Daniel E Caswell AKA Ravyn Sorrow AKA Charity Caswell (USA)

January 17, 2015

Charity Caswell aka Daniel E Caswell aka Charity Lynn Caswell aka Ravyn Sorrow aka Soulless Empire aka Welsh Goth Girl

39 years old

Fixed income SSI

Originally from Columbus, Ohio

Phoenix AZ

Currently: Northern Nevada

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Gender Identity Watch

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14 Responses to “Daniel E Caswell AKA Ravyn Sorrow AKA Charity Caswell (USA)”

  1. GallusMag Says:

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  2. GallusMag Says:

    Ravyn · May 4, 2013 – 2:06 pm ·
    personally myself i think we all should take a step back and really not blame anyone yet until we truly know all of the facts. no one knows why she was killed or the motive and placing blame on others and pointing fingers is not really helping the arguement. personally if we just wait and see what evidences comes out then we will get a much clearer understanding of what is happening and then no one can get anger at each other and go about doxxing because of a discussion gone bad. i feel that maybe we all have to look at it from a reality that while yes its tragic not much we or anyone can do but either A) wait for the news report to come out or B) get up and go do something about it to make a difference in our world to make it more peaceful to all.
    Oh and just in case I happen to be told I am wrong and get dox’d. Here is my personal dox just in case anyone get mad at me and decides rage on me.
    Ravyn Sorrow

    381 south terrace ave.
columbus ohio 43204


    There..I have nothing to hide. So if I get dox’d then I helped you with my information so you don’t have to spend hours finding me to get me put on encyclopedia dramatica in case I happen to be wrong and some one wants to rage on me. :))


  3. GallusMag Says:

    I hope you are prosecuted Daniel.

    I will expose all of you fucks until my last breath. You have been warned. Leave women, lesbians, feminists alone. You WILL let us speak. Fuckers.

  4. This is terrifying to me. Women who fell for the politically correct bullsh** lies that all of these men have special “lady brains” and are totally harmless need to wake up and smell the coffee. Take the blinders off and have the courage to look at reality. Misogynistic twisted men like Charity Caswell aka Daniel E Caswell aka Charity Lynn Caswell aka Ravyn Sorrow aka Soulless Empire aka Welsh Goth Girl are crawling all over the internet emboldened by transgender activists who actually enjoy seeing women threatened this way.

    This is just one example of how misogyny is at the very core of current transgender politics. Transgender politics is just misogyny wrapped up in a colorful, politically correct package. Tear away the pretty outer layer, and it’s raw, cut to the bone misogyny. Indeed, when it’s beneficial to them, they use many of the same tactics to bully, intimidate, and harass women and feminists as do the most rabid anti-feminist MRAs.

    Any woman who takes the time to closely study and scrutinize their behavior can notice a familiar pattern. They cozy up to women and play on our natural instincts to be nurturing and not to offend anyone. They even have the audacity to say they are “feminists”, and woe to any woman who says otherwise. When they can’t control what women think, do, and say, they let loose the likes of Charity Caswell aka Daniel E Caswell aka Charity Lynn Caswell who gleefully use the same tactics that MRAs use to bash and intimidate women, particularly feminists. These are the same bullying tactics that men have used for thousands of years to silence women. Notice how he says, “why you have such hate towards men and transgender people.” He is aligning himself with men’s rights activists. If they can’t control women, she is a man hating dyke who deserved to be raped. Intimidating and shaming rape victims is an offensive tactic to silence women. Her children are bastard children. This is straight out of the anti-feminist men’s rights movement. The fact that these men identify as transgender, or are allied with transgender politics, doesn’t make it any different.

    This man should be sued for terrorizing a rape victim, and this is hate speech. If people can stand it without retching, read what this sick man said as he sadistically taunts and humiliates a rape victim. Calling a rape victim’s children, “bastard children”, and saying, “how did it feel when that man who raped you …made you shove his dick up your dyke ass and fucked you so raw you was crying so helplessly…” Women, please wake up. These men are dangerous.

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