Et tu, Owen Jones?

February 25, 2015

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  1. FireWoman knocks it out of the park! Great article…

  2. a cat Says:

    Very good indeed this. I was really disappointed with Owen Jones (who I generally would recommend) and FireWomon has expressed really well the disappointment and anger I feel.

  3. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Owen Jones’s latest comment piece in The Guardian is about how men should be feminists too. His misogyny was noticed last week so now he’s rebranding himself as a feminist. He’s getting lots of cookies from women in the btl section. Trouble is Owen is one of those men who likes women to get their feminism stamped and endorsed by male approval. This is a man who wants to uphold the gender rules that oppress women, who wants to remove the women-only spaces that protect women from violence and give them space away from male policing, and who thinks that lesbians are bigoted for rejecting penis but it is homophobic to ask him if he would have sex with a pre-op transman.

    Women are no longer allowed to call themselves women but Owen is allowed to call himself a feminist. I’m sick of this postmodern world where the powerful only have to name themselves as something and it is so; men are women and misogynists are feminists. We don’t need men like Owen Jones in the feminist movement. Their presence is toxic and only exists to divide, undermine and police feminists.

    • CKDexterHaven Says:

      And, as predicted, my comment on the reasons why Jones could not be considered a feminist was removed, along with a similar comment from another poster, even though neither was abusive or broke any of the The Guardian’s rules. Women are silenced and men get to speak and that is 21st century feminism.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Censorship of women, lesbians, feminists, from public discourse, preventing us from taking our place in the public square, is the number one aim of male supremacists at this moment in history.

        The only “solution” these men have to women’s demand for humanity and equal voice is cutting out our tongues.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Men will never “hear us out” or “listen to reason”. They will never negotiate with women. This includes gay men and “transwomen” (perhaps most of all). We should keep trying to put our voices out there so other women can hear them though.

      • morag99 Says:

        ‘The only “solution” these men have to women’s demand for humanity and equal voice is cutting out our tongues.’

        This is it, in a nutshell. Women’s humanity — women as persons who speak and whose voices are heard — is a problem that these men are always working SOLVE.

        ‘Men will never “hear us out” or “listen to reason”. They will never negotiate with women. This includes gay men and “transwomen” (perhaps most of all).’

        I agree with you 100%, Gallus. How much more evidence do we need? I think this is important for all women to understand: men will NEVER negotiate with us.

        Most women reject the evidence of this reality out-of-hand, maybe because there appear to be a handful of men who are listening. As if a few anomalies could be any kind of match for such an enormous, deep-seated, intractable problem — male supremacy.

        So it takes a long, long time, and a lot of energy, for a feminist (as an individual), to arrive to this conclusion. Exactly, I suppose, because it sounds and seems so impossible: I mean, surely male human beings will stand face-to-face with female human beings and listen to reason? But, no. They don’t, and they won’t. Because, for the conversation to even begin (it hasn’t), they’d have to first concede that women ARE fully human and not a lesser form of “Man.”

      • jnkgreene Says:

        I will readily admit I am a trans woman. As I read through this site I see a ton of anger and most of it very valid anger. I guess I want you to know that not all transwomen are against you. Some of us are frustrated by the transgender umbrella that in many ways is in place to protect a cross dressers hobby which often includes getting off when entering a woman’s space like a locker room or bathroom. You have a valid concern about this. I will not candy coat it or lie to you about this, I know some in the community who do this because it is some sort of warped game. On top of that people who are convicted of violent crimes and or sexual assault are being allowed to change their name and gender and this is wrong and not safe for women. There is a middle ground here. Sadly both sides are missing that middle ground and making it an all or nothing battle. Hopefully that middle ground will be found. It would be nice if there was a federal law in place that prohibited name and gender change for violent felons. That would be a great start to protecting womens spaces IMO. I do not want to see a hobbiest violate womens spaces under the cloak of law.

      • morag99 Says:

        No, jnkgreene, there is no middle ground. Women’s humanity is not a bargaining chip.

        We are talking, here, NOT about males who identify with girls and women (is this even really possible?). We are not talking about males who listen to and empathize with women. We are not talking about the kind of men who would cross the street if they thought that the woman walking and in front of them was nervous.

        They are exactly the opposite of all that: they are males who get off on women’s subordination, anxiety and fear. They like it. They like the idea of being in female-only spaces, where the women are effectively silenced. They like that they can harass a female — young or old — with only their male presence, and that if she make a peep of protest, SHE will most likely be in the wrong.

        This is male power over female. They like it, and they enjoy calling themselves “women” while they exercise their male power. Why are women responsible for meeting their oppressors half-way? We are not.

        Don’t even try to come into a female space, such as this blog, and insinuate that we are unreasonable for not seeking a middle ground with men who show us, in their words and their actions, nothing but contempt.

      • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

        Okay, jnkgreene, what are YOU doing about it, then? What are YOU doing, in your “community,” to protect women? You’re the one with the voice there; are you using it?

      • jnkgreene Says:

        Dorothy Mantooth: “Okay, jnkgreene, what are YOU doing about it, then? What are YOU doing, in your “community,” to protect women? You’re the one with the voice there; are you using it?”

        That is a good question. I almost missed your question. I have spoken out against this sort of behavior but I run into male ego over and over. It is very frustrating to encounter because when you show them a new way of dealing with things they do not get it. They dismiss me just as much as they dismiss you. it blows me mind when others in the community turn a blind eye to the past of Woolbert and they say, she is helping our community! But you know and I know Woolbert was only out to help HIMSELF.

        There are a few of us but we are scattered all over. One other thing that happens is that many of us who are post-op and can blend in tend to disappear so it is hard to get them to fight back against the ill begotten element of our community. I can not even begin to tell you how much is turns my stomach to even refer to some of these sick twisted individuals as part of this community.

        Transsexuals are not the same as the rest and we are not anything like cross dressers.

        I guess I hope that by reaching out to you, that you all may realize that we are no all like this and some of us do recognize what you are facing.

        Here is the crux of the problem. Because I blend in with other women and I’m short I am seen by others as having privilege. In other words because I am not 6′ tall with a male build I am not seen as one of them. So anything I say is dismissed because of that.

        As I mentioned in the other post, I recently had an argument with a late transitioner over the rapist Woolbert. So I’m not silent on the matter. I try to do what I can to bring reason to the table and do speak out when I see people defending a rapist.

        To me…the ends does not justify the means. Ever.

        I have made it very clear that rapist should not be allowed to change names or gender. Same goes for violent felons. I will not back down from that. It is the right thing to do.

        This is why I can not fault you all for how you feel. You have been run over and dragged through the mud by these men. So have I.

        This is just one example of the idiocy I fight on a daily basis:

        That video is the height of selfishness. They think it is all about them. It drives me nuts.

        I am sorry this is happening to women. I hope that answers your questions. I will refrain from posting any further because I think I’m more interested in what you all are saying. Thank you for hearing me out.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Transsexuals are not the same as the rest and we are not anything like cross dressers.”

        This is untrue.

        Frank Maloney is nothing like a crossdresser because he used surgical means to femulate? Wrong.

        I’m glad you feel heard. Thank you for stopping posting now, because statements like the one quoted above are untrue and not helpful in any way.

      • jnkgreene Says:

        Gallusmag: “Transsexuals are not the same as the rest and we are not anything like cross dressers.”

        This is untrue.

        Frank Maloney is nothing like a crossdresser because he used surgical means to femulate? Wrong.

        I’m glad you feel heard. Thank you for stopping posting now, because statements like the one quoted above are untrue and not helpful in any way.”

        Well, you can throw every one in the same boat or you can recognize nuance. Good luck in your effort regardless!

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Well, you can throw every one in the same boat or you can recognize nuance. ”

        I’m throwing people now?
        I should recognize nuance in individual men’s lady-feels: Your “authentic” laydee feels vs. Frank’s “inauthentic” laydee feels?

        Okay sir. Thanks for your advice on how I should best serve men and your laydee feels. Buh-bye now.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Christ these guys are too much. Guy thinks he’s a hero (and a Real Woman) because he doesn’t support a child rapist. What a champ. Nuance!

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Seems like there’s a new “nice guy trans laydee” posting every few months, imploring that we see that the “true transsexuals” are different. What, exactly, are we supposed to do with that little nugget, anyway? Oh, good, “true transexuals” aren’t dangerous, have had grs, and aren’t trying to horn in anywhere they don’t pass. But, whoops, the kooks are still posting a danger and eroding or rights, and wouldn’tchaknowit, the nice guy transsexual is either staying silent in “stealth” mode or can’t get the trans activists to listen to them. So, of what use are these “reasonable” transsexuals?

        I just don’t see the point of these “wait, I’m different!” posts, unless the they’re just fishing for a pat on the back and an exception on getting admittance to the “woman” club. They always seem to get belligerent when they don’t get their attagirls and then flounce off or get banned.

        As usual, Gallus, your patience is impressive.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you, Teal Dear (see what I did there? x).
        I try to let everyone have their say.
        Often dissapoint.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        Ha! Love it 🙂
        It’s useful to see the “useless” posts anyway, since they normally end up peeling off the nice guy mask by the time they’re finished. It all paints a clearer picture in the end.

      • LC Says:

        I always wonder the same thing about those nice-guy posts that I try, and fail, to read without any involuntary eye rolling. What is the point? If they were really a female/feminist ally, they wouldn’t need to tell women about it. It would demonstrate itself by their words and actions.

        Do they believe all gender-critical women live in isolated female-only compounds(sounds nice…) and have never spoken to anyone else? Of course not all members of the transgender/transsexual community are identical, anymore than the statement, “men are oppressive to women” means that I couldn’t have any male friends. I do- so what? It changes nothing, other than the ability to focus on the actual problem. If the transsexual community as a whole wasn’t bothering women or causing women harm, women wouldn’t care what they were doing as individuals either.

      • Em Says:

        @jnkgreene, 7:45

        Middle ground? Huh?

        Must there be middle ground with shoe fetishists? How about latex fetishists? Coprophiliacs?

        The notion of middle ground with fetishists is meaningless. Non sequitur. Get your freak on, by all means, but go somewhere else and wank off about having a rational position to argue.

      • jnkgreene Says:

        @LC One of the reasons I chose post here was not so much for your benefit. It is a public venue. I posted here hoping that others in the community I belong too will read it and think. Hmmm maybe I am not alone in thinking that supporting a rapist is wrong.

        You all can dump all your hate on me all you want but it has no effect on me. I just figure you have suffered a lot of pain and that is the source of it so I don’t take it personally. It is the land of the free and you can call me what ever you want.

        At the end of the day I still move among you in public with out a problem. In fact, if any of you met me face to face you would not know any different. It is what is so there is no room to get mad at you for your anger when I know from what I have seen you have been provoked. I know that your natural reaction will be to attack even me. It’s cool.

      • GallusMag Says:

        JGreene you were told not to comment here again. Quite politely, as I recall.
        NOW. The NEXT time you comment here, I am going to “out” you and we can all see how well you “pass” you lying sack of shit who never saw an estrogen pill in his life.
        P.S. Hope you finally got that tractor fixed!
        GOODBYE SIR.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Disgusting man thinks LC “dumped hate” on him with her thoughtful comment. Good riddance Pig.

      • GallusMag Says:

        If I adopt a policy of only allowing “out” M2Ts to comment here it will be because of lying pig assholes like you.

        Very close to adopting this new policy, because you guys have no ethics and cannot control yourselves. You think the time of women is an infinite resource for you to waste.

        Which is bad enough. But it is also BORING. And my readers are not here to be bored by you.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Go start your own BORING fucking blog where you “pass” as female impeccably, where women who speak thoughtfully are “dumping hate on you” and men who OPPOSE CHILD RAPE are somehow HEROIC.


      • LC Says:

        Aww, thanks Gallus 🙂 Unfortunately for the mister, I don’t hate him- mild pity, at best- I haven’t suffered much personal pain from his community, and his fantasy about women attacking him in person is laughable. Fact is, I, an actual woman, won’t think about him ever again after this post… and I would suspect that offends him far more than “hatred” ever could.

      • morag99 Says:

        Lesson learned — again. And if I encouraged him, I apologize to everyone here. To give any one of these men even the slightest benefit of the doubt is, almost 100% of the time, a huge mistake.

        So, just like all the other lying sacks of shit who ghoulishly feed off women’s kindness, reasonableness, energy, pain and fear, jnkgreene came here, not to sympathize, but to fuel up.

        I spent some time today reading news articles about the identity of a certain British terrorist/murderer who has recently been “unmasked.” You know the one — I don’t want to utter his name. I bring this up because all the commentary about this British man, and what he’s been “driven” to do, places the blame on just about everyone and everything. Except that one thing that nobody ever talks about: his sex — his maleness — which is, probably, the most relevant factor. His male sociopathy. I suppose that’s too obvious for anyone to take seriously?

        Anyway, it’s coming out that before he became a mass murderer, he was a really nice guy. Gentle, thoughtful, kind, wouldn’t hurt a soul.

        I’ll be accused of hyperbole or insensitivity (or insanity) for making these connections between one type of male and another. But it IS all connected.

    • Jane (the first) Says:

      Women are no longer allowed to call themselves women but Owen is allowed to call himself a feminist. I’m sick of this postmodern world where the powerful only have to name themselves as something and it is so; men are women and misogynists are feminists.

      Likewise, transwomen are allowed to say “nothing about us without us” but class:female is not. The postmodern male left redefined the word female without a single one of us getting a say. They think as long as they allow us reproductive rights, they can treat us however they like.

      For his next trick, Owen Jones will credit transwomen with lesbians’ labor for gay men during the 1980s AIDS crisis.

    • jnkgreene Says:

      @morag99 I hear you. Let me clarify about middle ground comment. But let me say first I do recognize what you are saying because I have encountered it and have been on the receiving end. It is a male socialization that many of them are blind to and when they are approached about it they strike back with a male energy.

      I recently had an argument with a late transitioner who stood up in defense of Woolbert. This persons words to me told a story…the story was “I don’t care if Woolbert raped a person as long as I get my rights!” That frame of mind that this person had clearly told me, this is a person who is a man who likes to dress up as a woman and has no compassion for what a woman faces as long as he gets what he wants.

      I have encountered CDs who brag about getting off about being able to enter a womens bathroom. I have encountered the old transitioner who hasn’t a clue about female socialization and think that it is appropriate to barg in and say HERE I AM ACCEPT ME or else. I have seen the older transitioner use their male status as a tool to bully their way into female spaces. Any trans who says this does not happen is either blind or part of the problem.

      It is a tough spot to be in. It really is because I am thrown under that same umbrella. Yes it is possible to have a trans woman who does identify as female. I do not state this so that you validate me as a woman. I am anonymous on here so it does not have any bearing on my validation but so you may see where I am coming from. With that said, I was raised by my mother. She was a feminist and very much her own woman. She was also a survivor of rape and have seen the damage done to a woman’s spirit. I count myself as blessed that I had that socialization by her. We do exist but our numbers are small and we are way out numbered by the perverts. I see them, I recognize them. I stay as far away from them as I can. Woolbert set off all kinds of alarms when I became aware of him. There was a complete male vibe that was very much a male privilege ego driven thing.

      Coleen Francis is another example of a trans flexing male privilege. When that came out about Coleen I was very vocal that parading male junk in a sauna where kids may come through and where women were at was not ok. Coleen in my opinion was doing it because it was a sexual turn on. If I had seen it happen I would reported it as well. When I came out against Francis others in the trans community attacked me. I limit what I do for the community because of this.

      The state law protecting Francis is unjust to women. It should have never been passed and I will vote to have it over turned should it ever come up on a ballot. A penis in a locker room is a threat.

      I’m not saying you are unreasonable. You are under attack and have every right to defend your space. I recognize your concerns. There is a large number in the trans community who are threatening to you, I totally get that. I’m simply saying I wish there was a middle ground where women could feel safe and the perverts are removed as a threat. But the reality is, the males in the trans camp will not relent and you will have to push back twice as hard.

      I am not worried about my rights. I am post-op and blend in and I know where my place is. If that makes me sound delusional then well not much I can do about that.

      My apologies if have offended you. I do hope that you hold your ground and fight for your rights as I place the blame squarely on the back of males flexing their privilege and they should be pushed back.

      Best of luck on this.

      • morag99 Says:

        Thank you for clarifying, jnkgreene. It sounds like you understand the situation quite well.

        My primary concern, obviously, is for all girls and women, for myself, and for lesbians whose spaces and bodies are being specifically targeted by male transgenderists. But, I do also have sympathy for non-autogynephilic transsexuals who quietly blend in, because, yes, you are outnumbered by the perverts. I know that the trans brigade attack anyone who speaks the truth about their sickness, and anyone who speaks in defence of girls and women. Heck, I even sympathize with Conservative Christians whose protests are dismissed on the basis of their beliefs (beliefs with which I do not agree); it’s not fair to them because their concerns about protecting sex-segregated facilities are as secular as our own.

        As many people as possible should be pushing back against these beastly, narcissistic men. And, that’s what hurts the most: that, in general, women’s reasonable concerns are labelled bigoted, or dismissed as ridiculous and silly. It’s misogyny and sexism on all sides, and a very small group of sick men are pulling all the strings. They couldn’t do it without passive assent from the public and active support from their allies.

  4. australopithecene Says:

    Maybe a bit off topic. Have you seen this, Gallus?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Folks there are two ways to do a topic search on GenderTrender. Either through the search bar in the lower right sidebar, or by using google or another search engine.

  5. Juliana D Says:

    Thanks for calling out Owen Jones. I read his Stonewall article with gritted teeth. And now you have exposed his hypocrisy in such a fantastic way. Thanks, Firewomon.

  6. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Here’s the comment I left at Firewomon’s site:

    I realize this was only part of the focus of this post, but thank you for shining a light on the overwhelming misogyny and female erasure allowed at LGBT news sites. How am I, as a lesbian, supposed to feel supported and included when the most vicious anti-female slurs are allowed in comments sections?! (Even with articles that have nothing to do with trans issues.) Or come out of the mouths (and tweets) of the site owners? Benjamin Cohen’s simpering, cowardly little “I’m just sharing what ‘Sarah’ tweeted is all” speaks volumes about the infantile, bullying mindset of these men.

    The appropriation of the civil rights movement in America is stomach-churning, from non-Americans, no less.

    This was an excellent and professional breakdown. Thanks again.

    • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

      Funnily (or infuriatingly, is more accurate) enough, yesterday I followed a link on a news site to the website for the “National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs.” I had a look at their “Resources,” which is I guess their posting of news stories involving violence against the “LGBTQ” community (I put it in quotes because it’s obvious there’s at least one letter there they don’t give two fucks about).

      Here, check it out:

      Read the headlines.

      Notice anything?

      Here, I’ll copy a few. See if anything strikes you.

      NCAVP learns of the intimate partner violence homicide of Omar Mendez in Lawrence, Massachusetts

      NCAVP mourns the intimate partner violence homicide of Kristina Gomez Reinwald of Miami, Florida; the sixth homicide of a transgender woman of color NCAVP has responded to in 2015

      NCAVP mourns the homicide of Bri Golec of Akron, Ohio*

      NCAVP has learned of the stalking-related homicide of Lisa Trubnikova in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

      NCAVP mourns the homicide of Penny Proud, a transgender woman of color killed in New Orleans, Louisiana; the fifth homicide of a transgender woman of color that NCAVP has responded to in 2015

      …see anything yet? Here’s more.

      NCAVP mourns the homicide of Taja Gabrielle de Jesus, a transgender woman of color killed in San Francisco, California; the fourth homicide of a transgender woman of color that NCAVP has responded to in 2015

      NCAVP has learned of the intimate partner violence homicide of Ashley Belle in Atlanta, Georgia

      NCAVP mourns the homicide of Yazmin Vash Payne, a transgender woman of color killed in Los Angeles, California; the third homicide of a transgender woman of color that NCAVP has responded to in 2015

      …so you see, the deaths of transgender people are MOURNED. The deaths of lesbians and gay men are LEARNED OF.

      Keep going, and read their headlines. This pattern holds in every story, with one or two minor exceptions–the death of a merely “queer” teen of color is mourned, for example, but not one female death is “mourned.” They’re all just “learned of.”

      I guess the deaths of born women aren’t something to worry or feel bad about.

      (*they did update their Brian Golec story to clarify that he may not have been trans, but they’d already started mourning his death [as opposed to just learning about it the way they do when lesbians or gay men die] so they left their headline intact.)

      How in the hell can this site–which is responsible for that utter bullshit “more trans people die than women” story–justify that blatant linguistic discrimination?

      I commented about the headlines on the news article that linked to and quoted the NCAVP. Oddly enough, my comment was deleted.

      I swear to fucking god it makes me want to scream.

      • morag99 Says:

        Dorothy, that is just incredible! How could such consistency be a mistake or meaningless coincidence? It’s also darkly funny that they accidentally mourned Brian Golec because they were operating under the assumption that he identified as “Bri” — as trans.

        Naturally they deleted your comment. It will be interesting to see, however, if they change their tune due to being exposed on Gendertrender. And, when I say “change their tune” I just mean better conceal their pro-trans, anti-lesbian/gay agenda.

        “Oppressed transwomen” my foot. If they are white, heterosexual (pretend lesbians), and well-heeled, they are doing just fine. More than fine, they are quite obviously taking over LGBT organizations.

      • Dorothy Mantooth Says:

        Morag99, I honestly couldn’t believe I was seeing it right (I shouldn’t have been so shocked, I know, but still). I went back pages and pages, hoping I was just seeing a coincidence, or that they simply chose “mourned” vs. “learned of” in an every-other-story type of pattern, or something. But no. With few exceptions, the deaths of women and gay men are “learned of” or “reported,” whereas the deaths of transgender people are universally “mourned.”

        The NCAVP feels that the domestic violence murders (or other murders) of women are only worth mourning if that women is really a man.

        Any domestic violence death is a horrible thing. There is nothing inherently special about M2Ts who die at the hands of their partners that makes them worth so much extra attention. Honestly, you’d think they’d consider this some kind of validation: look, M2Ts are being killed by men just like real women! Victory for them! They’re finally being treated like real women!

        But no, as is always the case, they know they’re not women, and the press knows they’re not women, so their deaths are special. And as is always the case, they feel entitled to the “benefits” and “fun parts” of being female, but feel they should be exempt from any of the responsibilities or drawbacks.

  7. Keep on sucking Uncle Sarah’s pickled balls, Ben. His yacht rides aren’t free ya know.

  8. And LOL at Owen’s hand-wringing over lesbian refusal to suck cock and then apparent reluctance to perform cunnilingus on transmen… awww, poor, illogical baby puts forth an argument without thinking it through.

    • a cat Says:

      Yeah, that was great. “Lesbians are evil for not having sex with transwomen and you’re homophobic for suggesting that means I, a gay man, should be having sex with transmen”. The hypocrisy couldn’t be clearer.

      I have a theory about his half thought through argument, which is basically just that he’s seen so many of his fellow Grauniad columnists dinged for not being supportive enough of trans people that he’s decided to get his defence in first. It’s a lazy piece, it’s internally inconsistent and he’s listened to two people in the course of writing it who I wouldn’t trust if they told me the sky was blue, because he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about and nor does he care. He wants to make sure he is ideologically unassailable and most of all, he wants to say “Do it to Julia, don’t do it to me”.

      Probably got a book in the works or something. He’s a person who I had previously a lot of respect for – he did something I know of personally which I greatly respect – so I hope he can come to see reason on this one.

      • I have a theory … I hope he can come to see reason on this one

        Partly I think it is cowardice and pathetic hypocrisy, but largely it is the same old bros before hos stance. Men will only make a token effort to support the idea of women’s humanity as long as it has approval from the men who are important to them. They’ll go up against the “wrong sort” of man to an extent, but only because it’s a dick-waving contest between boy-gangs, and women as fully human are secondary to that.

        Personally not disappointed in Jones as hope in men is not ever there in the first place in my world.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        Agree with parallelexistence comment.

        I honestly wish men and boys would piss off somewhere else. I wish they would all go missing. They can rip each other to shreds in their new territory; oh, and, don’t forget your handmaidens.

  9. coelacanth Says:

    The writer of this article said: “Nobody calls gay men ‘transphobic’ for not having sex with trans ‘men’. There is no ‘cotton ceiling’ equivalent for gay men.”

    This is absolutely not true!

    Gay men’s and lesbians’ actual history has been so rewritten and so twisted by Queer Trans; and as a gay man myself I watched as most gay men sold out lesbians and all women to trans over and over again. However, since Gendertrender serves as one of the only online historical repositories for the truth on these issues to be recorded, documented and archived – saved for the future when people will want to learn what really happened during the Insane QueerTrans Era, it is imperative that any factual inaccuracies be addressed, and this is one big one.

    Read these two articles from the “LGBTQueer press” from 2006/2007 where the apparatchiks of Queer People Inc. who wrote the articles provide evidence that the cotton ceiling actually happened for gay men exactly as it happened for lesbian women. Although gay men have sold out women and lesbians to trans, these same gay men first sold out other gay men to QueerTrans and with a nasty vengeance.

    Money Quote: “He brags, “I fool everyone, and I confess it makes me feel like a man.” Jesse laughs and agrees with me when I suggest that tricking gays is his biggest sexual thrill.

    When I and others wrote letters saying these acts of fooling gay men into having sex without our knowledge was assault, trans men wrote that our words were killing trans and driving them to suicide and violent deaths so shut up. And silenced we were when our comments were deleted from the articles’ archives.

    Money Quote: “Many at the baths and other men’s sexual spaces have little awareness of trans issues and lingering misogyny means some gay men can’t cope with any female anatomy, even on another masculine guy.”

    The queer theory ideology that homosexual male rejection of the vagina is because of misogyny is one that is identical in argument to that of fundamentalist religionists who said fear of the vagina prevents gay men from just doing it with women (and being normal). Note the alignment again of Queer Trans ideology and that of the fundamentalist right wing – both groups want homosexuals exterminated though for completely different reasons.

    The letter this week to Gallus from the “gay transman” whose roid rage psychosis is a textbook perfect demonstration of the relentlessly deranged reality that gay men have been living with for the past 10 or more years in relation to the cotton ceiling.

    So the statement that — “Nobody calls gay men ‘transphobic’ for not having sex with trans ‘men’. There is no ‘cotton ceiling’ equivalent for gay men.” – is not true.

    Indeed it is precisely this “transphobic cotton ceiling” for gay men that has destroyed the gay men’s community and left nothing but Queer and Trans lackeys, apologists, pan-bi-sexual male colonists and other carrion bottomfeeders who devour with glee what is left of our homosexual corpses. Such socio-sexual bottomfeeders are exemplified best by an “artwork” made by an M2T “artist” that showed a picture of a vagina with the caption “What Are You Afraid Of, Faggots?” Cotton ceiling as extermination camp.

    Your nightmare continues for you as lesbians and women to fight against.

    Ours is over: Gay men (male homosexuals) as a group is dead.

    • So women are trying to be men by becoming sexual predators. Great. Not everything about men is worth emulating, transmen.

      • morag99 Says:

        A while back, Dirt wrote a blog post about a semi-famous, ex-lesbian-feminist “transman” writer who had waxed lyrical about “his” testosterone-fuelled urge to rape women. “He” patted himself on the back for reminding himself that raping women is not nice. What a swell guy.

        It sounds like some “gay” transmen sublimate this rape-urge into a different form of predation: trickery. Then they brag about it. Disgusting.

    • I'm No Cissie Says:

      Related: after observing some of the cotton ceiling bullying and other attempts to shout down women, I kept thinking to myself, “Huh, let MtT just try this with straight men. Bet they steer very clear of having these kinds of debates with men.”

      Well, turns out that isn’t exactly true, either.

      I’ve since seen tw and their allies insisting that they have no duty to disclose their status to potential male partners, like, ever, or maybe until such time as the non-trans man wants to procreate. Also, trans advocates telling straight males that desiring actual women vs trans women is “stupid” “petty” “hateful” “invasive of privacy” and of course “transphobic”. And that lack of disclosure by a trans partner causes “no real harm” to the other person.

      “If you love and care for someone, why would you care about their bits?”

      Words in quotes are all exact quotes from discussions I have seen online involving hetero men and trans advocates.

      Of course, it may not go so well for them if they amp it up and attempt to sexually terrorize the hetero male community to the degree they are sexually terrorizing lesbians and trivializing the concerns of all women who want privacy, separate space and a voice to advocate for our own concerns. Perhaps they are tempering their boundary violation with men…since those who act it out tend to end up dead or seriously injured at the hands of men.

      I make this comment not in an “oh, they do it to men, too” kind of way but to demonstrate how boundless the lack of ethics, lack of empathy and willingness to manipulate and shame others into accepting pathological behavior is in this community of “activists”.

      People must be free to love who they choose – except when a trans person wants you to love them. Then you must submit to being deceived, bullied or brainwashed and if you don’t accept their orthodoxy and perform proper doublethink, you will be shunned from liberal polite society.

      • The cynic in me suspects that the general public will reach peak trans when male transgenders systemically start sexually terrorizing straight men as they currently do to lesbians, as you say.

      • “I make this comment not in an “oh, they do it to men, too” kind of way but to demonstrate how boundless the lack of ethics, lack of empathy and willingness to manipulate and shame others into accepting pathological behavior is in this community of “activists”.”

        Because this community is full of abusers, narcissists and people with severe other untreated mental health issues. I don’t know if it will be possible for “normal” trans people to get accepted in society when these sick and twisted individuals exist. The violent monsters are the loudest. They bully, harass, insult, stalk everyone disagrees in the slightest. This is NOT good for the trans community as a whole. How long can allies deal with constantly walking on eggshells? How long can you ignore logic and common sense? How long can you play along with their delusion and deny reality?

        The trans community is it’s own worst enemy. You can’t forbid critical thinking. People will think for themselves and eventually wake up.

        That’s why it’s good and very important that blogs like gendertrender exist. Show people the bullshit trans activists say and do.

      • By the way, isn’t having sex with someone under false pretenses rape?

      • kesher Says:

        I’ve even seen them claim they don’t “have to” disclose even when their genitalia doesn’t conform to what their partner is expecting. Good luck with that. I’ll never be an apologist for male violence, but that level of delusion seems like suicide by proxy.

      • fatima Says:

        I see this sometimes on reddit. They say a man who loses interest in a woman after finding out she’s trans is a transphobic bigot. Sometimes they’ll even call him hateful. Then they say wanting to have children is only a valid excuse if he would also dump a real woman for being sterile. They get a decent amount of support from what I assume are male redditors. I haven’t seen them demand hetero men accept penises as female though. Maybe one day…

        Many don’t want to date men who are openly into transwomen. I’ve always been sympathetic to this, thinking it was to avoid fetishizers, who are awful for any woman to deal with, but now I’m wondering if the preference for nonqueer men is due to narcissism and their obsession with having their identities validated.

      • @fatima

        “Many don’t want to date men who are openly into transwomen. I’ve always been sympathetic to this, thinking it was to avoid fetishizers, who are awful for any woman to deal with, but now I’m wondering if the preference for nonqueer men is due to narcissism and their obsession with having their identities validated.”

        I always assumed it was the latter. It didn’t occur to me that transgender males might also be put off by creepy fetishists… If that’s the case, IRONY!

      • born free & female Says:

        “I’m wondering if the preference for nonqueer men is due to narcissism and their obsession with having their identities validated.”

        I certainly think that’s why the “lesbian” MtFs are so obsessed with the holy grail of lesbians’ vaginas – straight and bisexual vaginas just aren’t as validating.

      • Linda Says:

        “If you love and care for someone, why would you care about their bits?”

        What a typically non-logic statement. Clearly they care lots about “bits”, they are obsessed with “bits”.

    • “When I and others wrote letters saying these acts of fooling gay men into having sex without our knowledge was assault, trans men wrote that our words were killing trans and driving them to suicide and violent deaths so shut up.”

      That’s what abusers do. They talk about suicide to get what they want. Emotional manipulation. Never fall for it.

      “The queer theory ideology that homosexual male rejection of the vagina is because of misogyny is one that is identical in argument to that of fundamentalist religionists who said fear of the vagina prevents gay men from just doing it with women (and being normal). ”

      Trans women on the other hand say that lesbians rejection of penises are the fault of society. Because it’s clearly society that prevents lesbians and gays from being attracted to the other sex.

      “So the statement that — “Nobody calls gay men ‘transphobic’ for not having sex with trans ‘men’. There is no ‘cotton ceiling’ equivalent for gay men.” – is not true.”

      I agree. While I didn’t know that it was already a problem in 2006 – I know from several websites that trans men call gay men transphobix/cissexist for not being attracted to them.

      But after all the bullshit I have seen – I still think lesbians have it way worse.

      • kesher Says:

        The suicide threats are really something, aren’t they? Considering that the vast majority of people who follow through with suicide never make threats and never give much of an indication that they want to commit suicide, other than perhaps struggling with depression for some time. Most suicidal people never even leave notes. For most, suicide is a relatively sudden decision that didn’t leave much warning for the people who cared about the person.

        I know that the survivors of people who commit suicide, family, friends, and other loved ones, struggle with the feeling that they are somehow to blame, that maybe there was something they could have/should have done to prevent it. But that’s really unfair of them to feel that way, because, like I said, most suicidal people don’t give much warning, and certainly don’t issue threats.

  10. Zemskull Says:

    Hi Gallus: Speaking of severed testicles, is there a politically neutral or medically-based source that can give statistics about specific medical and anatomical details regarding MTTs? For example, what percentage keep their penises, and of those, how many can have erections?

    I have found that while MTTs will fervently debate sociological issues such as the ones raised here, they avoid discussing the medical and anatomical aspects of their transitions. Is this because they realize that the procedures may be considered brutal, unreliable, insufficient and/or grotesque? They’ve used the justification that “nobody wants to discuss their genitals” but I have found that not to be the case with born-women. A born-woman who mentions having vague “female problems” will generally provide more detail if asked.

  11. Ashland Avenue Says:

    On a different note, what is it about that “Sarah” Brown guy that makes him look perpetually in need of a bath? Dude, go…go wash up. Blech.

    Yes, yes, I realize that criticizing someone’s appearance is not a very nice thing to do, and I generally don’t do it. Matter of fact, the only people I do it to are women-hating men, so what do the kids say nowadays? #sorrynotsorry, or some such shit? Whatever. Dude, go shower.

    • margaret Says:

      maybe sarah could be awarded the Second Annual Academy Award GenderTrender Makeover next year !! stay tuned ,,,

    • A lot of them look unwashed to me. Every time I see a picture my nose turns up because they look like they would smell. I think it’s the estrogen that makes them look greasy. I know as my estrogen levels are dropping off my skin is getting dry. If they had a better understanding of womanhood they would know that it’s not normal for middle-aged people to have such high levels and maybe that would help with the oil thing. Then again, maybe they just don’t wash.

      • shediogenes Says:

        Lets give the poor trans credit, spending day and night holed up in grandma’s basement policing women on the internets takes lots of time and dedication (with an occassional respite to beat one out to forced feminization porn) and the poor dears lose track of time and other petty little concerns like bathing, housekeeping and paying the rent grandma was promised 6 months ago. If I were a hyperbolic social justice warrior I would probably be a little greasy too.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hello Roslynholcomb: I worked with an MTT who had an intense body odor problem. In fact, the supervisor actually sent this person home once for it. I suspect that the hormonal treatments were causing it.

  12. Atranswidow Says:

    Just a year ago when i was trying to make sense of the trans issue as far as it affected me and my kids I had a plan B of returning to the UK. Cambridge seemed like a good place to start over. A bit of internet research later I discovered ‘Sarah’ Brown, Cambridge’s and Britain’s first locally elected, openly trans politician. (Time to rethink plan B.) I remember vividly his tweets that evening, which included a string of selfies from the bath tub. So, just saying, maybe it’s better if he stays unwashed and doesn’t inflict his bath time on the unsuspecting.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Good grief, seriously?! He did that?!

      I think I’ve said this before about Brown, but as an American, I’m left stunned by his actions like posting selfies from his bathtub while bathing. How on earth did his constituents respond to that?! That kind of bizarre behavior would set up an immediate call for his resignation here, and if he refused, then a recall campaign. Not because our politicians’ behavior is beyond reproach (ha ha! HARDLY), but because he would be making his party look bad. Plus, yeah, there’d be real concerns about his mental health and fitness for office. His behavior is just…beyond wack. What a stain on his party. I can’t remember, is he still in office? (Yeah, I’m being completely lazy by not Googling to find out, but I just don’t feel like looking at his woman-hating face.)

      • kesher Says:

        I think Brown got ousted. Although possibly from an overall political shift, not because the party got fed up with his antics. It makes me wonder if the party desperately wanted to be rid of him, “couldn’t” do so because “transmisogyny!!!”, and breathed a sigh of relief when the political tides changed.

        Does the UK have any kind of sex parity requirement for parliament and other councils? Do the trans get seats on that basis, of being “women”?

      • a cat Says:

        Kesher, that depends on the party – there is no legal requirement for parity. Some parties have that or are working towards it, others don’t.

        “Sarah” is a Lib Dem (Liberal Democrat) which is one of the two coalition parties (we presently have a coalition attempting to run our Government). The Lib Dems are nothing like as left wing as they sound to Americans – for a start they’re in coalition with the Conservative Party – and are widely despised, “Sarah” fell victim to that, as well as being a shit politician.

  13. Erish Says:

    Long time reader/lurker, first time commenter here. I am writing because I was just made aware of this article, which is published in an official site of the American Counseling Association. I am torn between either resigning my membership or writing a reality-based rebuttal. The definitions section alone is hysterical.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Jesus. If you decide to speak, please post your rebuttal, or a link to it, here. Thanks.

      Also, related site that may be of interest to those in the therapeutic professions:

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Hi Erish, and welcome. That article was so full of wrong. But this: “An overwhelming 41 percent of black transgender individuals reported being incarcerated ‘due only to gender identity/expression.'”

      Um, no. They’re in the pokey because they did something illegal. And when I see a ridiculous statement like that in an article, it makes me then not believe any – ANY – of the other “facts” or “statistics” presented.

      One other thing – the article is written by Stephen P. Hebard and AJ Hebard. The footnotes state that AJ is “is a transgender counselor education master’s student…” Plus, a little Googly-woo, and I come across a picture of AJ, who’s obviously MtT. So what we have here is some dude who decided he’s a woman, and he edumacated his daddy on what being a woman is all about. And we’re supposed to accept their definition. Ain’t gonna happen, boys.

      Wait, I lied, one more thing – Stephen’s credentials are listed as “a licensed professional counselor associate in North Carolina, a national certified counselor and a doctoral candidate of the Counselor Education Department at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.” Which means what, exactly? Is he a psychologist, a licensed clinical social worker, or what the hell? Anyone?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Race and class has an enormous impact on who is incarcerated. (I know you know this Ashland, but I did not want it to be left unremarked).

      • AreUSayingWhatUThink Says:

        Perhaps he is a brother, not a dad: Stephen Hebard

        Counselor Education Doctoral Student at UNCG

        Greensboro, North Carolina
        Mental Health Care


        The Institute to Promote Athlete Health and Wellness


        Cone Health Behavioral Health Hospital,
        The University of North Carolina at Greensboro,
        Presbyterian Counseling Center


        The University of North Carolina at Greensboro


      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Oh, too true, Gallus, tragically. But that statement reads as if the sole reason those men are in jail is because of their crossdressing habits. Which leaves me with a couple of questions: under what law could they possibly have been sentenced; and if there was possibly some way they could’ve been sentenced to jail for simply being GNC, what judge is going to waste jail space on that, with our jails so crowded they’re releasing violent felons?

        Now, if they did something illegal and ended up being sentenced to jail vs. a white guy who committed the same crime but didn’t cross-dress, that’s a different point altogether. And much more believable. But that’s not how the “fact” was presented in that article. Okay, maybe I’m nitpicking over semantics, but I think semantics are important when presenting the reader with what is supposed to be factual information. I’ll stop being the Nitpick Police now. 😉

      • kesher Says:

        How does it even work to be imprisoned solely for “gender identity/expression”? The two best guesses I have are that many are incarcerated for prostitution (where they are “merely” expressing their womanhood), although that’s a little hard to believe since prostitution rarely involves more than a brief stint in jail, not prison; or they’re incarcerated for stealing money to fund their “gender affirming” activities. Given the way MTTs always manage to make themselves out to be the victims, I think I’m going with the latter theory.

      • I would imagine that some states still have some “morals” crimes on the books, but I thought tjose had all been overturned by the SCOTUS, but I could be wrong. I’ve heard of trans being questioned by law enforcement because being dressed in “feminine” clothing makes them suspicious as prostitutes. However, I can’t imagine anyone bring arrested, though I suppose it’s possible. My guess though, given the proclivity for trans women of college r to be prostitutes, they’re probably jailed for that. I know that cops harass prostitutes of all sexes and genders, so I don’t think these people are being harassed because they’re trans. Cops shake down prostitutes all the time, they also rape and sexually abuse them. Unfortunately that is pretty much universal for prostituted people.

      • I'm No Cissie Says:

        Yeah, Janet Mock seems to have considered her stint in prostitution as part of her “gender expression” so most likely some of those 41% do also.

        Mock thinks her sexual abuse “affirmed her gender”, too. And these are the folks who want to hijack the fight for women’s rights.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        “Yeah, Janet Mock seems to have considered her stint in prostitution as part of her “gender expression” so most likely some of those 41% do also.”

        “Mock thinks her sexual abuse “affirmed her gender”, too. And these are the folks who want to hijack the fight for women’s rights”

        Mock isn’t a “she”. HE is a grown man. HE, HIM, HIS.

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      I was going to take the whole thing apart, but there’s so much inanity I only had the energy for this:

      “Cisgender: Someone who identifies with the gender they were assigned at birth (not transgender).”


      “Transgender: Someone who does not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth or whose expression of gender differs from societal expectations.”

      So, according to these definitions, identity overrides biological sex, but social expectations override identity. That brings us right back to the anyone who doesn’t conform to sexist stereotypes isn’t a real woman or a real man. How very progressive.

      • Jane (the first) Says:

        The authors either conflate sex and gender, or accept the trans diktat that sex is a construct and only gender is real.

        Jesus Christ:

        To be competent and respectful in working with transgender people, it is helpful to identify their preferred words. This can primarily be done through social media, where transgender people speak loudly and unstifled by the threat of violence that is sometimes posed in face-to-face conversations. Engaging with sites such as, Twitter and Tumblr, reading blogs, watching YouTube, learning from transgender people themselves, referring to self-identification and being open to listen are all strategies for expanding one’s understanding of transgender issues.

        LOL at recommending Black Girl Dangerous, the website of Mia McKenzie, who started the “no shared girlhood” hashtag.

        Trans hate it when we compare their paraphilias to anorexia, but tough shit. This is the equivalent of shrinks advising each other to accept instruction from pro-ana bloggers. Sane adults can see that the internet amplifies extreme, nutty voices. Any shrink advising his peers to learn from the flying monkeys of Twitter and Tumblr (h/t Roslyn) needs help himself. Either one or both of the authors are trans, or they are quacks seeking to exploit that market.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Jane: The anorexia analogy is a good one. To my knowledge, in the US, transgenderism is the only psychological disorder in which treatment protocol calls to surgically conform the physical to the mental. Taking your anorexia example further, no doctor in the US who wishes to keep his or her license will perform weight loss surgery on a 100-pound anorexic adult woman. Even overweight patients in the 30-35 BMI range– low obesity–have difficulty finding a surgeon to perform the surgery, let alone receive coverage for it.

      • Erish Says:

        As a therapist one of my primary goals is to help clients check their feelings against reality, and to learn how to stay connected to reality despite what their depression/anxiety/eating disorder/whatever might be having them believe. That is my frustration with this whole article. The complete denial of reality that it represents. I cannot for the life of me figure out how accepting delusions as real can be therapeutic.

    • Elle Says:

      Thanks for posting the link, Erish. I can’t people are buying this steaming pile of BS. But they are.

      From the article:
      “Your body is your own, and you can define it how you like.”

      So . . . if I have cancer but choose to define my body as cancer-free, that will make it so?

  14. Atranswidow Says:

    To Kesher,
    There are no quotas in the UK for seats at a parliamentary level. However political parties can adopt their own quota system. The Labour Party policy is that 50% of all winnable seats will be selected from All Women Shortlists. The current situation in the Labour party for candidate selection this year so far is here
    Interesting that the breakdown for 2010 showed no LGBT candidates, whereas for 2015 so far it includes 4.5% LGBT. I stand to be corrected, but as far as I know none of those classed as LGBT are openly L, G, or B, as far as their candidacy is concerned, leaving 4.5% candidates to be T. Of those 4.5% T I am assuming, and I again stand to be corrected, all are MtT and not FtT. Whilst I applaud the Labour Party’s efforts to be inclusive there is still no parity in representation for women and the T is over represented. The current breakdown simply on the basis of male or female candidate is 61.4% male and 38.6% female. I am no statistician, but the 4.5% LGBT must be included in either one of the male or female categories. So the answer to your last question, in relation at least to Labour party statistics, is yes.

    • kesher Says:

      Thanks for the clarification. I figured that if there was a quota system, it would be at the party level, not something mandated by government, but I also wasn’t sure.

      • To add to what atranswidow said, the main political parties as well as Greens, UKIP, SNP and I think Plaid, will all recognise men who “identify as women” to be women.

        So this has an impact on shortlists, with men as usual taking over the limited resources and provisions made for women.

        It’s also another way that the trans lobby are getting themselves into positions of influence and policy, without any questioning from the mainstream around the ridiculousness of it all – never mind the misogyny, homophobia and creepy abuse tied up with the teen and child transing that the cult/activists are pushing.

        The “left” in particular needs to wake up to this, just like the PIE horrors it was lesbians and radfems who were at the forefront of those speaking up against that.

  15. neme Says:

    Ben Cohen has the autogynephile smirk.

    • morag99 Says:

      I lasted 20 minutes before I had to turn off the TV. Propaganda, indeed. Using children that way!

      Little boys who just want to wear skirts and play with dolls. A little girl who thinks breasts are “gross” and wants to be more like her brothers. So begins the process of fitting the child’s body to the sex-role …

      And, ugh … the grown-up transwomen interviewed are presented as thoroughly pornified. Short skirts and thigh-high boots = Woman.


      Blubber-brained Canadians — who have learned that, in order to be perceived by others as tolerant and accepting, one must never, ever be critical or ask questions — will eat up this shit and ask for seconds.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        That is utterly terrifying, Bea! I get less and less comfortable with the donor mark on my ID as I hear what new Frankenstein-like horrors the medical establishment is working on.

      • morag99 Says:

        I’m speechless about this.

        “There might be an ethical quagmire there. I’m not getting into it, I’ll leave that to society.”

        An ethical quagmire you say? Gee, do you think so, Mr. Scientist? Yeah, just leave that messy business to somebody else. Everybody should hush while the brilliant men of the world work on making nightmare scenarios a reality.

      • Oh shit Teal Deer, I hadn’t even thought about that. Definitely changing my donor marker today! I really don’t care what happens to my body after death. Had planned to be cremated anyway, but the idea of some porn sick freak running around in it is absolutely nauseating. Fortunately so many of the ones who could afford such are white and wouldn’t want a black woman’s body, anyway, but just in case.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        They’re going to have to come up with detailed consent forms for donors as standard practice if they want to keep donor numbers up. I would not be okay with full-body or reproductive organ donation myself. Where does this Frankendoctor plan to get bodies, anyway?

      • I wasn’t sure if I should become a donor, and now I know: I should NOT. At least until this Frankenstein shit stops (probably never). This “head transplant” crap is making the news around here and I predict a big drop in donors will follow.

      • Bea Says:

        But think of how much more oppressed a white laydee would be if he had a black woman’s body! *shudders*

        I changed my donor status. I’m frankly even concerned about being in a relatively mild accident, going to the hospital, and them deciding my organs would be better off in some rich, male CEO.

      • BadDyke Says:

        I think this idiot has watched too many episodes of Futurama.

        Interesting though that medics are okay making critical comments about this suggestion (they won’t have any significant function with a head transplant), but still aren’t so critical when it comes to the ‘ordinary’ attempts at trans surgery — because we ALL know that is just motivated by the usual sexist crap — lack of penis equals female, and a mangina is (almost) fully functional as long as you can fuck it! Tits were ALWAYS just cosmetic and artificial anyway, given how fond men seem to be of the inflated variety…………..I guess you could say that child-bearing aside, female functionality as far as males were concerned, was always pretty much eye candy and fuckability, so since their surgery (at best) can achieve that, job done!

        I think the possibility of male recipients of uterus transplants is more of a worry than this head-transplant nutter, but at least the potential ethical issues with uterus transplants have been addressed, as I think I mentioned here previously (i.e. the recipient has to be genetically female and I think they were talking about just the uterus, NOT the ovaries as well and only on a temporary basis during gestation).

  16. Derrick Jensen Says:

    As well as being insulting, vile, disgusting, and misogynistic, “Suck my formaldehyde pickled balls” is also openly necrophiliac, literally: he wants someone to perform a sex act on dead tissue.

  17. Sarah L Nield Says:

    First time poster here. I arrived here on a recommendation from an ex girlfriend now good friend. I am a woman born woman a lesbian born in the early 1960s and at one time considered myself an ally of the trans community. I had many trans friends.
    I am not sure when it set in. The truth. Hard for me to admit even now. Maybe it was the statistics. The number of MtoT murdered were shocking. It didn’t seem possible. The only thing I could think of was, ‘well, they’re being treated as women’. It must be. They must look enough like women to be attacked because women being attacked on the street for being women is a regular event.
    So I did what I thought was the right thing. I posted in a comment section lamenting the murders, in solace,”that’s how it is being a woman”.
    Well! There was nothing sisterly in their responses. The MRAs I’ve been in on-line debates with were less cruel and violent. Being lectured to by a know it all headmaster type beats MtoT assaults any time. “A fat ugly smelly dyke too ugly to rape” were about the kindest comment.
    Slowly, bit by bit. Working away at my defences. I used to say, “they’ve more right to be upset than me”. And then it was like cold water on me, “Why? Can a man who has had cosmetic surgery to alter their appearance have it worse than any woman could”?
    So, because I an analytical type, I tried an experiment. There was one MtoT on some site going on about “how hard to was to be a woman” because they wore tight skirts and heels and had to keep their hair long. I put, “try having a period”.
    You can imagine the response.
    Don’t you know some women don’t have periods/don’t have vaginas/can’t reproduce. Not all women are XX?
    Yes, but no intersexed person has XY chromosomes and a fully functioning penis they have used to father babies on a woman! Intersexed conditions are actual biological conditions that can be mapped and studied through physical examinations and blood tests.
    That was the beginning of the end. These MtoT are little daddies, as my mother says, little dictators, who have co opted the woman’s experience, changed the rules, and made it their own. Like they have always done.
    They are telling us with our periods and breasts and vaginas and uteruses and XX chromosomes and centuries of being persecuted that they know what it’s like to be a woman because they watched their little sisters playing when they were small boys and copied.
    I have been reading some of the articles over at Transgender Reality, how trans people on reddit advice forums will not leave kids alone to even question. A kid likes wearing traditionally masculine clothes and writes wondering why. TRANSITION! Another kid sometimes imagines himself as a woman when he is sexually aroused. TRANSITION! A kid begins to find peace of mind, their gender confusion eases, could it be they are not trans after all? No celebrating with them that they are settling down and being true to how they were born. No, “you’re doing fine as you are, kid”.
    “You must transition now or you will die”! “You might be content now, but just you wait!” That is it. That is the dictatorship.
    My Internet presence is minuscule, I don’t often comment on anything, but I felt I had to write and say I am coming round from my over fair attitude towards MtoT people.
    Thanks to my ex girlfriend and every woman born woman I can say, I am a woman! You are not! Sorry and all that.
    Thank you for allowing me to comment.

    (I put ‘sorry and all that’ as a sarcastic term that my mother uses, just incase you think I might be really apologising).

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Hi Sarah. I’m glad you’re here. Your experience is how a lot of us found this place – being abused by MtT or FtT, even when trying to be supportive. Also seeing them take over feminist forums, seeing them tell women what it’s like to be a woman and how to be a “good” woman, etc. All of that obnoxious, abusive bullshit is driving women (and men) here. Well done, trannies!

    • GallusMag Says:

      If you want to promote your new website just do it directly. So tired of this sort of shit. You are banned from this site. Asshole.

    • Bea Says:

      The other day I saw a transsexual posting a Facebook status describing a man getting slightly aggressive (not violent, just drunk and surly), following him down the street. Then the trans says, “see! This is what it’s like for us! That could’ve been the moment I was killed!” and the usual “cis people don’t understand what it’s like!” It made me so angry, I went off on a rant to my friend about how many times I’ve been chased down the street (sometimes at night, alone), raped, nearly murdered…yadda yadda yadda…they have no fucking clue. A drunk dude yelling at you is attempted homicide? Give me a break. That’s just another Thursday afternoon for a woman.

  18. Saw this on Twitter last night and thought it was hysterically funny.

  19. mraemiller Says:

    Suck my formwhatever pickled balls is one of her stock phrases. She sais it to some UKIP councillor and got herself in the local paper.

    I tried to follow SB’s row with Owen Jones but when I tweeted her to so that basically her comments made no sense anymore and I’d lost the plot she said something like “thankyou for your unsolicited” oppinion it is being held in a queue”. Or something along those lines. I wouldnt mind but I genuinely wanted to know what OJ had said that was so awful and no one will tell me. Her twitter mob then took great delight in ceremoniously blocking be like I read them all in the first place with the solemnity of the RCC excommunicating Robert de Bruce.

    I know trans people have a lot of shit to put up with but it seems to me this SB is what we boring white cis priviedged males call a bit of a nasty piece of work who’s previous victims include Peter Tatchell. The thing that’s sad about it is on an issue level I kind of get where she’s coming from.

    She’s what us old farts from the 70s used to call the loony left

    However bit of a cheek to go on about other people daring to have unsolocited opinions about what you put in the public domain then to attack other people for putting their views in the public domain… Particulary when I was really just asking a question… What does it all mean?

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