March 27, 2013

Sex matters.

It was recently announced that the Oregon Health Plan, which provides healthcare coverage to low-income residents of Oregon, will cover “medical care” for “transgender” children starting October 1, 2014. [1]

The official text of the Oregon Health Plan guideline reads:

“Hormone treatment is included on this line only for use in delaying the onset of puberty and/or continued pubertal development with GnRH analogues for gender questioning children and adolescents. This therapy should be initiated at the first physical changes of puberty, confirmed by pubertal levels of estradiol or testosterone, but no earlier than Tanner stages 2-3. Prior to initiation of puberty suppression therapy, adolescents must fulfill eligibility and readiness criteria and must have a comprehensive mental health evaluation. Ongoing psychological care is strongly encouraged for continued puberty suppression therapy.”

Under this guideline, services covered by the State of Oregon will include:

  • Mental health counseling
  • Evaluation by a pediatric specialist
  • Procedures…

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  1. asukamiyuke Says:

    Reblogged this on Sifting Through The Pulp and commented:
    Incredibly important article.

  2. I could not finish reading this as I was getting highly upset. This is wrong on so many levels. My younger sister played with my brothers’ toys as a small child even played with our dad’s shaver! This was back in the 90s-our folks didn’t drag her into a gender clinic and look she turned out just fine! She’s married now and with a kid on the way.

  3. And that proves…? Not all children and youth share your sister’s relationship to their identity. I’m happy that she’s doing fine.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Is this your entire response to this piece Jenn?

      • Violet Irene Says:

        “Jenn” is blinded by dollar signs and deafened by the sound kaching kaching. Greedy little medicaid thief–oink, oink, oink. Spend the public funds poisoning the bodies and minds of healthy young children–the working classes are always good for another tax squeeze.

        Meanwhile, a child who has been diagnosed and evaluated as needing urgent speech or physical therapy for a biological medical disorder or inherited genetic disorder in Oregon has to wait around 6-9 months to get a spot in a clinic with Medicaid funding. As the developmental clock ticks down…

    • Did I say that all children and youth should share an awesome bond with their biological sex? No, I did not. Let me reiterate…
      using my younger sister as an example-just because a girl plays with a “boy” toy does not mean she is a boy. She was (I use “was” because this happened in the past) a girl playing with her brother’s toy.

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