Letter to GenderTrender from a ‘Trans Man’

February 24, 2015


You've got He-Mail!

You’ve got He-Mail!

Why do you spend all your time hating on lesbian trans women rather than gay male assigned at birth misogynists and male identified people who rape those stuck with a hole in the front? Also, I don’t see anyone pillaging from lesbian culture, because your lot, like straight men, are the most aesthetically challenged of all. I may have been unlucky enough to be born without a penis, but don’t you dare assume all trans men were ugly butch dykes who dominated your precious femmes before transitioning. Some trans men were every bit as disgusted as going near a woman sexually as they were with having woman parts, and felt that way before going on t or getting those gross udders obliterated surgically. Heterosexual relationships are an unsexy pit of dominance and submission, and lesbians just imitate this dynamic, albeit with even worse taste in music. And if you hate trans men so much, why do you butches all bind your boobs, have crewcuts, use male nicknames, throttle your femmes with strap ons, don’t let your femmes touch you during sex, and act no different than some rage a holic bubba who beats the missus if she puts too much mayo on your sammich? As a trans man who bangs men up the ass and enjoys a loving, long term, egalitarian relationship with my beautiful feminine gay boyfriend who was born with a penis, I am endlessly curious about you bullies and your masochistic laydee friends.


Before I transitioned and got to join my hot feminine gay boyfriend in the men’s room, I was way more scared of the mean looking bulldaggers and the lipstick licking pregnancy obsessed bimbos in the wombmoon’s room than i ever would be of a trans girl who just wants to do her business and get out of there. Oh, and even more scary? Cow mothers bringing their already predatory male children in there and letting their boy brats peek under the stalls. Of course, all the silly uterus-brains find chulllldren adorable. Gag.


This argument might be valid if all trans women were pre op and wanted to penetrate at all costs, and if lesbians didn’t storm the sex shops to buy painful fake penises in order to feel manly by slamming their submissive, orgasm faking wifey’s innards and giving her urinary tract infections. Until strap on dildos in lesbian sex shops are as nonexistent as gay men buying “jenna Jameson’s strap on pussy ” from gay male sex shops, you silly macho ladies don’t have a leg to stand on. And really, that’s why you hate trans women so much…they don’t have to deal with all the gross parts of womanhood (pms, bleeding, yeast, no orgasms, rape threat, gynecologist, menopause, pregnasty, cellulite, etc) and you do!


– Super Short



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107 Responses to “Letter to GenderTrender from a ‘Trans Man’”

    • Bea Says:

      That heterosexual female misogynist sounds an awful lot like this heterosexual male misogynist I found on Tumblr (iwishiwasskinnymtf used to be his handle, but he deleted his account). That’s literally all this movement is, homophobic misogynists.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        The lack of self-awareness in these people is truly amazing, to state that he would never tear anyone down for their identity, all in the middle of ripping lesbians a new one.

      • Bea Says:

        Oops. I made a mistake. The male trans is gay. He’s just a heterosexual supremacist, homophobic, self-hating piece of crap. I got thrown off by his adoration of hetero marriage.

  1. A reader Says:

    “[A]ct no different than some rage a holic bubba” — wait, who’s doing that?? LOLOLOLOL

  2. Teal Deer Says:

    Wow. The woman-hatred in that letter is staggering. The only times any feminine-related word wasn’t dripping with acid was when applied to a transwoman or gay male.

    And all that vitriol was for all females, of every orientation, just for existing. But misogyny is a thing of the past, right, gals?

    • BadDyke Says:

      The level of hatred for anyone female or anyone who could ever desire a female is utterly staggering! So, lesbians, women in general AND straight men all seem to be equally guilty for existing.

      “rather than gay male assigned at birth misogynists and male identified people who rape those stuck with a hole in the front”
      Except then we have this. WHY is she so down on gay men (who given the rest of this, would seem to be her ideal, as neither being nor desiring females) — perhaps because the gay boys don’t WANT her? So she has to settle for her nice little feminine straight man who wants to play at being gay?

      But again, the level of hatred for females and anyone who desires them is, of course, ultimately directed at herself, because SHE hates herself so much, as well as ANYONE who could ever desire her as a female. Where else does this lead but to the extreme self-hatred and despair and desire for self-destruction, the SAME sort of self-hatred and despair that killed Nancy Verhelst:


      • Adrian Says:

        I think extreme self-hatred and a pure desperation to be someone, anyone, ELSE is what’s behind a lot of this stuff.

      • Bea Says:

        From self-proclaimed “trans f*g” a.k.a heterosexual female “transboyinterrupted” on Tumblr.

      • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

        @Adrian: “I think extreme self-hatred and a pure desperation to be someone, anyone, ELSE is what’s behind a lot of this stuff.”

        I completely agree. I’ve thought that for a long time. I also think that’s one real reason for the high suicide/attempted suicide rate of both pre- and post-“transition” trans, especially the post- ones. They go through all of that, and once the newness has rubbed off, they realize they’re still the same person–except now they’re in a mutilated, damaged body.

  3. bleh Says:

    whatever, enjoy your atrophying “male” uterus and robust internal misogyny, you sad, deluded woman.


    • river Says:

      “Also my doctors in the USA said that unless something was wrong, I did not need to remove (my uterus).”

      Now that’s interesting, when you consider they are removing women’s healthy uteruses at the rate of about 600,000 a year in the U.S. alone. Not done because they have cancer, no just, no more worries about cramps and birth control, and best to be safe (from that women destroying organ) and you’re done with having children now aren’t you?

      But now that he’s a man he gets to keep it if he wants to?

      • Bea Says:

        “A hole is a hole to me.”

        (I apologize if I’m posting too much, I just recently discovered how to post photos, and I have a lot of screen shots of trans insanity I’ve collected over the past few months).

      • janetwo Says:

        This sounds like puerperal sepsis: she was literally rotting from inside.
        I did not know this Buck Angel person:

        “As an icon of popular culture, Buck Angel’s message of empowerment through self-acceptance and being sexually comfortable in your own skin has struck a passionate chord with folks all over the world.”

        Sure, right…you accept yourself so much you deliberately created the conditions to have your uterus fill with pus. That’s healthy.

      • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

        Well, I feel just AWFUL for this person. It is indeed heartbreaking–IT IS HEARTBREAKING YOU GUYS–not to be able to urinate on random strangers when the mood strikes. Or, worse, to actually urinate on random strangers but to feel “not in the moment” because you’re not urinating through a real penis. What is the point of life, when urinating on randos doesn’t provide all the thrills to which you are entitled? If we cannot feel pleasure without self-consciousness when emptying our bladders on some dude we just met in a plastic-covered back room that stinks of unwashed asses, ball sweat, and feverish, self-hating debasement, when CAN we feel pleasure? MY GOD, WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR FREEDOMS?!?!

        I mean, the pathos of it! The sad, sad, sadness of it! How can I not sob, when hearing about how poor Buck Angel can’t experience the beautiful, spiritual intimacy of pissing on strangers and fucking them in the ass without feeling uncomfortable. Why, o why, must Buck deal with such pain? How does Buck live with such horrors? Oh, the humanity! What is the world coming to, when we can’t even properly satisfy our obsessive, fetishistic need to degrade ourselves and others through joyless, ritualistic perversion? Next we’ll be claiming it’s not sexy or uplifting to writhe naked in a slaughterhouse’s waste pipe, or to strip naked in public and invite passersby to spit on or fling feces at oneself. When we all know that those things are the highest and most glorious heights to which the human soul can climb.

        I think we should all chip in and raise the funds to send Buck on a tour of slums in India, where Buck can teach them what true suffering really is.

      • kesher Says:

        I would presume that an “icon of popular culture” wouldn’t need alimony from an ex-wife. The ex-wife does piercings for a living, so I can’t imagine she’s so loaded that it makes sense for her to pay Buck alimony unless Buck is essentially destitute.

      • I have no idea what doctor this person went to, but as a woman currently entering menopause I’ve been told repeatedly that HRT while you still have your uterus is a death sentence. Not that I was asking for HRT, but I was getting a feel for where my doctor’s head was in regard to the matter. Indeed, every gyno I’ve ever talked to (major reproductive problems, I’ve talked to a LOT of gynos) have said the same thing.

  4. Loup-loup garou Says:

    And that, in a nutshell, is why young heterosexual women should steer clear of the gender studies department in college. It gives them the strangest ideas about — well, nearly everything — but especially about lesbians. Sadly, most of those ideas are the products of the late Leslie Feinberg’s overheated imagination.

  5. VC Says:

    Sounds fake to me, some bored frat boy acting a fool.

  6. Rosemary Says:

    Any possibility of that being satire???? It was like they were checking off a list of stereotypes about women and lesbians.

  7. morag99 Says:

    “You’ve got He-Mail!”

    Did you EVER!

    S/he worked very hard on this woman-hating missive: udders, cows, hole in the front — even cellulite! I had forgotten that we are also despised at the subcutaneous level. What about our hearts, lungs and capillaries? Is undiscovered female filth lurking there, too?

    The biological essentialism in this letter is astounding. But I thought, since sex is now a myth, that “sex essentialism” is strictly forbidden by the Trans Ministry of Truth? Sigh — it’s just so hard to stay on top of their communiqués!

  8. dbrvnk Says:

    Hmm, I’d almost forgotten about all the Trans Men ™ who become Aggressive ™ raging misogynists in emulation of malekind. It’s always nice (not really) to be reminded of their existence.

    What strikes me though is that even at their worst, consciously or unconsciously, trans-masc people will respect boundaries. They don’t stalk or harass, they don’t make rape or death threats, they don’t install hidden cameras in bathrooms or dress up as men to satisfy a sexual fetish or whatever. I’ve never heard of a single F2T committing sexual violence, or a woman prisoner demanding a state-funded ‘sex change’ and transfer to a men’s prison.

    Basically what I’m saying is that while the above author’s quoted lesbophobia, misogyny, bravado and ‘mansplaining’ are aspects of ‘performed’ masculinity (i.e. artificial), lots of other things that libfems tell us are also part of socially constructed gender—violence, sexual rapacity, self-destruction, exceptionalism—seem to have a lot more to do with the male sex (i.e. innate).

    I apologise if this seems really basic and obvious to everyone else, like I said I’ve only been reading radfem stuff for a bit.

    • kesher Says:

      The same study that shows that trans women are basically as violent as “cis” men also shows that trans men are also as violent as men. Overcompensation? Testosterone being a hell of a drug? I don’t specifically know what the explanation is, although I’ve seen at least one detransitioner talk about how terrifying her violent rages were when she was on T.

      Although, since trans men are a much smaller population than trans women (at least a third of the size, maybe smaller), it makes sense that trans male violence doesn’t make the news.

      Also, if these crimes are reported the way trans women crimes are reported, with only mention of gender identity, not trans status or biological sex, “man rapes” or “man commits murder” is basically a dog bites man story and isn’t going to attract much attention.

  9. >:) Says:

    Wow, a str8 female that hates women, women’s roles, and would grasping straws at any fantasy that claims an escape from being a woman and ticket to be the default human, which they have been brainwashed into believing is male, The one with the incomplete Xy. And the hating women’s role as the beings forced to give birth to both the male and female humans registers as ‘horrible to be put in the under class of bio ‘female’ and not be considered an entire human, like a man. The self -hate is really visible. Psychiatrists will have studies for years of this male-first gendered worship cult that puts born men first, and tells women that they dont deserve equality or attention from men or the gay community they desire, unless they become men. Let me guess, a gay-man chaser with a woman’s biology? I see there is Hate for gay men too, I wonder if she got left on a date when the gay man discovered to his horror there was no penis?

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      I see it, too. Those parts read to me like a “Damn it, what does a fag-hag have to DO to get a gay man to fuck her?” rant.

      Dear LW: I can write much better angry rants than what you’ve shat out there, and mine aren’t inspired by the desperate, deluded hope that if I act angry and misogynistic enough people might believe I’m really a dude. Heterosexual relationships are “an unsexy pit of dominance and submission?” Do you mean heterosexual relationships like the one you’re in with your male boyfriend? Or do you mean the heterosexual relationship that are totally unlike the gay male relationships you fantasize about–gay male relationships in which, incidentally, domestic violence runs rampant?

      It’s hilarious that you think there’s anything “manly” or “masculine” about sending someone a bitchy email that essentially boils down to, “Well, my boyfriend is hot and you’re fat!” Try again, chica.

      • Bea Says:

        no. NO. I’m a real gay man! See, I’ve even starred in musical
        theater!! Yes, all you other gay guys can play with my pussy.

      • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

        @Bea: Wow. A drama club chick who is desperate for sex with gay men. I bet those gay men have never met anyone like her before. :rolleyes

        Sure, “Trystan,” they’re probably lining up. If there’s one thing gay men are eager to do, it’s learn how to “play with” female genitalia. (Seriously. I hear them talking about it all the time.)

        And yep, all gay men love musical theater, and any woman who has ever performed in musical theater is really a gay man. Good lord.

  10. Either this is a Poe, or this women has really awful reading comprehension, along with a raging case of self hate and
    News flash- being a male identified handmaiden (meaning seeing the world through a male POV) does NOT make you a man. Many women are male identified; its easy when men shove their POV in your face 24/7.

    I do wanna know- Where is the so called FTT bashing she mentioned? I have not seen FTT bashing in GMs posts, FTT are barely even a topic here. If anything, FTT get more positive attention, even sympathy, here, than not. I’m not sure how poor your reading skills would have to be to see this as a den of hate towards FTT.

    But reality doesn’t seem to matter to this person (I have a hard time thinking this person is female born, and not a lying het male or MTT). Any idea expressed about gender as a social construct is an attack on these type of trans. For this reason, it’s possible she has a real belief she’s being persecuted; if thinking biological sex is real is an attack and show of hatred, everyone is an enemy.

    Sadly, she has drank in all the hate patriarchy has to offer. What vile things to say about lesbians! What hatred of the female body, the body she was born with! such anger, directed at women, instead of the MEN that created such a hostile society!

    I find the rest of the letter baffling- the idea that “bull dykes” and butches are dangerous, but MTT (with same rates of violence as MEN) aren’t? What planet is this person on? GMAFB. The only point I agree with is moms that bring in MALE children and allow them to harass woman. But again, this is a problem of MALES. (Calling moms cows? Really?)

    Also disgusting is the assumption that butch women are really trans, or wanting to be men too. I guess its impossible for this person to grasp that you can be GNC and not wanna be male, and you can have “male traits”, and be female because there is NO SUCH THING as “male traits”. I guess she cannot grasp that those women are dealing with the same misogynistic world that she is, but are handling it differently.

    Lastly- how can anyone even think that a women being with a man, having her vagina penetrated, is anything but heterosexual? Get a clue- your BF is a heterosexual male, that’s gender non conforming. *And that is ok!* There is nothing wrong with two non conformists being together, but to ignore biology is just..weird. (and to ignore power imbalances just makes HER oppression invisible- it doesn’t remove it.)

    I guess she must feel powerful acting like this, and I get it. It’s a hateful world for women, especially ones that don’t want to be women. But must she bash those on the bottom (lesbians) to feel powerful?

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      What the heck kinds of lesbians has she met, anyway? Or is she just watching too much Orange is the New Black?

      I’ve met plenty of lesbians, butch and femme, and some of them were attracted to me and were either obvious enough that I knew (blushes, googly-eyes, that sort of thing, I mean) or came out and asked or made a pass at me or whatever. It made me uncomfortable having to say no, because I hate hurting anyone’s feelings and I was flattered, but I never once worried that any of them were going to sexually assault me or felt the need to watch my drink/limit my alcohol intake and stay alert or thought accepting a ride home might put me in an awkward position or tried to avoid eye contact with them. I never gave a lesbian a ride home and ended up having to start dialing the police on my cellphone to get them the hell out of my car after sitting in the parking lot of their apartment building for twenty minutes while they argued that the night was still young and why was I being so uncool? I never had one of them tell me that there was no point in hanging out with me if I wasn’t going to sleep with her and I was wasting her time.

      I can’t say the same for all of the men who’ve been attracted to me.

      I know it does happen, sure, but I think someone who is truly scared that every lesbian they meet is just dying to tie them to a bed and attack them with a dildo is either a Phelps-ian cultist or a delusional egomaniac. Oh, wait; “delusional egomaniac” describes the LW pretty well, doesn’t it.

      I will say, though, that I too agree with her about little boys in the Ladies’ whose mothers let them run riot. I was nine or ten when some kid shoved his head under the stall in a public restroom while I was in there, and I was alone, and it was terrifying. His mother didn’t even apologize. Of course, Princess Penis Envy there wants grown men to be allowed to do the same now that she doesn’t have to worry about experiencing it herself, but that’s typical of selfish hypocrites and idiotic scumbags like her. The safety of women isn’t her problem now that she’s cut her hair and surgically mutilated her body, but we’re all supposed to cry and stand up in protest because real gay men still won’t feed her Pinocchio real-boy delusion by fucking her. Go ahead and hate on women, honey, and we’ll see where you are in a few years when your boyfriend realizes that playing novelty games with his cock doesn’t make him look as deep and soulful as he thinks it does and isn’t impressing anyone.

  11. LC Says:

    So much confused women-hatred in that. Boy children are predatory(because they’re male) and yet more threatening to her than grown men? Between that and her belief that women don’t have orgasms, there’s just too much here. Why does she need to brag about her hot feminine gay boyfriend, in those exact terms? Does he have an identity outside of his use for sex? Does she, given that 90% of the letter mentions it somehow?

    Disturbing. I’ll assume she’s playing a role to convince people “she’s really a guy”, but that still leaves a lot of self-hatred and lesbian-hatred to explain. What’s weird about it is that the biological aspect of ‘being a woman’ is usually the least offensive part of it. I mean, it’s not as if men don’t have their own hygiene and health issues and unpleasant doctor visits… Maybe she just needs better sex ed classes?

    • >:) Says:

      The female role is gendered into a servant for males struggling with their porn addictions/ sex -life[which dominates the relationship]. The basis for male fetishes for females is so strong, that straight males desiring this fantasy want actual lesbians not to really exist, so they take away anything they have- the sex-fantasy is nicer with the servant-females that cater to male -born womanly tings- only they feel in their penis as the default human that the universe must revolve around. And the background of being sexist exists in every unstable guy forcing this on women..

  12. neme Says:

    Totally delusional, paranoid, and full of incoherent contradictions, vomited by a hate-filled and hate-fueled tool of the misogynist patriarchy. Whatever sex this thing is, I smell testosterone poisoning. It’s hard to comprehend a female carrying such a toxic load of self-hate, so I suspect it’s an m2t. But if this monster is female… I pity her. I doubt somebody this mentally ill will ever recover. But if it is possible, I hope someone gets this nut some help before they cause more harm. No one should be subjected to this thing’s violence.

  13. a cat Says:

    LOL that has to be a Poe. Srsly has to. If not, I lose my hope for humankind…

  14. Smits Says:

    Straight woman despises lesbians, obsessively fawns over and defends males. News at eleven.

  15. Dear transman:

    Why can’t you acknowledge that the transwomen criticized on here ARE “gay male assigned at birth misogynists and male identified people who rape those stuck with a hole in the front” (the latter’s far more common, though) and their supporters?

    Also, have you considered you may have a lot if internalized misogyny, what with describing women such as yourself as “those stuck with a hole in front” and all, and considered how that may have played a role in your sex dysphoria?

    • >:) Says:

      You see, it is not only a display of dysphoria, but sounds like internalized sex abuse has caused this woman to want to grasp that they are a human with dignity is to reject the thought they are a yucky, weak victim like a female that can be raped due to a hole in the front.The need to be respected and loved by gay males, screams of unrequited desperation and ‘daddy’ issues with men.

      I could not imaging relying on men with boy-girl fetishes. She is playing a losing game. The more T she takes, the less ‘little boyish’ [a popular fetish with some gaymen] she will be,

  16. Double X Marks The Spot Says:

    When I first started reading I thought, c’mon gallusmag; don’t feed the trolls. But the detail and time it would have taken to write this missive suggests this person is deeply invested. The last sentence in particular suggests M2T, I’m thinking.

  17. Note on the cover of F2T magazine that has stayed with me even through a good nights sleep. The scars, like upside down eyebrows, on her chest are angry red still. It was not that long ago that Facebook took down photos of post-mastectomy for cancer stricken women, remember? Yet, these are red badges of woman hatred worn proudly on a front cover. I think THAT is what’s important about this F2T’s sadz diatribe. Handmaiden, yes. Depiction of actual female mutilation, yes.

    Hey there, what is your testosterone poisoning level F2T? Honestly, the thing I’ve most read about for F2M is the adverse side effects of taking cross-sex hormones. Balding, weight gain, acne, all appear in due order. How will the beauty F2M fare when heart disease and cancer strike. Those are the very reasons the same-sex hormones were contraindicated after the Women’s Health Initiative study release – hormone replacement therapy caused cancer and other diseases. Male same sex hormone therapy with testosterone has now been shown to be associated with higher mortality and doctors are now asked to back off from treating males with additional testosterone for their “low-T”.

    What I’ve read in these and other columns about F2T is concern for health. And, sadness. That cosmetic mutilation and cross-sex hormonal poisoning is selected in the first place – y’all might have made grand dykes someday.

    I’ve written before about a dear dyke musician that was railroaded into one of our universities trans programs in the late 1960’s by her homophobic female psychologist girlfriend. She took the “T” and it made her feel strange and way more angry than usual. She did not like this feeling coming over her. She questioned why they wanted to proceed to cut off her breasts. Why do they want to mutilate me, she wondered. And, she knew. There is something very threatening about a 450 lb. Inuit musician dyke who rode Harleys and had a spike collar. But, then she quit the girlfriend, the frankendokters and went on to live a loving, outrageously dyke life.

    That’s what I’m sadz about for F2T. Poisoned, sick and dying early, and never knowing – “who might I have become in my own right”.

    I have specifically read comments and posts that might rue the F2T decision, and there has been understanding of the deep misogyny inherent in trans cult and that you’ve fallen victim because.

    To me it is very sad to see a good dyke brain gone soft on trans and hating on her sisters and wearing angry red scars her chest. And, I hope she doesn’t get all the “T” onset of sickness. And, if she does to sue the bejeezus out of the industry that recommended her poisoning.

    • kesher Says:

      If the writer is who she says she is, a “gay” trans man, then she wouldn’t be a dyke.

      I guess it makes sense for a straight woman who’s uncomfortable with female gender presentation to instead identify as a man. Straight men are extremely averse to “masculine” straight women. That might also explain her blazing internalized misogyny. She’s angry that she was never going to be accepted as a “masculine” straight woman, grew to loathe what she was expected to be (a feminine woman), and now turns that against other women.

      • Correction – I did not intend to say the writer is a dyke. I think she is a potential gay woman, lesbian, or dyke. Having the experience knowing a dyke who resisted trans gender I see the loss of all young F2T as loss of potential….”masculine” straight woman, dyke….lesbian…whatever her potential is now interruptus to a dead end. I do agree with your comment, too.

  18. Kitty Barber Says:

    I’m sorry that you have to see such horror-show hate, GM. I’m glad you shared it, it’s better for you and for us that we know what’s out there. Stay strong.

  19. Hattie Says:

    Well. That escalated quickly.

  20. hearthrising Says:

    My, this “trans man” passes extremely well in writing. Sounds exactly like a straight man.

  21. @MichfestMovesMe Says:

    derail~Oh GallusMag! Look at all the fun and games (not to mention the great company) you’d be depriving us of if you had truly up and quit! I’m quite relieved to see you sticking it out. You are brave and not alone.

  22. K Says:

    I find this extremely sad. This person (if not troll, of course) is very, very damaged. By what, I have no clue, but the Tumblr/porn poisoning here is noooot gooood.

    Thank you, GM.

    • australopithecene Says:

      It’s certainly disturbing, hearing a woman talk like this. She’s not in a good place. She sounds really psychologically disturbed to me. I mean, literally like people I’ve known diagnosed with psychotic illnesses. There’s so much of this in trans public speech – violent, abusive, toxic, incoherent, immature ranting. It’s really hard to escape the conclusion trans is a mental illness.

  23. shediogenes Says:

    Tisk tisk, this is what happens when you comment on the internets just after you take a double dose of black market testosterone. Rage, narcissism, and just a touch of paranoia. Give the T a little break, dear, you’re taking too much in one dose.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “double dose of black market testosterone”

      Coming from a veterinary supply company.

    • shediogenes Says:

      “veterinary supply” and “rhino T” lol. can’t help but picture troups of tranz “guys” in camo hopping the fence at the zoo, with a troup of “laydees” standing on the curb barking orders for the panda IVF meds (they’re too delicate to hop the fence in their high heels, yaknow)

  24. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Once again trans people are assuming that all lesbians use strap-ons, or need penetration for true sexual pleasure.


    • Teal Deer Says:

      No wonder she thinks women don’t have orgasms.

    • But, why would lesbians use strap-ons when most women don’t orgasm from penetration? I mean, that’s a pretty well-known fact. That’s what fingers and tongues are for. Are these people so detached from reality that they don’t know that’s just some porn shit?

    • weirdward Says:

      You know, when I poke around in places where lots of young women calling themselves ‘queer’ women hang out on the internetz, it seems to be an ongoing and escalating theme. This obsession with showing lesbians as always using strap-ons, and sometimes ‘queering’ or ‘transing’ one woman so that the strap-on (supposedly) functions like a real cock (because magic genderfeels, or something).

      There’s obviously a lot of heavily internalised heternormativity going on with this, esp. the belief in the almighty dick as the ultimate instrument of sexual pleasure, and dismissal of the idea that actually women can and do experience sexual pleasure together just fine with no cocks or dildos in sight., i.e. dismissal of all the ways in which many lesbians can and do have actual sex and showing a lot of not-so-well concealed lesbophobia and devaluing of female bodies and sexuality.

      A big part of it also seems to be reproducing the dominant/submissive dynamic – a sexuality outside of that appears to be unimaginable to most of them.

      At least some of these ‘queer’ women are undoubtedly actually heterosexuals or bisexuals primarily into men, who can’t comprehend the thought of lesbians who don’t centre dicks in one way or another. Makes me wonder if there are young lesbians out there feeling ashamed for not wanting dicks, real, simulated or imagined, in their beds, since so many of these ‘queer’ women have totally colonised lesbian identity.

  25. Kes Says:

    Silly woman with her “gay” boyfriend. Het relationships suck but this straight woman need not to take T and pretend she’s a man for an egalitarian relationship. Would write more but I’m on my phone atm.

  26. Bev Jo Says:

    I’m so trusting. I assumed this was the usual self-hating het woman who is so into gay male culture that she’s convinced herself her het boyfriend is gay. But this level of female-hating sounds similar only to the ranting from men posing as women or the gay male community, including the dig about gay men having better music and clothes. I know a few deluded women (mostly Fem) who played at being men for a while and none said anything like this Lesbian-hating and female-hating.

    This person seems to have no understanding of Lesbians at all, and even less of Butches, but is saying similar stereotypes that some gay men used to write about Lesbians in the local “gay and lesbian newspaper” (which is why it was so upsetting that when AIDS began, they suddenly demanded Lesbians take care of them and even posted ads demanding our clean blood).

    They doesn’t even seem to know the well-known truth that Lesbians have far more orgasms than women with men have. Or that their list of hateful stereotypes don’t fit most Butches or any of the hundreds I know: “why do you butches all bind your boobs, have crewcuts, use male nicknames, throttle your femmes with strap ons, don’t let your femmes touch you during sex, and act no different than some rage a holic bubba who beats the missus if she puts too much mayo on your sammich.” Do they even know any Butches at all or where they too scared to look? (They certainly won’t see genuine Butches in the media since none are allowed.)

    So is most of this rant projection? Why else focus on dildos (that only a few very het-identified Lesbians seem to use) while she brags about how she “bangs men up the ass.” Really? With what? A dildo?

    So is this a woman in a het relationship with a man who pretends to be gay, or a man who insists he’s a woman so he can say he’s a “transman” in order to be with other self-hating gay man? Either way, it’s classic trans cult illogical female-hating, Butch-hating, Lesbian-hating, while not looking in the mirror.

    • K Says:

      She has less in common with us because she spends her time spewing vitriol at lesbians without actually stopping to consider what it is we are doing that is making her so angry.

  27. Gallus, this is a perfect example of a female’s brain on synthetically produced testosterone. She is a female, born from the body of a female, and she calls women “cow mothers” and “silly uterus-brains”. I wonder if she calls her own mother a “cow” with a “silly uterus brain”.

    “Cow mothers, silly uterus-brains, mean looking bulldaggers and lipstick licking pregnancy obsessed bimbos”…

    “mean looking bulldaggers and the lipstick licking pregnancy obsessed bimbos in the wombmoon’s room than i ever would be of a trans girl who just wants to do her business and get out of there. Oh, and even more scary? Cow mothers bringing their already predatory male children in there and letting their boy brats peek under the stalls. Of course, all the silly uterus-brains find chulllldren adorable. ”

    “Why do you spend all your time hating on lesbian trans women ”

    There is NO such thing as a “lesbian trans woman”. Lesbians aren’t born with a penis. I argue that attempting to redefine homosexuality itself is homophobic. Homosexuality is based on same sex sexual attraction.

    “This argument might be valid if all trans women were pre op and wanted to penetrate at all costs…..And really, that’s why you hate trans women so much…they don’t have to deal with all the gross parts of womanhood (pms, bleeding, yeast, no orgasms, rape threat, gynecologist, menopause, pregnasty, cellulite, etc) and you do!”

    This individual is admitting that biological males who identify as transgender are NOT women. She also admits that many, if not most males who “identify” as transgender are fully intact biological males.

    What exactly is “pregnasty”? Did this person mean pregnancy, or maybe she really thinks pregnancy is nasty. Why did she say “no orgasms” when women do have orgasms, even multiple orgasms.

    “This argument might be valid if all trans women were pre op and wanted to penetrate at all costs.”

    Fact One: Males will never experience sexual pleasure the way that females do.

    Fact Two: A surgically created cavity in the human male body is NOT the same thing as a vagina which is an actual organ that is part of the female reproductive system.

    Similar to any wound, a “neovagina” will constrict and close if it’s not dilated. I’m so pleased that my vagina doesn’t have hair balls or needs to be “dilated” for life.

    Our recommended dilation schedule is as follows:

    Week 1 – Week 3 4 times a day

    Week 4 – Week 6 3 times a day

    Week 7 – Week 9 2 times a day

    Week 10 – Week 12 1 times a day

    Week 13 forward – Dilation or intercourse a minimum of once or twice a week for the rest of your life



    Apparently, cats aren’t the only things that can get hairballs.

    “Hair removal from the scrotum prior to MTF is preferable. The scrotal skin is used to add to the length of penile skin to increase depth of the vagina. If hair is left on the scrotal skin, it can continue growing inside the vagina and it will be more difficult to keep the vagina clean. Normal skin shedding can accumulate on the hairs and bacteria can also accumulate eventually causing possible inflammation and infection. Also, with dilations and intercourse, some of the hairs can break off and wind up high up into the apex of the vagina, occasionally causing formation of a “hair ball” which can result in chronic irritation and infection. For this reason, it is always good to have at least one or two speculum vaginal examinations by your doctor, gynecologist, or surgeon each year to make sure the vagina is healthy and free of hair balls.”


    The female body is beautiful in its complexity, and all women are beautiful.

  28. Zemskull Says:

    “And really, that’s why you hate trans women so much…they don’t have to deal with all the gross parts of womanhood (pms, bleeding, yeast, no orgasms, rape threat, gynecologist, menopause, pregnasty, cellulite, etc) and you do!”

    This was the most confusing statement in the letter. In my observation, other than the rape threats, most born-women accept most of those conditions as part of womanhood, and don’t consider them “gross.” In the case of pregnancy, menstruation and menopause, some born-women actually enjoy those times. I am confounded by the “no orgasms” mention, as that’s atypical of biological womanhood.

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      Yeah, when I think of words to describe my two full-term pregnancies, “nasty” and “gross” don’t appear on the list. Amazing, beautiful, joyous, empowering, and delightful do. It was absolutely incredible to realize that my body was truly capable of creating a whole person inside it without my active input; that whatever faults I may have felt–and still feel, at times–my body has, it was/is a real woman’s body that functioned perfectly when it came time to create life and then feed that life once it was outside my body.

      Honestly, it really helped me.

      I’m not saying that every woman must have babies or anything, of course, just that for me it really changed the way I look at my body.

      And yeah, I’m also perfectly capable of having orgasms. Multiple ones. Regularly.

      I wonder if she realizes that she’ll still need to visit a gynecologist, will still need to worry about yeast infections (probably more than most women do thanks to her mainlining of male hormones) and will still possibly get cellulite?

      Personally, I find penis-sheaths full of scars and fecal bacteria that need to be regularly dilated and douched and checked for hairballs and infectious slime and pus way, way grosser than a little menstrual blood. Perhaps I’m just strange that way.

      • I found pregnancy to be incredibly empowering as well Dorothy. This letter is truly bizarre in that she has this notion that these pseudo women which require more maintenance than a freaking Ferarri to supposedly be superior to those of us who can actually create life and sustain it with nothing more than our body. I’m starting to think testosterone is a hallucinogen.

    • I found that bit confusing, too, because she’s “neener neeener”-ing to us about things SHE herself experiences!

    • a cat Says:

      I don’t really mind the bleeding bit. Shows everything is working. And as for the no orgasms thing, I can definitely disprove this. In fact, if I wanted to, I could disprove it right now.

      I do not think this is a woman talking.

  29. “This argument might be valid if all trans women were pre op and wanted to penetrate at all costs”

    Fact 1: Many, if not most biologcial males who “identify” as women, or say they are transgender are intact males (penis, testicles)

    Fact 2: There are far more male registered sex offenders than female sex offenders. It’s well over 90% male.

    Fact 3: Most violent crime is committed by males. Again, it’s around 90%.

    Fact 4: Paraphilias are far more common in males. If people aren’t sure what paraphilias are, these are perfect examples. Imagine the terror that this poor woman felt when a man with a sexual fetish for dressing in a pink Barbie outfit tried to attack her in the women’s restroom.


    Here is another example of a paraphilia. He liked to break into women’s houses and steal women’s underwear and take photos of himself dressed in girl’s panties. He was convited or murdering two women.


    Does 2, 3, and 4 change because the male “identifies” as a woman, crossdresses, or says he is transgender. No, it does not. They offend at the same rate as other males.

    “A transexual and transvestite who raped a woman face a significant jail sentence after a judge described their case as one of the worst he had seen.

    On Friday (Jan 20), a jury of six men and six women found Clare Lawton, of Ditton Walk, Cambridge, and Peter Steel, of Sackville Close, Cambridge, guilty of rape, inflicting grievous bodily harm, burglary and unharmful wounding.”


    Cross dressing cabbie convicted of rape


    What mother would want her daughter to share a restroom with transgender registered sex offender, Paula Witherspoon?


    More links here,


  30. “and felt that way before going on t or getting those gross udders obliterated surgically. ”

    This is a human female born from the womb of a woman and she calls breasts “gross udders”. Notice how she says “obliterated surgically”. I wonder if she was nursed from “gross udders”.

    “Cow mothers bringing their already predatory male children in there and letting their boy brats peek under the stalls.”

    Is she talking about mothers who occassionally bring their one or two year old boy into the women’s restroom to change their diaper? How is a mother changing a one year old boy’s diaper predatory? Calling mothers “cows” really is misogynistic. The “T” (testosterone) must really mess with the mind.

    “Before I transitioned and got to join my hot feminine gay boyfriend in the men’s room.”

    Nothing says romance like a woman screwing a “hot feminine gay boyfriend” in the men’s room. HIV, STDs, what the heck….

    According to the CDC, gay men are still a high risk group for HIV. I’m sure women who screw gay men in men’s restrooms are really careful about HIV etc.

    “Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM)a represent approximately 2% of the United States population, yet are the population most severely affected by HIV. In 2010, young gay and bisexual men (aged 13-24 years) accounted for 72% of new HIV infections among all persons aged 13 to 24, and 30% of new infections among all gay and bisexual men. At the end of 2011, an estimated 500,022 (57%) persons living with an HIV diagnosis in the United States were gay and bisexual men, or gay and bisexual men who also inject drugs.”


  31. australopithecene Says:

    Whoa. That’s really mental.

  32. moira Says:

    So, takeaways about The World According to Super Short:

    Straight men/butch dykes =gross, aesthetically challenged sadists. Butch dykes are basically ugly, nasty, abusive straight men, but in gross horrifying female bodies with “holes.” Butch dykes have some kind of sexual dysphoria, use strap ons, and can’t be touched, but are not trans. Straight men are “lucky to be born with penis” but also “already predatory” as male children/boy brats.

    Ftms who desire women=sexual predators, similar to butch dykes but explicitly called out as rapists, use “painful fake penises”–essentially, characterized as butch dykes + T.

    Straight women/femme dykes=both masochists; straight women additionally are vapid breeders, cows, bimbos, etc. With “holes.” Also, scary.

    Gay men=misogynists, rejecting of “Jenna Jameson’s strap on pussy”, can be “hot” and “beautiful” if they are “feminine” and in “egalitarian” relationships with ftms–or at least, with OP.

    Mtfs-presumably “lucky to be born with a penis” and “don’t have to deal with all the gross parts of womanhood”; just normal nice people trying to go about their business. OP has no judgments of them at all, and they are unique in that. Noteworthy.

    OP self assessment-“unlucky enough to be born without a penis”; “stuck with a hole in front”; uses dildo to “bang men up the ass” but doesn’t consider this as “painful fake penis” or sadistic, but rather “loving, egalitarian”; seems to feel “cleaner” because of rejecting their own “gross” female body and others’ “gross” female bodies too.

    Super Short indeed on logic, internal consistency, and self-reflection. My personal take is that if this is legit from a ftm, it’s not really possible to tell her orientation from underneath this level of internalized misogyny. She actually could be a self-hating lesbian trying to “correct” herself by becoming male and partnering with males. Do not underestimate the virulence of lesbian self-hatred within this queer/trans culture. It knows no bounds. Taking the stuff Sheila Jeffreys wrote about in “Lesbian Heresy” to a really literal and extreme conclusion.

  33. @Pandora,

    “This seems very fake to me as well. A man who wants to test his misogynistic theories on feminist women and takes on the role of the transman to not be ignored. I think he’s circumgender.”

    I think that is a possibility, but I’ve read some pretty scary, misogynistic things coming out of the minds of “T” (testoserone) addled FTMs. Perhaps it’s the “T” combined with the belief that they must act in an exaggerated hyper-masculine way in order to pass, or be accepted as “men”.

    The level of internalized misogyny is really over the top, and truly frightening. How can any human female be as misogynistic as the most sexist man? It could be that we are living in one of the most misogynistic periods in modern history, and we can’t even see ourselves for what we have become. From “Fifty Shades of Grey”, pornography and BDSM glamorized to FTMs (biological females) mutilating their bodies and parroting sexist language, it’s like an Orwellian nightmare of monumental proportions. FTM “transitioning” is just one part of the neoliberal post modern attack on second wave feminism. FTM “transitioning” which mutilates healthy female anatomy can’t exist with hyper-femininity, pro-porn “Fifty Shades of Grey”, and a rape culture that devalues girls and women. FTMs are just internalized misogyny on steroids.

    People who read this blog know that Gallus rarely, if ever, posts articles about FTMs unless it’s something that is really outrageous. After all, they are still female. As much as I cringe at the language she uses, I actually feel sorry for her in a way. She might think she is cool and is in control, but she is just a victim and casuality in the ongoing neoliberal war on women.

  34. nonny Says:

    To anyone who thinks this is written by an MTT/troll/etc: very possible, of course. But- from a het female who was on T for 6+ months and ~lived as a man~ for about a year perspective: I think it’s real. (I’m totally detransitioned & had no surgery but still “read as male” when my head is shaved- I’m tall, burly, and gnc, and imo that’s ok bc gender non conforming females are rad!)

    Before waking the f— up to radical feminist thought and starting to heal from sexual trauma, I was surrounded by this bs. The thing about internalized misogyny and transition is that once you REALLY go in deep, you can delude yourself into EXTERNALIZING it. And goodness knows the dominant culture, plus misogynist MTT’s, will encourage you. Females really can get this hateful about womanhood, and this deluded (like in that last paragraph) that it doesn’t include or effect them. It is HEARTBREAKING.

    Hope this makes sense, sorry it’s so long!

  35. nuclearnight Says:

    Is she really complaining that some lesbians use strap-ons when she just admitted she straps it on and sticks it up some guy’s butt? Ew.
    Yet another example of how homophobic and lesbian-hating this shit is but as lesbians we’re supposed to welcome it with open arms and let it dominate every “lgbt” and “queer” space with nary a peep out of our mouths.

  36. Trans Male and Proud Says:

    Hey people, a real transman writing this, not some strawman you’ve concocted to make yourselves look good. I’m really sad to see how much energy and negativity you put into worrying about what other people do with their freedom to express their gender identity. What’s even worse is that you sound exactly like the far-right conservatives that you’re supposedly fighting against. I sincerely hope that one day you realise that all your hate is like a cancer and it will just eat you away. Trans people will live on and our numbers will grow, because we have always existed, it has just taken the progress of medicine and the internet for us to be able to live as we have to and share our existence with others. Odds are that you meet, know (maybe even live with) a trans person on a daily basis – but you have no idea they are trans since they don’t meet your stereotypical fantasies. Unlike this letter which so conveniently arrived in your inbox so you could all point and laugh at the “trannie.”

    Again, I am sorry that your life has been such that you have nothing better to do than to bully those less fortunate than yourselves. I do hope you reconsider how you choose to spend your time and energy, and in any case, I truly wish you well. As I’ve said repeatedly, life is too short to be filled with hate.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Are you seriously suggesting I publish this woman’s contact information? I won’t do that.

      “…we have always existed,it has just taken the progress of medicine and the internet for us to be able to live…”

      Word. Your identity is based on big pharma and the internet.

      Yay! Liberation!!! Yay Progress!

      Thanks, sister for your well wishes for your sisters. Most of us know many trans persons and most of the women commenting here are recovering from gender in one way or another. How disrespectful of you to dismiss our lived experiences! I want you to know that your dismissal of your sisters is hateful, and will eat you away like a cancer. Too bad you have nothing better to do than shit on your fellow women. I hope you reconsider how you choose to spend your time and energy shitting on other women and trying to convince bloggers to doxx your fellow F2Ts.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I love how this woman claims she is a man and that men are less fortunate than women. Female MRA!

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      You certainly sound like a “real transman”. Whiny, posturing, delusional and a laughable bore.

      “you have nothing better to do than to bully those less fortunate than yourselves”


    • kesher Says:

      Funny how we’re the bullies, but the letter writer calls us cows. I guess you think you sound reasonable, but you ignoring the vile misogyny in the original letter (misogyny which is extremely common in your movement, non-misogynistic trans “men” and trans “women” are the outliers), which is what we’re mostly responding to, reveals what you actually think.

      Eunuchs are also an “identity” that has existed throughout human history, but castrating a young boy is now considered child abuse and a violation of human rights, unless it’s done under the new! improved! gender identity of course.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Yep, we’re bullies for pointing out all the abusive language in the letter. How dare we not lie back and take it?! Bad cows!

    • LC Says:

      “so you could all point and laugh at the “trannie.””

      There’s absolutely nothing funny about this letter. It would not be funny coming from a man, and it’s tragic coming a woman. How can anyone read this and find it amusing, or not recognize it as a symptom of a psychological problem?

      “you sound exactly like the far-right conservatives that you’re supposedly fighting against”

      Weird, right? Maybe it’s because there are some things that are so obvious they transcend politics. Like biological sex.

    • a cat Says:

      What the hell, you asking our host to doxx people?

      Also, this winds me up. Look, the vast majority of trans people don’t pass, and everyone knows who you are. I know that’s shit for you because you like to maintain the illusion, but it is an illusion. Most people are not surrounded by trans who pass seamlessly, first of all because there’s not that many trans people in the first place, secondly because the passing seamlessly bit does not tend to happen.

      I think you dropped the playbook somewhere because you’re supposed, according to transactivists, to be getting killed at unimaginable levels (while cis women live lives of bliss and freedom). If this were, in fact, the case, it wouldn’t be that your numbers were *growing* precisely, would it?

      • dbrvnk Says:

        “Odds are that you meet, know (maybe even live with) a trans person on a daily basis – but you have no idea they are trans”

        I’m really interested to find out what the odds actually are. All the trans-people I’ve ever met have been ‘out’, or have identified as genderqueer/gender-fluid/trans-masculine/trans-feminine/drag queens/trannies etc rather than claiming to be an Actual Man or Actual Woman (which seems to be an important prerequisite for the ‘stealth’ fantasy). I’ve been to some trans* support groups and have encountered like, maybe one or two persons who could be considered passable? Trans people rarely if ever talk about passing (except to moan about ‘passing privilege’ or the occasional clueless M2T who stops reading as male and is shocked to find out that gender oppresses women) but, as with lady-peens (which also no one wants to talk about because it’s transphobic or something), I think it’s an important part of the equation, and something that needs to be discussed more often and more openly.

        Side note: I just noticed that Chrome doesn’t think “genderqueer” or “transphobic” are words. Same with “cisgendered”. Clearly, Google is also transphobic and probably transmisogynistic and cissexist as well.

    • Why are you so eager to lick the boot of those who hate you (i.e. men)?

    • janetwo Says:

      Most sane people don’t conflate not indulging mentally ill people in their delusions and hate. I am perfectly comfortable in a world where gravity exists and the Lockness monster is considered a fairy tale. Maybe you should try sanity for a change. Most of you don’t pass and never will pass for the other sex. I learned how to spot a dude in dress from a drag queen friend when I was 17 yo and as people will become aware of your existence, most people will learn how not to be fooled. Somebody who hate their own body, their own sex as much as you do is in no position to give lessons to others, Acceptance starts by oneself.

    • born free & female Says:

      Trans “Male” And “Proud” responds to a letter expressing contempt and disgust for women with

      “Again, I am sorry that your life has been such that you have nothing better to do than to bully”

      Strange, isn’t it, that this sentiment is directed at the women the letter is about, rather than the woman who wrote it?

      • Lemoni Says:

        “Trans Male & Proud” is probably a Green Party candidate in the UK who having outed zeselves and having levied no admiration from lesbians, women, some gay & straight males is pissed off that ze is not taken seriously as a credible Parliamentary Party Candidate PPC.The Green Party is infiltrated with lesbian women hating candidates. The language they use is very similar to the language used above.

    • Bea Says:

      Hey TransMan, I think you have mistaken us for people who give two shits about what some misogynist homophobic handmaiden says. If you really are the person who wrote this letter, you should be deeply ashamed of yourself AND seek help for your deep-seated self-hatred. Fuck off. Fuck right off.

      • Bea Says:

        Actually, we DO care, so maybe you shouldn’t publish that. A sister is a sister, even if she hates other women down to our very atoms.

  37. GallusMag Says:

    I find the disregard of detransitioned women’s voices in this thread disturbing.

  38. Bea Says:

    These “trans men” need a hefty dose of “Reviving Ophelia.” Their “dysphoria” is literally just internalized misogyny.

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