Criticisms and Misconceptions From People Who Just Don’t Know What They’re Talking About

May 6, 2013

Trans*forming Mom’s response to GenderTrender commenters. Read more here:

Trans*forming Family

I’ve had this blog for about fourteen months, and during that time have considered myself fortunate to have received very few negative comments or emails regarding my decisions about my transgender child. I also rarely check my blog stats, and at any given time could not even tell you how many followers i have (although my son occasionally updates me). I find it easier to imagine that i’m just writing to those of you who regularly comment and to those few whom i’ve shared this blog with who know me personally than the overwhelming and intimidating thought that any and every human connected to the internet can read what i write here.

However, i recently discovered that some very kind folks were sharing the link to my blog with others on various websites, so i’ve started looking at my stats more often to see where folks are coming from, so…

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