Trying to give trans feminism a deeper meaning

January 20, 2015

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  1. GallusMag Says:

    This aging frat-boy rapist pig calls himself “a dyke”.

  2. GallusMag Says:

    Any lesbians at Portland State University that don’t pretend that this pig Alexander Johnson is “a dyke” better watch your back.

  3. weirdward Says:

    claims to be ‘a dyke’ but also says ‘clinging to bisexual’ (?). One bogus sexuality is not enough these days???

    Also: show me a real lesbian who has ever made large scale public rape threats against other lesbians who disagree with her about something.

    This guys fails at life.

  4. australopithecene Says:

    Are they even pretending to be like women anymore? I mean, is “abusive rapist man in a dress” now the definition of women?

    • Nah, they would never admit to violence, and would then turn around and threaten you for calling them a man in a dress.
      They think of themselves as “The vanguard in feminism, enlarging the boundaries of oppressive biology (dicks are female organs), and a superior example for all wombyn to follow.
      But we all knew that already, right?

      • I’m learning. Is the next step that women are not real woman because they can’t ejaculate? I predict this trope by the end of the year.

      • Bea Says:

        Some females can, australo. Though obviously it’s not semen. The fluid is thought to originate from the Skene’s gland.

      • >:) Says:

        @Bea Female ejaculation is pee forced out by a contraction. Contractions during labor can force pee out too, and post contractions [after the baby, there are contractions that make the uterus shrink back into place that take place even weeks later that cause ‘squirting’]. There is always some urine in the bladder, even after it is emptied. It is an involuntary squirt of pee mixed with other secretions. Men, and the porn industry are always on a campaign to prove it must be some magical sex-fluid produced by bein’ sexay, but it is actually related to incontinence.

      • born free & female Says:

        The next step is to say “some women can ejaculate, therefore anyone who ejaculates can be a woman.”

  5. GallusMag Says:

    These are the “male dykes” the lesbian community has been dealing with for the last fifteen years.

  6. How many times have men said, “Feminists just need a man to fuck them”? Transgender men have no idea how transparent they are.

  7. FrustratedRadFem Says:

    You know how you know he’s a dude?

    He describes sex as “plowing”, men often use words like that to describe it, usually referring to women as if we’re property. Men write this in the comment section no matter how irrelevant it is.

    They sound like every other misogynist on the Internet. If they hate women do much why do they want to be us. It’s buffalo bill-ism creepy as hell. Why do so many feminists let these pricks push them around they don’t have the same level of patience for other women the way they do them.  How is this not obvious to them? Are they scared of them or do they actually think these transactivists are our political allies.
    What have they actually done for women if they want political partnership they need to reciprocate. 

    How do they have the level of influence the do (white male privilege I know) but how did they infiltrate out movement? 

    Why is it that actual women can’t gather this level of authority and deference even within progressive circles. Everything we say is up for debate and our research and evidence is always too ‘biased’ yet men can say absolute bullshit and it’s considered law. I mean the ‘I was born in the wrong body’ narrative, doesn’t sound too scientific it sounds psuedo-spiritual, where are all the ‘rational’ men questioning that. They mock women for believing in ‘hippy’ stuff like horoscopes and healing crystals  so why aren’t they belittling their gender identity belief system.

    How come ‘gender identity’ laws were created without consultation with the general female population (no seriously they went to the male lawmakers and didn’t ask us first they only make demands of unconditional support and loyalty). 

    The men in charge get to decide whether they’ll accept feminist propositions and revoke them for any reason they like. Men own the law. Sorry for the rant but I can’t believe how stunted ‘feminism’ has become.

    • GallusMag Says:

      We HAVE HAD ENOUGH. It is PUSHBACK TIME. Holy shit!

    • GallusMag Says:

      “He describes sex as “plowing”, men often use words like that to describe it, usually referring to women as if we’re property.”

      You know what gets plowed? DIRT. That’s what we are to them TERF.

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        Off topic, but speaking of “plowing”, Quran 2:223 “Your women are fertile fields for you, so come to your fertile fields however you like…” – Aisha Bewley translation.

    • Mortadella Says:

      Yeah. I was asking myself the same questions last night when I made my last post at a feminist web site known for mocking MRAs. I don’t recall how the subject came up — trans identity, which certain bloggers always manage to bring up. But then suddenly all these transwomen and their funfem handmaidens were flinging the word TERF around.
      A couple of Radfems backed off and disappeared but a few posters with science based careers kept challenging them because the idea of biology being some kind of optional belief system weirded them out too much.
      I have no idea how this happened.
      Maybe it was around the ’80s, when some people thought the worst crime of feminism was its lack of sex appeal. Now, if you don’t let a guy come in your face you’re an evil asshole. Third wave feminism combined with the digital age has turned out to be a ghastly combination.
      Anyhoo, it’s amazing how much these guys leech off of women’s spaces. They’ve got baby fems fighting their battles for them. Trying to pass a penis off as female isn’t a woman’s issue. But, eh, **eyeroll**

      • australopithecene Says:

        If it’s the site I think you mean, I really enjoy the posts there, but never read the comments. It’s chocka-block with trendy dimwits, and everyone sounds like they’re about fourteen. And yeah, I’ve always wondered why a site devoted to making fun of misogyny leaves the ladyboys alone. He could do several posts about their misogynistic online presence. There’s material there for months.

      • alex Says:

        Me too Mortadella.
        Gender critical feminists: banned now from speaking there.
        MRA’s: still good to go.
        Definitely a win for the self appointed defenders of freeze peach.

  8. tnt666 Says:

    From this female atheist bi to all the lesbians reading this. I SO support your right, to ridicule this monster, what a despicable ass creep MRA rapey pig. It is beyond me that society is condoning this religious patriarchal shit. ARGH!

  9. FrustratedRadFem Says:

    I think they mean ‘plowing’ in violent way. I just looked up plowing because I thought it meant barging and roughly pushing and saw that it is farm equipment (learn something new) and to liken sex or more a accurately his penis to that thing is really telling. Radfems who speak about how men see us as nature and feel the need to ‘rape’ and destroy it are right in their analysis.

    Also that Transwoman in one of your other post  who said he would ‘masturbate furiously’ while eating. That is not something a woman would say that is something a flasher says and then does. Behaviour wise they don’t pass. What do they have in common with women? Nothing. 
    When this bullshit finally is exposed to the general public it’s going to be feminists blamed for this.  

    I swear to god liberal feminists can’t  strategise even if they needed to save their own lives.  I don’t know why the elected themselves to be the representative  of women too many of them are really embarrassing. Case in point- ‘slut shaming’ they think it means woman who has sex but thats only part of the definition. It comes from the word ‘sluttish’ which means a slovenly woman or one cant keep house (which is sexist by itself)  but the word slut actually means dirty woman-as in has stds or in almost a spiritual sense unclean. Why do they think pornography refers to sex a dirty and filthy and in gross terms they think women are dirty in a biblical sense and want to ‘prove’ it by doing heinous things to women. Pornographers are more like priests than they like to think they are. Off topic I know but I needed to say that.

    • Lib fems aren’t just useless, they are actively dangerous. Of course it’s men that are the real problem, but the lib pozzers have helped them gut mainstream support for actual womens lib. They have also alienated most non feminist women with their outrageous sexual beliefs. Feminism may never be popular, but this backlash has been very damaging to women and women know it.

      By putting the feminist “stamp of approval” on this genderist crap (plus: “equality”, porn, prostitution, sBDSM/ kink perversions etc), they make it seem acceptable to the very people that should be fighting it. This encourages those that would generally be against it to consider it, and does nothing to dissuade those going down that path— especially vulnerable girls and women that need to see those things for what they are.

      Their individualism makes group efforts impossible. Facing a congress that’s determined to get rid of abortion this session, lib fems have no way to effectively oppose this horror show. Even places that are supposed to be set up for womens needs are being colonized (PP).


  10. gunhild Says:

    “Plough”? What a ridiculous way of refering to sex. Aren’t these men embarassed. If they truly could see themselves, they would die of shame.

    Anyway replace TERF with feminist/lesbian and transwoman with man/MRA or something. That’s what they’re actually talking about. And I hope every woman wakes up and realizes that.

  11. Nope to get plowed by some gross dude isn’t a dream – it’s a nightmare. That’s the reason these pigs in wigs are so bitter. No lesbian wants them. No woman with common sense wants to get near them. They are sexually frustrated monsters with bloated egos.

  12. Miep Says:

    I would guess “plow” goes back to the belief that men “spread their seed” and women are just a thing for the seed to grow in. Men still use that phrase, even though eggs correspond to seed and sperm is more like pollen.

    But in this context, it represents the idea that non-compliant women are crazy and that dicking them (us) is the cure for the crazy, a shockingly widespread idea amongst men. Liberal men especially tend to see this as healthy; dick a woman enough and she’ll pay off like a slot machine, and this idea is already so transgressive that expanding it to violent rape is less of a leap than one might think.

    • Biscuit Says:

      There’s a bit in the “Second Sex” about that. Men have been comparing sex with plowing the soil for centuries.

      These days, I have never, ever heard anyone that wasn’t a vile misogynist refer to sex as “plowing.”

      • alex Says:

        Biscuit, they know it and they’re rubbing our noses in the fact no one with power will call them on it. And on a personal level they keep doing it because they get off on the violation.

    • Bea Says:

      He is still engaging in PIV? These sickos confuse the hell out of me.
      I thought they had “dysphoria” when they used their penises like men?

      There has been a reason these damaged men were kept on the margins of society in the past- very few of them are merely “gender non-conforming,” they are histrionic man-children. Even the MRAs are more collected and adultlike than them.

      Last night I actually saw them bullying heterosexual men about not wanting to be intimate with their ladysticks and surgical cavities, so that was nice. Maybe at some point they’ll start unknowingly bullying politicians and they’ll realize they don’t want these guys in the bathroom with their daughters. A gal can dream.

      • Bea Says:

        I apologize if that comment sounded pandering to men. What I meant was that I hope the trans brigade gets bold enough to start harrassing hetero dudes en masse (considering the fact that they are hyper-privileged and insane, I don’t see why they won’t). I just hope their crazy goes more mainstream is all.

      • kesher Says:

        Seems to me that “dysphoria” would preclude using one’s ladystick for any plowing, yet another reason why rapists shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves trans.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      It’s like how they used to market vibrators to women as a cure for “hysteria.” Our concerns aren’t valid. We just need to get laid. Problem solved! argh…

  13. BadDyke Says:

    Plow (plough?), drill, whatever, ALL the usual violent and invasive words for PIV. I hadn’t really thought of plough that deeply before, but we have what a scratch plough does to the earth — rips the soil open, digs in, exposes what was formerly hidden, all so that the (male) farmer can then plant his seed. The major change in history from hunter/gatherers to a farming economy. From taking what was given, as it were, to just taking. So, we have in Bengali society as well, women are the field that men own and cultivate; women receive men’s seed and bear their fruit.

    So, about as patriarchal a word to describe it as you can get, and guess who uses it…………………

  14. It goes back almost 5000 years. There’s a hymn to Inanna,the Sumerian great goddess with a line where she asks “Who will plow my vulva?” She was being viewed as the fertile Earth. It was definitely she who was requesting it and the context was supposedly a joyous one leading to the prosperous growth of all the World.She was in charge of who would do it to her.

    • alex Says:

      Ahahaha. Ahaha.

      Well, if a translation (More than likely by a man) of a 5000 year old piece of poetry(More than likely by a man) personifying a part of the natural world as a gendered human says it, it must be true. The earth consented to be plowed, guys! She was totally cool with it so that invalidates your dissent to this rapey rhetoric 4 evar!!

      Robert, can you see that men defining what women can be, silencing them, then writing over the history of their dissent and self definition with alien and vile words and concepts they claim to be ours is the whole of the point?! Why would you think made up women’s words are comparable to real women’s words? Oh right, because you defend the men who do.

    • morag99 Says:

      Well, that’s all very nice — for the 5,000 year-old Sumerian Great Goddess who so wanted a baby.

      These men, however, are lower forms of life, rapists and sociopaths, who shouldn’t be permitted to come within 100 feet of any girl or woman on Earth.

    • hearthrising Says:

      I thought about the sacred songs to Inanna when I read that tweet, and I would not be surprised if Mr. Deeper Meaning meant to allude to that, or at least got the metaphor there. Lots of trans also identify as Pagan. To use it in such an awful context makes it much worse. Though Sumeria was a patriarchal culture, I doubt very much that they tolerated this kind of creepy language used to insult women. Wonder what Inanna would think of this guy?

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      But that’s what the sex pozzies say – they’re in charge of who would do it to them. Are they?

      I really can’t think of Inanna as a sex pozzie. I just can’t.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      So, if one woman claims to like being called a dirty slut while a man spits in her face, the rest of us should like that too, right? Because that one woman was supposedly “in charge” of who got to do it to her?

      • FrustratedRadFem Says:

        Except she isn’t in charge of anything and thats violence and women and should be stamped out. Honestly it feels like a rape trial when I hear idiot exclaiming women love being abused and brutalised.

        Women in pornography have ‘managers’ who arrange her ‘job’ the pornographers choose who her partners are and what will happen to her, they often lie to her about what will happen and coerce and threaten her when she’s isolated that’s rape and fits the definition of sex trafficking. So much for women choosing her mates.  If she objects well he’ll scream at her and refuse payment but he’ll still have the record of her ‘work’ it’s the perfect blackmail material. Pornographers and it’s consumers are angry that women can choose who they have sex with so and that we have advanced in society that they want to punish women for it. They admit openly I remember one pornographers saying something along the lines of ‘of course porn encourages violence against women but I don’t care I hate those bitches……I’m getting a divorce American women are scum’ not exact quote.

        I really wish people would realise this isn’t consent you can’t contract for consent to sex. How do these fuckers claim to be all sexy-fun when they draft up contracts to trap women and have lawyers on speed dial. Honestly they are successful MRAs. Sexually servicing me isn’t empowering men have been demanding that for millennia in both marriage and prostitution. Empowerment is the new Lie back and think of England.

        Libfems begrudge men who believe because they’ve spent time and money on her that she owes him something but think it is ok to throw money at women (who are often in desperate situations) and extort sexual contact from her at his demand and say that this is in any way ok. Do you think they really believe its ’empowering’ or are they just repeating what they’ve been told? 

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Precisely, FrustratedRadFem. I don’t buy any of that empowerment garbage, and find it further insulting when men and libs cite brainwashed, damaged women as proof that sex work and bdsm are an expression of feminine power.

    • shediogenes Says:

      So what your saying, Robert, is that men have been fantasizing about women, Goddesses, beckoning men to come plow them and calling their sick self-serving impersonation of women art, and for at least 5000 years? But to hell with with raping and pillaging, whether its the earth or women, because she asked for it, PROOF!! a hymn, written by some dude 5000 years ago, impersonating a woman, defining the Goddess, and..big shock, men defined the Goddess as fuckable. Her fuckability was inspiring enough to merit a hymn, WOW.
      5000 year old proof that these dudes never change.

      • Bea Says:

        The earth was “just asking for it.” 🍂

      • Fountain of Gender Says:

        Reminds me of that George Carlin bit where he was talking about men blaming women for rape and the pillaging of the Earth. “Ey, she was asking for it.”

      • neme Says:

        These creeps always show their true colors eventually. So fabulous to have it mansplained that we CHOOSE to get raped. How about you STFU, Bobby.

    • Smits Says:

      You do realise this was a metaphor arising from an ancient understanding of human reproductive biology in which people believed that semen was a seed that “planted” a fetus in the uterus in much the same way as one plants a seed in the ground? The phrasing remains misogynistic but at least makes sense from people who had no idea what an ova was. I know reproductive biology is now transphobic but I should at least hope trans activists haven’t regressed to the point that they think a uterus is a plant pot.

      • Bob Doublin Says:

        I am sorry. I had no intention at all of implying anything other than they,transjacktivists, took a metaphor and transformed it into a vicious,sadistic assault. The poem mentioned was written by a woman,the Priestess Enheduanna. I agree with what hearthrising said. Thank you for your comment hearthrising.

      • born free & female Says:

        I appreciate the clarification and am glad I didn’t tell you to go plow yourself.

  15. Bev Jo Says:

    These fucking men can’t hide who and what they are. Men aren’t Dykes, no matter what con they try.

    And the only sexual access these men posing as women will have have with real Dykes is to rape us. The rape threat is always there, but they will never have intimacy with real Dykes, by definition.

  16. SaraClue Says:

    “Je suis chatte”? Non, vous êtes un mec.

  17. alex Says:

    Humans are a sexually dimorphic species.

    But don’t fret, just click your heels together three times and say “transphobe! transphobe! transphobe!”, and before you know it, you’ll be back in Liberal Land, where words mean whatever men say they do.

  18. alex Says:

    Je Suis Chatte?
    ce n’est pas une pipe!

  19. alex Says:

    “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”

    “OMG Transphobe!!
    You’re LITERALLY.

  20. alex Says:

    A cigar is whatever it says it is!

  21. Hey ladies!

    I’ve changed my bio to something a bit humbler since this delightful post: Eats crow for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Regardless, I came here because I feel like it’s lacking a little punch.

    So I thought of a game. The commenters of GenderTrender shall be allowed to write a new twitter bio for me (160 characters max).

    Whichever bio gets the most replies in this comments section wins.

    The catch:
    Whatever I end up with, I’m only keeping it for 24 hours. My fragile male ego can’t handle anymore.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Hey Alexander: We won’t be servicing you with your “little game” with “the ladies” here. I did approve your comment though so everyone can see what a horrible prick you are.

      • Lol what a narcissist.

      • Well in that case I’m sorry for bothering you. I’ll let you get on with turning this pig into bacon.

        -A horrible little prick.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yeah I’m not actually “turning you into” anything by presenting your words as spoken by you. Whatever you’ve become is all your own doing bro.

      • GallusMag Says:

        It’s incredible what women “turn men into” when we observe and acknowledge the things they say and do. Like magic!

      • Teal Deer Says:

        What an entitled schmuck. Cute how he pretends we’re manufacturing an image for him by reposting and discussing his own words.

      • morag99 Says:

        Well, they believe in magic, don’t they?

      • FOAnonMale Says:

        The game he’s trying to play is like one of those masochist forced-feminization fantasies.

        Like, “hey gals, tie me up and write an encyclopedia dramatica entry for me while I coo and heave my bosom at the surrender of control!”

        There are two ways to make amends:

        1. A card and baked goods

        2. If the first option is completely inappropriate, just stay the hell away for the rest of your life

        If your behavior frequently, or maybe just even once, indicates #2 (which is applicable to the above tweets), you have a serious fucking problem.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “The game he’s trying to play is like one of those masochist forced-feminization fantasies.”


      • Rapey misogynist creepy male autogynephiles = every woman’s dream!

      • Akira Says:

        No, if you’re raped ever, at any point in your life, male or female, you DO NOT post triggering stuff like that. I doubt that guy was ever sexually assaulted in any way.

      • neme Says:

        Just more of his disgusting fantasy life, his complete lack of empathy for females, his sociopathic dismissal of actual rape survivors, and rapey insistence that we participate in his sickness.

    • shediogenes Says:


      • shediogenes Says:

        remember when ‘game’ and ‘play’ meant gin rummy, or a friendly match of parchesy? Playing games with delusional dudes… again, yawn.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      “The commenters of GenderTrender SHALL BE ALLOWED…”

      Fuck you, Alexander. We write and say what we want, when we want. Especially when it comes to rape-loving pricks like you. We don’t need your direction or permission for shit, dude. Go suck on that.

      “Whichever bio gets the most replies in this comments section wins.” So he comes here and expects to be able to take over the blog. Dude, you just. don’t. get. it., do you? Your ego and sense of entitlement have to go down in the tranny record books.

    • born free & female Says:

      When women call him out on his bullshit, he figures we’ll play a game with him.

      When men call him out on his bullshit, he apologizes. (There’s a link further down in the thread.)

      Men count; women don’t. That’s trans activism in a nutshell.

  22. CKE Says:

    This person apparently has issued an apology, FYI:

    (Miranda Yardley and Gender Minefield are both “gender critical” transwomen.)

    • CKE Says:

      P.S. I didn’t mean “gender critical” to be sarcastic. I just wasn’t sure how to describe their positions on things and that seemed the best phrase.

      • Biscuit Says:

        I must admit ‘gender critical transwoman’ sounds like an oxymoron to me.

        I will say that I heard Miranda interviewed on a podcast and she sounded fairly reasonable. A lot of transgender community seem to hate her.

        I think this chatte person just doesn’t like the fact he’s being called out for his awful and misogynist comments.

        I’m also annoyed that a lot of people on twitter are making jokes about genital inspections and whatnot in bathrooms. That is not what the opposition to that poster at the U of Bristol is about. That poster basically said not to worry if there’s a man in the bathroom.

        Really? If there’s some dude with a camera in the woman’s bathroom (yes that has happened), we’re just supposed to ‘not worry about it’? Or if there’s some drugged out dude in there leering at people?

        Especially at night when few people were around, I would be scared if an obvious man followed me into the women’s bathroom.

        Someone didn’t think that campaign through. It was stupid and demeaning.

      • CKE Says:

        Hey Biscuit: Yes, I realize that sounds oxymoronic, which is part of the reason for the quotation marks. In the modern parlance, it seems “gender critical” is anyone who asserts that humans are sexually dimorphic, critical of gender norms, doesn’t take someone’s subjective declaration of identity to be definitive of gender/sex, etc.

        Miranda and Gender Minefield, from what I’ve seen, are very sympathetic to women, are supportive of women’s-only spaces, and don’t say that they are female. Any trans person who does that tends to get dismissed out of hand as a “TERF sock puppet.”

        Also totally agree with everything you say about bathroom posters. The lack of concern and consideration for women’s psychological and bodily integrity is incredibly disturbing.

    • Rosemary Says:

      “It’s directly a result of male socialization.”

      Wait, I thought M2T were magically exempt from male socialization? I guess only when it’s convenient.

      • That’s ridiculous, of course I’ve been socialized as a male. How else would society socialize me? Not to “blame this on society” what I said was my fault and the backlash is for me to deal with.

        Something I’d like to make clear is the whole reason I called myself a gay woman is because… well… I like to give head to trans women. And that makes me a gay man. Finally I can come to terms with this and I owe it to lesbians pointing it out. Really I only wish I had some way to repay you for helping me, even if you didn’t set out to do so. But of course I don’t. I can at least promise that I will never identify as a lesbian again.

        This will probably be my last post here, since I need to spend a lot of time rethinking my entire life.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You’re welcome.

        Goodbye now.

    • jose Says:

      I wonder if Zinnia Jones will apologize as well?

  23. kesher Says:

    “Chatte” looks like an ugly dude with long hair. For that matter, so does Zinnia. I doubt lesbians would be interested even if either of them met any kind of feminine ideal, but two unattractive dudes going on about how much women want them can only ever make me laugh. Talk about projection.

    • Fountain of Gender Says:

      It sounds like any other bitter straight male I’ve turned down – “One night with me and you would forget that whole lesbian thing.” It’s like they trick themselves into thinking we secretly find them irresistible to ease their insecurities.

    • “Chatte” looks like an ugly dude with long hair. For that matter, so does Zinnia. I doubt lesbians would be interested”

      The majority of *translesbians* I have seen look like normal men (plus dresses, wigs and so on). Of course lesbians aren’t interested. That’s why these dudes are so furious.

      • neme Says:

        They look like normal men trying to look like straight women. Ick.

        They know nothing about lesbians. Here’s a hint, dudes. Those women you watch faking sex in pornography? Those are not lesbians. They are exploited ACTORS, doing whatever sells moar pornography to males. That shit has nothing to do with real lesbians.

    • Bea Says:

      What makes the whole thing laughable is how little they understand women’s experiences of male sexual attention. Basically, every woman I’ve ever known had no trouble “getting laid,” and many have trouble avoiding male attention, regardless of how unattractive they are. I had a female friend who was over 300 pounds and facial hair as a side effect of a hormone imbalance who had lots of casual sex with men. Ever notice the lack of male prostitutes catering to all these sex-starved women? Why do they think we’re desperate like they are?

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t females the most sexually sought after and trans the least? I constantly see them bemoaning the “bigotry” of most people, who are repulsed by the idea of sleeping with them.

      Granted, I know “you just need a man to fuck you” has been the anti-feminist line since forever, but it’s very telling with regard to how little they understand womanhood. I could get 20 trannies to fuck me tonight (*shudder*) if I put an ad on craigslist.

      So, earth to trannies and other men: it’s not hard for women to find guys who want to fuck them. I don’t care if she’s 80 years old and an amputee, she’s going to have an easier time getting laid than you!

      • It really is odd the way men don’t grasp this. Even as a middle aged woman with more than a few extra pounds I am still routinely hit on, sometimes by men decades younger than. Dick is not exactly a scarce commodity.

      • LC Says:

        Some men do get this, and use it as claim that women are “privileged” to be leered at and harassed by strangers in public spaces.

    • Tiki tiki tavi Says:

      They’ll attack drag queens for how they look but these dudes put forth absolutely no effort..

      Chatte looks like Daniel Radcliffe with curly hair and looks more like someone from the Beatles…

      Least a drag queen is “fabulous” no wonder chatte hates himself

      • VC Says:

        From snowflake especial’s blog: “So, serious question – does Ameliated think that affecting a speech impediment makes her sound female?”

        This seems to be Laverne Cox’s strategy. He makes no effort to modulate the pitch of his voice, but he takes on a strange, pursed-lipped lisp. It’s as annoying as the smirk, the head tilt with widened eyes, and all of the other faux feminine affectations that make these delusional men so annoying. Evidently they don’t realize that they’re doing it. They seem to be imitating each other, as one would be hard pressed to find a woman who behaves like this.

      • kesher Says:

        Cox looks and acts like a drag queen. Not the caricature drag queens, more like an executive drag queen. That’s his background, of course, play-acting womanhood as a gay man, so it’s not that surprising. What gets my goat, however, is the number of “cis” women who proclaim that Cox is a “goddess”. lol

  24. Jane Says:

    There is something so mindbogglingly absurd about the transgender movement. How this can be taken seriously baffles me. If some people were trying to pull this off with any other group than women, they would be crucified by the court of public opinion.

    “Trans*ness does not necessarily entail surgery. Trans women are not “made” into women through surgical procedures, trans women simply ARE women. Many trans* girls do not desire gender-affirming surgery, and that makes them no less female. Gender is NOT dictated by one’s physical body. Sad to see such misconceptions regurgitated here. ”

    Imagine a group of white suburban men wanting to claim for themselves the African America culture:

    “Black*ness does not necessarily entail surgery. Trans black are not “made” into African Americans through surgical procedures, trans blacks simply ARE black. Many trans* blacks do not desire color-affirming surgery, and that makes them no less black. Skin color is NOT dictated by one’s physical body. Sad to see such misconceptions regurgitated here.”

    • Tiki tiki tavi Says:

      To most Trans being a woman is reduced to 4 or
      5 things; having a vagina, boobs, makeup, long hair and a dress

      It’s this stereotypical sexist view of
      What a
      Woman is..

      If a man wants to be feminine cool we should break down gender

      But he will never be female, lesbian, or a woman. Just like a lot
      Of them won’t ever be the cosplay/ren
      Characters they also
      To be..

  25. mavi2012 Says:

    Hi, my name is Rudy. I was born with Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. I won’t sugar coat it, I was born with male genitalia, but I am female. I’m 35, and have the genitalia of a 7-9 year old boy I am NOT trans*, nor transgender, or a transsexual. I am Intersex. I never had a male puberty My body does produce normal amounts of testosterone, but my body doesn’t know how to use most of it. I am a nonfunctional male.

    So I found out I was Intersex, after I started transitioning to “female”. I’ve quickly learned, I could not and do not relate to transsexuals at all. They try to say their “men with women’s minds”. I’m sorry but your not. How do I know? Because I DO have the mind of a female. I have the body of a female, and the secondary sexual characteristics to prove it.

    Reading shit like this, really pisses me off. And yet these are the same kind of people who want us to allow them into the lady’s room? OH, FUCK NO!

    They can call themselves “women”, but my brain says “your a dude!”

    • GallusMag Says:

      You are male. As a male, you were raised and socialized as the male you are. For nearly four decades. Discovering (allegedly) at this late date, that you are partial AIS makes you no more “authentically” trans than any other male “transwoman”.

    • jane Says:

      I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but you are a dude. Think about how this sounds:

      “I am a nonfunctional male.” = ” “Because I DO have the mind of a female. I have the body of a female, and the secondary sexual characteristics to prove it.”

      The body of a female is not a nonfunctional male body. I am sorry for your condition, but the fact it took you so long to discover you had PAIS clearly indicates you were sufficiently sexually differentiated for being identified as a biological male. You make it sounds as being a woman is your option after failing being a man. Its like a woman would be considered less of a woman upon discovering she cant bear child. It does not work that way, it does not change her genetics or her history of socialization. You are not woman because you feel like a woman, its an identity that comes with being born one and it affects you as a person in the way you are treated by others. Like when my mother refused me martial art lessons because she thought I was already not feminine enough. Or my father asking that I do the dishes but not my bros. Maybe before doing something as rash as transitioning, you should question what are the gender stereotypes you are trying to fulfill. There is nothing wrong being intersex and not fitting into some cookie cutter gender.

      • Rudy Says:

        I hope you got my reply.

      • Rudy Says:

        You have to understand how AIS works, in relation to the protocol most doctors follow.

        With AIS, depending on the mutation, you can end up with a few different Intersex phenotypes.  Even those who end up with a grade 2/3 PAIS, will go throught a spontaneous female puberty.  This is because our bodies can only use a small amount of Testosterone, and converts the rest into Estrogen.

        When a Intersex baby is born, sometimes they take the easy way, and so if there’s more male parts to female parts, they distroy any female parts, and fix the male parts.  Sometimes the parents have no idea what was done to their babies.  I’ve found evidence that I’ve had something done to both, my male and female parts.

        Did you know, besides your pelvic arch, you skull can tell your birth sex.  Females have rounded, V shaped jaws, but underdeveloped males have a straight, V shaped jaws.  The length from the front of the jaw to were it goes up into the skull, is shorter, then underdeveloped males.  Also, the part that goes up under the skull is rounded, but males are also flat.

        Females also have more vertical, slightly rounded foreheads, were underdeveloped males have a flatter, slightly sloping forehead.  I read somewhere, that our sexually dimorphic bone structures are developed in the womb.  I’ve studied basic forensic anthropology, in relation to bone structure.

        I have childhood PTSD, from my first step father (before I was five).  I also have an undiagnosed learning disability, that the cult told my Mom, not to have checked out.  My Mom was my best friend, and my abuser.  My little brother use to beat me up, until I finished high school.

        Almost every male manager in my life treated me like garbage, and tried to have me quit.  I have a terrible self-esteem, and dealt depression before middle school.  I grew up thinking I was some sort of sexual deviant.  If the cult even found out I liked boys, or hated being a boy, I was dreadfully afraid of how they would handle me.  They were not afraid of beating children.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Rudy, You are a typical average male autogynephile. Having a small dick doesn’t make you special. Your fantasies of being “more female” than you are, or more “authentic” than the other guys is a typical characteristic of your autogynephilic orientation. Imposing your autogynephillic fantasies on an non-consenting female target as you do by posting here is also a typical exhibitionist feature of your condition. You couldn’t be more of an average autogynephile if you tried. Sadly, this means you have nothing to contribute to the conversation around gender. Perhaps you might seek out fellowship with other autogynephiles, or more broadly with other men who fared poorly in the hierarchy of men. Good luck, and good bye.

  26. Erica Bennett Says:

    Big hyper ugly bloke 🖓

  27. Medi Says:

    Just what we need, another male ignoramus lecturing Harvard on medical procedures.

  28. Marm Says:

    Re: Rudy

    Isn’t this the same dude that was pestering the comments before, last year, as “Millimeter” ? Albino something something intersex, etc. ?

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