Germaine Greer to women at Cambridge Union: “kick ass and take names and talk loud and make a crowd”

January 28, 2015


Germaine Greer: Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Germaine Greer: Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Iconic feminist Germaine Greer kicked off her UK tour in support of “Disappearing Women” at the Cambridge Union Society this Monday evening past, in what was reported to be a rousing, triumphant success. Attempts by anti-feminist transgender activists to have her speech censored failed, potential threats by males who believe they are female were ameliorated by frisking attendees at the doors, and she spoke to a packed house.

From the Cambridge Varsity:

 “Despite the queue created by the heightened security measures, the atmosphere of the crowd was eager but not angry – there were few signs of protest except for a few LGBT+ representatives handing out leaflets at the door. They declined to comment on their decision to boycott the event, and there was little of the sense of outrage that had characterised the statements of the LGBT+ community.

Greer was uncompromising in her rhetoric, condemning from the beginning of her speech the “pressure on women to be clean, sweet, perfumed and submissive” and later suggested that trans women do not know what it is to “have a big, hairy, smelly vagina”. Greer was robust in her championing of the woman as an autonomous person and was anxious not to be diverted into what she described as “side issues”.

Witty and acerbic, Greer had the audience laughing throughout; describing the Sun website as a “fantasmagoria of nipples” whilst simultaneously speaking passionately and intensely about her notion of “the disappearing woman”.

She cited examples of cases in which women are judged but go unheard, condemning the fact that “nobody bothers to investigate” the perspective of women such as Amanda Hutton, who was widely reviled in the media. Her championing of sexual liberation and power for women was clear as she invited her audience to “kick ass and take names and talk loud and make a crowd”.

In the wake of the LGBT+ Cambridge campaign and its recent domination of student media, audience members were relentless in their questioning of  Greer on her exclusion of transgender women from her feminist ideas. Greer remained steadfast in her stipulation that her feminism was about women and appeared visibly angered by the fact that discussion lingered upon what she clearly felt to be a side issue: “I’ve got 51 per cent of the world to think about and I’ve got to talk about transphobia”.

When a student quoted her own words back to her she did not compromise her previous position and repeated the word  “delusion” to describe the wish of men to become women, causing a stir amongst the audience with her antipathy towards any presentation of men in drag: “I hate Mrs Brown”.

However, such discussion was secondary to Greer’s address of the body image problems of the 21st century. She explicitly stated that it remained the obligation of feminists to rage against the pressure on women to “have a baby and then go back to looking like a 12 year old boy ten days later”.

Strident and controversial as ever – describing Harriet Harman as “not smart enough” and referring to The Guardian Newspaper as “the fucking Guardian” – Greer seemed piqued but unfazed by the opposition of students to her speech because of her transgender views.

Her message to students was clear and impassioned. “We need to recognise women as human beings,” she said, and demanded of her female audience that they “toughen up; be more difficult. Be braver.”


Internally "non-binary" anti-feminist protest organizer Em Travis

Internally “non-binary” anti-feminist protest organizer Em Travis

A small “boycott” event was held in response in a classroom elsewhere by anti-feminist transgenderists. Organized by Em Travis, a feminine young woman who identifies as “internally non-binary transgender” the protest event featured two male transsexuals who campaign against feminism and lesbian rights. The first, Andrew “Roz” Kaveney, is best known as the founder of “Feminists Against Censorship”, a deceptively named organization whose purpose is to protect and promote the “rights” of transwomen and other males to consume what is defined in the UK as “extreme violent pornography”: that which depicts what appear to be “life-threatening or seriously injurious” acts. In Kaveney’s topsy-turvy world, “being female” is a lifestyle choice for men, and “Feminism” is the active promotion of the most violent sexualized acts against women imaginable.

The other middle-aged male selected by transtrender Em Travis to chair her event was Christopher “Aunty Sarah” Brown, an anti-gay activist who was formally protested by women at London’s Dyke March this year.

According to the Varsity, Greer’s brash and humorous tone was not duplicated at the protest event, where: “The [transgender] talk took place in a mindful and open atmosphere created by the strict and very comprehensive guidelines – including the use of verbal trigger warnings when addressing potentially offensive or harmful content – to which all audience members closely adhered.”

Funniest headline of the day from Joe Goodman of the Cambridge Tab

Funniest headline of the day from Joe Goodman of the Cambridge Tab

Males (both transgender and not) continue to pearl-clutch in the wake of Germaine Greer’s presentation: over her frank speech, but mainly over her lack of capitulation to transgenderism, a view they seemed to desperately want to hear, over and over again. Expect this formula to rinse and repeat as the legendary Woman’s Liberationist continues her appearances on her “Disappearing Women” tour across the UK. Do catch her at an upcoming scheduled event near you!

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  1. born free & female Says:

    What can I add besides FUCK YEAH! So glad to see a feminist leader stand up and speak the truth that feminism is about women, not men in dresses!

  2. Back in the day, I was fortunate to listen to her speak at the college I was attending. Glad to see her as feisty as ever.

    Although the bulk of her work focuses on feminist issues, her latest book is, “White Beech: The Rainforest Years” about her time spent owning and revitalizing a small area of rainforest in Australia.

    In 2012, while sitting at a book signing, Greer was “glitter bombed” by queer/trans activists. This is how trans activists treat our mothers and grandmothers. Greer’s “The Female Eunuch” is a timeless classic. We need women like her now more than ever.

  3. “The surest guide to the correctness of the path that women take is joy in the struggle. Revolution is the festival of the oppressed. For a long time there may be no perceptible reward for women other than their new sense of purpose and integrity. Joy does not mean riotous glee, but it does mean the purposive employment of energy in a self-chosen enterprise. It does mean pride and confidence. It does mean communication and cooperation with others based on delight in their company and your own. To be emancipated from helplessness and need and walk freely upon the earth that is your birthright. To refuse hobbles and deformity and take possession of your body and glory in its power, accepting its own laws of loveliness. To have something to desire, something to make, something to achieve, and at last something genuine to give. To be freed from guilt and shame and the tireless self-discipline of women. To stop pretending and dissembling, cajoling and manipulating, and begin to control and sympathize. To claim the masculine virtues of magnanimity and generosity and courage. It goes much further than equal pay for equal work, for it ought to revolutionise the conditions of work completely. It does not understand the phrase ‘equality of opportunity’, for it seems that the opportunities will have to be utterly changed and women’s souls changed so that they desire opportunity instead of shrinking from it.”
    ― Germaine Greer, The Female Eunuch

  4. morag99 Says:

    “I hate Mrs Brown”

    This was my favourite part. Because I am sick to death of women having to somehow prove to the world that, we’re so very nice (submissive), we don’t even hate the hateful men who hate us.

    It doesn’t matter one iota which way we speak to, or about, our oppressors. They will run roughshod over ANY attempt we make to exercise our freedom to speak, so we may as well be honest about not just what we think, but how we FEEL about being insulted, ridiculed, lied about and threatened by our masters in dresses — AND their idiotic female sidekicks.

  5. jane Says:

    I am glad there are still women unafraid to stand up to those bullies. I am about to have a t-shirt made : Woman=adult female human being. I reject any other definition. Would it be possible to lodge complaint or call hate speech anybody who use the term cis ? I sure consider it hate speech to see my identity erased.

  6. >:) Says:

    I am glad to see this, women’s rights are being pushed back to the 18th century by men in dresses and bad makeup that enjoy ridiculing women openly.

    I was reading about the first women’s first public bathrooms. Only men had public toilets, [and it is still this way in many eastern countries- if you ask for the women’s facilities, they act disgusted- like you asked a priest for directions to a brothel]. [^this is normal there, all the men’s restrooms are open]

    At the beginning of woman’s suffrage, after they won the right to put up a building that would be a female restroom in new york, there were men that diligently [with no punishment] ran into it with a vehicle to make sure it spent more time under repair than being used by women. There was backlash then too, men did what they could to prevent women from joining society as citizens with rights and angry, controlling men sabotaged what little gains they made.

    They had handmaidens then- too that declared that women should not be allowed to vote either, because by doing this, you were giving married men 2 votes.

    Now, almost 100 years later, we are still trying to keep the right to have a woman’s restroom to change pads, we aren’t allowed to talk about in women’s groups, [cause penis feelings might get hurt].

  7. Miep Says:

    Em Travis: Sell-out, Sycophant, Traitor, Fool. Hope she awakens from her transce soon.

    “I have 51% of the world to think about and I’ve got to talk about transphobia” is my favorite Greer quote here.

    • morag99 Says:

      “Em Travis: Sell-out, Sycophant, Traitor, Fool.”

      Yeah. Puppet, too. Like Pinocchio, she’s waiting for the Blue Fairy to turn her into a Real Boy. In the meantime, she’s trying to prove herself worthy by doing dirty deeds for the male trans. Will they make her an honorary man, or will they turn their female-hating ways on her, too? Stay tuned …

    • Em Says:

      In case anyone is confused, I occasionally post here as Em. I am not this Em Travis, and wish this person would go find their own dang handle.

  8. silverside Says:

    I’d love to know the source of your information on the NYC women’s toilets. I’ve read some about the Victorian feminist campaign for women’s toilets in the UK, but have never seen anything about the campaign on this side of the pond.

    • >:) Says:

      I am glad you asked. Early feminism has been disappearing from online resources, but it is important to know women campaigning for equality in the US began in the early 1800, with many back lashes.

      The Civil war happened, and derailed many campaigns.

      There are active campaigns to stop teaching this in school, but I was lucky enough to be taught the gist, of what I was able to research for women’s american history.

      Here is a timeline, archived here: in case it is erased like many other sources have been.

      We are arguing the same rights from 200 years ago that are still in limbo. Our history of pre-Civil war feminism is no longer taught.

      This was a major backlash-
      You will notice, that in 1868, during the struggle for women to vote, the 14th amendment added the the word ‘male’ to exclude women completely from using the amendment as a platform to vote and it was not until the next century it was ratified. It was not originally written for males-only.

      For some reason, they don’t teach the shitty things women had to endure just to get the right to vote. They did not protest for 10 or 20 years, some had been protesting their entire life and adapted the beliefs from their mothers before them for equal rights.

      The article about The women’s water closet history as part of the feminist work is no longer online, perhaps because of the current male movement to erase women’s history to make it seem like we were handed what little we have.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Thanks for your comment. Love the link to suffragette history. I liked this bit:

        December 2, 1916: Suffragists fly over President Wilson’s yacht and drop suffrage amendment petitions.

        Also first woman to get elected house of representatives.

        You know how Spielberg (I’m pretty sure) made movie about Lincoln? I’d like to see a movie about suffragette movement in US – the whole thing, over that whole span of time. Maybe it’d have to be like Lord of the Rings, a bunch of movies. I don’t give a crap. I want to see the whole thing on film.

      • >:) Says:

        I would too, but a man direction would be hesitant to show men that opposed female equality in a bad light.

        One theory of why Wyoming territory granted women the right to vote in 1800s, was because it was a farming -homestead and women outnumbered men.

        a pin you might like, This is Susan B Anthony being beat for going to a voting poll, and voting, which she was later arrested for-

        You will notice that around 1869, Black rights are also added, what it doesnt show, are three predominant black women that were a part of the movement, written out of the history. Caucasian women with a Quaker background supported black liberation, but it divided other women in the movement that requested they march at the back of the line during demonstrations.
        Ida B. Wells-Barnett, who lead anti-lynching campaigns in the late 19th century, organized the Alpha Suffrage Club among Black women in Chicago and brought members with her to participate in the 1913 suffrage parade in Washington, D.C. The organizers of the march asked that they walk at the end of the parade. She tried to get the White Illinois delegation to support her opposition of this segregation, but found few supporters. They either would march at the end or not at all. Ida refused to march, but as the parade progressed, Ida emerged from the crowd and joined the White Illinois delegation, marching between two White supporters, who were most likely Quaker. She refused to comply with the segregation.

      • >:) Says:

        Hit the wrong button before, but there was alot going on. It is really sad that yet another group of men are challenging women’s rights by identifying as women and claiming actual women are thoughts & feelings men have and that biological women don’t exist. That would be an epic journey.

      • Thanks for those links! My favourite part of the timeline:

        “April 19–20, 1850: In Salem, Ohio, women take complete control of their women’s rights convention, refusing men any form of participation apart from attendance.”

        Ha. This is much more refreshing and modern than today’s feminist events and organizations which send males, “transwomen” or not, up the glass elevator to occupy women’s leadership positions.

  9. Bev Jo Says:

    Good for Germaine Greer, when so many “feminists” are selling out to the trans cult. This is wonderful to see. If only all women had this kind of courage. Imagine saying no to men….particularly the most dangerous and cruel men…..

  10. spin345 Says:

    Reblogged this on eachone and commented:
    Germaine Greer via GenderTrender

  11. I know this subject isn’t directly related to Germaine Greer, but it really concerns me. It’s something that I’ve come across several times on various trans blogs and websites. People who read this blog know about the drugging of children with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones. This is happening now. Something far more Orwellian and Frankensteinish could be just around the corner. It seems that growing “lady parts” via some new fangled stem cell/3d printing technology is a big thing on some trans folk’s wish list. Just plunk these lab grown lady parts in men.

    This really freaks me out. Growing vaginas in laboratories and placing them in males. This is freaking ghoulish. Gallus, have you ever covered this subject.

    It looks as if they are trying to fund some screw ball think tank and funding source for their Little Shop of Horrors.

    Project Stem Cell is a collective effort to gather donations for a much needed cause: Stem cell research. Not just any stem cells research, though. The research will focus on SEX

    “I was very glad to have found this post because initiatives like this are what the LGBT community needs in order to create awareness. The medical costs to transition from one sex to another can be extremely hard on transgender individuals, especially if they have issues getting a job as it is. This is one of the reasons why I believe Project Stem Cell is important; transgender people need alternative medical solutions that would have an effect in their finances at a larger scale.
    Scientist are already able to turn ovarian tissue into testicular FUNCTIONAL tissue, if we could only apply that science to help trans men produce testosterone, they would be saving a fairly large amount of money.”

    “Idk if I’m non-op. I’m kind of ‘meh-op’. I really want stem cell grown organ transplants to hit the market. If I could get a vagina grown with my own stem cells, I’d go from ‘eh, maybe’ to ‘can the surgery be next week?’. “

    I don’t see how they could grow an entire female reproductive system and stick it into a male, but nothing they try will surprise me. Will future “women” be grown in laboratories? Who will be in charge of this technology? Wealthy white males because they already control industry and technology. This is some scary sh**.

    I apologize for straying off topic, but this is an important subject.

    • Juliana D Says:

      Yes, Skylark, it is scary. I have read men talking about this, how they desperately want artificial wombs, etc. If technology could ever achieve that, then what would happen to women??

      One of the more prolific commenters online at various sites (esp feminist ones) talks endlessly about how much he hates women and wishes he had an artificial womb to have children without a woman. He also claimed at one point he “had” to take estrogen for a… “medical condition.” Uh huh.

      That was a few years ago and back then I didn’t realize what that meant. I googled him recently, and he is still ranting online about women and how awful they are. A total MRA who wishes he were a woman. So yeah… Let us develop that kind of tech for these kinds of guys. They totally want us gone, and then they can create their “perfect woman.”

      • kesher Says:

        Not to excuse the trans movement’s misogyny, but the idea that women can be replaced by men with uteruses is so laughable, I can’t bring myself to worry about it in any way.

        You can’t maintain a population of billions of humans with a miniscule number of men in dresses. Even if trans women were a larger demographic, there’s no way a transplanted or fake uterus would be as reliable as the real thing. Just regular organs transplanted in the human body have pretty high failure rates, require a lifetime of medication which ruin the patient’s immune system over the short run, and have to be replaced again after several years, and these organs aren’t expected to house and grow a tiny human for several months. Even a woman’s natural uterus is prone to complications during gestation and childbirth; we’re expected to buy a fake/transplanted one would work just as well?

        If anyone’s likely to be pushed out due to reproductive irrelevance, it’s men.

      • BadDyke Says:

        I should add that the ‘womb transplant’ stuff is out there as well. In women, it has been used for ‘successful’ pregnancies:

        It is (I didn’t know this) intended to be a temporary transplant, so the woman doesn’t have to be on immuno-suppressants for the rest of her life.

        Some trans out there seem to want one too, BUT (as in the other case), they DON’T have the necessary additional structures (you know, like ovaries and a vagina and all those other pesky parts of the female reproductive system. Add in skeletal differences. They AREN’T female, so the necessary FEMALE environment for a womb to function isn’t there! It’s NOT like a kidney or a liver chaps (pesky biological sex rears its head AGAIN…….).

        I was interested to see that the agree criteria for womb transplantation DO actually state:
        “The recipient is a genetic female…..”
        Although also, apart from usual scientific pedantry, part of me wonders that someone might have thought it necessary to make that part explicit!

        Plus nice to see that trans-science and trans-medicine and general Judith-Butler post-modern wishy-washiness to the contrary, ACTUAL transplant surgeons and gynaecologists have no problem with the concept of ‘genetic females’. If you ain’t got the genes, you can’t have the womb……………..Despite of course the usual trans claims that gynae doctors can’t tell a mangina from the real thing…………………….

      • They will never get to do it, though I’m sure they would eventually find a way. When MEN want something there are no limits to their sick imaginations and the resources and time used for such nefarious purposes. You know the drill- we can’t even get well woman care for all, but men will get lab grown “lay-dee” parts.

        But their necrophilia won’t allow it, simply because they will have skinned the earth clean- and/ or made themselves and most others extinct- well before they figure that stuff out. An end to their BS is one the the few upsides to their necrophilic destruction of our home.

      • Amananta Says:

        I know trans who DO want it – but the only real emotional energy they’ve expressed in wanting “real” (as in functional) female organs is apparently to have another card in their hand to trump arguments that they aren’t real girls. I haven’t yet heard any of the many trannies I know say they want to actually, like, give birth.

      • Bea Says:

        Even if they got a womb transplant, what about the placenta? The placenta is attached to the wall of the uterus. It absorbs nutrients from the woman’s bloodstream. The umbilical cord carries nutrients and oxygen to the fetus and takes wastes away from the fetus.
        A woman’s body produces extra blood during pregnancy, and her heart beats faster and harder than usual to carry the extra blood. This wouldn’t happen to a male. There’s no way a male’s body could mimic all the changes the female body undergoes during pregnancy.

      • gothamette Says:

        @kesher – this stuff is impossible. It’s interesting only as a sci-fi crossed with psycho-confessional, but it’s really not scientifically valid. Fercrissakes, measles is making a come back, and these nutcases are talking about growing an entire female reproductive system in a lab?

        However, I do disagree with your saying that men will ever become reproductively expendable. Not so, and doesn’t help the cause to say things like that.

      • gothamette Says:

        Holy moly, I may have spoken too quickly.

        Have a look at this:

        The woman in question is a genetic male with AIS. Read it.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Re: The “Holy moley” article: She did have a TINY uterus:

        The first signs of hope that Mrs Hayne’s condition might be curable came in 2007 when a new specialist at Royal Derby Hospital found a tiny womb missed on previous scans.

        She told The Mirror: “It was only a few millimetres, but it was a start. He was optimistic it would grow. I still couldn’t conceive naturally but I could have the option of IVF.”

    • BadDyke Says:

      “If I could get a vagina grown with my own stem cells..”
      Thankfully, trans continues to be as STOOPID as they ever were!

      The ACTUAL science story that started all this trans bad sci-fi fantasy nonsense is:

      This was women who had malformed vaginas, which was causing severe complications (like menstrual blood not being able to exit hence collecting in the abdomen.) Note that the grafts were grown from the womens own vulva cells rather than skin or intestinal because skin and intestinal cells DON’T behave properly. Kind of like smelly trans manginas………..

      So, we finally have a technology that is helping these women. Trans tries to desperately leap on the bandwagon squeaking meeee-tooooo, meeee-toooo………………

      Except major fail chaps — you DON’T have the vulval cells needed to start the process. Because you’re biologically male, no matter how much you try to pretend it doesn’t matter……………

      • That’s what happens when you deny biological sex. Your mind gets stuck in a twisted trans fantasy land where you can “just grow” your own vagina cells although you have a dick. *sigh*

        I’ve also seen trans men claiming that they can have their own penises grown in a lab – although the offical articles state that it’s NOT possible because they don’t posess penis cells.

        But accepting biological and scientific facts isn’t the trans way of life.

      • BadDyke Says:

        “I’ve also seen trans men claiming that they can have their own penises grown in a lab…”

        Cucumbers? You can grow them in labs………….

        I hadn’t heard that work was being done as well! Looking at the article in the Guardian, seems to be the SAME principle — actual penis cells used. But the whole donor penis with cells removed to provide a collagen scaffold thing is pretty freaky! So female trans would first need a willing male donor — maybe the self-castrators could do a deal?

        Those trans females who think they can have one grown in a lab anytime soon are dreaming the same sad sci-fi dreams. You ain’t got the cells girls! You ain’t got the genes either.

      • born free & female Says:

        Remember Amy Player, who went around claiming to have spontaneously grown a penis without even needing a lab?

      • I can’t fathom this actually occurring, because, what would be the point? I mean, organ (heart, liver, kidneys, etc…) transplants are done as a last resort to save people’s lives. Transplanting a female reproductive system into a man serves no purpose whatever. Also, organ transplants are insanely expensive. Even a “basic” one like a kidney transplant can cost well into the six figures. One like this where they’d have to reroute a helluva lot of veins/arteries because the uterus requires a HUGE blood supply, would probably cost millions. I can’t see anyone in the States doing this, they’d have to go offshore somewhere at added expense.

        Even if a man actually managed to become pregnant, it would literally kill him. The added strain and pressure on a body that was not designed for pregnancy would overtax the organs, the heart, liver and kidneys in particular would be impacted. The hormones designed to “soften” the bones would have to be given in huge amounts due to a man’s greater bone density as well as the fact that their hips are so narrow. This would probably leave them crippled for life. My hips dislocated during my first pregnancy and I still have considerable pain. That was ten years ago, and I was a wide-hipped woman to start with.

        No, this is just another autogynephiliac/MRA fantasy. Nobody will be putting a uterus in a man, and I only touched the surface of the complications.

    • >:) Says:

      Men in their sex fantasies, LOL

      First of all, they will never in a million years create any platform for women to become men that produce sperm for reproduction.
      Women don’t need to produce sperm to reproduce a child with another woman. This can be done through cloning. Female DNA placed in another females egg, will produce a 10% doner egg/90% dna doner child. They could even have each other’s clone.

      2nd, they will not donate any resources to turn a woman into a sperm producing man, hell will freeze over first. Men’s sex fantasies are always put first over women’s lives, esp since women that are trying to transition are viewed as lower than men that transition. Even when they ‘pass’, they are treated like short [still somewhat effeminate] creepy men at the low end of the male hierarchy. Trans organizations support those born as men first and foremost. they help men first, and give women the cold shoulder unless they need a token-women.

      Women do not receive the same level of care at hospitals, unless they have money. Sometimes that doesn’t even help. I personally have experienced this.

      3rd, reproducing a vagina for a man does not mean it wont turn inside out, or slowly rot away because men do not posses the blood supply or a uterus with the blood supply, or produce natural hormones, that create a self regulating balance to keep it a living organ. I find it odd that ‘woman’ is reduced to a hole that goes nowhere and doesnt have any other function but sex.

      4th, a vagina is attached to a uterus that is attached to female hips at an angle to support a tremendous amount of weight during a pregnancy. This organ does not free-float in a cavity or prolapse like a neo-vagina from over-dilation because it is nothing like one. It is one part of an organ system that attaches to bone, and has major blood supplies. Men’s hips do not center the weight of such an object attached to the hip bones. At best, they will be crippled by pain even if they manage to attach an artificial uterus to their hipbones.

      The handmadens willing to donate a uterus to please men don’t realize, once it is removed, their intestines will press on their bladder, and they will have incontinence problems. Replacing it with a pelvic mesh will set them up with a lifetime of medical problems, but I am guessing some handmadens would let a man cannibalize and slowly consume their bodies over a period of months to avoid being called a terf.

      If a guy still wants to keep his dick and balls and have this done, the uterus will like rot away like it did with porn-star Buck, who now has to go to a female doctor.

  12. Found this on my Facebook this morning. God I love Greer, always have. I first read her in 1999 before I’d heard of the “transgender debate” and she had a chapter explaining in minute detail the Y chromosome. This was at a time when the word “trannie” quite rightly connoted a sad middle aged man who dressed up in his wife’s clothes or had strange sexual fetishes.
    A “Trans-woman” was the furthest thing from a woman a person could imagine. The word conjures up an image of maleness gone awry, maleness taken to extremes.

    There was also indeed an element of fear associated with the word “transsexual” among teenage girls. Girls never thought or spoke much about men who dressed up as women, but if the subject ever came up nervousness was the response. As in: a trannie was not someone a young teenage girl would want to come across when walking alone in the dark. This shiver of nervousness is primal– girls and women aren’t stupid. They’re not “phobic”. What they know is that when men behave strangely, stranger than usual, it’s best to keep far far away from them.

    When a man is pretending to be a woman, that is delusional enough for a woman to take note that this is a person she might need to keep a distance from.

    • Juliana D Says:

      Yes, you are so right. A man acting strange or out of the ordinary triggers a fight or flight response in women, depending on the situation. It is natural, but we are being told to ignore our natural instincts. And that totally pisses me off.

  13. Yes, Skylark “Ghoulishess” is a word that springs to mind, definitely.

  14. Juliana D Says:

    Okay, last comment for now… I was so happy to read this about Greer, so glad she hasn’t capitulated to the trans ideology. Then I googled her under news and got depressed again. I am so ready for this trend to be over.

    • BadDyke Says:

      Reading the Independent, they at least said something about WHY she is supposedly ‘transphobic’.

      I don;’t think Germaine is AFRAID of trans anyway, despite glitterbombing, just doesn’t think they are WOMEN. Mind you, the Independent doesn’t manage to say that, the women is anything in a pretty dress line is obviously too strong to resist.

      I am soooo tired of the LGBT+ label (hence CUSU LGBT+). I guess even the umbrella people have realised their acronyms were getting too long. So queer and intersex have dropped off (well, they were only ever token inclusions!), but trans still hanging on in there, and frankly trying to take over the whole thing. I’m waiting until lesbian and bi get chomped by gay, and we are reduced to GT++, because trans HAS to be doubleplusgood…………..

      I’m encouraged that Germaine has maintained her courage and refused to back down as well as refusing to let the menz in trans dominate the agenda by trying to make her talk about them ALL THE TIME. The 51% — although I don’t agree with the smelly vaginas, I quite enjoyed the hairy comment!

      • Bea Says:

        It really sickens me that every time I see “LGBT” I know it’s going to be trannies riding the coattails to push an agenda that most sane LGB want nothing to do with.

      • Margie Says:

        IMO, the invention of “LGBT” was the most important event in the history of the “trans” movement. It was an ingenious and insidious move. It came just after the phrase “lesbian and gay” was replaced by “lesbigay” and then “LGB.” Those linguistic changes entailed little to no substantive change, because all of those terms refer to a group of people who share a common trait, i.e., same-sex attraction. That was the moment, that the trans activists, aided and abetted by self-identified “queers” added the T. It looked like just one more innocuous linguistic permutation, but in reality it was a revolutionary alteration of LGB identity.

        Once they conned or bullied LGBs into accepting the legitimacy of LGBT, heterosexual crossdressers and transsexuals, many of whom are homophobic, became 25% owners of LGB institutions and of the LGB civil rights movement. LGBs were suddenly drafted into a war on bathrooms, on birth certificate standards, and in favor of taxpayer-funded electrolysis for wife-killers, etc. Every success the transgenders have enjoyed, including the recent moves by the Obama Administration, are a direct result of their capturing LGB political capital via “LGBT.” Meanwhile, LGBs have lost civil rights battles all around the country – from Anchorage to Fayetteville to the entire state of Michigan – because gay rights are now linked to crossdresser bathroom usage rights. And some of our oldest and most venerable groups now treat LGB issues as an afterthought, so focused are they on the primacy of transgender demands. To defeat trans activists, we have to expose and unravel LGBT.

  15. shonagh Says:

    I wonder if she was talking about Mrs Brown of ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’, a UK sitcom based around a man playing a woman. I’ve never watched it – I don’t often get giggles from female impersonation – but it’s very popular. There was a spin-off film recently.
    Germaine stole my pen this one time, having used it to sign my friend’s copy of The Female Eunuch after a wonderful talk on Australian Aboriginal art…

  16. hearthrising Says:

    Germaine Greer is such a treasure. I’m glad to hear she was well received. The Female Eunuch was the first book of feminist theory I read. We need Greer’s pro-woman stance and her example of non-capitulation. The mob mentality of the trans brigade brings to the forefront who has courage and conviction and who doesn’t; who can think for themselves and who can’t.

  17. If she reads this, I want to tell her thank you for her perseverance and wisdom. She is right on when she speaks of trans as a distraction, but as it’s such a threat to both women as a whole and lesbians in particular, it must be analyzed, discussed, and fought as a serious issue. It sure is typical male hate, and they are striking where it hurts most: our communities, safe space, and even the right over our own identity!

    I truly hope that her persistence in speaking will help other women in their fight against no platforming. When Lierre Keith was de-platformed in Orefon it was a very sad day. That she would have been more welcome amongst conservatives (thwy may hate jer but are more likely to not protest her speaking)shows the willingness of the left to violate the principles they claim to value.

    And these women- what to even say about them? I don’t like using the term handmaiden to the patriarchy but there is really nothing more fitting here. Fighting for men to censor and destroy a women based movement? How is that not traitorous and in service to utter misogynists? I know they are damaged and brainwashed by patriarchy, but at what point do we stand up and say no more, you are acting like an enemy here, female or not? I feel this is an example of a woman that needs denounced, right after vigorously denouncing her masters.

    I don’t want to, and do not feel good about singling her out, but it hurts seeing women doing this stuff. Men, I understand why they do what they do. They hate us, and want to retain their power to use us as slaves and breeders for themselves. These things are disgusting and vile, but at least they are understood by all. There is benefit for them in this system, but women? Even their bump in prestige and attention cannot possible make up for their helping degrade their sisters.

  18. jilcar Says:

    Germaine Greer is very clear conceptually about what is wrong with the whole trans thing. It is her intellect that enables her to assist women challenge this monstrous perversion and her earthiness and straight forward communication that makes her so effective.

  19. Bea Says:

    I saw this in a comment section and thought I’d share it. Leaving the author’s name anonymous.

    ————————————–For the last month, it is happening right in my living room–since my son came out as a transwomyn, and feels free to call me transphobe, TERF and cisgendered, with ZERO discussion allowed on the topic. And this, from a kid who, until he decided 2months ago he was really a womyn (didn’t tell me for a month, tho I suspected due to his uncharacteristic behavior….and I’m not referring to dresses, which he’d worn before WITHOUT calling himself trans) … from a kid who, until he decided he was a womyn, could talk with me about *anything/everything, and always did. And who well knew from a lifetime of this that even if we had some disagreement in theory, I would love him from the bottom of my heart and support his right to think his thoughts–and do his own thing, so long as no one else’s rights were trampled in the process.

    Now he is a transwomyn, and not only is all that good stuff over now, but I’m no longer a person at all–just an inconvenience he can dismiss with words like TERF, cisgendered, transphobe. All the while, of course, that he fully expects me to be a well-behaved mommy who lets him live here, cheerfully keeps working to keep him sheltered and fed and endlessly praised–all while indulging him in his dishonesty, his cruelty, and his MALE PRIVILEGE. Which I must never mention b/c that would be an abuse of my parental power and being a TERF, etc.

    IMO, my son has been taking a slow, seemingly controlled fall into a nervous breakdown for several months now (with good reason, as he is a survivor of child sexual abuse by his biodad, who also traumatized him horribly as a tot in other ways…as he comes of age, his trauma is resurfacing but subconsciously as far as I can tell). I’ve observed this (and done what I could). From what he’s told me, he didn’t ‘discover’ being a womyn until well after he commenced his fall. By the time he did, he’d already done a lot of damage to himself and our bond in overt and subversive ways both. So his coming out would not really be such a huge issue except for being another part of his coming-apart. Also, he (erroneously) decided in advance that I was a TERF and would thus reject him as a transwomyn….thus undertaking his coming-out, in the most offensively defensive ways possible. He flatly denies the existence of such things as ‘self-fulfilling prophesies’ and any responsibility for setting me up to react (as he’s been doing in so many ways for months now). I so fear for him….and still, I can’t allow him to become my next abuser (or anyone’s). He has support on the net and IRL for justifying his behavior…which acts as a distraction from the core fact that he is having a nervous breakdown.

    • Em Says:

      It’s completely beyond me how anyone can see “trans” as anything other than a symptom of mental illness. (It’s obviously misogynistic as well, but misogyny and mental illness aren’t mutually exclusive. Quite the opposite.)

      This woman, unlike so many parents with mentally unstable children, is able to see and acknowledge that her beloved child is ill. That has to hurt. Sympathy and kudos to her.

  20. CKDexterHaven Says:

    So if Em Travis identifies as a ‘boy’ then I guess she doesn’t devote her time to targeting women and feminists but instead campaigns to be allowed into men-only clubs, onto men’s sports teams and into men’s toilets or does ‘genderfluid’ in her case mean changing back to identifying as a woman every time she needs to pee?

  21. Elle Says:

    I don’t know where else to put this, but I have to share this here somehow. A paragraph from an article on Bruce Jenner’s “transition”:

    “Bruce will be able to have sex like a woman. For all intents and purproses, he will be a woman.”

    Whose intents? Whose purposes? So this is the definition of being a woman?

    Thank you, Gallus, for this site and for saving my sanity.

    • FOAnonMale Says:

      Wait, why shouldn’t she lose her job!?!

      What’s all this christ-like forgiveness crap all of a sudden? It’s like when the bald guy from Californication got away with calling Sarah Palin a “tranny.”

    • morag99 Says:

      Yes, Elle, re: “intents and purposes.”

      To have sex “like a woman” is to be penetrated, and to be penetrated is to be a woman.

      So. The purpose of a vagina (real, or a man-made cavity), is to be penetrated. In being or becoming a woman, one’s intent is to be penetrated. Therefore, in being penetrated or in a penetrable condition, a woman (real or plastic) fulfils her purpose.

      Which “wave” of feminism are we at now? Third? Fourth? Thirteenth? Just look at how far we’ve come! The evidence is in the ordinary observations, attitudes and thoughts of the average citizen.

    • ImNoCissie Says:

      It never ceases to amaze me how completely ignorant so many men are about female biology. At least, I hope these are men who write passages like that and not women who are unaware and devaluing their own bodies.

      A surgical “ostomy” is a good as an actual vagina to a blind horse and also to any human who believes having a penis stuck in any old pus-weeping orifice is having “sex like a woman”.

  22. ImNoCissie Says:

    My previous comment is in reference to “just like a woman and can have sex like a woman.

    About “transdashian”, why does someone quoted in the article believe the coverage of Bruce’s transition to be “heartbreaking”? Where’s the trans pride? Why isn’t Bruce celebrating finally being able to claim his “birthright”? Why is it wrong for a magazine to photoshop him as he may eventually look?

    He is a public figure, sooner or later the public will see him in his new body, can’t keep it in the closet forever.

    Is all the constant focus on Kim Kardashian’s various body parts and post-baby weight gain just as heartbreaking or no? Only trans are entitled to be treated with reverence by the celeb-gossip-press now?

  23. liberalsareinsane Says:

    Em Travis is yet another example of universities being cesspools of debt and stupidity. I honestly wonder if universities should be banned for the sake of civilization.

  24. Juliana D Says:


    Well… Even if all men died tomorrow (NOT saying I am advocating that), women could go on, especially given all the sperm banks and artificial insemination techniques.

    But, this conversation reminded of a late-90s Showtime Outer Limits episode (not the 60s show) where women live in a cooperative world with no men and no war, but then “unfreeze” a cryogenically frozen man to test whether males can be introduced into the current system, with, predictably, disastrous results. I vaguely remember the episode.

    Okay, just checked.. It is called Lithia. Summary here:

  25. Now that Bruce Jenner is a “woman”, does he have to give back all his Olympic medals? Or. will his athletic records be classified as “women’s” world records, etc. Which one was it? How can it be both at the same time? He is a “woman”, but he wasn’t back then. Did Bruce Jenner compete in the Olympics, or did a woman? They always say, “I’ve always felt like a woman inside”. If Bruce Jenner really is a “woman”, then he should give back his Olympic medals, or there was someone impersonating “her”.

    How in the hell does it work out? For example, will his records be listed as male or female? Someone is going to say, “Christ, this female athlete is fantastic”.

    If Bruce is really a “woman”, then he should give his medals back. Otherwise, he would have to admit to himself that he is really male.

    He is one of the those late “transitioning” men who make full use of their male privilege before they “transition” in mid life. It’s like the 61 year old boxing promoter in the UK, Frank Maloney, who made a lot of money before becoming a “woman” at age 61. Jenner was born male, raised male, competed as a male athlete, used his fame as an Olympic athlete to his advantage, married a woman as fathered children. After making money as men, Maloney and Jenner get to play out their sexual fantasies, and we are supposed to adore them.

    Bruce Jenner was a great athlete, but his no a “woman”.

  26. chateau Says:

    “Woman [sic?] who was genetically a man gives birth to TWINS after doctors GREW her a womb”

    This sounds like androgen insensitivity to me from the descriptor. When will there be a black market for rich men to buy wombs off the black market?

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