Transgender Political Cartoons

October 7, 2013

J. Michael Bailey

J. Michael Bailey

Sheila Jeffreys, Janice Raymond, Radical Feminists

Sheila Jeffreys, Janice Raymond, Radical Feminists

Alice Dreger

Alice Dreger

Janice Raymond, Radical Feminists

Janice Raymond, Radical Feminists

Ray Blanchard

Ray Blanchard

Cathy Brennan

Cathy Brennan


Kenneth Zucker

Kenneth Zucker

Radical Feminists

Radical Feminists

27 Responses to “Transgender Political Cartoons”

  1. GallusMag Says:

    That Janice Raymond CD makes my neighbor’s windows bleed.

  2. anon Says:

    Dat last one. I’m sure Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell support you stealing their artwork for your bullshit.

  3. jo Says:

    Err okay…these pictures make me doubt the sanity of those who made them.
    I especially like the radfem one, which portrays the feminist as a sexxxy naked bisexual demon with some random photos of unhappy children pasted on. I don’t get the bowl though – is it a bowl full of male tears?

  4. Pegasus Says:

    Please take down the image of me. Thank you.

  5. Jane Says:

    I’m waiting for a version of that infamous Jew-as-world-crushing-squid cartoon with Brennan’s or Raymond’s face on it.

    Shit, I’m sorry, I’ve just given the transgender “creative” class an idea.

    Then again, it’s probably too subtle for the people who did the cartoons pictured here.

  6. This is some really appalling stuff 😦

  7. i tug foam Says:

    That Bugbrennan one is so lazy in comparison to the others. At least the ‘Moral Compass’ and bug spray ones have at least *some* effort involved, but a Nazi flag? Really? Couldn’t they at least have painted in a Hitler moustache? Or maybe attached her head to each end of the swastika? Where is the love and craft in that work? Kids these days.

    I think she should feel slighted they didn’t care enough to defame her properly.

  8. ibleedpurple Says:

    So basically trans critical people are either omipotent oppressors (The APA listens to Bailey, really?) responsible for murder or degenerate vermin. Populist propaganda by those who are more powerful than they pretend to be.

  9. Kay Says:

    These made me LOL hard. I’m crying! Thanks!!!

  10. SheilaG Says:

    “Populist propaganda by those who are more powerful than they pretend to be.” So dead on right ibleedpurple! This is exactly what we are dealing with. They pretend everything.

  11. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you for updating us on the trans cult enemies and also on the Brennan enemy since she’s still trolling. No shame in still plagiarizing you and going after you, though you’ve taught her so much. But then none of what she does is about defending women-only space or identity, which is why she plays both sides. It’s all about her. Which ends up being very boring, except for the harassment.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Narcissists are boring. Especially corporate drones who make millions targeting elderly retired folks, low income women, ethnic minorities and immigrants for the payday loan industry.

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