Prayer and Care for Dirt

November 6, 2013


Image 9

5 Responses to “Prayer and Care for Dirt”

  1. RedHester Says:

    dear sister dirt, i love you as i love my own beating heart. you are strong and powerful. love heals. love will heal. trust love to guide you through this night. rest when you need. cry when you need. scream loud. into the sky.

    i am enraged that you are ill. my heart gleams with this anger. your victory is assured.

    i love you. always.

  2. GallusMag Says:

    Also contact her about doing a guest post to help keep the lights on at her blog while she recovers. Thanks.

  3. S. Says:

    Thanks Gallus for posting this.

  4. Ave Says:

    It’s good how she writes to make sure to get things checked out even if one has dysphoria…

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