March 30, 2013

This week in Joy Ladin fuckery. Unbelievable.

Privilege Denying Tranny




Was poking around Good Reads last night and was shocked (not really) to see that Privilege Denying Tranny Of  the Year, Jay “Joy” Ladin,  rated his ex-wife’s book back in November of 2012. But things got better. Apparently  giving her a one star review wasn’t enough.



Check the date, his butt hurt so much about this book that he just posted a nasty review full of sexism and misogyny. Cause a woman  speaking about her experience with a narcissist like Joy Ladin makes her story unreliable cause it’s sooooo darn angry!! Check out the coded (or not so coded) words he chooses.  I love how he plugs his own  book while writing about how his ex-wife’s account isn’t to be trusted because she’s an angry women and as always it’s hard to evaluate the reliability of an angry women, plus she’s a bigot!!! She didn’t want to continue in a relationship with my lady wang! WAAAA!!! Also, isn’t this…

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  1. Anon Male Says:

    It sucks that the author of that was gangpiled for being who she is (but did people really expect Gawker to hire someone humble from Wisconsin? c’mon) because what she’s saying is solid. These dudes really do want to push themselves into women’s lives and then be completely erased from the narrative since they know what they deserve.

  2. Yep, fairly obvious misogynist codes there.

    And typical arrogance of male privilege to begin the *first sentence* of his review of his ex-wife’s book by implying she’s too emotive to know what she’s talking about.

    I feel for Christine Benvenuto.

  3. when you’re in a relationship with someone it neither belongs solely to you or the other party, it belongs to both of you jointly, and before spreading the intimate details of your personal lives around for all to see you should check that it’s something both of you are ok with. perhaps if joy had done that and taken actually christine’s views into consideration and respected them when writing their book (which came out first), then christine wouldn’t have felt it necessary to try and redress the balance.

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