Trans-ing the Dead

February 17, 2015

brian golec

brian golec sue kerr

53 Responses to “Trans-ing the Dead”

  1. Jane (the first) Says:

    I’m horrified that the trans cult, enabled by the media, hijacked this poor young man’s tragic story.

    In a similar vein, postmodern liberal Rutgers professor Brittney Cooper took it upon herself to transify the late black lesbian activist Pauli Murray:

    • FOAnonMale Says:

      I was wondering why you were talking about Cooper on the other topic.

      Holy shit.

      I always thought Cooper was just one of those people who put cis in her articles and held the party line on CeCe because that’s what “serious” people do.

      OTOH, why wouldn’t she be a true believer? Between her weekly church services and twitter hangouts, when would she ever meet anyone actually impacted trans theory and actions?

    • FOAnonMale Says:

      Ah, she has a whole ta’doo at salon today.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      Cooper doesn’t consider that Murray’s entreaties to her doctor may have been motivated by self-hatred, and transactivists are working overtime to make sure that question never gets asked in academia again. Cooper is probably only too happy to comply.

      Welcome to postmodern liberal academia, where you start with a conclusion and just spew a bunch of pomobabble to make it sound legit.

      • janetwo Says:

        @Jane (the first)

        Most people in hard sciences (by opposition to social sciences) have rejected pomo with a laugh, more so after the Sokal Hoax. That was the nail in the coffin of pomo in sciences. I have not read Foucault and Derrida but at the time, during my PhD, I read Bruno Latour who wrote the deconstructionist critic of hard sciences so I have an idea of what it is about.

        People get intimidated by pomo discourses because they don’t understand and doubt themselves rather than taking it for what it is, mostly a load of non nonsensical pompous crap. And then there are the critics who hooo and haaaa about this bs and people prefer going with them rather than their own judgement. Its like a bit when you got a bunch of art critics fawning over a performance artist shitting on a stage and calling it genius. Its gaslighting. And twerps like Judith Butler get cushy appointments and people like Ward Churchill, David Graemer or Guy McPherson are driven out or barely hanging to their positions.

        ” I confess that I’m an unabashed Old Leftist who never quite understood how deconstruction was supposed to help the working class. And I’m a stodgy old scientist who believes, naively, that there exists an external world, that there exist objective truths about that world, and that my job is to discover some of them.” –Alan Sokal

  2. kesher Says:

    Add another to the list:

    Both Edwards and Golec’s names are currently being circulated as part of 2015’s “epidemic” of violence against “trans women”, currently at a tally of five deaths once you remove the cis men misgendered by the trans brigade.

    Three of the five were victims of typical male violence (intimate partner violence and violence in the course of committing property crime), not of hate crimes. The murderers of the other two victims are still at large, and their motives are unknown.

    • They do this so they can claim that trans are murdered all the time; since so few are actually killed for being trans, they need to beef up their numbers. Its despicable, and just not true.

      And you hit it right on the head pointing out that more than half were victims of commonplace male violence. Once again, they make male pattern violence invisible.

      I think this whole episode is terrible. The death is a tragedy; to get killed helping someone is just horribly unfair. Adding salt to the wound like this is so shitty (and typical), and so hypocritical from MEN that cry “misgendering and not respecting my identity is violence and killing us directly!!!”

      • kesher Says:

        I’ve complained about it before, but the trans brigade has less than zero respect for the identities of anyone who’s not a “trans woman”. It seems to be much more common for them to disrespect the identities of women (for example, declaring that the wife of a late transitioner is retroactively a lesbian), because what’s a woman anyway? Women don’t deserve our own identities; men taking our identities for themselves without our consent is evidence of that. But it does figure that they’re not shy about misgendering men either when it’s convenient for them.

  3. Goddamned shame. People can’t even grieve in peace because these fucking ghouls insist on using their deceased loved ones as human shields. I read one for filth on tumblr today.

  4. hegelsghost Says:

    It’s convenient for the movement because the dead can’t disagree and they can be made into martyrs for the cause, regardless of how or why they were killed.

  5. janetwo Says:

    The only thing I can think is this:

    “Senator, you won’t need anything in the record when I finish telling you this. Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty, or your recklessness…You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?” Joseph N. Welsh

  6. Kitty Barber Says:

    Classy, trans activists.

  7. Juliana D Says:

    I feel sick. I didn’t comment on the Alcorn thing because suicide is so close to home for me, having lost someone to it, a close family member, just two short years ago.

    I don’t even know why I am commenting now. I hate suicide. Hate it. I feel sick inside just reading about it.

    God bless this family dealing with it.

    • nonny Says:

      Just to clarify: you realize this article here is not about suicide, yes?

      • Juliana D Says:

        Sorry, part of my comment got off because I was cutting and pasting on a tablet. I was mainly trying to discuss family tragedy and now my comment looks nonsensical.

        Sorry it got disjointed. My fault.

  8. janetwo Says:

    Super classy, on the page set by friends and family asking for donations for a memorial:

    “Becca Bibby 8 hours ago
    I urge everyone to not donate to this. Regardless of whether his mother didn’t stab him these people STILL don’t understand and disrespect HER even after she’s gone. This could of been avoided if these parents just opened up their hearts and loved BRI unconditionally like they were susspose to do. “

    • morag99 Says:

      This “Becca” sounds like a poorly-educated teenager, and yet he’s learned very well from the trans how to:

      1) ignore/dismiss male-on-male violence
      2) blame a woman instead (Brian’s mother)
      3) claim that misgendering kills (rather than a man with a weapon)

      Facts be damned, they must make use of the murdered body of a young man, and find a female witch to burn, metaphorically, at the stake.

    • Akira Says:

      That’s just wrong. Not only is it disrespectful, it’s a gross disregard for the facts. Brian died while trying to help his addicted father. That guy has to live with the fact that he got high and stabbed his own son. It’s tragic all around. The survivors don’t need people turning this into an activist talking point.

    • Bea Says:

      Wait, the commenter is claiming his mother stabbed him? It was his father! That’s very telling.
      Misogyny? Check!
      Ignorance? Check!

      On his Facebook display pic, someone wrote “RIP Bro,” and it has 40 likes. None of his real friends commented “misgendering!” It looks like he was a gender-nonconforming emo/punk kid with long hair and eyeliner.

  9. Bea Says:

    I couldn’t get the whole comment as a screenshot on my phone, but I found this in the comment section of the Advocate’s article about Brian’s death:

  10. I’m so sorry, Brian.

  11. born free & female Says:

    The weasels at Jezebel have written this story as though Brian was a trans woman. The headline says “trans”, and the story’s full of lines like

    “Kevin Golec, who continues identifying Bri as “his son””

    (If the killer says Brian was a boy, we should all believe the opposite! And check out that wording – “continues” implies that he should have stopped, and “identifying” suggests that he’s just labeling the kid. Would Jezebel say that someone “continues identifying Barack Obama as male”?)

    They also call Brian “Bri” throughout, and wind up saying ” Some friends claim that Bri had given up their trans identity.”

    What does it say about Jezebel that they really, really want a trans woman to be dead so they can tell “her” story?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Billy Kornacki
      Rant alert.
      For the last couple of days the family and friends of Brian Golec, myself included, have been dealing with a media storm caused by one Jacob Nash regarding Brian’s gender identity. This has caused an already almost unbearable situation for us to be made all the worse. And I’m so angry about it I could spit tacks.
      Yes, YEARS AGO Brian attended a trans support group facilitated by Jacob. At that time, Brian went by Bri and wanted to be referred to with feminine pronouns. Brian then decided to embrace his birth gender and once again be referred to as Brian, a male. His close friends and family don’t deny this. At that time, Brian left the group and did not return. At the first mention of Brian being trans, the person closest to him, his girlfriend, commented on Jacob’s page that he was not trans and that he was identifying as male at the time of his death, and had been identifying as male for at least a year before. She requested that the article be removed from Jacob Nash’s Facebook page. Not only was her request ignored, Jacob posted several other articles on the subject, and contacted the Pittsburgh lesbian correspondents to have a story published through them making Brian out to be a martyr and make it sound like he was the victim of a hate crime which is a grossly inaccurate twist on the events. This story has gone viral, reaching the advocate, the UK daily mail, and even Miley freaking Cyrus. So I’m here and now calling out this Jacob Nash as a manipulative attention whore and a liar. He took a tragedy involving someone he was acquainted with years ago and twisted it into something that’s causing the people who know and love Brian undue stress and trying to get his fifteen minutes of fame because knew the deceased. And it needs to stop.

      **Edit and Update**
      Upon further inspection of the time stamps of the posts on Jacob Nash’s page, and Sarina Dalia’s comments that I shared last night, I did notice one thing that makes a bit of a difference, though how much I’m not sure. All of the articles and links posted to the page occurred almost a full day BEFORE Sarah commented that Brian was not trans, and Jacob does not appear to have posted anything new AFTER the comments were made. What he did fail to do was remove them at her request and to have the initial article he contributed to at PLC retracted. This being said, I may have over reacted a bit in my statements of his character.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Miley freaking Cyrus. Jesus. Everyone loooooves a “tranny martyr” – but now they haven’t even been able to rise three grand to bury this kid.

        If anyone has a few extra bucks please kick in at the GoFundMe to pitch in on burying this kid. This is disgraceful.

    • a cat Says:

      Also, it says “the trans support group Bri attended” were the cult referred to, piling on the victimhood. What appears to be much more likely than his dad referring to a group he was in years ago is that his dad was talking about Wicca, which according to his friends he maintained an ongoing interest and belief in.

  12. born free & female Says:

    Pinknews has taken their article offline without explanation.

  13. Guls Says:

    Seems mis-gendering is only an ‘act of violence’ when applied to a trans woman. Slandering a (dead) ‘cis’ guy or butch woman is all fine and dandy. Ridiculous and offensive.

  14. Bea Says:

    In case there was a doubt in anyone’s mind:

  15. Bev Jo Says:

    These are the same trans cult members who are trying to claim every dead Lesbian from the past as “transmen.” Thank you for spreading the word about this. It’s good Brian’s girlfriend and other friends are saying no, but they have so much less power, like how Teena Brandon’s mother and friends are ignored. (Call her Teena online and you get an onslaught of hatred.)

    PLEASE do not let these men claim any of us as trans after we die….

  16. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Of course over at the cesspool known as Feministe, the usual MtT DonnaL (hi “Donna”! I know you’re a regular reader here!) and the infamous “Ally” (the one discussed in a recent thread here regarding his continuing destructions of feminist sites), are busily a) perpetuating the lie that Brian was trans; and b) finding a way to blame women for it. Witness “Donna”:

    “Another young trans woman murdered. This one by her own father. And yes, I truly believe that those who contribute to and perpetuate the overwhelming culture of transphobia in this world have blood on their hands. When will it stop?” There’s no doubt whom “Donna” is referring to, given his frequent shrieking about us at Feministe and elsewhere. (I guess Brian’s father was busily reading this blog in between hits of heroin, and it’s where he got the idea that it was okay to murder his own son.)

    “Ally” displays the usual obliviousness: “Many trans women have an intimate connection with death and violence, not in the sense that they collectively wish death and violence upon others (contrary to what the TERFs say), but in the sense that it’s hard to live without ever thinking about their presence in our lives.” You don’t say! Not like, you know, women ever have to continually navigate our safety. Continually, as in every time we walk out the door, where we can choose to live, who we become involved with, who we even speak to at a bar, etc. No, only trans women have that super-special “intimate connection” with death and violence.

    There has been no update at either Feministe or at the Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents site, which also reported this lie. And don’t tell me they don’t know. They do. They’re just more than happy to let the lie stand, in the cause of making MtT the most oppressest and victimized, and in the cause of making women kneel before them ever more.

    • silverside Says:

      As someone living in Pittsburgh, the consensus I hear–and that from lesbians who are not especially gender critical and/or radical feminist–is that Sue the Lesbian Correspondent is an all around nut. That is putting it charitably. This isn’t the first time she’s waded in on an issue and ended up making a muck of it.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        That’s interesting to hear, thanks. She seems like a piece of work – I’ve never seen a lesbian who sucks so much dick.

  17. janetwo Says:

    Gawd….they are really morbid bunch. This the new corpse offered to the Tranny’s Gods…its all over twitter #HisNameWasZander. And I don’t want to sound too tinfoil, but the suicide note is weird. It looks more like a manifesto than somebody really in crisis. Its probably legit but I did volunteering for suicide prevention and something just does not jive with me…or the kid did not plan to go this way and just wanted to get attention.

    • Bea Says:

      Janetwo, that is so funny, I volunteered at a suicide crisis hotline, too (not to mention having had my own history of depression), and I got a really weird feeling when I read the Leelah blog posts. They just didn’t sit right with me, felt fabricated.

    • janetwo Says:

      I could not help myself looking into it: the suicide note was posted one full day after date of death, just after a tumblr post giving all the contact info of one of Sandra’s friend who also happened to post a Memorial youtube video on the SAME day.
      this is bizarro as heck…why would you post “Zander has passed” please contact rl friend (here is all her contact infos) before your own “last words”…

      The family had the obituary pulled out from the funeral home website where people could sign her guestbook. It was there yesterday night and now its gone. I am assuming they just could not deal with the circus.

    • Janetwo, I had the very same thought, this read to me like a cry-for-help note, the kind of note a kid writes when they’re really hoping to make it through and have grownups listen to their concerns through the note.

      • janetwo Says:

        I am more tinfoil than that. Somebody seemed to have access to Sandra’s tumblr account after she died and posted a fake letter. The whole thing is very creepy, with the virtual gf blogging and reblogging hundreds of posts in the past days.

        I too have a long history of depression with suicidal ideation (which is why I volunteered for suicide prevention) and this looks very strange. Glad to know that I am not the only one who felt like this.

        The most disturbing comment I read was about somebody planning to take pics of her at the funerals because and I am paraphrasing here “he was cute when he slept” . Its strange enough when the family does it…

        Gallus post “Transgender Ghouls For Suicide and Death” seems more relevant than ever.

        Somebody should really put a stop to the social media frenzy or more kids will die. Its almost like somebody has read the CDC guidelines and decided to do exactly the opposite of what is recommended to prevent more copycat suicides.

  18. janetwo Says:

    ps if its legit, with all the fussing around it, they just ask for more kids at risks to do it 😦

  19. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Can’t find enough deaths, gotta make some up. If the “statistics” were correct, I’d expect 20 a day or more.

  20. I’ve started a blog to document these online transgender groups that recruit children and young adults, making them feel increasingly alienated and suicidal. The site is not just for radfems, in fact, I intend it more for parents who wonder wtf is going on with their newly gender-questioning kid who simply MUST have pronouns and name changed and start on hormones or they’ll DIE. — this is the reality of trans activism online today. It is becoming a death cult.

  21. hearthrising Says:

    This is an example of what a good service this blog does not only for radfems but anyone interested in gender news. I saw a comment on an article about Brian Golec from a woman saying she was his girlfriend and that Brian was not trans. Then I saw a post from this guy saying Golec was in his transition group, so I gave the transactivists the benefit of the doubt and thought, well, the family doesn’t always know about these things. I should know better than to ever give these activists the benefit of the doubt. This whole spin on this murder was a cynical calculated lie from beginning to end, and a lot of people perpetuating the disinformation knew it.

  22. @ hegelsghost,

    “It’s convenient for the movement because the dead can’t disagree and they can be made into martyrs for the cause, regardless of how or why they were killed.”

    I agree…

    Trans-ing the Dead” is an appropriate and spot on title for a cultural phenomenon that has been going on for years, but few people openly speak about it for fear of being browbeaten, harassed, and intimidated into politically correct submission.

    Trans-ing the dead accomplishes two things. First, it misleadingly bumps up the numbers of victims or martyrs that they can use to make it appear as if they are the most oppressed people on earth, and to further their particular political agenda. By the way they talk, any suicide of any emotionally distraught young person who happens to be different in some way is caused by evil transphobic people. The dearly departed could have been an effeminate boy who doesn’t fit in, and isn’t stereotypically male. No, he is transgender. Don’t ask about any deceased tomboys or non-traditional women because they are all officially transgender too. The beauty of it is that the dead never come back from their graves to speak.

    I know Gallus has covered the tragic death of Josh Alcorn better than could, but I would like to touch on this again because it is relevant to the subject at hand. Unbeknownst to his parents, seventeen year old Alcorn went by the online name of “Satan’s Wifey – transgender queer from hell”. Does this sound like an emotionally stable young man? His parents weren’t aware of his online activity. By his own admission in one of his posts, he says that he was isolated and spent too much time online. Perhaps spending 24/7 online at the zillion an one trans websites contributed to his emotional instability, and further warped his developing adolescent mind. No, it’s the fault of the parents, their church, and anyone who believes that Josh could have been just a very troubled and confused boy. This confused and emotionally distraught boy known online as “Satan’s Wifey” has been elevated to some kind of trans* sainthood. There is no indication that Alcorn’s parents ever abused their son, and the fact that they might have been conservative doesn’t mean that “transgender conversion therapy” occurred. We don’t know if Josh Alcorn was really transgender, or had a firm long lasting belief that he was transgender. I don’t believe he was officially diagnosed with “gender dyshporia”. This is a seventeen year old boy who called himself “Satan’s Wifey” online. It doesn’t mean he was really “Satan’s Wifey”. I feel so sorry for the loss of this young life and for the grieving parents. It’s ghoulish and disrespectful to the parents to turn him into some kind of trans* saint for their cause.

    Dennis, “Allison”, Woolbert, a man convicted of sexually assaulting a child compared grieving parents and their entire church to the Taliban. If the child who Woolbert sexually assaulted committed suicide, unless they could devise some way to transify the death, they wouldn’t think twice about this child. They certainly don’t care about the little black girl that transwoman Synthia China Blast killed, stuffed in a box, and set afire. They don’t care about pedophile transgender Matthew Hark’s (Madilyn) victims. They don’t care about Paula Witherspoon’s victims. They don’t care about Sandy Jo Battista’s victims (David Megarry). These children are alive, but they will live with their psychological scars for life. I’m not buying for a moment that they actually care about children. If they did, the Transgender Human Rights Institute, the organization behind “Leelah’s Law”, would have checked Dennis, “Allison”, Woolbert’s background before putting him into a position of power in their organization.

    A message from Allison Woolbert of the Transgender Human Rights Institute

    “Then there is another group that is going into a different set of buildings. They are the ones that believe their children are owned by the parents as if they are property and must conform to a rigid extremist belief system. Just like the Taliban, they will enforce the iron handed ‘law’ and force their children to sit in the pews and become the child that they have tried to force into their ideological mold through coercion, abuse and force.”

    Second, trans-ing the dead is a way to rewrite history. It’s similar to a form of colonization because colonizers always rewrite history. It’s a way to reshape and reframe history according to one’s own particular political philosophy and world view. Apparently, even Joan of Arc was transgender according to some trans* activists. I guess they transified her memory based on the fact that she rode horses and liked to wear men’s clothes. Throughout history, a lot of men and women wore non-traditional clothes for a multitude of reasons. Several frontier women wore men’s clothes while working on the farm, plowing the field, and riding horses. Learning to fire a rifle for protection was often a necessity. Well, they are all retroactively transgender now.

    I wonder what poor, dearly departed dead person they are going to perform their trans-ing the dead magical voodoo on next.

    I’m sorry for the loss of Brian Golec. Perhaps the dead should just be left in peace.

    My condolences to the family.

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      Seems virtually no one had heard of this Leelah/transgender stuff. Josh came out as gay, as the note explains, so that’s what most were thinking.

      His neighbor said Josh announced he was coming out, and everyone was like “Yeah man, that’s great”. He gets assaulted in the comments because he didn’t know about a secret online fantasy:

      I think only a small group including Abby knew much about the trans angle.

      • janetwo Says:

        From the article:
        “The image helped propel her to international fame as her story was shared – culminating Sunday night in Leelah having a Golden Globe dedicated to her memory by the cast of Transparent – a TV series which helped bring trans issues to the mainstream.”

        I cant imagine making fodder for a family tragedy in such of crass way while inciting teenagers to line up for tranny martyrdom…And it seems there is pattern of media whoring “friends” coming out with all the revelations of transness while family and other friends had no real clue. You’d think that if they knew these people so much better than anyone else, they would have seen the suicide attempt coming and preventing it.

        Also, it seems to me that assuming the suicide notes are authentic, making of your death a political statement is typical of cult or terrorism extremists than of your average troubled teenagers. These guys read from a script, and so are the drones who fuel the social media outrage.

    • kesher Says:

      Women’s clothes have been so impractical for so much of Western history, of course a woman who bucked traditional gender roles would wear “men’s” clothes. How effective would Calamity Jane have been in a petticoat?

      • Bea Says:

        Not to mention the disguise factor, which Jonah touched upon. Why would a woman want to draw attention to herself as a woman in a man’s vocation? Trans seem to understand they are putting themselves at risk of rape by advertising themselves as women, yet they don’t understand why a woman wouldn’t want to be recognized as female around men?

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      The queer community needs to sustain the restrictive, claustrophobic, and alienating structure of gender; without it, the queer as a concept would make no sense. And their drive to claim any and all who violate the dictates of womanhood as “men” or manhood as “women” is central to this mission. A woman casting off femininity and ritualized submission while still being a woman is a threat to the male supremacist idea of what females can be; a woman casting off femininity and ritualized submission so as to become a man leaves the “woman = submissive resource” structure intact. They want romantic individuals bucking the system’s stifling constraints, but never actually threatening the existence of the system itself. In other words, they need outlaws, not rebels.

      They’re somewhat like people who never want the high school punk rock clique to end, but they pretend they’re part of a heroic political movement rather than a self-indulgent, destructive game they want to force everyone to play. Unlike old punk rockers, they cause real harm to the rights of women and girls.

      Queer/trans politics are inherently parasitic to class:female. First they deny that the female sex class exists, while continuing to treat females as the subordinate class. They’re free to fuck around with gender, and free to assign us the thankless servant role according to our sex without having the decency to admit what they’re doing. We on the other hand are not free to complain, or even name what they’re doing. Then they claim all our achievers were secretly men, leaving us with nothing. They’re vampires.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Another way in which the trans/queer cult parasitically feed off us:

        Whenever we dare to discuss their assaults on our safety and self-determination, they reel off suicide and murder stats to try and shut us up. That trans people suffer male violence does not give them the right to control females. They are too cowardly to confront men for what they do to trans people, so they punish women instead. Absolutely reprehensible.

        They’re broken children, and they don’t even have the courage to say “Fuck you Dad” like the punk rockers. It’s all “Fuck you Mom”, co-signed by the postmodern liberal men who control the left.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        Also, the fatuous claim that women debating trans issues contributes to male violence against them is just another disingenuous attempt to deny class:female a voice. Transwomen and left/liberal men are proof themselves that men don’t listen to women.

        For gay orgs like HRC and Stonewall to back these cretins is a betrayal of lesbians and also heterosexual women, who have consistently been more supportive of gay rights than men.

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