it remains male. It is all male all the time as evidenced by the expectation that anyone would honor your little problem or that it is a social justice cause.

        People can “present” any way they like but nobody has to believe them. Women do not cash in or hand over their accurate version of reality and their perceptions because dude boy demands we call him Mistress Ophelia. You want to soak yourself in some sexual fantasy and pretend it is real—fine go ahead just keep it away from women. You have the money for cosmetic surgery so you can pretend– whatever not my business. But you come around and expect women to cater to your sick fetish I say fuck you drop dead you nasty male psychopath. If I read male and I do that is your hard luck sir—take it up with lady at the cosmetic counter, cry to the surgeon but do not expect ever for a woman to play pretend with you. You go it alone sir. You do not get my pity or my compassion any more than any other demanding male. Women owe nothing. So threaten suicide I personally believe its your body do what you want don’t . And by the same taken women have their perceptions and are not going to be forced to use language that appeals to your fantasy. That is a big fuck you mister. So none of it is “real.” A man’s, 10 men’s or 30000 men’s sense of well being or fake examples of victimization by violence or screams of bigot . “Trans” they are just men asserting male privilege. The threat of suicide presuppose that women imagine a mans life to be of greater value to mine or his your sir perceptions supersede mine. You think we are going to feel weelly bad is some borderline narcissist threaten? Wisen up.

  15. jess k Says:

    And you radfem hoes are a laughingstock that nobody takes seriously, you turning your hate on trans people is disgusting, and your just pissed cause a lot of hot butches transitioned and that many trans women (myself included) look better than you ur jealousy is transparent…so sad just get on t and get over it you illiterate ignorant uneducated rejects of society, if one of you freaks dare misgender me in person I will bring darkness on your head, try that shit if u want to bitch I feel sorry for anyone caught in the crossfire and I expect your cowardice behind a computer cause you rejects never have the courage to do it in person…or do u? 😉

    • GallusMag Says:

      Leave your address sir and I will come over and tell you what a male prick you are. Man up or shut up.

    • GallusMag Says:

      As a bonus I will correctly identify your male partner as a homosexual! 😉

    • For someone whose spelling, syntax, and punctuation are so abominable, you have some nerve calling anybody ” illiterate ignorant uneducated”.

      Also, there are plenty of “hot butches” everywhere one looks. You obviously have your head too far up your fuck-hole to be able to see them.

      I, too, would be delighted to “misgender” you to your face. What’s scary about calling a male a male? Maybe it’s just that truth hurts.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      It is no more “misgendering” to call you a male than it is misidentifying to call my dog a canine. People don’t get to choose how others perceive them, no matter how hard one may try to influence those perceptions.

      • GallusMag Says:

        That’s where the male ultraviolence comes in. He’s gonna murder any women that decline to play along with his sexual fantasies. And god help all the others he “catches in the crossfire” of his male murder spree. Seriously, mass murder threats, “transwomen”? You men sicken me.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I dunno, will the monitor at your group home let us in?

    • Adrian Says:

      Jealousy? Yeah right. Project much?

      Me, I’m a woman no matter WHAT I wear. Even without heels! I’m sure that just burns you up around 3 AM in the dark of night when reality intrudes.

  16. liberalsareinsane Says:

    jess k must be on his period.

  17. “Jess k”? “Donna”? You boys through playin’? (:-(

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