Transwoman arrested for attempted murder by arson of facial feminization surgeon Dr. Ousterhout

January 8, 2015

 Photo from the San Francisco Chronicle: Mike Kepka

Photo from the San Francisco Chronicle: Mike Kepka

A transwoman being described as a “disgruntled ex-patient” was arrested yesterday for the attempted murder by arson of Dr. Douglas Ousterhout, a long-time specialist in transgender facial feminization surgery. On Monday the suspect allegedly doused the front and back of the surgeon’s home with gasoline, then ignited it, after a reported “physical confrontation” earlier in the day. The doctor was home cooking dinner at the time and the fire was extinguished without injury. Dr. Ousterhout lives in the San Francisco landmark home used as the movie set for the Robin William’s crossdressing film “Mrs. Doubtfire”.

The suspect, Tyqwon Eugenen Welch, 25, was located by police on Wednesday and detained and booked on charges of attempted murder, arson, possession of an incendiary device, criminal threats, and trespassing. Police kept Ousterhout’s residence under police watch until the suspect was apprehended.

Before Welch was arrested, some in the LGBT community wondered if another ex-patient, infamous in the transgender community for campaigning against the doctor, may have been involved.

Transgender facial feminization is a small and notoriously acrimonious and competitive specialty. Physicians have been accused of running smear campaigns against one another, lawsuits have been filed, and disgruntled ex-patients have been arrested.

Ousterhout, 79, has reportedly announced, then retracted, his retirement at least twice in the last four years. He continues to practice.

39 Responses to “Transwoman arrested for attempted murder by arson of facial feminization surgeon Dr. Ousterhout”

  1. SUrvivorthriver Says:

    Maybe the docs will get the message these are crazy men and often violent.

  2. GallusMag Says:

    Sometimes people wonder why so many pro-gender folks read GenderTrender, which is critical of gender. There are many reasons for that, but a big one is that they want to read news about their own community that is suppressed by LGBT sites. You’ll note that this story and my previous post (Allison Woolbert’s resignation due to rape conviction) have not been covered on a single GLBT news site. Total blackout.

  3. Siobhan Says:

    And the mainstream press (LA times, etc) just insist that “a woman” is being charged with the crime. No mention of the trans. Way to skew crime statistics.

    • ImNoCissie Says:

      YES! This was going to be my comment.

      I was going to temper it with “I’ve only picked up on a few headlines and didn’t dig deeper buuuut…..” it sure looked like a woman set fire to the Doubtfire house for some obscure reason, not readily apparent in the first 2 paragraphs of the stories.

      Now I know it wasn’t just me.

  4. michelle Says:

    so, basically YET ANOTHER deranged and violent male attempting to pose as a woman…at least this one was unsuccessful in their attempt to murder someone.

    • alysdexia Says:
      The “typical” arsonist

      Arson is predominantly committed by males, a trend which is consistent with patterns of participation in criminal activity generally (Farrington, 1996). Stewart (1993) quotes a ratio of 6:1 male to female arsonists based on crime and criminal statistics. Most studies involving a random sampling of arsonists have found approximately 80% or more are males (Bedford, 1997; Leong, 1992; Puri, Baxter, & Cordess, 1995; Rasanen, Hirvenoja, Hakko, & Vaisanen, 1994; Soothill & Pope, 1973). Younger (16 to 25 years old) arsonists appear most commonly in the literature, however this may be an artefact of a lack of criminal experience and resources, which leads to these individuals being over-represented in the criminal justice system.

      Arsonists compared to each other

      The differences between arsonists are interesting. For instance, from the relatively few studies that have been published comparing male and female firesetting behaviour, it appears that while female firesetters do not differ significantly from male firesetters across a broad range of psychosocial characteristics, gender differences are evident in criminal offence history and the reason for firesetting. Female firesetters are more likely to set fires for emotional reasons and to target residential property. Male firesetting behaviour tends to target commercial property and has a more instrumental focus.

      Arsonists compared to other offenders

      In terms of their demographic profile arsonists are typical of offenders generally. Where arsonists differentiate themselves from other offenders is mainly in the type of anti-social behaviour they undertake. For example, in their review of the relevant literature Vreeland and Levin (1980) found that firesetters tend to have a history of mainly property related crime rather than violent offences. Similarly, Tennent, McQuaid, Loughnane, and Hands (1971) reported that arsonists were more likely to have prior convictions for property damage and prostitution than other offenders in their sample were. Also, differences between arsonists and other offender groups have been noted in terms of certain personality characteristics and level of psychiatric disturbance. When compared with other offenders, arsonists frequently report lower levels of self-esteem, assertiveness, and communication skills, while evidencing higher sensitivity to insult and intolerance of frustration and tension. Further, many arsonists have a diagnosis of one or more serious psychiatric conditions, predominantly covering schizophrenia, personality disorder or mental retardation.

      Yet another deranged and deluded gender denialist who projects.

  5. kesher Says:

    It really figures that these guys have completely unrealistic expectations about what cosmetic surgery can achieve. I put at least part of the blame on medical professionals themselves. God forbid a doctor ever be honest with a patient.

  6. It really, really angers me that the p.c. whipped mainstream media bends over backwards not to “mis-gender” this man. If one googles it, most of the articles are something along the line, “Woman Accused of such and such”, or, “Woman Charged With Setting Fire”, etc. Bullshi*!

    It’s confusing as hell because at first glance it sounds like a woman is accused of setting fire to a plastic surgeon’s house. People have to read the entire article to figure out what really happened, and who the real suspect is.

    • kesher Says:

      It’s so enraging to me that the media are so obsessed with never “misgendering” a trans person or even just a crossdresser (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen news articles calling a man dressed as a woman “she” in the absence of any information about how he identifies), but make no attempt at basic journalistic ethics regarding black victims of crime or excessive force. A black person is killed in a high-profile incident, the press falls over themselves trying to find a photo that will look the most unsympathetic and thuggish. A black person is killed by a cop, the media goes even more crazy trying to prove why the victim had it coming. Meanwhile, the media will humanize a psychopath like Ted Bundy.

      So, to keep track, according to the media: White men: human; Trans “women”: human; Women: not human; “cis” black people of either sex: not human.

  7. Miep Says:

    “Oh poor us, we don’t have sufficient access to physicians who do transgender-related procedures.”

    “Something went wrong? Torch the fucker’s house.”

    Trans logic at its best.

    • DICE Says:

      Did anyone ever stop to think that perhaps the guy was forced to receive the surgery? Maybe he was simply attempting to achieve revenge for the forced feminization he was put through.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Reading forced feminization porn much, brah?

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        It’s obvious that Dice is a troll, but part of me would love to know how in the world he thinks this surgery could’ve been “forced.” Just to see how far the cray goes. Yeah, put down the porn, dude.

  8. DaveSquirrel Says:

    The surgeon seems to have specifically bought that house in 1997 after the film (1993). From the Daily Fail:

    The physician is one of the nation’s leading craniofacial surgeons performing procedures on transgender people.

    ‘I turn boys’ faces into girls’ faces,’ he told KNTV News last summer.

    Ousterhout, who bought the house in 1997, also said he was the perfect person to own the house featured in Mrs Doubtfire, which is about a man who disguises himself as an elderly female nanny.

    Cringing at the ‘turn(ing) boys’ faces into girls’ faces’, just ewww. And of course, the meeja reporting of “a woman” as the arsonist. Way to hide the facts.

    • Siobhan Says:

      Note that they also specify several times that it was a “female.” It wasn’t a “female” even in genderland. It was a male, who wanted to look like a woman.

  9. I’m surprised these doctors keep working with this population. How many have been attacked at this point? I guess profit trumps safety. I think trans women are being exploited in this regard, and it’s unfortunate that criticism of this surgical solution to a mental problem is not permitted in trans circles. I remember reading an article about facial plastic surgery and how difficult it is to do a natural jawline. Apparently anything you do to the jaw, even implants have a tendency to not look natural. And, of course, the jawline is where you can tell the girls from the boys so to speak. This happens much earlier than even puberty. From my observation it starts when boys start getting their permanent teeth which happens when they’re five or six. When those big man teeth start coming in the jaw becomes more prominent and the face elongates to accommodate the size. The jaw is also prone to infection and even bone death, so yeah, I can see a lot of potential for major malpractice here.

    The sad thing is, even with all this, and the tremendous amount of pain and expense involved, they still don’t look like women. Most don’t even look like feminine men. Plastic surgery is a tricky thing, and for some reason men don’t seem to come out of it nearly as well as women do. I mean, both have a tendency to look plastic and fake, but men seem to be more likely to wind up looking really weird and sometimes to the point of being unrecognizable. And that’s when they’re just trying to “freshen up” and look a little younger. The two that stand out in my mind are Kenny Rogers and Michael Douglas. Both were good looking men who basically ruined their faces. I would mention Mickey Rourke as well, but apparently most of the damage there was done in the boxing ring.

    For the most part we’re stuck with the bone structure we’re given. And the overwhelming majority of men are going to look like men, no matter what.

  10. GallusMag Says:

    “Ousterhout, 70, brings skills he acquired at the Center for Craniofacial Anomalies at the UCSF Medical Center, where for 25 years he was head surgeon and worked on children born with severe skull deformities. In 1998, when HMOs reduced reimbursements for skull surgery (“I wasn’t going to be able to afford my practice”), he switched to female feminization surgery full time.
    “Most plastic surgeons aren’t bone doctors,” Ousterhout says, “and never spend time really analyzing the difference between the female and male skull.” None, he claims, delivers the radical results he’s achieved with 918 procedures beginning in 1978.
    Surgeons who perform the work are rare. Ousterhout declined to estimate the current number, but Chicago plastic surgeon Mark L. Zukowski, who performs 80 to 100 facial feminizations per year, guesses there are “at most 12 (doctors) in the world, with three or four top people.” Beverly Hills surgeon Gary Alter, whose practice also includes sexual reassignment and labiaplasty, is one of the more prominent specialists and does about 50 facial feminization operations per year.
    For $22,000 to $40,000 [2006] — roughly twice the cost of sexual reassignment surgery — Ousterhout’s patients undergo as much as 10 1/2 hours of surgery. They remain in the hospital two days after surgery, then transfer to the Cocoon House, a bed-and-breakfast facility run by two nurses in Noe Valley, for eight days of convalescence.”

  11. alex Says:

    I hope these narcissistic dipshits start eating their own. Better than taking it all out on women.
    Anyone know what the story is with Chloe Sagal’s suicide attempt?

  12. alex Says:

    … Sorry, GM; didn’t mean to derail with the sagal query.
    Kesher’s comment is spot on; that media double standard shows exactly where these men are positioned on the “valuable to the establishment” totem, regardless of the individual circumstances of the perp.

  13. Bev Jo Says:

    I wish we could like comments here. Thank you so much for this, Gallus Mag. It’s infuriating that most people will think the arsonist was a woman. If nothing else gets people to question the trans cult, maybe that fact that these violent men are called “women” will, but then again, probably nothing will get through to their supporters — until they are attacked themselves.

  14. This is from:

    “The woman accused of setting fire to San Francisco’s “Mrs. Doubtfire” house was charged Thursday with attempted murder, prosecutors said.

    Tyqwon Welch, 25, faces felony charges of attempted murder, burning an inhabited dwelling, possession of an incendiary device, criminal threats and residential burglary, as well as misdemeanor charges of trespassing and making annoying phone calls in the Monday incident, according to the district attorney’s office.

    Welch identifies as a woman, according to police, but after a “detailed individual assessment,” deputies opted to house her in a men’s facility.

    Chief Deputy Kathy Gorwood, a spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department, said a “large number of factors are taken into account” when determining housing for inmates. Transgender suspects housed in a men’s facility are grouped outside general population with other “gender-non-conforming inmates,” Gorwood said. The group, though, still has all the rights of general population inmates.”

    I’m glad he wasn’t housed with women.

  15. Women have been getting so violent lately! Oh well, at least their representation in leadership positions and male-dominated workplaces such as IT is improving.

  16. GallusMag Says:

    A few news stories have claimed that the “disgruntled ex-patient” suspect was actually living in the residence with Dr. Ousterhout.

  17. shediogenes Says:

    yeah, as part of the contraband strip search, some intake officer at the jail had to say, “lift up your dick, now lift up your balls, now squat and cough, Ma’am.”

  18. silverside Says:

    Speaking of violent transwomen, just saw this update on this case from last year. Remember the case of the custodial dad in New York who left his 4-year-old son with his crazy trans “girlfriend” while he was in jail? The “girlfriend” brutally beat the boy and killed him. Now the media coverage simply calls the perpetrator a “woman.” His trans status has been completely erased from the public discourse.

  19. voosa8888 Says:

    MRA LOVE that maletrans crimes are viewed as women committing the violence. This shit train has to be stopped.

    • Miep Says:

      Wouldn’t it be nice if docs would get it through their heads that it’s probably not a good idea to profit off of enabling severe mental illness? Because maybe like if your patients don’t like the outcome they may take to attempting to seriously fuck up your life?

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