HUB archives now open

May 19, 2013

From the Post:

“i would like to thank everyone who helped get the HUB archives back online, and to everyone who read, commented and contributed to the HUB project while it was still publishing. and i would invite everyone to revisit the archives, especially the early days because back then, HUB was glorious. it really was. it was something i will never forget.

* to the asshole who made the updating of literally thousands of links (among other things!) necessary, and caused thousands more dead links to be left across the internet on literally thousands of other blogs, posts, comments and platforms, linking to now nonexistent content, links which cannot or will not be updated: THANKS ASSHOLE. thanks especially for depriving people reading mainstream and fun-fem blogs of the chance — perhaps their only chance — to be exposed to radical content. because thats what was lost when the HUB went down.”


just wanted to let everyone know that the HUB has been reopened as an archives.  please note the new address:

also, the original wordpress address, which was still works, and all links to HUB content which include the original address, that is, links dropped PRIOR TO january, 2012 — when the domain was purchased — will still take you to the content.  all links to HUB after january, 2012 which contain the now-defunct address, will take you to the .com address, which is no longer under radfem control.

among other things, prior to the archives being made available, 3500+ tainted links within the HUB itself, that is, links in the HUB linking to the HUB had to be changed/updated to avoid taking people into (possibly) enemy territory via clicking through to the .com.  get it?  i am currently undertaking this link updating endeavor on my…

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