Top Trends in Gender 2012

December 31, 2012

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What was the top GenderTrend of 2012?

Here are a few to get you started…


Transgender: Not a disorder but still life threatening


Use of word female = transphobic

Gays and Lesbians oppress heterosexual men

Male access to cosmetic use of estrogen a matter of Women’s Reproductive Rights

Dykes banned from Dyke Marches

State “Gender Identity” statutes override Federal Title IX rights for Women

Purple too feminine a color for boys

End of DADT leads to drop in funding for LGBT Military advocacy groups- they merge and are handed over to transgenders

Free sex changes for men who decapitate women

Associated Press stylebook bans use of word homophobia- transphobia still ok

Cotton Ceiling seminars held by Planned Parenthood to re-educate Lesbians into accepting the peen

All female public gatherings banned in UK

Transgender and MRA activists join forces, merge against women and feminists

Transfeminism = Mansfeminism

WPATH, Trans activists, “Queer Studies” academics call for banning of women’s books they have not yet read

Feminist conferences critical of sex-role stereotypes blacklisted by mainstream feminist press for fear of hurting men’s feelings

Lesbian and Women’s workshops banned by National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation fetes men who refer to women as “fish”, lesbians as “dysfunctional”, and who threaten to “bitch slap” Lesbians

18-month-olds diagnosed as Transgender

APA declares WPATH Standards of Care unscientific and poorly cited

Julie Bindel, Germaine Greer, and Sheila Jeffreys treated like shit- oh wait no, that’s every year

Middle-aged military men win the right to sauna with high school girls and participate on women’s junior college sports teams

Boys can be Girl Scouts but only if they “feel” female and adopt sex-role stereotypes

“Reproductive Brain Sex”- it’s almost a thing

Questioning sex roles = Exterminating men

Tampons = Transphobic

Vast popular surge of gender-critical feminism

Hmmm …. I’m sure I’m missing some! Add yours in comments or state your vote for the top, most significant GenderTrend(s) of the year.


85 Responses to “Top Trends in Gender 2012”

  1. GallusMag Says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the mass exodus of women from the online feminist discussion spaces that have been completely taken over by men. I can’t tell you how many women end up here after searching “Jos Truitt” in confusion after reading one of his MRA feministing posts. I swear sometimes I think these guys are working for us, pointing women towards real, actual, feminism with their outrageous and disgusting anti-feminist diatribes being hosted on those sites.

    It was interesting to me this year that Jezebel, a site that claims to cover all sorts of topics of interest to women, was the one to feature my reporting of the Colleen Francis debacle. The feministings, the Fwords, etc., that these men have colonized have become so horrificly overtly male- telling women things that women KNOW are untrue- that I get searches here every day from women looking for answers to WHAT IN THE UNHOLY FUCK ?!?

    2013 should be interesting.

    • Em Says:

      It’s been said that XtT turns women into radical feminists. So true. At most sites, it’s taboo to say that transsexuality is a symptom of an underlying mental disorder and harms women. I found this site after being told to STFU once too often.

      • radicalwoman Says:

        The transcult have gotten so crazy that some RL trans people I know have been backing away from it the last few years. Anyone with any sense of ethics or decent behavior wants nothing to do with them anymore. The women I know who still buy into it are: heterosexual; BDSM subs; and/or depressed and self-abnegating (thus being used and abused in their everyday life.)

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        “The women I know who still buy into it are: heterosexual; BDSM subs; and/or depressed and self-abnegating (thus being used and abused in their everyday life.)”

        In other words: MOST WOMEN!

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        Also, most dykes buy into as well and if they don’t they’re too gutless to say anything. And lets not forget the liberals.

    • Adrian Says:

      I suppose my own personal trend was finding this website (for which I’m quite appreciative). And yes, it was sparked by being told to “STFU” about the emperor’s lack of clothes – or rather about his “female penis” – one time too many.

      I mean, “physically a man, but presenting as a woman” or the old “sex is male, gender is feminine” I could kinda buy, at the time, but it’s recently (perhaps this is the real trend?) gone over the edge to “sex is female too because identity is all that matters, if you identify as woman then that makes your body a woman-owned body and that means female so all ‘born as’ language or reference to male or biology at all is transphobic” and… that was it. Pulled the cord, I’m outta there.

      So much thanks for this blog, btw.

  2. radicalwoman Says:

    I’d vote for cotton ceiling.

  3. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    First Place

    I’m still reeling from the horrific outcry against female-only gatherings, contrasted with the perfect acceptance of M2T-only gatherings.

    All the issues you raised are important, GM, but when real women are HOUNDED, blocked, threatened and attacked — not just by MRA types and right-wing ideologues but also by so-called feminist women — for the “thought crime” of wanting to sit in a room and talk with one-another without any XY chromosomes in the room? When we have to go underground to keep from being assaulted by insane genderists?

    Goddess wept.

    I keep hoping I’m asleep and that I’ll wake up from this gender-cult induced nightmare.

    Second Place

    Female-abusing male criminals like that twice-convicted girl-abusing monster in Texas being enabled by society to invade formerly safe and private female-only spaces simply by waving a freaking gender card. Sheer insanity.

    Third Place

    ANYONE being taken seriously when they claim that they can “tell” that small children, including infants, are “really trans” based on utterly sexist stereotypes, e.g. being “passive” or “assertive”, liking certain colors or toys, liking or disliking certain games or sports, etc. IT’S LIKE FEMINISM NEVER HAPPENED.

    • All-female public gatherings banned in the UK. This radfem was born.

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        Yes, that’s the good news: they’re minting new radfems by the dozens.

        I used to be an unconscious, unthinking, nicey-nice supporter of M2T but they took care of THAT in a hurry. LOL

        As soon as I interacted with one in person (who became my own personal scary stalker-dude — lucky me!) and then sought out understanding on-line (where I instantly started getting death-threats for daring to suggest that there is such a thing as actual female mammalian biology) it didn’t take long for me to become M2T Public Enemy Number 4,112,357.

        These dudes know how to carry out a vendetta!!!

        I mean, not only was I unwilling to become the “lesbian lover” of a seriously mentally disturbed man swinging lady-peen, I had the audacity to know enough about reproductive biology to cut right through ALL of their insanity. This kind of behavior — in a scientist, no less — cannot be tolerated, obvs.

        Poor dumb-asses. They radicalize feminists quicker than they can shout, “Dyke March is for teh Menz with Girl Brainz!”

    • Yeah… that would be a nightmare if it was happening indiscriminately. Misrepresenting the reality of what organizations or agencies serving the needs of families with kids who don’t conform to arbitrary and pointless gender stereotypes do is both unproductive and contrary to feminism.

      But, I suspect your “nightmare” is based more on an irrational hate for something you can’t understand than it is on any real threat to women/womyn/wimmin or feminist ideals.

      • GallusMag Says:

        The eugenics practices your organization promotes are anything but indiscriminate.

        And it is insulting for you to call lesbians “irrational” for being against the sterilization and lifetime disabling of healthy lesbian and gay children. Or is insulting gays and lesbians some sort of hobby for you? Is that why you want to “cure” them?

      • It’s so interesting to me that your perspective is so skewed by your prejudice and fear. I’m quite certain that my female life partner of 30 years would be quite surprised to discover that I’m anti-lesbian.

        And for the record, there is a significant difference between encouraging parents and culture to support kids for who they are without imposing gender stereotypes on them (which is what we do) and anything that you apparently ‘imagine’ it is we actually do.

        I encourage you to obtain facts before condemning the work of those who are actually working every day to break down the damage that imposed gender stereotyping has on all kids, not just those who happen to be trans*.

        Stop hating long enough to learn… what could it hurt?

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        Jenn Burleton: Step out of the echo chamber. Listen to women. Pay attention. You might learn something. It’s possible.

        Then again, you might be beyond hope. It’s hard to say at this point.

        One thing is certain: the go-to, knee-jerk, ignoramus “trans” cult response to feminist critique is to accuse us of “irrational hate”.


        My hate for what the current crop of ultra-radicalized “trans” cultists do to harm women and children is ***completely*** rational.

        For example, what kind of monster sees a child behaving in “non-gender conforming” ways and LEAPS to the utterly irrational conclusion that the child is “trans” or “born in the wrong body” (for fuck’s sake!), that they need puberty-blocking hormones or a farking sex change, yada-yada, when all the psychologically normal people all around you know that the child in question will, 99+% of the time, when left the fark alone by the gender-obsessed crazies, grow up to be a happy, healthy, well-adjusted adult with no memory of every having any “gender identity issues” when they were little? How many of these “tom boys” and “sissies” will just grow up to be happy, healthy, well-adjusted lesbians or gay men?

        Keep your creepy gender-obsessed mitts off these kids already.

        These little kids don’t need your damn witches brew of dangerous hormones and crazy, gender-obsessed “doctors” and permanent sterilization or the lopping off of perfectly healthy, functional body parts.

        Just. Stop. Crawl back under your rock and STOP.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @ MFL: Jenn is a man.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @ Jenn- You are a MAN, Sir. Males are by definition not Lesbian. You are a homophobic, lesbophobic, misogynist heterosexual man.

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        @GM: A man. Figures.

  4. Beth Says:

    I’m putting various ‘gender conforming’ surgeries for convincted criminals, cotton ceiling horseshit, then Collin Francis.

    If it is necessary for women to be hairless, how come I don’t get my waxing or laser treatment paid by the government? Why do I have to pay for it? It upsets my gender identity to have hairy legs too. Why do I have to fork our $75.00 every three months for the pill? That’s a form of estrogen pill, how come mine doesn’t get paid for by the government? I need mine to stop menstruation (I get terrible dysmenorrhea, which is excrutiatingly painful) and because the hormone level fluctuation drops my mood into suicidal. But hey, my suicidal mood doesn’t seem as important as theirs. Because if they don’t get their hormones then they’ll really kill themselves!!!111eleventyone

    On a happier note, 2013…whooo!

  5. weirdward Says:

    So much madness to choose from! I feel like I’m living in a dystopian sci fi novel.

    1) cotton ceiling

    2) Dykes banned from dyke marches, and/or attacked for attending

    3) Title IX protections for females declared less important than men’s sparkly unicorn feelings

    4) Female-only conferences and gatherings banned in UK; this move supported by every single mainstream feminist group

    5) Transing kids for being gender noncompliant and/or potentially gay or lesbian.

    • FYI… no one I know is engaged in #5 in any way, shape or form. You can “spin” it any way you want, but the fact remains that reputable organizations meet kids where they ARE and respect them for who they are. They do not “direct” them in a particular direction for the nefarious purpose of either forcing gender conformity (ridiculous) or avoiding future gay/lesbian identity.

      • GallusMag Says:

        What utter shite. Anyone can look at your website and make their own determination. Lol the “Rosetta Stones”. Really toxic stuff.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You LITERALLY put adult trans political WORDS in the children’s MOUTHS at LENGTH. Truly outrageous.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You PERSONALLY advise young girls on your website to BIND THEIR CHESTS and you PERSONALLY tell them that they will be- and I quote: “Cool and Masculine Looking” if they do.

        That is what YOU Jenn Burleton are doing to girl children. You advise, recommend, and instruct them on CHEST BINDING. And YOU are going to tell lesbians what is FEMINIST???

        Here is a photo showing the results of the chest binding Jenn Burleton of TRansActive advises young girls to do:

      • I am repeatedly reminded by people I respect that trying to have a conversation with the rabid, hate-filled, perspective-free mob that refuses to see anything from any angle other the “fun house mirror” they depend on is a waste of my time. And I keep hoping that a conversation is possible…

        I believe my New Year’s resolution will be to finally put to rest my hope that reasonable people can communicate reasonably – at least in this forum, with people like you, Cathy Brennan and the other hate-mongers that hang on her every word.

        Your VOLUME has succeeded in shutting out reason, understanding, compassion, logic, evidence and reality. Congratulations.

      • Violet Irene Says:

        The chest binding thing isn’t just creepy, it’s sexually abusive. I feel sick to my stomach after reading that site. And the “Rosetta stones” are pushing an agenda so hard, they might actually snap in half. Sick and wrong. It’s time people started seeing what’s going on here and reacting with appropriate horror.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @ Jenn- Lemme get this straight. Women, Feminists, and Lesbians are man-hating, rabid, and lacking perspective, unreasonable, and overly loud when it comes to discussing issues of women, feminism and lesbianism. That is what you came here to do Sir? Tell Lesbians that we are shrill?

        You are an autogynephillic middle-aged man, heterosexual, lifetime crossdresser whose former transvestite name was “NeoGal99”.

        You visit Lesbian and Feminist blogs to tell real, actual women how stupid and “loud” we are. That about it Sir?

      • sylvie Says:

        “succeeded in shutting out reason, understanding, compassion, logic, evidence and reality”

        Fail. Your lack of it, more like. You can’t have the conversations you desire when you lack the very skills/attributes required to have those conversations.

        You’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes when you don’t accuse others of things you’re guilty of; when you don’t project or force your bullshit reality.

        “But, I suspect blah blah blah… something you can’t understand… blah blah blah.”

        We understand it well. That’s why this site exists. You know we understand it, that we can see through it, and you can’t handle it because you can’t control it.

        Cluster B:
        – a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy
        – self-importance, preoccupations with fantasies, belief that they are special
        – sense of entitlement and a need for excessive admiration
        – extreme levels of jealousy and arrogance
        – pervasive disregard for the rights of others
        – pervasive attention-seeking behavior
        – shallow or exaggerated emotions

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Oh please, Burleton. READ the level of writing and critique here. It certainly seems to me that the folks posting here have given a great deal of thought to their beliefs, and express them well. It’s one of my favorite aspects of this site, actually. For you to arrogantly dismiss it all as “rabid” and “hate-filled” has a particular male stench/familiarity to us. Over my many years of living, I’ve had to deal with this pompous dismissiveness in both the personal and business worlds too many times to count. (So have all other women born women.) I now know to use it as a cue to keep talking. 🙂

        That’s what men do: see women’s anger and mock it. By not listening to US, you’re not doing yourself any favors. And you’re certainly not doing the little kids who are brought to you any great shakes, either.

        My own personal “fun-house mirror” is my life of being born and raised female, and of decades of living as female. That is my lens. For you, a person born and raised male, to simply sneer at that as faulty in some way because it doesn’t suit your agenda is more offensive than I can put into words.

      • GallusMag Says:

        It SO outrageously offensive. And so immediately apparent to real females. That is how guys like Jenn perceive actual women.

        Jenn Burleton’s definition of females: “rabid, hate-filled, perspective-free mob that refuses to see anything from any angle other the “fun house mirror” they depend on”

        The “fun house mirror” is the female experience. An experience that is completely inexplicable to men like Jenn/NeoGal, and one to be mocked and ignored by men like him.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        So Burleton, because we don’t agree with absolutely everything that falls out of your mouth, we’re somehow entirely lacking “reason, compassion, understanding, logic, evidence and reality.” That’s rather like the Republicans’ idea of “compromise”: there isn’t any, or, my way or the highway. Interesting. Lucky for us you can’t take us over your cliff, no matter how hard you try.

        I’m also curious as to when you’ve ever tried to grasp any of the concerns brought up at this blog. My guess is you haven’t, but simply posit that you have, so that you come across as oh-so-REASONABLE! No, never seen that trick before, no sir! Jolly good chap, so clever!

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        You know what’s cool about this though, Gallus? That medical professionals who are required to attend one of Burleton’s bullshit presentations can then Google him, hopefully while they’re still reeling in disbelief, and find this thread…once again showing sane folks that they are indeed correct for suspecting shenanigans. I can only hope parents of non-conforming little kids do the same upon hearing about him. You have made this happen. Thank you.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Hmmm. I think I’ll tag this post with his name. Good idea hon.

      • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

        Jenn Burleton, your suggestions to young girls to bind breasts is hideous. It can be life-threatening. As a parent who cares about my child, I would be very concerned if she began hating body parts enough to want to bind/hide them. For parents who are researching gender dysphoria, know that gender identity specialists often recommend hormones and surgery as the only course of action. There is little in the way of screening for trauma resulting from abuse. Contrary to what is said in many transgender forums, children’s gender is not fixed in stone from the time they are born. They try on roles and move fluidly from gender states and even fantasy states (dinosaur, etc). Can it last longer than 6 months? You betcha. My nephew loves glitter. He loves wearing girl’s clothes. He dresses in princess outfits and likes flowers on shoes. He’s 6 now, and it went on for a year or more around age 4 before he abruptly changed wardrobe preferences. And frankly, he still likes sparkly. And if he wants that, fine. But we won’t pump him full of hormone blockers and shrivel his gonads. If he later goes back to demanding dresses, that’s fine too.

        During points of social upheaval, there is often change in gender norms. Women went through this in the early 1970’s. Men are moving through it now. In 1970, feminism, divorce, economic upheaval, and the rise of awareness of homosexuality started. Today, the homosexuality movement is finally reaching an apex, there is insecurity in all social fabrics due to the economy, and the beautification of men movement has started (remember “Metrosexual”?). Men, however, have more difficulty embracing women’s clothing styles because it is a symbol of lesser status. Gender is not an in-born trait. It is a learned process. You may think you shield your child from gender influences, but you can’t. Hiding them as the opposite sex won’t really work. It simply grooms them for a life of hormones and surgery. Healthy self-acceptance and a supporting family will go a long way to giving them peace.

        For parents, here are the dangers of breast binding. From a site that promotes breast binding.

        1. Try not to wear any binder for more than eight hours – twelve is the absolute limit, and shouldn’t be done regularly. You drastically increase your risk of bruising, lumps, rib fractures, pain and back problems by leaving it on too long.

        2. Ace bandages will tighten naturally throughout the day, if you’re having trouble moving or breathing, or if it starts to get painful, take it off, and re-wrap.

        3. While no concrete research has linked binding to breast cancer, they can create lumps which, while inherently benign, can lead to expensive, uncomfortable, and ultimately unnecessary testing.

        4. Do not sleep with an ACE bandage binding. The chances that it will tighten and stop your breathing are too great, and it’s so gradual that it wouldn’t wake you up.

        5. For that matter, don’t sleep with any binder on. While gynecomastia binders, or ones made specifically for trans* people, are much safer than ACE bandages, you still shouldn’t sleep wearing one: you won’t be able to feel if it’s getting uncomfortable, and the likelihood is that you’ll crack a rib doing this.

        6. Most people find that binding will decrease the density of their breast tissue when done on a regular basis, leading to lower, smaller, flatter and droopier breasts. If you aren’t planning to bind for the rest of your life or seek a long-term surgical solution, or if you’re not sure that you won’t care about this later on– try not to do it too much. Even wearing a binder daily for no more than couple of months can permanently alter the shape of the breasts.

    • weirdward Says:

      Jenn, you are the one who is trying to spin here, not anyone else. And no wonder – once people start paying attention to what is going on here, not only is your lucrative business going to be out of business, there will be serious questions being asked about why you and others like you are engaged in brainwashing, grooming and abusing children to fit your insane gender mandates. My hope is the whole lot of you will end up in prison, or at the very least lose your positions and never, ever be allowed to work in any kind of community advocacy (ha fuckin’ ha) venture ever again. Or any other setting where you have access to the young and vulnerable.

      Had you been around in the early 20th century I imagine you would have been one of those advocating for the removal of native children from their parents for the purposes of slave labour in rich white households – I mean so they could have a better life, which their lowly coloured parents obviously couldn’t provide them according to racist thinking.

      You cannot respect children for who they are if you are claiming that doing or liking certain things means that the child must undergo constant therapy, medical intervention, sterilisation, untested treatments with unknown long-term effects, chopping off of healthy body parts, complete re-writing of identity (you like sports so you’re a boy! you can’t be a girl!); combined with a complete and utter refusal to examine the social, cultural and political context in which the anxieties these children have are manifesting themselves.

      • GallusMag Says:

        YES! There will be consequences for Jenn/NeoGal99. Legal, criminal consequences.

        Hey Jenn/NeoGal99- why don’t you tell us about the young girl who committed suicide after “graduating” from your program???

      • weirdward Says:

        Right now all I can think is – Hillsong!

        Perhaps our friend Jenn learned a thing or two from them?? They hold conferences all around the world every year.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Re: The Most Annoying Sound in the World – ha! Haven’t seen that in a while! Thanks for sparing us from the crap, Gallus.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Ha! I LOVE that. That video is actually a wink and a nod to the A Room Of Our Own website-

        It’s from a thread that happened a few years ago- the best, most hilarious, most outrageous thread EVAH that has sadly since been removed. The original OP of that post was only a paragraph or so stating that “transwomen” are not actually female. What followed was scores of horrific death threats, racism and rape threats, legal threats, violence from dozens of “transwomen”. It got so bad that the bloggers started replacing all the incoming threats with the “Most Horrible Sound in the World and Ugliest Person” video. So you had that video posted over and over and over again as the men kept threatening. It was the FUNNIEST GODDAMN THING EVER.

        Maybe someday they will re-post it- or let me re-post it. It was really fucking historic (and hysterical) and an inspiration for me in starting this blog. LOVE that site. I post that video in homage. ((((AROOO))))

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        I remember, I saw that thread!! Sheer awesomeness. But remember, we’re the “hate-mongers” in this little scenario, we’re the “rabid” ones! (Gee, nothing misogynistic about using that particular word.)

  6. Susan Says:

    Your list is pretty comprehensive, however, I think that 2012 will become known for one premise: it will be the year that no situation or position, not one, can be too ridiculous, absurd, strange, bizarre, illogical, or unreasonable to the transgender as they continue their efforts to convince society of their own very special alternate reality…one that, if for no other reason, flies in the face of basic human common sense.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      Ayup. Who knew that common sense would become so…uncommon in 2012?

      (***insert photo of me in the fetal position under my quilts here***)

      Well, there’s nothing for it but to keep fighting back, women.

      As long as there is life, there’s hope. Right? Darkest before the dawn?

  7. hearthrising Says:

    The blowup against Dianic witches by transactivists/supporters at Pantheacon and subsequent persecution should get an honorable mention.

  8. KittyBarber Says:

    The MADNESS continues. But worst of all, I think, is drugging and sterilizing children for the sin of gender non-compliance.

  9. Quesadilla Says:

    I have this theory on why the British crown has changed the rules on heir-ship (they’re saying that if Kate Middleton’s baby is female, she will be the heir, and that’s never been done before).

    I posit that the crown is legally forced to make this change due to all this ‘gender takes legal precedence over sex’ legislation being written. If gender takes precedence over sex, then any female sprog could just say she identifies as male and then commence to become king. How embarrassing that would be.

    The new rule got thrown out there only once Kate was known to be pregnant. Seems more like something that would be in response to feminist outcry. Or maybe something that could have been addressed when Will and Kate got engaged or married. But waiting until there’s a fetus cooking? Weird and felt forced.

    The crown is so calculated and bizarre that they likely always employ sex-selection (which seems to be only morally ok as long as one selects for female- we’re missing 50 fuckin’ million of them and males are a nuisance). If the crown selects sex, it started doing so to get male babies out of their breeding mares. So if the crown selected for female on purpose…is it a strategy to rekindle the favor of the people and to place on the throne a PR pony that will fit into the more female-conscious future? Or simply making way for more screwed up gender legislation?

  10. GallusMag Says:

    Here is hetero male transvestite Jenn “not” using children below the age of consent for a eugenics campaign to “correct” sex-role noncompliance:

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      SIXTY-FIVE families in the greater Portland area alone.

      It’s the damn Salem Witch hysteria of our time.

      Goddess wept.

    • katieB Says:

      Oh god…I could only make it through 1:33, but all I can say is WTF??? I would have been dumped into this category by someone in my school/church, etc when I was a child. I didn’t “experience my gender” except to be upset when I couldn’t be an altar server (only boys then) and when I wanted to run around with no shirt when it was hot. I never “got” makeup and liked to run around with my dog and get messy. Good thing my mother never cared what I did as long as I didn’t get hurt or destroy the house!!

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      OMG, he IS The Most Annoying Sound in the World! Only now illustrated with PowerPoint! Save us!!

      *sigh* I shouldn’t be joking. It would only be pathetically funny if the shit he was espousing wasn’t so damaging…kids under eight. FFS.

  11. We trans folk of the m-t-f secondary type women/girls are not going away…. We are the new breed of every creed!
    So primary women please listen up and pay attention to what your second type sisters have to say….

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Hey women- listen to men and pay attention to what we say. We’re going to hound you to death forever and barge unwanted into your space while instructing you that you are merely existential thoughts in a man’s head and of no greater consequence.”

      Good one “Rebecca”.

    • Violet Irene Says:

      What on earth is this supposed to mean?

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Fuck you so very much, “Rebecca.” I’m done listening to you. (And nice one – a male coming into a feminist forum to demand that we listen to him! Isn’t he just adorable!) I’ve listened and listened over the last several years, and you’ve utterly failed to convince me of any of your points. More than that, actually – I started out as much more sympathetic to trans people than I am now. It’s the words and actions of trans people over the last several years that have shown me your true misogynistic, narcissistic, violent, and fetishistic colors. YOU need to listen to REAL women, and respect our experiences AND our boundaries.

      And you are not my sister. Not even close, based on your behavior here so far. You’re just another man who thinks he can act all “sisterly” and “we’re all in this together” and charm women into accepting him so we’ll invite him to our pajama parties or some such bullshit. ‘Cause that’ll make him feel so girly! Like the gay guy who gives out unwanted advice on makeup to women because he thinks it makes him adorable, but then turns around and uses the words bitch and cunt in casual conversation. You just don’t get it. You never will.

      “Listen up and pay attention.” That’s just fucking priceless. Lastly, some bad news for you: born women aren’t going anywhere either. Neither are feminists (and non-feminists) who see right through your charade.

  12. Bev Jo Says:

    This is brilliant, Gallus! (Including your response to Jean Burleton. Are they going to do race reassignment surgery based on what kids say they identify with? We know that no child is affected by media propaganda about race or sex, right? That photo of the breasts which look almost gangrenous is horrific.)

    It’s all such a simple con, isn’t it, and easy to figure with real feminism. Men control the world, try to control all women and girls, and all living beings, mark territory everywhere — from rape to murder to cutting forests down to spewing forever nuclear contamination.

    Logical conclusion is that when women want nothing to do with them, and especially when it’s Lesbians (who are the biggest threat), men try every ridiculous thing imaginable to get access to us, including saying they are women and Lesbians.

    It’s all female-hatred and rape mentality, and is typically male. What is the surprise is that any women are taken in by it and then support men against those of us who are saying no. But then there are always collaborators in wartime.

    There is a continuum here, from getting women to betray themselves in terms of paying for self-mutilation (breast implants, waxing, toe removal to fit into male-desiger shoes, labiaplasties, hymenplasties, etc.) to women betraying themselves by catering to and worshipping men and accepting any silly things they say. But really, most women know those ridiculous-looking drag queen men are not even close to being women. It would be so funny, if it wasn’t.

    • Firstly happy 2013 to all of you and us – lol….!
      This is like a war on “FEMINIST RADICALISM”, however without freedom fighters where would any of us be……? It’s all about the chromosomes with you guys/gals of the down South Wing. What on earth would you do if we were all subjected to the confinement of your virtual and non virtual fort like world? Yeah exactly (wtf…?) I can speak your semi Laywoman’s talk lingo, yet I will still be stripped of my dignity! The really funny part of this is that I really love the sweet gestures of All women (even the sissie like TV men who are pretty pursuasive female impersonators). You must try harder here not to push your insecurities of the upon others like myself for example…..
      The immaculate deception is with tremendous flaw don’t you think?

    • Adrian Says:

      It’s amazing to me how many of the trans* activists manage to simultaneously be (properly!) against the idea of cultural appropriation and people dressing up in yellowface claiming to be “Asian inside,” but utterly fail to see how they are appropriating “woman” in the same damn way.

      So many posts out there about how terrible the idea of “transethnic” is, but being careful to say that it’s nothing like transGENDER which is of course real to them, real to the point of claiming that merely making the step of “identifying” as a woman makes them one even if they’ve never done any move toward “transitioning” at all. It’s a MASSIVE blind spot.

      Of course they justify transgender by clinging to the “female brain” theory. They know that hormones are somehow involved with fetal development so they cling to the idea hormones must make women’s brains completely different from male brains and that this must explain how they were “born in the wrong body” and make trans* real, evidence be damned. Offensive doesn’t even begin to cover it.

      Rape mentality indeed – they’re male, they’re entitled to access to all spaces.

      • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

        You know, Adrian, it really never ceases to amaze me how much garbage science is wrapped in this idea of laydee brains.

        Back in the 1990’s, the president of Harvard basically said there were very few women in hard mathematical sciences (physics, computer science, engineering, etc) because women’s brains weren’t wired for hard logic. That we weren’t good enough. That the lack of women in academia science supported the claim that we had sub-standard brains.

        Funny thing I’ve noticed for years is that women do have more trouble in the early courses in Physics. But once they get past the early rote learning stuff and get into the really creative theoretical courses, they soar. Actually, they often blow the doors off of the male counterparts. Why the problem in the early courses? Often it’s the support –the men are actually groomed from early ages for this sort of thought. Women are definitely not. It starts as subtly as just calling on the men in high school classes more than women. There’s subtle discouragement all the way through of the back-handed sort: “You’re interested in Math? That’s so cool! A girl in math!” Like you’re some sort of exotic.

        This is what gender codifying really looks like from a bird’s eye view. It’s insidious grinding down of the “inferior” whether that inferior is sex or race opposite. And it’s totally a learned behavior.

        The environment for hard science really sucks for women. It’s like you daily have to justify your oxygen in these environments. If you follow the cohorts of graduates over the years, every 10 years out from graduation about 50% of the women jump out. It might be leaving the work force to raise kids. But since I’ve lived in this working environment for the past 30 years I can tell you that it is hell to stay. There have been moments when I’ve picked up my tattered pride after the “boys” have savaged it yet again. Because they are highly competitive to the point of ridiculous to anyone they feel is inferior in understanding. It required me to learn an entire new language of communicating to be heard. I actually hear my voice drop a couple of octaves and my pacing slows and I become more assertive when I talk in meetings. I tend to talk over people the same way most males do. I talk more in meetings than any other woman in any of the departments. And I make sure that I have my points supported with facts before I talk. If you take a Communcations and Gender class in college, you’ll recognize that what I’m describing is a very male speech pattern.

        There’s nothing “male” about it. It’s a dominance speech pattern. I’m mimicking the dominant speech patterns and behaviors so that I can be heard. I’m playing Alpha despite being socialized my entire life to be Beta.

        This gender horse hockey is just that. What we’re really skirting around is Alpha versus Beta behaviors. I don’t think there is a difference in brains between men and women. I think it’s learned traits. The brain is very plastic and adapts to a lot of different conditioning.

        There is no such thing as a laydee brain. And what is done to children younger than 18 in the name of gender identity is criminal.

        So, how do I know it isn’t just an inferior laydee brain keeping women out of science? Funny thing happened after 9/11. The major research Universities couldn’t get talented foreign students a visa anymore. The enrollment in programs for science and engineering plummeted. And what bright plan did they come up with? “Let’s actively recruit women!” And they did. And suddenly 10 years on, the composition of classrooms and faculty has radically changed. There are a LOT more women in hard science now. A lot fewer Iranian men, but a lot more American women. I don’t think that will continue as time goes on and foreign visas get easier to obtain, but it’s been a welcome breath of change.

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        @ERP – thanks for your very knowledgable post.

        I remember when I went to my first C++ workshop at a conference (in the 1990’s) and it was me (multi-racial woman who passes for white unless you’re paying attention), one African-American guy, and 98 white men.

        Many people at the time considered this demographic elephant in the room to be “normal” — even “natural”.

        Now I am regularly on software development teams that are 50%+ female and multi-ethnic.

        Did the human brain magically evolve in twenty years? Huh.

        I think businesses needed software developers so badly that they decided to hold their noses and hire women.

        Of course, the Mother of Modern Computing is Admiral Grace Hopper, who lead the team that created the first compiler, back when the “super computers” used by the Department of War (WWII era) filled a space the size of a basketball court. She also coined the term “bug in the system” after an actual insect was suspected to have caused a vacuum tube to short out and fail. Programmers have been fixing “bugs” ever since.

        The boys have been trying to crush my self-confidence and destroy my happiness at work for two decades. After years of doing consulting work, I have found that only about one man in 100 will “talk shop” with me in a relaxed, mature, mutually respectful way. I can say with zero histrionics and zero sarcasm that several of them over the years have LITERALLY tried to drive me to suicide — they were that threatened, that hateful, that enraged by the fact that there is a woman on earth who can understand and write code better than they can. I’ve been forced to change jobs three times to get away from aggressive sexual harassers who were being enabled and supported by management. I’ve been paid 40% less than men whose code I was reviewing and correcting.

        Fortunately, I am made out of very strong raw materials, something my abusers have never been able to fathom. Like so many women, I endure.

        To me, being female isn’t about being weak. It’s about being incredibly strong. How else would we survive all they throw at us?

      • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

        Notice that the two booms of women in math sciences were WWII era and the 1990s when the tech boom made talent scarce. The similarity? No men available. You are absolutely right, Marie, it was hold their noses and hire women.

        What many outside of these masculine fields don’t realize is that there is a lot of knowledge passed among the group via a social conduit. Weekly drinking sessions. Weekly movie nights. Going to lunch daily. As women, we aren’t usually invited unless one of the group decides we’re sexually available. Or when you hit some threshhold where the group decides you are knowledgeable enough to attain status.

        Since this isn’t stuff published in books, typically, the theory and other interesting stuff is passed through contact. Like how to approach a problem. Or best course of action when presented with a certain set of criteria.

        Usually, the outcast groups pick this knowledge up through the castigating of our mistakes. Occasionally we end up in a friendship with someone who ends up mentoring us.

        I’ve hit an age and a groove with my colleagues where I’m seen as competent. I don’t get bothered as much with the sexual harassment side anymore. Or the sexist harassment side. Unless I go to conferences. Where I’ve noticed the demographics often still hold with more men than women present. And for some reason I get pegged as sexually available again (nothing further from the truth). A hefty percentage of these math geek types are socially defective.

        Wow, Marie, if you were also in a racial category, your life has been pretty tough. You’ve probably made the same leaps that I have in terms of learning Alpha communication. And you’re probably as androgynous as I am in appearance simply because being too feminine-looking (Beta) is not rewarded at all in that work environment.

        Here’s to making it work for as long as we have. Happy New Year!

      • Adrian Says:

        @ERP – Computer programmer myself, and I just have to say, hear, hear!

        Absolutely with the “tribal knowledge” thing too. The way my personality is, I am able to get into the group, enjoy going out for beer and all the rest of it (though I do have a problem when too many of the “off-color” jokes go one way and not the other – the unspoken “well but YOU’re not like that though, y’know?” friendly thing gets patronizing as hell). I am loud and assertive in meetings. And, I am respected for various “spatial skills” and the rest of it that usually gets stereotyped “male.” But my brain, IS a female brain!

        And interestingly enough, I get “misgendered” often in random interactions at shops, etc. It’s that “behavior like this must be man, behavior like this must be woman” thing, surely, because it can happen in the summer when it’s obvious that my chest isn’t flat (I’m not so well-endowed I’ll admit, but I find this happens even more often if I’m in a really confident mood and if anything sticking my front out more than usual).

      • sylvie Says:

        Marie-France Lesage Says:
        “who were being enabled and supported by management.”

        Sounds awful MFL. Was it a case of if you raise an issue you will become the issue?

        I can relate. I had to take three months off after leaving my last job, it was that much of a mind-blower. Every kind of toxic behaviour you could fathom, from all angles.

        EqualRightsAndProtection Says:
        “I’m playing Alpha despite being socialized my entire life to be Beta.”

        (One of the many?) problems with the interwebs, the proliferation of opinions that women playing alpha is eroding society as we know it etc:

        “We can ignore power hungry whores and pay attention to thoughtful women that have discretion. Reinforce good behavior and show your contempt for bad behavior and let the cards fall where they may. It’s really the only courageous thing to do. If they are overly feminist, don’t befriend them, don’t date them and don’t have sex with them. Sooner or later, they will get the point. Like I said, women are easily manipulated and the harsh responses from these women expose that. Use it against them, for their own good and ours. Also, hate very easily turns into love with women, so press all the buttons.”

  13. sylvie Says:

    My vote – they’re all repugnant, because they’re all part of or reinforce the same dangerous and dysfunctional mentality.

  14. All of these are important and vital, but the most important imo is women being unable to hold conferences without penises being invited and catered to. What happened in London this year was absolutely despicable.

  15. FeistyAmazon Says:

    The term “LadyStick” which I”ve thoroughly adopted in reference, the ‘Cotton Ceiling’ debate, a threat to ALL 100% bio female Dykes wanting to be with other 100% bio female Dykes… and Dykes banned/suppressed at Dyke Marches for being BY AND FOR Dykes! Oh, and the poor kids being forced to endure hormones at very young ages to stop them from going into puberty naturally, and being pressured to ‘transition’ BEFORE legal age of consent. THAT scares me the most, cuz I would have been one of those kids!

  16. […] a quick glance at last year’s Top Trends list it becomes clear that the overall trend towards reducing the social role of women via the […]

  17. […] What would radical acceptance in a male community look like, in a postive way? Is it something I could ever want? I work in a virtually all-male environment. Yesterday I gave a presentation to a room full (standing room only) of 40 men and one woman. The woman and I have never spoken, and she ignored me when I tried to say hi when I came in. Working with all men felt lonely at first, and it still does, but you get used to it after a while – every women who stays in STEM has to, eventually. […]

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