The Guardian Letter: We cannot allow censorship and silencing of individuals

February 14, 2015

Photo of Germaine Greer that accompanied the letter in theGuardian

Photo of Germaine Greer that accompanied the Guardian letter

Letter from the Guardian:

“We cannot allow censorship and silencing of individuals

Universities have a particular responsibility to resist this kind of bullying

The Observer, Friday 13 February 2015 19.04 EST

The fate of Kate Smurthwaite’s comedy show, cancelled by Goldsmith’s College in London last month (“What could be more absurd than censorship on campus”, Nick Cohen, Comment) is part of a worrying pattern of intimidation and silencing of individuals whose views are deemed “transphobic” or “whorephobic”. Most of the people so labelled are feminists or pro-feminist men, some have experience in the sex industry, some are transgender.

Last month, there were calls for the Cambridge Union to withdraw a speaking invitation to Germaine Greer; then the Green party came under pressure to repudiate the philosophy lecturer Rupert Read after he questioned the arguments put forward by some trans-activists. The feminist activist and writer Julie Bindel has been “no-platformed” by the National Union of Students for several years.

“No platforming” used to be a tactic used against self-proclaimed fascists and Holocaust-deniers. But today it is being used to prevent the expression of feminist arguments critical of the sex industry and of some demands made by trans activists. The feminists who hold these views have never advocated or engaged in violence against any group of people. Yet it is argued that the mere presence of anyone said to hold those views is a threat to a protected minority group’s safety.

You do not have to agree with the views that are being silenced to find these tactics illiberal and undemocratic. Universities have a particular responsibility to resist this kind of bullying. We call on universities and other organisations to stand up to attempts at intimidation and affirm their support for the basic principles of democratic political exchange.

Beatrix Campbell

Lynne Alderson

Ruth Ahnert

Dr Lucy Allen

Nimko Ali

Dr Kerri Andrews

Lisa Appignanesi

Prof. John Barrell

Prof Mary Beard

Melissa Benn

Rosa Bennathan

Katie Beswick

Dr Sue Black

Prof Jenny Bourne Taylor

Alison Boydell

Fiona Broadfoot

Paul Burston

Dianne Butterworth

Prof Deborah Cameron

Ivy Cameron

Dr Rosie Campbell

Cynthia Cockburn

Anna Coote

Caroline Criado-Perez

Hannah Curtis

Dr Liz Davies

Kim Darwood

Dr Sukhwant Dhaliwal

Jane Diblin

Sarah Ditum

Stella Duffy

Dr Victoria Dutchman-Smith

Louise Evan-Wong

Dr Katharine Edgar

Jayne Egerton

Carol Fox

Kim Graham

Rahila Gupta

Prof Catherine Hall

Prof Jalna Hanmer

Jeremy Hardy

Dr James Harrison

Heather Harvey

Lorrie Hearts

Prof Nicholas Hewitt

Dr Rachel Hewitt

Deborah Hyde

Bridget Irving

Susan Jack

Darren Johnson MLA

Claire Jones

Jane Clare Jones

Judith Jones

Prof Liz Kelly

Karen Hanna Kruzycka

Jenny Landreth

Claire Lazarus

Kate Leigh

Prof Alison Light

Prof Ruth Lister

Dr Julia Long

Sonia Long

Prof Joni Lovenduski

David Lusted

Dr Samantha Lyle

Shakila Maan

Dr Finn Mackay

Nancy Mackeith

Rosina Mcrae

Sarah Maguire

Dr Sarah Mansfield

Elizabeth Mansfield

Heather McRobie

Gia Milinovich

Lucinda Montefiore

Dr Helen Mott

Hannah Mudge

Sonali Naik

Dr Peter Newbon

Jill Nicholls

Sian Norris

Juliet Oosthuysen

Sue O’Sullivan

Femi Otitoju

Ursula Owen

Sue Parrish

Pragna Patel

Louise Pennington

Cat Peters

Prof Jill Radford

Dale Rapley

Dr Rebecca Reilly-Cooper

Dr Victoria Rimell

Roweena Russell

Dr Adam Rutherford

Gita Sahgal

Dr Joan Scanlon

Sandhya Sharma

Vanessa Shaw

Dr Ben Schiller

Prof Sophie Scott

Shelley Silas

Karen Ingala Smith

Prof Francesca Stavrakopoulou

Sian Steans

Mary-Ann Stephenson

Prof Ann Stewart

Marina Strinkovsky

Southall Black Sisters

Julka Szymanska

Felicity Tarnell

Peter Tatchell

Steve Trafford

Dr Sue Tate

Dr Matthew Taunton

Lisa-Marie Taylor

Helen Thompson

Dr Megan Todd

Janet Veitch

Judith Vidal-Hall

Nicky Wallace

Dr Jim Walsh

Liz Waterhouse

Prof Nicole Westmarland

Lisa Whelan

Dr Michael Whitworth

Jim Wild

Dr Heather Williams

Clair Wills

Prof Alan Winfield

Harriet Wistrich

Miranda Yardley”

274 Responses to “The Guardian Letter: We cannot allow censorship and silencing of individuals”

  1. GallusMag Says:

    • GallusMag Says:

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Putting “butts” in their Twitter handle is an expression of support for an admitted pedophile and bestiality-practicing transwoman named Sarah Nyberg. Dozens of transwomen and their handmaidens have done so.

        A disgusting and definitely NSFW summary of his antics can be found under the Sarah_Butts entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Here’s an archived version in case Gallus doesn’t want links to that site.

        There are a ton of links with proof of Nyberg’s horrifying behavior, if you have the stomach for it. These are the people transactivists prioritize. Girls like us!

      • >:) Says:

        Yea, like a white dude selling blowjobs, access to his man-ass, and shrunken tranny-cock -that is projecting that he is dumb and full of cum speaks for actual women like me, other first nations women and woc that have their lives, ruined, erased,and pushed to the lowest levels by that industry. He is probably larger than the men he sells his ass/littlepenis to, #male privilege of safety-[men are as large as men]. Men are never penalized for giving/receiving sex, actual women are; Prostitution and related industries are forms of gender inequality that are there to discourage women from wanting[and demanding] equal jobs/equal pay with equal benefits. A man in the sex industry has more opportunities leaving that life than an actual woman does.

        It pisses me off to hear, ‘you can go be a hooker/striper/insert_naked_woman_job when a woman talks about getting a better job. A man is never told that.

      • >:) Says:

        Prostitution of women is a white-man’s form of lib-fem.

      • Transwomen of colour are being massacred! You know what this calls for? A sadface:


      • >:) Says:

        Wow, that is the openly trans-pedophile that trys to get ten yearolds to post photos of their prepubescent parts on final fantasy/pokemon boards? The one that wears child’s underwear with a hard on and talks about sex to the 8-12 year old online crowd, thats’ him?


        figures, this is the crowd uncle sara -pickle balls hangs around.

        As if He was interested in sex with adults!
        He also calls himself retrogradesnowcone and has had a bestiality ad:

        [there is no ‘wife’ it is just him trying to have sex with the dog]

        [16:04] My wife and I are new to the K9 thing but are very aroused by it. We have both tried oral on our K9 but his Knott goes away after just a few minutes and loses his hard on. Is there anyway to help him keep it up? Also my wife wants to see me get taken anally by our K9. Is there any real difference between anal and vaginal K9 intercourse? „
        —Sarah asking about proper dog-fucking etiquette

      • >:) Says:

        That guy needs to be banned from owning animals. He sexually abuses pet animals. I don’t think he is qualified to speak on behalf of victims of the survival sex industry if he is raping his pets and flirting with ten year olds and is one of the benefactors of the system of victimization. –

      • janetwo Says:

        When your thing is bounderies violation to begin with, everything goes:
        *appropriating womanhood
        *fucking animals
        *preying on kids
        Its a continuum

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Absolutely, janetwo. That is why scumbags like Roz Kaveney even appropriate civil rights rhetoric to silence critique of kink!

        They have no principles whatsoever.

        It’s absolutely reprehensible the way liberals have allowed transwomen and sex-pozzers like him to sneak their paraphilias in next to actual human rights issues. The gross thing is a lot of their pious liberal supporters actually do know what they’re supporting, and don’t care.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Oh, is that how it works now, Kaveney? Just say whatever the hell you want about someone you don’t like, no matter how despicable it is and regardless of whether it’s even remotely true or not, and present it as fact?

        Here in the U.S., that’s a very common tactic of both very dishonest politicians and of the gay- and woman-hating religious right. That’s the kind of ethical company you’re keeping. I hate Dick Cheney as much as the next thinking woman, but there’s no way I’d ever call the guy a pedophile just because of that. That’s totally unprincipled. But it seems that level of integrity is far, far beyond your ken.

        One other nuance that you obviously can’t grasp: simply because we don’t like the idea or practice of prostitution, does NOT mean we “hate” sex workers. Good grief, talk about not getting it. It’s because, unlike you, that we truly love women that we don’t want to see them in that situation. The only people in that scenario I hate are the men like you who perpetuate it. And don’t EVER try and tell me that women are happy being prostitutes – that’s your fantasy talking. Kinda like the one you have of being a woman, only even more damaging.

      • kesher Says:

        I care about women of color way more than misogynistic white MTTs. Wait, is that why I’m “racist”?

    • hearthrising Says:

      So transactivists are getting in gear to silence and intimidate signers of the letter, with Sarah Brown leading the pack, illustrating what is happening to free speech by their reaction. This hyperbolic over-the-top rhetoric of false equivalency is a big part of the problem. Straight out of Joe McCarthy’s playbook.

      I want to see this letter as a ray of hope, but I’ve gotten my hopes up too many times, only to see a mild protester do a Rupert Read and backtrack with anti-feminist trans appeasement. We’ll see what happens.

  2. Old Music Says:

    Great list of signees, but a few people I wouldn’t expect to be there.

    One that jumped out at me is Caroline Criado-Perez, who I had down as a liberal feminist.

    Also, Peter Tatchell – I know he defends the sex industry, and campaigns to get the age of consent lowered to 14 (all in the interests of the ‘sexual rights’ of 14 and 15-year-olds of course, and nothing to do with the men who want to have easier access to 14 and 15-year-olds).

    • sheela Says:

      Even some liberals are seeing how bad it’s becoming. And have an old fashioned attachment to free speech.

      • BadDyke Says:

        The Guardian has been running several stories lately about suppression of free speech in student unions and the like. The idea that ‘offence’ or discomfort or your emotional reaction to the possible speech trumps any ‘right-to-debate’ or right to free speech issues. The feeling that the sensitive egos of students etc needed to be protected from the knowledge that SOME people disagree with them, rather than (for instance), the real needs for protection from male violence that women and trans people and gay people are still waiting for…………….

        That’s the clue, I think. Males shouting down females (or even better getting females to shout down females) so females SHUT UP about the sexual exploitation of women (by men). Except it is framed along the lines that women are being MEAN to sex-workers.

        So this, we have males (in dresses) or their handmaidens, shouting down females and feminists complaining that perhaps gender isn’t such the wonderful thing some people think it is. And that (again) the actual perpetrators of violence (the menz) are hidden, hidden behind the cartoon figure of the scary feminist who CAUSES the violence!

        Feminists — doing violence to fragile males every day, by daring to disagree……………………

  3. This is a terrific Valentine’s Day news item. May all those listed raise their voices often and pointedly.

  4. Bev Jo Says:

    WHY are women supposed to care when men kill men, especially when those men send us rape and death threats?

  5. This is an awesome and impressive list of people, but I’m sure there are thousands of nameless and faceless people who are too afraid to speak out. It truly is a form of McCarthyism. If people don’t beleive that it is something akin to McCarthyism, ask Robert Jensen.

    Kudos to all the brave people who signed their names, and kudos to this blog.

  6. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Oh no, so now every time Mary Beard appears on television she’s not just going to have to deal with all those fuckwits sending her abuse for breaking the gender rule of being a woman in the media who looks her age but now she’s got to deal with the wave of hate from Aunty Sarah’s Barmy Army.

    It’s such a twisted power-trip for these guys. It’s interesting that so many men attracted by transgenderism are beta male computer nerds, who never could throw their weight around, or military personnel, sportsmen and CEOs who have reached retirement age and are losing the status and physical prowess that allowed them to throw their weight around. These guys could never, or can no longer, be the alpha male but now they’ve found a way to make their dicks go hard every time they intimidate an erstwhile intelligent person into saying 2+2=5. Watching someone recognise that they are men but still call them ‘madam’ or ‘miss’, on pain of being, sacked, sued or no-platformed, is one of the big draws to transgenderism for the Aunty Sarah’s of this world.

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      “It’s interesting that so many men attracted by transgenderism are beta male computer nerds, who never could throw their weight around, or military personnel, sportsmen and CEOs who have reached retirement age and are losing the status and physical prowess that allowed them to throw their weight around.”

      Thanks CKDH, you summed it up very succinctly there.

      The idiom ‘bigger fish in a smaller pond’ is exactly what is going on. Actual females pose no power threat to these male infiltrators—they either have current (male) beta status (the IT nerds) or are losing or have lost their alpha male status (military, CEOs, sports dudes).

      Basically it is just another male power play. Sometimes with a bit of autogynephilia thrown in, for the thrill of it. The claim that ‘twanzwomen are the mostest oppressed women™’ is especially bogus, and an utter reversal. If ‘generic-you’ don’t believe me, then look at any formerly female-only blog or website once it becomes ‘trans(woman) inclusive’ (eg UK F-Word), it becomes run by the male-born M2Ts in short order.

      Big fish, small pond.
      Every fucking time.

  7. CKDexterHaven Says:

    As predicted Mary Beard, who considers herself a trans ally, has come in for the worst battering from Aunty Sarah and co on Twitter. No stranger to online abuse and death threats, the level of madness and vitriol directed at Professor Beard today has left her wishing she hadn’t stuck her head over the parapet (something I have never heard from her before). Currently the transactivists can’t agree on whether Mary is a filthy TERF or, despite being a professor at one of the world’s top universities, too old and stupid to understand the issues.

    The transactivists are accusing Kate Smurthwaite, the comedian whose cancelled gig provided the catalyst for the letter, of being too unfunny to sell tickets and lying about the reason her show was cancelled. Hmm, men accusing female comedians of being unfunny and women of lying. How unusual! The WaitingforButts guy has said one of his ex-girlfriends dumped him after joining Southall Black Sisters because their relationship was a symptom of white oppression. Note how they go on about Trans WoC when it suits them but are sarcastic about ‘white oppression’ when it doesn’t fit their agenda. It doesn’t take long for the racism to seep out. They are forever invoking TWoC in their Oppression Olympics but the second a black woman steps out of line they bluster about the ‘loony, liberal left’ like some Daily Telegraph reading ex-Etonian.

  8. First- I would love if the trans cult would stop their harassment now. But since they won’t…

    I’m hoping these pedo worshippers *do* go and label every single person that looks at them with less than utter worship, as a TERF/SWERF. The more people they terrorize publically, the better, especially if they are allies, libs, fun fems, and others that have encouraged their terrorism against radfems.
    Again, I would rather all this shit end. But at this point, the only way they will lose power is if the rest of the world sees their insanity for what it is. The fastest way for this to happen is for them to isolate themselves.

    • janetwo Says:

      I agree. And I think the best thing is to expose as many people as possible to radfem ideas because their soundness help cleaning up the air. Since following this blog, I had a bunch of convos with friends about this topic and most folks cant wrap around their head around the trans craziness. Its not everybody who has the time to keep up with gender politics and understand how a tiny group can be so influential in affecting policies. And people are more accepting of differences in general, with the drawbacks that the boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not have become blurry.

    • K Says:

      This a thousand times, freefromsexpozzies. They never want to listen to anything lesbians have to say, even if it would be in their own best interest.

  9. Bea Says:

    “Whorephobia,” “slut shaming”…

    Why do all the terms that refer to misogyny contain misogynist slurs?

    No one thinks it’s okay to say “trannyphobic.”

    • morag99 Says:

      Excellent question, Bea, and a perfect example of how they project their woman-hatred outward and try to make it stick onto the very people (anti-porn, anti-prostitution activists) who fight for women’s liberation.

      Slurs against women are not only still acceptable, but are further legitimized every time they are used in new ways, even in the mainstream (e.g., “man-whore” or “book slut”).

      But “trannyphobia” is unthinkable. Men are controlling the language.

    • gunhild Says:

      Because misogynist people trying to sound feminist made up those words.

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      They’ve found a way to shout down feminists as frigid, frumpy, prudes but make it sound like they are the victims.

  10. GallusMag Says:

    ‘Apparently, Mary Beard isn’t very bright’:

  11. GallusMag Says:

    Notorious stalker and death-threater David “Dana Lane Taylor” (@miss_sudo) is now harassing Mary Beard:

    I hope deranged “transwoman” Dana Taylor doesn’t post home addresses and photos of Mary Beard’s family members or post that her children “must die”- which is what he has done to lesbian feminists who question the impact of harmful sex-roles on women and girls.

  12. GallusMag Says:

    God help the trans genderists if Mary Beard ever elects to apply her research and writing skills to the women vs. transgender dilemma.

  13. The secret squirrel Says:

    But you see, according to Bethany Black, Greer is wrong, MtT do have vaginas and they smell.

    Funny how autogynephiles don’t seem to actually have much understanding of what a vagina and just see it as a ‘sex hole’ rather than a complex organ.

    The comments are gold as MtT try to convince themselves that hormones turn penis cells into vaginal cells.

    • Their manginas do smell, but that’d be the smell of a bacterial infection mixed with the odour of scrotal or rectal tissue.

    • kesher Says:

      85 percent of them don’t have, and, more importantly, don’t want to get a neovagina. When you have such an overwhelming majority of trans women with dicks, the few who do have neovaginas aren’t important to this discussion.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      Transgender bodies are obsessed over in a way that cisgender ones aren’t.

      Hilarious! The whole autogynephile kink derives from their malignant obsession with our bodies and female selves. What’s more, he doesn’t get that the male obsession over female bodies is so ubiquitous as to be invisible. It’s like the wallpaper in your kitchen. You don’t really notice it even though your sight travels it every day.

      Transwomen prove they know nothing about the lived experience of being female, part zillion.

    • They have no idea what the hell a vagina is. It’s like somebody replacing their heart with one of those necco wafer hearts and insisting it’s the same damned thing. Dude, the vagina is a functioning organ. It’s not just a sheath. It has functions of its own that have nothing to do with fucking. It doesn’t just sit there waiting to be penetrated.

      • The secret squirrel Says:

        Exactly, nobody who actually has a vagina would ever confuse it with a the wounds that are created and maintained. Even if some of them claim that a gynaecologist couldn’t tell the difference.
        I’m looking forward to taking my Groucho Marx disguise to the ENT doc next week, I’m sure it will be indistinguishable from the real thing. I mean it has holes and it’s on my face, it’s just the same damn thing

      • Absolutely. A vagina is a functioning organ. Nuns have them, Spinsters (let’s reclaim the word) have them. They don’t suddenly vanish or diminish because no penis is going into them daily. Owners of vaginas who don’t have sex, are not dried up hags. I’m a heterosexual woman, who enjoys penetrative sex, occasionally, and err that’s it. Other women who don’t do this have the same functioning vagina as me, and enjoy sex just as much. It’s laughable, if it wasn’t so bloody, no pun intended, I’m post menopausal :), pervasive that if you’re not having penetrative sex, your worth and value in live is diminished. This attitude has to change.

    • DaveSquirrel Says:

      Just for the record, the commenter “The secret squirrel” is not me (the twanzphobic twanzsquirrel called ‘Dave’).

      Stalker-dudes like DLT, who got it wrong on the launch of his new (now private) stalker-blog, confused me with another facebook feminist just because she used a squirrel in her avatar. These dudes usually are not that bright, so if you use a squirrel, or mention squirrel in your online handle, you will bound to be stalked as they will confuse it with moi.

      • craftchester Says:

        Noted, I shall be a secret serval instead. I really don’t need harassment for idiots in my on and off line life.

  14. Jane (the first) Says:

    This bloviating hipster, Matt Lodder, is a real clever-silly asshole.


    I think the abstract questions on the social construction of gender should always take place mindful of the real, lived experience of all involved, particularly those who are already most marginalised. Thanks for a good, even-natured conversation but I feel we’ve reached an impasse. You want the right to “question” how people feel, to their faces, to trump the right of those same people not to be subjected to speech which actively toxifies the atmosphere they live and work in. Respectfully, I disagree.

    Of course only some “lived experiences” matter. Our lived experience of female socialization from birth mustn’t even be discussed because it makes poor transwomen feel left out. Lodder thinks transwomen win oppression top trumps, and they must always get their way. Why? Deep down, he thinks women exist to play mirror and subordinate to males, even those who think they’re women. As a man he is not responsible for making sacrifices to alleviate transwomen’s male-inflicted suffering. That’s our job, and we’re supposed to pay for male violence against them with our own safety and self-determination.

    He also thinks observing human biology is a toxin! Transwomen must be protected from the truth at all costs (to women). Lodder literally thinks transwomen have the right to never hear words from women that hurt their feelings. His male entitlement is risible.

    Now if lefty bros were actually interested in peaceful coexistence rather than scorched earth Lenin-style who-whom, they’d consider the argument that transwomen can be sex-role nonconforming without forcing women to play the Emperor’s New Boots and Panties with them. In other words, they would need to compromise as well, not use intersectionality theory to enforce a dom-sub dynamic. Alas, compromise is for women, not men.

    I think perhaps on a subconscious level Lodder knows that transwomen’s all-consuming need for female validation derives from the male desire to control women. He identifies with them because he feels that same desire. The male western left has actually decided that a male kink is more important than the ability of women worldwide to fight their oppression. What hostility must you have toward women and girls to knife us in the back for these nutters? Lefty men have gone full nihilist.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      This is it. Lefty bro support of the trans cult is simply one of their weaselly, passive aggressive ways to control women. Right wing men are just more straightforward about it.

      • janetwo Says:

        Gawd…in the last five years in my country, we had two transwomen murdered. In the mean time, just in the aboriginal community, we had 1200 women and girls murdered and missing since 1980. That is 40 per year just for one group of women. Its a national crisis we don’t get to hear enough about. So when Germaine Greer says: ” “I’ve got 51 per cent of the world to think about and I’ve got to talk about transphobia”. I can just say: Amen Sister!

      • Precisely janetwo. I’d thought about starting a blog just of black women killed in IPV. Just in the USA. The numbers were overwhelming.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Incisive analysis here. Thank you.

    • janetwo Says:

      “I think the abstract questions on the social construction of gender should always take place mindful of the real, lived experience of all involved, particularly those who are already most marginalised. Thanks for a good, even-natured conversation but I feel we’ve reached an impasse. You want the right to “question” how people feel, to their faces, to trump the right of those same people not to be subjected to speech which actively toxifies the atmosphere they live and work in. Respectfully, I disagree.”

      That’s a pretty fancy way to say: “Shut the fuck women!” ooops “ciswomen”. Cause the “other” ones can vilify women like Daly, Bindel, Greer and now Beard to their heart content…

    • Em Says:

      ” … transwomen’s all-consuming need for female validation derives from the male desire to control women … ”

      In fact an m2t’s need is to control a specific woman. Guess who? But that’s a mere cavil, because males end up generalizing their hostile possessiveness to all women anyway.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      Bwahahahahaha, he read my comment:

      I hope it goes down hard, gasbag.

      For all your flatulent pomobabble and bleats for “compassion” (i.e. “Know your place and don’t disagree with transwomen”) you just don’t get what the many women who engaged you today said at all.

      Can it with the straw men. Their feelings-based identity has fuck all to do with biological sex or how men (THAT MEANS YOU) treat people based on it. Observe YOU telling women to be nice:

      There are dozens of transwomen on Twitter shrieking “Kill TERFs!” and literally blaming second wavers for male violence against them, and I don’t see you telling them to be nice. Rather I see you retweeting their indignant reactions to women daring to disagree with them.

      That’s the bottom line, friendo: You can’t identify your way out of the gender roles that men (THAT MEANS YOU) assign based on biological sex. Transwomen and their suckups (LIKE YOU) are assigning a submissive role to women and blaming the wrong people for trans woes.

      Also, the same transwomen who insist we respect the authority of the quacks who medicalize gender nonconformity for $$$$ say all the scientists who have studied biological sex for the past 150 years are wrong! The doctors are right when they say so, and wrong when they say so! What other group on the left enjoys this sort of indulgence?

      I am busting a gut laughing at how a college professor thinks women’s job in life is mindless, passive “empathy”. All this feminist analysis makes me uncomfortable! Just nod and smile at whatever men say, that’s better.

      Bust out a few more TwitLonger posts, bro, I don’t think you’ve puked up enough words.

      Of course I don’t write all this to convince Hipster Professor, but to rally women, have a laugh, and let the pomocreeps know we don’t buy their shit at all.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “I am busting a gut laughing at how a college professor thinks women’s job in life is mindless, passive “empathy”.”

        It’s like some FLDS Warren Jeffs “Keep Sweet” shit.

      • janetwo Says:

        I can see the spirit which made colonialism acceptable is still well and alive in the Old Country. Love how a white male professor don’t understand why identity appropriation is justifiably met with anger and why telling the colonized to just smile and be compassionate and empathic to the identity thieves is just well….so wrong.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        From University of Essex’s website: “Matt completed his PhD in 2010, having submitted a thesis entitled Body Art: Body Modification as Artistic Practice, and before his role at Essex taught contemporary art and theory at the Universities of Reading and Birmingham. His current research is principally concerned with the history of Western tattooing, and the artistic status of body art and body modification practices.”

        Oh, FFS.

        ANYway, this hipster asshole has NO idea what he’s stepped into, or WHAT the hell he’s talking about. What we have here, once again, is a dude who couldn’t be bothered to read more than one post here at GT to see why so many women are so upset. Instead, lazily, unthinkingly, he simply swallows the tranny narrative and yes KNIFES WOMEN IN THE BACK in the process. Good grief. As Jane said, he’s just another white dude telling women to be nice and accepting and all.

        I’m so glad this website upsets him. 🙂 Get used to it, asshole, ’cause more and more women are coming around and recognizing your style of pontificating for the abusive bullshit it is. We women have “lived experiences” too, no matter how inconvenient they may be to your precious tranny buddies.

        Also? Jane the first, you are wonderful.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Body Art: Body Modification as Artistic Practice.”
        In 2010?!? Does ‘hipster’ now mean ‘circa 1980s’? Or is academia inherently thirty years behind vox populi.

      • janetwo Says:

        Lol…thanks for making me laugh Jane the first 🙂 … I can see why Prof Hip would be baffled by your comments…identity is all about external expression…nothing to do with biology, origins, history, cultural context you are born into. I just get a few approptiate facial tattoos and voila, I am born again Maori.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        One more rant about this Lodder dude, because he’s so typical of right-on postmodern left/liberal men:

        Lefty men are completely oblivious to how differently they treat transwomen and women. They often claim to be intersectional feminists and say they believe patriarchy exists. However, they see no contradiction between coddling transwomen and dictating to women who we’re allowed to disagree with.

        Lodder talks about his responsibility to create a safe space for transwomen where they literally never hear speech that upsets them, while telling dozens of women on Twitter exactly what to believe and how to do feminism. He wouldn’t dare tell transwomen how to do trans identity politics, but has no problem demanding that women listen to (i.e. obey) transwomen. Neither would he dare to dismiss their concerns as “paranoid fantasies” or “absurd” as he does ours.

        Why do lefty men assume they can speak authoritatively to females about womanhood and feminism? One reason is that postmodern liberals think intersectionality theory dictates that women hold oppressor status over transwomen. The rationale goes that because transwomen suffer oppression, everything they say about themselves is true, so women are forbidden to disagree with them, even though their primary predators are men, not women.

        Note that liberals do not apply intersectionality theory in the same way to class:female. If Lodder were consistent, he’d think women as obligated to listen to him as he believes transwomen are to listen to women – not at all. On the contrary, lefty men like Lodder feel no compunction with butting in to play ref on all women’s issues. We never get the final say.

        Another weakness in the liberal reading of intersectionality is that nothing about it inherently legitimates gender identity. Men are not women, and intersectionality does not make it so. That transwomen are abused and killed by men has nothing whatsoever to do with whether their ideas about sex and gender are true. For instance, the mentally ill suffer high levels of abuse, but men who implicitly feel themselves to be Napoleon are just considered ill. Anorexics “implicity, vividly” believe they need to lose more weight, but no one trusts them to run their own treatment programs.

        Furthermore, disbelieving that transwomen are women does not mean one wants to hurt them or deny them the right to express sex-role nonconformity. Claiming that disagreement with their identity politics leads to violence against them is a false dilemma. Contrary to Lodder’s assertion, “compassion” for transwomen in no way entails agreement with them.

        Lefty men embrace their simplistic version of intersectionality in part because it facilitates control of women. Along with transgender identity politics, it provides them cover to discount women’s experiences entirely. We don’t have full human status on the left. Men apply or don’t apply their highfaluting theories to females based on whim, with no justification given. To them their authority to do so is implicit, no matter how loudly they announce their feminist bona fides. They’re entirely unaware of their huge blind spot regarding women.

        One more point about Lodder – I think lefty men are oblivious to the obvious sexual/kink component of male transgenderism because they’ve normalized the sexualization of women to such ridiculous degrees. More wallpaper.

      • Lemoni Says:

        Oh dear Dr Matt Loader (another gender studies doctorate no doubt) playing language games to fit into his White heteropatriarchy world (his language) knows how to exploit the Lets Get Equal Campaign he ran in order to change the language of gender so that everyone else in Oz (who is not a white male) can get on board with his white heteropatriarchial theories on structural oppression and tow the line. Sound familiar? In the next few months we will probably see a scramble for positions as to whom gets the converted Stonewall Director of Trans job and who will sit on their Trans Panel. If the initial consultation is anything to go by with its white heteropatriarchial composition and man presence with perhaps a couple of people of color I.e probably one useful bought off person of color as is the case usually, (UK black pride organisers come to mind a husband and wife team of company directors , where the wife is now a lesbian responsible for International LGBT for a major Trade Union GMB supporters of SW gets to represent black and minority ethnic people whilst making decisions on how her group Black Pride UK gets to be funded and exist as a regular Pride charged event) will be interesting to watch.

        Orwell would indeed laugh at his work a veritable animal farm with Matt et al at the helm just to semantically and linguistically attempting to ‘con’ us all.

  15. janetwo Says:

    What cheers me up is that Julie Bindel and Germaine Greer speak for millions of women who do not want their identity and their history to be appropriated, who have enough of being stuck in the gender role the pomo transtyranny tries to impose. This is the reality that the trans community will have to reckon with as soon as a critical mass of women will get informed. We do not want our hard won reproductive rights to be eroded, we do not want our sexual reality, our biology to be conflated to wigs, nail polish and high heels. And we will win. We hold our ground and deny them validation for as long as it takes. The gender theory underpinning the trans identity cannot afford being criticized. Its too ludicrous to survive an honest public debate.

  16. GallusMag Says:

    Mary Beard on her signing of the no-platforming of feminists letter and the aftermath:

    • FOAnonMale Says:

      I love the attempt by trans to ingratiate themselves there. Maybe it’s working? But it’s hilarious that the Master’s degree holder goes to the same bits of latin that the average dudebro knows in order to prove his bona fides. I’m surprised he didn’t throw a carpe diem after the bit about being a sex worker.

      • janetwo Says:

        The mixture of tranny backpedalling and patronizing is just hilarious to observe…she is treated like one would treat their senile granma stripping naked on the diner table at thanksgiving : we love you granny but you cant cover yourself in cranberries sauce…now get down!! Just wonder what will happen if she persists in saying she knew what she was doing when she signed. I dont think she expected the backlash at all…they never do for some reasons.

      • kesher Says:

        Well women rarely attack each other like that, right? And trans women are women!
        *eye roll*

  17. GallusMag Says:

    LOL Andrew “Roz” Kaveney:

    • GallusMag Says:

      Andrew tried and failed to have this blog censored years ago. He’s an avid reader and fan.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Kaveney claims that I am not the author of this blog:

        That is Libel!

        I don’t know a single person who signed that letter. To my knowledge I’ve never had a single exchange of words with any of them. Much less have them WRITING FOR MY BLOG.

        This is the level of Andrew Kaveney’s “politics”: just totally making shit up. He has been obsessed with this blog for years. A normal person may say ‘I don’t like that blog, I think I shall not read it’. But Roz absolutely cannot tolerate the existence of speech he does not like. Especially when that speech is coming from women. He does not believe women have the right to speak about “Gender” and sexual politics. Women’s right to speak disturbs him greatly. He lobbies for the “free speech” rights of the most violent pornographers around, but the free speech of feminist women offends him greatly and is a problem that needs solving! He’ll tell any lie necessary to promote his censorial views which are solely directed at lesbians, women, and feminists, whose existence he seems to despise.

      • janetwo Says:


        In a sort of twisted way, I would take this as a testimony of your influence. This little corner of the internet is one of the few left representing the voices of millions of silenced women, not just lesbians, hets as well. Before running accidentally on your blog and RadFem Central, I never stumbled upon such a clear explanation of Gender Politic. It was a real Eureka moment for me. You rock and its no wonder they cant stand you.

      • GallusMag Says:

        That Eureka moment is why GenderTrender is here. This blog exists for people who want to know the truth, and understand gender.

      • GallusMag Says:

        What people choose to “do with” gender, personally or politically, once they understand it, is up to them. But gender can only be understood through the lens of Radical Feminism because gender is very much a class phenomenon based on sex hierarchy. This is why Psychiatry, Sexology, Biology, Sociology, Medicine, etc. have failed so miserably in the parsing of gender, and why genderism and trans-genderism are so incoherent.

        People seek this site out because they want to understand gender. Unlike genderists who have set siege on this site unrelentingly, I have never gone to transgender sites trying to promote or put forward this truth. I have certainly never tried to censor or prevent genderists/transgenderists from expressing their disjointed philosophy and politic. To the contrary, I have posted their views unedited and without commentary or spin, many many times- something no genderist/transgenderist forum has ever done in return. And for good reason. There is no “rebuttal” to truth. Silencing and censoring the speech of women under threat of violence is their only recourse. Censorship is the number one goal of the male genderist politic.

      • gg Says:

        So funny that they think they are somehow triumphant when they link here. I imagine that many of the people that click on it here are quite happy to find that there’s opposition to transgender madness, and happy to join in. Personally, I only found out I was a “TERF” when someone screamed it at me. I Googled and made my way here. How nice it would have been if I’d just been furnished with the link!

  18. Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

    So, wait, we’re supposed to approve of prostitution now? I’ll admit I’m at an is-ought variance with myself about it — I don’t like it, but I also don’t think it’s going away anytime soon, so harm reduction, harm reduction, harm reduction (as long as the vast majority of men and whatever women think it’s ok to rent other people’s bodies for masturbatory purposes, prostitution isn’t going anywhere). That doesn’t mean “sit there and applaud like a trained seal,” either.

    The list of demands just keeps getting longer and longer. Don’t oppose this! Approve of that! Believe us when we say X blatantly untrue thing! Retcon consensus reality! The only reality that really counts is between your ears! Urk urk urk!

    Oi vavoi.

    • born free & female Says:

      The list of demands keeps getting longer, because they know that the claim on which their very identities rest – “we’re women just like you” – is a lie. They try to shore up that lie by demanding that other people behave as though it’s true, but even when they get their way, it’s still a lie and they know it. So they imagine that some new demand – the silencing of a critic, the access to some women’s space (“your abortion clinic isn’t serving MtFs!”), a new change in language – will make that lie a truth. But it never does.

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      Whorephobia = the strange notion that impoverished, addicted, abused and enslaved women shouldn’t have their sexual boundaries determined by their desperation for money or fear of violence. If believing that women in desperate circumstances have the right to say ‘no’ to sex then I guess I’m a whorephobe.

      • >:) Says:

        And the victims of the sex industry, that makes up 95% sex workers that are homeless, not able to exit are transphobic and whoreaphobic for not realizing that privilege of living in that situation?? No. Prostitution is white mans’ feminism that they really hope to become the male privilege to buy women and eliminate the personal freedom of leading an autonomous life for females that don’t wish to be used at any point.

  19. Lemoni Says:

  20. Lemoni Says:

    Of Course Natacha Kennedy also part of LGBTLabour is playing this down …too busy trying to butt up Mary Beard in his blog ‘ uncommon scents’ and attempting to get Suzanne Moore drunk….more butt plugging.

    Mary’s not buying it though

    Suzanne Moore is Capitalising for the ‘left’ vanguard though

    Natacha doing damage limitation to his seat at Labour HQ

    Perhaps ‘Natacha’ Mark Hellen Kennedy should take advice from Himself

    • GallusMag Says:

      Mark Hellen/Natacha Kennedy is a very strange individual. The ‘Pink List’ did away with their “out and proud” requirement in order to include him, because he lives and works as a heterosexual white male named Mark Hellen at Goldsmiths College and in his world travels as an IT professional, but dons a wig when he wants to campaign against feminism in certain forums as “Natacha”. He continues to publish IT papers under his given name (Mark Hellen) but has also published papers under both his given and his “femme” name.

      • GallusMag Says:

        He posted several tweets to Mary Beard voicing his concerns about using female restrooms, but as everyone knows, he is seldom “presenting enfemme” and is generally just a typical pasty white dude. The dishonesty of these guys is outrageous.

      • TransSappho Says:

        my goddess it really is him! Open source credits copied to pdf (in case he disputes his ‘rights’ )

      • >:) Says:

        Of course he feels his sexual right to watch women take their children to pee as his male right. He supports any man that wants to sprout a hard-on in the women’s room in the midst of a sexual fantasy. The actual women & children need to understand men’s needs to access them like things to help get off. They need the women to let them come on in with hard-ons and be forgiving to the sexually excited men that don’t want to pay for women to partisipate. But they want the right to buy any women through prostitution, if they can get free access to force sexual situations with the ones they target-[like lesbians/children/and dogs too] it seems. Trans-rights are Man’s rights to access the sex they want and women to play along and shut up..

        Shut up about rape,
        Shut up about pedophilia,
        shut up when a man wants to rape an animal with no choice in the matter.

        Men’s penis-feelings and porn addictions are being ignored.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Of course it’s him. I don’t report falsehoods.

      • GallusMag Says:

        The transgender politic asserts that all men (like mark) are oppressed by women and that all men (like mark) desperately require legal rights to access female only spaces such as areas of public nudity (change rooms, locker rooms, restrooms) and areas of confinement (jails, prisons, hospital bed assignment). They refuse any compromise or conditions on such occupation.

        We women are going to push back against this incursion of our rights as females.

      • CKDexterHaven Says:

        There are articles out there purporting to be written by Natacha Kennedy and Mark Hellen. If they are one and the same person is this a thing now? My female self and my male self both wrote this paper?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Natacha Kennedy and Mark Hellen are one and the same. He gets away with it because of Transgender Privilege.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        LOL, Matt Lodder hearts Mark Hellen!

        Contrast his groveling before Hellen with his passive-aggressive “be nice” stuff to women. These men have no self-awareness.

      • morag99 Says:

        ‘The debate between transphobic “feminists” and trans people has historically been one in which the former has abused and assaulted the latter over a long period.’

        “Natacha” wrote that in a letter addressed to Mary Beard. Or, rather, Mark Hellen wrote that while pretending to be a “Natacha.”

        So, looking looking at that photo of Mark/Natacha, and then reading his words … I have to ask: which one of you meanie, terfy radfems abused and assaulted this poor lady-man? Which one of you horrible witches abused and assaulted him “over a long period”? And, how on earth did you make him stay still for this prolonged beating? Did he try to fight back with his big, beefy fists — but to no avail?

        But, if this has never actually happened (females abusing and assaulting males “over a long period”) maybe what Mark really means is that it MIGHT happen, and that he’s scared and shaking in his wig and pumps. That he and the other men in lady-garb are so frightened of those roving gangs of women, lesbians and feminists, who have (as everybody knows) “historically” had so much privilege and power to oppress big, ruddy, world-travelling, IT professionals with panty fetishes. Yes, that must be what he meant.

        WHO believes this shit? Why does he think a woman with a PhD in Classics would believe this shit? Or, can even women like Mary Beard be cowed into acquiescence?

      • Lemoni Says:

        Looking at Natacha Kennedys / Mark Hellen s blog you can almost breath the hate levelled against women. His defences are hyperbole , complete untruths and self loathing.

        He is an autogynephile part time and perhaps his career as a school teacher was not ‘powerful ‘ enough for him. His entry into the trans* world after butting up to the Lib Dems and Nu Labour for changes to the gender recognition act 2004 to include his part time feelings as a ‘woman’ and carve a career out of the trans* bandwagon often to the detriment of transsexuals.

        Natacha as a part time white male crossdresser has along with the other white men (we use this descriptor a lot in the UK) that run LGBT bodies (LGBT labour/Progress online /GIRES/lib Dems /Conservatives) are all in collusion against the second wave feminism and experiences.

        Mark/Natacha wants to change the law so that anyone who feels like a woman should be ‘treated as one’ sic. Mark/Natacha also wants to change various acts to subordinate women further. The removal of the spousal veto in the equal marriage act is one of them. Perhaps his wife threatened him with divorce if he decided to have SRS .I very much doubt it though as he is clearly a fetishist and one who uses young people who have body dysmorphia and other identity disconnects fuelled by Foucaldian theories (most of the young people in his classes, universities (Goldsmiths and UCL) have no campaign platform left after the Socialist Workers Party lost most of them (rape trials) to influence.

        Indeed his favourite meeting place has influenced many young women (butch lesbians)to ‘transgender’ more than the national average.

        If he is not talking about his mini skirt and handbag (the long and short of it) he is playing politics with LGBTLabour ( see the disgusting tweets above on KKK and POC and well as TERF bashing from his colleague Botha …follow the tweets and up pops Natacha stating that one offending tweet the one screencapped by Miranda Yardley was removed so STFU.

        He advocates as Natacha a Bill of Rights for children as young as 4 who know they are pink/blue brained. He has got rid of PhD students who don’t believe in innate gender and who were studying bio genetics. This man is dangerous and insincere in his cause for trans* rights. His policy document on cisexism fails to include that he is the ultimate cisexism and transphobe according to his logic and behaviour.

        His attempt to assuage Mary Beard by quoting distorted truths is patronising and offensive because they are based on incidences which would be the natural conclusions of his inadequate analysis and policies on the treatment of children with ‘dysphoria’. To me it reads like the gas lighting he excels as as the ‘role model’ for young lesbians and gay men who are considering a lifestyle change to trans** conversion therapy for young people and children affected by societies dysfunctions and hatred towards women and mothers. This guy is dangerous. He and Tara Hewitt, Sarah Brown and Roz meet regularly. It is a cabal no doubt.

        Thanks a million Stonewall what was won is now not only lost but has been reversed a hundred years over especially for women and children.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Lemoni- If you want to see a vivid depiction of autogynephilia check out the photos on Mark Hellen’s “Natacha Kennedy” google profile.

      • “He has got rid of PhD students who don’t believe in innate gender and who were studying bio genetics.”

        Wtf? How? What happened? This man is a nasty narcisstic scumbag.

  21. Lemoni Says:

    Gallus please feel free to edit /tidy up my links! Great job 🙂

  22. TransSappho Says:

    Guess Who will be on the Stonewall Trans* Panel….You guessed it all the Trans* who support censorship and who claim to be lesbians

  23. BadDyke Says:

    The level of obeisance to the trans cult is fairly sickening. SO is Stonewall just going to swallow whole the homosexual is homogendural and let trans DEFINE our sexual orientation as well?

    I guess the simple fact is that with gay marriage here, Stonewall won’t have much SEXY left to campaign on apart from trans.

    How long before we see Stonewall berating gay men and lesbians for not accepting trans into their beds?

    • Yes, because transwomen just love men sexually, so much so they campaign vociferously and abusively to have sex with them and are angry that no one is listening. This happens regularly. And the heterosexual men are just lining up to have sex with them, and are campaigning too on their behalf. Not that I’ve ever seen this. Can someone point this out to me? Or is it just women that these people target?

    • BadDyke Says:

      I’ve looked up the spousal veto, and what does it say? Quite simply that the menz in dresses CAN’T change their gender designation to female (hence convert their heterosexual marriage to a homosexual one, disagree with that as you will) unless their wife consents. The fact that the wife may not be happy seeing her husband try to become her wife and force her into a lesbian marriage is obviously not the point (womens thoughts don’t matter, we all know that!).

      A womans right to chose NOT to be converted into a pseudo lesbian without her consent!

      At least before the law changed it was simpler — if he legally changed designation, the marriage was annulled (or at best converted to a civil partnership?). Now he wants to hang on to it whatever the wife says, which seems a little grabby. He wants your wardrobe as well my dear………….

      • He also doesn’t want to spend lots of money on a lengthy divorce regarding access to the children (his biological children), and, wait for it, property (the real crux of the matter). It was ever thus regarding complex divorce proceedings, as any fule no.

        This quote, from a Newstatesman article on spousal veto not linking but on the first page of google.

        “the definition of “husband” is “one who has a lawful wife living”. Obviously now, with same-sex marriage lawful, that legal definition is somewhat out-of-date. (Don’t think about it too hard in relation to lesbian couples – it will make your head hurt.)”

        No, my pretty little head won’t hurt in relation to a legally binding contract between two lesbian couples. It’s quite clear. Were you a husband when you first made the legally binding contract? Was your wife a lesbian when you first entered the legally binding contract?

        Any one with the blindingly obvious gene can see this.

  24. GallusMag Says:

    Are you now or have you ever been a TERF?
    The term TERF – “trans exclusionary radical feminist” has become internet shorthand for “transphobic bigot”. The odd thing is that most people hold beliefs which could see them labelled a “TERF”.


    Senator Joe McCarthy. Photo: Getty
    At the weekend a letter was published in the Observer, signed by 130 people, which called for open debate in universities and criticised the silencing or ‘no platforming’ of people whose views are deemed transphobic or whorephobic. Two high-profile signatories, Mary Beard and Peter Tatchell, were immediately deluged with abuse and threats. Both ended up making statements (Beard on her blog, and Tatchell to Pink News) in which they reiterated their support for the principle of free speech, but took pains to distance themselves from the TERFs (‘trans-exclusionary radical feminists’) who are the main targets of the tactics the letter criticised. ‘Don’t confuse me with those people’, was the message. ‘I defend their right to express their views, but I find those views as repulsive as you do’.

    Reading these statements, I couldn’t help thinking about the ending of George Orwell’s novel 1984, where Winston pleads with his torturers to do it to his lover Julia, not to him. It’s cowardly, but as a reader you understand it; you recognize that in his position you would probably do the same. In this context it’s a sign of the effectiveness of the McCarthyist tactics deployed by certain trans activists. On Twitter there is a blacklist, called the ‘blockbot’, which includes the names of Twitter users who have been reported for tweeting something that someone considers suspect, along with the reasons for their inclusion. Anyone can inspect the list if they want to know who the TERFs are, and there is nothing to prevent them from passing that information on. If you work in academe, like Mary Beard, or you’re a veteran LGBT activist like Peter Tatchell, you really don’t want to be on that list. The two of them were victims of another classic McCarthyist tactic, guilt by association. And they responded by trying to dissociate themselves, not only from the TERFs who had been no-platformed, but also from any TERFs who may have been lurking among the other signatories to the letter.

    Because these tactics have been effective, most people’s knowledge of what the so-called TERFs actually believe is limited or non-existent. That their position is misguided and morally repugnant is pretty much taken for granted: if asked what it actually is, though, almost no one would be able to give an account based on statements made by the TERFs themselves. What gets repeated in public is that the TERFs are simply bigots, attacking a small and oppressed minority out of irrational fear and loathing. They are accused of disputing trans people’s right to exist, and of inciting violence against them.

    If that were true, the no-platforming would be justified. But with very few exceptions it is not true. Feminists across the political spectrum support the right of trans people not to be discriminated against at work, harassed or subjected to physical and sexual assault. On the last point, there is a particularly clear intersection between feminist and trans concerns. Radical feminists have long been at the forefront of campaigns opposing male violence and demanding justice for its victims: assaults on trans people, overwhelmingly perpetrated by men, are seen as part of the same problem. There is absolutely no question about whether such attacks should be condemned: they should be and they are.

    So, what gets people labelled TERFs is not their opposition to the fundamental rights most trans people care about. Rather it is a form of political dissent: you are labelled a TERF if you question or criticise the bizarre ideology which is currently promoted by some trans activists. I stress the word ‘some’ here, because the activists in question are assiduous and vocal, but they clearly don’t speak for the entire trans community: their critics include people who are trans themselves. If disagreeing with their extreme views makes you a TERF, then frankly, almost everyone is a TERF.

    The core of the ideology I’m referring to is the assertion that ‘trans women are women’. (We hear a lot less from and about trans men.) Exactly what this statement means depends on whether the speaker is using the word ‘women’ to refer to a social category or a biological one. In the first case there is a discussion to be had (though people may reasonably differ in their conclusions), but in the second case the assertion is patently false. Trans women are not, by definition, biological females. Yet in the most extreme version of the ideology, you cannot say that without being labelled a TERF.

    One familiar argument for trans women being women is that although they are anatomically male, their brains are female, and it is brain sex that determines someone’s gender identification. This view does have support among some scientists, but others dispute it: there is, at present, no consensus among experts. Does wanting to debate the arguments make you a bigoted purveyor of hate-speech?

    Other arguments espoused by some trans activists are entirely lacking in scientific support, since they deny the existence of human sexual dimorphism. Some trans rhetoric on this point is reminiscent of creationist arguments about evolution: the idea of binary sex difference is just a theory, imposed for ideological reasons. One article currently doing the rounds online not only points out that there are intersexed people (which we can all agree there are, though this does not refute the basic principle of dimorphism), it also claims that individuals who have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) are ‘really’ intersexed. If that were so, it would certainly bump up the numbers of ‘non-binary’ people, since it’s estimated that at least 5% of women (some estimates put it closer to 20%) have PCOS. But having PCOS does not mean you aren’t female.

    In practice everyone knows that trans women are not identical to women, but if you don’t want to be called a TERF you must deny the differences as far as possible. For feminists this has become a particular problem: any discussion of experiences which are not shared by trans women because they were not born with female bodies is liable to be denounced as ‘trans-exclusionary’. That was the reason why a US women’s college recently announced it would be discontinuing its annual performance of The Vagina Monologues: it’s exclusionary to talk about vaginas when some women do not have one. Last year a trans activist on Twitter denounced feminist campaigns against FGM as ‘cissexist’. Discussions of menstruation, pregnancy and abortion rights are all regularly interrupted by the same complaint.

    Another thing we are supposed to deny is the differences that now exist among self-identified trans women. The category has broadened over time to encompass more biologically male individuals who have not modified their bodies, and who in some cases do not live permanently as women, but alternate between male and female identities. Their status as women is based on a combination of performative declarations that they are women, and surface features of ‘gender presentation’ like the names they use and the clothes they wear. Nevertheless, they invoke the ‘trans women are women’ principle: if you identify as female then you are female, and should be treated as such by others. In some circles it is considered transphobic for women to question the presence of people with openly displayed male sexual organs in spaces like communal female changing rooms, or for lesbian women to refuse to recognise those people as potential sexual partners (a resistance sometimes referred to as ‘the cotton ceiling’, a phrase which smacks of misogyny and male entitlement). It isn’t just radical feminists who find this problematic: some trans women do too. Is that really just irrational bigotry?

    During the debate on the Observer letter, a man who had finally grasped what the trans v TERF dispute was about tweeted (I paraphrase for his own protection): ‘So, you’re saying we have to pretend to believe lies to be nice. Like saying I think cats can fly’. To avoid giving offence to a minority group — or to avoid persecution by its most extreme and vocal members — it’s as if we have all agreed to live in a fantasy world where reality is whatever certain people say it is. My penis is female. It is exclusionary for feminists to talk about female bodies. Cats can fly. Ignorance is knowledge.

    A TERF is not someone who disputes trans people’s right to exist. What s/he disputes is the right of a small subset of trans extremists to impose their definition of reality, and their political agenda, on everyone. A TERF is someone prepared to say that the Emperor has no clothes. Though I understand their fears, it troubles me that we have got to the point where people like Mary Beard and Peter Tatchell feel obliged to throw the TERFs to the wolves rather than stand up to the Emperor and his court.

    Terry Macdonald is a pseudonym.

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      Brilliant article. I love that the madness directed at Mary Beard has backfired on them and drawn mainstream attention to their misogyny. Of course they are all on Twitter now declaring they will cancel their non-existent subscriptions to The New Statesman. They are so keen to align dissent on transgenderism with homophobia they can’t bear it when more people discover they are mostly heterosexual men with intact penises.

    • hearthrising Says:

      Great article. One of the best so far, outside of this blog and other radfem venues. I hate it when people who have a criticism of gender identity politics feel compelled to make the point that they “don’t agree with” certain radfems. Why is that necessary?

    • born free & female Says:

      Just wanted to repeat that last line for anyone who missed it:

      “Terry Macdonald is a pseudonym.”

      The author of this straightforward, factual piece didn’t feel safe posting it under their own name.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Haha I’d laugh if it turned out to be Mary Beard or Peter Tatchell or someone like that. Not ready to come out of the “TERF closet” apparently.

    • CD Says:

      “One familiar argument for trans women being women is that although they are anatomically male, their brains are female, and it is brain sex that determines someone’s gender identification. This view does have support among some scientists, but others dispute it: there is, at present, no consensus among experts.”

      I’m a cell biologist, and I find it really, really hard to believe that there is no consensus about this question among neuroscientists. It’s not my field, but I would assume that any debate is about the extent of innate sexual dimorphism in the brain, and about the extent to which cross-sex hormone treatment (especially in younger patients) causes the brain to develop in a manner like that of the opposite sex.

      In this case, I suspect that a lack of scientific consensus could be due to evolutionary psychologists, who are not qualified to weigh in on this question. They’re notorious for spouting unfounded, simplistic theories about brain sex (“women evolved to look for berries, men to hunt”, etc.). But unlike neuroscientists, they can’t and don’t test their theories experimentally, because brain development and psychology are strongly affected by socialization. You can’t really find test subjects who have been raised without gender roles (…except maybe feral children?).

      In any case, if it’s possible to have a male body, but a brain that is 100% “female”, and if socialization has nothing to do with it, then it should be possible to identify genetic markers and a developmental pathway for “female” brain development in both women and in M2Ts.

      • kesher Says:

        I don’t know if evopsych is entirely to blame for the lack of “consensus”. Those who stand to gain financially from the medicalization of trans children seem very eager to grasp at any research to “prove” there’s a scientific basis for transgenderism.

      • CD Says:

        @kesher, good point! I was thinking of “scientific consensus” in a research/academic sense, and not in a clinical sense. But yes, physicians/therapists/etc. making a career out of helping people to transition are extremely vocal, and are way more likely to be consulted as experts.

        …I guess my point was more just that it’s really unlikely that such an extraordinary claim (existence of ladybrains in male bodies) would hold up against scrutiny by scientific experts who approach their work with any sort of objectivity. So, until they can actually link gendered traits with genetic markers or other hard evidence, health professionals and researchers in non-scientific fields should refrain from claiming that there’s any biological or developmental basis for the ladybrain.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        CD, some Twitter handmaiden was flogging this recent study that I’m sure she hasn’t read:

        I thought you might be interested in seeing it. Of course the trans cult won’t notice this caveat:

        According to the researchers the article does have some limitations due to the small numbers of individuals studied and therefore conclusions should be drawn with caution. Safer recommends that further research focus on specific biologic mechanisms for gender identity.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Also, there’s no reason studies like this should mean shit to us even if they find some neurological similarity between women and transwomen. Men, including leftist men, still treat us differently from transwomen based on our visibly female bodies. As we see with Hipster Professor, they belittle, ignore, and gaslight us as they please, and assign all manner of physical and emotional shit work that transwomen are never expected to do. Transwomen activists know this, and don’t care.

        The original definition of misogyny, male hatred of and desire to control the reproducing class, remains as true now as ever.

      • Brunhilda Says:

        Read delusion of gender:

        it’s not possible for a man to have a female brain, because female and male brains don’t differ that much to begin with, and when they do differ, it’s because of things like height, not nec. sex (eg. a person who’s 6 feet tall needs to have larger spaces/holes in their brain for more fluid for cushioning, while a smaller person’s doesn’t. This doesn’t change function at all that we know of, but does change the architecture. Generally, because men tend to be taller than women, they tend to have larger holes in their brain than women; however, men with smaller bodies/brains will have smaller holes, and women who are taller will have bigger holes. This doesn’t affect how they think at all either).

      • kesher Says:

        Is that even really a study? All the researchers did, according to the summary, was “review” existing research.

        I’ve seen a few of those studies, and they’re pretty laughable for various reasons. There’s one that demonstrates neurological similarities between MTTs and women; problem is, the study had a ridiculously small sample size and solely tested MTTs post-HRT. Estrogen affects the brain. No kidding.

        I remember another study that showed different brain reactions to male vs. female pheromones. MTTs responded positively to male pheromones; FTTs responded positively to female pheromones. Thing is, I’ve seen a similar study to that before, of gay children and lesbian children, showing an involuntarily response to same-sex pheromones even in pre-pubescent children. So really the study that “proved” a neurological basis for transgenderism actually proved that many/most trans people are gay. Stop the presses!

        I’m going to laugh if these pseudoscientists actually discover a neurological basis for male paraphilias and use *that* to try to prove that trans identity is innate.

      • CD Says:

        @Brunhilda, yeah! Actually, I just bought the e-book, looks good.
        @kesher, review articles are pretty standard. They’re useful (if well-written) for updating non-experts on new research in a given topic, and on a cynical note, they’re also useful for improving a researcher’s publication record if they need to get hired or promoted.
        @Jane (the first), thanks! Agreed that she probably didn’t read the paper, or couldn’t analyse it. I agree, even if they find a biological basis for gender identity, there would still be massive differences between women and transwomen. But it’s still fun to tear apart a bad paper, so… mind if I write a novel-length post about why this paper is ridiculous and biased?

        The paper relies primarily on a really weak line of reasoning. They mentioned that there’s no model (because there’s no evidence) for how transgenderism could be caused on a genetic/physiological level, right? This is because their studies of trans people are very limited due to small sample size, post-mortem studies, contradictory findings, cross-sex hormone treatments, and a general lack of knowledge about how the regions of the brain under study might relate to gender roles.

        So, they know the end result (e.g. a M2T subject in a study is transgender), and they can associate it with some scientific-sounding things (e.g. female-pattern right putamen volume), but they can’t for the life of them explain why the right putamen/BTSc/INAH3/other brain structure is supposedly related to gendered behaviour. The best they can currently do is figure out what the same structure does in rats, a species that doesn’t have ladybrains. So to construct a more convincing argument, they work backwards: instead of looking at trans people and searching for a biological anomaly, they look at a biological anomaly and search for trans people.

        So, to make their argument sound good, they look at case studies of intersex people and males who were AFAB because they had malformed penises. In this case, the genetic/physiological cause is well-characterised, and so all they have to do is to find a couple of case studies where intersex people or AFAB males “transitioned” (de-transitioned?) to their genetic sex more frequently than people in the general population transition. And they are really, really reaching to equate these people with developmentally typical trans people.

        For instance, they have a section about genetically male (XY) people over the age of 12 (i.e. post-pubescent) with one of two intersex conditions preventing their bodies from producing a testosterone derivative. Those who were AFAB de-transitioned at a rate of 39-64%. Sounds like a strong argument, right? 64%, and they were totally brought up like any “cis” girl, wow! Being transgender must be biologically determined! Ladybrains for everyone!

        What they don’t mention is that these conditions are associated with the development of male secondary sex characteristics at puberty (facial hair, male musculature, deeper voice, erections), plus ambiguous genitalia at birth, so… that… might… be… a very good explanation as to why they identify as male? The author of the original paper thinks that they identify as male due to a combination of hormone exposure in the uterus and childhood socialization, but the authors of the review paper claim that it’s just hormone exposure.

        Also, I find it hard to read all the stuff about how similarities between women’s and M2Ts’ brains are DEFINITELY NOT DUE TO ESTROGEN TREATMENT, SHE WAS BORN THAT WAY, because they just ignored papers like this: “Changing your sex changes your brain: influences of testosterone and estrogen on adult human brain structure” (Hulshoff Pol et al., 2006)

        So, yeah, biased paper!

      • Random Name Generator Offline Says:

        The mechanics of identity, recognition, preference and the way a brain can wrangle “a self” around, are processes that have absolutely nothing to do with sex. Being built with a body that will take the additonal metabolic stresses of gestation, or indeed cannot, does not effect cognitive function.

        Got a keen and selfish, autistic interest in wonky cognitive neurology and there’s a lot of ways someone can feel like mind and body are kind of off kilter. That someone can waltz past all of these and conclude they’re “brain’s sex doesn’t match their body” says more about their beliefs than their biology.

        And saying that, that’s how I first became a TERF.

        There is something gallingly “does not compute” about being told to “check my privilege” by someone so spoiled they believe that all their met preferences are an identity.

    • This is an excellent article, highlighting many falsehoods. Love it.

    • janetwo Says:

      Excellent article and thank you for posting. But its really, really tragic that we are at that level of public discourse where women are hounded and ostracized for holding self-evident truths about human sexuality. My definition of TERF, or at least my own brand is:

      A TERF is somebody who does not believe that babies are born in cabbages or delivered by storks, meaning she acknowledges the reality and importance of human reproductive biology over people fantasies and feels on the subject. We have perfectly good words to refer to males and we have words to refer to females too. A TERF having “the talk“ with her prepubescent daughter will explain that no amount of magical thinking about her little transgender bff will turn his little peepee in some girly magical wand which wont present any risk of her getting pregnant. And if that hurts the `feelz“ of the little bff and of his parents who are too irresponsible to realize its their job to help their kid separating fantasy from reality (Santa does not exist, the Easter Bunny neither, you are not a female/girl/woman/femme/gal…), well that is just too fucking bad for them. There are a lot of unpleasant realities in this world we all have to face sooner or later:

    • GallusMag Says:

      I thought it was quite a good piece. Like some others, I had a minor quibble at the “unsettled science” on laydee-brains line. Otherwise, an excellent article. Well done!

  25. river Says:

    Wish there were “like” buttons here. Like like like. Thanks Gallus. You are our rock.

  26. Oak and Ash Says:

    Why aren’t these hipsters and transacolytes speaking out in support of the all the transgravitational people who are oppressed by Transgrav Exclusionary Radical Physicists? Because TERPs with cisgrav privilege deny the existence of brain gravity and enforce arbitrary directional constructs such as up and down, transgrav people (along with some who identify as gravityqueer) are more likely to die in falls from high places. We should immediately no-platform all physicists who contribute to this toxic atmosphere by insisting gravity is determined by mass and distance rather than a person’s gravitational identity.

    Gallus Mag, thank you for the work you do here!

    • shediogenes Says:

      “falling” and “high places” are concepts born of cisgrav privilege. how dare you, you need to check your silly terrabound privilege, you TERP.

  27. a cat Says:

    Got a serious issue with the use of no-platforming unless it is fascists.

    I’m antifa. So we use no-platforming against fascists. This is one of the tools in the armoury. There is a reason no-platforming is not used against those you just have a political disagreement with. Fascists present a clear danger, and allowing them to speak heightens the danger, and they need to be countered. That is the case with almost nobody else.

    For example, if I was inclined to use no-platform against people I had a disagreement with, I could use it against UKIP, the Tories, the Lib Dems, the fucking Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, the Anarchist Federation, just for starters. None of that would make any sense. AFed piss me off on a regular basis, but they’re light years away from being fash. UKIP are a right-wing party, but they are not fascists either (and I have argued this in left-wing meetings too). Sorry for the UK politics terms here.

    What I’m trying to say is that fascists are a uniquely bad thing. They cannot have a platform, in a way other people have a platform. I wouldn’t deny even one of the nutters who our brave host discusses a platform. (They might make themselves ridiculous, though, and I wouldn’t be too bothered about that ;)) I feel like this is a debasement of the no-platform stance – using it against women talking about gender and sex is a horrible distortion of how it is supposed to be used.

  28. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Slightly off-topic, but Fallon Fox now has an article up in the comments section of The Guardian website. The Guardian may have published this free speech letter but, based on past experience, even the mildest forms of btl gender-criticism of Fox will be reported and deleted by the gender police that hang around that site. It’s not too bad now but by the morning it’ll be full of ‘Your words are violence! You’re causing our deaths!’, as opposed to Fox who beats up women for money.

    • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

      Speaking of beating up…have you noticed how these women who are married to men who transition…not a single one of them…not one – has ever physically attacked her husband (at least we haven’t heard of it). No – I think we would have heard about it. Interesting. These men are blowing apart their wives and families lives…and yet, no physical violence is directed at them in response. Interesting, dontcha think – the most dangerous time for a woman in an abusive relationship is when she leaves…and yet, when these men (for all intents and purposes) leave their marriages (i.e., no longer going to be “husband,” now they will be “wives”) – no domestic violence results.

      Hmm. Why is that. Gee.

      • CKDexterHaven Says:

        Can you imagine this scenario? –

        Wife to husband – ‘Darling, I’ve decided I’m becoming a man. You are now a bisexual in a homosexual marriage and I’ll be wearing your clothes, growing a beard and coming down the rugby club with you to down pints with your mates. Oh, and you’ll be paying for my new penis which I’ll be inserting up your rectum thrice-weekly. Don’t object or I’ll be telling everyone you’re a bigot and blaming you for my suicidal tendencies to all and sundry.’

        Men are not expected to accept this. 99% of men would file for immediate divorce in this event. I’m pretty sure any man who killed his new transman husband in this scenario would get away with some kind of ‘temporary insanity/she was mentally abusive’ plea. Women are just expected to let their husbands define their sexual orientation and to subsume their needs to his.

      • LC Says:

        An interesting point. I don’t recall any transmen in heterosexual relationships. I knew one couple like that, though she was attempting to be transmale before they got married, and now appears like most any other heterosexual female(i.e., her gender presentation became significantly more feminine after marriage). Anyone know how often this scenario happens, if at all?

      • neme Says:

        Some of the young trans-trenders of the tumblr variety are straight, married women who pretend to be transmen or nonbinary online. But irl they are just regular straight girls. The few straight, married women who transition irl.. the husband always leaves.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Here’s a man whose wife transitioned. He says that after ten years of being extremely active in the trans community (running support services and the like) he has only ever heard of two other males like himself who remain partnered with wives who transition:

    • Yes, saw that and the comments are brilliant. First time I will ever say, look at the comments, they are mostly sensible and critical of Fox.

      • janetwo Says:

        I went to the comments and here is one that I thought was especially good:

        “That’s what I find frustrating about the whole debate.

        Yes, there are those whose concerns are based purely on bigotry.

        But then on the other side is an army of activists whose lack of concern is totally partisan too.

        They’re championing the competition of an athlete in a sport that they likely have zero interest in otherwise. They don’t care about the safety of the other competitors or questions over the fairness of her competing.

        They’ll quote, and often misinterpret, what doctors and scientists have said about the matter. And that’s that, as far as they’re concerned.

        They’re happy for the women who Fox has to beat unconscious and/or injure in winning her bouts to act as guinea pigs, just as long as their gender politics cause is furthered.

        This very article implies that it was unfair that Fox had to disclose her physical history to her opponents before she wished to, even though she would have been in a ring beating the living daylights out of them.

        That’s letting politics get in the way of the safety of the sport/competitors and the principle of fair competition.”

  29. Juliana D Says:

    This is why I love this blog so damn much… Not only does gallusmag produce excellent articles, but the women in the comments have such insightful commentary. Thanks to you all!

  30. sheela Says:

    “you’ll be paying for my new penis which I’ll be inserting up your rectum thrice-weekly. Don’t object or I’ll be telling everyone you’re a bigot and blaming you for my suicidal tendencies to all and sundry.’

    Men are not expected to accept this. 99% of men would file for immediate divorce in this event…”

    Totally. And this would make such a good publicity stunt to show up the transactivists. We need men, het male ‘allies’, to publicly assert online, to the press, etc that this is what is happening to them, their wives/partners are transitioning and laying down the law at home. The response, markedly different to what women are told, would tease out the insane contradictions. (Any men reading this up for something like that?)
    I’d also love to see and do other actions like, eg: A mass female invasion of men’s toilets (on a day that we identify as men, that is) to show up the contradictions of the extremist lobby: Eg their response when we ask for support for our genderqueer action, and how they’d respond to men who complained about females shouldering into their space.

  31. What I actually meant to say, before being distracted by all the well argued posts here, was to support Mary Beard. She now is crying and very distraught at the whole issue. She has now on mumsnet womens rights forum. Sorry don’t want to do a link. (I’m banned from there because I was too controversial, but I am a lurker.) I was banned because I was deemed a ‘man hater’.

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      I too was banned from Mumsnet. The feminism section used to be amazing but all the radical feminists seemed to either get banned or be driven off. Now the feminist board is very quiet. There is a transwoman who polices the site, makes every topic about him, accuses everyone of hurting his feelings and then reports them for ‘controversial’ posts. There was a conversation about the rise of antisemitism a while ago where he managed to make the Holocaust all about him.

      • janetwo Says:

        @CKDexterHaven It’s happening at most feminist blogs. Last tranny purge that I witnessed was at “We hunted the mammoth” which led to one mod and many regular posters leaving the site for good. David stated point blank that no bigoted radfem would be tolerated. They banned the most vocal tranny, but not before him and his horde had poisoned the atmosphere with his accusations of bigotry and most posters were at each other throats. This would be pretty much a case in point for what Jane the First described as white liberal male gate-keeping. Not sure if you are familiar with the French comic series Asterix, but it seems that GT is it: the last village resisting the occupation.

      • QS Says:

        Hello! I almost got banned from Mumsnet because of him too! I missed the thread where he managed to make the holocaust about him. He wasn’t on for a good six months but is back now, I’m waiting for him to pop up on the Mary Beard thread and start up his woe is me act again (it’s the first trans thread I’ve seen since he’s been back). It’s so nice to be able to use the correct pronoun – sorry for the derail Gallus.

      • Hello fellow sister! I wear the teeshirt with pride 🙂

      • >:) Says:

        LOL, so there is a man policing conversations there too. I knew it, you can always tell.

      • gunhild Says:

        A forum for mothers banning actual women and letting a man make it all about him? Trans males can’t give birth. So stfu dude.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        How in the hell was a man, a MtT no less, allowed to become a mod at a website for mothers?!

      • QS Says:

        He’s not a mod Ashland. He does have a circle of handmaidens and the odd MRA type backing him up though. His woe is me act also sucks in people who haven’t had any experience of him. Mumsnet has pretty strict rules about personal attacks and troll hunting so when people get fed up of him trying to shut down discussion by making a thread all about him again and say something in anger then all of his handmaidens report the post. So if you say, for example, “He always makes every thread all about him” then it is a personal attack and transphobic and the Mumsnet mods have to give you a slap on the wrist as you broke rules. He’s free to troll another day because he’s stayed just on the right side of the rules (i.e. despite the fact that he pisses a load of people off, it’s impossible to say that he definitely is a troll). He gets away with loads of crap because he’s a special snowflake.

        I don’t blame Mumsnet for any of this. They’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. They have to do something when posters break the rules but he’s made it very hard for them to do anything about him, especially when he keeps going on about his suicidal ideations whenever someone so much as questions whether people with penises should be in women’s changing rooms etc.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Thanks for the clarification, QS. I would think, though, that Mumsnet could ban him for not staying strictly on topic when he makes a thread all about himself, plus make a rule against thread hogging. I know it gets tricky, but I think if Mumsnet was truly committed to creating a space for women, it could be done.

      • QS Says:

        I’m starting to think that Mumsnet have had a word with him, there are currently three trans threads running and he hasn’t turned up on any of them despite being active elsewhere on the forum.

  32. Jane (the first) Says:

    [With regard to the Hipster Prof discussion above, I’ve expanded on the issue of the male left weaponizing transgenderism against women. If Gallus thinks I should just get my own blog, just say the word and I will, though it would be impossible to find sharper commenters than here. Note: I tend to use liberal and leftist interchangeably, because there isn’t much of an economic left in the west and male opinions on trans issues are pretty much the same across the spectrum. There are even conservatives, apparently including Pope Francis, willing to employ transgenderism to enforce the gender hierarchy, but that’s another post.]

    An important thing to remember is that there are hardly any transwomen. There are probably fewer than half a million in the USA, who have no power without their enablers, namely the white men who dominate the left. White male leftists know damn well that gender is a hierarchy, and that’s exactly how they want it:





    The male left says nothing when transactivists dox feminists like Glosswitch, because they approve of transwomen terrorizing women into line. Their insistence on prioritizing transgender identity politics in the light of such abuse prevents us from assuming otherwise. Worst of all, they expect women to do all the political shitwork to enshrine this hierarchy, and libfems are broken enough to help them.

    One of the male left’s most effective weapons is liberal feminism. Liberals seized control of the movement and completed its shift into a pliant source of votes and labor for the Democratic Party by the 80s, their handy choke chain of reproductive rights ever at the ready. Liberal men had already succeeded brilliantly in diluting the feminist movement’s focus with all manner of sex-pozzery and consumerist individualism. Then they announced that transwomen, even the affluent white ones who dominate the movement, must always be centered in feminism, even at the expense of the poorest, most abused women worldwide.

    The male left employs liberal feminists, both white and of color, as kapos to keep women from working to liberate class:female. They accomplish this in part by granting some of them gatekeeper positions in the liberal academic-media complex, and keeping thousands of others jostling on social media in the vain hope of getting one of those spots themselves. Accordingly, transwomen and other liberal males keep the female kapos in line. One of their divide-and-conquer tactics is drawing false equivalencies between black women’s and transwomen’s experiences, based on the fact that both groups’ womanhood is debated and often derided by the white/non-black majority. That in itself is true, but the rather insulting analogy doesn’t work because black women actually are women, while transwomen are male and victimize women at the same rate that other males do.

    White transactivists further weaponize race issues by disingenuously attacking white women. People of all races have noted that you can express all the misogyny as you want in liberal social media as long as you cloak it with anti-racism. While it’s true that white women have monopolized the feminist movement to their benefit, this has at least been subject to much critique and political action. White male dominance of the trans movement is far more pronounced, resembling that of white men in the gay movement. Nevertheless, the white male left allows their hegemony to continue without critique, encouraging rich white spokestrans like Parker Molloy and Julia Serano to cynically use the murders of transwomen of color as a bloody shirt.

    Clearly, there is no reason to believe that these white transactivists have women of color’s interests in mind any more than other male leftists do. While there are a few pomo libfems of color who seem eager to align with them (e.g. Brittney Cooper and Mia “No Shared Girlhood” McKenzie), they are a small minority. Most women know the trans cult has already thoroughly screwed class:female.

    Regardless of all this political status-jockeying, all the women remain at the bottom. Even gay organizations like HRC and Stonewall have joined the male left in enforcing the gender hierarchy, even though medicalizing gender nonconformity hurts lesbians and gay men as much anyone. I’m sure the left big boys make it worth the while of the Gay Inc. hierarchy to go along with the program, much as they did with mainstream feminist organizations.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “If Gallus thinks I should just get my own blog, just say the word and I will..”

      I’d rather extend an invitation for you to do a guest post.
      If you ever want to take me up on this offer, just submit the post as a comment/s (might need to split it up for length) with the heading “Guest Post”. Also let me know if there is an image you would prefer to accompany the post- otherwise I will select one.

    • kesher Says:

      “even the affluent white ones who dominate the movement, must always be centered in feminism, even at the expense of the poorest, most abused women worldwide.”

      For example, Dana McCallum serving as the western “women’s” envoy at a women’s conference in India. I would love to know what the Indian attendees thought about that. My understanding is that hijra traditionally aren’t viewed as “real” women; and why would they be?

      • janetwo Says:


        That Dana McCallum : ?

        WTF? 0.o

        Could they not come up with somebody even more inappropriate to relate to women from a different culture? That’s without the dude being charged with raping his own wife….

      • kesher Says:


        The information came up at some point in one of Gallus’ posts about McCallum. I made similar complaints to yours back then. It’s really liberal tolerance run amok when no one stepped into question whether a biological male from the West has any business participating in a conference about women’s rights in India.

        I think even an actual Western woman participating would do well to tread carefully and do more listening than speaking. But somehow I suspect McCallum didn’t even try to be respectful and not display typical male behavior of lecturing women and speaking over them.

        Going by my experience with traveling in non-Western countries, many people in those countries are quite tolerant, really more tolerant than we deserve, of how weird and obnoxious Americans are, at least to our faces, but I’m sure a lot of trash talking and jokes are made at our expense behind our backs. I’m exceedingly curious about how Indians perceived McCallum.

    • janetwo Says:

      Just wondering how we start turning the tables?

  33. Jane (the first) Says:

    Affluent white MTFs are still flipping over the Guardian letter and New Statesman “TERF” article. I can’t align myself with liberals who are dumb enough to take their histrionics at face value:

    First, I’ve quoted that woman-hating maniac Voz about this before and I’ll do it again:

    “If you’re white and not selling it, you probably won’t wind up on the TDOR list.”

    This of course is about more than male violence and access to bathrooms. Liberals have allowed transactivists absolute control of the frame, mendaciously claiming that trans people are the only ones affected by their identity politics. Worst of all, they’ve allowed them to change the definition of female, as radical a proposition as you can make, one with harmful consequences for women and girls worldwide. The left acts as though it should be able to do so through managerial fiat, with women keeping silent for fear of hurting transwomen’s feelings! They let the trans cult frame our protests as “debating their right to exist”. Bullshit. If this doesn’t illuminate the unexamined misogyny on the left for you, nothing will.

    This is hilariously delusional:

    On the contrary, the liberal media has spent the past three or four years doing nothing but polishing transwomen’s knobs. Finally there’s some modest pushback, and they’re losing their shit. Being coddled in academia and their internet hugboxes clearly isn’t making them better adjusted. Hopefully le deluge is just getting started.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Liberal media assault?! Where? Agreed, Jane, the only thing I’ve seen is a perpetual BJ to these pigs. It’s nice to see the real world beginning to crack the bubble.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      What a fucking tool. And yet another male who’s all about protecting the existence of “sex work” under the guise of protecting “sex workers.”

    • janetwo Says:

      I cant decide if the guy just really enjoy grovelling or he is simply a useful idiot.

    • shediogenes Says:

      Peter Tatchell is just amazed at the twitter furor aimed at him and can’t believe the level of obscene and violent threats he has received, but somehow can’t relate this to the ways in which radfems have been demonized AT ALL. Well perhaps, Peter, Julie Bindel and the people you chose to cosign the letter with (with reservations; duly noted) were victims of the same insane attacks. Peter Tatchell really can’t fathom that the reputations of radfems as horrible transphobes is an artifice derived from the same social media furor he himself is now victim of, to say nothing of examining the vitriol and threats as evidence that these doods in dresses are acting like… doods.

      Peter Tatchell: completely incapable of relating to or walking in the shoes of women who are attacked in this way every-damn-day (unless those women are really doods)

      Way to go Peter!!! FFS
      Which is this Peter? Sincere ignorance or conscientious stupidity?

  34. australopithecene Says:

    Watching twitter the last couple of days has been enlightening and saddening. The alacrity and glee with which non trans men have taken up the use of the word “TERF” should indicate to everyone just how feminist it is.

  35. janetwo Says:

    Just a question for the women better informed and more savvy politically than me. Am I just misreading things but third wave feminism accomplished nothing but destroying the class consciousness of women? I am still riding on the feminist ideas of my grand-mother here which were mostly bout political empowerment through activism and economic empowerment through education and career…she never talked about slut walk, I swear.

  36. @Jane (the first), brilliant and well said..

    I like your writing style. However, I wouldn’t tar all left leaning men with the same brush. Robert Jensen is as far left as you can get. There is a difference between the narcissistic, self-absorbed, post modern neoliberal leftist male and men with deep connections to traditional left leaning causes such as anti-war movements and environmental issues. These neoliberal narcissistic men out shout, bully, and intimidate men like Jensen. The most misogynistic men have always been the loudest and most obnoxious. They tend to shout everyone down.

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      I have no idea about his stance on feminism and transactivism but Nick Cohen, who write a piece about university no-platforming of feminists in The Guardian, is very good at dissecting the indistinguishable nature of the liberal left and the right-wing. His book, What’s Left?, examined a lot of misogyny in British left-wing circles. Of course, he has been getting a lot of flak from transactivists in the past few weeks.

      • a cat Says:

        We might have to agree to disagree on that one – I reckon What’s Left could best be used as an emergency firelighter and Cohen is a very problematic character 🙂 In “What’s Left” he’s essentially having a pop at not so much the liberal left, to which he would regard himself as belonging, but the further left who are fairly marginal in UK politics. It was an easy target, and poorly handled.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      I hear what you’re saying, SkyLark. Only recently have I gone from specifying “cultural left” to just saying “left” because at least in the US most of the left is poisoned with neoliberal pomo bullshit. The old-school leftists like Jensen are wildly outnumbered and don’t control the media/academic platforms. The neoliberal narcissists control the narrative and the purse strings, and they seem to have decided transwomen are a good weapon against uppity women. My objective is to put the responsibility where it belongs, on class:male, so we can stop quibbling with the mentally ill men they shove our way to derail us. They need to own what they’ve done, instead of just gaslighting us about it, as they are doing currently.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you to the person that sent this to me. Looks like the deranged CB, for reasons known only to themselves, is claiming to have ‘outed’ me as the author of the New Statesman piece. No idea why they are saying that (or why they would want to ‘out’ the author anyway). More troll fuckery directed my way from this person.

      As I stated above, I thought it was (with one small caveat) a very good piece. But I did not author it.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        It’s got to be that she recognizes your blog is much more successful than hers and she can’t deal. What real radfem would make up lies about another radfem, essentially serving her up to the mob on a silver platter, especially after experiencing first hand what Trans, inc does to those who dare to speak out? Only someone so sociopathic, so narcissistic to think an entire movement revolves around her. And so foolish, as a lawyer, to make spurious claims. She must know better. The fact that she persists in attacking you is a measure of how unhinged she has become.

      • GallusMag Says:

        It is terrifying.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Fuck this. I’m done. Goodbye everyone. Take care. x

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        [thanks- GM]

      • river Says:

        We know it’s not you. You’re a much better writer. Gung hay fat choy, eat some noodles, drink some Tsing Tao, sleep, come back.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I will leave the blog up as an archive for the time being.

    • shediogenes Says:

      yeah, but no, but yeah, but no but yeah, but then I heard, that the terf that outted Gallus Mag, for authoring the article wasnt a terf but was Zinnia Jones own sock puppet

      • GallusMag Says:

        What the fuck? Jender Fatigue is Brennan’s blog and this is her account:

      • janetwo Says:

        Zinnia Jones just reblogged Gender Fatigue twitter. Now ZJ, that’s another weirdo. She is a transwannabe Anita Sarkesian, running a kickstarter to make video about Trannism.

      • Lemoni Says:

        Gallus they are getting good at constructing fake accounts on women

      • neme Says:

        From the writing style I assumed jender fatigue was Brennan. But if it’s her – and I believe it is – she’s been talking to herself, sock puppet style, to pretend it’s not. Goddess, the pathology on display with that one…

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Lemoni- “they” are getting good at constructing fake accounts? Oh golly.

        Your implication is that Brennan is not posting on her own accounts? YOU are much of the reason I am quitting, and I want you to know that (if you care and I suspect you don’t). Women (?) like you have known for years about Brennan’s campaign of harassment against me. And you kept your mouth shut or tried to muddy the waters because she was “on your side”. Or financing you.

        You use my space and time and life at your leisure as if it was some sort of entitlement even as you rubber-stamp my harassment. Hey guess what! This shit has a real life effect on my well-being, unlike you, an internet troll.

        So goodbye Lemoni. Good luck with your thesis that Brennan harasses women because “they”, unbeknownst to her, are conducting her accounts. Anything to excuse her outrageous abuse of the blogger whose space you use.

        Goodbye you, goodbye and good riddance.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Neme- Not interested in the pathology of someone who has been tarketing and stalking me for years to absolute snores from the “radfem community”. I do appreciate your support and I agree that she is deranged. Goodbye.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I can deal with the men. I cannot deal with being targeted for male violence from members of the “radfem community”. Goodbye.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you to those that have supported me. I don’t have words to adequately thank you. But thanks. Goodbye.

      • river Says:

        We saw what Sars did. We know.

        It’s reasonable that you need to stop. It’s been four years of top notch work non stop. Don’t think we don’t know your value. We do not support vipers who just sound out to take someone else down.

      • moira Says:

        This is your prerogative, of course, and I respect your cost benefit analysis about what you put into this versus what you get back. But I still have to make my appeal: Please, please, please don’t shut down this blog.

  37. This is for Ibiaki, who (I think) objected to the handmaidens etc appropriating the hollocaust , Jews and POC

    Personally, I’m repulsed, but not surprised.

  38. CKDexterHaven Says:

    I would just like to say that since publishing the letter against no-platforming The Guardian has gone right back to form and published at least three pro-transgender articles; one which basically said anyone who objects to Fallon Fox building a career on punching women is a bigot, one by Owen Jones (one of those left-wing men who is relieved by the trans movement because it allows him to hate women and look liberal at the same time) welcoming transgender people into the Stonewall campaign group and willfully misunderstanding the feminist position on gender, and now one today in the frigging science section stating that of course there are more than just two sexes.

    The Guardian had a massive backlash over publishing the Julie Burchill article in defence of Suzanne Moore last year and became a bastion of unquestioning obeisance to the cult of trans. It feels like the paper published the letter begrudgingly, because of the weight of the names behind it, and now is sticking its fingers up at the people who dared to sully its liberal credentials. One if its other regular contributors, Ally Fogg (whose middle name might as well be ‘What About the Menz’ he exists to bait feminists so much) said he felt stupider for reading Terry MacDonald’s article in The New Statesman. He’s another left-wing man who loves a good excuse to stomp on women.

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      In fact I’ve just come across this lovely comment by Ally Fogg under an article concerning a train carriage full of male Chelsea FC supporters assaulting a black man and chanting racist songs –

      ‘ AllyF
      23h ago
      10 11


      I’ll look forward to the open letter signed by 130 leading liberal journalists and academics defending those fans’ right to hold an intellectual academic discussion about the status of black people and how reasonable it is to want to have racist-only spaces on trains.

      All in the name of free speech, natch.’

      Yes, because feminists are so well-known for their violent actions and women needing their own domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centres and changing rooms is exactly the same as racist football hooligans stopping a black man boarding a train.

      Ally Fogg is the worst of the worst; an MRA dressed up as a ‘nice guy’ and a mansplainer extraordinaire. Utter wanker.

      • Oh yes, the man is scum and now openly an inverted racist to boot (appropriating a racist action for use to support your own anti feminist agenda, is white male privilege right there in action). I’ve often thought he would indeed swim through a river of snot if it mean’t a disposal of his sperm into a female.

  39. hearthrising Says:

    It looks like Miranda Yardley got suspended from Twitter, probably for signing this letter.

    • kesher Says:

      I’ve only ever seen trans activists attacking Miranda, particularly looks-based insults. With all their wailing about how unfair it is to expect trans women to pass and not look like dudes in drag, they seem enthusiastic to insult women and trans women for being supposedly ugly.

      I doubt Twitter has any evidence of any wrongdoing. Who wants to take bets that this is the doing of a trans engineer at Twitter?

  40. janetwo Says:

    Sorry, not relevant but I just need to vent. Its one thing to read that stuff on a blog, its really unsettling when it lands in your backyard. I had a 3 hours discussion on trannies and their delusions of all places at my comic book store. Three guys arguing against me that being a woman was just a feeling. I was so pissed that I ended up telling that nothing short of a guy in dress beating me with a baseball bat would make me say he is a woman…and even then. I ended up telling a good friend that I was positively insulted that he would take his buddy definition of woman over mine. And that he was sexist too 😦 because his Mto friend feelings weighted more than my physical reality and lived experience in defining what woman means. It was really upsetting because in the end, you realize that men even end up controlling the definition of what it is to be a woman, and it boils down to some kind of mishmash of stereotypes about wearing dress and pink lace and other bs 😦 . What the fuck is that feminine fucking essence we are suppose to feel? any of you ever felt it? Because me I cant separate knowing being a woman from all the experiences of inhabiting a female body which I did not choose. Why those assholes don’t choose some other identity like unicorn or goat or pool table or really anything else than woman? Why is it more acceptable to say you are a woman than Napoleon, Rudolf the Reindeer or a sea lion? That bs pomo crap…

    And how the fuck a white dude like Julia Serano, with all the perks of the patriarchy, including a cushy academic job and a supportive wife ends up having any say on feminism? Would the critics would have call it a masterpiece if any biological woman had wrote such a self-absorbed book as Whipping Girl?

  41. Lemoni Says:

    Gallus I was one of the women that was put off Cathy Brennan at Radfem 13. I was referring to the fake accounts being set up to harass Firewomom and other rad fems. Perhaps me posting it directly under your comment was inappropriate and I apologise for this. I am no sock puppet for Brennan. If anything she is very good at derailing everything you do. I think your blog is very informative and perhaps even dangerous now to the establishment. All we as women can ever do is try to resist in our own small ways .

    If it means your assumption about my motives is because I support Brennan – I do not. She appears to be on some kind of vengeance trip with you and it’s not healthy for you or anyone else who gives a shit.

    As for my postings they are based on experiences. If some women feel they may lose careers or credibility by taking action then they are just as culpable as Brennan. When the well connected Trans lobby get their policies approved it will be the women – always the women that will be extintinguished. I am not aware of whom Brennan has ‘infected’ but it appears that many women do not realise this.

    NOT FOR PUBLICATION if it means you lose face. I don’t want this to happen after all like every person on here I use a pseudonym for protection.

    • GallusMag Says:

      My bad. I don’t care about “losing face”. I apologize- I am under siege right now and interpreted your comment in that context. Thank you for speaking up.

      My family, my self, are being deluged with harassment right now, probably coloring my perspective. Yet another reason for me to quit. Sorry hon. 😦

      • Alex Says:

        Disgusted and ashamed that you’ve been driven off GM. I want to do more to support and defend the women who are risking their careers and families to protect women’s reality and lives. You made a difference to mine. Thank you GM.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Alex- I won’t be driven off. I refuse to let that happen. If I quit it is because I’m fed up. Perhaps a vacation is in order.
        Thank you for your comment.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you for saying I made a difference. ❤

    • GallusMag Says:

      I’m absolutely astounded that that Cathy Brennan wants to increase a pile-on against me by ‘outing’ me as the author of the “Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been A Terf” New Statesman piece. I can’t imagine why a “radfem” would want to ‘out’ the author of a feminist post to males under any circumstance. Further, I am actually not the author of the piece. Which means she is – for creepy reasons of her own- targeting me to males personally. This is greeted by snores in the “radfem community”. This has really fucked my head up.

      I have been targeted and harassed by Brennan many times over the years. Much of this has been actively erased and denied by “leaders” in the radfem community who are funded by her. I won’t “name names” here but you all know who I mean.

      She tries to get my website shut down with multiple false DMCAs, registers websites in my name to re-direct to her, etc. etc. Threatens to sue me repeatedly. That’s okay. She is nuts. What disturbs me is that her efforts to destroy me are supported by leaders in the “radfem community”. It has really fucked with my head.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I guess it doesn’t matter now that I’m quitting. But I put it out there as background to my choices.

      • QS Says:

        It’s horrible that Cathy Brennan is doing this to you – WTF is her problem? The last thing radfems need is to be attacked by our “own side”. I hope that some time away from the blog helps and that at some point you’ll feel able to come back to it. The work you do is very important – I’d have classed myself as pro-trans before I happened upon this blog and now I, in turn, educate women when the issues come up.

        It’s already a bad week for radical feminism with the loss of Glosswitch’s blog, I really hope that your’s doesn’t follow suit.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you QS. That sucks that Glosswitch and her children were stalked and harassed by trans MRA Dana Lane Taylor and company at TransAdvocate. Those men (er, “transwomen”) are truly deranged.

      • janetwo Says:


        I believe that everybody has a right to pursue personal happiness and a reasonably peaceful and enjoyable life. I would not be able to deal with the amount of pressure you must be under. You have accomplished admirable work so far and you have every reason to be proud of it. You do not have to play martyr to the end to have made a very valuable contribution. In this day and age, too many people live their life expecting others to sacrifice for the greater good. Maybe its time for those who gained clarity and conviction from your work to step up. What I am trying clumsily to say is don’t feel that you are loosing face by doing what is best for you. I don’t know much about the corridors of radfem politics, but sometimes it take only one toxic person enabled by their little cabal to poison a whole community. They don’t fight fair, they have no ethic and without a concerted effort by many, they drive most decent people away and destroy the community they belong. Making you a target, knowing full well the possible consequences in this day and age of 24/7 social media warfare, is unconscionable imo.
        It would be a big setback to loose this place, no doubt, but worth it if you gain peace of mind and more quality time for your love ones. You have done enough to deserve this. If this is a the choice you make, the cause is not you stepping down, its others not stepping up. Whatever you choose, you have my gratitude and admiration.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @janetwo- Thank you so much!

      • branjor Says:

        Omigosh. Well, her efforts to destroy you certainly are not supported by me. This is horizontal hostility at its worst. Please don’t quit, GM! If they’re after you, even quitting won’t help, as from their pov, you’ve already done enough. If there’s anything I can do, including help with the blog, just drop me a line.

      • I agree janetwo. I’m not a radical feminist and try to stay out of these internecine conflicts when they occur for obvious reasons. But I do think you’ve already made tremendous sacrifice GM, and don’t think you should feel compelled to go further if this harassment is undermining your quality of life. I’ve directed a lot of people here because this blog encapsulates the insanity of gender in a way that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. I’ve had people come back to me after reading your posts astonished at how they’ve been misled by the transpolitik. So, yes, this blog is important. The volume and quality of work to be found here is unprecedented, but even so, you, the person is far more important. Those of us who agree with and understand the urgency of what is going on must step up and do our part.

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        I wonder: Why doesn’t Ms. Magazine or any of those supposedly “feminist” venues or scholarships or whatever the heck it is – Why don’t they back you and this blog? Just come on out and support what you’re saying?

        I hereby CHALLENGE ALL of Ms. Magazine’s staff, boards, employees whatever to come and spend 2 hours…yes TWO HOURS reading here at GenderTrender – inform themselves about this issue FROM WOMEN’S PERSPECTIVE. That’s right – not getting your info from the transwomen, but ACTUAL WOMEN. C’mon I dare you Ms. Magazine – ACT LIKE a feminist publication when it comes to this issue – yes sisters you can do it.

        Oh hell what am I saying. Ms. Magazine is in luvz with patriarchy and it just feels too damn good to them!

      • >:) Says:

        Really! This is the only site on real feminism.

        Everything has been watered down to put men with fetish- feelings AND men’s sexy-feels first and called it feminism. [and everything else is lacking actual female participation and is not even feminist by definition]

  42. Lemoni Says:

    Rest Assured Gallus that I for one recognize that although the article in the New Statesman was good it did not in anyway point to you because the syntax and language you use is different and very incisive to the point that it has allowed many wonderful contributors to collectively form picture of what is going on with genderising (binary and nullification) to the detriment of women as a sex class. This is a very helpful blog to women affected by the gas lighting of womens concerns by powerful men and their handmaidens. Whomever wrote that article was clearly informed by yours and other womens experiences.

    If it were not for you and a few other women (and men) affected by the online onslaught of prescriptions for ‘transgenderalisation’ many more people (and children) would be affected. It is the case that women who trans are more likely to have more suicidal ideation for example.

    If some women in the radfem community are ‘snoring’ it is because they are fast asleep or they are just ‘career feminists’ or possibly on the wonga payroll bailouts. Its easy to buy people off even with faux compassion.

    Stand your ground Gallus your the General and Brennan is just Brennan.

    I’m sorry for all the hurt she has caused you on behalf of people who care. I will be contributing to your blog what little I have because I value your soldering spirit on behalf of the human race.

  43. GallusMag Says:

    To whom it may concern: Thank you so much! I won’t give up. I certainly won’t delete the blog. ❤

  44. GallusMag Says:

    I need to take a bit of a break. I’m sorry I blurted out “I quit”. You can leave comments and I will moderate them possibly a bit slower than usual. I adore this blog and the fabulous commenters. Thank you for your patience. x

    • GallusMag Says:

      I can’t make any promises right now but I won’t be deleting the blog, and all your contributions, that’s for sure.

      • Juliana D Says:

        Hi gallusmag, I understand if you need a break, no matter how long. Take heart that you have done so much good for so many women, esp leaving comments open so many smart women can leave such incisive commentary on your articles and research.

        I am also very, very sorry to hear about your harassment. That is to be expected when you are an activist, but the current form of the Internet has made it so much worse.

        I hope you and your family are okay.

      • smash Says:

        We value you and your blog. Take all the time you need, but we appreciate your reporting and your voice.

      • river Says:

        Guest post time!

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Please know that we support you! YOU are the leader of the radfem movement, as far as I am concerned. That said, do what you need to do to stay strong. You don’t owe anybody anything.

      • neme Says:

        We adore you, too, Gallus ❤ I hope you can take some time off to chill out and do some self-care. As janetwo put so well, whatever you do, you have our gratitude and admiration.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Juliana D: Thank you so much and yes I did get your “private message” earlier this month. 😉
        Thank you.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you Smash. ❤
        @River: good idea.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @cerulean blue- If I am the leader of the RadFem movement then I suggest everyone abandon this movement immediately!

    • CKE Says:

      I’ve lurked her a long time but just wanted you to know GM that you made a difference to me too. Please take care of yourself!

    • Yeah take a break. You need it. You helped and inspired many people. You deserve time for yourself.

      • born free & female Says:

        Just wanted to add my voice to everyone else’s thanks. When I discovered GenderTrender, I’d been uncomfortable for a while with what I was hearing about trans politics – and yet everyone around me kept insisting that they made sense. “Of course, there’s no difference between trans women and ‘cis’ women! Of course, ‘cis’ women are perfectly comfortable with their gender! Of course, trans women never experienced male privilege!”

        GenderTrender was a godsend – it brought together so many facts and so much analysis in one place. It really helped me put my finger on what had been bothering me about the irrational, woman-hating elements that underlie modern gender politics.

        I would not blame you a bit if you ever decided to take a break – you’ve already given so much to the world. I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done.

    • Gallus, thanks for clarifying. When I read your “I quit” comment above my heart really sank. This blog was difficult for me to read at first (I assume you can understand why 😉 ) but it has become a real oasis of sanity for me (and for many others, as is obvious in the comments). Your work is so vital, and there is really nobody else who could do what you have done. We all need this blog – women who are harmed by modern trans politics, and gender non-conforming people who are also harmed. So I just want to say again, THANK YOU!

      As a male, I avoid commenting on/getting involved with conflict within the radfem community, because it’s none of my business. That said, I am very sorry that you are being targeted right now, and it makes me feel sick. It feels like the backlash against gender-critical blogs is intensifying of late, possibly because gender-crit is gaining some traction. Please take whatever time you need to heal and to feel safe – but please please please do not delete this site, and please come back to share your insights with us when you are ready! xoxo

  45. Lemoni Says:

    Brendan O’Neill true to himself again

    He is still digging at secound wave feminism and lesbians but to be expected from another narcissist. Women and Children have and always will be victims Brendan

  46. margaret Says:

    we often talk of how feminism is non-violent and that no feminist has ever threatened harm to another human being – but this is beyond fucked up – the speculation of authorship on the terry macdonald piece was deliberate and malicious – i repudiate Gender Fatigue – i despise your action – j’accuse

  47. firewomon Says:

    Just to pick up on Lemoni’s point above, I recently received a couple of screenshots of tweets I had sent slagging off men. In my tweets, the word ‘male’ had been photoshopped and replaced with ‘jew’. The butthurt MRA who sent me them openly admitted he had done this, to try to get me to see his ‘point’ that being anti-men is NOT OK (lol forever). Anyway, that’s what I *thought* could possibly have happened with the tweet sent from the Jender Fatigue account (i.e. that it had been photoshopped and your name added, Gallus Mag). So I just brought it to the attention of that account & unfortunately they did not deny having tweeted it. I can only draw the inevitable conclusion that the tweet did indeed originate from that account.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I believe the original tweet is still up- the link is in the thread above. Anyway, I had a look at that bizarre exchange you and others had with her over this. Thank you so much for trying to get answers- and for speaking up. I really appreciate it. I can’t tell you how tired I am of dealing with this individual’s ongoing targeted abuse. Thank you for not closing your eyes to it or allowing it happen unchallenged. I really do not deserve this abuse. No one does. Thank you for the support. It really makes a difference.

      • morag99 Says:

        Of course you don’t deserve this, Gallus. And what normal person, with feelings and limits, wouldn’t say “I quit” under these circumstances? As you said yesterday, this kind of mind-fuckery is terrifying. It truly is terrifying, in this political climate, to be singled out, and lied about like that.

        I join everyone else in saying that you must do what you must to keep a safe distance and to protect your own health.

        Today I spent some time trying to follow the Twitter conversation that Firewomon and others were attempting to have with “Gender Fatigue” and I … I just could not believe what I was reading — no answer, no explanation, but lots of evasions, reversals and non sequiturs. The tweets just became more and more bizarre and crazy-making.

        Frankly, just reading it made me feel upset in my gut — for you, Gallus, and for the honest women (Firewoman, et al.) who were seeking answers, but also for myself, personally, because it reminded me so much of the gas-lighting abusers I’ve known. These people can do real, lasting harm — and, moreover, cover up their tracks in creative ways so that there are no real traces or witnesses. They can create an atmosphere in which both victims and witnesses doubt their own senses. I still don’t understand it, but, as Margaret said above, it’s clearly “deliberate and malicious.”

        Anyway, I hope you can take these words of support to heart — you mostly certainly deserve all of them, and more!

      • firewomon Says:

        Hey, you’re welcome – I just wish I *had* got the answer, because I still don’t understand the motivation behind doing that. I guess we never will.

  48. Thank you for not deleting the blog. It’s more or less mainstream now, many people see this, it’s an important educator. With much love to you and thank you for all the fabulous work you have done. You are an enlightener. Never forget that. Peace. 🙂 xxx

      • shonagh Says:

        I’d bet that a *lot* of mainstream media and political types keep a close eye on this blog, Gallus, even if most don’t have the courage to link or credit you. GenderTrender is *the* place to come for warts-and-all news on the trans-front. I don’t blog, but I assume WordPress tells you how many views you get and where they come from… I for one would be fascinated to know what the data looks like, and what kind of acceleration in hit-numbers you’re getting, although I would understand if you wanted to keep that information to yourself.
        *Please* do take breaks if/when things are getting on top of you – we all value you far too much to want you to risk burning out. I am as keen as anyone else to check for new posts, but hey! we’d cope without for a while if it meant you were getting a much-deserved rest.
        You have created an invaluable resource here, not to mention the sanity you offer women in these crazy, crazy times, and you’ll go down in herstory for it. Much love and respect to you.

  49. a cat Says:

    GM never give up. You have opened my eyes on so many things. I am so sorry you are having this bombardment and I respect you so much.

  50. Jane (the first) Says:

    Dear Gallus,

    You do whatever you need to do for yourself, even if that means leaving the blog. I’d miss you and this community terribly, but you’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty for so many years. As you said, everything you’ve posted here is the truth and will continue to resonate and attract new women when they’re ready to kick that mendacious liberal bro out of their heads.

    This is the place I learned to undo postmodern liberal cant about feminism. Most of the male left now chooses to deny the existence of the female sex class even as they treat females as subordinate, and gaslight us for pointing this out. It’s particularly galling when lefties who talk about oppression centered on bodies deny that male abuse of females is centered on our bodies as the reproducing class. They prove they don’t believe transwomen are women by not assigning transwomen the labor or subservient role they do us.

    I believe, however, that the trans cult will go down in flames. Once the pile of dead and broken bodies is large enough, the left gatekeepers will realize doctors like Johns Hopkins’ Paul McHugh were right. They won’t admit women like you were right, and they won’t take responsibility for the horror they enabled. But they’ll tiptoe away from their mess eventually and look for a new group to weaponize.

    I’d have never been able to figure all this out without you and the other women here. You’re a legend.

    In admiration and sisterhood forever,


    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you Jane. Yes I did do an awful lot of research, etc. especially in the beginning. But mainly what I’ve done is put in the work consistently over the years to keep the lights on here. This has been an enormous time commitment and sometimes a very challenging one, as at times (hopefully unbeknownst to the reader) I have done so without either a computer or internet access. I have been questioned by the police four different times over the years as I sat in my car with my laptop accessing the library’s WiFi at four thirty in the morning before work in order to moderate comments. Ha! Now THAT is commitment!

      Really, anyone could have started GenderTrender, it just happened to be me.

      Whenever I feel selfish and don’t want to do it anymore, someone invariably submits an awesome comment for publication, and my commitment to honor that person’s voice by publishing it in a timely fashion is renewed. I consider much of what I do here simply a matter of public service. One that I am honored to do.

      You said “I believe, however, that the trans cult will go down in flames.”

      I have always believed that transgenderism will collapse under its own weight inevitably. What I’ve tried to do here is 1.) Help provide context/analysis/insight for folks who are struggling with gender. 2.) Speed up the inevitable demise of trans/gender. 3.) This one is key for me: Use the inevitable public collapse of Transgenderism as a platform to address the issue of gender in its entirety, reversing the backlash against the women’s liberation movement and ushering in a new wave of freedom for women and girls.

      If you notice a giant structure is inevitably going to collapse, it behooves one to steer the direction of that collapse in such a way that it serves the most good, and does the least harm.;)

      Thank you for your comment and support.

      • I’m also sure that the current state on trans/identity politics will eventually collapse. There is just too much insanity going on. The denying of biological facts, the harassment of lesbians (and sometimes gay men) for not being attracted to some “innate identity”), the raging trans narcissists who bully and harass everyone who doesn’t agree with them (I think this will play a big role in the collapse because there is just so much people can take – even their supporters), the creepy cultish behaviour, the transing of lgb children, all this anti science bullshit, equating nearly EVERYTHING with cissexism/transphobia, the supporting of criminals like Mccallum, no explanation of any of the countless contradictions in trans theory and so on.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        That’s a great mission statement, and I feel you’ve been following it beautifully. You made feminism palatable to me, without all of liberal feminism’s sex-positive, misogynistic muck. You showed me that feminism can be logical, and actually respect and honor women and their boundaries.

        Thank you for your hard work. I hope you can get clear of the deluge soon. ♡

      • gunhild Says:

        Gallus you’re doing great work with this blog (and I truly mean it) and I don’t think anyone could have the stamina to keep on constantly, especially not while constantly being harassed by weirdos.
        So please do take a break if you need one to prevent burn out.
        Guest bloggers is an idea if you want to keep the blog updated.

    • a cat Says:

      “They prove they don’t believe transwomen are women by not assigning transwomen the labor or subservient role they do us.”

      Sums up everything in one fucking line.

      GM, take a break, relax, but the sisters have got your back here. We totally respect and admire you, take your time and we’ll still be here.

  51. Elle Says:

    Gallus, this blog has saved my sanity. Thank you for your courage.

  52. GallusMag Says:

    Thank you so much everyone. I’m sorry for my meltdown. I just lost it. Guess what? I learned that an outpouring of support such as I have received today actually really helps. I am greatly comforted. Thank you.

    • I would have lost it already if I had to deal with all the trans insanity (or better male insanity) like you do. I admire your stamina and iron will. I could never do what you do here. Your blog made me critical of trans/genderqueer theory (not just on the internet – but in real life as well). It opend my eyes and let me see what’s really goes on in with identity politics. Thank you very much!

  53. GallusMag Says:

    Private to Neme: (((((You))))).

  54. dbrvnk Says:

    “They prove they don’t believe transwomen are women by not assigning transwomen the labor or subservient role they do us.”

    I wonder if that’s the end point of the trans* movement—transwomen and feminine-identifying men becoming a new ‘sex class’ in themselves, pressured into medical treatment and surgeries as early as possible in order to create the beautiful fucktoys men not-so-secretly wish women were. More surgeries, more hormone treatments, more whatever other things they’ll have invented in 20 years. (artificial wombs? full-body binding?) Straight men will be expected to prefer relationships with transwomen because they perform femininity ‘so much better’ than real women.

    Women and girls could then safely abandon male society to…. whatever men are going to do in a world without women, heh. Probably not last very long.

    Glad to hear the blog is staying up GM. I have just (as in a few days ago) started reading radfem literature online, after taking a long break from the internet and all its hatred, harassment and anti-intellectualism, and this is not so much a breath of fresh air, it’s more like walking on air (I guess that’s the ‘having the patriarchy pulled out from under you’ feeling?). So much that resonates, but also obviously so much more to learn. I’m glad I learned about feminism/women’s lib now, in my relative youth, but also a little terrified at how quickly it’s being eroded away.
    Cheers & best wishes

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      Scientific researchers are already working on creating artificial, external wombs. I can imagine a future where only male children are born and those who don’t exhibit sufficiently masculine behaviours by the age of five are selected to be turned into women. These new, improved women will perform femininity perfectly and become the ideal sex toy, housewife and personal assistant, not demanding any rights beyond that proscribed existence. Men will have their sexual utopia.

  55. Ashland Avenue Says:

    You are one of the sanest, most insightful people I’ve ever “met.” You are part of what makes the internet so valuable. Take whatever time you need to take care of yourself, do whatever you gotta do. {{{{Gallus}}}}

  56. Loup-loup garou Says:

    GM, thanks for all the work you do. I’m fairly certain that I speak for many of your readers when I say that we don’t take it for granted.

  57. Bea Says:

    Folks, I was reading an article titled something like “Ask A Trans” on Jezebel, and it made me physically sick. Here’s this guy, mansplaining feminism “if your coworkers don’t accept trannies as women, you should tell them they’re not feminists,” “if they’re TERFs, you should quit.” Then he goes on to say as a child he “internalized misogynist messages aimed at women cuz he really is one.” Now that’s an extraordinary claim! He didn’t back it up by explaining how…did he start shaving his legs, dieting, anything like that? This is their new “get out of jail free” with male socialization. There was so much hatred towards the “TERFs” they make it seem like we’re the second coming of Hitler. I think it’s good they are so full of vitriol, people are going to be curious if we really do eat babies and come read the rational, intelligent discourse. One woman asked what the difference was between body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria, leading up to the question “why perform surgery on a healthy body?” His reply was basically once the person transitioned, they wouldn’t need more and more surgeries to be satisfied, whereas body dysmorphia convinces the person they are ugly regardless of their surgeries. That doesn’t sound right to me. I just think most of them don’t get as many surgeries as they want cuz they can’t afford them. I once witnessed a cross between trans and body dysmorphia where a six foot four, barrel-chested man desperately wanted to be a waifish five foot tall woman. There’s no way he would be satisfied with transitioning. Then you see the overlap of the elective amputations and transness. It’s all the same mental illness. This guy on Jezebel was claiming he was one of the most stable, sane, well-adjusted people his psychiatrists had ever met…obviously they had a monetary interest, but that tips you off how enmeshed they are with transgenderism, a guy who wants to turn his penis inside out is clearly well-adjusted! Sorry for going on such a long rant, I am just so tired of this agenda.

    • kesher Says:

      “they wouldn’t need more and more surgeries to be satisfied”

      Considering the suicide rate post-transition, I find this hard to believe.

    • janetwo Says:

      The psychiatric profession is sleeping at the switch…Shrinks should not validate delusional people. Its not like there is no hard science backing up the biological definition of woman, which is the only definition needed.

      • Bea Says:

        I think many of them are (rightfully) frightened by them: frightened of being smeared and labeled a “transphobe,” frightened of violence (like in the instance that psych was shot by a MtT). Perhaps not though. Psychiatrists have never been an ethical bunch, what with lobotomies, ECT, insulin shock, homosexuality as pathology, hysteria, and now trans. Psychiatry’s collusion with trans has been an integral part of trans gaining legitimacy.

    • I'm No Cissie Says:

      Re: needing more and more surgeries

      There’s a high rate of post-transition suicide, some of which perhaps does stem from continued body dysmorphia.

      I know of individuals who’ve surgically transitioned and remained very unhappy with the result and I know of one MtF who was rather prominent in local alt club scene some years ago who fit this profile and who, sadly, killed himself eventually, after having struggled to afford and obtain the desired surgery.

      Sure, this is anecdotal evidence but as long as the medical community acts like surgery is a “gender affirming” cure and not a symptom and continues to accept and even push the “I was always a woman” narrative, will there be any meaningful research or alternatives presented to people unsure or exploring or exhibiting signs of emotional instability, depression or other symptoms along with their transness? Right now, the PC line is that the high suicide rate and other signs of trans instability is caused by the rest of us not accepting them (not co-signing their delusions/not flattering their “femininity” enough). Gee, if only I could get society to pander to my every whim, then I’d be happy/functional.

      • kesher Says:

        That’s the very real danger of a supposed medical concern becoming wrapped up in identity politics. Either being trans is just who they are, in which case health insurance/government health care shouldn’t be paying for it. Or it’s a medical issue, in which case doctors and psychiatrists have to be free to objectively study the issue without the trans brigade flipping their shit whenever researchers come to conclusions that are politically inconvenient. You can’t have it both ways. Although, since they’re men, they’re going to damn well try to.

      • >:) Says:

        I agree that catering to some extreme forms of dysphoria. Do you remember Dennis Avner[ Stalking Cat?] He committed suicide. He first became somewhat known, because he had his ears altered to resemble ‘elf ears’.

        He changed his Name to ‘Catman’ After he could afford to turn much of his face into cat features, and did sideshows and guest appearances on TV, his special ness wore off after 10-15 years and he needed to do other things to make a living that has nothing to do with the focus on his look and arriving as ‘catman’, his dysphoria got worse.

        ^in this link you can see later photos that were before his suicide. He is a Caucasian blond man from San Diego. He is a blonde But he claimed that he was Native American, In one of the photos, he has boobs, because he felt shortly before he committed suicide he was transgender too and started calling himself a ‘female cat’. I wonder how far they would have let that go? Would they let him get two additional breast implants, so he could have six tits instead of two? I can see the trans brigade composed of white men in their 40&50s declaring that ‘some women are cats’, and ‘some women have six tits’, but this has nothing to do with catering to delusional male needs.

      • Bea Says:

        Daniel Avner certainly fits the trans formula: former military man and computer programmer.

    • born free & female Says:

      In Gender Hurts, Sheila Jeffreys quotes MtFs constantly seeking the one more surgery that will make them happy with their bodies. Even the ones who actually get SRS are often unhappy, so they’ll convince themselves that facial feminization surgery (or a boob job, or whatever) is the one thing standing between them and happiness.

      Look at all the GoFundMe’s by Parker Malloy and his sort, begging for tens of thousands of dollars so they can find happiness from having their faces nipped and tucked. People like this guy on Jezebel are counting on readers never finding out that what trans people are doing, and what they claim in their PR, are completely different.

  58. This is one of the first places I check online in the morning. I’ve learned more at this blog than anywhere else. I need this blog to keep a sense of sanity in post modern neoliberal assault on women.

  59. Mortadella Says:

    Absolutely, this site is wonderful. Before I got here I kept saying, “Is it just me, or does this trans shit seem unhealthy (anti-woman, anti-gay)? With all the fun fems going rah, rah, you go girl! I thought I was going crazy. Speaking of which, I was getting sick of people getting jumped on fun fem sites for using words like, “crazy” and “prostitute,” or getting flamed for attempting to analyze specific sexual kinks.
    When I finally got what “cis” meant my eyes nearly rolled to the back of my head and stayed there.
    I mean, MRAs are profoundly hateful and stupid — but at least they know penis equals male.
    The air’s more breathable on this side of the street.

  60. Holy shit. Cathy Brennan really is a fucking psycho. I can’t believe there are people aware of her behaviour who continue to support her. If it’s for the “greater cause”, then don’t they realise Brennan sure as shit doesn’t care about the greater cause?

    This place is THE site for learning about gender and transgenderism. It’s a crucial refuge of sanity without which I would feel like I’m taking crazy pills in the land of “Pregnancy/abortion is NOT a women’s issue; men get pregnant, too!” and “Transwomen are women and therefore entitled to be in women’s/girls’ dressing rooms and toilets!” and “Lesbians need to sexually service transwomen’s penises! If they don’t want to, they’re oppressing transwomen! Transwomen need to smash that cotton ceiling!” (vomit)

    On the surface, transgenders seem pretty sympathetic, but their actual motives and behaviour are sexually predatory and plain violent. It’s hard to explain this to well-meaning people who naturally assume the best of people they perceive to be an “underdog”. Thanks to your documenting of transgender behaviour, I’ve gotten a few such friends to be trans-critical, too. You can see their own peak trans moments: “Wait, so all these women’s rights organisations are basically being taken over by… men.” “They mostly still have their junk? And expect lesbians to like it? Eww.” “Uh… no. Humans are male and female. That’s… the most basic biology.”

    Thank you for all the work you do. I don’t know where I’d be without it. It’s extremely understandable if you need to take a break and recuperate. Take care.

    • Bea Says:

      Don’t forget “serial killers of women, serial rapists, and corpse defilers of little girls deserve to go to women’s prisons if they suddenly decide they belong in the female reproductive category.”


      • Yep, and the fact that trans activists are much more supportive of violent male transgender prisoners who attack women (the more vile the crime the better) than transgenders convicted of minor crimes. Or maybe it’s just that only the violent ones who target women for assault want to transfer to women’s prisons? Can’t imagine why.

  61. Mar Iguana Says:

    GallusMag, your work for women has been invaluable. I wouldn’t blame you for quitting. I hope you don’t. But, if you do, Gender Tender is such an vital resource and a legacy to be proud of.

  62. I'm No Cissie Says:

    Gallus Mag, we need you and the world needs you.

  63. WeWillWin Says:

    A faithful lurker here. Thanks Gallus for your work here and clarity on these important issues. I’m recovering from having been trafficked and this blog has helped me more than anything has in a long time.

    Just sent a donation. I hope you consider taking a nice restful vacation. You deserve it. One idea- Iceland- a spectacularly beautiful country.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you so much. There won’t be a vacation for the foreseeable future- I could rather use a new job. 😉
      Thank you for the words of support. Wow. And thank you for the concrete support. ❤

      • WeWillWin Says:

        If there’s no vacation on the horizon I hope you up your self care Gallus. Being on the receiving end of death threats is trauma-inducing. Some things that have helped me are massages, qi gong, meditation and walks in nature.

  64. Atranswidow Says:

    Gallus, I don’t know what to say. I’ve never commented on your blog before, but I’ve been following for the last 3 years as my marriage has fallen apart as my husband and father of two teenage boys has declared himself to be a ‘woman’. In the middle of a divorce, far from home and extremely confused at times; your blog has given me so much in terms of putting into context so much of what I have felt on a gut level. I know my husband feels vindicated by the ‘official’ stance of government backed organisations in the UK such as GIRES. My children have told a psychologist that they have no wish to see their father as anything other than the father that they know and love. The emotional toll on us all has been immense. This is what mothers are up against.. I am labelled as ‘ a hostile and uncomprehending mother’. I find this label to be extremely offensive and abusive, but no one is writing to the Guardian or the Newstatesman in my defence. I am probably labelled as a TERF for having such views. Thanks to your blog, and the wonderful women who comment, I have become aware of what is going on in terms of the erosion of women’s rights to speak.
    I understand that on a personal level you must take a break, but I shall miss you. If you only knew how many times at 2 in the morning the only thing that made sense in real life and on the internet was GenderTrender. Thank you!

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I hope you feel safe enough to comment here more often, Atranswidow. And I’m very sorry for all you and your kids have been put through. {{{{you}}}}

    • Elle Says:

      I am a transwidow too. If you haven’t already read Christine Benvenuto’s book “Sex Changes,” I highly recommend it.

  65. GallusMag Says:

    Thank you everyone for the inspiration and emotional support. It is appreciated. wow.

  66. GallusMag Says:

    To whom it may concern: THANK YOU!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  67. firewomon Says:

    Just wanted to pop in to say I echo many of the comments here that this blog is *such* a valuable resource for women who wonder if we are the only sane ones left in the world. I hope you take a well-earned break and come back rested xx

    Atranswidow, my heart goes out to you (and other women in your situation). I can’t imagine xx

  68. GallusMag Says:

    When I was raped, it was female-only spaces that helped me recover

    By Rachel Hewitt


    “Much of women’s oppression is directly related to various elements of the female body – our vaginas, breasts, reproductive systems, lesser physical strength, the way in which our body fat is proportioned and distributed – some of which may also be possessed by trans women, some which are exclusive to women. It is not essentialist to point out this relationship between biology and oppression, nor to claim its importance.

    As I said, I don’t know the answer. It is a case of competing rights and claims, and a solution will only be found by listening to, and negotiating between, representatives from all sides: the full diversity of opinions of female and trans survivors of sexual assault, therapists and counsellors, trans support groups, representatives of women’s charities and campaigns. Many trans people want this too: Professor Stephen Whittle of Press For Change writes of the need for “a trans community and movement based upon the principles of tolerance”.

    I signed the Observer letter because I believe that it is not “transphobic” to assert the need for such a debate, nor to defend the validity of arguments on both sides. My insistence that such a debate exists is not born of hatred or “phobia” for anybody. I do not accept the logic of certain trans activists that there is no debate – the argument made by the influential Liberal Democrat, and member of the Lib Dem LGBT+ equalities group Sarah Brown, who argues that trans women have more right to define the category “woman” than “cis women”, because women who are born women are necessarily “in a position of privilege over trans women”. It is not privilege to be born with a body that is, from the moment of birth, vulnerable to the constriction, damage and violence that men enact upon women, either through gender norms (the praise given to little girls for being quiet, still, delicate, dainty poppets) or through physical assault. The 51 per cent of the global population who are born with such a body are not necessarily more privileged than the estimated 0.01 per cent of the population who are transgender.

    I am concerned that a number of politicians, particularly among the liberal left, who have been elected or proposed to represent a diversity of opinions within a certain demographic, are failing to acknowledge the validity of views held by a significant proportion of that community. Views such as mine, which display no hatred or phobia whatsoever; just a recognition of the existence of competing claims, and the need for considered debate. This is a worrying adjunct to the type of silencing of debate within universities that the Observer letter described. Accusations of “transphobia”, extremism and hate speech are levelled at those who express the type of scepticism that I have articulated in this article.

    Surely the Green Party’s sole equalities spokesperson should faithfully represent the views of all demographics who experience inequality, including women who have valid concerns about provision of rape support? The role’s current occupant, Benali Hamdache, openly dismisses women who hold views like my own with the misogynistic slur “TERF” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist), a term which is only ever used pejoratively. The Green Party’s candidate for Bexleyheath and Crayford, Stella Gardiner, tweets that women who share my views are “extremists and enemies of all women!” On 15 February, Sarah Brown sent an hours-long barrage of tweets to Professor Mary Beard, berating her for signing the same Observer letter that I did. Six student politicians at Oxford University – including four who are directly responsible for “women’s campaigns” in the university – published an open letter in response, accusing me and the three other Oxford signatories of sending “a clear message to trans students and students who are in the sex industry that they are unwelcome at Oxford University”, questioning our ability to provide adequate pastoral care to vulnerable students and calling for an apology.

    Although these are relatively minor politicians, they are in positions in which they represent the views of a diversity of communities. Many transgender people dissent from transgender politics’ prevailing orthodoxy that there are no differences between trans women and “cis women” (other than the latter demographic’s apparently greater privilege): they are not being represented by the LGBT+ spokespeople above. Many lesbians are unhappy about some trans activists’ claims that not wanting to have sex with pre-operative trans women is blatant “transphobia”: they too are losing a political voice. Many women – like myself – for whom the preservation of all-female spaces has an importance, for whom there is a debate about who such spaces are for, are dismissed as transphobic and not represented by politicians, like Benali Hamdache, who purport to speak in our name.”

    Read the rest here:

  69. […] think not.  I think it is also no coincidence that the trans keyboard warrior and real life moral police advocat… I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: nothing pisses people off more than a woman […]

  70. […] According to a report from The Guardian the NUS official’s allegations were based on Tatchell’s signing of a petition calling for an end to the transgender activist intimidation and no-platforming of feminists. Transgenderists believe that social stereotypes based on sex are hard-wired in the brain and that incongruence is a birth defect, therefore feminism is “transphobic”. The letter was published in the Guardian’s Observer one year ago, on February 13, 2015. “We call on universities and other organisations to stand up to attempts at intimidation and affirm their support for the basic principles of democratic political exchange,” the signatories proclaimed. You can read the full text here:… […]

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