My Apology to Bruce Jenner

February 10, 2015

Marti in red outfit "dramatizing" Jenner's cross-dressing for National Enquirer

Marti in red outfit “dramatizing” Jenner’s cross-dressing for National Enquirer

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  1. AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

    He almost said “Bruce GENDER.” Uh-oh, it might stick. Bruce Gender. Unintended poster man for trans in US. Love how this man Marti says he USED to claim to be a girl…because of not knowing, homophobia, silence. Would it have been possible (safe) for Bruce Jenner to come out as gay as a young man? Maybe not. And that’s been roiling around inside him all this time. Or maybe it’s autogynephilia. “The truth will out.” Sadness, pain, despair. Besides being in that hyper-stereotypical-“feminine” household all these years. Besides that household’s connection through dad with OJ Simpson case (chronic domestic violence, if not double homicide):

    Kardashian and Simpson first met in the early 1970s and became close friends.[7]

    Simpson stayed in Kardashian’s house during the days following the June 12, 1994, murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Kardashian was the man seen carrying Simpson’s garment bag the day that Simpson flew back from Chicago. Prosecutors speculated that the bag may have contained Simpson’s bloody clothes or the murder weapon.[8]

    When Simpson failed to turn himself in at 11 a.m. on June 17, 1994, Kardashian read a letter by Simpson to the assembled media. This letter was interpreted by many as a suicide note.[9]

    Simpson was charged with the murders and subsequently acquitted of all criminal charges in a controversial criminal trial. Kardashian had let his license to practice law become inactive before the Simpson case. He reactivated his license to aid in Simpson’s defense as a volunteer assistant on his legal team.[10] He sat by Simpson throughout the trial.[7]

    The New York Times reported that, “Mr. Kardashian said in a 1996 ABC interview that he questioned Mr. Simpson’s innocence: ‘I have doubts. The blood evidence is the biggest thorn in my side; that causes me the greatest problems. So I struggle with the blood evidence.'”[10]

    • morag99 Says:

      I didn’t know this, that O.J. stayed in the Kardashian house after he murdered Nicole and Ronald.

      Jesus. Look at the kind of men the Kardashian sisters have been in proximity to as girls and young women. Violent misogynist killers, and their defenders, and a cross-dresser (by definition a fetishist) who probably spent time in mom’s and step-daughters’ closets and underwear drawers.

      It gives me a cold shudder. Is there any reason NOT to assume Bruce Gender must’ve got a kick and thrill out of the femininity paraphernalia smorgasbord surrounding him?

  2. AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

    Yes, I’m back – thought this was interesting/relevant:

    “Jenner is a Republican. We know this from a somewhat provocative quote from his stepdaughter Kim, who said:

    “My household is really split up. The parents are Republicans and the children are Democrats. So, it’s like a political warfare in our household when we talk about politics.

    “This was confirmed by his wife, who said that she and Bruce are
    ‘complete Republicans’ and every TV in their house is regularly tuned to Fox News. For his part, during the 2012 election cycle, Jenner spoke at an event for young Republicans in Florida.”

  3. Teal Deer Says:

    Don’t think Marti realized, if he really believes Bruce is trans, that his “Bravo!” misgenders ol’ Brucie.

    So you’re really a lady, Bruce? Atta boy!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Since Jenner is a “real woman”, maybe Marti would like to impersonate “her” in his stage performance? How transphobic is it that drag queens never impersonate “real women” who happen to be male? Like Bruce.

      • GallusMag Says:

        This may actually be the first case of a drag queen impersonating a transwoman just like they might a “real woman”. Therefore this is the LEAST transphobic thing Marti could have done to Bruce. Ammirite?!

      • GallusMag Says:

        ‘Ahhhm sorry I dressed in drag as you bro! Because you’re a real…. oh no wait….uh..’

      • morag99 Says:

        Ah, a man pretending to be a woman who is a man pretending be a woman, but who is really is woman, and so should be so honoured by a man who pretends to be a woman …. the layers of bigotry and potential authenticity are infinite, and what may give offence, may also be worship, depending upon our ability to follow the many dependent clauses and arrive at a coherent thought.

        I got bored and didn’t watch the video to the end. Did the good-looking apologizer shed a tear for Bruce Gender? Why didn’t he go back and fix that Freudian slip? It’s definitely going to stick!

      • >:) Says:

        Well, I do have to give him credit- Bruce has not invaded any female spaces, or made demands on women in public. This would not be the first hetro-marriage that split up over crossdressing.

        if he wants to crossdress, that is his business, but, in all irony, they both do ‘woman-face'[like blackface] and women are not supposed to be offended at pornograph male interpretations of the other humans that are born into the woman-caste.

        Like a sick fad, ‘women are thought of as ‘fetishes’ first and foremost.

        ‘female-genderized sexuality is now media-sold as a fashion and sexual fetish for men to try out.

        From the video, I see the gay dude respects the straight dudes’ fetish. Sadly, men respect each others’ sex lives and validate them, but still objectify the woman [the other humans they fantasize about] as ‘role-players’ in a ‘sexy costume thing’ that any man can wear.

      • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

        @morag99 I am not looking forward to his rendition of “Le Jazz Hot.”

    • Zemskull Says:

      Regarding impersonation, Bruce Jender is looking increasingly like Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. I hope that’s not intentional. Tyler himself has said that he likes having a memorably unsettling look rather than an attractive or feminine one. Tyler succeeds in that endeavor: despite the long hair, he’s unmistakeably male.

      • Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

        Good G-d, what is the matter with his lips?? Dude, fire your plastic surgeon, stat.

      • He looks like the typical trans “lesbians”: fucking scary and gross.

      • kesher Says:

        He doesn’t look like a typical transbian to me. That honor goes to Justin Kilian.

      • neme Says:

        Justin looks like the typical young pretendbian. Bruce looks like the typical late transitioning autogynephile pretendbian.

      • Tiki tiki tavi Says:

        I once knew this transbian who was a former military man, poker player and software developer and married a stereotypical Asian woman..

        The whole
        Shtick was he used to be this Abisive dominant man who now says he was gonna school other mtt on being a woman because he was “intersex”

        Of course he was homophobic and hated gay men who happened to be feminine

        That pretty
        Much sums up transbian culture.. A bunch of Hetero guys who know they suck

    • I had a long discussion with a trans person over Bruce… this trans person has not “socially transitioned” and feels it is very important to take their time and not rush. But the tumblr trans factions (and most of the advocacy groups) act like if you don’t do it RIGHT THIS MINUTE, you will commit SUICIDE. Its practically an article of faith.
      Bruce Jenner is getting attacked on various trans boards as an “older transitioner” (they embarrass the young ones because they often cannot pass) and glory hound… and by the *same kids* who complain the privileged trans people won’t come out and claim the identity! (And now when one does, they’re pissed. Nothing pleases them, it seems.)

      Jenner’s narrative proves that yes, you can wait and you won’t necessarily die from it. That is regarded as a dangerous idea by the young diehards who want everyone on hormones by age 11. They are waiting for the Diane Sawyer interview to see what excuses Jenner gives for waiting so long. “A REAL trans person could not have waited until they are 65”– blah blah blah, never mind that it was virtually impossible for Bruce to transition in his youth, if he even knew the concept.

      This older/younger thing is a big divide in the trans movement. And Bruce is from my own Wheaties box generation, so he is going to get some grief.

      From his OWN minority group, I mean.

  4. neme Says:

    Oh Marti… Bruce is not joining us. He’s just another straight guy perving on women. He wants to pretend he’s a lesbian. Not a real one, of course, but that pornsick fantasy hets have about us. By kissing his ass you’ve just thrown the L part of the community under the bus.

  5. Bev Jo Says:

    TV news said Bruce is being a woman at home — “wearing nail polish, makeup, dresses, of course….” Like we all do.

    People magazine said he’s “walking more feminine.” The way men like to see women walk and look, unnatural, and nothing to do with real women.

    It’s the same old female-hating, male-perving crap. Poor old rich right wing Bruce must have been so bored with all his privilege, and this gets him in the news at last to compete with Kim, etc.

    On our local “radical” radio station tonight we were subjected to hearing about how “transwomen of color” are the most oppressed of all. No, men actually have a great deal of privilege, in spite of racism, and men in drag are still men. If anyone is measuring, it’s the Butches of Color who are the most oppressed, So oppressed that while this privileged prick is all over the media, not one genuine Butch is shown in any media, except for poor raped and murdered Butch Teena Brandon, a lesson to us all. (Last time I wrote that online I got a hate rant about how “he” was a “transman.” The men don’t even let the Butches they kill rest in peace, but keep trying to use them.)

    • morag99 Says:

      “It’s the same old female-hating, male-perving crap. Poor old rich right wing Bruce must have been so bored with all his privilege, and this gets him in the news at last to compete with Kim, etc.”

      No doubt. All that extreme, excess privilege must get to be a real drag. Men like this could give some up of that and share it — I’m sure that WE wouldn’t get bored with just a sliver of that wealth and privilege. But, nope. In typical patriarchal, capitalist, person-as-branded-corporation fashion he’s “taking it to the next level.” Brushing aside female biology and social experience, he’s going to hone in on a new territory to occupy. How “brave” he is.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        So true. Privilege and an easier life are wasted on the privileged.

        The mystery is why women support and believe these men. A local Lesbian filmmaker was complaining online that the media weren’t using “correct” pronouns for him.

  6. I wonder how much influence Brucie had with getting his whole family hyper feminized? Everytime I saw that show I thought that he seemed exploitive to the women. Now I known why- he was wanting to jump in their skin.
    I wonder how they really feel about it? I’m sure they will be all “he is so bwave!” but I cannot imagine they believe it, having to live w it.

  7. Ashland Avenue Says:

    So yet another white gay man (a drag queen, no less) is gushing about how very “brave” Brucie is, completely ignoring the effects that “transgenderism” is having on women – particularly lesbians – in the public and private spheres. I’m shocked, I tell you, simply shocked. Must be nice to be that oblivious, I guess.

  8. shediogenes Says:

    never compromise ur values for a paycheck, cause its wrong. ok, followed by how he is dedicating 2015 to standing up for LGBT, and there are all these places you can go if you are lgbt, and Trevor Project, but I never heard whether he was dedicating that big ole paycheck from the enquirer, ya know, the one he got by doin something so wrong, to one of these wonderful places we as a community can go. And what about those wonderful places you can go to be with your people and talk if you need to, to get help? Are these places safe for young Lesbians to go to if they need help, someone to talk to, shelter for a night? I think they probably once were, when our community was LGB, but I’m afraid for them now, in the very places where they should be able to go for help. Somehow I don’t think thats what dudebro the dragqueen had in mind when he was talking about dedicating the year to standing up for all ppl in the lgbt. Where do the girls go? Who do the girls talk to? As in, actual girls, where are those places that are going to give them affirmation, cheer them on, set examples, give them the strength they need to grow into out, proud Lesbians? Out, proud Dykes? All these institutions that have a broader reach than at any point ever before, all the work we have put in, the money, the sacrifice, and we are still left to wonder where the young Lesbians are to go. It makes me sick to think they are still in the same place I was in 20 years ago, despite those fundraisers and parades, the organizing, and the examples they have are tranbians and buck angel. I never should have put a single dime or one moment of energy into the so called “community” but should have instead been spending that time on womens spaces

  9. >:) Says:

    So. the gay drag queen is apologizing to the straight cross dresser, you almost expect Ed Gein to burst in prancing about wearing his suit of skinned women he dug up and sewed together from the cemetery declairing, ‘You both need to apologise to meee!, My woman skin suit makes me more like a real woman than the two of you together will ever beeee!’.

  10. hearthrising Says:

    It is interesting that Marty can identify with Jenner but has no empathy for the women he exploits in drag performance. Proof positive he still sees Jenner as a guy, and that these drag performers don’t see women as human.

  11. I’ve been browsing through mainstream news sources, and many articles are already referring to Jenner as a “woman”.

    Bruce Jenner is not a woman, and never will be a woman. He fathered six children by three different wives. I don’t care if he cross dresses, or says he is transgender, but he is no woman. As to the cross dressing, we don’t know how much this was a factor in the break up of his three marriages. Why is it all about his feelings? No one knows how the ex-wives feel. So, a woman sleeps in the same bed with a man and bears his children, and now she has to accept the fact that he likes to secretly wear her makeup and dresses.

    If Bruce Jenner really is a “woman”, then he needs to give back his 1976 Olympic gold medal in decathalon. I don’t believe there was even a women’s decathalon back then, and few actual female athletes received the same amount of publicity as male athletes. I’m tired of late “transitioners” like Jenner and boxing promoter Frank Maloney having it both ways. That is, they used the fact that they are white and male to further their careers, and then decide that they are “women” later in life. He won his medal as a MAN, and used his fame to make money and promote himself. I really can’t blame him for doing this, but women in the 1970s weren’t given the same opportunities as males. If Bruce is a “woman”, he should give back his medal.

    • janetwo Says:

      It will be a bundle of fun for his grownup children to start calling him mom after all that time. Its kind of interesting how they decide that really they are women once their kids don’t need parental care. You’d think their ladybrains would get in overdrive when their offsprings need them the most. But then, their ideas of being a woman is hot pink dress and nail polish, not taking on traditional roles of women as caretakers of their children or aging parents.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Yeah, where are they when the two-year-old has a diaper blowout, or dinner needs to be made after a long day at work? Not glamorous enough, I guess.

        Also, if the trannies expect media outlets to go back to previous articles about Bradley Manning, and change his name and pronouns, then YES, Bruce should return the medals.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hello Skylark: You are correct about the lack of decathlon for women at the Olympics in 1976. In fact, there is still no Olympic decathlon for women–only the heptathlon (seven events), which is not as prestigious. This is especially archaic now, since women are now allowed to compete in all 10 of the decathlon events as individual sports. This was not the case in 1976. Women’s pole vault, for example, was added as an individual Olympic sport in 2000.

  12. Zemskull Says:

    That’s an interesting question regarding familial titles for transgenders. We already know they’re sensitive about pronouns, but what of other nouns? Are Bruce’s daughters now supposed to call him Mother? Do his ex-wives call Bruce their ex-wife? Do his nieces and nephews call him Aunt Bruce? Grandkids call him Grandmother?

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      My ex-step-FIL attempted–unsuccessfully, I hardly need add–to get his grandchildren (my husband’s stepbrother’s children) to call him “Granny Ladyname.” He actually tried to convince us at first that this was accepted by them, but we soon learned the truth.

      The stepbrother and his wife, in fact, have gone farther than my husband and I; while we do not permit any of his laydeecrap around our kids, they barely allow him to see their kids at all. He gets a couple of hours of supervised time when they visit Stepbro’s mom/wife’s family, and that’s it. He’s not allowed to babysit or anything like that.

      It’s largely because he decided his fetish was something we all needed to play along with, but it’s also because like so many of these sickos, his “womanfeels” didn’t translate into any kind of need or desire to nurture his children or sacrifice things for them or any of the other things actual mothers regularly do, especially when said children are young. He was happy to leave that to the woman he married. It was only when he had zero possibilities of experiencing any of the drawbacks or problems of being female that he suddenly felt the need to burst like a wee flower into the exciting world of miniskirts and mascara that is the sole definition of “woman.”

      • I can’t believe he actually tried that foolishness, especially with young children. I guess it’s probably for the best that he wasn’t a particularly involved parent. It would be a lot more difficult to cut him off. Of course, an INVOLVED parent would be highly unlikely to go down this path. People who are actually emotionally connected to other human beings woukd never consider inflicting this on their children.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I love that Lurch-looking guy calling himself “Sabrina” (oy vey), who says, “For example, when going to work, I now exclusively wear short mini skirts, pretty sexy tops, heeled boots, and makeup.”

      ‘Cause that’s soprofessional! Tell me again how this isn’t a fetish, guys.

      • janetwo Says:

        @Ashland Avenue. I had the exact same thoughts. There is no way I would feel comfortable in a professional environment dressing like this or be taken seriously by male peers. In fact, the less you remind guys you are a woman, the better.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        That guy has no idea that people are snickering behind his back, and trust me, they are. Another guy at that site claimed he felt a “phantom vagina.”




        I forgot to check his screen name – Tiffany? Lola? Amber? Or maybe Casper?

      • >:) Says:

        A fantom Vagina? Why that must be Mrs Candi, [with an ‘i’,] Slut-muffin.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Hahahahahaha hehehehe hohohoho bwahahahaaaaaaa – “very short mini skirts, pretty sexy tops, heeled boots, and makeup” AT WORK.

        oh hahahaha etc…surely, if there is a Clinton/Warren ticket running in 2016…certainly, THOSE CLOTHES are the way to win for women…bwahahaha

      • janetwo Says:

        Watch out for the ectoplasmic babies coming from that ghost vagina! :p

        But they cant help showing their true color, their utter contempt for women, even the ones in their life:
        “When I became a parent suddenly everyone who ignored me was gushing with admiration. I gained respect because we popped out a few kids? How about people respecting me for getting the courage to live authentically! Yeah not happening.”

        We all know that choosing to be a parent is just like redecorating the living room and having babies is just like popping the cork of a bottle of champagne…and wearing nail polish is so much more worthy of respect than motherhood and being a responsible parent. : “Not now with the baby colic honey, we’ve got a real emergency here. I cant find my fav pink pushup bra without which make me feelz like an authentic woman! ”

        I would not want to share my life with somebody so self-absorbed, its just plain toxic.

      • Snickering behind his back? Hell I’d be laughing directly in his face. That is one creepy looking dude.

      • Tiki tiki tavi Says:

        Where does be work that would allow someone to dress like that?

        Tranny prostitute?

        Isn’t the whole idea to “blend” not to be a spectacle. Wait we’re talking about males here

      • kesher Says:

        Yet another example how no one thinks these dudes are women. An actual woman dressing like that would be fired.

        And the “living authentically” line makes me lol. Are they admitting there’s a way to live inauthentically as a woman? You know, like fetishistic crossdressers do? How transphobic not to accept their dudebro sisters as real women.

      • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

        Translation: “For example, when going to work, I now exclusively rely on my employer’s fear of discrimination lawsuits to make all of my co-workers uncomfortable, because it gets me hard.”

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Bingo, Dorothy. A relative’s transwoman coworker used to stare at her through the glass between their cubes. After she coverd the glass with paper, he took to standing at the entrance to her cube. TW definintely get off on intimidating women. They think transitioning means never having to notice female boundaries ever again.

        Thankfully her coworker was eventually sacked for incompetence.

      • janetwo Says:

        “Translation: “For example, when going to work, I now exclusively rely on my employer’s fear of discrimination lawsuits to make all of my co-workers uncomfortable, because it gets me hard.”

        ^This, once more with feeling!

  13. Me Says:

    He allllllmost got it right here. When Marti talked about his childhood about how kids don’t have the words for things – in other words, they haven’t yet developed the cognitive ability for it – so he was confused and thought he was a girl in a boy’s body. But when he got older – and had developed the cognitive ability – he realized he was really a boy, after all, but a gay one. Anyone paying attention can see how this directly applies to the so-called “trans kids” phenomenon today.

    But then he went and ruined it by making the pro-trans statements. I curious; do you think this is how he really feels, deep down, or do you think he’s saying these things out of “liberal duty” to be all inclusive? It’s one thing to apologize for doing the photo shoot, which is all well and good, but it’s another to take a further step and do the “Rah, rah, transgender!!!!” thing. There is dissonance with the comments he made about his childhood and the later comments about how wonderful it is to be trans. Thoughts?

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I wonder if he’s saying it out of terror of having trannies attack him.

      • neme Says:

        Probably. And while he’s at it, the timing is sure convenient for getting some publicity along with the spin control.

      • janetwo Says:

        I would not be surprised that this vid was prompted by some reminders from the boyclub how nasty it can get when they unleash the horde. Women cannot count on men to make a stand when their membership to the boyclub is at stake. I don’t know how many times I saw guys cave in to keep the peace with their little friends.

        Its easier to make a stand for a guy dressing as a girl, than for a real woman. Magic the Gathering is a collectable card game notoriously male dominated. During the gamergate saga, when a mainstream piece was written on the harassment the female players get, their poster “girl” was the second rate transgender player Feline Longmore, not the the two others better known and higher ranked female players (Jackie Lee and Melissa del Toro).

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      I find the whole “didn’t have words” thing interesting – from the perspective of trans movement’s efforts to take away the words women have to describe,define and analyze their oppression as women. We’re not even supposed to talk about our bodies. Talk about trying to make sure somebody else “doesn’t have words” in order to make yourself more comfortable.

  14. I don’t get it. If Bruce Jenner is a woman, a drag queen need not apologise to him any more than to the other women he unapologetically impersonates.

    Actually, I was lying when I said I didn’t get it.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      That’s amazing, isn’t it? They can mock real women with impunity. Only transwomen’s “womanhood” must be respected. The cognitive dissonance required to pretend they don’t still enjoy male privilege is mind-boggling. Liberals show they don’t actually believe transwomen are women by treating them differently than actual women.

  15. K Says:

    My brother (2 yrs younger) honestly thinks that Jenner ‘just wants to live a peaceful life as a woman’, and he even gets violent when I say anything even vaguely based in reality. Even men who are otherwise nonviolent (and supposed to love you) will defened to the death another man’s right to mock women.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      He gets violent? How? ‘Cause I’d put a stop to that shit pronto. Tell him to STFU, he has NO idea what living as a woman is like. If he gets violent, call the police. If he gets violent over something like this, he’s going to get violent over other things as well.

  16. Zemskull Says:

    Bruce has seemed narcissistic for his entire adult life, starting from when he got his first wife to work double-time to fund his ride to the Olympics, then dumping her afterward–while she was pregnant–for a “hot” younger woman.

  17. Elle Says:

    “Bruce Jenner enjoyed a leisurely day of golf on Friday morning six days after being involved in a car crash that left a woman dead.

    The 65-year-old reality star spent some alone time on Friday, teeing off at the Westlake Golf Course in Westlake Village, California.

    According to onlookers the reality star – who is reportedly transitioning into a woman – tried teeing off from some of the ladies’ tees instead of the further away men’s starting point.”

    How convenient.

  18. Bea Says:

    Saying that heterosexual sex can lead to reproduction causes homophobia? What? Can anyone help me parse this?

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      The idiot cartoonist has a girl who looks about six years old say the following:

      “My brain is busy undoing beliefs that were forced into it about the relationship between heterosexuality and reproduction. Is that a side effect of heterosexism, Mom?”

      Trans cant sounds like nothing so much as the wooden language of communist agitprop. We will crush the worldwide counterrevolutionary plan of the TERF stooges!

      What a hack. I will never stop laughing at these assholes. You gotta laugh to keep from puking.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Scratch that, it’s a six year old trans “girl” who is clearly a stand-in for the cartoonist. How creepy.

      • kesher Says:

        I pointed out how creepy the concept of that comic is on Tumblr and assignedmale responded, saying something to the effect of, “that’s what I do; glad you noticed. :)”

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        “…the wooden language of communist agitprop.” Yes! Good one!

        Gallus has posted cartoons by that creep before – he actually had his character claim that his penis was a large clitoris. The guy is deeply creepy.

      • janetwo Says:

        Gawd….and when you think the world cant get any crazier 😦 … .

        Why the heck indulge anybody to deny the reality of their biological sex, more so a child? One of the thing I am most grateful in my life is to have spend my teenage years in an all girl boarding school. We could focus on getting an education versus dealing with hormonal male teenagers. Strangely enough, I cant report one single teenage pregnancy and most of my peers ended up with professional careers. Anybody thought how uncomfortable the situation will be for all the teenage girls to be stuck with a boy with raging erection in the locker room? Sooner or later the biological reality will assert its right short of medicating that kid and perform early surgery.

        I feel bad the kid was bullied. But the parents should have had the reality check talk a long time ago with their boy and question gender stereotypes rather than feeding them. Ultimately, I hold the parents responsible for having created an untenable situation for the school and the other parents who don’t want their daughters to share female spaces with boys.

  19. Bea Says:

    This, too. Females don’t get killed for being female. Only men who pretend to be women face the threat of violence.

    • LC Says:

      Comments like that have been going around tumblr for a while. My peak trans moment happened when someone told me that “women like us” don’t get harassed or raped just for being women. I guess it only happens when we make men angry?

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Bea, that one pissed me off big time as well. Totally, abso-fucking-lutely clueless. Like LC, seeing that sentiment going around is what led to my peak trans moment. At first, it felt like this:

      Then the anger set in.

  20. @Bea,

    “Cis people don’t get killed for being cis”…replace “cis” with women and see how it sounds…

    This is so creepy and misogynistic that there really aren’t words to properly describe the utter erasure of female experience.

    According to the well researched book,” Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls”, there are 163 million missing girls from India and China. They were aborted based on their sex. Sex selective abortion doesn’t even include female infanticide which went on for centuries.

    In addition to sex selective abortion and female infanticide, it would take this blog and a hundred other blogs and websites to list all the girls and women who have been murdered through domestic violence, honor killings (women shame the family by marrying outside their religion), girls and women murdered through sex trafficking, etc., etc.

    I have nothing against the “Transgender Day of Remembrance”, but if there was a female day of remembrance to name all the girls and women who have been murdered, it would take months to call out all the names, and even then they wouldn’t name all the victims.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      SkyLark, that’s exactly what the trannies are so completely oblivious to. They just don’t have any, ANY, grasp of that. None.

      And it’s not just murder – it’s also injury. Beatings, rapes, acid attacks, lack of legal rights and protections, the brutal list goes on. The trannies are clinging so hard to their victimhood narrative that they’re utterly blind to what so many women are living every. damn. day.

      • kesher Says:

        How many men aren’t oblivious to violence against women though? That so many trans are oblivious to violence against women just proves that they’re men.

  21. Jenner is 65 years old. Why on earth would a 65 year old man undergo sex reassignment surgery (they really can’t change sex, it’s just an illusion). It’s not simple surgery, and I’m sure there is a lot of pain involved.

    I wonder how much pressure Jenner is getting from transgender activists to “transition” so that he can be some kind of trans super star? It’s really interesting because Jenner never said he was transgender before. He more or less kept his apparent need to cross dress a secret. If Jenner likes to dress in stereotypical female attire once in awhile, I really don’t care. I could see why his three ex-wives might not feel comfortable with it, but it’s their business.

    I do want to touch on another very sensitive subject that is so taboo in the transgender community that they work themselves into a tizzy to avoid it at all costs. The issue is whether or not crossdressing is or is not officially under the special “*trans umbrella”. It seems that sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t, and it all depends on who is and isn’t the crossdresser. To bolster their numbers, they include crossdressers, but when the crossdressers turn out to be like any of the following men with obvious sexual fetishes for women’s clothes and dainty underwear, they quickly disown them. Some of these links were listed on this blog.–288752051.html

    This is a great link,

    In no way am I comparing Jenner to any of the crossdressing males in the links listed above, but it’s interesting to me the way in which transgender activists choose to include crossdressing males under their special *trans umbrella. For some men, crossdressing is a sexual fetish, but we aren’t supposed to even whisper this inconvenient truth. If trans activists are going to make Jenner an official *trans person, then any and all other males who feel a compulsion to crossdress should be included. Either all crossdressers are under the *trans umbrella, or none of them should be included.

    • kesher Says:

      They undoubtedly include fetishistic crossdressers under the umbrella, I think partly because there’s no way to play No True Scotsman with a feeling in someone’s head for one. For two the tranvestites are old, white men and so have a ton of money to support the movement. Look at the way white transbians have completely hijacked the LGBT. Part of that is the prioritization of men, but part of it is undoubtably how much money male tranvestites have access to. In comparison, lesbians have no money or power, so no one cares about their interests.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      I do want to touch on another very sensitive subject that is so taboo in the transgender community that they work themselves into a tizzy to avoid it at all costs. The issue is whether or not crossdressing is or is not officially under the special “*trans umbrella”.

      This is a really good question, one I thought today about when I saw this jaw-dropping article about cross-dressers:

      The trans “girls like us” gatekeeper class won’t be happy about this comment:

      Beautiful piece! It makes me happy to see how many people Veronica is helping with her expertise and loving kindness. I think many of the ladies mentioned would benefit from sex-positive therapist Jackie A. Castro’s books “Sex, Fetish and Him” and Fetish and You.”

      Never mind that they’re all up to their eyeballs in kink and porn. And get a load of this confession:

      “If I’m never in a relationship again, fuck it. Who gives a rat’s ass,” Ginger says. “Because this other stuff has now become more important to me.”

      That’s paraphilia in a nutshell. It overtakes everything else in the person’s life in importance, even loved ones.

      Everybody knows how much the new breed of het male MTFs despise “truscum”. These dudes are probably the not quite tru-enough scum in their eyes.

      I for one would be delighted to witness an all-out war between the “true trans” and their slightly less delusional brothers.

      • janetwo Says:

        What got me with this article is the sheer amount of money sunk in the craziness when resources for real needs like homeless shelters, abortion clinics and such are shrinking. 10 000$ for a two weeks training? And this :
        “A lot of people who come from the straight world would really like their wives to be more in charge of them,” Miss Vera says. ”
        WTF? These guys cant get enough. The whole world needs to be focused on catering to them.

    • I don’t get it either. The man has been world famous for decades, but even as a private citizen a man that size and with that jawline could never pass. So why bother?

      I remember when he first started getting his face done about twenty years ago. It was in all the tabloids then and that was before he hooked up with the Kardashians. They didn’t mention FFS at the time; they claimed it was a botched facelift, and I remember wondering why a goodlooking man in his forties would be having a facelift. It seemed strange, but I had no idea HOW strange.

      • Zemskull Says:

        The mind boggles at how this is supposed to work if we follow the current transgender activists who assert that Jenner was “always” female. For example, Mary Lou Retton is known as the first woman to appear on a Wheaties box, in 1984. Bruce’s Wheaties box appeared in the 1970s. Are we supposed to rewrite history and declare that Bruce was the first woman to appear?

      • kesher Says:

        Considering that the highest paid CEO and film director are trans women (and we’re not “allowed” to note a difference between them and actual women), I’m assuming that, yes, we’re required to consider Jenner the first “woman” on a Wheaties box.

      • >:) Says:

        And when Neil Armstrong professes his love of garders& hose, it will be revealed that all his time, a was woman that was the first one on the moon to do a moonwalk.

        “woman’ means ‘fetish’ to some men. We are not considered humans, just sexual ideas.

    • morag99 Says:

      Silence! Laughter and a bit of fun are strictly prohibited. A man transgendering is a solemn and deadly-serious business. To laugh over the choose-a-lady-name ritual is a sacrilege.

      Have these men no shame, no reverence for the Church of Gender? After all, this is no mere mortal female we are dealing with, but a man who gets off on the idea of being one. Bend your knee and hold your tongue …

    • morag99 Says:

      Mae West once said that she didn’t like feminists because she found them “humourless” and that she preferred, instead, the company of gay men. Well, whatever, this was all consistent with the drag queen persona she cultivated for campy/comedic effect.

      I wonder, now, what she’d say about this bunch, who are so fragile that they try, even, to forbid others from laughing at a constructed sex-role performance? What ever happened to the queer roots of this movement which had (in theory) stripped down gender to practically nothing BUT “performance”?

    • Teal Deer Says:

      Bruscilla?! Oh, please, please, please let him pick Bruscilla!

  22. neme Says:

    The computer simulations of his recent car crash are sure looking like he slammed right into that woman. In my opinion, that woman would probably still be alive if he’d been watching the road. I think he was on his phone and driving recklessly.

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