YOU are a TERF!!! TERF!!! TERF!!!

February 4, 2015


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151 Responses to “YOU are a TERF!!! TERF!!! TERF!!!”

  1. Tiki tiki tavi Says:

    Slow day in information technology for these boys huh?

  2. Mortadella Says:

    The one dude in the OP actually used the word “murderous.” Murderous? Is that just part of the delusional trans package? One time I got in it with a trans who kept insisting women harm them all the time — as in physical harm.
    As in, beating them up.
    As in, waiting in bathrooms for them to show up so women can kick the shit out of them.
    What? Where? In another dimension?
    I’ve seen Reddit threads posted by men that were openly transphobic and never saw a bunch of trans flood the thread and threaten the dudebros.

    The other guy in the OP who was all TERFS are “…worse than white men?” They’re protecting their white male privilege/heritage while pretending to be a minority at the same fucking time. The only white man I’ve ever seen them go after is Piers Morgan — and of course, Piers was defended. But still, what would happen if they did that every other week? Are they afraid of something? Like, errr, retaliation from their own demo? What if they inconvenienced white guys all the time?

  3. HeyIKnowHer Says:

    He believes that we have to fund THEIR spaces in order to have ours? Did I read that properly?

    • Yeah, I read that and almost choked on my tea. These mofos are truly out of their minds, but given the way they’ve been catered to, I’m not surprised they expect us to provide them with a place of their own to pee, too.

      • >:) Says:

        A guy actually said to me that if ‘I’ was turned off by his cock, ‘I’ should pay for his sex change. This was after he sent an introductory letter, introducing himself, telling me his fetishes and how he needed me, to give him a place to live, even though- we never met before and have no mutual friends. The narcissism some of these guys project is unbelievable.

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      A locking third restroom should take care of it, if you could pay them enough to use it. “But this doesn’t validate my womanhood!”

      • Miep Says:

        WTF: Well, exactly. They don’t want to create a social third gender caste, they want to replace women with themselves, thus requiring us to become invisible. Again.

      • I'm No Cissie Says:

        Honestly, no good reason why third rest room and third gender can’t be the solution, other than what you placed in quotes.

        If using the men’s room is too dangerous, why is that the problem of women and feminists? Go harangue the men, or advocate for the third gender option.

    • Zemskull Says:

      I do not understand the need for lesbians to directly fund transgender spaces. I would assume that many of the funding sources available for non-profit women’s meeting spaces and events–grants, donors, membership fees, venue rentals, fundraisers and government resources–are also available for transgender groups.

    • He apparently doesn’t believe enough scarce resources are being redirected from women’s health and safety to his male self.

    • If they would *actually* fuck off and stay the hell out of our spaces, quit harassing us , I would get out there and raise the money myself. I would even put a fountain in them, like on South Park.
      But that would be pointless. They are the ultimate male, goal post movers extrordaire, and would never be satisfied with this. After all, they do not want “safe spaces” they want OUR spaces.

  4. Gay men are never called Terfs.

  5. Zemskull Says:

    The tweet from Sarahphim that seems to imply that lesbians should be attracted to persons who “identify” as women regardless of anatomy. How does this work in practice? As a timely example, if Bruce Jenner identified as a female his entire life, were lesbians in the 1970s watching him at the Olympics supposed to feel attracted to him then, even though he looked very “male”? Were heterosexually-identified women who were attracted to him then actually lesbians without realizing it? If he believed he was a woman while winning the men’s decathlon, should he be forced to return the medal?

    • morag99 Says:

      “If he believed he was a woman while winning the men’s decathlon, should he be forced to return the medal?”

      No, but magic should be performed upon it. The medal should grow out its hair and be given a breast augmentation. Voilà!

    • “If he believed he was a woman while winning the men’s decathlon, should he be forced to return the medal?”

      You know what? Yes. I’m sick of transgenders wanting to have everything both ways, so long as it benefits them. If the public has to swallow this tripe, let us apply a consistent logic.

      • Zemskull Says:

        There certainly is a precedent for the International Olympic Committee to award or strip medals decades after the event. To use the men’s decathlon as an example, Jim Thorpe, the 1912 decathlete and pentathlete, was stripped of his gold medals in 1913 when it was discovered he had briefly played professional baseball. The medals were restored in 1983. An adjustment to the 1964 pairs’ figure skating results was made this past November. So, addressing Jenner’s 1976 results could be in order.

    • Miep Says:

      How is telling anybody whom they should be attracted to anything but intrusive rapey pimping garbage?

    • Rosemary Says:

      More likely, trans people will want him to be recognized as a famous female athlete. No need to fund and encourage women’s sports- look how far we’ve come!

  6. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Paranoid persecution complex, check.
    Overblown victim status, check.
    Cult brainwashing, check.

  7. People who read this blog and other blogs and websites are familiar with the online death and rape threats directed towards any woman branded a “TERF”. For new readers who have no clue as to how their minds work, here are a few links. Below is a small sample of the incessant harassment and misogynistic abuse of women.

    Warning, this is very disturbing…

    Gallus, I was reluctant to post these links, but people new to this blog probably have no idea that these deeply disturbing and misogynistic bullying and intimidation tactics are being used against women.

    If they aren’t trying to bully and intimidate women into obedient submission through death and rape threats, both trans and MRAs use the dreaded “TERF” label in a McCarthy like fashion to silence women, especially any woman who speaks candidly and honestly about male violence. Below is a link to a brilliant and insightful article by Sarah Ditum describing how “TERF” is used to shut down and silence women.

    “Critics of the term point out that it is not used neutrally, but in all cases pejoratively: TERF is a curse word used solely against women, a version of “bitch” that liberals can feel OK saying. “TERFs” are charged with inciting and inflicting violence against transgender people, despite the fact that violence against transgender people, like all violence, is overwhelmingly committed by men and not by feminists of any stripe…

    The definition of TERF is extraordinarily loose: what one is supposed to be excluding trans people from is never identified. To state that male and female bodies exist can be enough to win the TERF label; to state that the division of sex is the foundation of sexual oppression is more than sufficient. (If your observations of reality have led you to believe that sexual dimorphism in humans is both real and socially relevant, you may be confused to learn that acknowledging this is now deemed evidence of bigotry in some quarters.) It is also a highly toxic definition to apply to someone, both because of the intimation of violence, and because there is a hefty taboo within the left at large against “excluding” anyone.

    Vague in meaning, powerful in effect – two qualities which combine to mean that the word TERF is incredibly handy for anyone who wishes to stop women from discussing our oppression as women, by men. (Who wants to stop women discussing our oppression by men? Usually men, of course.) It is a thought-stopper extraordinaire.”

    Sarah Ditum even did a little experiment to demonstrate how “TERF” works,

    “This morning, I tweeted the following in response to a discussion about domestic violence I heard on the Today Programme:

    “Remember, gang: the difference between feminists & everyone else is that we think *men* can stop killing & controlling women”

    Lindy West – brilliant, funny Jezebel writer Lindy West, wrote that hilarious thing about SATC2 – retweeted it. Great! My small act of feminism has been shared by a writer with a following thousands of times greater than my own, surely the revolution in sexual consciousness is just around the corner, etc etc. But wait! A man has something to say:

    “I feel really awkward saying this but Sarah Ditum is a known TERF :(”

    Am I a TERF? West didn’t have the time to check: avoiding any association with a tainted form of feminism took precedence over sharing a message about domestic violence. And she acted perfectly rationally in this: to associate herself with me, even by merely RTing a statement she agreed with, could be enough to make her a “known TERF” in turn and lead to her being similarly denounced in public. But note the end result of this: a feminist has withdrawn support for another feminist speaking against male violence, because a man told her to.

    This is what the word TERF does. This is why it is misogynist’s dream, and this is why – if you’re a feminist or even if you simply see yourself as not-anti-feminist – you should never trust it and never, never use it against other women.”

    In reality, “TERF” is similar to a new form of McCarthyism that transgender activists and MRAs (men’s rights activists) use to silence women.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Sarah Ditum is spot-on in that column. Lindy West is a fucking woman-hater. Keep sucking that patriarchal dick, Lindy!! do what the men tell you!! Good girl!

    • jane Says:

      Thanks for posting the links. The level of dehumanization they engage in is off the chart. Looks like the typical narcissistic rage when their targets refuse to be gaslighted. Not sure if many people saw this one, but I thought it was pretty insightful:

      • jane Says:

        I just want to add that I don’t agree with the author conclusions that narcissistic male transgenders should be treated with kid gloves (compassion and understanding). Its a recipe to enable further victimization of innocent by-standers.

      • I will say it again: Narcissists drain your energy. You can’t deal with them like with normal people. To get rid of them – you need to abadon them. Never give them the attention the demand. Don’t give them anything if it’s possible.

  8. WTF is up with this comment,

    “I would even consider letting TERFS have their “womyn born womyn” spaces if they funded safe trans spaces at the same time”.

    Fact: Women aren’t responsible for the vast majority of assaults and murder of transwomen. Male on male violence can be very deadly, and this is what is killing transwomen.

    Instead of the incessant threats against “TERFs”, why don’t they do the following:

    (1.) Hold men accountable for violence, particularly male on male violence.
    (2.) Since males still have more economic and political clout than women, make men fund safe trans spaces.

    Their solution is to force women to accommodate them by throwing open the door to the women’s restroom, locker rooms, women’s homeless shelters, women’s prisons, etc. to any and all men in a skirt or say they are transgender, thus endangering women (Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook, Paula Witherspoon, the violent teenage trans boy, “Jane Doe”, etc.).

    This is how I know that they are misogynistic cowards at heart. They will constantly deride and threaten “TERFs” (any woman they dislike), but never, never address male violence even when it’s male violence that is killing them. No, it’s the fault of the nasty “TERFs”. We know men are violent, and this is why we don’t want them in our restrooms, locker rooms, women’s homeless shelters, etc.

    By the way, men who identify as “women”, or say they are transgender offend at the same rate as other men. This is what they will never acknowledge, but it’s true. There are numerous examples on this blog.

    • kesher Says:

      The thing is, most trans who go off on TERFs are white, and many are transbians who work in IT. They aren’t at serious risk of male violence unless a man mistakes them for drag queens. They do, however, use the deaths of “straight” trans kids and trans women of color to shut down any criticism of their misogynistic movement.

  9. Bev Jo Says:

    No matter what Lesbians and particularly Butches do, we are hated by men and most women. Say no to men, get more hatred. Say no to male rules, get even more hatred.

    I just posted a link to Kathy Fire’s album in our Radical Feminist groups, which is the first record I saw in a library (I’d already had Lesbian records, but this was the major label Folkways). I’ve heard she only had an hour in the studio and so the quality isn’t great. But there she is, her working class Butch self, creating Lesbian Feminist music. I also heard she was arrested by the FBI and raped and tortured.

    The comments at Youtube and other sites about her are horrifying. Such hatred aimed at her by these men. It’s a reminder that you don’t even have to be saying no to the trans version of men hating women. You just have to be a Butch making music for Lesbians. How dare we exist? No wonder so many women who obey men continue Butch-hating and so many are terrified to be seen as Lesbian, or even worse, a Dyke. Yet it’s so much better to be proudly who we are than obeying men out of fear.

    Anyway, this is just a variation where the only thing that will please them is for us all to be dead. Not going to happen….

    Meanwhile, I’m reading that some young women who are choosing men are identifying as Lesbians, presumably to give their men more of a thrill. Classic genderqueer appropriation of Lesbians.

    A friend yesterday said that one of the first men who became famous as a “Lesbian,” Kate Bornstein, bragged in writing about the many women he had fucked as a man, and now was fucking a lot of “Lesbians.”

    But really they know they are men. They know women agreeing to be fucked by them are not Lesbians. And they hate us for that.

    By definition, no Lesbian will ever agree to let these men have intimate access to us….

    Kathy Fire:…/americ…/music/album/smithsonian

  10. ellahawthorne100 Says:

    Hey, one of them promised that if most women are terfs then he will detransition and live his life as a man. Sounds like a good plan. Hey dude, FYI, yes, all women know that our female biology exists.

  11. a cat Says:

    I’ve got a kind of weird theory about this (or possibly I mean hypothesis). When the transactivists talk about “TERFs” (using it in the sense they mean it), there’s sort of this strange mix of anger, fear, and dare I say it, desire.

    They spend a lot of time not only describing the incredibly overblown and ridiculous ways gender critical feminists allegedly oppress them (you’d think we were a cross between Islamic State and the Nazis) but also talking about how sexually attractive we find them and how we want to examine their genitals and do various things to them. While this is not, actually, correct, I think there’s a few of them out there who enjoy the thought of a “TERF” quite a bit more than they admit.

    It’s like they see themselves as the M side of the equation and us as the S. I don’t spend my entire life looking through that prism (honest) but I really think some of them do. It also goes along with the constant drumbeat of victimhood and some of the stranger currents like forced feminisation. Some of them spend a lot of time thinking of the evil jackbooted TERFs because they like thinking of people with jackboots on doing things to them. If these people do not exist, well. They have to make them up.

    I can think of another explanation for this, which is that they’re all fucking idiots, but I quite like my first explanation. I’ve been hanging about with radical feminists now for a bit and I have seen strong women bringing a clear analysis – even when I don’t agree. I have seen no violence from them, death threats, or anything else. I have argued this point however and been told that we are “literally murdering transwomen” by using incorrect pronouns.

    As I have said before on here I know a bit about literal death. It’s not, actually, the same. That’s someone who on a deep level wants to be a victim, and to be a victim, you need a victimiser. Since what “TERFs” are accused of is largely imaginary, I can only conclude that they are spending a very significant amount of time imagining it.

    • Miep Says:

      Yes. That is because they are ghouls.

    • morag99 Says:

      Agreed, a cat. It’s silencing women, of course, and it’s also sadomasochistic kink.

      They cannot imagine a world in which someone is not dominating the other. Both domination and submission give them intense pleasure, and even though there’s enough of that shit in the world, they manufacture even more! They invent their own oppression by women because there can never be too much muck and slime for them to “play around” with.

      Remember FernGully?

      • a cat Says:

        Good video morag!! That about sums it up.

        I probably differ from most here in my views on SM, but what I do find very creepy about what the transactivists do is they are trying to force so-called “TERFs” into playing roles in their fantasy. That’s like going up to someone on the street, forcing them into a car, taking them somewhere and making them play out what you want them to.

        Whereas the gender critical feminists are doing analysis, writing carefully thought out books, educating other women and talking frankly and honestly about their lives and experiences, the other lot are basically walking around with their hands down their pants mumbling things no-one wants to hear. If they want to play out some games with jackboots and abuse and maybe a bit of slapping around, the list of people who would be into that is a long one. Pulling other people involuntarily into your scene is not on and tells you volumes about these commentators’ natures.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Good assessment, a cat. The bare bones of this he said/she said deal is that gender critical feminists say “look, think” while the trans activists are saying “we’ll tell you what you see and what to think”.

  12. K Says:

    They really can’t tell how trans(*)parent their words are, can they?

  13. How does that first comment about violent rapists in the trans community become about the all-important TERF “threat”? For a minute I thought he was going to express concern.

    • morag99 Says:

      I know. For him, rapists and their victims aren’t the problem. Feminists, who hate rapists and want to expose them, are the problem.

      It’s a sociopathic movement.

  14. Also, notice how the “*really* racist” TERFS deserve to burrrrn even more than “the Japs”.

    • Yeah. I was actually shocked by the use of that slur which I haven’t heard in thirty years. I mean, who talks that way anymore?

      • Teal Deer Says:

        That was pretty jarring. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a person under 70 use that term seriously (meaning not mocking racists), in real life. With these people, it seems it’s only racism if someone else is doing it.

      • bleh Says:

        “who talks that way anymore?” old, white, military men

  15. I'm No Cissie Says:

    This thread inspired me to come up with a new acronym for the sort of transjacktivist quoted in the embedded tweets. It just so happens to be an anagram of TERF:

    They are FRETS – Frantic Rapeandviolence Excusing Transactivists

  16. Tiki tiki tavi Says:

    Men want to be lesbians and they know its wrong

    • GallusMag Says:

      Knowing it’s wrong and a violation of women isn’t a side effect of men wanting to be lesbians. It’s WHY they do it.

    • >:) Says:

      Yea, they say they ‘want to be lesbian’ but with an actual woman that are not attracted to men, not with each other. Most of them don’t consider each other female enough for a ‘lesbian’ fantasy/relationship[which would be great if more went this route]. Yet they expect actual lesbians to change their sexual orientation to cater to men with dysphoria. Yea, like it’s a man’s civil right to demand women to be attracted to them. It is very narcissistic. There is plenty of straight /bi women, but they want women that don’t date men, to ignore the fact they are men, and serve them up a fantasy, even by force, very selfish. Women are not considered actual humans with choices, they see women as props to their fantasy.

      • sheela Says:

        Yes, this. And the insistence on their unmitigated right to our bodies at all times, regardless of our wishes, fits right into their pro sex industry/pro prostitution line.

    • Quote:

      “Now I’m a real lesbian with a gross guy part.”

      No you are a gross guy with man parts and no real lesbian is attracted to you.

      • Also I noticed how many of these younger twanzlesbians are obessed with young female characters from japanese cartoons. Similar to their female counterparts who are obsessed with japanese yaoi comics (comics about young gay males).

        Oh and these guys look messy and greasy as fuck. How they can expect that lesbians will ever be attracted to them baffles me. Their delusion and entitlement knows no bounds. I guess they think they are irresistible “hot” women (hello autogynephilia) but in reality they are disgusting dudes.

      • Smits Says:

        You’re right on the money with the anime obsession- amongst the teen/early twenties trans crowd on tumblr it’s hard to tell where the TV fandom ends and the genderfeelz begin. It doesn’t help that an awful lot of them “identify” as animals/plants/fictional characters etc too.

        Of course the “moe” style that they love- tiny, doe-eyed, fragile pre-teen girl characters- is itself only so widespread because the mainstream anime industry in Japan caters primarily to the creepy male fetishists who make up the most lucrative portion of its fanbase. Older figures in the industry like Hayao Miyazaki, who founded Studio Ghibli and makes many lovely and truly artistic films, have spoken at length about how disgusted they are with the current state of things.

        But no wonder it appeals to a similar demographic in the west- nerdy, “outcast” boys and young men who convince themselves that their precious, delicate snowflake soul, which has suffered the worst torment know to humanity aka people being nasty to them in high school, truly belongs in a dainty, perfect, idealised female body in which they would finally be free and also girls would suddenly fancy them.

        It’s ultimately the same thing as the older doodz who think they’re going to look like porn stars or models or Kim Kardashian. None of them want to be an actual woman- “woman” is just a cipher for “all my problems being solved and never feeling sad ever and getting laid all the time”. And then when they do transition and they’re still just people and life still sucks- whether hormones and surgeries actually made them look like anything resembling a real woman or not- they blame it on us for not making “woman” into the paradise destination they wanted.

      • Their greasy hair confuses me. Most white people I know wash their hair daily to avoid this. Is it poor hygiene or the estrogen causing this? Really odd.

      • Roslyn, I usually have great hair, but not during pregnancy; it suddenly turned into an oily, greasy mess. It might well be the hormones. (I have wondered about that too)

        Beside that, I think some are overdosing on hormones, hence the constant hysteria-level, all ratcheted up to 11. Or maybe they were not socialized to even know how to deal w/estrogen? I think it may well take some getting used to, over years.

        They just seem constantly *all jazzed up*. Could also be meth, I guess.

      • My hair goes insane when I’m pregnant too, and I’ve noticed that they seem to be hyped all the time, too. I wonder if they’re just getting straight estrogen, or is it in combination with other hormones (like in an actual female)? Some progesterone would smooth that out, and a zap of oxytocin wouldn’t come amiss either. That stuff is like the best ganja ever. So many of these people are self-medicating with stuff bought off-shore, there’s really no telling what the hell they’re getting.

      • Tiki tiki tavi Says:

        If society broke down gender roles more and it was possible for men to wear dresses
        Do you think they would still have these fantasies?

        I think so which is why the Trans movement is nothing but mentally Ill men.

        But I notice many gay men have no issues being openly feminine it’s always the nerds who have issues

        And why would they want to date lesbians anyways? Lesbians prefer females. Why not date someone who actually likes penis and there are plenty of straight girls who have no issues with feminine men..

        Trans could ultimately be like James dean and be rebels against gender roles instead of subverting science and social orders and going after
        Feminists.. But it doesn’t seem to be happening. There seem to be more and more Delusionals as these men cling
        To a
        Fantastical pipe dream with no basis in reality

      • kesher Says:

        I asked Gallus about it in another thread because I was specifically interested in how HRT is handled for older MTT. Older women don’t have as much estrogen due to menopause, and that’s a good thing due to cancer risk. So I was curious if doctors even try to give late-transitioning MTT lower doses of estrogen or if they go full bore. According to Gallus, and I’m happy to defer to her since she’s followed this issue much longer than I have, MTTs of any age take as much estrogen as they can tolerate for the best possible physical changes, and they often take more than their doctors prescribe.

        What I find especially ridiculous is the claim from many in the trans cult that HRT is totally safe and has no possible negative repercussions. It’s one thing if they’re willfully ignoring the vascular and cancer risks from estrogen, but if doctors are misleading them, there better be significant malpractice suits on the horizon.

      • kesher Says:

        @Tiki tiki tavi

        I’ve found the lesbian obsession off-putting for so many different reasons, but one that’s always baffled me is the basic numbers game. Lesbians make up such a small portion of the population; why would MTTs be so obsessed with partnering up with them? Just going by sheer numbers, they would be better off pursuing bisexual women or hetero-flexible women.

        And lesbians don’t typically bother with fulfilling patriarchal ideals of beauty to the extent that straight women do, and you know transbians aren’t going to stoop to dating a gender non-conforming lesbian. So they’re obsessed with a small minority of a small minority, lesbians who bother with shaving and plucking and applying makeup and wearing pretty clothes to the degree that straight men expect. If I never again see a transbian express entitlement to a “cute” lesbian, it’ll be too soon.

      • GallusMag Says:

        About the cross-sex hormones, you would think some clever drug marketer would whip up an expensive designer cocktail for these folks and market it to their insecurities: “EstroMax!” “TrueWoman!”. But of course all this shit is off-label so they can’t.
        At least they are synthetic estrogens now, instead of the equine derived compounds they used to be. I wonder if now that “hormones make a woman” transsexuals in the past are considered horses. LOL

      • gunhild Says:

        Tiki tiki tavi – “it’s always the nerds who have issues”
        Well those and ex-military men. I think so many trans males are involved with tech/nerd stuff or military because it’s male-dominated places for them to be either as delusional or violent as they want.

      • LC Says:

        As for their lesbian issue, there was a trans-supporter who recently started an argument about people in relationships with trans-individuals who want to call themselves lesbians. While I don’t care what any given two people in a relationship want to call themselves, there are cases of transgender individuals who transition after being in a relationship for years. They expect their partner’s sexual identity to change in response via emotionally abusive and social shaming tactics. The TS’s response to this was, “Well, women can be abusive too” …despite the fact that I made it clear that this was not solely about transgender “women”. Disturbing that *he* brought this up in the context of lesbian relationships only, that he assumed it must only happen with males who want to be lesbians(and why is that…?), but mostly, that protecting the gender feels of abusers was clearly more important than the abuse itself.

        I don’t even know what to say to that. I’ve known this person for years, and it’s hard to imagine that he believes the crap he says about transgenderism, or justifies it as not harmful. But yes, there definitely is a lesbian obsession among them.

      • a cat Says:

        Smits, you got it with the moe thing. Check the avatars 🙂 Now tell me how likely it is that a bloke in lipstick looks like any of those 😀

        They also are attracted to the lesbian in their heads rather than actual lesbians. Consider the difference between the wispy girls they envisage and the actual reality of lesbians. I’m one, I do not dress femininely, I shave my head and I wear army boots. The transactivists would not be remotely interested in me aside from telling me I need to transition to be a man. Who they are interested in is the young, feminine, college student lesbians with long flowing hair and conventionally attractive features, which is as near as they can get to their Utena style fantasies. This is not only creepy and worrying, it’s also unlikely to happen as they envisage it (thankfully).

    • fatima Says:

      The avatar at the bottom that’s just a manicured man-hand resting on a Taylor Swift magazine cover is going to give me nightmares.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        All of those avatars are going to give me nightmares.

      • morag99 Says:

        Ha. Yeah, most of them are pretty scary. Maybe I’m crazy, but I thought that a couple of them passed — as heavily made-up women of a certain physical type. But these are photographs, which are very carefully composed. I’m certain they wouldn’t pass as women in person.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      “JenLotus and 5 Guests are viewing this topic.”

      I wonder if the infamous Feministe commenter LotusBen now thinks he’s a laydee?

      • GallusMag Says:

        LotusBen was accused of mansplaining so he “came out as identifying as female” and started calling himself LotusBecca. Dunno if he changed it to Jen since then.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Ah yes, LotusBen, another male who completely shuts down discussion amongst women. Manipulative scumbag.

    • jane Says:

      I am hetero and I find this so unbelievably creepy and rapey to drool and fantasize over women who by definition would not touch you with a 10 feet pole. What is it that they do not understand with sexual orientation? And making sound like the women would be the bigoted ones for not wanting sex with them. Why they don’t focus on hetero guys not wanting to sleep with them? That should be their test for passing for a woman. The more I dig about this, the more I feel young women need to arm themselves with the knowledge to protect themselves against manipulation tactics or they’ll get sucked up, like basic 101 defense against bullies, sociopaths, narcissists and others cluster B personality disorders. There is something intensely predatory about the transgender movement.

      • morag99 Says:

        “The more I dig about this, the more I feel young women need to arm themselves with the knowledge to protect themselves against manipulation tactics or they’ll get sucked up, like basic 101 defense against bullies, sociopaths, narcissists and others cluster B personality disorders.”

        This cannot be said enough.

        Girls and young women (and, really, women of all ages can be vulnerable) need some self-defence tools. Male bullies, sociopaths, narcissists, etc. abound and they target girls and women who are feminine-compliant and kind-hearted. The male trans are particularly dangerous to young women who have liberal values, and who are eager not to offend — eager to avoid being labelled as anything other than totally accepting of “difference.”

        I worry so much about this, in a political way, and for individual girls and women. Like many women, I’ve had male narcissists in my life. They are sophisticated abusers and can do lasting damage in a very short time. When I see a teen girl bend her knee to one of these types … well, I feel so sad and sick, and I want to DO something to prevent the wreckage.

      • GallusMag Says:

        jane- we already have a regular commenter Jane. It is too confusing with the two of you. Since you are new you will have to change your name. You can call yourself “other jane” or whatever you want but please make some sort of change so we can tell you apart. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks. 🙂

      • Em Says:

        ” … creepy and rapey to drool and fantasize over women who by definition would not touch you …”

        All het men do this. It’s like a law of nature or something. Never mind M2t. If a straight man isn’t giving you an “aw shucks” look and telling you he likes women so much he must be a lesbian, he’s dreaming that his magical cock will transform the lesbian of his choice into the woman of his dreams.

        M2t just take it farther. They’re narcissists, so they imagine themselves entitled to whatever they want.

  17. @Gallus Mag, your photo selection is so dead on. When all the trans descended on me on twitter and started calling me a “terf” (I had no idea what the hell that was) I envisioned them looking just like that photo.

  18. Tiki tiki tavi Says:

    Now they are talking about how cold
    Those lesbians are

    Lesbians don’t want men! Is that so hard to understand!

    • I would also be cold if a greasy man tries to be a “lesbian”. They are toxic narcissts and they need to stay faaaaar away from women. Thank god sexual orientation doesn’t change because of mens “identities” or demands. Also holy shit look at these photos. NO lesbian ever will mistakes these guys for women.

      Before transitioning they lived in a fantasy world and now they must face the cold harsh reality. They aren’t women – they are sick mentally ill men and will stay that way forever. They can’t fool lesbians.

    • Fountain of Gender Says:

      “The level of ignorance is staggering.

      They have studied the brains of transgendered people and female brain. The areas that are associated with the female part of the brain are identical in transgendered people and females. Male brains are differently apparently.

      This is what a psychiatrist on tv said but I have no reason to doubt that.”

      The “female part of the brain”. Really. And we’re the ignorant ones. But I always hear trans activists saying male brains are X and female brains are Y (almost as if they think it’s a binary, but clearly the sex binary is false and oppressive, even while they support a gender spectrum that rounds to a binary).

      No matter how often you assert that female and male brains are clearly distinguishable, the evidence suggests otherwise.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        But… but… a psychiatrist on tv said so! I can believe everything I see on tv! BRB. Gonna go find a radioactive spider so I can have super powers.

  19. Lemoni Says:

    I see Natacha Kennedy has made inroads into placing Trans into women’s shortlisted seats for British Parliamentary Elections by dismissing female candidates.

  20. Jason Says:

    I didn’t know it was this bad. I was naive about the whole thing. The threats directed at you are actually terrifying. I didn’t know. Tantamount to terrorism. Like actual serious ‘terrorism’. I’m embarassed. As a cis man i’m ashamed. I posted some grandiose bullshit here on new years. It wasn’t meant to be malicous. I was slightly drunk. Basically ‘mansplaining’. Thought i was a hotshot. I was wrong. It won’t happen again. FWIW i am sorry. I’m starting to think 99.9% of all misogyny is derrived by jealousy. They want what you have, and know they can’t have it. And if they can’t have it, no one can. I can now what this ‘entitlement’ thing is all about.
    Ashamed. And now actually worried for the future. I only hope that the police can do something before it get worse. Ashamed of myself here guys.

    • morag99 Says:

      As long as you call yourself “cis” you’re still in compliance with the trans terrorists.

    • neme Says:

      There are pomo young women and men of all sorts who only listen to men. They defend the predators and shout us down and shut us out. As a man, you’re at less risk of being assaulted and stalked. If you truly get it now, stand up to them. Speak out. Not just here, but in the places where women’s voices are never heard.

    • shonagh Says:

      A heads-up for you Jason – we’re (mostly) not ‘guys’.

  21. Jason Says:

    Homo Troglodytes!!!

    • bleh Says:

      This man seems confused or just full of shit. What’s the “Homo Troglodytes!!!” comment about? He probably thinks gays and trans are the same thing and hates gays and now trans. Great.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      Unless your apology was trolling, might want to ease off including “homo” in your insults. Then again, maybe you were trolling, and that little insult was directed at us?

    • GallusMag Says:

      They never quit when they’re ahead, do they.

  22. Katie Stone Says:

    I know this has nothing to do with this topic, but I am unsure where to go. My friend is a father of two wonderful 4 year olds.
    A son, who loves to play with dolls, dress up, and simply loves his pink bear. His twin sister is the opposite. She plays with cars, loves all bugs, and refuses to wear dresses.
    My friend sees nothing wrong, and rightly so. His wife though believes the children are trans. She believes the children should go to the doctors and begin to transition. Max is horrified. Neither child identifies with being trans and now his wife is talking about their genitals and how trying to get them to switch their names and birth certificates. She likes the fact they are twins since in her mind all they have do is switch birth certificates. We tried telling her this is sick but she told us we were just being homophobic. Max wants to take the kids away but is scared. He is scared he will loose in a custody hearing since all we have read is about hateful people are if they do not support this. Is there any reason left?

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Katie, if this ends up going to court, please let me know when, because I’d LOVE to be a bystander just to see the judge’s face when this wackaloon wife opens her mouth. Totally worth the plane fare.

    • >:) Says:

      turning children into experiments over men’s sexual fantasies is one of the scary things being promoted, they are also pushing chemical castration drugs to ‘fix’ children that play with the wrong toys. Lupron is the chemical castration drug taken by sex offenders that cant stop their sexual compulsion to molest children. The trans directive suggests crippling levels to be given to growing kids, this interferes with growth plates in the bones that fuse as children become adults, but to some men, sex, and how some men have sex, comes first before child welfare or health of children as full humans. When a man wants special sex, women & children better not get in the way. There was even talk about trans in their 40s and 50s, some with sex offender records, being more suitable homes for children that picked up the wrong toys, and these men should have the right to remove children from homes they suspected the children were trans. Like that isn’t pedophile driven.

      They were targeting the Alcorn family, that had a gay teen that committed suicide. Some of these men were declaring that the other children were trans and needed to be re-homed with them, and leading the charge was sex offender Allison Woodbert.

    • born free & female Says:

      I realize you don’t want to post identifying information – is there any way, though, that you could say what state you’re in? Perhaps other GenderTrender readers could help recommend a family law specialist who could help support the reasonable parent if this turns into a custody case?

    • Fountain of Gender Says:

      Oh fuck. Sounds like they don’t have any physical dysphoria (despite the mother’s efforts to find one). Maybe you all can convince her they’re genderqueer. Same toxic ideology, but it might keep her from shopping for an endocrinologist or a gender therapist who buys they need to be on the path to transition. Most genderqueer people don’t seek to change their birth certificates (unless there is a third gender option).

      Also, please if you haven’t already mention that 80-90% of kids with GID do NOT persist in wanting to transition. Many of them are gay, though some are straight as well. Asking leading questions, if it results in the child going through a gender transition they wouldn’t have freely chosen, amounts to a homophobic conversion therapy.

      I don’t have a legal background and am truly sorry for those kids and for you and the father to deal with this. Perhaps another commenter with more life/professional experience in this area could offer some more useful counsel.

      Signed, a 22-year-old lesbian who played with Hot Wheels and Legos as a kid and thank Noether my parents never made me feel like that was weird for a girl, even though my later internalization of sex roles led to gender dysphoria later on. Dysphoria is hell. So irresponsible to put those ideas into kids’ heads when they didn’t express it first.

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      For what it’s worth — If your friend asks around, it should be fairly easy for him to find a regular old, plain-vanilla psychiatrist or psychologist who does not believe that playing with dolls=girl and playing with cars=boy, and who views these stereotypes as harmful. There are actually a lot of them out there; they just don’t advertise themselves as gender specialists because they have better things to do, and don’t need a weird little niche like that to attract clients. Such a person might be helpful in a custody dispute.

      • >:) Says:

        A specialist in Munchhausen by proxy is also helpful when children are in danger of being mutilated by a parent with delusions.

  23. Ashland Avenue Says:

    You know what I love about this post? There’s absolutely no commentary from Gallus. It’s simply the trannies’ own words, and those of their handmaidens. And yet they’ll screech about how hateful this is, when it’s nothing but THEIR OWN DAMN WORDS. It must be painful to see their craziness and misogyny reflected back right in their faces. I’ve seen you do this many times here, Gallus, and it’s very effective. Well done.

    • Mansplaintransplain got shut down for being hateful when the entire blog was literally nothing but quotations of transgenders’ own words; it didn’t even have commentary (since it was unnecessary).

      • Don’t ya just love (love, as in loathe) how MRA, violent trans, virulent racists, etc can all keep their blogs and websites with no problems.
        But post something they don’t like- even if it’s stuff they published themselves- and it’s hate speech? How is it that they can get stuff shut down so easily, while other groups cannot? Is it a combo of their IT connections and white male privilege? Or does everyone just bow to them for “diversity” sake? (or both?)

        And that’s not even talking about the billion dollar porn industry which is actual hate speech, enacted on real womens/ childrens bodies. If anything deserved to be shut down, it’s porn, but nope, reporting a male born trans own words is hate speech worthy of censoring!

        Hey- if it’s hate speech when WE post it, doesn’t that make the original hate speech too? (obv)

  24. lin Says:

    OT. Talks about transgender mods taking over the LGBT subreddit and how their ilk could bring down reddit as it’s brought down other online communities.

    • what was my name again Says:

      Trans lording over the LGBT subreddit = radical feminism. Whaaaat? I thought radfem was shorthand for “hates trans people” or “gross curmudgeonly lesbian” or whatever in that part of the internet? Now it’s radfems = all things bad, ever, including pushy trans.

    • >:) Says:

      It is just like the trans cult to take a shit on everyone and blame it on women and radical feminism that doesn’t recognize the male sexual fantasy that any man can magically change into a woman by saying they want to.

    • lin Says:

      The ironic thing is that shortly after writing this, the author got banned and the suddenly popular subreddit (board) that s/he created was taken down, renamed, and put squarely in the hands of biased mods. I am not insider enough to verify all this and I don’t know who the players are but that is the scuttlebutt.

  25. Lemoni Says:

    Natacha Kennedy a straight male transgender States he is a lesbian

    Natacha a proponent of the Bill of Children’s Rights Has infiltrated the Labour Party and has attempted to criminalise transphobia and promote the teaching of transgender ideologies in schools to 5 year olds under the banner of transphobia and homophobia. Having successfully infiltrated Stonewall UK to obtain ‘street Fred’.

    Download link for this important policy proposal document (under discussion)

    He has succeeded in gerrymandering the Blarites of New Labour (he supported Tony Blair) to introduce hate definitions for transphobic crimes (Germaine Greer your freedom to speak is truly shafted)

    And here

    Not happy with just pushing to criminalise Natachas version of hate crimes usually against lesbian feminists he has infiltrated the Fabian Society (Mostly men) to start his programme of Transwomen inclusion into female Labour Party Parliamentary short lists I.e males who define themselves as women taking up MP seats set aside for women.

    Comrade Natacha is now spreading ‘Terf Hate’ with trans ’man’ Charlie Kiss a parliamentary candidate for the Green Party who talks about the child Josua ’Leelahs’ Alcorn (as well as herself). So the Teans Lobby knows no party loyalties it seems.

    In the Morning Star a paper written for the ’lumpen’, (remnants of the old socialist male Sentinels) ‘Comrade’ Natacha directs more hate towards ‘terfs’ I.e gender critical feminists.

    At the same time Comrade Natachas mate Uncle Sarah Brown ex Lib Dem Councillor for Cambridge starts attacking the Green Party candidate for Cambridge for being a supporter of feminism.

    Rupert Read ends up apologising for his support of feminists who are gender critical. This is why men cannot be feminists!

    Conrade Natacha not content with just the Labour Party is sitting on quite a few LGBT Boards such as Camden LGBT Forum who supported the no plat forming of Radfem 12, 13 conferences. Natacha personally siding with MRA’s in the doxxing of staff at one of the proposed conference venues the Irish Centre in Camden eventually leading to the booking cancellation.

    This guy has directed a whole life’s misogyny towards the non platforming of gender critical speakers female and male (usually lesbians and Gay) alongside the likes of fellow ‘pretendbian’ Roz Kaveney. They have sown up the major party views across the UK political spectrum, infiltrated the Universities students unions, feminist societies, replacing the SWP socialist workers party ideological influence on campus with old foucaldian mastubations under the cover of queerdom. Roz wrote a favourable book review for fellow sci of writer China Mieville the rape apologist for the SWP ’court hearing’ of Comrade Delta the guy who raped a young female student. The central committee of the SWP as unaccountable as its members practising totalitarianism.

    Tony Blair (the war criminal) is now making noises around LGBT as his greatest accomplishment and LgBT labour are mining his talents for deceit

    It appears comrade Natacha is a Blairite through and through (read male right wing extremist) directing white LGBT Labour into oblivion.

    So much for socialism Comrade ‘Natacha’. No doubt once your desires to ban people for social media become effective you can sit on your self made throne with no clothes and tell everyone else how to dress.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I can’t believe there are people in Britain who take that guy seriously. He deserves to be the subject of a new Monty Python skit, something that would mock his absurdity. Anyway, thanks for those links…documentation is power.

    • a cat Says:

      That’s incorrect on a number of levels though Lemoni (much as I share your indignation against Natacha). First of all, the Morning Star isn’t “a paper for lumpen” (wtf). Secondly Mieville wasn’t and isn’t a Delta apologist, he left the Party.Thirdly the SWP couldn’t practice totalitarianism even if they wanted to, what, all ten of them?

      • lemoni Says:

        Sorry Cst I was being sarcastic. Yes Mieville left but I suggest you read sone of his definitions of rape in his fiction.he was one of the main ideologues perhaps his resignation after the horse had bolted is more telling. I gave my own revisionist version of ‘lumpen’ as it concerns the neo Trotskyites.. As for totalitarianism 10 members of an unaccountable Central committee who reinforced their own ideological views on the mass for years to me smacks of ‘totalitarianism’. The void that was left in terms of students having a battle focus has been transferred to other centre left parties such as labour and in particular the Greens. I was never an SWP mrmber, Green Party Csndidate nor did I write for the Morning Star. My anger if anything is telling.if I have in any way distorted Marxism then Ill aoologise when the distortion of Dworkin is remedied by the likes of Natacha and their clingons.

    • >:) Says:

      I am sure the tory-cone of silence pedo party supports the sexualization of 5 year olds. In any country where the women have no power, child rape/sexualization is normalized.

  26. janetwo Says:

    “jane- we already have a regular commenter Jane. It is too confusing with the two of you. Since you are new you will have to change your name. ”

    NP, I’ll use JaneTwo

  27. Bea Says:

    Gallus, I wish you had a place where we could send you crazy trans screenshots. I have some unbelievable stuff. Just recently took a screenshot of a handmaiden “learning about biological sex” from raging narcissist Will Radick. She concludes, “so genitalia should be regarded as individually occurring bodily occurrences without label of male/female…”

    I also found a dialogue between two trans males discussing their various mental illnesses and their fantasies of being murdered by transphobes instead of “this slow forced-march toward my (what feels like) inevitable suicide.”

    I have found several instances of trans males posting “before” TBT photos of themselves (one called himself a ‘stud’), saying they wished they hadn’t transitioned.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      Feel free to post links if you have them; these sound good, especially the first one. It still amazes me that “Misandry LOL” libfems cannot allow themselves to consider that many of the men who transition may do so for reasons that are less than benign. Apparently the perfidy of men melts away once they decide they like the feel of the makeup brush. is a handy site for saving entire pages and lets you download them.

  28. lurker Says:

    Is that the real Benjanun Sriduangkaew in the screencapped thread?
    Alleged Thai lesbian science fiction writer and confirmed troll who learned their internet skillz hanging out with 4chan rejects on gaming forums.
    Now if Benjanun/Lesifoere were trans, that would make so much sense. But maybe Lesi just needs the ally points.

    • dbrvnk Says:

      I feel I kind of owe Sriduangkaew a bit—I didn’t even know there were parts of the internet where girls and women exist until some boring MRA troll on a classical music forum linked to one of her posts on Requires Only That You Hate in order to call out misandry and how much easier women have it or whatever. Reading some of her spot-on takedowns of rapey, misogynistic bullshit in pop culture set me off on an internet scavenger hunt through the crosslinks, in search of someplace not completely dominated by a male viewpoint (which I quickly realised after coming across some of the more popular lib-fem sites had to be expanded to “100% penis-free”… though I do retain somewhat of a soft spot for The Toast)

      Basically without her I wouldn’t have gotten here, for which I am grateful, even if the subsequent disappearance of her blog (and her tendency to ‘airbrush’ out any posts she’s publicly criticised for) does strongly suggest troll status.


    A shitty slate article by sick fuck Parker Molloy and some other asshole.. “Terfs!!!1” are responsible for creating “rumors” about trans women trying to guilt trip lesbians into sleeping with them. Lesbians are culturally conditioned to not being attractedd to trans women. Basically the typical narcisstic straight m2t bullshit.

    • Miep Says:

      Is that kind of fact-checking failure typical for Slate these days? Or do they think tons of screenshots of harassment and threats are just “rumors?”

      • kesher Says:

        It seems like an opinion piece by Molloy, so I wouldn’t expect much fact checking. Although I do question Slate giving Molloy a mouthpiece, period. Was getting fired by The Advocate for threats not enough? (And also just being a hack writer?)

      • Miep Says:

        kesher: I would think publishing an opinion piece containing libelous statements unwise. And falsely accusing people of libel is a kind of libel.

        I tweeted Molloy and said “Saying lesbians can’t tell whether they are attracted to someone is creepy and rapey.” He said he didn’t say anything like that, but the piece quite clearly makes that statement. Poor lesbians so overwhelmed with transphobia that they can’t tell the difference between it and actually not being attracted to someone. Quite clear.

    • janetwo Says:

      The whole article is about shaming lesbians about their sexual orientation and saying no to trannies…funny how they deny that is what is happening when that is the whole point of the article.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      I’m sure I’m not the only one who still has the screen shots from the original melee. A lot of them are in the archives of this blog. Oh wait, here’s the opening shot right here:

      Guilt tripping lesbians into sleeping with transwomen was exactly the plan. They even hired a broken-down Matt Foley-esque “pick up artist” speaker to help them “game” their way into lesbians’ pants. (He had a hilarious, now sadly deleted YouTube video discussing how he was gonna help the “trannies” (his word) get laid.) The fact that only a few MTFs showed up for the Planned Parenthood (!) seminar is neither here nor there.

      From the beginning it was about the MTF delusion that the
      “queer community” that most exists in their nutty heads owes them sexual access to lesbians. See the mewling of Julia Serano, Jos Truitt, Chelsea Poe, et al.

      Molloy has a platform for his revisionism, but he can’t erase the truth. Too bad crappy online rags like Salon and Slate don’t care, because the truth is far more interesting than the trans lies.

      • Bea Says:

        A “movement to get laid” is beyond disturbing. It sounds like a rape brigade. Who wants to have sex with a castrated MRA who denies material reality? I belong to the bisexual demographic they think should be more than happy to fuck them…but I can’t think of a more undesirable sex partner than a trans woman.

      • @Bea, I think this is the aspect of trans these guys clearly didn’t think through. Pardon my bluntness, but a person with a male body and breasts is generally only appealing to men. I’m a het woman, and I’ve never seen any of these people naked (and wouldn’t want to), but the notion of being in bed with a greasy man with breasts literally makes me queasy. And even worse, their personalities and clear hatred of women makes them even more disgusting. I don’t know who they thought would want to fuck them, but I can’t even fathom the concept.

      • Bea Says:

        Good point, Roslyn. I think they must have convinced themselves through their own male gaze that a man with boobs would be sexy. It’s almost everything they see in porn (except a vagina), in one convenient package! Creepier still, considering how many of them can’t afford laser/electrolysis…means many of them have stubble all over their moobs.

        P.S. I’m sorry I put that image into your head.

  30. @Jane(thefirst)

    “Guilt tripping lesbians into sleeping with transwomen was exactly the plan”.

    Men have been trying to guilt trip lesbians into sleeping with them for centuries. Most so-called “lesbian porn” is made for hetereosexual males to masturbate to. This is no secret in the porn industry. Who buys most “lesbian porn” (the women are usually straight or bisexual)? The answer is men. It goes beyond the “Cotton Ceiling” to an entirely new level of lesbian hatred and misogyny. Males have always had fantasies about lesbians wanting them.

    The term “cis lesbian” literally makes me sick to my stomach. “Cis” means non-trans, so by saying “cis lesbian”, they are implying that there are trans and non-trans lesbians. There is ONLY one kind of lesbian. There is no such thing as a lesbian born with a penis. What they are actually doing is rewriting the very definition of lesbian. I argue that rewriting the definition of lesbian is homophobic on its face. This is full scale out right colonization.

    Resist the co-option and colonization of lesbian identity. Stop raping the identity of lesbians.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I think “cis lesbian” means “heterosexual woman who will play-act what they think lesbians are, in order to please their autogynephillic male partner”.

      • Bea Says:

        Here’s a well-adjusted “lesbian couple.”

      • Bea Says:

        Here’s a well-adjusted “lesbian couple.”

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Bea, that couple is FUBAR. That poor woman is so confused. I wish she had a good girlfriend, straight or lesbian, to help her see the light about him and value herself. Did she get any responses?

  31. Email or write to and tell them that this the colonization and co-option of lesbian identity is not acceptable.

  32. This article really upsets me.

    To: Slate

    * Attempting to redefine the word lesbian to include biological males is homophobia.
    *Stop colonizing and co-opting lesbian identity.
    *Males will never experience sexual pleasure the way women do. It’s never going to happen.

    Slate’s New York office is located at 95 Morton Street, 4th Floor, New York, N.Y., 10014.

    Slate’s Washington, D.C., office is located at 1350 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 400, Washington, D.C., 20036.

    To contact Slate, please call Ava Lubell at (212) 445-5330 or email

  33. Bea Says:

    “Parker, perhaps better known by his drag persona Flame Monroe, is a bisexual, self-identified transgender person who has had surgical interventions to create breasts and other feminine characteristics but who currently lives as a man when he’s at home with his three children and lesbian wife. He’s also a conservative Christian who doesn’t support full marriage equality.”

  34. Are there ANY M-to-F people who are attracted to men?

    I realize that this has been hashed and re-hashed already, but… well, it seems like they’re mostly convinced that they are wrongly gendered as men, but are certain that they are lesbians. That’s absurd! If I were a lesbian, I don’t think I’d be attracted to a guy who dressed and acted like a woman, with or without surgery! Men smell different, have different skin, hair, etc. Also, there is no way that a man can have the authenticity of female experience, whether physically e.g. menstruation, or otherwise.

    • Oddly enough, there seems to be a strict racial/ethnic line of demarcation amongst MTTs and I don’t know if anyone has actually tried to suss out a reason why. Most white MTTs are late-transitioners and claim to be “lesbians.” Trans women of color tend to skew younger and are almost all homosexual. My guess is that the trans women of color have issues with being homosexual in a community of color and the white trans are primarily autogynephiles. Obviously there are exceptions to both, Fallon Fox, for example claims to be a black lesbian. He’s the only one I can think of.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Yeah, Roslyn, that is strange, isn’t it? Your hypothesis rings true, though – in fact, I think you’ve nailed it.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        I remember seeing a documentary about pre-Stonewall era MTTs in San Francisco a while back; can’t remember the title of the top of my head, but Susan Stryker (a male “lesbian” transitioner) did the narration. Most, if not all of them were white, and they seemed to want to blend into society as heterosexual women. There was some archival footage of a television interview with some of them, in which the interviewer clearly viewed them as homosexual men.

        This fits with your view — if white gay men who seem “feminine” find more acceptance in their communities nowadays than they used to, fewer of them are going to believe they’d be better off as women.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Compared to White MTFs, Blacks and Hispanic MTFs are more likely to report sex with biological males and endorse a homosexual identity (Hwahng&Nuttbrock, 2007).Whatever their sexual orientation, compared to White MTFs, Black and Hispanic MTFs are more socially expressive about their sexuality and gender. Black and Hispanic MTFs in New York City, and perhaps other areas as well, belong to MTF ethno-cultural communities in which expressions of femininity and dressing in the female role are socially accepted and encouraged. In New York City, the younger generation of Black and Hispanic MTFs, in particular, live in a social context where transgenderism has almost completely lost its secretive and exotic character.”

      • kesher Says:

        Straight white men are crazy and freakydeaky. That’s my professional opinion.

        Also, expanding on that, I think there’s a lot more tolerance in society for white men being weird fetishists than there is for men of color. I don’t know what the prevalence of fetishistic crossdressing is among men of color, but I would guess there are many more social sanctions against them becoming crossdressers full time.

        I think I’ve mentioned this in other threads here, but part of the reason why I have zero patience for white late transitioners whining about how hard things are for them is that I bet no one questions them. Most people, especially women, people of color, and anyone living in poverty, when they see a wealthy white man acting like a freak, they don’t question it.

        All of us are too familiar with how angry, violent, and entitled white men are and that society will come down hard on us for “provoking” that anger or violence. From a service employee’s perspective, calling an obvious crossdresser “sir” is a sign of respect. They don’t know what new weird crap wealthy white people are promoting these days. They see a man, and their idea of respectful conduct is to call a man “sir”, regardless of what he’s wearing.

        The non-passing transbians, however, have decided that’s an unforgivable hate crime.

        On the flip side, if a man of color decided to crossdress full time, especially following the transbian playbook of not even trying to “pass”, everyone’s going to get in on the action of shaming him for “debasing” himself by dressing like a woman. Gay MTTs of color, meanwhile, are already shamed for “debasing” themselves by having sex with men, so there’s not much loss there in terms of how others perceive them and treat them, especially since they seem much more invested in trying to live stealth.

      • I’ved noticed that, too. I think it’s just that straight men and white men feel more entitled, so put that combination together and the entitlement goes out of the ballpark. Homosexual men of colour have fewer of those issues.

      • I’ve seen some black mtfs who are attracted to women (most of them were bi). I noticed that they “pass” better and are well groomed. Not like many white twanzbians. Holy shit so many of them look nasty.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      You got it, Ellie. Speaking as a lesbian, I’m a) not attracted to penises – EVER; b) not attracted to inside-out penises (that’s how a sex change is done); and c) not attracted to someone who wasn’t raised and gone through the world as female. I’m just not. And I’m allowed that.

      • BadDyke Says:

        I think that holds for (almost) every lesbian I’ve ever met (although most of them are of the older variety) — what I’m attracted to as regards women, trans don’t have ANY of it – and then we get told we’re supposedly attracted to the WRONG things (like that’s a new story!). And repelled by the things they DO have…………..

        And then I just think that we’ve all gone a little INSANE somewhere, if we are REQUIRED to spell this out! It’s like having to stand in the street and keep explaining — it’s the SUN, don’t be scared, it just shines and keeps us warm, it’s OKAY folks!

        So, I’m a LESBIAN, okay, means I’m attracted to FEMALES, and you’re NOT…………………

        Or even worse, an infinitely-looped rendition of ‘I just DON’T want to go out with you, okay…….’

        Trans – trying to convince us the sun ISN’T shining and expecting me to pretend and keep walking into trees…………….

        Lesbians, you ARE the sunshine of my life, so keep shining sisters! 🙂

      • Hello, BadDyke! I remember you from a post several months ago. I think it was about neovaginas 😮

        You aren’t a BadDyke, well, not because you don’t want to date, be in relationships or have sex with guys that are surgically altered to be a replica of a woman. Rather, you are a nice lady who likes women, not creepy MTF/guys! Please don’t feel guilty or pressured by people who try to dictate to whom you should be attracted, as a part of a distorted notion of gender solidarity.

    • dbrvnk Says:

      “Are there ANY M-to-F people who are attracted to men?”

      There seem to be three main categories: feminine or androgynous-looking males who have a hard time ‘passing’ as men and often suffer some degree of homophobia, identifying before transition (and sometimes afterwards) as gay or bisexual. In USA these are mainly TWOCs but here in NZ there are a lots of whites as well due to NZ’s persistent masculinity fetishization. (Depends on where you count fa’afafine/whakawahine as well. But then the Maori/Pacific queer and trans* communities are almost totally segregated from the white ones.)

      Then there are the Trans Women™ who—and this may be a bit unfair/shallow of me—I usually notice first by their much deeper voices and bigger, taller frames. Other markers seem to include being deeply embedded in ‘geek culture’ (video games, anime etc) and STEM or other male-dominated occupations, + strong comorbidity with mental health problems and severe social interaction deficits. Usually identified as straight before transition, but are insistent on pretending transition never happened and they were always lesbian women from birth and so on. “I’m not transphobic, but” they creep me out almost as much as Manly Male Man™ lumberjack-sheep farmer-serial killer types. It might just be the physical resemblance.

      Finally we’ve got males who’ve internalised a lot of queer theory and the like and identify as genderqueer/gender-neutral/agender/transfeminine etc, usually asking for “they/them” pronouns. Sometimes they say the terms man and woman are too loaded and contribute to systemic oppression etc. Near as I can tell re sexual orientation, with many of them claiming not to understand ‘monosexual’ people, it seems to be largely based on gender (& specifically persons of indeterminate/ambiguous/non-conforming gender) rather than sex. For practical purposes they tend to pair up with each other or FTMs a lot.

      Biological sex is kind of a taboo subject in a lot of trans* circles, but I’m not sure whether that’s because everyone is uncomfortable with it or it’s just the Trans Women™ and everyone else goes along with it because they’re big and loud and scary. Certainly when it’s just FTMs and femme-looking/third-gender/genderqueer MTFs in the room, the talk about pregnancy, menstruation, binding, sperm, prostates, body hair (etc) seems to flow more freely. But that’s just my (limited) experience

      • Thank you–dbrvnk, Ashland, RoslynHolcomb, kesher and Loup Garou–for responding to my inquiries with such thoughtfulness. I appreciate your time and the effort taken to answer my questions informatively, without the slightest trace of rancor. I spend a lot (too much?) time editing Wikipedia, posting on parts of reddit and trying to contribute on Stack Overflow. These are bastions of male and trans MtF tyranny, for the most part. I brace myself for rancor!

        Yes, STEM fields and the hacker/ tech/ Silicon Valley self-congratulatory-verse are magnets. There are decent people in these clines, but they get shunted aside and labelled as exclusionary. I saw that happen today to a nice woman who was advocating for greater inclusion of women project members and thus female voices in Wikipedia. She was told that the potential effect of “excluding” men or MtoF trans people would make her “look like a cisprivileged shitlord”.

        Wikipedia editors are 80-85% male, tech/mil, 18 to 25 years old. The encyclopedia disproportionately emphasizes content that appeals to that demographic. Neglected content includes the biographies and accomplishments of highly notable female AND traditional male scientists, artists and economists. If they are (or if deceased, weren’t) hero figures to the edgy tech elite, their articles are neglected or denigrated. Transhumanism related topics, including extensive body modification and “enhancements”, are very popular topics! That is not surprising. Such issues are not unique to Wikipedia.

  35. […] bullying and silencing feminists – continues with zeal Ask yourself: Is this really feminism? You are a TERF!!! TERF!!! TERF!!! Another teen goes from “i’m happy in my male body” to “I and truly a […]

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