London Gender Clinic’s Dr Richard Curtis under investigation for allegations of Medical Misconduct

January 6, 2013

London Gender Clinic, 25 Wimpole Street

London Gender Clinic, 25 Wimpole Street

Dr Richard Curtis, the 45 year-old woman in charge of London’s largest private “sex change” clinic is under fire as accusations of misdiagnosis and malpractice pile up. Dr. Curtis is a heterosexual female GP (General Practitioner) who underwent medical and surgical procedures in 2005 to “affirm” her belief that she was a “gay man trapped in a woman’s body”.  She was the first transsexual practitioner to be registered by the General Medical Council after passage of the UK Gender Recognition Act.

A staunch anti-feminist, Curtis’s public statements have long reflected a profound belief in sex-based social roles. About her own “sex change” she has said “”I’ve never been particularly in touch with my emotional side. I’ve never wanted children, or a white wedding like most women dream of, or a man to take care of me. Instead, you were more likely to find me fitting a kitchen or tiling the bathroom.” Curtis on the purpose of her own “gender change”: “It’s to stop people being confused about who and what you are.”

In 2006 Dr. Richard Curtis took over the private practice of the infamous psychiatry consultant Dr. Russell Reid, once the UK’s best-known expert on transsexualism. Reid was found guilty of gross professional misconduct for authorizing inappropriate surgeries for gender dysphoric and body dysphoric clients, including the amputation of healthy limbs for BIID clients. One of Reid’s clients was authorized for “gender treatment” because she wanted to “become Christ”.

Dr. Richard Curtis

Dr. Richard Curtis

From The Guardian today:

Doctor under fire for alleged errors prescribing sex-change hormones

Dr Richard Curtis is under investigation following complaints over treatment of patients seeking gender reassignment

A woman who alleges that she was inappropriately prescribed sex-changing hormones and then wrongly underwent a double mastectomy is one of several complaints being investigated by the General Medical Council about the doctor who oversaw her aborted gender reassignment, the Guardian has learned.

The GMC, the doctors’ professional regulator, has received at least three separate complaints against Dr Richard Curtis, a London GP who specialises in the treatment of gender dysphoria, particularly transsexualism, concerning the alleged inappropriate administering of sex-changing hormones to several patients and at least one allegedly unsuitable referral for gender reassignment surgery.

It is claimed that Dr Curtis, who provides private treatment to patients seeking gender reassignment, has failed to follow accepted standards of care and breached conditions placed on his practice by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS), the GMC’s arm’s-length disciplinary body.

The allegations include commencing hormone treatment in complex cases without referring the patient for a second opinion or before they had undergone counselling, administering hormone treatment at patients’ first appointments, and referring patients for surgery before they had lived in their desired gender role for a year, as international guidelines recommend, with one patient allegedly undergoing surgery within 12 months of their first appointment. He is also accused of administering hormones to patients aged under 18 without an adequate assessment, and wrongly stating that a patient seeking gender reassignment had changed their name.

One of the most serious cases concerns a female patient who regrets switching to a male role. She underwent hormone treatment and had her breasts removed. The woman is one of the complainants in the current GMC investigation.

Other cases include teenage patients who were allegedly prescribed hormones when they were just 16. Although the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust in London, which specialises in the treatment of gender identity difficulties in children, does offer hormone treatment to under 18s on the NHS, it is alleged that Curtis lacks the specialist knowledge and skills to adequately treat such patients on his own.

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91 Responses to “London Gender Clinic’s Dr Richard Curtis under investigation for allegations of Medical Misconduct”

  1. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    “Other cases include teenage patients who were allegedly prescribed hormones when they were just 16.”

    Unethical? Hell yeah.

    Growing trend in the U.S.? Unfortunately, yes.


    • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

      I had a conversation with a friend that mentioned that she and her partner were good friends with a lesbian couple in Washington state that had a son who was transitioning. They were saving money up to take him for surgery this summer. He’s 14. I pointed out that that is illegal in the United States to surgically alter anyone under the age of 18, so they must be planning to take him to Thailand.

      It *should* be illegal to give him hormones also.

      I know that they want to do the best thing for their child. But this entire mindset that the body must be surgically fixed is so utterly wrong.

      • Em Says:

        Is anyone concerned about the publicity problem lesbians may be creating when they “discover” that their male children actually are females born in the wrong bodies? I know of one of these cases myself; the one mentioned here is, unfortunately, not an isolated incident.

      • That’s the third case (I’m aware of) of a male who has lesbian mothers and is transitioning. The other two cases are the infamous Toby Hill Meyer and that one boy namedThomas. Isn’t that (at least a bit) strange?

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        I shudder to think what anti-gay groups would do with that — despite the fact that there seem to be far more straight parents messing with their kids this way.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It sounds like the inmates running the asylum.

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      Exactly. Enabled by idiots. I was speaking with someone from the ACLU the other day — they had ZERO idea that feminists object to the mushy laws that enable heterosexual male CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS to claim “trans” as their get-at-the-naked-teen-girls-free card.

      How can a national organization with a track record of being right on so many issues be so FREAKING CLUELESS about this one?

      I guess I need look no further than “It’s the Patriarchy”, eh?

      Something that enables males with an obsessive fetish, and endangers women and girls? Sounds good to “progressive” men everywhere.

      Goddess wept.

      Of course, we can use this myopia to our advantage. Just focus on the egregiously negative effects of the push to “transify” young boys who are actually gay or just not all that into “man stuff”. We might get some traction. They obviously care NOTHING about a man flashing little girls at the swim club. Maybe they’ll care about young boys being manipulated into completely unnecessary castration and sterilization?

      • Old Music Says:

        I don’t want to stray off topic, but the ACLU is a staunch defender of pornography as ‘freedom of speech’, so they are very good at getting things wrong.

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        The only man I was ever tempted to kill with my bare hands was a “progressive” lad who was trying to convince me that it was his “right” to sexually use a teenaged hooker he met at a strip club because people should be “free” to do whatever they want with their bodies — not excluding the sexual exploitation of a minor. He went on and on about freedom without ever once considering her right to be free of sexual abuse by a man of some means twelve years her senior.

        Never before or since have my hands formed into the strangulation shape of their own “free” will.

        I had the self-control to walk away. I wonder if he has any inkling of how close his “freedom-loving” lungs came to inhaling their last breath?

        Of course the ACLU supports men’s “freedom” to consume pornography. The patriarchy loves to change its hats, but it never changes its nature.

  3. cyborgurlgbh Says:

    it is time that these charlatans were exposed. this is a private clinic and has many defenders, very vocal ones at that….how can these people be deciding on hormones and surgeries if they are only family doctors? why do medical societies around the world accept the word of these “cowboys” over research and medical fact?

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      “why do medical societies around the world accept the word of these “cowboys” over research and medical fact?”

      My guess is that the more old-fashioned members still see the whole thing as a freak show they don’t have to take seriously. The more librul ones probably see it as some sort of in-house issue for the (so-called) LGBT community, and therefore not their business or their problem — though when you strip away the progressive veneer, that attitude’s not all that different from the first one. They probably repeat something they heard somewhere about freedom and diversity, and ignore the little voice in the back of their minds saying, “Hey, wait a minute –“

  4. Ave Says:

    ” because she wanted to “become Christ”.”
    what the fuck??
    that reminds me though: i do like alot of the metaphysical framework of buddhism, but when it comes down to other things i don’t like alot of its stuff. i’m bringing this up because the christ thing that that person said reminded me how in buddhism it’s said a female monk can not ever have a valid opinion against a male monk, and also that a female monk can’t be liberated until they first are reborn as a male. so all the bhikkhunis were aiming to reborn as males and saw being female somehow as a spiritual state of degradation

    • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

      We’re easily pummeled. So female = weak = inferior = beta in the pack order power structure.

    • noname Says:

      Its pretty much just like hinduism, if your dark skinned and or female, its because you did something bad in your last life and have to accept it and do all the dirty work with a smile to be born again light and or male.

    • sylvie Says:

      Indeed, buddhism isn’t such a great option when you consider those beliefs about women. Hmmm, I think I will be more discerning re those who claim to be buddhist now. Is it fair to say that many people look favourably on buddhism as a more enlightened ‘religion’? I wonder how many people adopt buddhism without really considering the implications of those beliefs?

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        Yes, exactly. I got about ten pages into a book by a Buddhist monk before he was remarking about how “unclean” woman are and how important it is for monks to stay away from us.

        The womb envy in all of the patriarchal religions is just…crazy.

      • Adrian Says:

        There are many flavors of Buddhism out there, and some of the more traditional ones have various beliefs that are no more “rational” or modern than various of the Abrahamic religions.

        I think some of the idea in the US in particular that Buddhism is somehow more enlightened or more “rational” (in the sense of, less superstitious magic happening, more egalitarian, etc) is due to the specific varieties that people not from that traditional background tend to take to and convert to being more open in that way, if it makes any sense. They go for the more “it’s meditation, works like psychology” flavors more than the “if I chant this specific thing I’ll reach paradise and oh yeah it’s bad luck to sleep with your head to the north, it just is and by the way women can’t come into the sanctuary” flavors.

  5. EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

    I think that if you start digging into the gender identity mental health field, you would be surprised by how many of these doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists are transgender themselves. It’s a two-fold problem of the money involved in offering cosmetic procedures on the insurance/NHS dime and the transgender movement getting enough people in key places to push their agenda. Reid is a perfect example.

    In academia, the whole gay studies thing is quite done. There’s not enough to really keep talking about, while the idea of gender identity is new and exciting. Lots of easy targets to talk about: just dust off a gay identity study of your choice and substitute transgender and “bingo!” you have an instant published study topic.

    • anon male Says:

      And then you have all the supposedly pro-feminist academic dudes (Flood, Kimmel, and other fun guys) who are obsessed with “masculinities”: none of them can admit that maybe the original rhetoric was created so Mr. Connel could start calling himself Raewin Mistletoe Faerydove or whatever.

      Sometimes they’ll refer to him by his new name, other times they’ll pretend he never transitioned (more often), but in neither case do they add two and two together and see how their “politics” are basically based on one dooder’s personal fantasies.

    • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

      You know, I think you are my favorite commenter ever. “Raewin Mistletoe Faerydove” Bwahahahahahahaha

      I seriously do think, however, that that Atlantic Monthly post on BIID above needs its own post, GM. I remember in 1994 being horrified for the first time by the thought of what people would do to their bodies when the “Body Modification E-zine” came out on the web. I coined the term “Body Chainsaw Art” for some of the fringe focus that’s discussed in that BIID post.

      And is anyone else as freaked out as I am by the fact that the “Now Trending” posts for this site consistently ranks that “Male to Eunuch” post in the top ten?

      I’ll look up Flood, Kimmel, and Connel.

  6. Adrian Says:

    From the article: About her own “sex change” she has said “”I’ve never been particularly in touch with my emotional side. I’ve never wanted children, or a white wedding like most women dream of, or a man to take care of me. Instead, you were more likely to find me fitting a kitchen or tiling the bathroom.”

    I realize I probably sound like a broken record already and people are tired of me, but COME ON, I can say the exact same thing and YET!!! YET!!! I’m a woman. I am not trans*, and I don’t want anyone surgically messing with my genitalia. (They might not grant me social power, but they’re functional, and quite pleasurable when shared with those close to me, thankyewverymuch.)

    Sounds like someone drank too much of the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” Kool-Aid.

    But hey I suppose I should get to sleep soon, considering it’s a work night after all and I have to wake up early tomorrow to go to my technical job and earn the money that supports my household.

    As a woman.

    (Can’t deny I’m fascinated to see the BIID angle…)

    • sylvie Says:

      Adrian Says: “I probably sound like a broken record already and people are tired of me”

      Nope 🙂

      • Adrian Says:

        I’m happy 🙂 This site is honestly a breath of fresh air for me. After peering under rocks elsewhere on the internet it’s nice to find a place where people can clearly tell the Emperor is naked!!

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      Those things need to be said. Sometimes I think I’m repeating myself, too…

      There’s nothing about those traits that Curtis lists as proof she’s really a man that distinguish her, in any way, from millions of women.

      • sylvie Says:

        “Those things need to be said. Sometimes I think I’m repeating myself, too…”


        “There’s nothing about those traits that Curtis lists as proof she’s really a man that distinguish her, in any way, from millions of women.”


  7. sylvie Says:

    Absolute utter lunacy!

    Non-maleficence: “given an existing problem, it may be better not to do something, or even to do nothing, than to risk causing more harm than good”

    “Claudia, who regrets changing sex, is one of six former patients bringing a separate legal claim for damages against Dr Reid. She said the decision not to strike Dr Reid off was “absolutely scandalous”.”

    I agree! So many complaints against these “doctors”.

    “it is alleged that Curtis lacks the specialist knowledge and skills to adequately treat such patients on his own.”

    No shit! Curtis is a GP! Curtis having SRS doesn’t make Curtis qualified to prescribe specialist treatment or act as psychiatrist to his patients. Even *if* Curtis was adequately qualified to be treating these patients, I suggest it’s a conflict of interest for Curtis to be doing so.

    (Re Dr Reid): “because it did not consider it would be in the public interest to deprive the [transsexual community] of an experienced and otherwise well-respected doctor.”

    Experienced? More likely to be a doctor who unquestioningly prescribes things, and that’s why they’re so desperate to support him.

    And what about Terry Reed, commenting that Dr Reid “is more interested in caring for his patients” when Dr Reid was found to have repeatedly breached the minimum standards guidelines?

    “Terry Reed, of the Gender Identity Research and Education Society, condemned the GMC inquiry.

    Terry Reed said: “This was a wholly inappropriate way of dealing with an individual whose approach to treatment is extremely successful and potentially far less damaging than the approach of some other doctors in the UK. He is more interested in caring for his patients than managing them.” ”

    What, the “other doctors” who act with integrity and actually take the time to try to establish whether there is an underlying issue such as manic depression? The doctors who *do not* ignore the second opinions of another psychiatrist?

    “He was found to have repeatedly breached ‘guidelines’ set by the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, regarded as the minimum standards for the treatment of transsexuals.”

    When is this bullshit going to stop???

    I’m surprised I didn’t see any accusations of transphobia against the GMC.

    Fooking madness.

    Curtis said: “It’s to stop people being confused about who and what you are.”

    Definitely not qualified to be treating others when that’s how they think.

    Curtis said: “They were emotionally and physically poor relationships.”

    And I’m sure they still are Curtis – having a sex change doesn’t cure one of toxic behaviours and beliefs. All the other trans dribblings posted on the internet support that, including Curtis’ own.

    • sylvie Says:

      Curtis said: “It’s to stop people being confused about who and what you are.”

      And yet:

      “Because I had been dressing quite androgynously for some time, 99.9 per cent of them didn’t even comment. One of them asked me if I’d had a haircut.”

      As usual it sounds like no one else gives a monkeys. The issues are all Curtis’, conveniently projected onto everyone else.

      “It would be nice to get to the point where I don’t have to think about it any more… when a friend introduced me to someone and I said, ‘Hi, I’m Vanda. Oh no I’m not. I’m Richard’. ”


      Please permanently remove their capacity to harm others. Lack of qualifications should be reason enough on its own.

  8. KittyBarber Says:

    I guess I have to go and get in line for the fix. I am guilty of having ’tiled a bathroom.’ I forgot that women weren’t allowed to do these things. Damn. I have also ‘fitted a kitchen’ with new plumbing. More than one, in fact.
    I have never wanted to be Christ, but I suppose if a woman wanted to become a Roman Catholic priest, this would be the thing to do.
    I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • sylvie Says:

      Zomg 😮 You did *what* KittyBarber??!

      How utterly unfeminine of you! Everyone around you must be completely confused about who and what you are. Better start strapping that chest and get on some hormone therapy pronto, mkay?


    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      Didn’t you know that laying tile is the exact same thing as wanting a sex change operation?


    • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

      Gee, I thought it was “laying pipe” that led to SRS. Or does that just lead to blindness?

      I’m guilty of laying tile, refinishing wood floors by hand, basic plumbing, drywall, installing a window and a door, and other criminal crimes against gender. Guess I’ll be in line with Kitty.

    • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

      Maybe we should all just set up our own trans home repair company. 😉

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        OK, but all of our signage, web presence, business cards etc. have to be BLUE. No pink anywhere or else we’ll still have girl cooties!!!

      • EqualRightsAndProtection Says:

        No purple either. At least not that fruity looking beach drink purple. Vikings and Ravens Football Purple is A-OK!

  9. Em Says:

    Transsexualism has the flavor of an emotional contagion. The eager credulity that meets transsexuals’ extraordinary claims; the psychiatric sub-specialties developed to cater to sufferers; and generally the way the “born in the wrong body” meme has spread–all of these suggest that a type of mass hysteria is afoot.

    As for people projecting their gender hysteria onto children? That is just sick.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Psychiatry has a very short memory regarding the history of psychiatric misadventures.

      • sylvie Says:

        I’m inclined to think that’s becoming more and more common now (generally speaking) – things move so fast, at a seemingly an ever-increasing pace, and people are so busy (for want of a better word) that the Animal Farm re-framing of things is easy to achieve. Plus the contrast and desensitisation effects kinda ensure that everything feels watered down after only a short time? That’s my perception anyway.

      • sylvie Says:

        Information overload causing people to ‘forget’ important things.

        “It really wasn’t that bad, was it?” – LOL

        Block it out/water it down/minimise it or you might feel some discomfort at the realisation that things are not as rosy as the positive thinking cult claim. No ‘negative’ thoughts or conversation please, lest it be a downer to those around you who demand positivity 110% of the time.

        One of my favourite books: Smile or Die by Barbara Ehrenreich 🙂

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        Exactly. It wasn’t that long ago that a woman who was sexually dissatisfied with her husband’s performance and who was “caught” mastrubating was declared “hysterical” and in need of “womb manipulation” — by a medical professional, of course.

        Awareness of the lessons of the medical/psychiatric fads of the past seem to have almost no influence on those caught up in the next wave of fads, especially when sexuality and gender are involved.

        The ignorance and myopia are appalling.

    • sylvie Says:


      Yes. Dis-ease.

  10. Chazz Says:

    It’s a $$$$$$ making cult. No different than paying for your own private star in the cosmos.

    • sylvie Says:

      How true. I was thinking similar when I read the articles yesterday. Curtis’ counselling and hair removal clinic, struck me as likely to be very lucrative, with the amount of people suffering gender hysteria and desperate to avoid doctors who might actually question what the heck they are doing (to that 14 year old minor, to themselves, etc).

    • GallusMag Says:

      Wowza! It’s funny you mention that: the Daily Mail reports today that Richard charges clients nearly FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS AN HOUR- this in a country with free “sex changes” for all. I mean, holy shit, the UK pays for free sex changes for murderers and baby-rapists, then pays for treatments to change them back when they change their mind (see John Pilley). The UK will pay upwards of $100,000. for women to get their forearm skin grafted to their groin in lieu of a penis! It really does make one pause and wonder why exactly clients would pay such massive amounts of money for something that they could get for free. Things that make you go hmmm.

      • sylvie Says:

        Paying money = better quality to some, I’m guessing? Your penis might end up crooked/look fake if you opt for the free option, haha 🙂

        “This new penis must be better than those others, I paid through the teeth for mine!”

      • Adrian Says:

        Often it’s because they can’t wait. You can find endless comments to that effect if you ever peek in at some of the places people come together to talk about being young and trans*. There’s a waiting line for the NHS clinics, and there’s also the various mandated waiting times between steps (so you have to cross dress for certain time, then you get hormones, then you get top surgery, etc…)

        The holy grail for many (in the US, anyway) when it comes to hormones is the “informed consent model” clinics. This means you can go into the clinic, sign some paperwork saying you know what you’re doing, and walk out with hormones, without the usually required recommendations from a psychiatrist saying you officially have GID. Otherwise you have to wait around (and spend $$$) to get a “T letter” from the psychiatrist before you get the endocrinologist to prescribe the hormones.

        And so there is a lot of dislike for the idea that these psychiatrists are essentially gatekeepers for the whole process. Plenty of people out there who want to take testosterone and transition but want to be “femme” (amongst the “I’m trans* but also gay!” F2T crowd in particular) and they know that many of the psychiatrists will not diagnose them with GID. Apparently over in the UK, the gatekeeping is stricter on the NHS than it is among some of the private places.

        …and yeah the sex-role compliance demands are effed, but from where I sit, the entire PROCESS is effed! It’s “they shouldn’t say I have to do X Y and Z to be a man” but no one ever seems to take the next step and realize “doing A B and C doesn’t mean I can’t be a woman.”

  11. GallusMag Says:

    From a transgender forum:

    “Trans Dr. Under Investigation + New Arguments for Progesterone
    « Reply #1 on: Today at 04:29:14 pm »

    Hiya everyone.

    I’m a 26yo trans woman (7 months into HRT and full time). I’m living in America, but I started my transition in London (first 5 months). While I tried to go through the system there (free health care is amazing), the runarounds and massive process + eventual waiting list lead me to self medicate. I will not go into those details, because I know they are against the rules at places like this, but it’s a necessary anecdote for my post. Basically I told my drug clinic that was helping me get clean that I was transgender (as part of the process to prevent relapsing), and was referred to a psychologist. That appointment took months to make, and then took 6 or 7 weeks to get in. On the morning of my appointment to be evaluated (for them to make sure I was merely mentally sound enough to go to a gender clinic… this appointment wasn’t even the appointment at the gender clinic to diagnose me, so still 1 step behind and this took months) I was called and told that my appointment had to be canceled because the doctor was sick. This was 2 hours before my appointment and I was already nearly on a train to London (had moved to Northern England for a few weeks). Their next available appointment was another 6 weeks out! Or I could use that very same doctor’s private clinic, and get in within days ($expensive$). Needless to say they were unsympathetic about canceling on me like that, and that as a result of her canceling, it’d take me longer to see her than it’d take people that originally scheduled appointments weeks after my first call!

    As bad as I make NHS sound, don’t believe the brainwashing that American politicians and insurance companies tell you about public insurance. It’s amazing. I received at least $10,000 in other care during a year there while I was a student, never any questions asked about my race or nationality, or any proof of ID, not for doctors, hospitals, or prescriptions (some of you native English might be annoyed by this, but try to remember my tuition at UCL was 6x a British National, so the money is recovered). They got me clean and it’s amazing, but obviously transgender health isn’t where it need to be, so, there are private clinics, like THIS one:

    People like me are driven to these places, else we face waiting months, or even years, to get our first prescriptions/therpaies/SRS. These private practices cost a fortune and I believe that 99% of any private transgender facility isn’t going to be that great, because if someone really cared about the topic they’d be doing it for lower pay.

    Why do I bring this place up in particular? Well, as we all know the progesterone debate is a big one, and one of the biggest cited sources is

    by Dr. Richard Curtis, who just so happens to run the above center. There are so many things wrong with his argument against progesterone, mainly that he is not referring to microginized progesterone, but I won’t get into all of that.

    What I will do, is say that Dr. Richard Curtis is now under investigation:

    What he says cannot be trusted, his center cannot be trusted. My ex went to his facility in London, and each time she went there it was a bad experience. He doesn’t understand transgender people, which is ironic because he himself is a trans man, and he uses highly offensive terminology, just look at the anti progesterone page above.

    I came here to post about this because I know a lot of people use that page as an example of why not to use progesterone, and while I am not telling you to use it or not to use it, I think everyone should have their facts straight. Dr. Curtis wrote that page, a man that doesn’t believe in androgen blockers, that prescribes underage children without consenting adults, that uses offensive terms, charges a fortune and rips people off, and is motivated for the wrong reasons.

    I just had to get this posted somewhere, because my ex used to go to him and we couldn’t stand him, and then I found out he wrote that progesterone page, and now this investigation. Also know that nobody in the UK will prescribe progesterone, so he’s a bit biased. I suppose now this sounds like a treatise on supporting progesterone, and hopefully the rules allow for me to say that it has helped me TREMENDOUSLY as it has all the girls I know that take it, but my point was merely to point out that that article can’t be trusted, and if you live near London, do not visit his clinic, and always check your sources!! And to post a bit of news of course! It’s such a shame there are so few places out there to help us, to then discover one of them is under investigation (and for rightful reasons for once).

    Happy New Year “

    • sylvie Says:

      Interesting GM! Paints a different picture.

      “My ex went to his facility in London, and each time she went there it was a bad experience. He doesn’t understand transgender people, which is ironic because he himself is a trans man”

      Curtis said: “I’ve never been particularly in touch with my emotional side.”

  12. FeistyAmazon Says:

    ah what can you say to that 26 year old transwoman? I sure wish we could work on a society that is not obsessed with profit at all costs, even to one’s own body and health, and rather one where ALL can be accepted EXACTLY as they are, without feeling the pressure and need to ‘change sex’, which will NEVER work in the longrun and ties them to the medical and psychiatric fields the rest of their lives. But what is being done to those under 18 in my book is ABSOLUTELY CRIMINAL!

    The oppressed become oppressors, like the 26 year old transwoman mentioned, and is one reason I personally can’t hang with FTM’s, even though my heart goes out to ANY Butch female feeling the pressure to transition, whether from the hetero world not accepting her, and making it hard to find work, safety, and acceptance, or shame around her lesbianism, or the ‘queer world’ where the pressure is on from all her peers to take hormones(‘T), breast bind, to scheduling breast removal surgery.. But once they do, and get that shot of T in them, and all the female hating from their FTM/Genderqueer peers and imitation of the worst of male sexism, they become just as intolerable as the Dr. mentioned above. And more and more trans on both sides ARE going into the doctoring. It is like the perpetration of one big cult. The Lesbian community has lost power, but the trans community has gained it AT OUR EXPENSE, and is basically stealing away ALL our nonfeminine girls and women away from us, many who would be potential Dykes, and offering hormones, surgery, psychiatry and peer pressure instead of true liberation as a female!

    • Marie-France Lesage Says:

      A couple of years ago I kept saying, “Just wait for the lawsuits to begin, that will nip this insanity in the bud.”

      Thank goodness I was right for once and we’re seeing a tide-turning increase in lawsuits by regretters or people who were saved before they got very far into this, e.g. the bipolar woman who “wanted to be Christ” but who thankfully got some real help before she went through with the utterly unnecessary double mastectomy.

      I think more lawsuits and malpractice claims are going to start reversing this trend. Insurance companies are not going to underwrite a “profession” that is getting constantly sued for medical/psychiatric malpractice.

      If there’s no “easy money” in setting up a gender mill, people may start re-thinking how necessary it really is to lop off perfectly healthy body parts in service of an insane medical/psychiatric fad/cult.

      • sylvie Says:

        “Insurance companies are not going to underwrite a “profession” that is getting constantly sued for medical/psychiatric malpractice.” ”

        That’s a good point. Would it matter if the docs are not struck off though? If they’re still allowed to practice, perhaps the premiums or whatever would go up, though at $400 per hour it might not matter. Perhaps the trans cult will start their own insurance co/bank/hospital/country/government…

        Is it bad to say these docs seems a bit back street abortion? Exorbitant prices for sub-standard care etc.

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        Hi silvie,

        I think the UK and the US will be two different kettle of fish.

        In the USA, medical malpractice rates can make or break an entire profession — for example a lot of people were getting out of ob/gyn and going into different medical sub-specialties when there was a huge increase in medical malpractice insurance rates for ob/gyn practitioners in some states (e.g. Nevada and Florida.) Of course, women actually do NEED to have babies, so hospitals, managed care consortiums and group practices have stepped up to take some of the burden off of individual ob/gyns (I am fuzzy on details as this is per articles I read and conversations I had at work during the late 1990’s.)

        The point is, in the US, if a doctor has to pay upwards of $200,000 per year in medical malpractice insurance (ob/gyn rate in Florida in 2009 article I just found on the web) out of her own salary — she might be forced to close up shop or move to a different state. However, if she’s part of a managed care group and the group pays for her medical malpractice insurance, as long as she’s not getting sued all the time, she can continue in her specialty. The rates go up and it gets harder to find coverage if you get sued a lot — in this way there is some strong financial pressure on doctors to “first, do no harm” per their Hippocratic oath.

        My ardent hope is that lots and lots of people in the US will start suing the pants off of these creepy gender mill operators.

        For example, I hear that there is a rogue clinic in Oregon where the doctor will remove men’s perfectly healthy testes even if they have zero money for any further “transition” services, haven’t met even the minimum guidelines for psychiatric screening, haven’t completed the required year living an 100% public life as a “woman” (not just cross-dressing at home and at the bars), don’t have the required, documented second opinions, have highly troubling additional mental health issues such as untreated bipolar disease, etc. He’s operating on people from other states without providing them with proper screening. Someone should sue this dude pronto and shut him down.

        I’m not sure how the malpractice laws and medical malpractice insurance regulations work in the UK. I imagine it will take more complaints to medical/psychiatric oversight committees or governing bodies there to do the trick.

  13. Marie-France Lesage Says:

    From the Atlantic BIID article:

    “Like Robert Smith, I have been struck by the way wannabes use the language of identity and selfhood in describing their desire to lose a limb. “I have always felt I should be an amputee.” “I felt, this is who I was.” “It is a desire to see myself, be myself, as I ‘know’ or ‘feel’ myself to be.” This kind of language has persuaded many clinicians that apotemnophilia has been misnamed—that it is not a problem of sexual desire, as the -philia suggests, but a problem of body image. What true apotemnophiles share, Smith said in the BBC documentary, is the feeling “that their body is incomplete with their normal complement of four limbs.” Smith has elsewhere speculated that apotemnophilia is not a psychiatric disorder but a neuropsychological one, with biological roots. Perhaps it has less to do with desire than with being stuck in the wrong body.”

    Sound familiar? This is EXACTLY what M2T and F2T people say.

    We’re supposed to take this seriously…why?

    It’s insanity. Pure, unadulterated insanity. To think that ANYONE could possibly be “born in the wrong body”. WTF?

    The body you were born in IS your body. There were never any other options. A sperm cell and an egg cell got together at the beginning of your life and BOOM that was it. That was the beginning of your body, your DNA, your physical self.

    I can’t believe that anyone with an advanced degree in medicine or in psychiatry wouldn’t INSTANTLY lose their license on the grounds of being mentally unfit for practice if they went along with enabling this insanity for ten seconds, much less made a career out of it.

    Goddess wept.

    • sylvie Says:

      What does being a GP mean in the UK? Can anyone tell me?

      The reason I ask is that in the country I live (which is very much a UK type model in terms of healthcare, though perhaps not as “free” or generous re SRS etc), GP’s are almost the bottom feeders of the medical profession. That’s not to suggest they’re not qualified, quite the opposite. My description is a bit harsh, however they are just ‘general’ practitioners, and not specialists.

      Does anyone know if Curtis has more advanced qualifications than General Practitioner?

      • Dan Says:

        I have seen Dr Curtis in the past and been treated by him.
        Check out his website for more info on qualifications.

    • LJ Says:

      Precisely. It is the shape of my body (internal and external) that makes me female / a woman; nothing else. It is not possible for me to say, “oh I’m really a man” because I’m just plain not. Like my age and race, it’s one of those immutable human characteristics; I could identify as a sixteen-year-old and have surgery to more closely resemble one, but I doubt the government would be re-issuing my birth certificate to say I was actually born in 1996. Sex changes are acceptable because even in polite society sexism is still acceptable and gender roles continue to reign in a way racial stereotypes are thankfully no longer permitted to do.

      Some trans activists say: sex or gender is between the ears, not between the legs. Not only do they obscure the key point that sex and gender DO matter because females are oppressed on the basis of their sex and ascribed gender roles, they are blurring the idea that sex should not be the be-all and end-all of a person’s identity and role in life (true) in favour of “biological sex doesn’t matter at all” (nonsense). This has brought us to the non-op trans people with little dysphoria and lesbians with penises, in whose “struggles” I quite frankly don’t believe.

      This of course all brings us back to basics. A person is male or female, or in a small number of cases, intersex. This is based entirely on their bodies. Females can get pregnant and males don’t. Males have penises and females don’t. And so on. A person’s job, haircut, sexuality, hobbies, friends, level of autonomy, etc should not depend on which body shape their biology has dictated. It is the terrible prison of gender that tells us “men do / think this” and “women do / think that”.

      It is perfectly understandable given the gender / sex cage that some people might think their lives were better if they were the other sex and some people do suffer physical dysphoria that must be very difficult. But this doesn’t make them the other sex. Nothing can. I believe perpetuating the idea that a sex change is possible will damage a lot of young people if we don’t wake up and stop these ideas being sold to gender non-conformist kids (a lot of whom are simply gay) and cease bowing to the demands of the fetishists for the recognition of an increasingly incoherent set of privileges.

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        Thank you, LJ. Very well said.

        “I could identify as a sixteen-year-old and have surgery to more closely resemble one, but I doubt the government would be re-issuing my birth certificate to say I was actually born in 1996.”

        Exactly. Women of my mother’s generation lied about their age all the time, but no one was issuing them revised birth certificates, passports, driver’s licenses, etc. just because they wanted to be 4 to 5 years younger. The very idea of going to the US Passport Office to request it would have been considered grounds for some serious psychiatric evaluation.

        Now we’re to accept some 6’6″, 225-lb. retired Army major with linebacker shoulders and a lantern jaw getting all his documentation revised to reflect his FEELING that he’s really female? And then welcome him to shower and sauna naked with the middle-school girls and the pregnant young mothers with their toddlers at the local pool?

        It’s utterly repulsive, female-endangering insanity.

      • sylvie Says:

        “they are blurring the idea that sex should not be the be-all and end-all of a person’s identity and role in life (true) in favour of “biological sex doesn’t matter at all” (nonsense)”

        Yes – and seemingly at the same time they demand that others acknowledge biological sex does matter. Trans is such an illogical argument, perhaps that is why people are sucked into empathising? At times I wonder if trans realise the dissonance of their reasoning – do they and they’re trying to play other people for fools, or are they truly blind to it?

        “It is perfectly understandable given the gender / sex cage that some people might think their lives were better if they were the other sex and some people do suffer physical dysphoria that must be very difficult.”

        Again, yes, just like anyone might think they would be better off white/rich etc etc.

        “I believe perpetuating the idea that a sex change is possible will damage a lot of young people”

        I agree – I can’t understand how psychiatrists don’t focus on helping trans accept their birth gender. The trans refusal to accept reality is such spoiled brat behaviour.

        Life is painful for many people, yet more often than not they don’t get to change their circumstances just because they want to. Obviously people are able to better their circumstances, however that is achieved by accepting what is then making improvements. Those who deny rather than face reality are just running away from the problem. I can’t respect that. Many people put a lot of work and effort into creating better circumstances for themselves. Trans kinda piss all over that and I find it disrespectful (among other things).

        And yet trans have the audacity to call others privileged? I believe it’s arrested development and pandering to that creates more of a monster, the entitlement etc.

    • Adrian Says:

      Just google around “transabled.” It’s interesting how many of the “transabled” also just happen to be transgender.

      The identity aspects are fascinating (it’s that whole “how do I voluntarily join a marginalized group?” thing again, and in particular there’s quite the concern with presenting as disabled as a general concept, not being seen as able-bodied) but at least on pro- sites the identity issue doesn’t really get dug into lately.

      Too much of the criticism is simplistic and off the mark “people wanting pity” but if you read around for a while it’s a level deeper, I think – there’s a sense of people seeing a noble fight, a noble struggle, and wanting to be part of that. The desired image is never of someone helpless, it’s the complete opposite. It’s about being one of the strong people who “just happens to have a handicap” and tweaks the sensibilities of able-bodied people, with all the “look at me opening doors for walking people” and doing sports and “look at me zooming around with a full shopping cart” and being a “tough chick” all the time. How ordinary struggles just seemed meaningless but now, now life is exciting and motivating. How actually they’re doing the disability community a service, by being outspoken advocates for disability issues. It seems a distraction from whatever other actual issues they have going on in their own actual lives (and yes, there are plenty, just as it seems to be with so many transgendered people).

      But of course in a situation where space for voices is limited, they’re taking up room that actual PWD might otherwise want to talk, they are representing something they’re not – otherwise known as… of course… appropriation.

      It’s rare you find discussion with medical people weighing in, but when you do, yes, they point out that self-identification can’t be the basis for chopping off healthy legs or purposely paralyzing people. And there is flouncing. OH how there is flouncing.

      Meanwhile on transgender sites there is all kinds of fury that the transabled are appropriating the language of trans*, with absolutely no irony noted. Similarly they get angry about people going on about “transethnic” or “transracial” identities for appropriating the language of trans*. But yeah. The language is all the same, and it’s always about the “born in the wrong body” thing. To get legitimacy, they have to show that there’s something physically different about their brain that makes the body officially “mismatched.”

      Transgender of course clings to the “female brain” thing, because they can say, well, hey, there’s hormones involved prenatally!! So that must be it!!! Must have a laydee brain! Really! (“epigenetics” I read it called here the other day?) And they’ll poo-poo the other identities on that basis.

      But the transabled similarly look for a physical issue, they are always trying to prove it’s somehow a neurological brain thing, not a psychological thing no no no.

      We’ll see if the transethnic manage to find some supposedly scientific physical “brain” basis for their appropriation. Should be interesting.

      Heck, I even see some similarities with the internet rush to widen the term “queer” (used in a positive way to mean “not square” pretty much) to every possible tiny deviance from 1950’s ideals (“I’m kinky!! That makes me queer!!!”), because there too there’s some sort of romance in the struggle.

  14. Trudy Says:

    You do realise Dr Curtis is a female to male transexual he is a he.

    I am not surprised these allegations have been made about him. In all honesty I question the logic of a transexual psychiatrist passing judgment for gender reassignment on people undergoing a traumatic and life changing experience which can be stressful. I hope he is stopped from practising in this field. I certainly would never go to him and I have been a post op for 10 years with no regrets.

  15. liberalsareinsane Says:

    “You do realize Dr Curtis is a female to male transsexual he is a he”.

    SHE is a SHE. Anything else is delusion. And I will NOT participate is the trans loons charade of referring to men as women or women as men.

  16. GallusMag Says:

    This is Gold. Pure Gold. I’ll be doing a post soon on this hash tag started in response to the Curtis investigation:

    • anon male Says:

      Aww, Valenti is on the case!


      “check out #TransDocFail if you haven’t already – trans people sharing their experiences of routine medical malpractice and discrimination.”

      wow, must be nice to experience routine medicine of any kind.

      I can’t seem to find it, I scanned it for a friend like 10 years ago, but I once read this nursing magazine and they had a back page column, a one shot thing, by Random Trans Freelance Writer about some random gyno visit and the staff and how readers (nurses) need to get with the program. Imagine a magazine for MALE professionals where they featured an untrained yob of zero renown or distinction pontificating on how the job should be done?

      But what exactly is treating someone human with a human body, anyway? I mean, you got the dudes coming in and flashing their dicks who want their lady stick delusions confirmed, rather than any physical diagnosis that would be properly preformed by a gp or urologist. You’ve got the dudes coming in who know they have dicks and just want to pay their co-pay/show medicaid card, flash their junk in a woman’s face, and run out like a john from a brothel. (fun for female medical professionals!) You’ve got the small number of artificial asshole installations who probably need help that the average gynecologist hasn’t received proper training for (let the gender experts learn and treat that shit!). Some of those with second assholes want them to be acknowledged as Veery FACTUAL vaginas (Please ask me if I’m on the pill or are pregnant, pretty please with rainbow cherry flavored snowflake on top!) while others don’t need to be humored as such and will find it offensive that they’re not being treated as extra special neo women.

      There is *no way* to predict what kind of psychological reinforcement these people are expecting and demanding until sitting there, handholding with them for 30 minutes and doctors sure as fuck don’t have time for that. Especially for medicaid and student insurance clients where they’ll get reimbursed jack with a side of shit. Maybe it’d be nice if 50% of every medical visit was spent on psychoanalysis and that’s the kind of attention all human beings deserve (if not all require.) But not only is it not realistic, it’s not an especially important priority compared to the very basic care a lot of us are missing out on.

      When churches stop having to do benefits for cancer patients’ medical bills AFTER THEY HAVE ALREADY DIED, my commie ass will worry about people with — omg — pronoun issues.

      • Marie-France Lesage Says:

        “…You’ve got the dudes coming in who know they have dicks and just want to pay their co-pay/show medicaid card, flash their junk in a woman’s face, and run out like a john from a brothel. (fun for female medical professionals!)…”


        What female ob/gyn office staff — or patients — should have to put up with Mr. LadyStick gunking up the waiting room, frightening all the other patients with his man hands and his hot eyes — and then flashing the doctor and nurses?

        He needs to go wave his Magik Girly Wand in the mirror and leave innocent doctors and nurses out of his perversions.

        Why shouldn’t he be arrested for that kind of behavior? Do we lose our right to be protected from sexual abuse by mentally unhinged perverts just because they throw down the “trans” card? Really?

      • sylvie Says:

        “Do we lose our right to be protected from sexual abuse by mentally unhinged perverts just because they throw down the “trans” card? Really?”

        It’s rude hey? Not to mention losing rights elsewhere. Everyone else’s rights are transphobic.

        Trans are perfectly “harmless” don’t you know? They need to be protected more than anyone else, even children it seems.

        Seems everyone else has to give up rights in order to protect trans, because everything is so much more harmful to trans than anyone else who might be affected by trans thoughts/actions etc.

        Everyone is so enlightened in TransLand. And yet.

        I don’t recall EVER reading/hearing a trans person empathise with someone else’s situation. If there is a slither of empathy, it seems to be offered in order that they can relate whatever the issue is back to themselves or trans in general (ala trans is worse off).

        Or it’s a thinly veiled snarcaustic, belittling poke at the “simple brained” folk who are obviously incapable of understanding what it’s like for trans.

      • Adrian Says:


        Where there needs to be gender tolerance is in the other direction – an M2T who is outwardly passing as a woman (and possibly even with the bottom surgery done) showing up at the UROLOGIST for a still very much necessary prostate exam should not be turned away at the urologist, and the same goes for F2T who still need to get a pap smear at the OB/GYN. The doctor has a job to do, and should do it, rather than outwardly freaking out about surgically transformed outer bits.

        But a lot of the complaints I see online are about M2T who insist on going to the OB/GYN “because I’m a woman and that’s where all the real women go” when they don’t have the parts that the OB/GYN is set up to service (and that includes the “neovagina”). (Worse yet, they’ll complain about free clinics for women who won’t serve M2T, when those clinics are run on shoestring budgets most of the time and again, aren’t going to have the special services that M2T need. They’ll call some clinic “transphobic” and then all the good little allies will think they shouldn’t support it either because it’s bigoted and they’ll lose ally points.)

        Think about it for a minute. Going to the doctor (the medical doctor) is the one place where by definition, physical biology is the name of the game, and where any distinctions are made. So sure, there’s no doubt dysphoria involved, because even the truest of the true believers have to confront that tiny place in the back of their minds where they know, deep down, that they can’t actually change sex, and a doctor is gonna know what’s up.

        When it comes to the GP, I imagine a lot of people are told to seek elsewhere if possible just due to fear that the doctor isn’t going to be able to offer the sort of support (blood checks, hormones adjustment, possible issues with the “neovagina,” whatever) that a trans* patient is gonna need. Committing to transition means signing up for a lifetime of “odd” medical needs that the vast majority of the population just plain doesn’t have.

      • Adrian Says:

        I should add though that even when the F2T go to the proper place for reproductive health checkups (i.e. the OB/GYN) some of them will get upset over the “transphobia” involved in having all the literature in the office about childbirth, pap smears, periods, whatever it is, using “she” and “her” and assuming its audience is women because of course “not only women have vaginas!!!!”

        I swear my eyes just roll right under the desk. I mean really?? They’re supposed to write everything “he or she” for OB/GYN patient audience, when F2T are what tiny percentage of the crowd? What if the rest of the women there prefer it the way it is, with the comforting “as annoying as this topic is, this is shared women’s space” feel to it?

      • sylvie Says:

        “What if the rest of the women there prefer it the way it is”

        Doesn’t seem to matter – trans rights trump anyone else’s preferences. They are Bad Women (TM) for not empathising with how transphobic it is etc.

      • sylvie Says:

        “Where there needs to be gender tolerance is in the other direction”

        It’s definitely lacking, and I find that really poor form on their part. In any comments I’ve read, trans never seem to fathom how the other person might feel (I’m suspecting because they can’t). Rather they always seem to dismiss the others feelings or response as “ignorant” or “small minded” or some other belittling remark.

        And yet trans always comment about how uncomfortable and harmful it is to have others bits or beliefs shoved in their faces. Surely it’s possible to stop for a moment and think “hey, they feel the same as me! Maybe I could be more understanding of that. I am asking other people to change their beliefs after all. I can imagine how I’d feel in their position.” Nope, it’s always “bad person doesn’t respect MY rights, burn them!” etc.

      • Beth Says:

        It just seems to be special snowflake status. Everyone should know everything about us and treat us accordingly. Sometimes, that’s just not how it is.

        Even as an actual female, I have to navigate the medical field. I have two separate doctors. One is for general physical complaints (influenza, bacterial infections, norovirus etc) and the other is mental and sexual health.

        Maybe I should be able to talk to one GP about everything, but the physical ailments GP is more family and geriatric oriented and it’s a very formal procedure. “Where is the problem?” Listen to chest, take blood pressure, observe etc. The mental/sexual health doctor wants to know what’s wrong and why something is wrong (“how have you been sleeping/eating?”)
        I also feel more comfortable at the latter, because it’s for young people.

        I’ve never been to the ob/gyn. A nurse takes your pap smear and sends it to a lab. Any issues I had (dysmennorhea, pap tests results) were done by the GP.

        Anyway, MtT’s has no business at a Ob/Gyn. They have none of the parts and none of the problems. It’s insanity. What would even happen?

        Doctor: “Where is your cervix?”
        MtT: “I don’t have one”
        D: “Oh, I understand. Cervical cancer is terrible. It’s fortunate we have the HPV vaccine.”
        MtT: “Yes, it is”
        D: “How are you doing after the hysterectomy? Any issues you need to address?”

        And then you either lie or tell them you never had female parts. If you lie and they run tests, they will find out you’re a male.

        Scenario 2
        D: “Are you having any problems with menstruation?”
        MtT: “I don’t menstruate”
        D: “Amenorrhea is very serious. We’ll send you for some tests”

        And then again, you’re found to be male.

        I feel like we’re taking a step backwards. After years of trying to get people to acknowledge the importance of science it is now seen as less important than fee fees. Seriously, some “men” have vaginas? Huh? Or do they want all doctors trained to understand trans issues?
        “It seems your laydee parts have…testicular…uhh…cancer of the laydee parts”

        As for FtT’s, if they’ve had no “bottom surgery” they will still face female problems. If they have had an oophorectomy the lack of ovaries and decreased estrogen/progesterone means heart disease and overall higher mortality. Um…yay? How could a doctor try and make sense of that? You’ve had an unecessary procedure (unless cancer related) which has increased your liklihood of death.


        Interesting read about sex determination genes and their ability to cause intersex:

  17. sylvie Says:

    “When churches stop having to do benefits for cancer patients’ medical bills AFTER THEY HAVE ALREADY DIED, my commie ass will worry about people with — omg — pronoun issues.”



    “Seriously. You don’t realise cis privilege until you read #transdocfail”

    Good grief.

  18. Dan Says:

    Are you nuts? I am FTM and never felt ‘butch’ , pressured or female. I have always felt male, even when in the lesbian community. It saved me becoming FTM.

    • moss Says:

      ‘Feeling male’ is bullshit.

      • Julia E Says:

        How do you know this Moss? Who are you to decide what other people do and do not feel? Are you the bearer of the key to the secrets of the universe? Do you realize that your attitude “Feeling male is bullshit” denies people’s sense of self and identity in the same way that colonialist enterprise and discourse denied people’s identities and decided what they were and what they were good for? Being transgender (MtF) is not a male conspiracy to dominate women and annex their bodies “from the inside out” and neither is it a way for people (FtM) to escape the oppression of women that exists in our society and “join the male front.” There are many many many gender identities, not only those that fit the binary categories of male and female but also those that defy them, that are somewhere in between, or something completely different – feminists should all embrace this possibility of self definition, and see the potential it holds for feminist goals, rather than contribute to trans people’s suffering.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Julia E – please see my response to you here before commenting again:

        You are welcome to return after your studies. Take care.

  19. Kalel Says:

    You really have no idea what your talking about. Unless you have been in that situation or you have felt that way I find it hard to believe you could ever comprehend the emotions Trans people feel. The pain and bigotry they feel because of people who have no understanding of the torment they are feeling . Yes there are worse things in the world like murder and rape on young girls in India which have been hung why don’t you say something about that . Try looking at the real disasters of the world and not the individual turmoils of people . Look at your own lives , judge yourself and leave those to live their lives .

    • GallusMag Says:

      I’m going to keep discussing whatever I want to discuss. Don’t come to MY space and tell me what I get to talk about in my own space, weirdo.

    • kesher Says:

      By that logic, does this mean that we don’t have to talk about transpeople’s oppression because little girls in India have it worse?

      The pendulum swings both ways.

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      Kal El is Superman’s real (Kryptonian) name. You, sir, are no Superman.

  20. Julia E Says:

    Saddens me to see such denial of people’s gender identity by insisting on calling Dr Curtis “she” and “her” – it boggles my mind to see that, instead of embracing people’s gender identity, the author resorts to the very SAME essentialist views (someone was born with male genitalia, therefore is a man, therefore can never be a woman/understand the suffering of women in a patriarchal society) that are a fundamental contribution to the oppression of women (women are biologically designed to give birth to children, therefore should stay home and raise them and are unfit to work, to give an example of such essentialist thinking). Why?! – no number of question marks can do justice here to my confusion and indignation here, but I feel like putting down a million.

    • GallusMag Says:

      On this blog we refer to people using pronouns/identifiers based on their sex, not their feelings or self-concept. This lends clarity to complex discussions around sex-roles, or “gender”. If you would prefer to read at a blog with a different framework for discussion I’m sure that would be fine. There are quite a few of them out there.

      Biological sex is static and unchanging. Human reproduction is dimorphic.

      Social sex roles (“gender”) creates a hierarchy whereby the class of humans that cannot gestate life (males) maintain power and control over the class that can (females). This system is enforced by cruelty and violence. This caste system is based on reproductive sex, not “identity” or self-concept.

      Feminists object to this caste system. Feminists object to this system of cruelty and violence. Discussing the existence of this caste system and its mechanisms of control does not cause the existence of the system being so illuminated. However, this system is so engrained into our culture on every level that observing it objectively can be a profoundly jarring experience for many.

      Rather than visiting feminist blogs to inform women that we cause our own oppression via the act of discussing it, and that we create something by shining a light onto it, and rather than holding onto those “million question marks”, I encourage you to further investigate feminist thought on the topic of gender. At the very least you can satisfy your “million questions”. I wish you the best of luck in this endeavor. Take good care.

  21. gina Says:

    there are other problems with reassignments inc other clinicians making decisions against the patients will, or using what they know. when they do the damage they don’t want to know.
    its a valid principle and procedure but you really must make sure its the right one. thats established inc thru genome scans and the choice remains the patients if possible. its similar to a computer just check which and who they are if necessary, but once it builds one i.e. builds you thats the end of that. don’t forget genetic clients do exist and may be transexed. if that occurs its psychopathic to try to change somebodies build itself. I mean I had gp,s overriding the hospital specialists even without consent then they wonder why I said “neverrrrr touch meeeee” and screamed my head off. the patients are built that way honestly but you must ensure the build “functions” on their genomes are working correctly or they may repair themselves with a different set of original data and switch back on. so they change their mind. the do that at nhs hospitals too at times. it simply repairs and comes back on. so you can get patches of gender dysphoria. if its a more serious fault as some are you can reassign them permanently. never tr to force somebody even if its temporary problems or interfere itll malfunction so badly the can die. you can use hrt its ok but must be done properly. we did check what was inside by the way and what the receptors etc were doing etc as far as technically possible and we do have 2 people so we had two relatives with the same but with a “mosaic” like build itself. so altho I am me and a girl I do have a girls disk in the raw. there are switching faults as far as we know. so theyre known hardware builds not just theories or whatever even to nhs psychiatrists and hospitals don’t ever tr to force somebody the pain is terrifying its like interfering with a rom rewrite on a computer the machne will collapse and stop obviously called dying i.e dropping dead in the end. the clients you will find arent mad or lying they are like that. its just a question of getting all the right bits working as a boy or girl to their wishes,, as what they wish is them, the will choose on the basis of the build code anyway.
    its a bit like that I would point out I am gina im not a boy. even up te hospital they went “default” and hid under the table once so they know im not male its like being a standard human you know actual standard unit ? that of course is a girl. tthere are other faults we know of. so we can confirm it is real but for gods sake get the right build to repair. they will burst otherwise its like a haemorrhage as they try to force the units round. its only and you may say that’s an understatement but its only that, just getting the wrong ones and trying to repair a standard “driver” like a whatever. it obviously is so damaged it may kill. they do work like scandisk or a defrag it can do it for months or possibly longer. its just I haven’t got any anything ive only got one. butt it is real and transsexuals or transexes are real, in those ones its what I call a sparkleeee computer the effect is they sparkle inside. you will find speed differences, lh differences build faults muscle damage frame errors and the like at times. and don’t let a brain conditioner near anybody. I just told you quick in case it helps. but hammersmith hospital had the other one years ago. theyre a bit like ais or kline felters. but I know I cant cope either…….. if they don’t stop this argument. just always get the right bits and pieces and don’t play wiht a gp or anyone who cant understand theyre transexes.
    if anyone dosent listen just walk out and go somewhere else.

    gina xxxx

    • GallusMag Says:

      Your desire to transgender is complicated by your apparent schizophrenia.

      A physician would rightly prioritize treatment of your schizophrenia over your desire to transgender.

      Good luck with your treatment. Goodbye.

  22. […] Richard Curtis had previously been placed under investigation by the UK General Medical Council following allegations of failure to follow accepted standards of […]

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