Who you calling bitch?

September 6, 2013

11 Responses to “Who you calling bitch?”

  1. 1899fcbarcelona Says:

    This is so sad. This is so sad because when the last guy at the end of the video assumed this person was a female the last guy had no problems calling this person a degrading name. Why am I not surprised?

    • 1899fcbarcelona Says:

      Let me rephrase that: when people made the assumption that this guy was a female…they would said horrible things to him…not so much when they found out he was in fact a male.

      • druidwinter Says:

        I see what you mean, when he got called a ‘bitch’, he outed himself as male to pull in that male privilege that signifies he is an ‘equal human’. Some of these guys do not want to fully pass because of the judgemental treatment guys show actual women. It is like they want a woman’s identity, for everything ‘fun’ but call in male privilege when the sexism gets bad.

      • 1899fcbarcelona Says:


      • Jaz Says:


        It was very typical of him as a male to assert his dudely privilege at the end when called bitch, rather than challenging it as abuse. He can just conveniently drop the pretence and shed the fantasy when men perpetrate misogynistic, female sex specific abuse, whereas we have no such defence. This is but one of the many differences between being a woman and pretending to be one.

        Also telling is how angry and disappointed that particular man was (at the end of the video), when he realised that he had directed aggression towards another man instead of a woman; this was clearly far less titillating for him than the abuse of (someone whom he initially perceived as) an actual woman.

        Anyway, this reminds me yet again that men are gross LOL. I’m so glad that I’ve always preferred women. Nothing will change that EVER!

      • red Says:

        I don’t read it that way. It was perfect counterpoint to drop into that pseudo angry tone.

        What I like about this guy is he retains “guy”. The make-up and the rest, they can’t erase “male” and he’s not trying to.

  2. red Says:

    Why is your voice so deep?

    I dunno maybe it’s cuz I got ballz.

    ~I love this guy.

    • Anon Male Says:

      I think he rocks, too.

      I’m not sure a falsetto delivered argument over calling women bitches would have been useful — virtually anything he said would have dispelled their reading of him, anyway.

      It’s interesting how few of the males engaged in this activity were doing it solo. It’s like the gangbang is their preferred relationship model.

      There should be a law against more than one male congregating together. They could hang out online all they want. I’m betting they/we would behave better there, too, if they didn’t have other dudes sitting next to them in real life…

  3. red Says:

    I think he’s in theatre. That makeup technique was just too pro for casual you Tubing. Also, no dissembling and tee hee-ing. And like the use of the male voice for “bitch”, his timing is impecable. See how he brings his hand, or forefinger up to touch his face when he’s a girl, and puts his leg up when he’s a guy?

    My browser sometimes doesn’t show all on these pix/vid links. What’s he got “below the fold” in those leg shots”? Is he flashing them?

  4. Ave Says:

    it’s funny how he is joking around about it but on the other hand tons of transes get all bent out of shape from worrying about if their voice is too low, if they’re ‘passable’, and other such garbage; they become prisoners of their own mind

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