Is This The Best Girl BMX Rider Ever?

June 12, 2014


19 Responses to “Is This The Best Girl BMX Rider Ever?”

  1. druidwinter Says:

    No big deal, it is just a guy. So, If Neil Armstrong put on a pair of garters & stockings they would declare him first woman on the moon?

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      Sad to say, the answer to your question is ‘yes.’ Insanity.

      • Adrian Says:

        Yep. RETROACTIVELY even, which is the even more crazy part. No need for him to have actually had the garter and stockings on while actually on the moon.

    • morag99 Says:

      Armstrong would have to be wearing his garters and stockings OVER his moon suit, which could be a problem. Someone could photoshop it, though.

      With a photograph like that in circulation, “the first woman to walk on the moon” could be scratched off the Equality To-Do List, and the entire universe could be declared safe and fit for female existence.

      Trans is retro-active, right? Trans women don’t “become” women, they say; they are and have been women all along. This transgenderist tenet leaves the past wide-open for revision.

      • “Trans is retro-active, right? Trans women don’t “become” women, they say; they are and have been women all along”

        I always try and use this against them.
        Because you’ve got Johhny come-lately types who transition at 50+ and then suggest that all the male posturing was just a cover up for their “true” fweelings!

        By that logic, we could all be trans. I could turn around at 85 and say “Yep, I was a man all along” and there’s not a fucking thing they could do about it.

        So, they can’t “cis” me because I could be trans. Dysphoria isn’t necessary for a diagnosis.

        I really feel that a great way to point attention to the moist turd that defines trans ideology is if FtT start moving into men’s spaces en masse.

        Because we all know that men only seem to give a shit when things effect THEM.

        However, because FtT are actually women and have been socialised as women to not “rock” the boat this is probably never going to happen.

        How about if we start trans-ing all women who commit sexual assault? Overwhelming majority of sexual violence is perpetuated by males. Males in other species often are quite forceful during sexual encounters. I therefore think it is logical that sexual violence is a male “behaviour”, ingrained into their brain from birth.
        So, I declare that all women that commit sexual assault on anyone are now men. /s

        …reckon that would go down well?


      • morag99 Says:

        Yes, bethany, everything you say here is perfectly consistent within a trans framework.

        In fact, when I listen to transy talk and watch their sociopathic transy behaviour, I can just feel myself transitioning into the true man I always was. The male essence was there all along. An innately violent essence, of course! Nobody can say otherwise. So there.

        Let’s start trans-ing, not just very rare female predators and psychopaths, but ALL healthy women who need to stand up to male supremacists in terms they can understand. I fully expect police officers and judges to be sympathetic to and tolerant of our identities and their corresponding natural behaviours. By gum, it might just work!

      • kesher Says:

        Well there was a transman who was ridiculed for using the men’s locker room at a public pool and kicked out by staff members who then turned around and sued.

        But I don’t think it’s just women’s propensity for not rocking the boat that would cause transmen not to invade men’s spaces en masse. (Although I have noticed that very few transmen have been jumping on the “cis are hateful for not having sex with me”/death threats for misgendering bandwagon. That seems to be more the domain of “lesbian” transwomen. No heterosexual male entitlement or socialization there at all.) I think all but a very small number of transmen know the score, that entering men’s spaces is extremely dangerous for them. I certainly haven’t heard of any demanding access to men’s prisons, because of course that would be suicide.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Good points, bethany. We’re all Schroedinger’s Trans, as far as they know, so our identities and personhood should be honored as much as, if not more than theirs. We’re Transtransgendered, which makes us the most oppressedessest.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Druidwinter your twitter account is set to private so no one can see that. Bad link.

      • lin Says:

        kesher, Amazingly enough, I did read of one f2t who was in a male lockup (not sure if jail or prison) and seemed to be fine with it EXCEPT she complained when guards called out her name, they used her birth name and thereby outed her and made her vulnerable. I was really surprised. But I’m pretty sure it was more like a short stay in jail, not a long prison sentence.

      • jordansnyder Says:

        What the hell is a FtT or f2t? You know it’s f2m or ftm, right? Female-to-male. Not that hard. Your complete ignorance of trans issues is painfully apparent in your bigoted ramblings.

      • kesher Says:

        They’re aware of the preferred nomenclature; they prefer not to use it.

  2. druidwinter Says:
    my apologies, I have to keep my twitter on private, but I posted it again here..

  3. PunkyBrewster Says:

    As a woman I find this article offensive. It suggests that only MALE-born people can do these kind of things. F’n bullshit.

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