Dave’s #EpicStrut

January 22, 2015

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  1. That is one of the stupidest ads I’ve ever seen. I’m hard pressed to figure out what market they are going for, seems like this ad would be offensive or stupid to just about everyone. (maybe they are going for the drunk guy market that would think anything is funny, and who need lower car insurance due to their DUI’s?)

    • GallusMag Says:

      I think your comment is stupid. How does this contribute anything of value to any sort of conversation.

      The only thing that makes this blog worth doing is the contributions of thoughtful readers with a high level of analysis vis a vis gender. Don’t have to spell correctly, don’t have to be “right”, don’t have to use grammatical english. But please DEAR GOD PLEASE make comments that are thoughtful. Otherwise I will have the ugliest fit imaginable and pull the plug on this entire operation.

      Thanks for your consideration.

      • GallusMag Says:

        And while I’m pitching a fit:
        New Readers, I get that you are REALLY GLAD to find G/T. I get it, I really do. But please do not go back and post dozens and dozens of random comments on every old thread that you read. One or two old posts? Perfectly understandable. Sometimes people add new information or a critical update. Appreciated. Dozens and dozens? You will be auto-spammed and banned.

        PLEASE folks. Moderating is NOT FUN and I DO HAVE A LIFE. Help me out. I will appreciate it. Thank you.

      • GallusMag Says:

        NOW. Back (hopefully!) to the subject of this thread. This commercial, and gender. Thank you.

      • Guls Says:

        Ads are NEVER stupid. If they look stupid, then you are stupid: look harder. No-one spends £1000s-£1000,000s on stupidity. Rendering viewers stupid, unconscious of said stupidity and prone to comfort purchasing by way of a palliative; well, maybe.

    • kes Says:

      Ultimately it’s about being as shocking/annoying (gocompare) or offensive with all these price comparison websites so you remember the name. Capitalism is crap. When are the trans gonna start moaning, those pasty white morons revel in histrionics and supposed oppression.

  2. Sorry, I can’t think of anything more inspired to say after watching that stupid ad. I don’t know anything about marketing, other than its important to most businesses, apparently someone in the MoneySupermarket marketing department thought this ad would attract new customers, I honestly don’t get it, which is why I question what possible customer base they were going for (honest question.)

    • GallusMag Says:

      okay. fair enough.

    • BadDyke Says:

      Analysis: Would these moves+clothes look so odd/unusual/noticable if it had been a woman? No. Yet they look odd with a man doing it — which is kind of the point for the advertiser, they are just trying to get your attention! Add in the fact that people will spend ages discussing what did/can he really do, and how much is CGI, and even more interest generated.

      It’s just the same ole gender nonsense. We’re probably supposed to think how amazing he is for having the balls to be that good at it (the same attitude towards ‘good’ drag queens). Although here I think the message is a little more complicated because he is, as it were, half-and-half. He’s NOT trying to pass that isn’t the message.

      I keep thinking Eddie Izzard and man enough to wear heels. NOT so much (as in the case of the males taking on the poses of women on graphic novel covers in FULL costume), a case of look how SILLY it is when a man does it (which apparently trans did object to, because they thought it was just saying a man dressed as a woman and doing a womans pose is FUNNY).

      Then we have the fact that he is called Dave, as ordinary a male name as you can think of, with a hint of shed!

      This is actually quite complicated, but the overwhelming idea that I get is pure MALE entitlement, in public, to wear whatever they want, ACT however they want, and expect praise and notice for whatever it is. He isn’t trying to pass or disappear, far from it! But these heels and strutting your stuff — I as a man can do it BETTER than any woman! Akin to the trans who also don’t try to pass, but also have the I’m SEXIER than you cis women thing going on.

      I also keep trying to imagine a corresponding ad with a woman — except I don’t think it would work in the same way. Women don’t have the same sense of entitlement and the feeling that they OWN public space that men do. A woman in sensible (male) shoes and trousers, just walking along normally, whatever she was wearing on top, a very different message I think.

  3. grammaticalgender Says:

    It’s sad that it takes a man to do the ridiculous dancing and posing for people to see how stupid it is. When they have women do it in ads and music videos, it’s unremarkable. But oh! a man is doing it! How silly!

  4. Didn’t Justin Timberlake do a similar deal on SNL to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies?” I think it’s really interesting that a man in pumps and a unitard is so comedic, yet women are expected to perform that way routinely. Makes me wonder if women aren’t being mocked as well.

  5. Juliana D Says:

    Also, everyone thinks this guy is “hot” except for the one older woman, who just looks miffed. Because older women are lame, confused, and out of it, of course, because woman + old equals ….. (fill in the blank). Hilarious!!!! Right?

    And that song is really offensive too.

    • morag99 Says:

      Juliana, yes: senior, old and elderly women are reliably a good laugh. Just add sexual content, and the jokes write themselves.

      The underlying assumptions of course are that old women, because they are not fuck-worthy (in men’s eyes), somehow have no sexual experience (beyond perhaps breeding), that they are naturally prudish, and easily shocked and offended. And lots of other assumptions that are more buried: all old women are heterosexist/homophobic, and sneer at gender non-conformity, which also means they could never be lesbian or bisexual themselves. 

      And something else, too, which strikes a darker note: an old woman’s history of being subjected to male sexual violence. When women turn a critical eye toward so-called sex-positivity (porn, prostitution, sexy pop-culture), we are misrepresented — young and old alike — as conservatives and prudes. This dismissal is bad enough on its own, but it’s a particularly violent dismissal in the case of elderly women. Because her criticisms are automatically taken as a function of dotty old age, rather than as products of her sexual experiences (which, very likely, include harassment, molestation, incest or rape) and of her own intellect, of course — her ability to be a witness to reality and draw some conclusions about it. But, nope. She is just a visual gag. Two seconds on screen and we know everything we need to know about what she represents.

      Sheesh, I hope I’m still on the topic of this commercial! If I’ve strayed too far, sorry. But, one more thing I just remembered. A woman I know, who just passed retirement age, said to me that she sometimes wants to shout, when she’s out in public: “Get me out of this clown suit!” 

      • Juliana D Says:

        Thanks, morag, for that reply. That is exactly what I had in mimd (as I have really started to notice these things). You put it so well. Thank you.

  6. shonagh Says:

    Coincidentally, ‘Footloose’ is on the tv in front of me just now – which has, as I’m sure you’ll all agree, some examples of truly great male ‘pop-music’ dancing. I just watched that Timberlake spoof, along with the original Beyonce ‘Put a ring on it’ video, and couldn’t help but start considering just what a woman’s body (or some women’s bodies) *can* do, dance-wise, as opposed to what a man’s body *can* do. Granted, the currently popular style of women’s dancing in music videos is objectifying and less than dignified – but it’s interesting (I think) that this all appears to be not just about gender. It’s also about *dimorphic, biological sex* and the differences between male and female bodies. (Despite the lack of conclusion, I hope that was thoughtful enough to pass muster 🙂 )

    • morag99 Says:

      shonagh, I think I know what you’re getting at.

      What I found most striking about this silly commercial is that the entire performance focussed not as much on gender signifiers (high heels and bare, hairless legs) as it did on biological sex: namely, his ass. His behind being, not male, but made-up to be female-looking (fatter, rounder and more pear-shaped than a typical, squarish male buttocks).

      I know drag queens use all kinds of tricks/padding to give the illusion of the female form and that they always have. But, it’s usually in the name of glamour, making the costumes hang and fit properly. Conversely, drag is funny when the manly man overwhelms the ill-fitting gender signifiers with his male physique.

      This advertisement is doing something very different. I don’t know what it means, so I also make no conclusion. Except, maybe, that “female” can be reduced to “ass.”

    • Staci Elle Says:

      Sigh… I suppose that less than dignified dancing you’re referring to is twerking or as what I call it how black chicks have been dancing since forever. It has roots in african and Caribbean dance and it’s not sexual contrary to what mainstream ( ie. White people) think. Maybe you should judge less as women collectively are always judged.

      • shonagh Says:

        Nah – I know what twerking is and I know it has a long history (or indeed herstory) – there’s more to popvideo dancing than that, right? I’m not going into it, there’s youtube if anyone wants to see woman rubbing themselves against male musicians. And I wasn’t suggesting that woman=ass, but more commenting on the way timberlake et al display how men’s hips just don’t work the same way women’s do. Sorry – does my prose style put women’s backs up or something??

      • shediogenes Says:

        Some of these dances may have their Roots in African and Caribbean traditional, non-sexual dance, but mainstream media is not about the roots. This dancing IS sexualized, the way women are being shown, from the choreography to the costume to the camera angle is about sexual performance. If in addition to objectifying and mocking women, these productions are also appropriating and misusing traditional dance of non-Euro cultures, it comes as no surprise, but I will not suspend my judgement on your direction. These dances are being used to turn women into sexual objects and perform for the male gaze, and the commercial this post is about (did you even watch it? twerking?) exemplifies how ridiculous these performances are, which is most apparent when the performer is male. The camera placement focusing on his enhanced ass, the phenomenon of cutting up body parts and sexualizing individual parts is usually reserved for women, and only in the context of already knowing the ass belongs to a man is the sexual connotation raised to high comedy.
        I’m always suspicious of ppl posting here that tell me not to judge. Hmmm? Who is this Staci Elle? what gives her(??) reason to question my judgement or my right to have judgement? How can she(??) not see the sexualized mockery of contemporary popular dance?

      • LC Says:

        Telling people not to judge is basically telling them not to think. What does African and Caribbean dance or black women have to do with a middle-aged white man doing an exaggerated replication of female dance moves for comedic and sexual effect? Maybe you should judge on that a while and get back to us.

  7. Jane Says:

    Unrelated but interesting in that it reinforces GenderTrender being one of the very few places left on the internet safe for feminists: We Hunted the Mammoth lost one of its mod to the tranny harassment brigade. Its too bad as the content is often really interesting and the posters thoughtful.

    The thread is an eye opener on how the policy of tolerance and accommodation does not work with the transgender community. Thanks for keeping this space opened.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Oh God, it only took me about a minute to realize that the “Ally” that they’re talking about there is the flaming tranny asshole who’s taken over the Feministe comment section. Then I scrolled down and saw his stupid fucking anime avatar. That guy is the WORST. The worst. He’s one of the reasons no one posts over there anymore, which considering it’s one of the most blindingly stupid funfem blogs out there, is no great loss. But the point remains that he completely shuts down feminist discourse by making everything, EVERYTHING, about himself and his transness. He’s outrageously self-centered and cloyingly, sickeningly manipulative. He claims every disadvantaged position out there, in order to be The Most Oppressest. If they encourage or even tolerate that prick over there, I’m sorry, I can’t read it to see what happened. I can’t stand that guy.

      • Jane Says:

        I bailed out from the site months ago when that Ally started being on my case. That’s when I really started feeling unsafe posting. I still lurk occasionally to see how things unfold. I would still be confused on what was happening at the time if I had not found GT to make sense of this. The blog owner basically caved in and did the job of the tranny brigade, loosing a fair and popular mod over this. Don’t trust a dude to not side with the boys club when the going gets rough. Gender is not to be discussed cause we gotta cater to the males in dress delusions. This time is was just an Ally’s hit and run appearance with the outraged chorus of Ladypens tearing a little bit more to pieces that community.

      • kesher Says:

        Any chance he’s just a somewhat sophisticated troll? That he claims to be a person of color is a little weird to me since the most aggressive me! me! me! trans women are almost inevitably white transbians.

        His own description sounds like that age-old joke about a disabled black lesbian being the utmost minority. Has he claimed to be disabled too?

        And I always lol about “butch lesbian trans women”. Did you mean “straight men”?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Sick fuck.

        Oct. 28th, 2014 12:16 am

        So far, my transition has been going very well. I feel so much better about my body, specifically my rear and my chest. My rear has become rounder and doesn’t make me feeling nearly as dysphoric as it used to. I’ve been wearing women’s underwear and it actually looks fine on me. I need to get more, but so far I have some nylon-polyester underwear and a pair of all-cotton all-lace underwear. I admit, with some shame, that I wear the latter all the time because they give me a boost of confidence. Wearing lace undergarments really helps with dysphoria, especially since they actually fit comfortably.

        And my breasts have grown to the point of becoming perky – my areolae are super sensitive and my nipples pointier than ever before. They stick out just like so many other women’s breasts, and they actually look decent in a bra. In fact, I now wear sports bras frequently because I need chest support for strenuous physical activities such as hiking, running, and going on long walks. Without the support my chest hurts a lot and I feel a lot less physically able in general because of the fatigue that comes with breasts constantly shaking without any support. I also have a lace bandeau bra that I wear all the time because it surprisingly doesn’t look bad on me, even while I’m shirtless and wearing it as a top.

        Of course, I still feel heavily dysphoric about my face, stomach, legs, hair, genitals and voice, but the changes mentioned above (and many others I haven’t mentioned) have already been really helpful for me. My chest and rear aren’t the only parts of my body I care about, but I feel so much happier with a curvier, sexier figure. Embracing my sexual side and appreciating my own body have been integral to repairing my self-esteem. Since I’m a butch trans lesbian, these processes are especially important to me because butch trans lesbians are taught to hate themselves and everything about their sexual/romantic inclinations.

        I want to love myself and my body, and I no longer want to feel guilty or self-loathing for having feelings for someone else. There is nothing wrong with me wanting to cuddle with a cute lesbian who I’m comfortable with, and there also isn’t anything wrong about wishing I could have consensual sex with a cute lesbian. I’m not ready for sex at all because I need to process more of my sexual abuse trauma. I feel terrified of the possibility of someone ignoring my boundaries and sexually abusing me, even though I haven’t been sexually abused for two years. At the very least, though, until I am able to deal with my trauma better, I will continue to do what I can to feel good about myself and my body and be appreciative of my butch lesbianism.

      • GallusMag Says:

        1. My name rhymes! It’s Ahmed Syed. My full name (middle name is strictly confidential, sorry) literally means “Most commendable leader of truth”. It’s too long for my taste. 😛

        2. I’m from North Carolina yet there is not a trace of me being an Easterner. In fact, I act the complete opposite!


      • The classic narcissist. The only way to deal with them is to abadon them.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Gallus – the first two links aren’t him, but the Dreamwidth ones are. I’m completely unsurprised to see him asking for money, as the last time I checked in on Feministe, he posted something about how poor and hungry he was. I certainly don’t mean to mock someone for that (if true), but he was basically just begging the commentariat over there to give him permission to set up a GoFundMe account so they could donate. The reason I don’t have any sympathy for him is that he admits he hasn’t worked for quite some time due to his mental health problems related to his “dysphoria.” (He describes himself as “disabled” because of that, no joke. There ya go, Kesher!)

        Gimme a break. The guy’s a grifter at this point. He knows all the right lingo, all the disadvantages to claim in order to be able to have the last word in any discussion (he’s the expert on oppression, you see). He’s a twenty-year-old schmuck who lectures and corrects women on our experiences. Fuck you, little boy.

        Kesher, he’s not a troll. He’s apparently of Middle Eastern heritage. I don’t know about the Manboobz thing, but that sounds like something that would happen in funfem land.

        Oh wait – I saw another posting of his at Feministe wherein he told of how he went to a health clinic for his hormones, and while waiting, stepped outside to smoke some weed. (Who does that?! Smoke your blunt right in public? You wanna get arrested? ‘Cause that’s how you get arrested. Of course, that would give him an excuse to beg for bail money and whine about how the cops misgendered him.) He got so high he didn’t hear someone calling his name right in front of him. So I guess he’s got coin for weed (really good weed, apparently), but not the buck fifty for mac and cheese, the way the rest of us have done when we’re going through hard times. Priorities, people.

        I’m sorry, Gallus, I didn’t mean to make this comment thread stray from the topic. But I saw that you posted some stuff about this asshole, so I thought it would be okay to respond.

      • kesher Says:

        Regarding the weed, if Gallus is right, and it is the same guy as lives in San Jose, then he’s living in a medical marijuana state. It seems like California police are relatively laid back in cracking down on public weed smoking, so long as you’re not black.

        I’d also like to take a moment to commend Gallus for her superior Internet research skills.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @kesher- Lol. I don’t know this guy and am not interested enough to identify him. I’m sure an interested party could do so.

    • Jane Says:

      Good! It serves shallow libfems and pomolibs right for catering to their entryism and demonizing biology-aware women in the first place. Give them the tranny rage good and hard and maybe some of them will wake up.

      David does do some good work documenting MRA stuff but the comments are almost as bad as Feministe etc.

    • FOAnonMale Says:

      My favorite comment is the comparison about talking to a tranny about chromosomes is like talking to a nuclear engineer as a layperson.

      If trans were ever experts on their own condition, that time is LONG PAST, now that they can’t even reliably define sex vs. gender and they don’t automatically receive societal-wide credit for understanding Judith Butler’s greatest hits now that she’s a vile phobe, too.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Butler is now a “vile phobe?” LOL, hilarious if true.

      • deke Says:

        whoah, could you link to something on this? I hadn’t heard, and am interested in such a development…

      • FOAnonMale Says:

        She’s interested in what people do, not the putative sex of brain thetans. So for trans who are clearly and obviously preaching essentialism these days she’s no longer useful and maybe even dangerous because trans performances can be critiqued/read/unpacked — if they are not held as sacred and unique.

        I thought I had been collecting links of trans hate for her (including a recent one where a Butler fan wondered WTF was up with the new essentialism but decided to defer to the mysterious truths of trans as there must be something real about their experiences to explain all the fuss), but I’m unable to find them right now.

        The only people who seem to be still using her in defense of trans are gay male careerists who haven’t gotten the memo since they have the luxury of only ever hearing about trans shit while skimming Jezebel once a month and like to show off that they went to a fancy college back in the 90s:


    • kesher Says:

      Was Ally, by chance, the reason Manboobz changed its name since the original name was so very transphobic?

    • australopithecene Says:

      I’m glad you wrote this, Jane. Mammoth is a great site, but the trans takeover has made the comments section unreadable. If David turned his attention to trans misogyny, he’d have material for months.

      • Jane Says:

        Hey australopithecene,

        Thanks for the positive feedback. 🙂 This whole debacle was predictable. By now, I lived most of my life in contact with minorities I do not belong. Identity is something visceral with markers acquired at birth, through early socialization and common experiences. Its not something you can buy or fake without the “natives” calling on you for the appropriation of their identity. With time and respect, you can build relationships. But you don’t just decide you belong and tell the others that its them who are in the wrong for not recognizing you as one of them. In my experience, most people are goodhearted and more than willing to acknowledge your humanity but they will resent the intellectual gas lighting you engage when you try to redefine their identity for them. Sooner or later they will see the violation of their boundaries. People with a penis deciding they are women seems like the nastiest form of colonization possible because they literally have to erase your biology and your collective history as woman to make it happens.

    • gunhild Says:

      That was disturbing to read. It’s a good example of the usual tactic of driving away feminists from feminist sites though. Target the most radical (the most you know, feminist) women, the actual gutsy ones that won’t bow to male pressure, say that they are bigots and invent slurs like TERF and SWERF. Yell a lot and throw around personal insults. Get mods on your side by using the right opressed lingo.

      • gunhild Says:

        Oh, and invent crimes that the evil feminists have done, the type of violent crimes that are done by men. Say that those damn terf/swerfs are hateful violent bigots who actively harm trans people/prostitutes – yet call anyone guilty of the most minor crime that. Crimes like saying prostitution instead of sex work and talking about biology.

    • Mortadella Says:

      Oh Christ, that’s the thread that made me pick up and leave for good. There was just too much stupid to wade through. The good posters (who are usually gen-X and older) who make the best comments were totally thrown under the bus. It’s too bad, ’cause otherwise I liked the site — but shit. Watching it all was very eye-opening, however. In the past, I would try to skip over all the trans stuff so I could enjoy the actual feminist stuff these sites would offer — but I could no longer ignore the bullshit. On Mammoth, I noticed whenever women talked about something like street harassment, all the trans started coming out of the woodwork to remind us we are “cis,” and gosh, they seemed really angry that born women wouldn’t appreciate passing as women. Objectification? What’s that? A blessing, according to them.
      Don’t get me started on Ally. It’s obvious that a few posters over at Mammoth can’t stand the leech, but damn, all the little babyfems who kiss his ass over there blows my mind.

  8. a cat Says:

    A background as I am from the UK (unfortunately) These adverts always have a male protagonist doing something brave and a bit daft as he is so excited by MoneySupermarket. On one he’s riding on a spaceship, one is him running through a town with a herd of cats (He starts off by addressing his cat like “Malcolm, shall we?” then he runs through the town with lots of leaping cats) or riding an elephant through the city. I think the contrast here is supposed to be between the sensible suit on top and his strange hotpants underneath in that half of him is a grey and normal looking British businessman, but his lower half is filled with joy and happiness at MoneySupermarket. God alone knows who think up these adverts but I venture to say they have issues.

    • morag99 Says:

      I regret to say that this advertisement now makes more sense. Thanks, a cat!

      Still, though, we have to ask: MoneySupermarket is as exciting as a woman twerking? Why couldn’t he twerk with his own man ass? And in his own shoes?

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I have to say I like the cat one.

      I could tell that that wasn’t an American commercial because of the focus on his ass. As obnoxious and sexist as advertising can be in this country, an American commercial wouldn’t have had that many shots of his ass. Not out of respect for women, mind you, but just to avoid complaints.

      • a cat Says:

        I’m not sure if it’s OK to put a link here, but here is the cat ad if anyone wants to see it (hope this is OK GM, and not too distracting from the thread) So you see they have a history of ads with a slightly surreal twist. I think the Dave one was intended in the same way. But I hadn’t noticed it was a woman’s arse! You are right, that is strange indeed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8IA7IW48zo

    • gesegi Says:

      Even that cat advert couldn’t resist mocking women, (the “crazy cat lady” trope), even if just for a second.

  9. ellahawthorne100 Says:

    You’re making me curious to go read what’s happening on Feministe. I stopped reading that blog years ago when I was banned for saying the word “prostitution.” It’s almost funny how much they cater to men, in a “lolsob” kind of way.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I think it’s down to four people whining about their lives. And really? “Prostitution”? Oh yeah, it’s “sex work.” And oh yeah, once again I’m reduced to rolling my eyes. *sigh*

      • ellahawthorne100 Says:

        Yes, one of the moderators sincerely believed that saying the word prostitution while discussing prostitution is oppressive to women, but the punters who actually pay to rape women are not oppressing them. That’s when I realized it wasn’t a feminist blog.

  10. Peggy Luhrs Says:

    I actually think this may be a net gain in conditioning people to give up rigid gender roles.

  11. neme Says:

    Am I the only one who thought, “Go, Dave!”?

    I didn’t think about car insurance or capitalism, just that I was glad no one was claiming Dave is a woman because he’s shaking his butt and wearing heels. Had it been a woman, or a transwoman, I would have felt sad, annoyed and angry. Or that’s how I feel when women (or anyone we’re supposed to see as a woman) are objectified that way.

  12. Bev Jo Says:

    Still can’t get over that self-indulgent entitled classic prick Ahmed Sayed going on about his silly underwear that men make for women and then he says he’s a Butch Lesbian. I’m sure he’d like to get sexual access to us, but it could only be rape since no real Lesbian would be with him.

    Thanks for posting about him. He asked to join our Radical Feminist and Lesbian Only Radical Feminist groups.

    They all sound the same. Very male. So boring, except for how much damage they are doing.

    These men claiming to be women are increasingly much-loved characters on TV, and still, not one Butch ever allowed to be shown in the media, except for poor Teena Brandon, raped and beaten to death.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I have no doubt Ahmed Syed is a forty-something IT professional. Total troll.
      This could be him:
      July 27, 1970
      Same “MXE354” profile name as “Ally S” twitter profile:
      Ally S (@mxe354) | Twitter
      The latest Tweets from Ally S (@mxe354). 19-year-old intersectional anarcha- feminist trans* girl who’s fond of writing, coding, social science, and language.

      Same anime type avatar.
      1970 puts him… 44 years old. Bingo.

      • GallusMag Says:

        One single troll like Ahmed/Ally can destroy an entire website or forum. They just make it unreadable.

        Remember that Radick guy? He was like that. Or Dave “Darlie” Brewster. Or “Marti386” who is some “cis guy” from cleveland named Martin Dirk: https://www.freelancer.com/u/dirk3640.html
        who harasses the shit out of women in every comment thread on every news story.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Here’s a little visual aid to refresh your memory on martin. And while you’re looking, ponder the way cartoonist Martin Dirk (who “lives as a man”) caricatures himself “realistically” on the left as the lanternjaw thickneck man he is, versus the twisted, fucked up portrait he’s drawn of himself for his fantasy online transgender persona. Fascinating (puke) illustration of the autogynephillic mind at work: in self-portraiture!

      • Jane Says:

        It makes sense. It never felt like it was an insecure young person writing. The twitter profile is gone 😉 .

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        I’m not sure, Gallus. He talks (ENDLESSLY, and without prompt) about what’s going on in his life at Feministe, and he seems to be just the 20-year-old. But then, it’s the web. On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog, right?

      • I'm No Cissie Says:

        I vote troll. The post quoted above dated Oct. 28th, 2014 12:16 am really sounded like pure satire to me. For one, it hits all the PC chords it needs to hit to make young liberal feminists swoon over a tran.

        I know nothing else about this Ally person but what I’ve just read here and from that, it sounds to me like epic trolling. Trolling coupled with some masturbatory online-only auto-gynephilia (and masturbatory feminist-blog-sabotage; VAW for cowards, so to speak).

        His writings remind me of the tweets made by the faux “feminists, women of color and SJWs” during the Twitter hoax that was perpetrated a few weeks ago.

      • Bea Says:

        It’s one of those instances where he’s 19 and female because he says so. TransTeens can be 44 years old cuz age is a social construct.

      • Miep Says:

        Interrsting thread. I have seen good sites and pages where the mods apparently just get worn down and let everyone post, and then the trans activists go on and on for days, muttering imprecations and flogging worn rags of failed debating points, and the real feminist women get terminally bored and leave. I cannot imagine how much stuff Gallus deletes here in order to keep that from happening, it must be a real drag 😦

        And thank you for doing it. ❤

      • Aradia Says:

        Hi! Just wanted to let you know that this particular Ahmed Sayed isn’t the same person. I know only because one of the regulars (a woman) on We Hunted the Mammoth actually met Ally in real life. Ally, whatever the given name, is indeed 20, not 44. Everything else is true, though. The manipulation, taking over threads, special snowflake status, narcissism, and all.

    • judysdreamofhorses Says:

      “Still can’t get over that self-indulgent entitled classic prick Ahmed Sayed going on about his silly underwear that men make for women and then he says he’s a Butch Lesbian. ”

      I can’t get over it either. What a fucking perv, I can’t believe he thought he’d be let into a radical feminist group. This line made me crack up/want to puke: “Wearing lace undergarments really helps with dysphoria” wtf? So lace is therapeutic now? Would a tulle and taffeta thong be more effective? Nevermind, I cracked the code. As usual “helps with dysphoria” = “gives me a boner.”

      “Since I’m a butch trans lesbian, these processes are especially important to me because butch trans lesbians are taught to hate themselves and everything about their sexual/romantic inclinations. ”
      Boo fucking hoo, you’re a straight man. No one has ever objected to you loving or fucking women, they’ve only side-eyed your fucked up fetish of pretending you are a butch lesbian while you have your heterosexual sex.

      “There is nothing wrong with me wanting to cuddle with a cute lesbian who I’m comfortable with, and there also isn’t anything wrong about wishing I could have consensual sex with a cute lesbian. ”
      Yes! There! Is! You! Disgusting! Rapey! Pig! Jesus Christ. There is no “consensual sex with a cute lesbian” in your future because no lesbian would ever fuck you. You are fantasizing about women who are REPULSED by you, body and soul. This is “consensual” only in your mind. Any lesbian who has read your words is crawling out of her skin right now. I know I sure am.

  13. Jane Says:

    oops, still there. Just the link not working.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      That is the creepiest thing I have ever read. My sympathies to the people (his friends, co-workers, and lovers, if any) being deceived by his amoral selfishness. Wow. I need to go take a shower after seeing that.

    • GallusMag Says:

      If you see him in the ladies room just remember: he knows better than you. Give him a nice smile. /s

    • morag99 Says:

      Oh my god — that article about Schwartz!

      ‘Schwartz’s defense team argued at the beginning of the trial that he suffered from drug-induced “transvestic fetishism” and becomes more sexual and is aroused by cross-dressing while under the influence of meth.

      ‘Psychiatrist and addiction specialist Dr. Alan Abrams took the stand to confirm that fact; stating masturbation, use of pornography and heightened sexuality are not uncommon for meth users.’

      Well, I’m so glad to know that these “experts” can confirm the “facts” about what causes men to dress up in pink frills before they go out looking for a woman to rape in a public washroom. It’s “drug-induced.” Good to know.

      Is male sexual power and woman-hating a drug, too? I would say that those are quite addictive substances that permanently change the male brain. Why don’t these “experts” talk about THAT? Heh, as if they would.

      Gallus — yeah: he knows better than you. Just smile and mind your business. Atta girl.

  14. “Schwartz is charged with multiple felonies, including assault with intent to commit rape, assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury and false imprisonment by violence in the February assault. He is also charged with shoplifting the dress he donned during the attack – a pink Barbie cheerleader costume

    The victim, who testified under her first name only at the beginning of the trial, said she entered the bathroom inside a Clairemont Big Lots while talking on the phone. She said she went into a stall and was getting ready to take a seat when she caught the sight of a man’s bare feet on the ground in the stall next to her.

    The man then climbed up on the toilet and peered over the stall at her before getting down on all fours and crawling into her stall to attack her, she said. She alleged that the defendant grabbed her, held her by her neck and attempted to sexually assault her.”


    Apparently, his defense is that he was high on meth while he was sexually assaulting a woman in his “Barbie cheerleader costume” that he stole. It’s the drugs not the fact that he is a creepy ass pervert with a sexual fetish.

    Just when people think they have heard it all, it gets bat crap crazier. Now, it’s the “drug-induced transvestic fethishism” defense. WTF! That is freaking crazier than the “Twinkie Defense”. The drugs didn’t make him steal the pretty pink “Barbie cheerleader costume”, and the drugs didn’t make him go into the women’s restroom where he is allegedly assaulted a woman.

    This article goes on to say,

    “Schwartz’s defense team argued at the beginning of the trial that he suffered from drug-induced “transvestic fetishism” and becomes more sexual and is aroused by cross-dressing while under the influence of meth.”

    For a lot of men, wearing women’s clothes is a sexual fetish. This is a dirty little secret that trans* activists pretend doesn’t exist. Since when is a sexual fetish a civil right?

    Under most “gender identity” laws, this man could have access to women’s restrooms, locker rooms, women’s homeless shleters (google Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook), etc.

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      Oh my God. I just felt a straight-up shiver of absolute terror, imagining that guy crawling under the stall wall. I cannot imagine how that woman must have felt; how trapped and vulnerable and scared. The stuff of nightmares, truly.

  15. The sick s.o.b. defense team is saying that it’s not his fault because the drugs made his creepy ass more sexually aroused. The drugs gave him a boner. Yea, sure….and O.J. Simpson was really innocent. What a insult to the woman who was allegedly assaulted, and to the female sex in general.

    “Psychiatrist and addiction specialist Dr. Alan Abrams took the stand to confirm that fact; stating masturbation, use of pornography and heightened sexuality are not uncommon for meth users.

    “People who use methamphetamine come to experience a particularly heightened euphoria from their sexual behavior, and so things develop from that pairing where users of methamphetamine come to want to enhance their sexuality by using methamphetamine, and so they get into this vicious cycle,” Abrams told the jury.”

    According to Schwartz’s testimony, he has secretly worn women’s clothes and indulged in sex with other men since age 17, but only while high on “uppers.”

    His sexual fetish for wearing women’s clothes is not related to drugs, and it’s nothing new. If he was aware of his surroundings and coherent enough to steal a “Barbie cheerleader” outfit, then how could he claim that he had no idea what he was doing? After the incident in the women’s restroom, he ducked into the men’s restroom to change his clothes. He brandished a screwdriver when someone tried to stop him.

    His sick pervy ass needs to be in jail.

  16. Update: Scwartz

    Jury reaches verdict in assault case against Gregory Schwartz


    January 22, 2015

    “SAN DIEGO – A man who attacked a woman in a toilet stall at a Big Lots store last year while wearing a child’s pink Barbie costume was convicted Thursday of felony false imprisonment and misdemeanor counts of assault and shoplifting.

    A jury, however, acquitted 41-year-old Gregory Phillip Schwartz of assault with intent to commit rape.

    Schwartz faces three years in prison when he is sentenced Feb. 20.”

    For terrorizing the victim, he deserves more than three years.

    This is a strange paragraph. WTF does this mean?

    “A doctor testified about a transvestic fetish that gives some people sexual gratification when they dress up in clothing more appropriate for the opposite sex when they’re high on drugs.”

    Paraphilias are more common in males, and drugs don’t have anything to do with them. The drugs had nothing to do with his transvestic fetish/autogynephilia. In a previous article, he says has been doing drugs and cross dressing for years.

    “According to Schwartz’s testimony, he has secretly worn women’s clothes and indulged in sex with other men since age 17, but only while high on “uppers.”

    I’m sure he only indulged in his sexual fetish when he was on “uppers”. This is a crock of bullsh**.

    Like the cross dressing pilot in this article who was convicted of murdering two women, Schwartz is ex-military and a father. Col. Russell Williams liked to sneak into houses, try on girl’s underwear, and take photos of himself dressed in panties. It’s a sexual fetish, and it has nothing to do with drugs. The fact that Schwartz likes to get high when he is indulging in his sexual fetish is irrelevant.


    This blog is run by a woman who was involved in a relationship with a cross dressing man who decided he is a “woman”.


    While in prison, I wouldn’t be surprised if Schwartz doesn’t pull a Kosilek and say he needs women’s underwear because of “gender identity” and it’s his Constitutional right to wear women’s underwear while in prison. After Gregory Schwartz gets out of prison, he could always claim “gender identity” to gain access to women’s restrooms.

    • australopithecene Says:

      So many of them are ex-military. And in IT. Two professions where, notably, critical thinking isn’t at a premium

    • morag99 Says:

      ‘This is a strange paragraph. WTF does this mean?

      “A doctor testified about a transvestic fetish that gives some people sexual gratification when they dress up in clothing more appropriate for the opposite sex when they’re high on drugs.”


      Skylark, it’s an outrage and an injustice. The doctor is a liar and a rape apologist who manipulated the jury into acquitting a man who knew EXACTLY what he wanted to do: to dress up in a girl-costume for sexual gratification, and to rape a woman — any woman — in the ladies’ room.

      The truth: Schwartz took meth to intensify his fetishistic feelings, and to boost his courage to terrorize and rape a woman in a public toilet.

  17. What I took away from reading every article and watching every video I could find about this…is the woman attacked and assaulted, was barely an after thought.

    He wasn’t found guilty of his sexual assault and brutal attack on her.
    Nah, that barely cross their minds.
    She was just a woman yacking away on her cell phone and not paying attention.
    Earlier that same day in the same parking lot, he startled a woman by bursting into her car and asking her if she wanted to do some meth.
    When she got him out and locked the doors, he still ran around the car trying to forcibly get in.

    His guilt was based on having prior felonies, shop lifting the child size Barbie costume and brandishing a screw driver at a security guard who tried to stop him as he was fleeing.

    He won.
    And would’ve walked if he hadn’t had priors.

    So many of us here know exactly how she feels.
    Traumatized, dismayed and all alone in facing her lack of support and protection.

    Here’s a photo of his daughter.
    Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

  18. In this video he is so earnest as he completely negates her (his victims) testimony…despite being in such a drug induced, sleep deprived state he can’t remember anything.

    ‘And the only thing that surprises him, is the fact that he stole a Barbie doll garment, usually he gets women’s clothing and he usually doesn’t get that kind of stuff’.


  19. Hilda Sweck Says:

    Notice when he starts shaking his ass it’s directed at women. Definitely an insult to women, as he’s choosing to a) mock them and how they are portrayed and b) if they look at him, he shakes it in their face. Notice that when the first guy (black, first bit), looks at him, he just keeps walking, but with the women, he stops and dances? If he were an animal, this is would be a challenge to fight.

  20. naefearty Says:

    I personally know a tranz that will be masturbating himself into a tizzy when he sees this. This ad is hugely triggering.
    Exhibitionistic fantasy is common in these guys. Usually at the expense of women.
    Every time it comes on my television I have to switch over before I get palpations.
    Sorry this post doesn’t add much to the conversation other than my personal, visceral reaction.

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