Is This Thing On ???

January 22, 2013


28 Responses to “Is This Thing On ???”

  1. afeministmother Says:

    Yes,welcome back!

  2. MarySunshine Says:

    I see it

  3. KittyBarber Says:

    GAME ON!!! Thanks, everyone!!! SO glad to have you back, GM. So very glad.

  4. Az Says:

    YOU ARE BACK! Praise and jubilations!

  5. michelle Says:

    Yay! Victory over the twansjacktivists, at least for the moment.

    Would be nice if this meant that WP was actually paying attention to where the real hate speech originates from and that all we have done is to discuss biological reality and the impact that fucked up legislation and proposed legislation has upon us…

  6. Diego Says:

    Yes, I see it

  7. Loup-loup garou Says:


  8. GallusMag Says:


  9. Loup-loup garou Says:

    Btw, do you keep hard copies of your posts? A piece of paper sitting in a manila folder cannot be hacked, and it can be scanned and uploaded on a moment’s notice.

  10. loveangellove Says:

    So fucking happy to have you back, Gallus x

  11. RedBean Says:

    Woop woop!! So glad you’re back Gallus 🙂

  12. Branjor Says:

    So glad to see you back, Gallus!

  13. weirdward Says:

    great to see you back 🙂

  14. amazondream Says:

    So glad you’re back Gallus!!

  15. girlsoftheinternet Says:

    I am SO relieved that this was resolved! Great to have you back!

  16. autumn11 Says:

    SO happy to see you back!!!!! ❤

    And so sorry you had to deal with this crap. Stay strong and tell it like it is. Your voice is so important.

  17. Bev Jo Says:

    Welcome back, Gallus Mag, our glorious champion for all women and girls!!! We will never stop loving and supporting you!!!


  18. Motherhood Says:

    Oh I am so happy you’re back. Really you are the best. I pasted below some touching and charming twitters that I found. Utter pretentions meets completely stupid and manipulative. I changed one name a bit in case people Google themselves. Also has anyone read the piece a couple of years ago in a Literary Journal called “The Believer” about the “trans/feminist” thing?

    Quotes From Stephan Ira Twiter
    blogs like gallus mag don’t just insult trans people, they invade our privacy & incite readers to physically harm us.

    I’m spending all my time rn trying to unlearn linear progress

    a lot of people say “radscum”

    (R)anet (Bl)ock I’ve filed two abuse violations and am tweeting them (in the middle of the night) to escalate my claim by morning.1/17/13 at 10:58

  19. Guls Says:

    Yay! Back in business 🙂

  20. Adrian Says:

    Whew!!! I was starting to get worried, there!

  21. Gayle Says:

    Welcome back. Yay!

  22. WordWoman Says:

    It is SO good to have you back!

    This whole thing has brought up that some of these blogs are at the cutting edge of radical feminism. They should be archived somewhere that is not vulnerable to attack.

    Some places have mirror sites in multiple states or countries, I don’t know if that is feasible and I’m no techie, but something like that. Plus, as Loup-loup garou notes good old fashioned paper in a manilla folder with some backup somewhere else would be good.

    You and some others have written some stellar posts that are fucking brilliant breakthroughs. Some of the commentary is also brilliant.

  23. Beth Says:

    Yay! This is a good day for us and for free speech!

  24. GallusMag Says:


  25. At least 70 percent of the time I think GallusMag is a tool. But I’m glad she’s back and speaking again. I support GallusMag’s right to speak and to be provocative, wrong or right. Long live GM. Down with the transmafia.

  26. magicpoppy Says:

    Mansplainin’ & Transplainin’ was taken down too, and it was only DIRECT QUOTES of transgender people! Anyone know if the person behind that site will put it up elsewhere? It was a great resource. The cult can’t let the plebes know what they’re up to in their own words, can they?

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